The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 321-330

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 321
Leopold White’s next order from Gerald was to untie the other three girls and bring them along.

They had used his name freely, thinking they could do whatever they pleased without having to face the consequences. Making them anxious was his way of teaching them a lesson. He had never planned to leave the girls stranded there in the first place.

Leopold White—the man with white hair—was an outstanding bodyguard who worked under Michael. To put simply, Leopold’s job was similar to Flynn’s who worked under Zach.

Michael had brought him here from Hong Kong.

“They’ll be arriving soon, Mr. Zeke. It’ll be inconvenient for me to meet them here so I’ll be taking my leave first. Is my ride ready?” asked Gerald to Michael who was sitting beside the driver.

“The ride will be here at any moment now, Mr. Crawford. We’ll depart as soon as it arrives. Leopold can handle the rest. He’ll be safely escorting Miss Milton and the others back to their college.”

As he said that, a limousine stopped beside them. Gerald wiped the sweat off his forehead as he stepped into the limousine. He then left the area together with Michael.

Earlier when they had pinpointed the girls’ location, Gerald had told Zack to keep a close eye on the Rye Group as well as the police. Following that, he and Michael drove immediately to the place.

Gerald breathed a sigh of relief as soon as he confirmed that Naomi was safe.

As the four girls left the unfinished factory, they looked at Naomi. Yvonne, particularly, looked toward her with eyes filled with admiration.

“What was all that? Was it only you that they had initially come for, Naomi? Were you the one who called them over?”

From what they had seen and experienced, it seemed only fair to assume that the rescue team had only arrived to save Naomi.

As they descended the stairs, they were momentarily stunned when they realized how many people were involved in the operation.

In the room downstairs, at least twenty professional-looking bodyguards waited with their hands behind them.

Outside, there were at least six Maybach cars. There was even a high-end SUV.

Though Cassandra was rather powerful, only a few Rolls-Royce had come to pick her up at that moment.

Thinking back, Naomi’s team of bodyguards seemed even more outstanding than the current one, especially the white-haired youth who acted both coldly and cruelly without hesitation.

Both Felicity and Cassandra looked at Naomi curiously.

“Um… I don’t know either. I have no idea who any of these are! I’m as clueless as the rest of you…” said Naomi, looking extremely confused.

“If that’s the case… Who ordered you to save us, mister?” Cassandra couldn’t help but ask curiously.

Leopold however, retained his emotionless facade. He continued leading them without saying a word.

Realizing he wouldn’t answer, Cassandra signaled Naomi to try asking him instead.

“We’d like to thank the person who had told you to save us, mister. Please tell us who it is,” pleaded Naomi.

“I’m afraid I cannot comply, Miss Milton. My superior has specifically told me not to reveal his true identity. Not even to you,” answered Leopold respectfully.

“Actually… Couldn’t it be Gerald?” Yvonne said out loud.

“Gerald?” Both Felicity and Cassandra were stunned. The thought had never crossed their mind.

“Thinking back… We had all tried to call for help earlier but only Naomi was able to get her call across. Didn’t she call Gerald? That would mean that only he would be aware that we were in trouble in the first place!”

Analyzing the situation, Yvonne seemed unwilling to accept her own suggestion.

The same went for Felicity and Cassandra.

“Actually… Assuming it was Gerald who saved us, how would you say he got that many people to come save us? It’s kind of illogical to conclude that he saved us, don’t you think?” said Felicity.

Cassandra looked at Naomi nervously after Felicity had ended her sentence. She then asked, “Naomi, are you really sure that you called Gerald earlier? Maybe you actually called someone else? Are there any other influential and powerful people in your family? Maybe outside connections?”

They took turns looking at each other anxiously.

This was because both Cassandra and Felicity looked down on Gerald the most.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 322
However, if it was indeed true that Gerald was a powerful and influential man, they would prefer to die rather than accept that fact.

Cassandra recalled the time she had suffered terribly and had a restless night when she found her power bank in Flynn’s car before.

“I was nervous back then and now that I think about it, I’m not too sure if I had called Gerald anymore… However, it is undeniable that the first contact number in my contact list is his. The second is my cousin’s, whom I called just this morning. If we’re talking about connections, it could be her. She works as a vice president for an international trade enterprise so she would definitely know a lot of people,” said Naomi, careful with her words.

“That sounds much more logical. Your finger could have accidentally tapped her number. Following that, your cousin must have arranged for the rescue! Some of the guards here look like they could be SWAT cops while the others look like gangsters!” Cassandra said in a soft voice to them as she analyzed the members of their rescue team.

“Did we guess correctly, mister?” Felicity asked Leopold. They were quite sure that they had made the right conclusion.

However, Leopold’s face didn’t move a muscle. He simply opened the door of the Maybach which was parked in front of the other cars. It was the same car which Gerald and Michael had arrived at the factory with.

“It’s time to return to your college. Get in the car,” said Leopold.

“You’re avoiding our question… That must mean we guessed correctly!” Yvonne said happily.

“Mister, may I borrow your phone? I wish to call my cousin.” Yvonne’s confidence had assured Naomi that it was indeed her cousin who had saved them.

“Very well, Miss Milton,” said Leopold as he handed his phone to Naomi with utmost respect. All of them then entered the car.

“Hello? Cousin, is that you? This is Naomi. Were you the one who had orchestrated the rescue mission?”

“I wouldn’t say orchestrated but yes, I was the one who called the criminal investigation team. Have they already saved you? They work really fast. I’m glad to hear that you’re fine. I had tried to call you back earlier but the line kept going to voicemail. So I called your counselor but that failed too. I began to worry that something bad may have happened so I sent a message to your classmate, Gerald, to look into the situation. He told me that you had been kidnapped!” Naomi’s cousin said nervously.

Wait… How did her cousin know about Gerald? Was it because she had that many connections? Actually, where had Gerald gotten the money to buy that phone and those clothes for Xavia before? Was it even possible to earn that much money through a part-time job alone?

Thinking back, it was Naomi who had asked her cousin to find a place for Gerald, Harper and the others for their part-time jobs.

Sometime then, her cousin had occasionally made Gerald run errands for her. That was probably the reason why she had Gerald’s, Harper’s, and a few of her other friends’ contact numbers in the first place.

“I see… Well don’t worry, we’re fine now. They’re taking us back to the college at the moment.”

“That’s good to hear. Rest well, I’ll meet up with you tomorrow. You’re going for an internship soon so I’ll have to discuss the work details with you anyway.”

“Got it. Make sure you hit the hay soon too!”

Sitting so close to each other, the other girls were able to listen in to the entire conversation.

Putting two and two together, they eventually pieced the puzzle together.

It was indeed Gerald who had notified her about the kidnapping.

“That stupid Gerald! He knew we were being kidnapped but he didn’t do anything about it!”

“If Naomi’s cousin hadn’t called him, who knows what would have happened to us!”

“I’m going to strangle him to death once we return to college!” scowled Cassandra under her breath.

All of a sudden, Felicity yelped in pain. It seemed as though she had hurt herself somehow.

Biting her lower lip in pain, Felicity moved her hand beneath her to find whatever had hurt her butt.

She pulled out a small coat that had a phone inside it.

“I’m terribly sorry mister, I accidentally sat on your clothes!” said Felicity apologetically.

“…Hmm? This coat looks familiar…”

It took her a moment, but when she realized who it belonged to, Felicity was dumbfounded.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 323
“…Eh? Isn’t this the coat I bought for Gerald?” Felicity asked aloud, a clear confusion in her voice.

There was no doubt about it. It was definitely the coat she had bought for him in the mall that afternoon.

“Are you sure Felicity?” asked Cassandra, stunned at her claim.

She took the coat from her to have a look at it herself, and it was true. It was indeed the exact same coat.

‘How could this be? Why would his coat be in this particular Maybach?’ The girls were all thinking the same thing, their confusion reflected in their eyes as they took turns staring at Leopold who was still driving.

Leopold, for the first time since meeting the girls, began fidgeting slightly.

Mr. Crawford had specifically ordered him to keep his identity a secret.

However, with the progression of the girls’ conversation, things were becoming awkward for him very quickly.

“That’s my coat. I usually just leave it on the passenger’s seat,” lied Leopold.

Felicity and Cassandra looked at each other. They doubted Leopold’s claim because the coat definitely looked like it cost less than a hundred bucks. While Gerald usually wore coats that ranged around three hundred dollars, Leopold was even less likely to be the owner of the coat.

This was because the coat Leopold currently wore probably cost at least five thousand dollars.

‘Oh god, was Gerald in this car before them?’ the girls thought to themselves, shocked.

“It really is mine, no need to speculate. I wear casual clothes too you know!” said Leopold with a slight quiver in his voice. He knew they weren’t buying his story.

A guilty person usually starts talking more. Cassandra knew this as a fact.

Felicity didn’t believe him either. She slid her hand into the coat and took the phone out. It was what had hurt her butt earlier.

“Isn’t… This Gerald’s phone?” she asked, stunned as she observed the familiar phone.

“Let me have a look!” Felicity said aloud, her hands shaking slightly.

Before she could grab it for herself, Yvonne snatched it out of Felicity’s hand. ‘…It’s true!’ Yvonne thought to herself.

‘Mr. Crawford must have forgotten about his coat and phone earlier while he was hurrying back,’ Leopold concluded in his mind.

But Leopold wasn’t one to give in easily to pressure. No matter how much the girls asked after that point, he remained quiet and refused to say anything.

His mission was completed the moment they returned to college. After dropping them off, he drove away immediately.

“So… Counselor, is it really true? Was it really Gerald who saved us? Why else would his coat and phone be in the car! Thinking back, he was the first to learn that we were kidnapped too!” Yvonne cried out, almost in tears.

Her nervousness was warranted as Yvonne had always condemned Gerald. If there were to ever come a day where he grew more powerful than her, she would definitely feel extremely upset.

Felicity’s face went pale as well as she considered the thought. ‘If that were the case, what was Gerald’s true identity? Could he actually be Mr. Crawford? Or even Ordinary Man?’ Felicity thought to herself, slightly shaking.

“That’s enough! Stop playing the guessing game and calm yourselves for a moment. The coat and phone may be similar to Gerald’s, but how certain are we that they’re actually his? Another possibility would be that Gerald could have been in the car for a while after he told the police about us. Since the police needed to keep the informant’s identity a secret, they sent Gerald to a safe place before coming over to save us. Aren’t those explanations logical as well?” Cassandra explained her theories in a quivering, but mature voice.

She had experienced a similar nervousness before. In fact, Cassandra was probably the most nervous among the girls at that moment.

It was because she knew that Gerald had borrowed her power bank before this. It was left behind in a Rolls-Royce. Now both the coat and his phone were left in the Maybach. It was just too much of a behavioral coincidence.

What more, Gerald was the first to suspect that something was wrong in both incidents.

At the moment, Cassandra’s mind actively refused to link the coincidences together.

“That’s enough. How about this? We’ll go to Gerald’s dorm and ask him about it in person. We’re going to ask him what happened today.”

Cassandra said again.

“Alright. If we’ve our phones with us, we could give Gerald a call!” Yvonne reacted soon.

“Tried it. It won’t work since the phone’s switched off and the battery’s dead anyway.” Felicity sighed as she lifted her hands in the air to show her resignation to the idea. “However, we can still take the coat and phone along with us to pass them back to him when we meet him later. Hopefully all our questions will be answered.”

Back in the men’s dormitory, Gerald shed his clothes off, leaving only a pair of shorts on before he lay on his bed.

All of a sudden, the dorm’s door was flung open with a loud bang.

A scream followed shortly after.

It was Harper as he ran off to find something to hide his underwear from plain view.

“Counselor Felicity! What on earth are you doing here?”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 324
Harper repeated his question, his voice full of anxiety.

However, Yvonne simply ignored him and walked toward Gerald’s bed.

“Get up immediately, Gerald!” she sneered.

She then pulled Gerald’s blanket off him without bothering to consider what he had on at the moment. Once he was in plain view, she yanked him off the bed recklessly.

“What are you doing?!” Gerald yelped as his hands moved to cover his crotch.

These women were terrifying.

But instead of answering his question, Yvonne simply began rummaging through his things. Not too far away, both Cassandra and Felicity had their arms crossed as they watched the scene play out. Naomi simply hid in a corner.

“Counselor, Felicity! I found his coat and phone here!” Yvonne shouted as she held the two items up for them to see.

All the girls were stunned. All of them were thinking the same thing. ‘So it wasn’t Gerald after all!’

They felt relief wash over them as if they were prisoners who had just been freed after many years.

This was especially the case for Cassandra who felt almost overjoyed. ‘I’m glad it wasn’t him.’

After calming themselves down, they soon came to the realization that all the men in the dormitory were staring at them in shock.

Cassandra coughed before clearing her throat. She then asked, “Gerald, after you received a call from Naomi asking for help, where exactly did you go? And what were you doing at the time?”

“Well I was nervous of course, and I wanted to call the police. Before I could, Xyleena sent me a message asking me where Naomi was and I told her what I knew. She immediately arranged for some people to rescue you. I’m glad to see that all of you are safe and sound,” said Gerald with a smile on his face.

“…It seems you hit the nail on the head, Counselor. So much for overthinking earlier! We really were saved by Naomi’s cousin!” shouted Yvonne excitedly.

“And why don’t you wear pajamas when you sleep? Disgusting!”

After condemning Gerald one last time, the women were finally willing to leave.

Naomi however, stayed back for a while to explain to Gerald about the incidents that had happened.

Gerald couldn’t help but smile bitterly. ‘Thank god I reacted quickly enough…’ thought Gerald to himself.

The truth was that he had been extremely nervous throughout the entire rescue mission. He was sweating profusely so he had to take off his coat in the car.

Before the limousine arrived, he spent every second nervously observing the girls as they left the building. He did so through his laptop which had access to a surveillance camera.

Once he actually entered the limousine, his eyes were still glued onto the laptop’s monitor. It took him a while, but he eventually realized that his coat and phone were still in the previous car.

In his mind, Gerald knew that his identity would definitely be exposed if he didn’t act swiftly.

In the nick of time, an idea came to him. He immediately went off to get a similar phone and jacket. However, he could only hope that the battery in his old phone died quickly so that the phone would turn off on its own. If someone made a call before the phone died, it would all be over.

Thankfully, the phone seemed to have died before they managed to call him.

To be safe, Gerald even canceled his number at the last minute so that the phone would no longer be able to receive any calling signals.

From that point on, Gerald would have little need to contact the women aside from Naomi.

‘There’s no reason for me to expose my identity to them.’

The night had been an anxiously eventful one, but they somehow managed to subdue all the danger in time. It was finally time to get a well deserved rest.

A few hours later, Saturday morning came.

It was ten in the morning and Gerald was doing some revision in his dorm.

Out of the blue, Naomi gave him a call.

Though he canceled his number the night before, Gerald had told Zack to help register his number again with his ID before he slept. It wasn’t exactly a difficult task.

Earlier that morning, Gerald had gone to the service hall to retrieve his new contact number card.

“Good morning, Gerald. My cousin came to visit today and after the chaos yesterday, she’s planning to hold a feast for a table at a restaurant near our college. I’m indebted to you for your help yesterday. Please come! My cousin could even arrange a job for you. Harper and the others are free to attend as well.”

“I think I’ll pass. Besides, I hardly helped at all,” Gerald said, a bitter smile on his face.

“You had better come immediately, Gerald. Otherwise, I’ll come to your dorm to invite you over personally! On a serious note, my cousin really wishes to express her gratitude toward you.”

“Well… Alright, we’ll be there soon.”

Gerald couldn’t bring himself to decline Naomi’s invitation. In truth, he had indeed helped them. It was fine to indulge himself with a simple meal like this every once in a while.

The problem wasn’t meeting up with Naomi. Gerald was simply reluctant to meet up with her cousin.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 325
When Gerald, Harper, and a few others arrived at the restaurant, Naomi was already there with her cousin, Xyleena.

Cassandra, Felicity, and Yvonne were there too. Sitting beside Xyleena, was a young man in his mid-twenties. He wore a suit and his shoes were made of leather.

Xyleena looked as feminine as ever. She was one of the more outstanding people in society, and she had social connections all over the place.

Gerald, Harper, and many others knew Xyleena mostly due to her social connections with them. This, however, granted them the knowledge that Xyleena was actually a rather arrogant person. She only helped Gerald and a few others find part-time jobs because they were friends with Naomi. Otherwise, she wouldn’t even have batted an eyelid at them.

“Come, take a seat. All of you,” Xyleena said in a soft voice.

Gerald complied.

“What a frightening chain of events, last night was. We’ll have a toast in a bit, but before that, I’d like to introduce someone to all of you. This man is Brian Merrall, and he’s been my friend all the way back from high school. He’s the team leader of the criminal investigation team in Mayberry and he’s also the one I called for help yesterday!”

“Nice to meet you Brian. Thank you very much for saving us!” said Yvonne. After realizing who Brian was, Yvonne couldn’t help but admire him.

“You’re very welcome. I’m just doing my job. Honestly, it should be me thanking all of you. After catching the suspects yesterday, we were able to uncover an even bigger criminal case that they were involved in. If it wasn’t for you, we may never have gotten the chance to take down such a powerful person as Jake.” Brian smiled after finishing his sentence.

“Look at how well-spoken he is, Naomi! Let’s have a toast with the one who saved you!”

Seeing that her cousin wasn’t reacting appropriately, Xyleena took it into her own hands to remind her cousin immediately.

“Oh yes, aside from thanking Brian, I would also like to thank Gerald as well. If it wasn’t for him, we may never have been saved in time!” said Naomi.

After all, if he hadn’t told anyone about the call, who knows what would have become of them.

“What are you doing Naomi? I told you to thank Inspector Merrall, not Gerald,” said Xyleena, slightly unhappy.

“Xyleena’s right, what did that poor man do? He said he was going to launch a police report but he must have been too stunned to do anything. Had Xyleena not messaged him or called Inspector Merrall, all of us could be dead by now!” said Yvonne.

Brian simply shook his head and laughed.

“Well said! If anyone is to receive our gratitude, it should be Xyleena and Inspector Merrall! I’ll be having tea instead of wine, but allow me to toast to you. Since I failed to protect Naomi and the others, I’ll drink first!” said Cassandra as she smiled.

Clearly, she didn’t care about Gerald at all.

While all this was happening, Naomi felt that something was off.

She realized that Brian had not appeared at all throughout their rescue mission the day before. On another note, Leopold was also clearly much stronger than Brian in terms of both aura and strength.

Something was definitely wrong.

In addition to that, Naomi felt slightly sick hearing how the rest continued to ridicule Gerald.

“Naomi, I know that you have quite a good relationship with Gerald. How about this, I’ll use my connections to try landing him a job with benefits. One that includes endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance, and even childbirth insurance!” said Xyleena. She didn’t want to embarrass her cousin too much.

“Is that true, cousin? How about a job with all the previous insurances as well as housing funds?” asked Naomi.

“That would be quite difficult! Only outstanding companies provide their employees with housing funds these days. With Gerald, it may be a little difficult to arrange such a company to take him in. However, I’ll try my best!” said Xyleena before coughing slightly.

It was quite obvious that she was indirectly saying that Gerald was clearly not that capable.

“Xyleena’s right. If Gerald gets into an outstanding company, he’ll most probably only be a hindrance to the other employees!” Yvonne said without filtering her words at all.

“That’s true! The best he can do is paperwork or be an office worker given his character. He really can’t do much else and even the counselor would agree,” said Felicity as she shook her head, a bitter smile on her face.

Gerald felt his blood boil as he heard all the insults.

‘D*amn it, this happens every time! It’s almost as if they run out of topics to say if they’re not mocking me!’

‘Sure, I was an honest man before this, but that doesn’t mean I’m stupid.’

‘I was only honest because I didn’t have much money or power.’

Gerald fumed angrily in silence.

At that moment, his phone rang.

Glancing at it to see who was calling, he saw that it was his sister.

He then got up and walked away from them before picking up.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 326
“Sister, what’s up?”

“Bro, are you busy? A butler and a few of my subordinates are landing at Mayberry’s airport soon. Could you please find someone to pick them up? I’ve arranged some other tasks for both Zack and Michael to deal with. They’ll be needing a living space as well, so please find one for them!”

“Alright, no problem,” said Gerald as he nodded to himself.

This was actually the first time Gerald had been in contact with his family for a long time. He heard his sister chuckle.

“I’ll be there the day after tomorrow. We can meet up then, just brother and sister!” Jessica smiled after saying that.

Gerald had missed her too.

After talking for a bit, Gerald finally hung up.

Since both Zach and Michael were busy, it was best that Gerald didn’t disturb them.

‘Who could I assign the task to?’ He scratched the back of his head as he thought.

After a while, he decided to just leave the restaurant since Felicity and the others were there anyway.

He concluded that it would be best to just pick them up himself since they were his sister’s butlers.

Nodding to himself, he re-entered the restaurant and told Naomi that he was busy, so he left directly.

“Gerald seems to be quite busy!” said Xyleena sarcastically.

‘I graciously invited you to a meal today and you claim that you’re busy? How dare you!’ thought Xyleena to herself.

“I’m sure he’s just feeling pressured to be here, being as poor as he is. Speaking of which, Brian. We saw a handsome white-haired guy yesterday. What position does he hold?” asked Yvonne at that moment.

“Honestly, I’ve been curious as well. You keep talking about a handsome white-haired person in a Maybach, but judging from your description, it’s quite impossible that such a person is from our police team,” replied Brian somewhat awkwardly.

The more he heard from the girls, the more Brian felt that something was off. The police team certainly did run a big mission the night before.

The mission was big enough to the point where there were even rumors that superiors from the province came to investigate as well.

During the commotion, Brian had received a call from Xyleena, claiming that her cousin had been kidnapped along with three other girls.

The report was far too similar to the case which they had been handling the night before.

Brian told her not to worry and said that the police would take immediate action.

However, by the time he arrived at the spot with his large team, the criminals had already been caught. The hostages had even been rescued, and had long left the scene.

Given his rank, he was not allowed to look too far into the matter.

It felt strange to him to be sharing that meal since he knew he hadn’t done anything much to save them.

All he knew at the moment, was that there were two groups of people who had participated in the girls’ rescue mission.

He was only there in time to clean up the mess.

“Eh? He isn’t from the police team? I suppose so… It does seem quite impossible for a policeman to be driving a Maybach,” Yvonne responded, puzzled.

“So what you’re saying is that you weren’t the one who saved us, Inspector Merrall?” asked Cassandra in shock. ‘Why was it so difficult to get to the bottom of this trivial matter?’

“Technically speaking, no, we weren’t. By the time we got to the scene, you had already been saved. You girls had even left at that point!” explained Brian as he smiled.

He only shared some rough details with them. All they needed to know was that he hadn’t really done much to save them.

“So after all that talk, we’re back to square one. Who was it exactly that came to our rescue?” All four girls were stunned again.

At that moment, Felicity’s phone rang.

“Yes? Who is this?”

“Good day, miss. I’m part of the customer service from the Rex Suit Flagship Store. You bought a suit from us yesterday. However, your boyfriend came last night to buy another of the exact same suit. We only had a smaller one in stock, but he insisted on buying it. A few suits his size have arrived today and we were wondering if he would like to exchange the suit he bought last night for this one. We’re calling you because he was in such a hurry last night, we weren’t able to get his contact information.”

“Boyfriend? Ah, you mean Gerald. He’s not my boyfriend. Why did he even buy two suits?” Yvonne asked aloud, utterly confused.

Cassandra had heard the conversation as well and was equally shocked.

“That means… The suit we found in Gerald’s room yesterday wasn’t the one that Felicity had bought for him. He fooled us! But why did he? So… The coat we found in the car last night… It really was his?”

Without warning, Cassandra began screaming.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 327
“Was it Gerald all along?”

Cassandra found no other explanation, especially when she linked this event with the previous one concerning the power bank.

Gerald was indeed a strange person. He lived a very secretive life.

‘Thinking back, Gerald was the first to learn about the incident back when I was first brought into the hotel. Because of him, I was saved just in time.’

‘I also found Gerald’s power bank in Flynn’s car. The same happened this time. Gerald was the first to realize that misfortune had befallen us, which led to the four of us being saved in the nick of time. Even Gerald’s coat and phone were there!’

‘At first, it seemed that Mr. Crawford was the one orchestrating all this, but this time, his attention went to Naomi instead.’

‘And Gerald currently has a good relationship with Naomi!’

‘He even beat up the vice president of the student union the other day! What happened in the end? Come to think of it, the department director was respectful toward Gerald!’

‘He’s filthy rich now and we don’t even know how or when it happened!’

‘But most importantly… Gerald shares the same surname with Mr. Crawford!’

‘Oh god. If Gerald was indeed Mr. Crawford, everything would make sense now!’

Cassandra’s face turned pale as her onslaught of thoughts ended.

Even Felicity and the others were catching up to the same conclusion.

They were left completely astonished.

“Is… Gerald really Mr. Crawford? Then is he Ordinary Man too?” Felicity asked in a nervous and low voice.

“I don’t know, but that’s very likely to be the case!” said Cassandra, her voice weak. “But we shouldn’t be nervous. We can observe Gerald secretly until we’re sure of his identity. We can then decide what to do about it!” Cassandra said, trying to calm herself.

It had never occurred to her that she would end up falling in love with Gerald.

The meal became a strange one, with many of the girls filled with anxiety.

Meanwhile, Gerald was already at the villa. He started up the engine of his high-end limousine before driving off to pick his sister’s butler and her other subordinates up.

He had heard that his family had sent them over, and that each of them held quite a privileged status in his family.

Gerald had never taken a plane before, so he didn’t know what an airport arrival gate looked like.

Did he need to hold a sign up and wait at the arrival gate?

He parked the limousine just outside the arrival gate. He couldn’t really park his limousine anywhere else.

He then sent a message to the butler through the contact number his sister had given him. It contained the car’s license plate number.

Not too long after, Gerald began regretting parking there.

Several young people, especially girls, were gawking at his limousine.

Some even took group photographs with it.

Sitting in his car, Gerald felt extremely uneasy and awkward.

While this was happening, a group of four walked past the arrival gates.

“Didn’t you say that Mr. Crawford would be sending someone to pick us up? Where is he?” asked a female voice.

A kind-looking old man with white hair took the lead. Following behind, was a young and lively girl who seemed to be either eighteen or nineteen of age.

Even further behind, was a pair of twins. Both brothers seemed to be in their thirties and they both wore suits. However, even that did not fully erase the fact that they both of them looked equally strong and fierce.

The two seemed to act as bodyguards for the grandfather and his granddaughter.

“Yes, Mr. Crawford will be sending someone here to pick us up. I’ve just received the car’s license plate number. Drake, Tyson, go check if our ride is here.”

“Right away, Mr. Kendall!”

The two guards then began looking around.

“Grandpa, I’ve done some research, and apparently the food here is rather special. Is it alright if I try some for myself later?” the girl asked. She appeared to be more on the naughty side as she pleaded to her grandfather.

“We’ll be staying in Mayberry for a while anyway. You can eat whatever you want.”

As he ended his sentence, the brothers returned.

They had located the limousine.

Once they got there, Gerald was there waiting for them.

As Gerald was about to exit the car to introduce himself, he heard the girl speak.

“Say grandpa? Is Mr. Crawford extremely handsome? Miss Crawford is such a charming lady, he must definitely be as handsome as she is beautiful!”

Hearing that, Gerald became slightly embarrassed to introduce himself.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 328
“Mr. Crawford is indeed, extremely handsome. However, you shouldn’t say such nonsense when you meet Mr. Crawford later, Dorothy. Control your rashness as well. Miss Crawford may adore and spoil you, but what if you accidentally anger him? I may not be able to help you then! You know how much of a temper you have.”

“Alright. You know, I’ve asked around and learned that though Mr. Crawford is a rather reserved person, he’s a wicked man inside! He appears to have several wives!” The girl stuck her tongue out before grinning.

“You naughty girl! I’m slapping you if you say that again! Where did you hear that from?”

“It’s true! Almost all the youths living in Northbay talk about it. I’ve also heard that he’s a promiscuous man who has gotten several women pregnant here. It’s said that whoever offends him will end up becoming pregnant so I’m quite afraid of him!” said Dorothy as she patted her belly.

“I can see that those ignorant kids are indeed done for! How could they spread such baseless rumors about Mr. Crawford? Truly preposterous! Dorothy, Miss Crawford has told me that Mr. Crawford is an extremely kind man. Those kids are just gullible rumor spreaders. Nonsense, all of it. You had better stop talking to them!”

“Miss Crawford is his elder sister. She’ll praise him no matter what he does!”

“That’s quite enough you naughty girl! Keep your mouth shut!” Mr. Kendall said extremely angrily.

It was then when they noticed that Gerald was standing behind them, his face flushed. He had silently exited the limousine and circled around it while they were talking.

He was certainly unable to introduce himself now after hearing all that she had said.

‘How and where the hell did these rumors sprout from?’

“Ah, good day little brother. My apologies, my granddaughter here doesn’t know much about Mr. Crawford. Don’t worry, she has no real intentions of condemning Mr. Crawford. Might you be Mr. Crawford’s chauffeur?” asked Mr. Kendall as he smiled.

The butler knew that he was Mr. Crawford’s subordinate and as Mr. Crawford was the heir to the Crawfords, his status was definitely higher than Jessica’s.

Even if he was just a mere driver of Mr. Crawford, his status was definitely not a low one.

With how loud Dorothy was speaking, the chauffeur had no doubt heard every word of it.

Sadly, there were just too many people in the family who gossiped about him.

Some claimed that he was a humble and reserved man. Others shared tales that he was instead, a promiscuous man. While plenty were there to praise him, plenty more were bold enough to mock him.

It was inevitable that he would be gossiped endlessly about, especially since he was the future heir of the powerful Crawfords.

“…Huh? Oh, no… No, I’m-” Gerald ended his sentence early, a sheepish smile on his face.

Gerald had indeed heard everything Dorothy had said, and he couldn’t bring himself to reveal his true identity.

‘People are claiming that I make women who offended me pregnant? As if I could ever do that! If that were the case, then all the women in Mayberry University would already be pregnant since all of them constantly mock me!’

Things would certainly become awkward if he told them who he really was at this point.

While he was thinking to himself, the girl yelled, “That’s great! Since you’re his driver, you must be familiar with this place. Bring me to a place that serves special food in Mayberry. Since you’ve been here for a while, you should definitely know where the best food is, right?” asked Dorothy excitedly.

“Of course!”

In truth, Gerald had never actually enjoyed any of the special food in Mayberry. He definitely couldn’t afford any of the meals here in the past.

Dorothy laughed in glee. “Then it’s settled! Take me to one now!” she shouted.

“That’s quite enough, Dorothy. Stop acting so rashly. If the driver takes you food hunting, who’s going to drive the car?” Mr. Kendall said, a defeated smile on his face.

“Humph! Drake and Tyson are already with you, grandpa! I’ve been looking forward to this day for so long. Please let the driver accompany me. It’ll be my treat today!”

“Please agree to that. If you don’t, I’ll tell Mr. Crawford every single rumor I’ve heard about him once we meet. Then I’ll tell him to get me pregnant too! Humph!” shouted Dorothy.

Mr. Kendall sighed. This granddaughter of his was uncontrollable. Shaking his head, he smiled as he said, “I give up. Little brother, how about this. We should be able to find Wayfair Mountain Entertainment from where we are now. We’ll go by ourselves. Meanwhile, could you please accompany my granddaughter and take her to someplace fun? I’ll explain the situation to Mr. Crawford in person later.”

“I can do that,” said Gerald as he scratched the back of his head.

He sighed internally. At first, he had wanted to meet up with people from his family properly.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t going to happen, seeing how poor his reputation and image already were to them.

‘You say you’re going to meet me, but I’m taking Dorothy out food hunting. Who exactly are you going to meet?’

‘This is getting too convoluted, I might as well just reveal my identity now.’

“Actually Mr. Kendall, I’m-”

“It’s him!”

At that moment, they heard a female voice outside the airport. It sounded like the voice of a person who had finally found someone they had been looking for after a long ordeal.

“Liara, who is that?”

“Humph! Mr. Rye, he’s the one who beat me and Aiden up! He’s the reason why I had to be admitted into the hospital! You said you were going to take revenge for me after you returned to our homeland. Here he is now!” shouted Liara excitedly, her eyes almost bulging and bloodshot.

Behind her, was a group of suited bodyguards. There were several luxurious black Mercedes-Benz cars parked at the exit’s opening as well.

Standing right beside her was a man wearing a pair of sunglasses. A man who had attracted the attention of endless numbers of girls. It was none other than William.

“D*mn it! Are you sure that’s the guy Liara?”

William then threw his sunglasses to the side, glaring at Gerald coldly.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 329
“Surround them at once!”

As William barked his order and waved his hand, ten bodyguards immediately rushed toward them. Gerald and the four others had been encircled.

Behind William, stood a sturdy-looking man. He looked to be almost thirty and wore a pair of sunglasses as well. Up till this point, he hadn’t said a word.

His arms were crossed and almost half of his face seemed to have suffered severe burn scars. He looked rather hideous to be honest, and he appeared to be William’s personal bodyguard.

“Humph! Enemies are always bound to meet again! It’s just been a few days so I’m sure you never saw this coming!” Liara shouted as she clung on to William’s arm and slowly began walking toward them. Her eyes were filled with fury and if one could kill a person with cold glares alone, Gerald would definitely be dead by now.

Liara, for one, wanted that to be true. She wanted to torture and kill Gerald with her own hands.

From a young age, she had been spoilt rotten by everyone around her.

She had never even been hit before.

It had been a crushing blow to her pride when she was beaten up in front of the others the other day.

She had been too embarrassed to tell the others about it, but she had lost control of her bladder at the restaurant the other day and wet herself.

It was beyond humiliating for her, and it was all because of this b*stard!

“So you beat my woman up, huh? You b*stard! I’ll make sure you face the consequences today! Break his limbs first! We’ll ruin the rest of his family later!” ordered William.

After what had happened the other day, William had returned to M Country to relax for a few days. However, he soon found himself rushing back to Mayberry after hearing that his girlfriend had been beaten up.

For those who dared to offend William, only punishing the offender alone was a blessing. Usually, William would ensure that the offender’s entire family line suffered as well.

In William’s eyes, Gerald’s family was not going to be treated any differently.

Immediately after his command, two bodyguards rushed forward and attempted to grab Gerald’s shoulders.

Before they could do so, Gerald felt a gust of wind behind him.

In a split second, the two bodyguards were thrown onto the ground as easily as two sacks of potatoes.

Drake and Tyson had been standing behind Gerald this entire time and now they both took a step forward.

Their actions were so rapid that Gerald had barely noticed them moving to shove the guards away at all.

Mr. Kendall simply smiled bitterly as he watched the scene play out before him. He looked at Gerald and sighed with a smile. “Little brother, are these your enemies?”

Gerald nodded, a smile forming on his face. “Yes, we’ve had some conflicts before,” he said before beginning to laugh.

He was no longer afraid of William and Liara.

“Your enemies are Mr. Crawford’s enemies and his enemies are ours. Drake, Tyson, we’ll leave them to you,” said Mr. Kendall as he smiled while nodding.

Dorothy had been standing beside Mr. Kendall and she smiled as well.

“Oh, a treat! It’s been such a long time since I’ve seen Drake and Tyson engaged in a fight!” shouted Dorothy excitedly.

“Both of them seem quite powerful,” said Gerald as he observed their martial arts stances. He couldn’t help but feel pleased that he had such powerful bodyguards under him.

“Of course they are! They were both sergeant majors who had great reputations during their time in the army. You know, if you say Drake’s name to gangsters living abroad, they’ll start trembling in fear!” said Dorothy smugly.

“They are both indebted to the Crawfords. After they left the army, they came to work for them. As the master had ordered them to leave Miss Crawford, they’ll only listen to Mr. Crawford from now on!” explained Mr. Kendall.

Gerald’s eyes widened.

So apparently his family had sent two sergeant majors to be his bodyguards. He had initially thought that both Flynn and Leopold were already exceptionally capable.

It surprised him to see that both Drake and Tyson were much more powerful than them.

Their expressions barely changed no matter who and how many opponents they were up against. Each punch and kick was calculated and they could strike the opponents’ vulnerable spots with ease.

In the blink of an eye, all of William’s bodyguards were sprawled on the ground.


While William and Liara were smug in the beginning, they were at a loss of words now.

‘These two were originally dad’s bodyguards. They’re seasoned professionals, that’s for sure’ Gerald thought to himself in awe.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 330
It took less than ten seconds for the twins to completely bring down the ten guards. How was that even possible?

“So you’ve decided to mess with the Crawfords. You lack common sense, kid. Let’s beat some sense into you!” said the twins in unison as they walked toward William slowly, cold smiles on their faces.

“D*mn it! Carl! Get them! Make sure they can’t even stand after you’re done with them!”

William was in shock.

Initially, he had thought that getting revenge for his woman was going to be an easy task. All he needed to do was to have his guards cripple Gerald. He had never anticipated that Gerald would have two expert bodyguards with him.

He was now forced to order his trump card to make a move.

Carl was the bodyguard who had been standing behind William all this time. Though he looked intimidating with all the severe burn scars on his face, he began to tremble when he saw Drake and Tyson approaching.

It wasn’t out of fear, but an odd emotion in his heart which he just couldn’t suppress.

He stood in front of William.

“You can kill me, but please let Mr. Rye leave unharmed,” said Carl calmly.

Drake and Tyson stopped moving forward for a brief moment and looked at each other before fixing their gaze on Carl again.

“D*mn it! I didn’t ask you to give yourself up to die! Beat them up already you hideous man! How dare you disobey me!”

At that moment, a loud thud was heard.

William had punched Carl directly in the cheek.

Carl hadn’t dared to dodge and the corner of his lip began bleeding.

“What a waste of space! Useless!” yelled Liara before she slapped Carl on the other cheek.

‘You idiot! We ordered you to avenge us, not cover for us so we could run away!’ Liara continued to rage in her mind.

“Mr. Rye, Miss Liara, please leave immediately. I am no match for them,” said Carl calmly again.

“F*ck that! Aren’t you powerful yourself? It’s such a waste that dad kept you with us! Once we return, you’re going to start carrying a dustbin around with you every day and everywhere you go!”

It had never occurred to William that Carl would surrender himself so easily.

He was becoming slightly nervous now. He then pointed toward Gerald and the others.

“Hey b*stard! I wasn’t ready today! If you’re bold enough, let’s make an appointment! We’ll compete with each other then!”

William had noticed that more and more people were surrounding them. He knew that he would either be beaten up or humiliated if he continued to stay here for any longer.

Gerald noticed that Mr. Kendall was looking at him. Gerald knew that this meant that he was going to be making the final decision.

Thinking about it, he understood Mr. Kendall’s thought process. Since he was supposedly Mr. Crawford’s driver, if he was in trouble, so was Mr. Crawford. He currently held the highest position to make the final say.

“Sure. We can discuss the details of our match later. You may leave, but the woman stays with us for now,” said Gerald with a faint smile.

It was true that Gerald usually kept a low profile, but it did not mean that he was a fool.

After all, he had offended the Ryes, and he could not shake that off now.

Gerald had reached the conclusion that it was better to take them down early on so that they wouldn’t be able to cause further trouble in the future.

William was a person who relied on his family’s power. Without the Ryes, he was only an ordinary person with no merits. Ruining him would mean nothing to Gerald.

Hearing Gerald’s rule, Liara started becoming nervous.

“Mr. Rye! Please don’t leave me with them! Bring me along with you!”

“Don’t worry, Liara. Just stay with them for now. I’ll rescue you soon enough so wait for me patiently!” said William hurriedly. He then rushed toward his car, started the engines, and left immediately. He didn’t even care about his pile of unconscious bodyguards lying on the ground.

Carl nodded toward Drake and Tyson respectfully before turning around to walk toward his car.

“Frank Dunkin!”

Both Drake and Tyson shouted at Carl who was just about to get into his car.

Carl’s body trembled slightly. However, he pretended not to hear.

“D*mn! They’re so alike! He looks exactly like the guy!” Tyson said aloud, his gaze still fixed on Carl.

“Yes, he does resemble Frank. Those eyes of his never change. But why would he ever become a bodyguard for such a person?”

“I don’t know, and he clearly doesn’t want to identify himself with us!” Both of them continued to taunt him in low voices.

Mr. Kendall stepped in at that moment. “That’s quite enough. We’ll talk more about this once we arrive at the villa. It’s high time we met Mr. Crawford. Drake, Tyson, bring that woman along!”

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