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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2369

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2369

Clearly wondering the same thing, one of the Zemans was prompted to ask, “…What’s this old woman doing here of all places, Patriarch…?”

“…That’s no old woman… If my eyes aren’t deceiving me, I believe that’s a Corpse Demon Spider…! ” replied Walter in a grave tone.

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As soon as Walter’s sentence ended, the rhythmic sounds of the flint striker seemed to hasten… and without warning, the old woman turned around and began bolting toward the group!

Everyone could only stare wide-eyed as the ‘old woman’ summoned a green flame that quickly morphed into the shape of a fiery blade! Watching a s the spine-tingling—and seemingly bloodthirsty— blade flew toward them, Walter quickly pushed Gerald to the side while yelling, “Don’t let the fire touch you!”

While Walter and Gerald were able to dodge the attack with their lightness skills, the three Zemans behind them weren’t as lucky.

Screaming in agony as the fiery blade pierced through them, their bodies were quickly engulfed by green flames. Barely a second later, all three of them exploded, leaving nothing but dust behind…!

Upon witnessing all that, Gerald felt his heart skip a beat. Now fully vigilant, the boy entered his attack stance before quickly gathering all the torches off the other Zemans and embedding them into the cavern’s walls at lightning speed.

With the surroundings now much better lit, Gerald gave the Corpse Demon Spider a good look… and soon saw that it possessed four pairs of black, steel- like pincers. Aside from the fact that its face was also pitch black, the messy-haired beast was near indistinguishable from a regular old woman from the back, especially in a darkened room.

Regardless, Gerald quickly snapped out of it when the beast began rubbing its pincers together while baring its fangs. The friction formed from its upper and lower jaw rubbing against each other was apparently enough to create blue sparks… So the sounds they had earlier heard hadn’t come from an actual flint striker… As it turned out, it was simply the sound of the spider’s fangs grinding against each other…!

“As I feared, it really is a Corpse Demon Spider… Listen, everyone! Be careful not to come into contact with its corpse flame! The second you do, you’ll instantly melt into a puddle of acid! ”

declared Walter as he signaled his men to disperse. At the very least, this would prevent the beast from finishing all of them off in one go.

Once the rest of the Zemans had dispersed, Walter faced Gerald before adding, “Let’s do this together, Gerald! Either we kill it, or it kills us!”

Before Gerald could reply, Walter had already started mobilizing all his inner strength to activate his Lonsdaleite Extermination Finger!

Since most of the techniques and skills that Gerald knew weren’t very useful in this situation—aside for his Herculean Sword Technique—Gerald simply took aim before launching an aurablade toward the beast at the exact moment when Walter shot out his own attack! Seeing that, the other Zemans immediately began launching their own attacks as well!

Upon realizing that it was being cornered, the spider cast a hideous expression before raising its pincers… and forming what appeared to be a shield! To everyone’s dismay, the ‘shield’ was able to completely deflect the conjoined attack!

No longer playing any games, Gerald expertly flung his Dawnbreaker Blade toward the beast! The blade itself emitted a golden light, and was thankfully able to pierce through the spider’s chest!

Not wanting to give it a chance to recover, another sharpened Dawnbreaker holy spirit was cast!

However, upon collision, all the attack managed to do was push the spider back a few steps before being bounced right off!

Now enraged by the onslaught of attacks on it, the spider let out a ferocious roar before launching at least a dozen corpse flames out of its mouth! While i t was true that everyone was now more prepared for the attack, some of the Zemans were unable to fully dodge the flames… and unfortunately for them, the slightest graze of the corpse flamed was enough to melt them into pulp…

Either way, though Gerald managed to dodge the corpse flame attack, the beast unexpectedly turned toward him next! Unable to react in time, Gerald could barely brace himself as the beast swung its pincers toward his chest, causing the boy to get thrown toward the wall! With how strong the beast was, Gerald’s collision left a massive dent where he landed, forming a cloud of dust in the process.

Though Gerald soon flopped to the ground and began coughing out blood, Walter’s situation was honestly looking no better.

The spider was now facing him, and to Walter’s horror, he watched as the beast’s belly button began bulging… and the next thing he knew, a white web was being flung toward him!

Walter didn’t even have time to avoid the attack, resulting in his upper body getting fully bound in no time. Now trapped, Walter couldn’t help but think that the pain the web was inflicting on him was arguably rivaled only by his Ultimate Immobilizing Net…

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