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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2374

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2374

“Heh. So, you could tell? Good eye!” replied Ryder with a nod.

“This… This isn’t possible…! Though I know my Lonsdaleite Extermination Formation can’t outright kill you, I’m confident that the injuries you sustained need at least a full week to recover!

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You shouldn’t be able to use your essential qi at all.. !” exclaimed Walter, his great disbelief plastered all over his face.

“Hah! Well, since you’ll all be dead soon anyway, I may as well tell you the truth! You see, my essential qi a few decades ago was barely strong enough to rival my seniors’! Despite that, all of them were cowards! For context, I had proposed to work together with them to search for the supreme heavenly technique in Fyre Cave. However, all of them were simply too afraid to even go against the ancestral instructions of the Thunder Sword Sect! I’m honestly ashamed to share the same sect as them! ”

“After having my proposal outright rejected, I made it my quest to secretly search for Fyre Cave. When I finally found it, however, I quickly realized that the Red River posed an immense challenge ! Though I eventually realized that it was impossible to break the Septar Dipper Formation with my own strength, I did manage to learn some things from my failures.”

“For one, by carefully studying the formation, I found that it was closely related to the power of the five elements as well as the Yin Yang energy commonly found in the bodies of cultivators. Aside from that, I also learned that the holy spirit of the Red River significantly eased the process of cultivating. It honestly isn’t a stretch to say that cultivating here for a year is equivalent to cultivating for ten! Regardless, after cultivating here for the longest time, I tried to break the formation again. As you may have already guessed, I failed once more, ” explained Ryder as he shook his head.

“…I see. So in order to vent your anger, you killed all seventy-one of your seniors and juniors?” asked Walter who couldn’t help but admire and fear Ryder at the same time. This old man was a true cultivating prodigy…

“Hah! They were all idiots anyway. After all, they actually dared to ask whether I had secretly been entering Fyre Cave! They even threatened to scrape my cultivation at the time! Unfortunately for them, I had already mastered the final three tactics of the

Thunder Sword Technique by then! Like the scum they were, none of them could even come close to handling my attacks! It was then when I finally realized just how strong I had become! ” scoffed Ryder as he paced back and forth.

“…Aren’t you strong enough, senior…? Why do you keep insisting on entering Fyre Cave…?” muttered Walter as he shook his head.

“Because I wish to become the strongest, of course! The strongest in the cultivation realm! I’ll make everyone in the realm serve me, and only me! But putting that aside, I’m glad that I was so stubborn about remaining down here back then. After all, it gave me the idea of turning one of the caverns into my secret cultivating spot! Following that, I’d always come down here to recover whenever I got hurt. Had I not done so, I wouldn’t have been able to bump into you on your way here! Regardless, I’ll finally be able to break the Septar Dipper Formation today! ” declared Ryder with a sinister laugh.

“ Speaking of which, though I’m killing all of you, I’ll make sure to be creative with each of your murders! Of course, I could also give all of you quick deaths… as long as you willingly hand me the proper method of breaking the formation! ” added the evil old man.

“Don’t even dream about it, Ryder! If I hand it to you, who knows how many more people will perish! With that said, I, Walter Zeman, admit defeat! I apologize for dragging you into this, Brother Gerald.. !” declared Walter who fully understood that escape was no longer an option.

“ It’s no big deal, Uncle Zeman! Let’s just die here together!” replied Gerald as he clenched his fists.

“So your name’s Gerald, huh… Now that I’ve fully recovered, be sure to show me your true potential!” roared Ryder.

Before the old man could say anything else, Walter turned to face his men before shouting, “The Ultimate Immobilizing Net! ”

Upon hearing that, all of them immediately began activating the net… And once it was ready, the group of men pounced toward Ryder…!

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