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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2366

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2366

Utterly shocked by the amount of power that Gerald had just exhibited, Ryder—whose eyes were now wide open—couldn’t help but exclaim, “…My lord! To think that a kid like you would be able to deflect my Thunder Strike! I guess you really can’t judge a book but its cover anymore! Regardless, what kind of cultivation techniques do you even practice? And where are you from? Not many young people can attain such immense cultivation levels!”

“I wonder…” muttered Gerald…

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“Hah! Staying silent, eh? Just so you know, I always get what I want! With that said, since you’re playing hard to get, I’ll just kill both of you! I’m overturning the Zeman family tonight if it’s the last thing I do! ” roared the insane-looking Ryder as he pointed his sword toward the sky before yelling, “ Blood Shower!”

Watching in horror as a swirling vortex of thunder clouds gathered atop the blade’s tip, Walter quickly yelled, “Gerald! Run! We won’t survive that attack

Unfortunately, it was far too late for that…! A frighteningly powerful aurablade began materializing at the heart of the massive vortex… and without warning, it began flying toward the duo….!

The aurablade was so overwhelmingly powerful that even Gerald had to admit that it was far stronger than any of the attacks that Daryl had previously used on him…!

Regardless, though Gerald and Walter used every last bit of their essential qi to deflect the attack— while frantically trying to evade it —their efforts were for naught…! The aurablade simply continued bolting toward them… and the second the attack collided against a surface, it caused a near-blinding explosion that instantly lit the night sky up…!

The attack had detonated like a massive bomb, causing both Gerald and Walter to get flung high into the air! However, they weren’t the only victims of the attack. Several of the Zeman disciples had been standing beneath  the roof while the attack was happening. As a result, together with the house, all of them were blown to smithereens…!

As Walter smashed into the ground, he immediately coughed out a mouthful of blood. Gerald himself had suffered quite a few internal injuries, and he could now barely stand…

“So… strong…” muttered the weakened Gerald.

While it was true that Gerald had memorized a list of powerful techniques, he was unable to use them since he still hadn’t gained full control over his Herculean Primordial Spirit. With that in mind, as Sister Indigo had previously said, until he had full control over his primordial spirit, he’d be lucky to be able to survive an encounter with a true master…

Whatever the case was, Ryder began laughing maniacally as he scoffed, “Hah! You’re  getting more and more interesting, kid! Just so you know, nobody’s ever been able to survive my Blood Shower attack! Yet here you are, still alive and well after taking two of my attacks! I wonder if I should make an exception and show you my third sword technique…?”

“You monster…!”  yelled Gerald, both his arms already numb. While he wasn’t critically injured yet, Gerald knew that he had already used far too

much of his Triton qi to withstand another attack…

Gerald’s train of thought was cut short when  Walter—who had just managed to get to his feet again— ordered, “…Step aside, Gerald… I’m… I’m initiating the Lonsdaleite Extermination Formation…!”

After saying that, Walter spread his arms out before beginning to chant a spell… Shortly after, the entire area started shaking like it was being hit by an

earthquake ! Following that, violent and howling winds began blowing as well!

Watching as beams of golden light began shooting out of the ground, Ryder roared in laughter as he scoffed, “How very interesting! To think that the Zemans would possess such a powerful formation! ”

However, as the gales grew more violent, Ryder quickly found his eyelids twitching as an immensely pressuring aura enveloped him…

Something dangerous was coming…!  

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