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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 331-340

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 331
With Liara now being held captive, Gerald began driving to Wayfair Mountain Entertainment.

Upon arriving at the villa, Gerald called out to the bodyguards who had opened the gates for the limousine to enter. They were told to bring Liara to a vacant room and keep a constant eye on her.

“Wow, little driver! I didn’t expect you to have so much power over the guards here! They’re listening to all your commands!” said Dorothy as she laughed.

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“Mr. Crawford, you’re here!”

Zack and Michael saw Gerald entering the building and they hurried over to greet him. They greeted Mr. Kendall respectfully as well.

While Zack and Michael usually appeared assertive in Mayberry City, in front of Jessica and Mr. Kendall, they instead gave the impression of just being regular minions.

However, that wasn’t what caught the four new people’s attention. Mr. Kendall, Drake, Tyson, and Dorothy were all stunned when they heard how the two addressed Gerald.

“Mr. Crawford?”

“You’re Mr. Crawford?” Mr. Kendall asked, shocked.

“That would be me, yes. I had wanted to introduce myself earlier but the situation hadn’t allowed for it,” replied Gerald, a bitter smile on his face.

Mr. Kendall coughed. The revelation was both surprising to him as well as shameful.

After all, they had earlier been discussing all manner of rumors about him for quite a while when he was, quite literally, sitting right next to them in the limousine.

To think that this casually dressed and introverted person was actually Mr. Crawford. It seemed that what the eldest young lady had told him was really true.

“…I see. So… You’re Mr. Crawford?” said Dorothy. Though she had initially been comfortable talking to Gerald due to how honest a person the driver seemed, she couldn’t help but feel shocked at the revelation.

Gerald simply nodded slowly, a wry smile on his face.

Gerald hadn’t expected any less a reaction. What’s done was done and the four were led to a dinner banquet which had been arranged by Michael. The five then slowly got to know one another better as they ate and drank.

“Mr. Crawford, the eldest young lady and the master have sent us here to pass on an important announcement. I believe that the matter has been brought up several times between you and the eldest young lady,” explained Mr. Kendall respectfully.

“While the eldest young lady completed her assessment six years ago, yours is to officially begin now. The family has decided to auction off Mayberry Commercial Street which had initially belonged to both you and the eldest young lady. Once the auction is complete, you will be given an exclusive asset. With said asset, you will need to create a completely new group to run in Mayberry City. You’ll have to control and develop it on your own as well!”

This was nothing new to Gerald. On the contrary, Jessica had previously told Gerald about this many, many times.

Because of that, he had prepared himself for the assessment for quite a long time now.

His previous discussion to set up two projects under his name, them being Exceptional Live and Yorknorth Mountain, had already been approved.

However, he had not anticipated that his family would auction off Mayberry Commercial Street.

“While I understand that the goal is to develop something on my own, Mayberry Commercial Street is already very profitable. Is there really a need to auction it off?” asked Gerald as he smiled bitterly.

Gerald had experienced many things there and it bore some sentimental value to him now.

“Well, the profit gained was simply used to assess both you and the eldest young lady. The family could never allow such a small group to survive forever. However, Mr. Crawford, if you really like the place, you can buy it again in the future for your own entertainment and leisure!” Mr. Kendall couldn’t really grasp the meaning behind Gerald’s question.

However, Gerald still found his answer from Mr. Kendall’s statement. While it was true that Mayberry Commercial Street was impressive, compared to the other industries owned by the Crawford family worldwide, the street was nothing special.

There was nothing he could do but allow his family to auction it off.

Besides, he was also not short of money anymore. Owning Mayberry Commercial Street would only be for bragging rights now and he didn’t want any part of that!

“Speaking of which, Mr. Crawford, a portion of the Crawford family’s defense force in Mayberry City will also be under you in the future. Drake and Tyson themselves will be working as your personal bodyguards,” said Mr. Kendall.

After saying that, he looked toward Zack.

Zack immediately caught on to what Mr. Kendall was hinting at, and carefully retrieved a small machine with a red button on it. He handed it gently to Gerald.

Gerald was no stranger to the contraption.

Back when Nigel was very close to killing him, Zack had pressed the button to summon forty to fifty helicopters to save him.

“This device functions as a communication tool for Military Emergencies. It now belongs to you!”

The next step was for them to sign some transfer documents and to be done with all the formalities. By the time everything was completed, it was already almost eight o’clock at night.

To tell the truth, it was only today that Gerald realized just how much influence and reach his family had over Mayberry City.

It was surprising, to say the least.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 332
Not only did the so-called Military Emergency Base host a section for its armed forces, but it also boasted one of the most efficient medical teams as well as intelligence gathering departments.

It was just like how it was in action movies.

Gerald had personally never been in contact with any of those departments before.

Being granted access to the Military Emergency Base meant that he would be in charge of all of this in the future. It only further affirmed Gerald that he was going to be the future leader.

It was already late when he was thinking about this, and Gerald himself was ready to retire for the night.

Before that, however, he suddenly remembered that he still had some unfinished business!

Gerald sneered as he walked toward the room.

“Oh, behave yourself won’t you? Otherwise, I may really end up killing you! Did you really just try to bite me? Are you some kind of dog?”

Even from quite a distance away, Gerald could already hear his bodyguard cursing from behind the door.

“Release me you b*stard! If you don’t, I’ll personally make sure Mr. Rye hacks you to death when he arrives!” growled Liara.

“Oh no… Mr. Rye… I’m terrified… Hahaha! Lady, look around you. I’ll drop you a hint, you may as well just await your death since you dared to offend Mr. Crawford of Mayberry City!”

“What? Mr. Crawford? Since when have I ever offended Mr. Crawford?” asked Liara in genuine surprise.

“Still trying to feign ignorance? Mr. Crawford’s the man who brought you here today!”

“…Wait, he’s that Mr. Crawford?”

At that moment, Gerald entered the room.

“Mr. Crawford!” shouted the two bodyguards inside respectfully before leaving the room under his command.

“You… What are you planning to do with me?” asked Liara. The terror had finally sunk in.

She finally realized how he could’ve gotten so many people to rush over back when they were at Surati.

This man was actually Mr. Crawford in the flesh!

“You’re already a captive in this room. What do you think I’m going to do?” replied Gerald as he smiled.

“But… Mr. Crawford, I’m Mr. Rye’s woman!” whimpered Liara. Her arms were still tied and her head was lowered.

Understanding the power difference between them made her feel scared and embarrassed at the same time.

The bodyguards were right. Mr. Rye was nothing compared to Mr. Crawford.

She, for one, would never be able to reach the top by becoming Mr. Rye’s woman.

Perhaps it would be better if she became Mr. Crawford’s woman instead.

Though both of them definitely still bore grudges against each other, she believed that Mr. Crawford would eventually fall for her beauty.

“I don’t really care whose woman you are. I won’t personally be touching you either way. However, since you’re already here anyway, then this makes it the perfect opportunity for me to settle this score with you. You don’t really have a way to pay me back, so you can just settle this score with your body!”

“What… What do you mean by that?”

As soon as her question ended, Gerald turned around and slowly began walking toward the door while making a phone call. “Hey, get me a random homeless person off the street…”

“Wait, what are you planning? Get back here! Wait!”

A terrified Liara continued yelling at him as he left the room.

The intention of his phone call was obvious.

Of course Gerald wouldn’t touch a woman like her.

Outside the room, Gerald began strolling down the hallways, enjoying the peace of the moonlit night.

It was a little under half an hour later when Zack gave Gerald a call.

“Heh, Mr. Crawford, that girl was so terrified that she revealed everything she knew about the Rye Group. I honestly wasn’t expecting her to know that many of their secrets. She’s also agreed to help us get what we want!” said Zack, a grin on his face.

“Your idea was truly brilliant Mr. Lyle. If you hadn’t suggested it, I would have just ordered some guards to beat her up,” replied Gerald as he smiled awkwardly.

Zack had naturally given Gerald some advice about the matter.

“Don’t worry Mr. Crawford. The Rye Group offended you because they don’t know their own place. Give me one day and night. You’ll definitely hear satisfactory results from me!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 333
Gerald really couldn’t be bothered about Zack’s methods of dealing with the matter.

He rested early that night.

Though it was raining heavily when he awoke, Gerald rushed to school anyway. After all, his homework review was important as well.

As per usual, his driver dropped him off at the school gates and Gerald walked into the school with an umbrella in hand.

All of a sudden, Gerald heard a loud scream.

When he turned to look at the source of the sound, he saw a girl in a white dress who seemed to have sprained her ankle. She held an umbrella in one hand while her other held onto her ankle. Gerald deduced that she must have sprained her ankle while she was opening her umbrella.

Since she could hardly walk properly at that moment, it seemed that the sprain was a severe one.
Gerald found himself walking toward her under his umbrella. “Are you alright?”

“It hurts!” cried the girl as she raised her head to look at him. Her eyes were all teary.

Gerald was slightly taken aback when he saw her face. “It’s you?”

The girl showed obvious surprise on her face as well.

This wasn’t just any random person. She was the good-natured girl who had previously sat next to Gerald when he was studying in the library a while back.

The memory of the event embarrassed Gerald.

Not only did he have a nosebleed back then, but he had also sneezed. What an embarrassing thing to remember!

It was unexpected, to say the least, for him to encounter her today while returning to school this early in the morning!

“Yes, it’s been a while… I had initially planned to call a cab to go out and get some materials. Thinking back, perhaps I was walking a bit too hastily!” said the girl as her cheeks flushed slightly red. It was an obvious sign that she remembered what had previously happened in the library.

“With this heavy rain, it would be best if you postponed that plan for now. I’ll help you get to the infirmary,” replied Gerald.

He hadn’t forgotten the fact that she had handed him a tissue during his embarrassing plight back then.

Even though they were still pretty much strangers at this point, he still felt obligated to help her.

After all, the girl was someone good-natured and was beautiful to boot.

If he were to ignore and just leave her there, his guilt would surely come back to bite later.

Though she hesitated at first, she eventually nodded. The pain was too overbearing for her.

Even with Gerald’s help, she still found difficulty walking.

In the end, Gerald resorted to carrying her on his back. Fortunately, the girl had sensed that Gerald bore no ill intentions, even from when they had first encountered in the library. Therefore, she didn’t try to resist at all and simply allowed Gerald to carry her.

She held on to her umbrella as they walked toward the infirmary.

Gerald couldn’t help but blush slightly as his nose caught the scent of her body.

However, he already had Mila so why on earth was he still overthinking the situation?

Gerald shook his head slightly to clear his mind before starting to walk faster.

Beep, beep!

A Mercedes Benz G500 honked as it passed by Gerald and the girl.

“Hey there beauty! It’s raining heavily so why don’t you get in my car? I’ll drop you off wherever you’re headed to!”

The shout came from a well-dressed teen who had rolled down the car’s window.

Gerald couldn’t help but stop in his tracks when he heard the teen’s words.

In his mind, Gerald knew that all beautiful girls loved luxury cars.

However, she hardly even looked at the driver.

Instead, she pinched Gerald’s shoulder lightly. “Don’t just stop here! I’m dying from the pain!”

“Oh! Right!”

Gerald nodded before starting to walk hurriedly again. It seemed that this girl was different from the others he had encountered before.

“D*mn it! If I had known she’d be here I would have come a bit earlier! It’s such a shame! That girl’s so beautiful!”

The boy sighed loudly before slamming his hand against the steering wheel as he watched Gerald slowly walk away with the beauty still clinging on to his back.

Fortunately, the infirmary wasn’t too far away. Once they arrived, a doctor came over immediately to check on her injury.

Knowing that she would be taken care of by the doctor, Gerald turned to leave.

“Wait! What’s your name? Mine is Giya,” shouted the girl toward his back.

“Mine’s Gerald!”

“I see! Thank you so much for today. You’ve saved me from a world of pain. I don’t know how I would have managed to return with that sprained ankle! Also, I noticed that you’re holding on to a book. Are you possibly headed to the library to study?”

“As a matter of fact, I am,” replied Gerald as he nodded.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 334
“Giya! Are you alright? How could you be so careless?”

At that moment, the infirmary’s door was pushed open. Four girls who all looked well-mannered walked into the infirmary.

Somehow, each of them bore beauty comparable to car showgirls on the internet!

They seemed to be Giya’s roommates.

They were here because Giya had sent them a text message earlier, telling them that she was going to the infirmary.

“I sprained my ankle but I was lucky to bump into Gerald! He carried me all the way here on his back!” explained Giya with a smile as she looked at Gerald.

“Oh my god! You’re telling us that a hero saved our beauty? Hahaha! Then we’ll really have to thank the handsome guy who saved our Giya then!”

The girls continued chatting among themselves before turning to look at Gerald.

It was reflected clearly in their eyes that they felt a slight disappointment after looking at him for a while.

The clothes he wore were a little tasteless and to be frank, at first glance, Gerald looked like a pathetic jerk.

However, he did look like a decent person with a nice, chiseled face.

He looked like an honest and silly person as well.

However, they didn’t know him personally so they didn’t want to end up judging a book by its cover.

“Hey there handsome! So you’re the one who saved Giya?”

“I wouldn’t say I saved her, I was simply helping her out!”

Gerald didn’t know what to do. His nervousness had increased the moment he saw all those beautiful girls.

He was obviously not like this in the past.

“I see, speaking of which, Giya has never owed anyone any favors. What do you say, handsome? How would you like Giya to repay the favor to you?”

The girls continued to tease Gerald.

“That’s true! Well how about this, why don’t we ask Giya to marry you?”

The girls giggled at this in unison.

“Marriage is rather extreme, why not just ask Giya to spend the night with you instead?”

“Ahh! This is so embarrassing!”

The girls continued to chatter loudly among themselves.

“There’s really no need for any of that!”

Gerald had honestly not expected these girls to be so bold and direct when all of them looked like goddesses.

He felt extremely embarrassed.

“Oh, why’s that? Do you think Giya’s not pretty or worthy enough for you? Is that the case?” asked several of the girls as they gathered around Gerald.

“N-no! That’s not what I meant!”

“Then what did you mean hmm? Why don’t you elaborate, handsome?”

While her roommates continued to tease Gerald, Giya watched silently from her sickbed. This wasn’t out of the ordinary for her roommates. They weren’t exactly known to allow boys to play around with them. Instead, every single one of them had the capability of both fooling and duping dozens of guys easily.

When she looked at Gerald, she could see that he was already blushing severely after being bombarded by teases.

Giya couldn’t help but laugh at the sight. “Alright girls, stop teasing him already! Tammy, I’d like to eat an apple. Could you peel one for me?”


Tammy was a tall girl and she was about to peel an apple before she paused. She then turned to look at Gerald again before smiling. “Hey handsome, you said you didn’t mean it right? Could you peel an apple for Giya then?”

“Huh? Me?” Gerald was surprised at the request.

“Of course, I wouldn’t ask you to do it without a reward. After peeling it, I’ll allow you to kiss me anywhere you want! How’s that for a deal?” said Tammy as she slowly approached Gerald.

This was the first time Gerald had ever encountered such a bold girl. Was she really as bold as Jacelyn was?

Comparing the two in his mind, Jacelyn was definitely a rookie compared to these girls!

Out of every ten sentences the girls said, eight of them were dirty talk.

They were also equally bold and straightforward when they spoke.

After toying with him for a little longer, Gerald could barely hold himself together.

Once the apple had been peeled, they told him to peel a banana.

After that, they even told Gerald to drench the bracelet on Giya’s hand with boiling water.

Gerald felt queasy and really didn’t want to stay a second longer.

That was it, once he completed this favor, he was leaving.

Right as he held onto the bracelet which Giya had just removed from her wrist, Gerald felt himself being pulled backward. A strong hand had pushed him away from Giya so suddenly, that he lost his grip on the bracelet and it shattered the moment it hit the floor.

“Giya! I heard that you got injured! You had me worried to death!”

The anxious voice came from the boy who had just rushed in.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 335
“Don’t worry Yacob, I’m fine,” replied Giya in an indifferent tone.

The boy was dressed presentably in a suit and looked rather handsome.

Though Giya gave a slightly cold impression toward him, Yacob wasn’t angry at all.

“Oh, Giya! Your bracelet’s broken!” exclaimed Tammy. She had looked at the floor to see what had caused the shattering sound earlier and found that it was the bracelet.

“Gerald, how could you be so careless? Is it because you’re unhappy that Yacob’s here to be concerned about Giya?” asked another girl.

Her words caught Yacob’s attention.

Though the boy liked Giya to the point of infatuation, Giya wasn’t interested in Yacob at all.

Despite him having a very good family background, she still didn’t have any feelings for him. She knew what she liked, and she didn’t like him that way at all.

Naturally, it was impossible for her to have feelings for Gerald just because he saved her once.

Giya’s roommates knew this and they were simply just playing around with Gerald.

Everyone had clearly seen that it was indeed, Yacob who had yanked Gerald away earlier which caused him to accidentally drop the bracelet.

“It’s fine, it’s just a bracelet. I’ll just buy another one!”

Giya felt slightly embarrassed. After all, her friends were still making fun of Gerald now even though he was the one who had helped her.

“Yacob! You and Gerald are the reason the bracelet’s broken! Both of you will have to pay for it!” said Tammy.

The girls obviously had to speak a bit more respectfully toward Yacob.

“Heh, I’ll just buy a new one without his help. How could he possibly even afford to pay for half?”

Yacob scoffed as he looked at Gerald, displeasure clearly reflected in his eyes.

“Well, if there’s nothing else, I’ll be taking my leave first. Please, take care Giya!” said Gerald.

Gerald knew that he would continue to be teased as long as he stayed here. What more, Yacob was glaring daggers at him.

Gerald didn’t really want to hold it against the girls either.

If he really wanted their respect, all he needed to do was to drive his own car and park it in front of them.

After all, people just found him fun to bully because they all thought he was poor!

It was just a coincidence that Gerald had stumbled into Giya today, and he really didn’t want to get entangled within the situation.

As for the broken bracelet, Gerald had already been thinking about it. Since it was also partly his fault, he would simply buy a similar one to compensate her. Then the entire matter would be resolved peacefully.

As she watched Gerald leave, Giya wanted to call out to him to stay but she also knew that he wasn’t going to adapt easily to her circle of friends.

She would just have to wait for another opportunity in the future.

After finally leaving the infirmary, Gerald headed straight for the library to study.

In a blink of an eye, noon had come.

It was then when Zack gave Gerald a call.

“Everything’s been settled, Mr. Crawford. Rye Group will cease to exist in Mayberry City!” said Zack, a smile on his face.

“I knew I could count on you, Mr. Lyle!” replied Gerald.

Zack’s process was easy, really. All that was needed was a little coercion.

In the past, both families had minded their own businesses. In order to make money peacefully, there was mutual comity between the two parties.

However, if the Rye Group were to ever attempt to go against the Crawford family, they would definitely be no match against them.

“Speaking of which Mr. Crawford, I’ve checked and found out that we’ll need to use one of your identity cards for some of the master’s other industries in Mayberry City. Are you currently busy? If you aren’t, there are some documents that need to be signed. If you can’t come over, I can go to where you are!” said Zack respectfully.

“There’s no need for that! I’ll come over.”

Gerald was almost done reading his book anyway. He was also thinking of heading to a jewelry shop in Mayberry Commercial Street to get a jade bracelet similar to Giya’s previous one. Just to make sure that she was properly compensated.

By now, the rain had already stopped.

Gerald first drove to Wayfair Mountain Entertainment. Once he was done signing the documents, he headed for the jewelry shop in Mayberry Commercial Street.

“Boss! I’d like to buy a jade bracelet!”

It had taken him a while, but he finally found a jade bracelet similar to Giya’s.

“Good sir, that jade bracelet is made from excellent hetian jade. It is very expensive, are you sure you want this?” asked the salesgirl, a professional smile on her face.

Though she smiled, an expression of contempt on her face was still slightly visible.

The young man before her wasn’t well-dressed at all.

Despite that, he had come to buy jewelry. What more, he had chosen to buy a jade bracelet made from hetian jade!

Was he pulling her leg?

However, due to professionalism, she just kept her thoughts to herself.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 336
Gerald didn’t care. Picking the bracelet up, he carefully observed it before saying, “Wrap this up for me. I’m buying it.”

“Are you sure sir? This excellent hetian jade bracelet costs seven thousand and five hundred dollars… Perhaps you would like to look at something else instead?”

The smile on her face was beginning to fade at that point.

“Just do it already, why are you asking so much?” replied Gerald, rather coldly.

The salesgirl packed the jade bracelet up before swiping it on the payment machine. However, the transaction was a failure.

Gerald suddenly remembered that the minimum amount for each of his bank transactions had to be at least thirty thousand dollars!

“Hehe… Since when has Trinity Jewelers become such a low-class shop? Can any random person just waltz in now? What’ll become of our noble customer experience then?”

The scornful voice came from a couple who had just entered the shop and witnessed Gerald’s payment failure. The couple consisted of a woman who was in her thirties and an even older looking man.

All humans were like this, weren’t they? Trampling all over others was their only way of showing how rich and powerful they were.

The salesgirl smiled apologetically at the couple.

Her expression turned into an impatient one when she looked back at Gerald again.

It was no secret that Trinity Jewelers was a very well-known shop in Mayberry City.

In the past, it was not uncommon for pretentious people to enter the shop just to take pictures of themselves holding jewelry in their hands.

It was getting far too common, honestly.

In her eyes, Gerald was no different from them.

“Sir, if you aren’t going to buy it, then please leave. Can’t you see that other customers are waiting to buy something?” the salesgirl said with a tiny hint of scorn in her voice.

“Who said I’m not buying it? It’s just far too cheap! I’ll just pick a more expensive item!”

Gerald said this, trying to save his own face.

The woman locked arms with her partner and sneered at Gerald. “Children nowadays! They can be so vain!”

“Truly! If I had such a son, I would just break his legs off!”

“I’ll buy this one! Wrap it up for me!”

Gerald pretended to not hear the couple’s comments and simply pointed at another jade bracelet in the middle of the glass display case.

“Hehe… This is a famous jade bracelet made by the top master himself. The market price for this bracelet is thirty-two thousand dollars. Are you sure you want to get this?”

The salesgirl’s tone was cold and her voice was close to a sneer at this point.

“Not only this one. I’m buying both!” replied Gerald.

“Pft! That would be almost forty thousand dollars! This silly boy really thinks he can afford that! Hah!” said the man as he laughed.

As he did so, the salesgirl proceeded to swipe Gerald’s bank card on the payment machine.

Since this pathetic jerk was so stubborn, the salesgirl was also starting to lose her temper. Her plan was to embarrass Gerald even more by showing the couple that the transaction had failed.

“Hmph. This person really doesn’t know what’s good for himself,” said the woman coldly as she glared at Gerald.

It was at that moment when the couple and the salesgirl’s eyes widened in shock.

After he had keyed in his password, the payment machine displayed that the transaction was a success.


All three of them were stunned speechless.

Not too long after, their faces began burning with embarrassment. This pauper was actually someone rich!

“Pack the two jade bracelets for me, and make sure there’s not a single wrinkle on the bag or I’m coming for your head!” Gerald huffed.

“Right away sir!” said the salesgirl as she quickly bowed respectfully.

Gerald was already used to such a scene. More often than not, it would end up like this. Being polite to others would only fuel their pride. You would only be given respect if you had this kind of attitude.

“Please wait in the rest area for the moment, sir!” said the salesgirl as she began carefully packing the purchases.

Gerald complied and thought to himself once he sat down.

The bracelet he had originally wanted to buy would be given to Giya as compensation, while the much more expensive one would go to Mila when he met her again.

It seemed like a good plan to him.

“Please give me another chance, Sharon! I really love you!”

“Haha! You love me, do you? Then come in here and buy me a piece of jewelry!”

“Hehe… Don’t worry, I won’t compare you to Hayward! You can just buy me something cheap. If you manage to buy me a single piece of jewelry from this shop, then I’ll stay with you, how’s that sound?”

At that moment, a young man and woman noisily entered the shop.

Gerald then raised his head to see who was making such a commotion. The people he saw made him lift an eyebrow.

Wasn’t that Sharon and her ex-boyfriend, Murphy?
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 337
Gerald remained in the VIP waiting area as he watched the two continue to bicker, a quarrel seemingly imminent.

From what he was able to hear, Gerald was able to piece the reason for their argument together.

Essentially, Sharon had broken up with Murphy without giving him a proper explanation. Her only excuse was that she wanted some time to herself.

This was very reminiscent of the time Xavia had broken up with him. F*ck. She had said the exact same thing to him too. That she wanted some time alone.

He really shouldn’t be thinking about her anymore.

Shaking his head, he turned his focus on the duo’s argument again.

The rest of the story was rather straightforward. Murphy had not been convinced with her excuse from the very beginning. He later found out that Sharon was getting very close to a rich heir.

What more, Sharon’s friend had also told him that Sharon had been actively pursuing said heir.

Because of that, Murphy now had conflicted feelings for Sharon.

On one hand, he was still in love with her. On the other, he felt betrayed.

Thus, Murphy had been trying to get Sharon to reconcile with him for some time now. He simply wanted to do so because even he had his own dignity as a man.

All that eventually led to the current scene in the jewelry shop.

Now, Sharon was telling Murphy to buy her a piece of jewelry from Trinity Jewelers. She said that she would return to his side as long as he could afford to buy her even a single piece of jewelry.

That was going to be a difficult task for Murphy.

The items there were all atrociously expensive. Even the cheapest piece of jewelery there would have a price tag of up to four thousand and five hundred dollars. Murphy had just started working so he definitely wouldn’t have that kind of money.

“Sharon, the jewelry here is much too expensive. Could we please go to another shop instead? As long as it doesn’t exceed a thousand and five hundred dollars I’ll definitely get it for you.”

Murphy had a determined voice and expression on his face as he said this.

“Hehe… You want me to be your girlfriend when all you can afford is one thousand and five hundred dollars? Are you daft, Murphy? This cell phone alone that Hayward bought for me costs at least a thousand dollars!” replied Sharon as she sneered.

Since she was already going to break ties with him anyway, she might as well go all out!

“It’s all crystal clear now. You like Hayward just because he has more money. Even if I did manage to buy you a piece of jewelry in this shop, you’d still refuse to go out with me. That’s the plain truth, isn’t it Sharon?” said Murphy, his face red with anger.

“Oh, Murphy. To be honest, I don’t really want to hurt you that much since you’ve treated me so well in the past. So be a good boy and run along. Stop bothering me alright? And to set things straight, I really do love Hayward. You’ve never been able to make me feel the way he has. From that alone, I believe that it really is impossible for us to be together anymore. So why not just drop the relationship talk for good? Maybe we could even still be friends in the future. You’re an outstanding person and I’m sure you’ll find a better girl than I am,” replied Sharon in a sudden, serious tone.

“You really are too much, Sharon. I’ve always treated you well and I’ve been willing to do anything for you. But now you’re just breaking up with me without even considering my feelings! It’s all too clear now. You’ve already slept with him, haven’t you?”

Murphy’s self-esteem had been trampled on enough. His eyes were bloodshot and he was done playing nice.

The sound of a slap echoed through the shop.

Sharon’s instant reply to him was a tight slap to the face!

“You lunatic! You absolute f*cking lunatic!” yelled Sharon.

Another slap could be heard. But this time, it wasn’t Sharon who did the slapping.

Murphy had retaliated and slapped her back in rage. Sharon now lay on the ground, stunned by the force of his slap.

By this point, several pedestrians had already gathered around the scene to watch.

“I’ll just end myself along with you! I… I’ll beat you to death this instant! Return all the money that I’ve spent on you!” yelled Murphy as he continued punching and kicking her.

The man seemed to have gone insane.

Initially, Gerald had not wanted to get involved in the matter. He had once been in an ambiguous relationship with Sharon and they nearly became a couple.

It had been three years since then, and Gerald knew that Sharon definitely looked down on him now.

Back to the present, Gerald had thought that they would only end up quarreling for a while. This had become way too physical for him to just ignore.

If he didn’t step in now, his guilt would definitely come back to bite him later. Plus, there was a time when he had strong feelings for her in the past after all.

Thinking back, the cause of their breakup was also indirectly related to him.

Gerald shook his head before walking over to help separate the two of them. By that time, several big bosses who had come to buy jewelry were already trying to stop the fight.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 338
“Alright, that’s quite enough, young man! You can’t prove anything by hitting a woman! If you really want to prove your worth, work hard so that she’ll regret leaving you in the future!” rebuked a well-dressed, middle-aged man who looked noble and dignified.

At this point, Murphy had already calmed down a little. He could only sigh as he clenched his fists tightly.

“That’s right! If you want to show your worth then go make something of yourself! I think that’s impossible though since you’re a lunatic! How dare you hit me today? You’re done for!” shouted Sharon who was still sprawled on the ground, panting heavily.

“You should speak less yourself. Young girl, you should stop dating only wealthy men. Rich people are fickle. If you want to break up, clarify things with your partner first. There’s no point of saying anything else just to trigger emotional responses from them,” reprimanded the same man toward Sharon this time.

Sharon went silent and simply covered her face with her hands as she wept.

She couldn’t really talk back since the middle-aged man was most definitely a big boss.

“Are you alright, Sharon?”

Gerald wasn’t sure what to do so he simply tried to initiate a conversation with her as soon as he walked over.

Sharon looked at Gerald in surprise. She hadn’t expected him to be here as well.

“What the gentleman there had said is right. Misunderstandings can always be cleared peacefully as long as both parties remain calm. From what was heard, both of you seemed to have a good relationship in the past. Fate changes things so there’s really no need to treat each other like enemies now…”

“F*ck you! This is none of your business! Do you actually think that you’re worthy enough to educate me? You were dumped too! You’re as pathetic as Murphy, yet you actually have the audacity to attempt to educate me?”

Gerald had only good intentions with his words. However, despite saying almost the same things as the middle-aged man, Sharon’s reaction was completely different.

Sharon was extremely anxious at this point, akin to a barrel of gunpowder which had just been lit.

In her mind, she was thinking about how she would be fine with anyone from any place in the world educating her, but a person like Gerald? He would never be worthy enough.

Hadn’t he just bought two high-end cell phones? Why was he showing off here?

Her rage was further fuelled when she thought about how she had not only been humiliated in public, but also witnessed by Gerald while she was being beaten up.

He even had the audacity to point at and reprimand her!

She didn’t dare provoke Murphy for fear that he may start acting like a lunatic again. The middle-aged man who reprimanded her was out of the question as well.

Thus, the only person she could direct her anger toward was Gerald in an attempt to restore her own self-esteem.

She began pushing and shoving Gerald while spewing all matter of foul language toward him.

It was all too clear that she was just trying to save her own face.

“Someone like you should just stay out of this and get lost! I must have been blind in high school to even have considered falling in love with such a pathetic jerk as you!”

Gerald only stepped backward with every shove she made without saying anything else.

At that moment, the salesgirl from before returned with the jade bracelets held carefully in her hands.

“Stop!” yelled the salesgirl the moment she saw her most distinguished customer being shoved around by some random girl.

A rage had fuelled the salesgirl as if her own husband had just been slapped by another woman. She ran over to stop Sharon immediately.

“Get lost!” growled Sharon as she pushed the salesgirl away.

The sound of shattering could be heard.

The two exquisite boxes which the salesgirl had carried out were now both on the ground.

The sound that had come from inside the boxes when they fell wasn’t very reassuring.

Everyone who saw the event play out went silent.

After all, everyone knew that the jewelry in this specific shop was extremely expensive. Judging from how extravagant the two boxes on the floor were, the contents were most definitely not just any regular jewelry.

The shattering sound definitely brought Sharon back to her senses.

“A-ahh! The jade bracelets!”

The salesgirl had not expected Sharon to be so violent. As she stared at the two boxes on the floor, cold sweat began forming on her forehead.

Gulping, she squatted down immediately and began unpacking the first box.

When she opened it, everyone could see that the jade bracelet had already broken into three pieces.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 339
“Oh my… That doesn’t look like any ordinary jade bracelet… It’s a shame that it’s already in three pieces…”

“Hmm… It seems to be a hetian jade bracelet. I’d say it costs about seven thousand and five hundred dollars. What a pity that it’s broken now. That girl really is too violent. She should have to pay the full amount since she was the one who pushed the salesgirl!”

“There’s still another box. I wonder what happened to its contents…”

Several of the people there were contemplating the matter as they looked at Sharon.

Meanwhile, the salesgirl had fallen into a panic and forgot to even apologize to Gerald. She immediately began opening the second box.

Once she opened it, everyone there instantly exclaimed out loud.

“That… That’s the jade dragon! The one and only jade dragon! I’ve heard that if you look very carefully, you’ll be able to see the shape of a dragon inside the jade itself!”

“I’ve heard about it as well! It’s one of the top-selling items in this shop. It was made by a very skillful master jeweler. It costs around thirty-two thousand dollars!”

“Fortunately for the violent lady, the dragon jade bracelet isn’t broken. Imagine how much money she would have to compensate!”

“What do you mean thankfully it is not broken? It’s absolutely vital that the jade color of a dragon jade piece is maintained. If the color combination of the jade dragon piece is disturbed, then it won’t be in the shape of a dragon anymore! Should that happen, it would be better off just breaking the bracelet!”

Several knowledgeable people were actively sharing their views.

“Wow, I wonder where the owner of the bracelets is…”

Even the middle-aged boss from earlier was surprised by this turn of events.

“What’s happening here?”

At that moment, the young manager of the shop rushed out.

When he saw the two jade bracelets in their boxes which were still on the floor, his face instantly went pale.

“What are you still doing here? Bring the dragon jade bracelet over to the master jeweler immediately! Have him inspect it to see if the shape of the dragon in the dragon jade has been damaged!”

“O-Okay! Right away! Then, this-”

“Why are you still here?!” the manager shouted, his voice extremely anxious.

The salesgirl once again forgot to apologize to Gerald and simply rushed to meet up with the master jeweler to have the dragon jade bracelet appraised.

“Miss, remain in the shop. We’ll be having a talk about the compensation once the appraisal results are out,” said the manager coldly toward Sharon.

“Yes… Um… I hadn’t meant to break the bracelet… I simply wanted to push her away…” Sharon said meekly.

Once she heard how expensive the two jade bracelets were, she became so frightened that her legs began quivering like jelly.

“Of course you didn’t mean it, but that’s beside the point. While you wait, feel free to contact your family. If the dragon jade bracelet has not been damaged, then you’ll only need to compensate for the hetian jade bracelet,” replied the manager.

Though Gerald was the one who had bought the two jade bracelets, he remained silent.

He was very angry and upset at the moment.

Gerald had simply wanted to advise Sharon earlier but she treated him as if she didn’t even see him as a human being at all.

He decided not to say anything this time. He chose to simply stare at Sharon in silence.

“Damn it! This is all your fault! How unfortunate am I to run into both of you on the same day!” scowled Sharon as she took her cell phone out to make a call.

Naturally, she wasn’t going to call her family. If her parents found out about this they would definitely kill her.

The only people she could think of were Hayward and Lilian.

Once she had contacted them, the only thing she could do was to wait for the appraisal results.

Sharon clenched her fists tightly as she glared at both Gerald and Murphy.

She had a threatening look on her face, as though she was telling them that they would face their punishment sooner or later.

Hayward and Lilian arrived shortly after.

Once the whole story was explained to Hayward, he fumed with anger.

He appeared to be most angry about the fact that Sharon had been beaten up.

“Who did this to you?” asked Hayward.

“Murphy!” shouted Sharon.

Though Hayward didn’t really get together well with Sharon, he still maintained an ambiguous relationship with both Sharon and Lilian.

As the so-called love rivals were meeting face to face, they were also equally filled with hatred.

Hayward immediately picked up a vase that was close to him and smashed it on Murphy’s head.

The shattering of glass was heard and in no time at all, blood was already spewing from Murphy’s head.

Murphy had initially been shocked silent by the broken jade bracelet. He had not anticipated Hayward smashing the vase directly on his head like that. Due to his lack of preparation, all he could do was remain sprawled on the ground, his blood forming a small puddle on the floor.

“How dare you mess with me? I’ll kill you!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 340
Fortunately, the manager managed to stop Hayward before he could continue attacking Murphy. A few good-natured people helped Murphy to get on his feet before calling for an ambulance.

“F*ck! Why are you here too, Gerald?”

Lilian finally saw Gerald who had been standing at the side.

“Don’t even mention his name anymore! If it wasn’t for that pathetic jerk I wouldn’t have broken the seven thousand and five hundred dollar hetian jade bracelet and the thirty-two thousand dollar dragon jade bracelet!” replied Sharon with a look of disgust on her face.

“…Come again? More than thirty thousand dollars…”

Harvey was dumbfounded. Through the phone, Sharon had only said that she had met with an accident at the Trinity Jewelers shop. She hadn’t mentioned anything about the compensation or the outrageous cost.

Naturally, he was speechless for a moment when he heard this. The same went for Lilian.

Due to her nervousness, Lilian began scolding Gerald.

“So what if Sharon got beaten up? What’s that got to do with you? Did you think you needed to step in to stop the fight? Who do you even think you are? D*mn it! So what’re you going to do about this? Aren’t you going to pay for the compensation?!”

Lilian pointed toward Gerald as she continued to curse at him.

“I can’t believe that you think you’re that remarkable just because you bought two cell phones! Disgusting!”

“Oh Lilian, just leave him be. Hayward, can both of you please help me figure out what I should do to gather that much money?”

Gerald wasn’t even prepared for the verbal attack from Lilian.

He was stunned to a point where he didn’t even know how to refute them.

He was upset beyond compare. It had only been three years since they had lost contact with each other but during that time, any of Sharon’s lingering feelings seemed to have evaporated completely!

“It’s out! The appraisal results are out!” shouted the salesgirl.

She ran over excitedly this time.

Hayward, Sharon, and the others stared at her, anticipating her announcement with eyes wide open.

“Fortunately, the dragon jade bracelet isn’t damaged. Therefore, you only need to pay the compensation for the hetian jade bracelet, which is only seven thousand and five hundred dollars!” explained the salesgirl.

“Oh, thank god!”

When Sharon heard this, she nearly fainted. The enormous weight on her shoulders had been lifted and so had most of her anxiety.

However, another problem remained.

Seven thousand and five hundred dollars was by no means a small amount. What could she do to gather all that money?

“Hayward, Lilian, how much money do you have? You’ve got to help me out!”

Sharon felt like crying again.

“I have about four thousand and five hundred dollars with me at the moment. How about you, Lilian?”

“Only seven hundred and fifty,” she replied.

“I have about seven hundred and fifty too, but adding everything together we’ll have about six thousand dollars. I’m still short of a thousand and five hundred dollars!” said Sharon as she jumped anxiously.

“Don’t worry just yet, I’ll call my dad first. I’ll just ask him to transfer that amount over!”

Hayward could feel his wallet lighten as he considered how much money he would be spending. However, he would definitely lose face if he said that he didn’t have any money in front of so many people.

The three of them waited anxiously at the side of the shop as Hayward made his phone call.

“Dad? I need a thousand and five hundred dollars. It’s important. You’ll be receiving a second batch of compensation money in a few days, right? I really need the money now, okay? Okay!”

Hayward hung up the phone and a few seconds later, he heard his WeChat notification sound.

The money had successfully been transferred over.

“Alright! We have enough money now!” said Hayward with a smile on his face.

At that moment, Sharon was filled with admiration toward Hayward. She felt that as long as he was there, she would always be safe and secure.

She affirmed to herself that she would definitely marry him one day.

Lilian on the other hand, felt slightly uneasy watching Hayward spend six thousand dollars on Sharon.

Her jealousy was warranted as who wouldn’t feel that way around such an outstanding man.

“Speaking of which boss, could you give me the broken jade bracelet? After some repairs, it could possibly still be worn!” said Hayward to the manager.

“Ah… Sure, why not?” The manager then shook his head with a wry smile on his face.

Hayward and the others then took the broken jade bracelet out of its box and inspected it to see if it could still be repaired.

While this was happening, the salesgirl reappeared again, this time with two, new, beautifully wrapped boxes.

“I apologize for making you wait so long, Mr. Crawford. Both of the jade bracelets have been packed nicely now!” said the salesgirl respectfully while she passed the boxes to Gerald.

“Thank you,” replied Gerald as he nodded and took the boxes from her hands.

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