The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 261-270

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 261
At eleven o’clock that day.

At the gates of Mayberry University.

Three girls were standing outside the gate of the university and were looking around their surroundings from time to time.

They were starting to get a little impatient.

“Fanny, what’s going on? Didn’t he already agree to meet you at the school gate? Why isn’t Benjamin here yet?”

“Yes, Fanny! I initially thought that Benjamin would send a car to come and pick us up, but he is making us wait for so long!”

The two girls asked the girl named Fanny impatiently. All three girls were extremely beautiful.

This was especially so for the girl named Fanny who was standing in the middle. She was especially refined and had a very elegant aura surrounding her.

“Okay, Yolanda! Benjamin has already started his own business and he might be busy because he opened so many shops of his own. I already called him just now and he said that he is already dealing with some things at hand. After all, he will be spending the whole day with us today!” Fanny replied as she smiled.

Their school was in Harbour City, and they had already heard about the prosperity of Mayberry City for the longest time. Therefore, they wanted to come and take a look at this place.

The girl named Yolanda was Fanny’s roommate.

They had heard that Fanny’s boyfriend, Benjamin, was doing very well in Mayberry City. Since Fanny was coming to see Benjamin today, of course the both of them would also have to follow her here as well.

On one hand, they wanted to come and enjoy some benefits because of Fanny.

On the other hand, they wanted to come and see if Fanny’s boyfriend, Benjamin, was just bragging.

If he was really that awesome and treated Fanny so well, they would truly feel very envious of her.

“Hello, you three beauties! Are you waiting for someone?”

At this time, a black Passat suddenly stopped in front of the trio.

The car window was rolled down, revealing two rowdy boys in the car.

Fanny and her friends simply lowered their heads without saying anything. After all, this was not the first time they had met guys who wanted to hit on them like this.

The two boys saw that the girls were really beautiful, and they did not plan to leave anymore.

“It seems as though you girls are not students at Mayberry University. Are you here to look for someone? Why don’t you tell me who it is? Perhaps I can help you then!” The two boys said as they got out of the car directly.

Yolanda replied immediately, “Sorry, but Benjamin will be here to pick us up soon!”

“Benjamin? D*mn it. I have never heard of him.” The two boys exchanged glances with one another. They could only assume that Benjamin was not very well-known in the university.

If he was slightly famous, the two boys would have just turned around and left immediately. After all, it would be best if they could have one less enemy.

However, since it was a very unfamiliar name, the two boys were not afraid at all.

Fanny and Yolanda were truly very beautiful.

At the very least, the two boys would have to ask for their WeChat information.

“Oh, oh, we do not know any Benjamin at all. However, the weather is so hot today. Your beautiful skin is going to get tanned if you continue waiting out here. There is a nice café not too far from here. Why don’t we go and get some coffee while you wait? Get in the car!”

To be honest, Yolanda really did have an urge to get into the car at this time.

After all, the two boys looked like they were very rich. However, when she thought about it, she felt that Benjamin was probably richer than them. Besides, she had come here with Fanny today.

When she saw Fanny shaking her head, Yolanda also shook her head in response.

“Why are you being so modest? Get in the car! We can just be friends!” One of the boys boldly tried to hold Fanny’s hand as he spoke.

Fanny pushed his hand away. “What do you think you’re doing? You must be sick!” She yelled angrily.

The two boys could not help but feel a little embarrassed as there was a crowd of people around. They had already hit on countless girls before, but when had they ever been embarrassed and rejected by a girl in public?

At this time, the boys exchanged glances with one another before they sneered and said, “Beauty, you are really not giving us any face, are you? You should not lash out at a person who has good intentions and only wants to befriend you, right?”

As he spoke, he was still trying to grope and get fresh with them.

“What the f*ck!”

However, he could not even touch her.

After a loud bang, the boy was suddenly kicked to the ground.

Benjamin, Harper, and Gerald had already rushed over here at this time.

When the three of them had left the school gate, they already noticed the two boys trying to grope and get fresh with Fanny and her friends, and they had rushed over in anger.

Harper cursed, “D*mn it! You actually dare to touch Benjamin’s woman? Are you seeking your own death?”

After that, Harper and Gerald also beat the other guy up.

“D*mn it. Are the three of you really tired of living? You actually dared to hit me?” The boy who had taken the lead yelled as he placed his hand on his waist. He was already breaking out in cold sweat from the pain.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 262
”Hit you? Who asked you to harass my girlfriend?! I am going to beat you to death!” Benjamin was truly angry.

It was obvious that he sincerely cared about Fanny.

He pounced on the guy as he continued hitting him again.

Gerald and Harper also bit the bullet and continued beating both of the guys up.

“Boys, you’d better keep this in mind in the future. You’d better be more vigilant and scramble and run as far as you can when you see Mr. Langdon’s woman in the future! Do you understand?” Gerald shouted coldly.

“Mr. Langdon? Well, I hear you clearly, and I will definitely remember you!” The two boys knew that they would not be able to outfight them. Thus, they could only admit defeat before slipping away.

First of all, even though they had never heard of Benjamin’s name, he had two loyal brothers who were fighting for him. Hence, he had to be extraordinary.

They had to ask around and make some inquiries about this person before they could take revenge, right?

In fact, Gerald and Harper had already discussed this matter amongst themselves. Gerald’s solution to help Benjamin pull this off today was simply for the both of them to pretend to be Benjamin’s younger brothers for the day.

It stood to reason that Gerald and Harper should not help Benjamin since he had only picked his girl up because of his bragging.

However, they could not help but feel moved because of Benjamin’s feelings for Fanny.

Besides, the three of them already had a very strong friendship and brotherhood over the past three or four years. Therefore, they could not stand by and just watch Benjamin drown in such a sad and desolate state.

Thus, both of them were more than willing to help him.

They wanted to help Benjamin get through this first.

Unexpectedly, they had run into Benjamin’s girlfriend getting bullied! This was pretty good!

“D*mn it! Fanny, your boyfriend is truly very cool!” Yolanda gushed as she looked at Benjamin excitedly.

He had simply hit them when he said he would, and the two other rowdy boys did not even dare to fight back at all.

He was truly heroic! So suave!

Fanny scolded Benjamin slightly, however. “Benjamin, all you had to do was just scare him away. Why did you have to hit him? Wouldn’t you have to compensate the other party if they got injured?”

“It’s okay! That’s just a trivial matter.” Benjamin said as he patted his chest lightly. “By the way, Gerald, have you already booked a place for lunch?”

Gerald smiled at Benjamin obediently as he said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Langdon! I have already made all the necessary arrangements. I made a booking at Homeland Kitchen. Should we go there now?”

Gerald had deliberately arranged this for Benjamin.

Since he wanted to leave a good impression, he would have to buy them a meal at Mayberry Commercial Street. The Wayfair Mountain Entertainment was a little too impressive, and it would seem as though Benjamin was being a show-off. However, it seemed as though the Homeland Kitchen was the perfect place.

Benjamin scratched his head in shock as he looked at Gerald.

He was trying to give him a hint that Homeland Kitchen was simply too expensive. How would he be able to afford it?!

Gerald simply gave him a look that said to rest assured.

After that, all of them hailed a cab before they headed to Homeland Kitchen together.

“Wow, is this Mayberry Commercial Street? Homeland Kitchen must have very high standards! I heard some of my friends in Mayberry City saying so!” Yolanda looked around the place in excitement on the way there. She also took out her cell phone to take pictures from time to time.

“Mr. Langdon, you will buy a car after you graduate, right? Does that mean that we will not need to take a cab anymore when I come here with Fanny to play again?” Yolanda asked expectantly.

“Of course!” Benjamin replied as he wiped the sweat off his forehead.

Fanny was holding Benjamin’s hand at this time, and she could feel a slight joy when she heard that.

She was not the kind of girl who placed a lot of importance on money. However, she also felt very proud because her boyfriend was doing so well.

“Hey! We’re here! We can get out of the car now!”

Gerald and Harper were sitting in the cab at the front. After getting out, Gerald hurried over to open the door for Benjamin.

“Come! Let’s go and enjoy a meal together!” Benjamin said as he smiled.

After that, everyone went into the lobby as they prepared to head toward the room that Gerald had already booked for them.

“D*mn it! Benjamin, Harper, and the one with the last name Crawford! Why are you here?”

At this time, there was also a group of men and women in the lobby who were preparing to head to their room.

As soon as one of the girls who was dressed very glamorously turned around, she could not help but exclaim in astonishment.

This was obviously unexpected.

“Jacelyn?” Gerald was also dumbfounded. He never expected to meet this crazy girl here…

At this time, the people on both sides were all staring at one another in consternation.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 263
”Hello? I’m talking to the three of you. Why did the three of you come here today? Did you come here to eat? Wow! You’ve even brought three girls here with you today?”

Jacelyn had truly changed a lot compared to how she was before.

Other than dressing in branded clothes now, her status and identity had also risen greatly after Silas recognized her as his godsister.

According to Hayley, the only person Jacelyn cared about right now was Alice.

She looked down on everyone else.

She felt as though she lived in a completely different world compared to everyone else.

In short, she was extremely arrogant and had no respect for anyone else at all.

How could it not be this way? She had a good brother who bought her clothes and bags.

Benjamin heard Jacelyn’s question, and he could only grab the corner of his shirt nervously. He had been in close contact with Jacelyn in the past, and she knew about his background very well.

D*mn it! This was just too embarrassing!

“We are just here to enjoy a meal. We will not talk anymore. We’re going to go upstairs first!”

Gerald did not want to keep the conversation going anymore. This was especially so because he saw that the person Jacelyn was here with to have a meal today was none other than one of Silas’s lackeys. This was Jayden, the one who had pinned him to the ground with his car when they had first come to the university.

According to his observations, Jayden was one of Silas’s lackeys who was very provocative.

He could tell that Jacelyn seemed to have a very close relationship with him. Could it be that both of them were lovers?

Gerald was obviously not afraid of Jayden. However, since the protagonist today was Benjamin and not himself, he did not want to cause any trouble for his brother.

However, Jacelyn was simply staring at Gerald in disgust. “Haha! The one with the last name Crawford, stop right there!”

She no longer called Gerald by his name anymore. This was because she felt that Gerald did not deserve it at all.

Hmph! Weren’t you really great, Gerald? Weren’t you very awesome?

Those who did not know any better would have thought that you were actually Mr. Crawford! You were as awesome as you could possibly be.

I, Jacelyn, used to like you. I was even thinking of going to bed with you.

But what about you, with the last name Crawford?

You were so bullish, and you never took me, Jacelyn, into your considerations at all.

Do you remember how you personally came to pursue Alice in the broadcasting department just some time ago? You obviously knew about my feelings for you, but you ignored and disregarded me anyway!

Jacelyn was filled with hatred, and she could only grind her teeth in anger.

At this time, she had already become Silas’s godsister. Moreover, Silas’s good friend, Jayden, was already interested in her, and both of them were in an ambiguous relationship now.

Weren’t they better than Gerald?

Therefore, Jacelyn did not target anyone else but Gerald alone!

“The one with the last name Crawford! Weren’t you very bullish in the past? Why aren’t you bullish anymore now that Silas is here?” Jacelyn asked as she crossed her arms in front of her chest.

“Also, weren’t you just eating with Mila in the cafeteria a few days ago? What are you doing with these girls now?”

“Hey! Hey! Hey! Who are you and what are you talking about? Who said that we are here with him? We are just good friends of Mr. Langdon’s girlfriend!”

At this time, Yolanda could not help but retort at Jacelyn’s words coldly.

To be honest, Yolanda had already looked down on Gerald who had no class or fashion sense at all.

If it was not for the fact that he was Benjamin’s brother, Yolanda would not even look at him.

Therefore, when she heard Jacelyn say that she was together with this young man called Gerald, she could not help but refute her words immediately.

The main reason was because she felt that Jacelyn was not pleasing to the eyes.

“Huh? Mr. Langdon? Which Mr. Langdon are you referring to?” Jacelyn asked as she frowned.

“I am talking about Mr. Benjamin Langdon! What of it?” Yolanda and Jacelyn continued arguing at this time.

As soon as they heard these words, both Gerald and Benjamin could only rub their foreheads in despair.

Why had Gerald been desperately trying to persuade them to go into their room as soon as possible? Wasn’t it precisely because he wanted to prevent the conversation from getting to this point?

What he had been afraid would happen had truly happened in the end.

Jacelyn laughed out loud. “Hahaha!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 264
”What are you talking about? Are you referring to Benjamin as Mr. Langdon? He is Mr. Langdon?” Jacelyn laughed as though she had just heard the funniest joke in the world.

“Which Mr. Langdon are you talking about? I have already been to this university for quite some time now, and there have also been many rich heirs who have come to greet me. Why haven’t I heard of this Mr. Benjamin Langdon before?” Jayden crossed his arms in front of his chest and asked, as he was extremely amused.

Yolanda immediately retorted. “Hmph! Benjamin is not a rich heir. He started from scratch and has already opened several shops in Mayberry City! Am I right, Fanny?”

Fanny simply nodded slightly.

“Oh my God!” Jacelyn covered her mouth with a surprised look on her face. “Benjamin, you opened several shops in Mayberry City? Oh my God! When did you open these shops? What kind of shops did you open?”

Jacelyn deliberately asked as she pretended to be surprised.

Everyone fixed their gaze on Benjamin at this time. Benjamin was completely at a loss. “I… I…”

Gerald glared at Jacelyn angrily.

He felt that this crazy girl seemed to have figured something out. No matter what, she had to get to the bottom of this matter, and she really did not want to give the three of them any face at all.

Her purpose was obviously to humiliate and embarrass the three of them.

“Jacelyn, Benjamin has already opened many different shops. Do we have to let you know of all the shops one by one? Sister-in-law, Fanny, come, let’s go to our room upstairs now!” Gerald made an inviting gesture as he deliberately blocked Jacelyn to prevent her from talking nonsense any longer.

However, Jacelyn simply raised her leg and kicked Gerald’s ass. “D*mn it! Get out of my way!”

“Why don’t I have the right to know about it? Hayley and I are really close friends, and Harper is Hayley’s boyfriend. Benjamin is Harper’s buddy, so why doesn’t Hayley know anything about Benjamin opening any shop at all? I really want to find out what is happening here!” Jacelyn continued speaking in a very domineering manner as she smirked. “Anyway, I will not let you guys leave today until I get to the bottom of this matter!”

“Forget it, Benjamin. Just tell her the names of the shops that you opened so that we can hurry up and eat already!” Fanny said softly as she looked at Jacelyn in disgust.

“Yes! Mr. Langdon, tell her which are the shops that you opened, lest this snobbish person continues looking down on you!” Yolanda also chimed in at this time.

“You actually dare to call me a snob?!”

Both of them were about to get into another heated argument when suddenly, Jayden’s cell phone rang. Everyone became relatively quiet at this time.

“Cousin! Why aren’t you here yet? What are you waiting for? What?! You went to the hospital? You were beaten up? By whom?!”

Jayden’s tone suddenly became very cold and serious.

“Okay, after getting some treatment, you can come to Homeland Kitchen and eat first. After that, we will go and settle the score with those guys who beat both of you up later in the afternoon!”

Jayden hung up the phone after cursing in anger.

Jacelyn then ignored Gerald and the others. “Jayden, what’s wrong? Was it a phone call from Kingston?” She turned around to look at Jayden with a worried look on her face.

Jayden twisted his neck slightly and made a crackling noise as he did so. “Yes, my cousin brother called to tell me that he was beaten up by three people just now. He went to the hospital to get his injuries treated, and he will be here anytime soon!”

“Who did it? Who would be so bold to actually dare to beat Kingston up? Who wouldn’t know that Kingston is your cousin?” Jacelyn also replied in a harsh tone.

“Who cares about the identity of the other party? You, I want you to make a few calls. Ask Asher, Josiah, and the rest of them to gather more people. I want to deal with things later in the afternoon!”

“Yes, Mr. Scott!” Jayden’s lackeys replied right away.

At this time, Gerald and Harper exchanged glances with one another. What they were thinking of at this time was self-evident. Could it really be such a coincidence?

This was awkward!

During this stalemate situation, a black Passat roared and suddenly braked outside the entrance of the restaurant.

Two boys with swollen and bruised faces jumped out of the car.

Yolanda was also shocked when she saw the two boys.

She exclaimed, “F*ck! It really was both of them!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 265
”Cousin, were you really beaten up? They even beat you up so badly? What was the reason?” Jayden asked in concern when he saw both of them walking toward him.

As for these two cousins, when Jayden was not here in the past, both of them were just slightly unrestrained at Mayberry University.

D*mn it. Now that he had already transferred over to Mayberry University with Silas and after he had already made it clear that they were going to establish authority here, his cousin brothers had been beaten up so badly.

This was simply humiliating!

When Benjamin and Harper saw both of them, they could not help but lower their heads in embarrassment.

These two guys were the two boys that had been beaten up by the three of them in front of the school gate earlier.

To be honest, they had not felt anything at all when they were beating them up, and they had felt very courageous at that time.

However, after calming down a little, both of them could not help but feel a little terrified. After all, Jayden was Silas’s lackey. In fact, even without Silas, they could not afford to offend Jayden alone.

This was so unfortunate!

“Cough, cough. Don’t mention it anymore, cousin. We originally saw three rather beautiful girls today and we wanted to strike up a conversation and hit on them. As a result, we were… f*ck!” The boy named Kingston yelped indignantly at this time.

As he turned around, he happened to see Benjamin and Harper, and he could not help but exclaim out loud.

“Cousin brother, do you know them?” Kingston asked as he stared at Benjamin.

“No! But your sister-in-law, Jacelyn, knows them.”

Jayden had a wry smile on his face as he asked, “What’s wrong, Kingston?”

“D*mn it, cousin! Both of us were beaten up by the three of them!”

Jayden was also a little surprised. He immediately looked at Gerald as he stared at the three of them coldly. “What?! You were beaten up by both of them? Kingston, are you sure about this?”

“Of course I’m certain! These two were the ones who beat him up and this is the guy who beat me up! By the way, this guy was the one who punched me in my eye!” Kingston replied as he pointed viciously at Benjamin.

Benjamin and Harper could only swallow their saliva. The more they were worried about something, the more it would happen.

Jacelyn questioned them as she gloated, “D*mn it. Benjamin, Harper, and the one with the last name Crawford! When did the three of you become so bold? You even dared to beat up Jayden’s cousin brothers?”

At this time, the lobby of Homeland Kitchen was crowded by the many guests who were here to watch the entertainment.

Kingston said as he sneered at this time, “Jacelyn, do you really know this person? I was just about to ask you if you know who this Mr. Benjamin Langdon is. After all, you know even more people compared to me. I really did not expect you to know who this Mr. Langdon is!”

“Haha! What? Mr. Benjamin Langdon? Are you talking about him? Pfft! Let me tell you something. Out of the three of them, aside from Harper, all of them are just good-for-nothings! This one called Benjamin has no money at all and is just a poor student. As for the one with the last name Crawford who is standing next to him, he is nothing more than a pathetic pauper. So, Kingston, do you know that you’ve just gotten beaten up by three pathetic people today?”

At this time, Fanny and the others were also blushing in embarrassment as they stared at Benjamin, who simply lowered his head without saying anything at all. Fanny and the others finally seemed to understand what was going on.

It was no wonder why Benjamin had not responded at all even though Jacelyn had been questioning him so aggressively earlier. Could it be that Benjamin had been lying to her all along?

“It turns out that they were just being pretentious! I’ve already said that I’ve never heard of any Mr. Langdon before! This is perfect. Why don’t we just settle the score here today then?” Kingston sneered before he cracked his neck. After that, he grabbed a bottle of beer from the side bar.

He shook it in his hand before he smiled and turned around to look at Jayden and said, “Cousin brother, is it okay for me to be a little presumptuous here?”

Jayden nodded as he said, “It’s okay. The manager here is Jane, and she is Silas’s godsister as well as mine. Hahaha! You can do whatever you want to!”

“Got it!”

“D*mn it! You actually dared to be so pretentious in front of me? Alright then, Mr. Langdon, I am going to treat you to some beer!”


Kingston opened the beer and sprayed a large amount of beer directly at Benjamin’s face.

This was really similar to a scene in a movie.

“F*ck you!”

After that, Kingston raised the bottle in his hand as he prepared to slam the bottle down on Benjamin’s head.

As for Benjamin, he could only clench his fists tightly as he accepted everything that was about to happen.

After all, he knew that he could not afford to provoke Jayden. That was for certain.

He was about to graduate soon, and he believed that Jayden would have ten thousand different ways to deal with him.

Therefore, he had no choice but to willingly accept what was coming next.

He had no money and no power, so he was as helpless as he could be. He could not even afford to protect his own girlfriend.

He closed his eyes tightly as he waited for the bottle to hit his head.

At this time, he suddenly heard a loud bang.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 266
Beer spilled all over the floor.

Immediately after, Benjamin saw Kingston fell to the ground as he held onto his head that was already bleeding profusely at this time.

It was Gerald who had grabbed a bottle of beer before smashing it directly on Kingston’s head.

“You dare to hit Mr. Langdon? I think that you really do not want to continue living anymore!” Gerald could not stand it any longer when he saw Kingston humiliating Benjamin like that.

Since they were already putting on an act, he might as well continue it to the end then.

Benjamin, Harper, Fanny, and the others were dumbfounded.

Jayden and Jacelyn were also dumbfounded at this time.

Jayden cursed directly, “The one with the last name Crawford! You actually dare to hit my brother?! You must be tired of living! Do you know whose territory this is? Do you believe that I can make sure you do not leave this place if you are still standing today?”

After that, he instructed one of his lackeys, “Go and ask my godsister to come here. My brother was attacked in her shop today! I want Jane to come and settle this matter on my behalf!”

After he was done speaking, Jayden sneered as he glared at Gerald.

“Oh! This young man is truly impulsive. Does he know what place this is? This is Homeland Kitchen which is on Mayberry Commercial Street! This is Jane’s territory! This kid actually dared to attack Jane’s godbrother’s own brother on her territory? He must be really tired of living!”

“D*mn! I heard that Jane is really very domineering on Mayberry Commercial Street. I heard that even the newcomer, Mr. Zeke, does not dare to treat Jane inappropriately. Just imagine what kind of background Jane has!”

“F*ck! Haven’t you heard that Jane has a very close relationship with the mysterious Mr. Crawford? Some people even said that Jane is Mr. Crawford’s woman. So, it is only natural that even Mr. Zeke has to give her face too!”

“Oh my! Oh my! This is really awesome. I think that this young man will not be able to leave this place standing today!”

The spectators who were watching the scene at this time could not help but discuss this matter worriedly.

Of course, many people were here just to watch the exciting scene.

Harper quickly urged, “Benjamin, Gerald, both of you should try and run away now! I will just stay here. They can deal with me however they want to, but you guys can’t afford to offend them, so you should hurry up and leave now!”

At this moment, Fanny was already crying as she heard the people who were whispering and talking around her.

“No! Gerald, Harper, both of you should take Fanny and the girls away from this place now! I will stay back and take care of this matter on my own!” Benjamin was also burning with enthusiasm at this time. He already had the mentality that he would just perish with the other party today!

“No one can leave this place today!”A loud and high female voice suddenly rang out at this moment.

Right then, a woman was seen walking down the stairs.

It was Jane, the manager of Homeland Kitchen.

Jayden greeted her immediately as he started to complain, “Jane! Someone beat my brother up!”

Jane turned around to look at the person who had beat his brother up.

At this time, she saw Gerald who had an indifferent expression on his face as he placed his hands in his pockets. Jane could not help but feel her body trembling a little.

Since Gerald had already booked a room at Homeland Kitchen today, he had naturally made all the necessary arrangements with Jane in advance on how she should be receiving her guests. He had asked her to put on an act so that Benjamin could pretend to be a big shot.

This was also the reason why Jane had been upstairs all this while—she had been personally cleaning the room upstairs in preparation for their arrival.

She had only come downstairs after she heard that someone was fighting. She truly did not expect it to be Mr. Crawford.

“Mr. Craw…”

Gerald gave Jane a warning look before she could even finish her sentence.

“Ahh! Oh! You must be Mr. Langdon, right? It turns out that Mr. Langdon is already here!” Jane looked at Benjamin as she smiled professionally.

Benjamin was at a loss at this time. What was going on? Shouldn’t he be receiving punishment from the strong and powerful, Jane?

Gerald leaned in closer to Benjamin as he reminded him to be firm and insist that he was Mr. Langdon!

Benjamin trusted that Gerald would not allow him to make a fool out of himself. Therefore, he simply nodded slightly as he said, “Yes, I am!”

“Oh! Mr. Langdon, you should have told me in advance that you were here. I would have come down to meet you personally, then. Mr. Langdon, did anyone offend you?”

As Jane spoke, her gaze swept across Jayden and Jacelyn coldly, and Jayden’s eyes widened in surprise.

As for Jacelyn, of course she was certain that Benjamin was nothing more than a pathetic jerk. What Mr. Langdon?

Even if he was Mr. Langdon now, it was simply because Jane was helping him. This was because Jacelyn already knew Jane from a long time ago. She also knew that Gerald was a gigolo, and he used to be Jane’s lover.

It was also precisely because she had had some conflicts with Jane in the past that she was initially planning to use her relationship with Jayden to clear up their previous misunderstandings. However, it was obvious that Jane was helping Gerald.

But didn’t Gerald already have a girlfriend? How could he possibly still be Jane’s lover?!

No! Could it be that Jane did not know that Gerald already had a girlfriend?

When she saw the situation going in the opposite direction than she had intended it to, Jacelyn’s eyes shone brilliantly at this time…
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 267
”Jane! They smashed my brother’s head!” Jayden complained bitterly at this time.


Contrary to his expectations, Jane simply replied by giving Jayden a tight slap across his face.

“Jayden, I think you are really too bold and courageous now. You actually dared to cause trouble here? You even caused trouble with Mr. Craw… Mr. Langdon!”

Jayden was shocked when he received a slap across his face.

Although he felt seriously wronged, he still shut his mouth obediently.

He was not an idiot. Today, he was certain that this person called Mr. Langdon was obviously someone with a strong background. He was not just a poor and pathetic jerk as Jacelyn made him out to be.

Otherwise, why else would Jane, who was usually so arrogant, actually give Benjamin so much face?

At this moment, all he could do was simply lower his head and remain silent.

“D*mn! This is really a very cruel scene!”

Yolanda, who came with Fanny, was also completely shocked.

Yolanda especially felt even more envious of Jane’s attitude as a strong career woman.

She could not help but wonder if she could also get acquainted with someone as powerful and influential as Mr. Crawford. If that was the case, she could also give a slap to any rich heir that was not pleasing to her eyes! Hahaha!

“If you know what’s best for you, you will leave as soon as possible. Otherwise, Jayden, you will not be able to step out of this place anymore!” Jane said coldly as she crossed her arms in front of her chest.

Jayden could not help but shudder in fear.

Right now, he simply wanted to apologize to Benjamin and leave this place immediately.

Just then, Jacelyn yelled out loud, “Wait a minute!”

“Miss Jane, please wait a moment! Even though we’ve had our conflicts and misunderstandings in the past, please listen to me before you chase us out. After I finish speaking, you will definitely regret helping a certain person today!” Jacelyn stared coldly at Gerald as she spoke.

It seemed as though she could already visualize Gerald getting hacked into a thousand pieces by Jane later.

“Hehe. It’s you, you little b*tch. What do you have to say? What you say better be useful to me. Otherwise, I will settle both the old and new scores with you all at once!”

When Jane saw Jacelyn, she also recalled the scene where she had been accused of raising a gigolo when she sent Gerald back to school back then. This had caused a lot of embarrassment and humiliation for Mr. Crawford.

“Okay, Miss Jane. I will just tell you everything directly then. That person with the last name Crawford has betrayed your trust. He actually has a girlfriend at our university, and his girlfriend is from my department!”

This was Jacelyn’s biggest trump card.

After she was done speaking, she pointed at Gerald as she said, “If you are a man, you will tell Miss Jane the truth, right?”

Gerald nodded slightly as he said, “Yes. My girlfriend’s name is Mila, and she is from the same department as Jacelyn. Hahaha! The both of us just became a couple a few days ago!”

“Hahaha! Miss Jane, did you hear that? He admitted it himself. He said…” Jacelyn had been laughing, but at this time, she gradually stopped laughing.

She had originally wanted to see anger, rage, and even a murderous expression on Jane’s face.

After all, she had been played and betrayed by a man. They were all women, so who would not understand the feeling of anger and the murderous intent that one would have if they found out that they had been betrayed?

However, all Jacelyn could see was a look of frustration and impatience on Jane’s angry face.

“Is this what you wanted to tell me? Haha. So, one of Mr. Langdon’s lackeys has just gotten a girlfriend for himself. Why are you telling me this? Did you honestly think that this young man with the last name Crawford is really a gigolo that I am raising?” Jane replied as she sneered.

“Ahh? Isn’t that so?” Jacelyn was startled.


Jane gave her a tight slap across her face. “You b*tch! You have already been slandering me since the last time, and you actually dare to continue coming up with arrogant claptrap?”

Jacelyn was dumbfounded.

It turned out that her assumption was wrong!

“Hurry up and get out of this place now!” Jane yelled, her eyes burning with anger.

“Oh! Oh! I will leave right now!” Jacelyn was already in tears, and she covered her face as she prepared to leave immediately.

“Wait a minute!”

At this time, a girl suddenly spoke up timidly.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 268
It was Yolanda who stood up at this time.

“What do you want?” Jacelyn asked.


Yolanda plucked up the courage to give Jacelyn a tight slap across her face.

Who asked this Jacelyn to be so rude and arrogant as she insulted them earlier?

Now, even Jane was being so polite and respectful toward Mr. Langdon. So, what else could she possibly be afraid of? She was Fanny’s best friend!

This was the first time Yolanda had ever hit anyone in the face. Jacelyn could only stare at her without saying anything at all. This felt really great!

Gerald simply laughed as he looked at Jacelyn.

Jacelyn had truly embarrassed herself today! Haha!

After Jayden, Jacelyn, and the others had left, Jane finally revealed the look of disappointment on her face. She even nearly turned the dishes over a couple of times when she was serving Gerald and the others.


When Jane heard Gerald personally saying that he already had a girlfriend, Jane could only pretend to be fine.

In truth, Jane felt a severe pain as though someone had stabbed her in the heart.

However, her professionalism and her long career experience naturally helped her to hide her emotions very well.

The entire meal proceeded very smoothly. After the meal, Gerald had already made all the other arrangements for Benjamin in advance. He had already planned the next place that they would be having fun at and their accommodations for the night.

He also chose places with a high and reasonable standard that was not too outrageous.

“Mr. Langdon, my girlfriend keeps calling me!” Harper said as he spoke to Benjamin at this time.

Just then, they were preparing to make a trip to the Little Bamboo House to check-in their luggage and settle all the accommodation matters.

Benjamin hurriedly replied, “Alright then, Harper! You can go back first!”

Harper hailed a cab before he left immediately.

At this time, Yolanda glanced at Gerald in disgust. “Mr. Langdon, Mr. Langdon, ask this person to leave too! It is so embarrassing to bring him along with us!”

After the meal just now, Yolanda had even asked her idol, Jane, for her WeChat account. She was thinking that she knew a very reputable sister in Mayberry City now, and she would have to pay close attention to her own image in the future.

Gerald was taken aback.


When Yolanda said ‘this person’, she was actually referring to him?

Unexpectedly, he had worked like a slave today as he served the three young ladies, but as a result, he was being despised once again?

Benjamin panicked when he heard this. “Ah? He cannot leave!”

Although Benjamin did not exactly know what Gerald’s precise background was, Gerald was now his biggest support.

“Why? Mr. Langdon, why do you have to allow him to keep following us?” Yolanda kept pleading with him.

“Um, it’s okay, Mr. Langdon. You don’t have to put yourself in a tough spot. I have already followed your instructions and arranged everything accordingly for the next activity. You can just go ahead. I will leave first!”

As he spoke, Gerald winked at Benjamin as he motioned for him to continue keeping up the act.

Benjamin could only nod helplessly at this time.

Gerald left immediately as he was also tired after playing and being out the whole day. Harper had already gone to look for Hayley, and Gerald could already guess that it was probably because Jacelyn had said something to the girls in her dormitory. That was probably the reason why Hayley had called Harper in a hurry to ask him about the situation.

As for him, Mila was not around because of her training. Therefore, he did not have anything else to do. Thus, he could only head back to the dormitory to sleep.

At this time, Gerald’s cell phone suddenly rang.

It was a phone call from Michael.

“Mr. Crawford, the renovation for your house has already been completed. I have also specially built a garage for you at the foot of the mountain according to your instructions. Moreover, all the cableway to go up the mountain has also been completed! When are you planning to move in?”

“Mr. Zeke, thank you for the trouble. I really did not expect the garage to be completed in just seven days! As for when I will be moving, I have already chosen the date. I will be moving in three days’ time! As for the house key, you can hold on to it for me first. When I am prepared to move in three days, you can arrange for someone to go over there and make all the preparations for me in advance.”

When Gerald accompanied Elena up the mountain and saw that the renovation was almost completed, he had already told Rita that he would be moving in three days later.

“Okay, Mr. Crawford! You can rest assured, I will make sure that you are satisfied!”

After hanging up the phone, Gerald thought to himself. Since the garage was already completed, there was no need for him to continue keeping his Lamborghini at the small park. He would just park his car in the garage below the mountain!

After keeping his cell phone, Gerald hailed for a cab and left Mayberry Commercial Street.

At this time, a girl got into another cab as she fixed her eyes on Gerald. “Sir, please follow the car in front of us!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 269
”Hehe. Miss, is the kid in the cab up front your boyfriend? Are you trying to find out if he is cheating on you?” The cab driver laughed, and he was very talkative.

“To tell you the truth, most of the men who would often come to Mayberry Commercial Street are fickle. Do you know why? This is because the people who often come here must be really rich!”

“Stop talking so much nonsense! Just make sure you follow him closely!” The girl yelled coldly.

The driver did not continue speaking anymore and simply focused on following the cab in front of him.

This girl was none other than Jacelyn.

Why was Jacelyn tailing Gerald?

Let’s talk briefly about everything that had happened between Jacelyn and Jayden after leaving Homeland Kitchen.

After they had left, Jayden was extremely angry and embarrassed! He had been slapped in public, and he was even chased out of Homeland Kitchen. He had even offended Jane, who was his backup and support.

His younger brother had also gotten his head smashed.

This was simply equivalent to suffering a double loss. He did not gain anything at all, but on the contrary, he had suffered even more losses.

In short, he felt extremely unsatisfied!

Who could he blame?

Jayden blamed Jacelyn for everything!

D*mn it! This was all because Jacelyn kept fanning the flames! She kept insisting that Benjamin was just a poor and pathetic person who could not possibly be Mr. Langdon.

How could he, Jayden, actually be so reckless?!

He had even allowed his younger brother, Kingston, to go ahead and smash another person’s head.

Jayden also only found out today that Jacelyn had offended Jane in the past.

Therefore, Jayden attributed and blamed everything that had happened today on Jacelyn, and he regarded her as the culprit.

An argument naturally broke out between both of them, and Jayden had dumped Jacelyn after the argument.

Jacelyn was furious.

She could not help but wonder what was happening?

Benjamin was definitely not Mr. Langdon. She knew this very well. This was because Jacelyn had already investigated and looked into the background of everyone in Gerald’s dormitory after their first meeting.

She was initially planning to find out if there were any potential rich heirs that she could target, but in the end, she found out that there was none. Jacelyn had also found out that Benjamin’s family was actually quite poor.

After that, she told Hayley about this matter, but no one talked about it.

Regardless, she had not investigated or looked into Gerald’s background. Why would she investigate him? What was the point? He was nothing more than a pathetic pauper.

However, she truly did not expect Gerald to be so full of surprises.

She knew that Gerald had to be the mastermind behind the incident today.

The only person who could possibly make Jane act that way would be none other than Gerald. Even if he was not Jane’s secret lover, he must have some sort of inexplicable relationship with Jane.

Moreover, Gerald had always given people a very mysterious feeling.

He was not a rich heir, but sometimes, it felt as though he was even better than any other rich heir.

Today was another testimony of this!

Therefore, Jacelyn intended to follow Gerald to find out what was going on with him!

It had been a while since she had tailed Gerald, Harper, and the others!

However, Gerald did not know anything at all.

He got off the cab directly in front of the school gate. It was already late at night.

There would not be many people at the small park now.

Hence, Gerald came to the small park where he parked his car.

He was planning to drive it to the Mountain Top Villa.

Beep! Beep!

Two crisp car lights flashed immediately.

After that, the car door opened automatically.

Gerald was about to get into his car to drive away.


He suddenly heard the sound of a cell phone falling and crashing to the ground behind him.

“Sure enough… I guessed it right! It really is you!”

A terrified and appalled female voice sounded.

Gerald was taken aback as he looked behind him.

“D*mn it! Jacelyn, why are you acting like a ghost? I did not hear you coming at all.”

Jacelyn, who was standing about ten steps behind him, was staring at him with a blank expression on her face.

She was covering her mouth in astonishment, and her phone was already shattered beneath her feet.

Her body was shaking uncontrollably at this time.

Jacelyn regained her sense and she stared at Gerald in shock. “Gerald, is this car yours? Is it yours?!”

Oh my God! The luxury Lamborghini sports car that had attracted countless girls in Mayberry City actually belonged to Gerald.

It was a luxury car worth two million and six hundred thousand dollars!

What was this?!

Jacelyn was utterly shocked.

If she did not witness this with her own two eyes, Jacelyn would not have believed this at all even if she were to die.

The owner of this luxury sports car was actually someone whom she was extremely familiar with.

“Well, since you’ve already seen it, I will admit it then. Yes, this car is mine!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 270
Gerald sighed helplessly.

“What?” Jacelyn’s eyes were filled with tears.

Gerald replied lightly, “Alright, then. I will leave first if there is nothing else. As for the car, help me keep this a secret. Otherwise, in the end, everyone will only be unhappy! Haha!”

After that, he got ready to enter his car.

“Gerald, don’t leave!”

Unexpectedly, Jacelyn rushed over to him and hugged Gerald tightly from the back.

“D*mn it! Jacelyn, are you crazy?! Is there something wrong with you? What are you doing?” Gerald was shocked and kept struggling to set himself free!

“No! I will not let go! Gerald, I will not let you run away from me anymore! I love you! I truly love you! Please just give me a chance!”

Jacelyn hugged Gerald tightly again as she stuck her body close to Gerald’s body.

D*mn it!

Gerald had already witnessed Xavia’s love for money, so he thought that he would be immune to all girls who loved money in the future.

Unexpectedly, Jacelyn was even worse than Xavia.

Yes, Jacelyn was already willing to risk everything now.

Gerald’s past and the fact that he was driving this car now… Jacelyn believed it as soon as Gerald said that this car belonged to him.


This was because her mind worked very fast. As long as she connected the dots between Gerald’s current car and everything that had happened in the past, it would all make sense now.

Why would she be skeptical?

In addition, Jacelyn knew that Gerald was the kind of person who had a very soft heart, especially when it came to women. He was easily entangled, and he would give in easily when it came to women.

She had already caught onto Gerald’s weakness.

This was the reason why Jacelyn was willing to try her luck.

“D*mn it. Don’t do this, I beg you. I am already getting goosebumps!”

Gerald was already breaking out in cold sweat because he was feeling extremely anxious.

“No, I won’t! I will keep following you unless you give me a chance!” Jacelyn continued clinging tightly to him.

Crazy! Crazy! She was completely insane!

Gerald was a little ruthless as he used a little force to push Jacelyn away vigorously before he got into his car and slammed the car door behind him before locking the door.

He was planning to start the car engine and drive away immediately.


After hearing the slight noise, Gerald realized that Jacelyn was actually lying on top of his car hood!

Gerald yelled anxiously. “Sister! Jacelyn! What are you trying to do?”

“Gerald, let me ask you a question. Besides being really rich, do you have another identity? Tell me! Can you just tell me the truth?”

Yes. Jacelyn only had one suspicion in her mind right now.

That was, the rumored super secretive Mr. Crawford from Mayberry Commercial Street was none other than Gerald!

Otherwise, why else would Aiden in the past, the current Jane, and even Zack from Wayfair Mountain Entertainment be so polite and respectful toward Gerald?!


Taking into account everything that had happened today as well as the sports car now!

The smart and intelligent Jacelyn could already guess the truth no matter how stupid she was!

The awesome and powerful Mr. Crawford was none other than Gerald!

She was trembling all over in excitement, and she really wanted to find out the truth.

“I am telling you, I do not know anything about Mr. Crawford, but if you refuse to leave, I will really step on the accelerator! Don’t doubt my car’s horsepower!”

“I am not leaving! I’m not leaving until you admit it!”

D*mn it!

Gerald became a little angry, and he really stepped on the accelerator.

He had simply stepped on it lightly since he was afraid of hurting Jacelyn, so he hurriedly stepped on the brakes afterward.

However, he never expected the inertia force and the fact that his wheel would be pressed against a rock.


Jacelyn flew off the car and fell to the ground directly.

“D*mn it!” Gerald had just been planning to scare her, but unexpectedly, an accident had happened.

Gerald opened his car door and rushed over to Jacelyn.

Jacelyn had hit the back of her head on the ground and she was unconscious at this time.

Gerald patted her face a couple of times.

“Jacelyn, don’t scare me. Are you okay? I really did not mean to throw you off like that.”

Gerald could not help but blame himself.

This was because even though he truly hated Jacelyn and felt like slapping her big mouth sometimes, he was definitely not as cruel or heartless to want to hurt Jacelyn or cause her to lose her life.

Gerald could see the pained expression on Jacelyn’s face at this time.

He quickly carried her up before throwing her into his car and heading to the hospital immediately…

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