The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 341-350

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 341
“…What the f*ck?”


Both Sharon and Lilian were dumbfounded as they watched Gerald leave with the two boxes.

The boxes which contained the two jade bracelets that had almost scared Sharon to death earlier.

The moment her issue had been resolved, Sharon felt that she could finally breathe again.

However, she now felt as if someone had just kicked her in the head. Her mind went blank.

Gerald was the one who had bought the two jade bracelets?

Lilian and Hayward’s eyes were open wide in shock.

This was especially the case for Lilian. She was so shocked that she didn’t hold on to one of the jade pieces firmly enough and accidentally dropped it onto the ground where it shattered.

“Wait! Gerald! You… You were the one who bought the two jade bracelets?” asked Lilian in surprise.

Gerald simply ignored her and continued to walk away with the jade bracelets in hand.

He was beyond angry this time. There was no need to bother explaining anything to them.

“Humph! He could just be buying them with someone else’s money! Forget about him! Sharon, Lilian, why don’t we head to a restaurant and enjoy a nice meal together instead?”

Hayward didn’t want to get outdone.

D*mn it! It felt as if Gerald had just sent an abrupt slap to his face!

The only reason he was willing to spend that much money today was because he wanted to win Sharon over.

No matter how he tried to dice it, deep inside he knew that Gerald had clearly outdone him this time.

“What the hell is even going on here…? Was he really the one who bought the jade bracelets? Where did he get all that money from?” they questioned aloud as they left the jewelry shop.

Both Sharon and Lilian felt very uncomfortable.

They were both afraid that it was indeed the truth.

If Gerald was now somehow richer than they were, that would be even scarier than the events that had taken place in the shop earlier.

Out of the blue, Lilian suddenly came up with an idea.

“Why don’t we invite Gerald to have a meal with us? After eating, we could ask him more about it. After all, you guys saw him buying the cell phones last time. He must really be rich! We must ask him about it to get to the bottom of this!”

“While I do think that that’s a good idea, I’m not sure if he’ll be willing to even sit with us after the way I treated him earlier,” said Sharon a little worriedly.

“Relax, just leave it to me. What do you think, Hayward? Should we investigate and get to the bottom of this together?” asked Lilian.

Hayward had an extremely displeased expression on his face up till the point Lilian had asked him for his opinion.

“Hmm? Ah yes, sure! It’s just a regular meal anyway! Go ahead and call him!”

Hayward was having mixed feelings about the entire situation but he had to admit, even he was curious about what on earth was going on.

In the past, Murphy was Hayward’s strongest competitor.

While Sharon had indeed mentioned that she had nearly fallen in love with Gerald during her high school days, he hadn’t regarded Gerald as a competitor at all.

Now, however, he was struck by a realization that this seeming poor boy was actually the biggest threat!

The way Sharon and Lilian were talking about him now was proof of that.

Once the girls were done discussing the matter, Lilian made a phone call to Gerald.

On the other end of the line, Gerald was walking with the bracelets in hand when his phone began to vibrate. He checked to see who was calling and saw that it was Lilian.

She had received Gerald’s contact number when they had met in town for dinner last time.

“Ah! Hello Gerald! Where are you now? I’ll be frank, I’m feeling a little embarrassed about everything I had said to you earlier. Now that I’m calm, I realize that I shouldn’t have treated you that way.”

“I’m sorry as well! I was overly impulsive earlier!” shouted Sharon hurriedly into the phone.

“Essentially, both of us regret treating you the way that we had. We want to invite you over to have a meal with us right now so that we can formally apologize to you. Maybe even reminisce a little!” Lilian continued.

A wry smile was on Gerald’s face as he heard all this. If he hadn’t walked out of the shop with the two jade bracelets in hand, they would never even have thought about apologizing in the first place, let alone decide to reminisce about their past.

To put simply, it was all about the money again.

If you had money, people would want to befriend you.

However, if you were penniless, just remembering your name would be giving face to you!

Gerald knew that well. As long as he had money, both he and Sharon could even pick up from where they left off and pretend as if the three-year gap had never happened.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 342
“Haha! It’s fine, forget about it. It wasn’t a big deal!”

Gerald did not want to go.

“No, no Gerald, I insist! You don’t look down on us, do you? You would never look down on your own high school classmates, right? Or do you secretly look down on us because you were admitted to Mayberry University while we only took the normal entrance exams for normal universities and colleges? I see how it is now!” said Liana shamelessly.

“You know I don’t mean that! Fine, let’s have a meal together!” Gerald said before sighing. How could anyone be this shameless?

Gerald was at a loss for words.

However, since it was only a meal, he was willing to just eat together and be done with it. After all, he had nothing to lose. Besides, it was an opportune time for him to prevent them from having anything more to say about him in the future.

He would just join them for their meal and see what they had to say then!

Gerald nodded to himself before turning around again.

They didn’t eat in any of the stores in Mayberry Commercial Street. Instead, they went to an ordinary restaurant right next to that street.

Sharon had ordered a lot of delicious dishes for Gerald.

“So tell us, Gerald, how did you become so rich?”

The topic was finally brought up by Lilian. Sharon listened in closely as well. It was the highlight of their concerns.

“Rich? When did I ever become rich? I’m penniless!”

Gerald held back his laughter as he enjoyed the expressions on their faces. They were both hilarious and ridiculous at the same time. He was no longer angry. Rather, he was feeling playful at the moment, so he simply replied in a plain and casual manner.

He then took some roasted pork knuckles and rice before savoring them.

“Pft! You’re really mischievous aren’t you, Gerald? You’re getting quite good at acting I see!” said Lilian as she laughed.

She had studied art before this and that included a bit of theatre. She was less rigid than the other two for sure.

As she spoke, she also slightly pinched Gerald’s thigh.

“I… I really don’t have any money!” said Gerald again.

“Hmm… If you don’t have any money, how did you manage to fish out seven to nine thousand dollars just to buy cell phones? What more, how could you have bought the two jade bracelets today without having any money? The dragon jade bracelet alone cost around thirty-two thousand dollars! You’re not deceiving anyone, Gerald.”

Gerald groaned slightly as Lilian continued questioning him.

Sharon simply continued to stare at Gerald, her eyes wide open.

“Ah, those? That money doesn’t belong to me! I’m just running some errands for some people! I’m going to be sending the bracelets over to the buyer immediately after this!”

Gerald really didn’t want to tell them the truth.

By deceiving them, the best outcome he could foresee was that they would just continue treating each other as strangers in the future.

“Ahh… I see. So the money really wasn’t yours?”

Lilian and Sharon exchanged glances. They both felt as though a huge weight had been lifted off their shoulders.

“Say, Sharon, could you pass the pork trotters over to me? I can’t reach it from here!” said Gerald to see their reaction.

“D*mn it! Why are you still eating pork trotters now? Are you some pig? You’ve already eaten so much! Just look at how unpromising you already look!” said Sharon coldly as she glared at Gerald.

D*mn it… I really thought you were rich for a second there… That was the only reason why you were invited in the first place… I guess in the end you were just being an errand boy for someone else!

While those were the thoughts in Sharon’s head, Lilian had begun inching slowly away from Gerald.

Once she was sitting quite far away, she said coldly, “Oh, Gerald Crawford. I used to think that though you were poor, you would at least be useful in the future since you’re good at studying anyway. However, now that I look at you, I feel that you’re only going to become more useless in the future!”

Apparently he was going to be called by his full name now.

“Didn’t you guys say that we should support each other and provide helping hands since we’re all in Mayberry City anyway? Since you guys are obviously doing better than me, could you lend me a helping hand as well? After all, we’ve been classmates for three years in high school!” asked Gerald.

“Oh my god! As if we could help you! What can you even do? You shouldn’t talk about our high school days anymore. I haven’t even spoken to you for so long! Why don’t just keep chatting with Sharon? Weren’t you two almost a couple back then? Sharon definitely still likes you!”

Lilian said this deliberately for Hayward to hear.

Sharon caught on to what she was trying to do immediately. “What do you mean by that Lilian? How could I ever like Gerald! I’ve never liked him!”

As Sharon ended her sentence, she slammed her chopsticks on the table angrily.

The two then started to argue.

Hayward could only try to persuade them to stop fighting each other.

Ah, to be as rich and handsome as he was, was a sin.

Gerald paid no attention to them and simply continued eating while also enjoying the lively atmosphere.

All of a sudden, the door was pushed open rather loudly.

Several police officers suddenly walked in.

“Is that them?” asked a policeman coldly as he pointed toward Gerald and the others.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 343
At that moment, several police officers walked into the room along with the one who had initially pointed at them.

“That’s them!”

An angry voice came from someone who had white gauze wrapped all-around their head. As he walked closer, the group could finally make out who the person—who was pointing at Hayward—was.

‘His name was Murphy right?’ Gerald thought to himself.

The situation was quite clear. After Hayward had attacked Murphy, Murphy must have called the police after getting his injuries treated. It seemed that the police had managed to track them here through the help of the surveillance cameras on Mayberry Commercial Street.

If that wasn’t enough, Hayward had also booked a table at a restaurant near Mayberry Commercial Street under his name.

“Alright then, we’ll be needing all of you to come with us!” a single police officer said coldly.

Both Hayward and Sharon began panicking.

Even though Hayward was feeling rather superior a few seconds ago, his actions had come back to bite him. After all, he had crashed a vase over Murphy’s head earlier.

Though he was clearly anxious, his next response was to brazenly say, “Sure, let’s go! I’ll be released after two hours anyway!”

“Oh, two hours you say! After you’ve dared to hit my brother? I’d like to see you try!” said a cold and arrogant voice.

A woman soon began walking forward. She stood next to Murphy.

“Sister! That’s the kid who attacked me!” said Murphy as he pointed toward Hayward.

“Don’t worry, I’ve already explained the matter to the inspector! He’ll definitely be upholding justice on your behalf!” replied the woman.

Being able to utter that sentence alone proved that Murphy’s family had sufficient connections to turn the situation from a simple into a rather difficult one.

Hayward began feeling even more nervous now.

Sharon had also not expected Murphy to have such a powerful sister.

As the woman shifted her cold glare from Hayward to look at the others who sat at the same table, she couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow in astonishment.

“Gerald? What are you doing here?”

Gerald was busy eating but when he heard his name and the familiar voice, he looked up. Even he was surprised.

The woman standing before them was none other than Naomi’s cousin, Xyleena. He really hadn’t expected Murphy to be connected with her as well.

Gerald knew very well that Xyleena didn’t have a brother.

D*mn it! With her in the picture, there would be no outsiders in this dispute at all. On one side was his high school classmates while on the other was Naomi’s relatives and friends.

Gerald couldn’t help but laugh wryly at the ridiculousness of the situation.

“Don’t mind me, we’re just having a meal together!”

“Humph! So you’re actually enjoying a meal with the people who beat my brother up? And of course a pathetic jerk like you is involved in the matter as well! To think that I took such good care of you in the past!” replied Xyleena coldly.

To be honest, ever since Xyleena and Naomi had invited Gerald and the others to a meal back then, she had already been extremely dissatisfied with him for running off before the meal was even over.

The embarrassing thing was that she had initially planned for her classmates to act impressively and display their power to Naomi’s classmates. She still couldn’t understand what went wrong that day. All Naomi’s female classmates did was whisper among themselves and she had no idea what they were even discussing about.

In the end, they barely even looked at her classmates at all.

In short, the entire meal was embarrassing.

Of course, she blamed the entire thing on Gerald for not being appreciative of her efforts which led to the others doing the same.

It was, however, unexpected that both of them would actually meet like this today.

“Humph! That person was also there while I was beaten up!” said Murphy as he pointed toward Gerald.

“That’s enough. You don’t have to say anything else. If you wish to add anything you can say it back at the police station! For now, all of you are coming with us!”

The police then brought all of them back into their police cars.

Gerald felt depressed. What terrible luck!

What could he even say at this point?

Upon arriving at the police station, the police officers began taking their statements. Since surveillance cameras were present, Hayward couldn’t deny anything.

After that, the four people were placed in a small room while they awaited their results.

“What should I do Hayward? Do you think I’ll get charged as well? I’ve just been offered a job as a teacher and I haven’t even started my first day at work yet! If I get charged by the police then the school will definitely expel me!” said Lilian as she started panicking in the detention room.

“I really don’t know… We actually hurt someone this time and they have solid evidence too! That Murphy… And his sister! She’s pretty incredible herself!”

Sharon was silent but she was clearly nervous as well.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 344
This was because all of them could tell that Xyleena was not the kind of woman that they could afford to mess with.

Thinking about the current situation, Hayward’s face had already been pale for some time now. He was pacing back and forth anxiously.

On the other hand, Sharon was feeling a little disappointed.

She had come to learn that Murphy’s sister was very powerful in Mayberry City. She was also very capable in society in general.

This would mean that Murphy was also someone quite capable himself.

As she thought about it, Sharon began feeling slightly regretful. Had she been too cruel to Murphy?

What if Murphy’s future achievements somehow surpassed Haywards?

Thinking back, Hayward mostly only knew how to show off. Murphy, on the other hand, was actually a very capable man.

The more she thought about it, the more conflicted Sharon felt.

Ahh! Why!

She had only ever fallen for three people in her lifetime.

The first was Gerald but she had already moved on from him for a very long time. She wasn’t even interested in him anymore.

The second and third were Murphy and Hayward!

Now, Sharon was feeling very entangled in the mess she had brought upon herself.

“Okay, okay! Stop talking about it already. I’ve already told my dad about the situation. He’ll definitely come up with a suitable solution to free us. You won’t have a criminal record either, don’t worry!” said Hayward as he scratched the back of his head.

“Murphy will obviously refuse to accept settling this in private. Therefore, there’ll definitely be a criminal record no matter what!” said Gerald who had been quiet for a while.

“F*ck! Shut up already! You really like to say inauspicious things! People acquainted with you must be really unlucky!” scowled Lilian toward Gerald unceremoniously.

“That’s enough Lilian. There’s no point in scolding him now. Let him say whatever he wants. After all, only Hayward and I participated in the fight! I think Gerald’s just making fun of us at this point!” said Sharon as she rolled her eyes at Gerald.

Hayward’s father arrived shortly after. Both parties were then taken to the interrogation room to meet with one another. Two policemen were present to mediate the situation.

Hayward’s father had some connections too. After all, he couldn’t just rely on the Mayberry Commercial Group when his son had gotten into a fight and beaten someone up.

Asking for help from the Mayberry Commercial Group now would simply be giving others a reason to look down on them.

Therefore, Hayward’s father could only depend on his personal relationships and connections. Due to the absence of help from the Mayberry Commercial Group, both sides now had equally strong backgrounds that resulted in a stalemate.

It didn’t help that his son was unscathed while Murphy was badly hurt. After all, no matter who started the fight first, the one with more serious injuries would always be the victim.

“Dad, why have you gone silent! You have a solution in mind, don’t you? I don’t want to have a criminal record! What am I going to do if I have one? My whole life will be ruined!” said Hayward, his voice terrified. The realization had finally caught up to him that he was at the mercy of both Xyleena and Murphy now.

“Me too! Officer, you can look at the surveillance camera recordings! I was simply tagging along! I didn’t do anything at all! I’m a teacher please don’t place a criminal record on me!” begged Lilian and she quivered.

She then looked at Murphy who was sitting opposite her, “We were friends before this, right Murphy? Have you already forgotten our time together?”

“Humph! No, of course I haven’t! But you’re also part of the reason why Sharon cheated on me! No matter what the case is, my sister’s definitely getting to the bottom of the matter for me today!” said Murphy determinedly.

Hayward’s father sighed before frowning and looking at Xyleena. “Miss Xyleena, I am aware that you have a very broad network of connections. However, you shouldn’t push people into a dead-end either. I know people from the Mayberry Commercial Group. Do you really want people from that group to intervene in this matter?”

“Hehe… Don’t try to use the people there to scare me off. Do you think you’re the only one who knows people from the Mayberry Commercial Group?” replied Xyleena as she glared at him.

Hayward’s father gritted his teeth as he began contacting people from the group.

Xyleena began doing the same, though she also contacted Naomi this time.

This was because during the last incident, Naomi had explained everything that had happened to her. Noami had even told Xyleena about the white-haired youth along with his men that had driven several Maybach cars over to rescue them.

“Naomi, I’m going to have to trouble you a little. Do you still have the contact number of the young man who had saved you last time? Could you contact him on my behalf? Our brother has been beaten up. Hadn’t he told you that you could contact him if you ran into any trouble in the future? Could you ask for his help now?”

“Hello, Chairman Lloyd! I’m the docking accountant for Yorknorth Mountain. Remember that time when we were having a meal together? I remember you saying that I could contact you if I ran into any trouble? Well… Right, yes that’s right… There’s just a small issue right now!”

Both parties had begun showing their impressive connections.

Lilian and Sharon could only stare at them, dazed.

D*mn it! Both Hayward and Murphy had quite complex backgrounds!

Sharon used to think that Murphy was just a young man who could only work hard and struggle at the bottom. However, his sister seemed to have very strong connections all over the place. She even had a team of people driving Maybach cars.

She was flabbergasted and if there was one thing she had come to learn from all of this, it was that life really was full of ups and downs.

She also learned to not look down on young or poor people ever again!
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 345
Once the two parties had made their calls, they both waited in a temporary stalemate.

At the time, even the police couldn’t really predict how the situation would end. The results later would be the deciding factor of whether today’s events were going to be released to the public or remain private.

“Which party’s going to come out on top?” muttered Sharon silently to herself, her heart filled with doubt and hesitation.

One moment, she was rooting for Hayward to be the victor, and the next, she was hoping that Murphy—who had still been sneakily looking at her with infatuated eyes—would be the one victorious.

To put it simply, an onslaught of complicated emotions were being flung at her.

While Sharon continued to wonder, footsteps could be heard from behind the interrogation room door.

Several footsteps in fact, and they all seemed to be moving rather hastily.

“Hell yeah, dad! Is Chairman Lloyd here?” asked Hayward excitedly.

“Don’t even dream about it. Chairman Lloyd and the others would never physically attend to deal with such matters!” replied Hayward’s father with a soft sigh.

The creak of an opening door was heard.

A group of middle-aged policemen entered the room immediately after.

“Sergeant Zales! Lieutenant Leeds!” shouted the two police officers immediately as they saluted them.

A group of men was also following behind them, an almost pressuring aura exuding from them.

“Ah, sergeant Zales. I was the one who had called Chairman Lloyd!” greeted Hayward’s father excitedly the moment he saw the attractive policewoman.

“Lieutenant Leeds! The victim’s side has already contacted Miss Naomi as well! The person who was beaten up was none other than Miss Naomi’s younger brother!” said Xyleena as she took a deep breath.

Even ** and ** were called here today!

Previously, she had found it hard to believe her cousin’s story when the white-haired youth and Maybach were added into the equation. However, she now knew that her cousin’s sister was definitely more powerful and capable than she was.

What followed was a short series of explanations, both parties expressing their positions to the two leaders.

“Mm? What Chairman Lloyd and what younger brother are you even talking about. Officer Wiles, have you sufficiently interrogated them on what truly happened?” asked George.

“Yes, I have. Murphy was the one who started the whole thing by hitting Sharon at Trinity Jewelers. What followed was that Sharon then called Hayward to beat Murphy up!”

“Well since neither party is willing to back down, there’s really no point deciding whether this matter should be settled privately or publicly. They’ll just go through normal procedures, administrative detention and also punishment! All the troublemakers are to be detained!” said George coldly.

At that moment, confusion swept through both parties.

“What do you mean by that? Aren’t you here to help?” asked Xyleena. She hadn’t expected that answer at all.

To think that her persistence was actually going to get her younger brother locked up!

What was going on here?

Was this really her sister’s power? If it wasn’t, who else could have gotten ** and ** to come here?

“You are Mr. Gerald Crawford, correct?”

A few people then turned to look around the room till their eyes were fixed on Gerald.

“That would be me,” said Gerald as he nodded.

The truth was, Gerald had already contacted Mr. Harrison much earlier on while he was still in the police car.

He had explained the entire situation to him.

Gerald was clean since there really wasn’t anything shady going on and he hadn’t actually done anything worth noting at the scene.

However, it was still surprising to see ** and ** in person. Gerald had initially just expected Mr. Harrison to speak to the police officers on his behalf.

“Well, you’re just an eyewitness in this case so you don’t need to stay here any longer. You may leave!”

“Alright, thanks for all your troubles!”

Gerald said nothing more and he simply walked out of the police station, leaving the others dumbfounded.

It was clear as day now.

The group of people there had come for Gerald.

As if it wasn’t clear enough, the men with strong auras completely ignored everyone else in the police station as they turned to leave together with Gerald.


Xyleena felt her face turn red with a cocktail of embarrassment, shock, and surprise.

The same went for Sharon and Lilian.

All of them were left speechless.

Gerald seemed to have very good connections and relationships. From their attitude toward him earlier, it was obvious that his connections were much better than Hayward’s father’s and even Xyleena’s!

‘Who exactly is Gerald?’

All of them were simultaneously thinking about this at the same time.

The weights that had been lifted off their chests seemed to have appeared again, this time possibly even heavier.

Xyleena wasn’t expecting to get such a mental slap to her face like this!
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 346
Aside from feeling ashamed, she was also starting to grow a little nervous. All three of the women were feeling the same emotion.

They were terrified to even think about the possibility of Gerald actually being a big boss!

As Gerald left through the police station’s front door, he was surprised to see that Wesley—from the Bureau of Commerce—was already waiting for him in a car right outside.

Gerald got into the car.

Wesley smiled before saying, “Mr. Crawford, you were just a witness so why were you still being held on hold? Hahaha!”

Gerald knew that he was talking about the fact that Xyleena had continued to insist that he was an accomplice in the matter. “Don’t even mention it, she just has a small grudge on me.”

Gerald didn’t need to get into the details so he simply provided a simple answer.

“I see, I see… By the way, Mr. Crawford, there’s been something on my mind that I’m still unsure whether I should be sharing with you,” said Wesley with a smile as he continued to drive Gerald back to his school.

Gerald had a good impression of Wesley.

He was a real leader who really wanted to further develop and help the business community in Mayberry City grow.

Due to that, Gerald leaned forward slightly to show that he was listening.

“So, here’s the thing. Some time ago, our business management team received a task indicator to strengthen our urban and rural economic construction. Of course, the business management bureau’s cooperation is necessary for us to achieve this. Therefore, I’ve planned to set up some pilot projects in other countries, cities, and townships!”

“I personally feel that I’ve already troubled you a lot, Mr. Crawford. Hence I decided to put some investment sources into some other big groups instead. Everything had been agreed on. Alas, who could have anticipated the Rye Group suddenly collapsing like that just a few days ago! Their collapse triggered a chain reaction, and many other related companies were affected because of that event. After all, all our original investments are now gone, just like that!” said Wesley as he smiled bitterly.

Gerald was unsure whether to laugh or cry. After all, he was the one who had ordered the Rye Group to be destroyed.

However, it would seem that destroying the group had brought trouble to several other people as well.

“So here’s my take on the situation, Mr. Crawford. I’ve found out that your hometown is a township in the Serene Country below Mayberry City. I’ve looked into the information and transportation location there and from what I found, it’s actually pretty good. If you would be willing to invest in the development of the enterprises there, it would only take a few years to improve the economy of the Serene Country. Naturally, we’ll also be providing all the resources as a form of support!”

Wesley was trying to get Gerald to invest in the project.

Knowing how efficient Wesley was, Gerald had no problem with it at all.

He would be completing his examination in seven more days. After he was done, Gerald would have more free time in the coming months to devote himself to the development of the projects.

What more, Gerald had previously thought about investing in his own hometown before. He had already been planning to talk to Wesley about it but Wesley had come to him instead!

Now that he had indirectly destroyed Wesley’s original investment plan, Gerald saw no reason to refuse his request at all.

Besides, the sum Wesley was asking for wasn’t too much for Gerald.

Thus, Gerald agreed to his request immediately.

Upon returning to his dormitory, Gerald found a safe spot to place the jade bracelets that he had bought.

Harper and Benjamin were busy studying at the time.

At that moment, he felt his cell phone vibrate in his pocket. It was his sister, Jessica.

Since it wouldn’t be convenient for him to talk to her in the dormitory, Gerald headed for the bathroom.

According to his calculations, his sister should be arriving today. Gerald had been meaning to contact her as well.

As soon as he left, five people who were originally ‘studying’ in the dormitory put down their textbooks immediately.

One of the boys even moved to keep watch at the door.

“Harper! Look at that! He’s bought some really expensive looking things again! If Hayley and Alice’s guess is correct, then Gerald really is Mr. Crawford! We’ll be able to have a higher status just being around him!” said Benjamin as he laughed.

This wasn’t the first time the roommates, including Gerald himself, had stolen food from one another or rummaged through each other’s belongings.

There was zero guilt in what they were currently doing.

What more, they were now very curious and keen to uncover Gerald’s true identity now!

“I know right? I really hope Hayley and the others made a right guess!” said Harper as he smiled while scratching the back of his head.

His words were sincere, as Harper really would be happy for Gerald if the rumor turned out to be true.

At that moment, Harper suddenly received a video call request on WeChat.

Looking at the caller’s contact name, he saw that it was Hayley.

“Harper! Harper, is Gerald back yet?”

“He just got back not too long ago but he’s in the bathroom now. He’s brought back two boxes of really expensive looking things!”

“Hey, I want to see it too!”

This time, it was Hayley’s roommate who had butted in. In the background, Alice could also be seen with a curious look on her face.

It was clear that until they could uncover Gerald’s true identity, these people wouldn’t be able to sleep well. This was especially the case for Alice.

A day could feel like an entire year when a person was feeling desperate, and Alice had been feeling tormented for no short amount of time.

Should she apologize to Gerald?

Now that Mila wasn’t here, was there a chance that she could get back together with him?

But what if Gerald turned out to not be Mr. Crawford and just some pathetic jerk?

D*mn it! The question was seriously driving her crazy.

“Hey Benjamin! Open it up to see what he bought this time!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 347
“Holy! That’s such a beautiful jade bracelet!”

Everyone was equally shocked when they saw what lay inside the parcel.

The receipt that came with the parcel made them even more shocked.

The two bracelets had cost more than forty thousand dollars.

“Hey, we want to see too!”

Jacelyn started jumping and shouting on the other side of the screen.

Harper and Benjamin took the jade bracelets out before showing it to them through his phone’s camera. Gerald’s other roommates continued looking at the boxes

Even the boxes didn’t look cheap.

Everyone was now convinced about one thing. Gerald was rich! That was an undeniable fact,

At that moment, the boy standing by the door started whispering hurriedly, “Gerald’s back! Put it away quickly!”

Harper immediately ended the video call as the other boys hurriedly placed the bracelets back into their original boxes.

When Gerald opened the door to enter the dormitory, he saw that all his classmates were standing. They all looked flustered as they stared at him.

It was a puzzling scene for Gerald so he simply smiled and asked, “What? Do you see money on my face?”

“Gerald, please tell us the truth. Are you really rich now?” asked Harper curiously.

“As if I’ve ever had any money in the first place,” said Gerald reflexively.

“D*mn it! He’s still trying to hide the truth from us! Brothers! Let’s unite and crush him!”

Harper and the rest of the boys then lifted him up together before pinning his arms and legs on a bed.

They turned him around and took his pants off before spanking and tickling him mercilessly.

“Alright! Alright! I surrender! I’m rich now! Stop it already!”

Gerald knew that the cat was out of the bag and there was no point trying to hide it any longer.

It would appear that all his recent odd behaviors had caught Harper and Benjamin’s attention.

They had a right to be doubtful. After all, how could such a miserably poor student suddenly become so rich? What more, he wasn’t just rich. He was also very powerful.

Gerald had originally not intended to tell Harper and the rest the truth. This was because he was afraid that the brotherly affection he had with them would cease once money came into the equation.

However, he remained silent on the fact that he was indeed Mr. Crawford.

Despite that, his roommates had already speculated that there was a high chance of him definitely being Mr. Crawford.

No matter what they did, Gerald refused to reveal who he really was and wouldn’t admit anything else, including how he got so rich all of a sudden.

There was nothing that Harper and the other boys could do.

Though they continued to fool around for a while, they were all genuinely happy for Gerald.

As for Gerald, he had already made up his mind a long time ago that he would definitely be helping all his brothers in their careers in the future.

Once things calmed down a little, the boys playfully blackmailed Gerald while they discussed among themselves how they were going to spend the next few days at school together. Everyone in the dormitory had helped Gerald before in the past. Therefore, he found no issue in treating them well now.

Once they were done revising and studying, Gerald and the boys went out to enjoy themselves. They ate, drank, and had loads of fun before finally returning to the dormitory to rest.

While all of that happened, that content of Jessica’s call earlier has still been left undiscussed.

Dialing back in time a little, Gerald had just entered the bathroom when he finally picked up her call. He had wanted to ask his sister whether she would be coming and if she needed him to pick her up.

However, her response wasn’t quite an expected one. She wasn’t going to be able to make it over anymore.

“Brother, an important guest is visiting our family and dad has asked me to accompany them. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to visit for a while. Dad told me to tell you about it!”

“I see. Well, it can’t be helped!”

Gerald was honestly slightly disappointed. After all, he really missed his sister.

“Hey, do you remember that our father used to have a brother and comrade-in-arms back when we were in our old house in Mayberry City?”

“I do,” said Gerald as he nodded.

It was a long story which he had heard from his father over the phone some time ago. Part of that story involved his father telling him that the Crawford family had always had a way of educating their children to survive in poverty.

His father had been no exception to that.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 348
Back then, his father lived in poverty and he had failed to pass the entrance examination to get into university. Therefore, Gerald’s grandfather had forced him to serve as a soldier in the army instead. There, he met his comrade-in-arms.

After being in the army for two years, he returned to his hometown and took up farming.

He needed the money since he was broke.

Somehow, he managed to gather just enough to open a steamed bun shop and he stopped farming then. However, since his father wasn’t one to just let a thief escape when he saw one, he ended up maiming the thief. As a result, he had to give up his steamed bun shop to the other party as compensation.

By then, he had also borrowed a lot of money and had a lot of foreign debt.

It was a point in his life where he was so poor, that he didn’t even have the money to celebrate the New Year. Seeing no other hope, he decided to look for his comrade-in-arms.

His comrade-in-arms lived within the country and came from a pretty rich family. Both his parents were civil servants so they naturally had a pretty good life.

However, every time his father arrived at his home according to the address he had been given, his comrade would never be available.

It was nothing short of cold and disappointing back then.

While they were brothers, they were extremely close to each other. They had even made a pact that their future sons would be brothers as well. If one of them bore a girl, then they would become a couple instead.

Well, apparently that pact was just a joke to his comrade.

From then on, he didn’t try to contact him anymore.

Finally, when his father was at the ripe age of twenty-two, Gerald’s grandfather finally told his father that he was actually a rich heir.

His father was then led to start up a business before he was finally able to inherit the riches of the Crawford family.

It wasn’t until both Gerald and his sister had been born that his father and mother finally returned to their hometown. They both controlled their businesses remotely while also planning a proper poverty system to educate their children with.

Gerald could clearly remember that it was his neighbors, Mr. Winters and Mrs. Winters, who had taken care of Gerald and his sister for a large portion of their childhood. Their parents were always busy making money abroad to pay off their family’s debts.

His parents would only come back to visit them twice or thrice a year at most to check up on their progress.

That was a basic summary of everything that had happened.

As for when his father would finally meet up with his comrade-in-arms again, it happened when Gerald was ready to begin his high school life. His father had brought him over to meet up with his old comrade-in-arms. Gerald’s father remembered that his comrade had said that he did well in his studies. He now wanted him to help Gerald look for a good school.

When they finally locked eyes at the parking lot of his comrade’s home, his comrade-in-arms simply said that he was busy with a meeting the moment his father asked for his help. He then immediately changed the topic and told his father to meet him again sometime in the future to reminisce about the past.

In the end, Gerald managed to enter a prestigious high school through his own good grades.

His father’s comrade seemed to have a very high status and it felt normal that he would look down on Gerald and his family.

That was the only impression that Gerald personally had when he met his father’s comrade-in-arms.

“What about it, sister?” asked Gerald as he shook his own thoughts aside for the moment.

“Well you see, dad has constantly been saying that he misses his old friends. However, you know that he’s always been indifferent to fame and fortune. Now that our poverty educating system is already over, it wouldn’t be convenient for dad to return to Mayberry City to visit his old comrade in person, with dad’s extremely high status and all. Yes, I know his so-called ‘comrade’ has always looked down on us and our dad, but our father likes to see the good in people. Since I can’t go back to personally do anything now, I’ll have to leave this matter to you now!”

“Since you’ll be staying in Mayberry City to clean up some of your business matters during summer break anyway, try taking a few days off to go home and stay there for a while. While you’re there, you could visit dad’s old friend as well as his special friend. I’ll be mailing something to you soon. It’ll contain the contact information and address of the special friend in it as well. You’ve never met the special friend before I think. If there’s anything you can do to help with the situation, please do so.”

“Also since Mr. Winters and Mrs. Winters had been taking care of us for so long, maybe build them a villa on the mountain. Make sure you give their children some money to help them too! Well, I’ll need to leave now, bye!”

After giving him so many instructions, she then hung up immediately.

Gerald could only feel puzzled at the moment.

Who was his father’s special friend?

Realizing that thinking about it wasn’t going to help, he simply shook his head before heading back to the dormitory.

Everything that happened after then played out as shown earlier

Back to the present, the night was silent as the boys slept peacefully.

Early in the morning the next day, Gerald had gone to the library with some textbooks in hand to study.

There were already several people there despite being this early.

Gerald simply walked on to his usual studying spot by the window.

As soon as he saw the familiar table, he was reminded of Giya. After all, this was where they had first met.

He had wanted to give her the jade bracelet which he had bought for her. However, he didn’t see her on his usual routes and he didn’t have her contact information either.

His secondary mission at the library was to see if he could finally meet up with her again.

After sitting down, Gerald found himself looking up from time to time.

All the while he did so, a few well-mannered looking girls who had been sitting at another corner of the library continued to observe Gerald’s actions.

“Hey, hey! Who do you think that pathetic looking jerk is looking for?” asked one of the girls as she smiled.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 349
“Who knows? Didn’t Giya say that he had an actual nosebleed the first time he saw her? Apparently he grew too excited from her scent! I don’t buy it honestly!”

“Yeah! Why don’t boys have nosebleeds when they see me then? Don’t you agree Giya? I really think he’s looking for you!”

The girls continued to chatter silently among themselves.

Giya could only blush as she sat there.

She had felt embarrassed back then in the library when Gerald had his nosebleed.

Now she was even more embarrassed with her friends constantly teasing her about it.

They were supposed to be studying now.

Much earlier, Tammy had nudged Giya gently before pointing toward the door.

Giya and her group of friends then saw Gerald entering with his books in hand. He seemed to be looking for someone for a while before finally deciding to sit down.

His quirky actions had prompted the girls to start discussing about him.

“Hey, Gerald!” yelled Tammy softly out of the blue. Since it was quiet in the library, Gerald heard her call almost immediately.

When he looked up, he saw Tammy standing a distance away as she signaled him with her hand to come over.

Gerald could see that Giya and the other girls were seated there as well.

Gerald was pleased that he had finally found her.

He then walked over to them.

“Hey Gerald, what exactly have you been looking for since you stepped into the library? Are your classmates here too?” asked Tammy with a smile as soon as he got close enough to their table.

“Huh? Not at all!” replied Gerald nervously.

‘D*mn it! So they had been observing me from the moment I stepped into the library!’

“Hmm? Then what are you looking for?”

“Hahaha! I knew it. You were looking for Giya, weren’t you? Trying to find her at the library?” said Tammy in between giggles. She covered her mouth to make sure she wasn’t too loud.

“I…” Gerald froze momentarily. He didn’t have a good comeback.

It was certainly a little embarrassing for someone to read him like an open book that easily.

Giya raised her face to look at Gerald, a mix of doubt and expectation showing on her face. She was wondering whether Tammy’s assumption was right as well.

“Well… Yes, I admit that I was looking for Giya. I had broken your bracelet last time and I wanted to compensate you,” said Gerald in a defeated tone.

“Oh? There’s really no need for you to do that, Gerald! The bracelet isn’t that expensive, only a few thousand dollars. However, in all honesty, I’ve been looking for you as well. I want to properly thank you for your help the other day!” said Giya who had initially looked slightly dazed from his confession, though it quickly turned into a smile when she found out about his true intentions.

Of course, she hadn’t meant to be rude by her statement. A few thousand dollars really was nothing to someone like Giya who had an excellent family background.

It was the only reason why she could say it so casually.

“Well, since you want to thank Gerald anyway, how about this. Since it’s still pretty early, you’ve probably not had breakfast yet, have you Gerald? It just so happens that a new breakfast shop has opened right next to our university! Why don’t we have a chat while we have our breakfast together there?” said Tammy as she smiled.

“You’re being given a chance to treat six beauties to breakfast, Gerald! You’d better take advantage of this opportunity!” she added with a grin.

“Definitely! Let’s go!” replied Gerald as he nodded.

“Gerald doesn’t need to treat us. Everything all of you order will be on me today!” replied Giya, a hearty smile on her face.

With that said, all of them agreed and they left the library together.

“You girls can go ahead first, I have to get something back in my dormitory. Don’t worry I’m not running away!” said Gerald before splitting with the group of girls for now.

He had gone back to retrieve the jade bracelet.

Gerald wanted to give it to her as soon as possible so that he wouldn’t feel like he owed her anything anymore.

Giya was truly beautiful and she was definitely the kind of girl who could make any boy feel a strong desire for her with a single glance.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 350
However, Gerald’s heart was reserved solely for Mila.

He had always felt guilty whenever he had too many interactions with girls like this.

That was also the reason why Gerald had constantly hidden and kept his distance from both Alice and Jacelyn.

Upon entering the dormitory, Gerald took the box containing the hetian jade bracelet. He then told Harper and the other boys about his plan before running downstairs to look for the girls again.

While this was happening, the girls had arrived and found a table for themselves at the breakfast place.

As soon as they sat down, Tammy and the other girls covered their mouths as they started laughing.

“Giya, I’m very sure that Gerald kid really likes you!”

“Same here! You girls may not know it, but I’ve already done some research on him. Gerald seems to be from the Department of Language and Literature. He’s also a pauper!”

“So what if he’s poor? Do you think Giya’s someone who lacks money? At most, Giya can just give him a career after both of them get married!”

“That’s true! In fact, he has a chiseled face too!”

“Alright, calm down girls! What on earth are all of you on about? What do you mean what’s the big deal after we get married? Gerald’s a pretty decent and honest person. It’s fine if you want to joke around with me but don’t tease him like this later. No matter how you dice it, Gerald has already helped me once!” said Giya with a sigh.

She couldn’t stand her group of sisters sometimes.

The more they spoke, the more excited they would become and this more often than not, led them to go a bit overboard.

“But Giya, you’ve never been in love before, right? Don’t you want to experience how it feels like to be in a relationship?” asked Tammy.

“So what if I’ve never dated before? I don’t really see anything impressive about you seasoned girls!” replied Giya, a wry smile on her face.

“Giya, what a coincidence. Are you girls having breakfast here too?”

Out of the blue, a boy walked up to them while they were still chatting among themselves.

His eyes had lit up immediately the moment he saw Giya and her group.

In his hands, was a very beautiful looking box.

“Yes, truly a coincidence Yacob. Why are you here?” said Tammy as she smiled while waving a hand.

Her tone had turned into a flattering one.

The boy before them was indeed, Yacob. The one who had pulled Gerald away from Giya the other day in the infirmary.

In truth, his family’s financial background was rather well-to-do.

They owned their own company and were quite powerful.

Due to that, Yacob could drive a BMW 7 Series which cost more than a hundred and twenty-one thousand dollars.

That was why Tammy and the other girls naturally thought highly of him.

After all, any girl who ended up marrying Yacob would definitely be able to enjoy a very nice and stable rest of their lives.

Yacob had been trying to get Giya’s affection for a long time now but she just didn’t have any feelings for him.

“What are you girls laughing about? I just so happened to be thinking about looking for Giya too! What a coincidence that we managed to meet just from that thought alone!” said Yacob with a smile as he comfortably sat on the seat which had initially been reserved for Gerald.

“We were talking about how we would all be graduating soon and how Giya still didn’t have a boyfriend. Any suitable candidates in mind, Yacob?” asked Tammy as she blinked her eyes.

“Is that so? Well, that depends on whether Giya is interested in me…”

There was a quiver of excitement in Yacob’s voice as he said that.

“Alright, we’re done talking about that. Tell me, Yacob. Why were you looking for me?” asked Giya as she forced on a smile.

“Well, your jade bracelet was broken because I was a bit too reckless. That’s why I bought you a new one! Here, why don’t you try it on to see whether you like it or not?” said Yacob as he placed a jade bracelet on the table.

Tammy and the other girls all gasped in surprise after opening the box.

“F*ck! That looks amazing! How much did you spend on it?” shouted Tammy. Her voice attracted the attention of a few other girls who were also having their breakfast there.

One after another, the girls tried peeking from where they sat to see what the commotion was about.

Yacob smiled faintly before saying, “Why don’t you try making a guess? If you guess it right the first time, then I’ll get one for you too! Hahaha!”

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