The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 241-250

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 241
”What do you want?” Gerald never thought he would bump into Sara coincidentally, therefore, he simply replied coldly,

“Hehe. I would like to ask you something. After giving me a slap in the face earlier this morning, what are you feeling and what is your mood right now that you are standing in front of me in this capacity as a waiter?” Sara asked bitterly.

Sara felt a lot of regrets and resentments in her heart after getting a slap in the face. She was also very embarrassed because of how Gerald had outdone her.

These emotions had been troubling Sara for the whole day! She just could not wait to take revenge on him.

Gerald replied as he smiled bitterly, “I do not feel anything at all. Just speak up now if you have anything you want to say. I am busy!”

“Hahaha! Busy my ass! Gerald, go! Bring me a napkin!” Sara replied as she pointed at a napkin box at the side.

“You are a waiter now, so you should serve your customers well. Otherwise, I am going to complain about your attitude to your manager!” Sara continued her endless chattering.

Gerald was also starting to feel a little frustrated. However, he felt that what she said made sense. After all, he was indeed a waiter now.

Thus, he picked a napkin before he handed it over to her.

“I don’t want it. My shoes are dirty! I want you to polish it for me!” Sara replied, as proud as a peacock.

“Did you hear that? Sara wants you to polish her shoes for her! Hmph! I initially thought that the Gerald Sara was talking about was a tall and handsome man. I am really very disappointed after meeting you now!”

“Yes! Aren’t you supposed to be rich? Why are you working as a waiter in a bar then? Ahh! It is totally disgusting when a pauper like you who has no money at all pretends to be a big shot who has a lot of money!”

“Hehe. Sister Xabi was right! Some people are willing to do anything just to save their own face!”

All the girls sneered as they stared at Gerald. Meanwhile, Sara still had her foot raised as she waited.

However, Gerald did not polish her shoes for her. Instead, he simply placed the napkin aside and said, “If you really want someone to wipe your feet for you, you should leave the Mayberry Commercial Street. You can go to the bar at the Red Mansion instead. There would also be people who would be willing to lick your feet there!”

After he was done speaking, Gerald turned around and left immediately.

“You, you, you!” Sara was furious.

He was actually asking her to look for a gigolo!

However, after thinking about it, Sara did not feel that angry or frustrated anymore. Instead, she was actually rather happy.

After all, all of her worries that had been bothering her for the entire day had finally been completely eliminated. It felt as though a huge load had been removed from her chest.

She truly thought that Gerald was very wealthy and that it was very likely that he was the owner of the Lamborghini.

If that was indeed the case, Sara would rather be dead. She would have offended a very rich heir!

Sara had even been thinking about how great it would have been if her first encounter with Gerald had been much better.

In short, Sara had been filled with regrets and had been feeling very depressed throughout the whole day.

In the end, when she came out at night to relieve her boredom, she realized that Gerald’s status was completely different compared to what she had imagined him to be. He was simply a pathetic jerk who would do anything just to save his own face.

She felt much more comfortable now!

“Just let this pathetic jerk leave now! Sisters, come! Let’s continue drinking!”

After returning to the bar, Gerald continued working, and soon, he was finally done moving all the liquors. The entire process was pretty depressing.

Gerald figured that there was nothing else for him to do here, so he decided to inform Cassandra that he would be leaving first.

Gerald went to the room that Cassandra was in. At this time, there was a group of men and women drinking together in the room.

“Come, come, Teacher McGregor! You lost again. You can choose to either drink up this bottle of red wine in one gulp or take off a piece of your clothing!” A pudgy middle-aged man who was sitting very closely next to Cassandra at this time was speaking very pervertedly.

“I did not lose! It’s obvious that you were just trying to trick me!” It could be seen that Cassandra really hated this short and fat middle-aged man. She also hated the current situation very much, and she was struggling to deal with the situation.

“Hahaha, do you mean to say that if you lose because I tricked you, that means that you did not lose at all? If you refuse to drink the red wine, you should take off your clothes! Hehe!” After he was done speaking, the pudgy middle-aged man grabbed Cassandra’s skirt as he tried to lift it up.

“Are you f*cking sick?”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 242

Although Cassandra was also a rather promiscuous person, she still had very high standards for the person she would take an interest in.

Therefore, she subconsciously raised her hand and slapped the short and pudgy man right in his face.

She then stood up before she picked up the wine glass and poured the entire glass of wine over the man’s face.

“Ahh! Mr. Zabka, are you okay?” The lady boss, Qassie, asked immediately when she saw the conflict.

At this time, the atmosphere in the entire room was extremely quiet.

To be honest, Qassie already knew that Mr. Zabka was very interested in Cassandra. That was the reason why she had incited the both of them to play a game together.

Qassie had already met him before. Mr. Zabka came from San Creek and he was actually pretty wealthy as he owned a coal mine. Moreover, Qassie’s husband had only won the right to run this bar after Mr. Zabka had invested some money in it.

Qassie knew that Cassandra did not have a boyfriend, and she also knew that the latter was a very materialistic person who loved money.

One was affectionate, whereas the other had intentions. Wasn’t it a perfect match then?

How many people would dislike it when they saw a rich man in front of them?

However, her assumption was wrong.

Unexpectedly, Cassandra was so fierce and did not even give Mr. Zabka any face whatsoever. On the contrary, she even hit Mr. Zabka?!

“You… you dared to hit me?!” Mr. Zabka had obviously never gotten hit before. Moreover, he even endured a slap and had gotten a glass of wine poured over his face.

“Was I wrong to hit you? You should not touch me anyhow you like!” Cassandra replied coldly, disgust written all over her face.

So what if you are rich? Even if you are rich, can you be as rich as Brother Ordinary Man?

“Hmph! You b*tch! You are the first person who actually dared to hit me, Desmond Zabka! You will not be able to step out of this bar tonight if I am not satisfied!” Desmond roared as he threw the wine glass angrily.

At this time, four to five bodyguards jumped out, surrounding Cassandra immediately.

Cassandra was also a little terrified.

In fact, she had regretted it as soon as she slapped him across the face.

Although she knew Brother Ordinary Man, he was someone she would never be able to reach out to after all.

The person in front of her was definitely a tycoon and a very powerful figure.

She could not help but feel a little afraid after calming herself down.

“Then, you… what do you want then? Anyway, I will not be taking off my clothes no matter what it is!”

“Hmph! That is fine with me. You don’t have to take off your clothes, but you will have to finish this bottle of red wine in one breath! Otherwise, this matter will never be resolved!” Desmond grinned and opened a bottle of red wine before placing it next to Cassandra.

“Okay! Remember what you said!” Cassandra replied as she took a deep breath. She did not want to prolong this matter any longer. Therefore, she decided to finish this bottle of red wine just so she could leave immediately after that.

She picked up the bottle of red wine.

“Sister Cassandra, it’s already getting late. Don’t you want to leave yet?” At this time, Gerald opened the door and entered the room.

Gerald had been listening in on the conversation as he stood outside the door. So, he knew the entire situation that was going on inside. This d*mned fat man was trying to get Cassandra drunk.

As for the way he was addressing her, Cassandra had already instructed him not to refer to her as his teacher when they were both making their way to the bar earlier.

“D*mn it! Who is that brat? Get lost!” When Desmond saw Gerald suddenly interrupting the situation, he yelled at him with a vicious expression on his face.

Gerald replied casually, “Well, I came here with Sister Cassandra today, so I was thinking of going back with her!”

Gerald was not pretending to be benevolent. However, he felt that he would also be very dissatisfied if someone took advantage of Cassandra just like that.

It would simply be too advantageous for the other party. Even if someone was to take advantage of Cassandra, it should be him instead!

In short, Gerald did not want to leave Cassandra here any longer.

“D*mn it! I think that you must be really tired of living! Men, come and drag him out of this place now!” Desmond tore his shirt open, exposing the tattoos on his chest.

At this time, two or three bodyguards came forward to grab Gerald.

“Wait a minute! Gerald, you can go out first and wait for me. This is my car key. I will leave after I finish this bottle of red wine. You can start the car and wait for me outside the entrance of the bar!” Cassandra said as she looked at Gerald.

After all, Gerald already had a driver’s license now. She could just let him drive her later.

Gerald nodded and agreed immediately. After all, the lady boss was still here, and it seemed as though she had a very good relationship with Cassandra. Therefore, he felt that she would not allow Cassandra to suffer any losses just like that.

Gerald left after taking the car key.

Shortly after Gerald stepped out of the bar, two bodyguards had already followed Gerald into the parking lot under Desmond’s command…
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 243
As Gerald was heading down to the parking lot, he had already noticed that he was being followed.

It was two bodyguards who were dressed in black and had sunglasses on.

Gerald knew what they were here for.

Desmond must have instructed them to follow him.

Gerald knew that he would not have the strength and ability to fight these two men. After all, it seemed as though these two men were very skilled at fighting.

At this moment, Gerald secretly sent a text message to Flynn asking him to come over immediately.

“Young man, stop right there!” The two men suddenly yelled out loud, just as Gerald was about to get into the car.

“What is the matter? How can I help you?” Gerald asked knowingly.

“Hahaha. ‘What is the matter?’? You are truly a very ignorant young man. Let me tell you, if you are smart enough, you will just follow us somewhere obediently. We will naturally let you go after our boss is done with whatever he wants to do. You will suffer less that way! If you don’t, we’ll break your legs today!” The two bodyguards stared at Gerald as though he was just a fool.

This young kid looked very reckless and impetuous. They could already judge that he would not have any skills at all.

Both of them originally thought that they would have to teach Gerald a lesson.

However, looking at him now, they felt as though they could easily subdue him with their words alone.

Alas, the two bodyguards could not help but feel a little depressed.

They had been ordered to come down and keep an eye on this kid, whereas their other brothers could follow their boss around.

Judging by their boss’s perverted character, after he was done fooling around with that woman, he might even ask his brothers to enjoy the woman too!

They were really missing out!

After all, both of them had already seen Cassandra themselves. She was truly very beautiful!

At this time, Gerald simply smiled bitterly as he said, “Break my legs? You probably have to think twice first!”

“D*mn it! Stop talking so much nonsense! Get into the car and follow us to the suburbs now!” One of the bodyguards pushed Gerald, and all of them got into Cassandra’s car.

As this was an underground parking lot, there was a dedicated car elevator at this place.

Gerald did not say anything because he knew that about five to six minutes had already passed by. This bar was located not too far away from the Emperor Karaoke Bar. This meant that Flynn and his men should be arriving soon.


The car elevator sounded at this time, and the car elevator door opened.

“Hurry up. Drive in and then…” One of the bodyguards spoke coldly before he suddenly stopped mid-sentence.

After that, he opened his eyes wide as he looked right into the car elevator.

At this time, there were countless people dressed in black standing in the car elevator with knives and poles in their hands.

The bodyguard could only stare at the situation in front of him in a daze.

“F*ck! What is happening?!” The two bodyguards were both dumbfounded.

Toot! Toot!

At this time, footsteps started sounding at the entrance of the underground parking lot.

In no time, a large group of people had started surrounding them.

There were definitely no less than a hundred people in this battle!

Flynn’s eyes swept across the three men in the car coldly.

“Leader, what does this mean? Should we tell the boss about this matter? This is Mayberry Commercial Street! It seems as though these men are coming for us!” The two bodyguards were terrified.

“Yes, yes! We should get out of the car and ask them what is happening first! I doubt they would dare to break the unspoken rules anyway!” Both of them hurriedly got out of the car.

Gerald also stepped out of the car with a wry smile on his face.

“Greetings, Mr. Crawford!” Flynn immediately bowed and greeted Gerald as soon as he saw him.

At the same time, more than a hundred people also spoke up, the loud and clear voices in the underground parking lot were almost deafening.

Both of the bodyguards were almost paralyzed in fright.

“Crawford… Mr. Crawford?”

The bodyguards looked at Gerald at this moment, with a horrified look on their faces.

Wasn’t he just a waiter?!
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 244
He was the Mr. Crawford?!

D*mn it! Both of them had nearly kidnapped Mr. Crawford?!

“Brother Flynn, do you know someone by the name of Desmond Zabka? He is with my teacher… uhh… I mean friend, and he is probably having some nasty thoughts in mind at this time. Can you help me bring her out?”

Gerald had simply sent Flynn a text message saying that he had encountered some trouble in the underground parking lot and he had asked him to bring a few people here with him to help him deal with this matter.

However, Gerald never expected Flynn to call over one to two hundred people here at one go.

Gerald would have been utterly shocked if it was not because he was familiar with some of the bodyguards’ faces.

He would have even thought that Desmond was actually starting such a big battle just to deal with him.

At this time, Gerald hurriedly told Flynn about everything that had happened.

“Okay, Mr. Crawford. I will make some phone calls right now!” Flynn replied as he nodded.

Then, he started making a call. After humming twice, he simply hung up the phone.

He had a very nervous expression on his face. “Mr. Crawford, it seems as though Miss Cassandra has already been taken away by Desmond!”

“D*mn it! Where did he take her?” Gerald asked as his eyes widened.

As mentioned earlier, although Gerald really hated Cassandra, he would rather punish her on his own. Moreover, both of them had come to this bar together tonight.

Gerald felt that it was a little unfair to let Cassandra get taken advantage of by someone else just like that!

“Give me five minutes, Mr. Crawford. I will look into it now!” Gerald’s affairs were nothing trivial to Flynn.

What’s more, this incident had happened on Mayberry Commercial Street. If he really could not handle this matter well, then he, Flynn, would really deserve to die.

After promising Gerald, he pointed at the two bodyguards who were still dumbfounded by all this. “Do you know which hotel Desmond is staying at?”

“Brother Flynn, we don’t know… we really do not know! There are several hotels that Mr. Zabka could possibly be staying at! Brother Flynn, as long as you let us off and do not deal with us, we will definitely be able to help you to find Mr. Zabka!” The two bodyguards replied lightly, a hint of threat in their tone. After all, both of them were also ruthless people in the underground scene, and they had already encountered and experienced similar situations such as this.

“Hahaha! I do not need you to think of a solution for me! Men, come! I want you to get rid of these two men for me!” As soon as Flynn waved his hand, several of his subordinates immediately stepped forward and surrounded them as they started chopping them up!

After that, Flynn led his group of men directly into the bar. A group of about two to three hundred men rushed into the bar. It was a very sensational scene.

Everyone in the bar was completely dumbfounded.

“D*mn it! Isn’t that Brother Flynn?”

“What has this bar done to provoke Brother Flynn? Is he here to do some business?”

“No, no, no. Brother Flynn already brought some men over here just now. I heard that he is here to look for someone. Shhh! We’d better stop talking too much! Otherwise, we might get ourselves into trouble instead!”

At this time, even the dynamic music in the bar was turned off.

All of the employees as well as the customers in the bar hurriedly surrounded the lobby as they were all curious to find out what had happened.

Some of them were even daring enough to try and take some pictures and videos of the situation. However, when the bodyguards glared at them coldly, their fear got the better of them and they immediately retreated, putting their cell phones aside.

In short, the atmosphere was very terrifying and deadly.

“You guys! Come over and squat down here!”

After that, over a dozen bodyguards stepped forward as they grabbed several of Desmond’s bodyguards before bringing them to Flynn.

The lady boss, Qassie, and her husband were also brought before Flynn.

Both of them were so frightened that they were completely at a loss for words.

They continued explaining themselves as they were faced with Flynn’s domineering questioning. In the end, the one named Qassie also started crying out of fear.

“Sister Xabi, what is going on? Who is that young man? He looks so domineering!” Sara and the other five girls also gathered around to watch the scene happening before them.

This domineering scene had already completely blown away the hearts and minds of these few girls.

After all, weren’t all girls interested in heroes?

“It’s Brother Flynn from Mayberry Commercial Street! He is the most domineering man on the whole Mayberry Commercial Street! He is Zack Lyle’s subordinate and right-hand man, and he is one of Mr. Crawford’s men!”

This Sister Xabi obviously knew a lot about Flynn. She explained everything to all of her friends with a little arrogance in her voice.

Several girls replied in reverence, “Oh my God! It turns out to be Flynn who is also Mr. Crawford’s man? No wonder!”

Sara was also very respectful at this time. After all, wasn’t this what she had always been hoping for—to meet such a domineering and powerful person?”

At this time, Sara stood on the table directly as she watched the scene unfolding before her.

Suddenly, a figure walked past her and started squeezing through the crowd of people.

Sara happened to see this figure.

“D*mn it! Gerald, why the hell are you trying to squeeze inside?!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 245
Sara saw Gerald making his way past the crowd of people and squeezing in as though he was trying to show that he was a part of a very serious matter.

Therefore, she started scolding him contemptuously.

She had seen many such people before.

No matter what was going on or where things were happening, as long as there was a big scene, there would always be some people who liked to be extremely pretentious. They would always go up to ask about the situation as though they were trying to prove to others that they were very capable.

“Yes! Why are you being so pretentious? Be careful not to implicate yourself in this matter!”

“I’ve really had enough of this pathetic guy! Sara, look! He actually squeezed all the way inside!”

One of Sara’s good friends pointed at Gerald at this time.

Gerald could not even be bothered with them.

Gerald walked up slowly. When he saw that Flynn had already begun asking and questioning them about the situation, he naturally had to come forward and follow him just so he could save Cassandra too.

“Mr. Crawford, we’ve already found out Desmond’s location. My men have already gone to get the car. We can set off right away!”

Since there was a crowd of people around them at this time, Flynn simply whispered softly to Gerald.

However, the lady boss, Qassie, heard him referring to Gerald as ‘Mr. Crawford’.

Her eyes widened in shock at this moment.

Crawford… Mr. Crawford?

Mr. Crawford from Mayberry Commercial Street?!

D*mn it!

It was already common news in their circle that Mr. Crawford was a very humble and low-key person who was currently studying at Mayberry University. No one knew about his identity.

However, he had a very powerful and big reputation throughout Mayberry City.

How could Qassie not know about Mr. Crawford’s identity as their big boss?!

Oh my God! Unexpectedly, Mr. Crawford was actually Cassandra’s student. Moreover, she had even ordered Gerald to work for her!

“Mr. Crawford, this is a huge misunderstanding! This is all just a huge misunderstanding!” Qassie hurriedly tried to explain herself with an awkward expression on her face.

Gerald ignored her as he walked away from the center of the crowd.

Flynn snorted coldly as he said, “Watch your mouth! I will settle the score with you regarding this matter when I come back later!”

A large number of people left in a hurry.

Qassie was left behind, and her face had already turned pale in fright.

“Oh my God! Gerald is actually leaving with that group of men! What were they saying just now? Brother Flynn seemed to be really polite and respectful toward Gerald!”

The crowd of people could not hear what Flynn had said to Gerald, however, everyone could tell that Flynn really respected Gerald.

Sara and the others could not help but feel a little confused.

“I do not know either!” Sara could not help mumbling to herself.

She did not know why but she suddenly felt that Gerald actually looked particularly handsome and domineering when he was surrounded by that group of people as he left.

At this time, Sara suddenly had a very bold guess in her heart.

This assumption made her entire body tremble a little.

‘Could it be that Gerald is, in fact, Mr. Crawford?’


How could that be possible?!

It was impossible!

There were about a dozen black extended Rolls-Royce Phantom cars parked outside the entrance of the bar at this time.

Gerald got into the car which was right in the center.

The group of men immediately drove toward a place called the Amethyst Dynasty Hotel.

At this time, in a room at the Amethyst Dynasty Hotel.

“No… no… help! Help!”

Cassandra was violently thrown on the bed. She was extremely drunk and felt very dizzy at this time. She did not even have the strength to resist anymore.

She only had a slight bit of awareness left.

All she could do was shout weakly.

“Hahaha! Little beauty, you can yell! Yell as loud as you can. Even if you scream until your throat is hoarse, no one will come and save you!”

Desmond took off his shirt with a perverted smile on his face.

He could not help but drool as he looked at the stunner that was lying on the bed.

Ever since he made something out of himself, Desmond had had countless strategies and plans for himself. As long as he saw a woman that he liked, she would never be able to escape him.

What’s more, this gorgeous beauty named Cassandra had actually dared to hit him in public.

This was the first time he had ever experienced something like this.

As this time, aside from being filled with desires, Desmond was seeking pleasure in taking revenge.

As for Cassandra’s best friend, Qassie… Hehe. All he had to do was ask her if money or friendship was more important to her.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 246
Qassie already understood what he meant when Desmond had given her that look back in the bar!

After all, he was the biggest investor in her husband’s bar.

“Beauty, I am coming for you!” Desmond was already drooling, and he immediately rushed forward impatiently.

At this moment, a loud bang sounded! Someone had broken down the hotel door.

Immediately after, a group of men dressed in black rushed in directly.

“D*mn it! What are you doing?!” Desmond was shocked and terrified, and he hurriedly shrank to the side.

However, he suddenly had a very flattering expression on his face when he saw Flynn walking into the hotel room.

“Oh! Brother Flynn, you are here! I was just wondering who it could be. Haha. Are you trying to start a dispute because you failed to recognize who I am?”

Flynn had a very big reputation and name on Mayberry Commercial Street. Aside from being Zack’s subordinate, Flynn was only beneath one person and above everyone else.

Desmond often came to Mayberry City. So, how could he possibly not know that Flynn was an extremely ruthless and domineering person in Mayberry City?

“F*ck you! You can just wait to die!” Flynn kicked Desmond aside with his leg.

After that, he looked at Cassandra who was drunk and in a daze on the bed. At this time, he came forward and said respectfully, “Miss Cassandra, you must have been frightened. Someone sent us here to save you!”

After he was done speaking, Flynn waved his hand.

Immediately afterward, a female doctor came forward. She gave Cassandra some medication before she started wiping Cassandra’s face with a wet towel.

In less than an hour, Cassandra had already sobered up.

“Thank you, Mr. Lexington!” Cassandra said in surprise as she tidied herself up and straightened out her clothes.

“Mr. Lexington, can I ask who sent you here to save me?” Cassandra stood up as she asked nervously and excitedly.

Of course she would be excited! The famous Flynn Lexington from Mayberry Commercial Street had actually rushed in with his group of men to save her at this critical moment.

Moreover, Flynn was so respectful toward her.

Someone had instigated him to come here, so this could only mean that the person who instructed him to come and save her had an even more important and powerful identity as compared to him.

As for her friend, Qassie, Cassandra could rule her off the list almost immediately.

Qassie was also to be blamed for this dangerous situation that she had gotten entangled in.

Besides, even if Qassie found her own conscience and tried to save her, she would not have been able to get Brother Flynn to treat her so respectfully.

Therefore, this was the first thing that Cassandra asked as soon as she sobered up.

Flynn replied, “Regarding his identity, I am in no right to say or give any comments at all. However, he has already told me what I should say if you were to ask me this question. He told me that he is just a person who likes to be ordinary!”

“Ahh? Could it be Brother Ordinary Man?” Cassandra could not stop herself from jumping up in excitement when she came to this sudden realization.

Wouldn’t a person who liked to be ordinary be none other than Brother Ordinary Man?

Moreover, she did not know any other powerful or influential people aside from Brother Ordinary Man!

This way, everything seemed to make perfect sense.

After all, wasn’t someone already guessing that Brother Ordinary Man was none other than Mr. Crawford?

Many people did not believe it.

However, judging from the situation at this moment, the only way Brother Ordinary Man could make Brother Flynn act like this was if he was the so-called Mr. Crawford.

This had to be the case. Brother Ordinary Man must have also come to the bar during its opening today, and he must have seen her getting bullied.

Thus, he had immediately made a call to send someone here to rescue her.

This had to be the case!

Cassandra’s desperation and panic seemed to have completely disappeared at this time.

“Miss Cassandra, I have been given instructions to send you back to school safely. You should go back first. As for the rest, you can just leave things to my subordinates to handle!”

Although he did not know what Cassandra’s relationship was to Mr. Crawford, since Mr. Crawford was willing to come forth and save her, it would not be wrong for him to be respectful and polite toward this woman. Flynn could not help but think this to himself.

“Okay, Mr. Lexington. Can you do me a favor before I leave?”

Flynn nodded as he said, “Just say it!”

“Can you ask your subordinate to lend me the electric baton in his hand?”

As she spoke, Cassandra glanced coldly at Desmond’s lower body. This made Desmond’s heart sink to the bottom of his stomach…

“You, you, you… what are you going to do?!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 247

A terrible scream resounded throughout the entire hotel. This was definitely the last time a man could actually scream in such a loud and powerful manner.

Yes, it would definitely be the last time for this man!

Right after that…

Cassandra grabbed her bag before she walked out of the hotel room.

There were two neat rows of bodyguards standing on both sides of the hotel corridor at this time.

Cassandra was already dazzled with excitement at this time.

She could even act recklessly after getting rescued. This felt really great!

When she retaliated against Desmond just now, he did not even dare to resist at all. He simply allowed her to electrocute him directly.

Moreover, after coming out of the hotel room, there were two rows of bodyguards standing there respectfully just to wait for her.

This was simply too great!

Was this what it felt like to have someone supporting her and backing her up? Was this what it felt like to be with Brother Ordinary Man?

Glory. Safety.

Any other ordinary person could not compare to him at all!

“Miss Cassandra, please get into the car!” As soon as they got to the door, Flynn personally opened the car door for Cassandra before inviting her to get into the car.

After that, the group of people left in a mighty force.

Where was Gerald?

In fact, Gerald had been following them just now. After Flynn had confirmed the room number and brought his men up with him, Gerald had almost followed the group of people up there.

However, Gerald had hesitated right then. If he really went up to the hotel room, he would definitely have to meet Cassandra face to face.

What would he possibly say if that happened?

Wouldn’t his identity as Mr. Crawford be exposed directly?

What was the point of him hiding his identity for so long then?

Besides, Flynn could handle all these things on his own.

It would not make sense for him to go up to the hotel room by himself. Therefore, Gerald simply explained it shortly to Flynn before he left in a cab right away.

This was the reason why Gerald asked Flynn to tell Cassandra all that.

“Mr. Lexington, thank you for everything you have done today. I will make sure to inform Brother Ordinary Man about your hard work!” At this time, Cassandra sat in the back seat with her legs crossed as she spoke to Flynn who was sitting in the co-driver seat.

Her tone was no longer as polite or respectful as it was before.

Hehe. Flynn might be really awesome, but he was nothing more than Brother Ordinary Man’s subordinate. Wouldn’t she be lowering her own status if she continued being so respectful toward Flynn?

“Thank you, Miss Cassandra! Also, please inform Ger… Mr. Ordinary Man that we have already completed our task!” Flynn could only respond to Cassandra’s words.

After that, Cassandra hummed in reply. She had already forgotten to contact Ordinary Man because she had been too excited.

After opening her WeChat, she looked for Ordinary Man’s chat box so that she could chat with him.

[Brother Ordinary Man, were you the one who saved me? I love you! I love you to death!]

Gerald had not driven Cassandra’s car back, and he simply left her car at the bar. Gerald had already returned to his dormitory to rest, and he knew that Cassandra was fine after receiving her WeChat message. Therefore, he simply replied ‘yes’.

Cassandra typed this sentence excitedly before sending it immediately: [I am truly very touched and completely speechless because of everything that you have done for me today. Well, I will not say anything to thank you anymore, Brother Ordinary Man. Just remember that my goal in the future is to do everything that I can to become your woman!]

“F*ck!” Gerald, who was inside the dormitory, could not help but yell in shock.

“Ahh?! What is wrong, Gerald? Are you in a daze from your sleep?”

“No, it’s okay. I simply had a shock. Let’s go back to sleep! I am so tired!” Gerald fell asleep immediately after that.

“Miss Cassandra, we have already arrived at the university!” Flynn got out of the car to open the car door for Cassandra.

Cassandra snorted before getting out of the car.

She seemed to have completely forgotten about Gerald who had gone to the bar with her.

In fact, Cassandra had thought of Gerald when she was leaving the hotel.

Her car key was still with him too.

She initially planned to ask Flynn to send someone to the bar to pick him up.

However, after thinking about it, she felt that it would be extremely embarrassing for her to let other people find out that a lowly person like Gerald was her student.

Therefore, Cassandra did not say anything to notify Gerald and simply planned to send Gerald a text message to ask him to take a cab back after she had returned home.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 248
She decided not to drive her own car!

She was disgusted by it!

“Ouch!” Cassandra was hurt by something when she was trying to get down the car.

“What is this in your car? It hurts!” Cassandra complaint.

She picked up something from the seat under her and it was a powerbank!

“Why is there a dirty power bank in such a luxurious car? Throw it away already!” Cassandra was so furious at it that she almost forgot about her image as a pretty girl. She picked up the power bank and she was going to throw it into the rubbish bin but she stopped.

“Isn’t this mine?” Cassandra looked closely at it and realized it was the hundred dollarpowerbank that she bought recently! She was very certain that it was her power bank because there was a picture of her stuck onto it.

Cassandra did not even think about anything else when she saw her picture. She usually put her power bank in her car but Gerald needed to use the power bank and she lent it to him.

How did the powerbank get into this Roll-Royce? Did she leave it here by accident? But it was not possible! She did not even get anywhere near to Gerald today how could it be possible? Even if he were to return it to her, why did he have to leave it in the car sneakily? He could have just returned it to her. That only meant that she did not leave it in the car but somehow Gerald did…

Cassandra’s face turned white as she thought about it.

How did he get in this car?

What was his identity?

What’s going on…?

Cassandra was confused and her mind was ringing. “Hey, Mr. Lexington! Do you know who Gerald is?” Cassandra asked as she had some thoughts in her mind.

“Nope. Why?” Flynn answered immediately. When Cassandra shouted Gerald’s name, Flynn was nervous.

“Gerald is my student and he borrowed a power bank from me but I wasn’t sure why it was in your car.”

“You’re right. How could it be in my car when you already lend it to him?” Flynn gulped nervously.

Why was it here?

Gerald must have left it in the car by accident before he left!

“I’m asking you, Mr. Lexington!” Cassandra really wanted to find out.

“I remember now! We heard that you were in trouble at the bar just now but I’ve not seen you before and someone said he knew what you look like so he gave me the power bank with your face on it…”

Flynn was a very honest man. It was tough for him to lie with a straight face.

“Okay! I understand!”

Cassandra looked at her power bank and thought for a while. Maybe it was Gerald that gave him.

After Flynn went off, Cassandra went upstairs.

But the more she thought about it, the more something was not right. Flynn sounded like he was lying, especially in the last part of his speech was very suspicious.

It was not right!
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 249
It was not right!

Cassandra realized what Flynn said was impossible. He said he needed to find out how she looked but he could have had many other ways. In fact was it really necessary for him to find out how she looked?

Cassandra knew the entire process of how Flynn saved her. She knew that Flynn found out where she was through those subordinates and he came straight to the room to rescue her so why did he have to find out how she looked?

Furthermore, how did the Ordinary Man find out? The Ordinary Man did not like those kinds of places and the only person that knew about her location was Gerald!

What the fuck!

Cassandra could not calm down. Does that mean that Gerald was the Ordinary Man?

Cassandra laughed.

How is it even possible!

What was she thinking?

There must be some misunderstanding here. Cassandra shall clarify it from Gerald again the next day.

Cassandra finally calmed herself down and let off of that matter temporarily.

The next day was a Saturday and Gerald woke up slightly late. He slept in until his phone rang. It was Elena.

It has been a few days since they had spoken to each other. What does she want to do with me?

Gerald still picked up the phone out of curiosity. “Gerald, are you busy?” Elena asked softly.

“I’m not. What is it?” Gerald asked.

“Remember the last time you acted as my boyfriend to help me? My aunt from Rivington City and some other relatives are coming over to Mayberry to visit my father today!”

“But my dad will be having meetings for these two days and I’ll be accompanying them!” Elena kept on talking.

“Then you should keep them company! If you plan to visit Wayfair Mountain Entertainment, I can get you and your family a luxurious suite!” Gerald answered.

Even though there were some misunderstandings between them at first when they met and Elena had beaten him up before. However, after everything that they had been through, they had become friends.

Gerald did not mind at all but that was not what Elena meant.

“Gerald, I’m not asking you to arrange a room for us. I’m trying to ask if you have the time to accompany me and families to go around town?”

“Accompany them? Please don’t tell me you want me to continue acting as your boyfriend. Elena, I’ve had enough for the last time okay! Like seriously, please don’t do this to me!” Gerald rejected her request.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 250
Gerald was trying his best to avoid ideas like these nowadays.

Nothing personal but it was all for Mila. Ever since he decided to date Mila, he had to think about her for every decision he made.

But Elena started crying on the other end of the phone.

“Okay…Gerald. I understand what you mean, how can I make you do so much for me right? It’s just my aunt has told my relatives about you and they all really want to meet you! It’s okay, I’ll just tell them you’re not my boyfriend and I don’t deserve to be your girlfriend…I shouldn’t trouble you either!” Elena said as she sobbed.

Gerald did not know what to do. He could never stand a girl crying in front of him especially when it was because of him.

Gerald sighed and said, “Please stop crying. I’ll do it. Send me a location and I’ll go meet you!”

“You’re the best, Gerald! I love you so much!” Elena immediately stopped crying.

Gerald only promised Elena to put an end to the story. Since he was the one that helped her from the start, he should take the responsibility to end things with her!

Gerald changed and he decided to call a taxi to meet with Elena because it was quite late and there were going to be many people. He met up with Elena first and arranged a car from Elena’s family to pick up her relatives at the Mayberry Airport.

Meanwhile at the airport, there were eight to nine people waiting for them. Some were middle-aged and some were young and pretty.

“What is going on, Aunt Larson? Didn’t you tell Elena we will be arriving at nine thirty, it has been an hour! Why isn’t she here yet?”

“Be patient, Carmen. Maybe Elena was busy. I called them just now. They should be reaching soon. Don’t worry!”

“It was so different from the last time we were here. There must be many new attractions around! Anyways, didn’t you say Elena brought her boyfriend to pay you a visit the last time, Ruby? How was the boy? I don’t understand what you mean when you say he’s not decent enough through the phone!” A lady that looked like Ruby Larson asked.

She’s Harriet Larson, Ruby Larson’s sister. She had moved to the north ever since got married. She was the manager at a Security Agency and she makes a few hundred thousands of dollars each year.

“Don’t even mention that poor brat! Just the thought of him makes me so mad! That person just won some small lottery and he was as arrogant as a peacock! He was just a poor brat to start with and he dared to flirt with Elena! I wanted to introduce my best friend’s son to her, Dickson but…sigh!”

Ruby was so mad when Gerald came into the topic. She would never allow him to be part of the Larsons.

“Amber probably thinks that he’s too disgusting. She wouldn’t come no matter how hard we asked her. Ever since he visited us and went to that party with them, Amber hasn’t been fine. She wouldn’t say a single word no matter how hard we asked her!”

Ruby sighed. “She was probably shocked by how disgusting that poor brat was!”

“Hahaha! Ruby, you have become really mean these days. How could you talk about a child like that? But I would really love to meet this Gerald. It’s hard to imagine how disgusting he can be!” Scarlet laughed bitterly.

“Of course! He can’t even compete with all my nieces’ husbands over here!”

There were three ladies and three men standing beside Harriet.

One of the girls looked like she was in her mid 20 and the two other girls were around Elena’s age. They were all decent looking and fair but their eyes were fierce and arrogant.

They were all Elena’s cousins and beside them were their boyfriends. The two younger ones were Harriet’s daughter and the older one was Harriet’s husband’s niece. They were all here for vacation.

“How dare you say aunt is mean, mom! Is there anyone meaner than you? My sister’s ex-boyfriend almost killed himself because of your insults!” The youngest and the most fashionable girl said.

“Don’t you talk to me like that, you little rascal! I’ll slap you if you ever say that I’m mean again. I was just being honest. He thought he could marry my daughter with just a multi million dollar company? Your father’s company alone is worth more than that!” Harriet sneered. She looked extra arrogant with those sunglasses.

Everyone laughed.

“Elena is here!” One of the girls pointed at the gate as Gerald and Elena walked toward them…

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