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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2375

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2375

“Hah! Can’t cast the Lonsdaleite Extermination Formation here, can you? Either way, do you seriously think you can defeat me with that lousy net?! ” scoffed Ryder with a disdainful look before entering an attack stance and yelling, “Thunder Strike! ”

Following that, a mighty golden aurablade materialized before charging toward the group of disciples! Any Zeman the aurablade passed ended up having their chests slashed open, resulting in blood flying all over the place…! Even the Ultimate Immobilizing Net was chopped to pieces!

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It was only because of Gerald and Walter’s lightning speed that they were able to dodge the fatal blow in time. However, to their horror, only eight of the Zeman disciples remained standing. The rest had been swiftly taken out in just a single attack…!

“He… he’s too strong…!” said Walter as he held onto his bloody palm. Despite dodging as fast as he could, he was still unable to fully dodge the attack…

“Now then… Are you finally willing to hand me the solution? Or would you like to experience my Thunderous Bone-crushing Palm instead?” scoffed Ryder as he smiled bitterly while shaking his head.

“How about a third option! Allow me to kill you instead! ” roared the enraged Walter as he immediately began releasing all his essential qi!

Watching as Walter’s shirt and jacket were ripped to shreds, the remaining Zemans immediately yelled, “P-please patriarch! Don’t do it…!”

Unfortunately, they were too late. Walter had already summoned his Demondie Sword… and with a swift slice, he chopped his entire left arm off…! Seemingly unfazed by the gushing blood, Walter then tossed his sword to the side before starting to extract the fresh blood…

Within seconds, a shock wave of energy shot out from Walter, causing debris to fly all over the place! With how strong the force was, Gerald found it difficult to even get proper footing…!

“Oh? How interesting! Is this the Zeman family’s Thousand Sorrow Palm attack?” yelled Ryder— whose eyes were now gleaming brilliantly—as he launched his own Thunderous Bone-crushing Palm attack toward Walter!

On one end, was Walter, who was surrounded by a misty, dark red aura. On the other, was Ryder, who was surrounded by flashes of lightning! The second

their palms met, a massive and deafening shockwave swept across the now rumbling cavern, followed by the water in the Red River splashing all over the place!

All it took was a single drop of water coming into contact with one of the Zemans,  for him to instantly melt into a pulp…!

Regardless,  despite doing his best, Walter soon found himself coughing out mouthfuls of  blood  as he crashed to the ground, his body growing darker by the second…!

Ryder himself—who appeared to be slightly impressed—took three steps back before laughing aloud and saying, “While the Thousand Sorrow Palm is a good move, the last tactic, Drag Down Hell, can sadly only be used once per lifetime.

Either way, you’ve officially lost all your cultivation, Walter! ”

Angered to hear that, the remaining Zemans then charged toward Ryder while yelling, “Go to hell!”

Upon hearing that, Ryder simply pointed toward them… and with a simple swipe, all seven of them were dead, completely sliced in half from the waist down!

Seeing his chance, Gerald then summoned his Herculean Sword, prompting an aurablade to shoot out toward Ryder! To the boy’s dismay, all it took was a sway of Ryder’s hand to dismiss the attack! Even so, Ryder couldn’t help but look slightly surprised that Gerald’s attack had managed to burn a hole in his sleeve…

Still, it wasn’t all that shocking to the old man, and Ryder simply laughed before scoffing, “Though your essential qi is strong, you’ve unfortunately only achieved the first out of nine levels, kid!

Because of that, you’re still unable to exert your tactic’s full power! Also, your technique simply isn’t powerful enough. You could say that it lacks the ability to kill! With that said, are you a new cultivator or something?”

Though Gerald was stunned that Ryder could see through him so easily, he quickly snapped out of it when the pale and exhausted-looking Walter—who appeared to be in great pain—yelled in between coughs of blood, “B-brother Gerald…! Run…! I’m now useless in this fight, so please…! Run while you can…!”

“Hah! Run? Dream on, kid! Now allow me to show you what real cultivation realm martial arts looks like!” declared Ryder with a smirk before pointing a t Gerald and yelling, “Blood Shower!”

Following that, countless aurablades began materializing in the air… before flying toward Gerald! Though Gerald immediately began frantically dodging them with his lightness skill, it was ultimately useless. His legs were quickly immobilized by the Blood Shower’s aura, causing them to feel as heavy as lead…!

“Now show me what secrets lie within you…” scoffed Ryder before sending all the aurablades bolting toward the immobile boy…!

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