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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 351-360

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 351
It was at that moment when Gerald finally arrived.

In his hand was his own bracelet which he had bought the day before.

Though Giya had said that breakfast was going to be on her, Gerald had given it some thought while he was on his way there. Since he was planning to leave the girls alone once the bracelet had been handed over to her anyway, he might as well treat them to one final breakfast.

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He was prepared to pay the bill no matter what.

However, as he approached their table, he noticed that Yacob was also there. What more, it seemed that Yacob had just given Giya his own bracelet gift.

“Gerald! Over here!”

Giya had not wanted to look at Yacob so she had been staring at the staircase. The moment she saw him, she smiled and waved her hand to call Gerald over.

“Why’s that kid here too?”

The expression on Yacob’s face instantly soured the moment he saw Gerald.

It was a rare occasion for him to be able to spend time together with Giya and the other girls. However, Yacob’s jealousy evaporated the moment he saw how Gerald was dressed.

However, it was still slightly troubling to him since Gerald was obviously getting closer to Giya.

“Of course he’s here! Giya specially invited Gerald here for breakfast today! You’re actually sitting in his seat now, Yacob!” replied Tammy.

“Hold on… What’s that in your hand, Gerald?”

“Well, it’s partly my fault that her bracelet fell out of my hands the day before so I got her a new one!” replied Gerald bluntly.

“Gerald! Didn’t I say you didn’t have to compensate me? You’re spending way too much money for just a jade bracelet! I never blamed you in the first place!”

It was no secret to her that Gerald wasn’t too rich since she overheard conversations about him from time to time.

It was too bad since he was the one who had helped her in the first place. However, now he had spent so much just because of her.

How could she possibly rest easy?

What more, Giya really hadn’t thought much about the bracelet since it wasn’t really worth much to her anyway.

She felt slightly anxious now.

“Hah! How much money would this kid even have to spend in the first place? You’re overthinking it, Giya. He probably bought the gift for a few dollars at the night market!” said Yacob coldly.

“Hahaha! Don’t worry we’re aware of the possibility. How could Gerald ever afford to pay for a seven thousand and five hundred dollar bracelet?” Tammy laughed after saying that.

“Also, tell us the price of the jade bracelet already! We really can’t guess it!” she continued.

“Alright, alright. I’ll just tell you the price then. It’s not too much. It only cost around eighteen thousand dollars!”

While he was speaking, he kept peeking at Giya to see what her reaction was.

However, Giya’s expression remained indifferent.

All the other girls however, were stunned.

“Eight… Eighteen thousand dollars?!” shouted Tammy.

The other girls couldn’t say anything, their mouths wide open in shock.

Even a few other female students who were sitting close by constantly peeked at their table.

The bracelet itself already looked spectacular from every angle and felt like a rare gem.

The price reveal after was simply too outrageous and several girls in the shop ended up looking at Yacob with different expressions on their faces.

“My god, Yacob! You’re really willing to spend for Giya!” said one of the girls enviously.

After all, the man had spent eighteen thousand dollars just to buy a gift! How capable was he in order to afford that without going broke?

Were there any girls who could resist this kind of temptation in the world?

“Do you like it Giya?”

Despite knowing that Giya didn’t like him, even if she had a heart of stone, she’d definitely be moved by his gift this time, right?

Giya didn’t bother to answer his question. Honestly she was starting to get fed up with him.

After getting ignored despite his good intentions, Yacob couldn’t help but feel slightly uncomfortable.

While all this was happening, Gerald was still standing where he initially was with his own jade bracelet in hand.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 352
“Heh. Hey, your name’s Gerald, right? Why don’t you take out the jade bracelet you bought for Giya and show it to us too?”

In his mind, Yacob thought that Gerald was most definitely the reason why Giya had been ignoring him all this time.

Therefore, he was targeting Gerald now.

“Forget about mine! The jade bracelet which I bought is nowhere near as good as yours. You don’t have to look at it!” said Gerald truthfully.

After all, he had simply bought a jade bracelet which cost seven thousand and five hundred dollars for Giya. It was nowhere near the absurd price of Yacob’s gift.

Besides, if he really wanted to mock Yacob, it’d be easier for Gerald to just slap the boy in the face.

However, Gerald didn’t want to get involved with him or Giya and her friends too much in the future so he abstained for now.

Mila was sincere to him so he wanted to do the same.

Therefore, there was no reason for him to compete with Yacob. Nothing good would ever come of it nor would he gain anything.

“That’s right, Gerald! Don’t be shy, we won’t laugh at you. Show us already!” said Tammy.

Before he could even respond, Tammy had already walked up to Gerald. She grabbed the box from his hand and placed it atop the table.

All the girls were looking forward to it.

Imagine comparing an eighteen thousand dollar jade bracelet to one that just cost a few dollars!

The difference would be like heaven and hell.

Tammy opened the box in one swift movement.

Gerald simply lowered his head, knowing he was about to get ridiculed. After this, he would simply need to look for a reason to excuse himself and leave.

Everything would be settled and he wouldn’t owe Giya anything anymore.

He waited for the mocking to start.

He waited, and waited, and waited.

But it never came. Neither Tammy nor Yacob were mocking him at all.

Peeking up to see what was taking them so long, he saw Tammy staring at his jade bracelet, an extreme look of shock on her face.

“Gerald… this… this bracelet… You bought this jade bracelet?” stuttered Tammy when she finally mustered the strength to speak.

The rest of the girls had still not recovered from the revelation, their mouths left wide open, speechless.

“F*ck! That’s the dragon jade bracelet! I saw this thing online and it sold for about thirty thousand dollars!”

“I’ve heard about it too! Could this just be a high grade imitation jade bracelet? I’d like to believe so but… The color. It just seems too realistic to just be an imitation!”

“What do you mean a high grade imitation? It’s really easy to authenticate it from a fake so imitating it in the first place is impossible!”

“That’s true! Oh my god! Gerald’s jade bracelet is worth thirty-two thousand dollars!”

If the girls had not actually seen and held on to the actual product at that moment, they wouldn’t have believed that statement even if it cost them their lives.

However, there it was. The dragon jade bracelet in their hands.

Gerald was stunned as well and he felt cold sweat begin to drip from his forehead.

F*ck! He had grabbed the wrong box this morning! Even though the two boxes were quite similar, Gerald had marked them with the numbers, seven and thirty-two, to differentiate them.

He made sure to check that he was holding on to the cheaper bracelet’s box before he left with it, so what was the thirty-two thousand dollar dragon jade bracelet doing here?

D*mn it!

Gerald’s heart was beating frantically.

Everyone else was still shocked speechless!

Even the surrounding female student customers had gotten off their seats and gathered around their table by this point.

“Let me see that!” said Giya as she gingerly took the jade bracelet from Tammy’s hands.

After carefully examining it, Giya looked at Gerald with a look of disbelief on her face. “…It’s the real deal. It’s absolutely authentic. Gerald, did you buy this?”

Gerald had no idea how to answer her.

While all this was happening, Yacob’s face had grown to be as red as a tomato. His cheeks were flushed with both surprise and anger. He felt as if he had just been slapped hard on the face!

“H-heh! And here I thought that you were an honest guy. You’re just another one of those pretentious folk, aren’t you? Saying that your own bracelet wasn’t as expensive as mine… You’re doing this on purpose to mock me, aren’t you?”

Even Yacob’s taunts were said in a slightly quivering voice. He couldn’t help but feel extremely anxious at how he utterly lost face today.

“I… didn’t… mean it… I really thought that mine was cheaper than yours… Who could have guessed that it was actually more expensive?”

Those words were true as Gerald had not wanted to compare his bracelet to Yacob’s in the first place.

At that moment, Gerald suddenly recalled that he hadn’t touched the two jade bracelets at all since he had brought them back to the dormitory. Someone must have either accidentally, or deliberately switched them around. He would ask Harper and the boys about it when he got back.

Hearing Gerald’s honest reply, Yacob felt like he had received a punch in the gut this time. He was beyond embarrassed at this point.

“Hurry up and answer us Gerald! Did you buy this jade bracelet?”

All the girls were looking at Gerald expectantly. Their eyes were sprinkled with both admiration and excitement at the same time.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 353
“This jade bracelet… was originally my grandmother’s. Since I have nothing else to compensate Giya with, I’m giving this to her instead…” lied Gerald.

“Oh my god! Gerald, don’t you know the value of this bracelet? Are you sure you aren’t going to regret it if you give it to Giya now? I’m telling you seriously that it’s still not too late for you to regret it now!” said Tammy as she felt the weight on her chest slowly lift.

God d*mn! She was almost scared to death just now. If Gerald had actually bought the jade dragon bracelet that cost thirty-two thousand dollars, then he could possibly be a low key rich heir!

Unlike most other girls, Tammy hadn’t felt any contempt toward Gerald.

However, it would have been beyond surprising and unbelievable if a pauper like Gerald suddenly turned out to be a heir richer than all of them there could ever be.

Fortunately, that wasn’t the case.

“I didn’t know the value of the dragon jade bracelet before this but I do now. I don’t regret anything. Do accept it, Giya,” replied Gerald as he gently pushed the box with the bracelet in it back to Giya.

Since such an embarrassing thing had already happened, Gerald could only play along with his lie. After all, he couldn’t possibly take back what he had already given out.

As for Giya, she simply stared at Gerald with her eyes wide open.

The bracelet was precious. It could even be the most valuable and precious item in Gerald’s family. But here he was, just giving it to her.

Giya was touched beyond words.

As for Yacob, steam was erupting from his ears.

He had lost face severely today since he had been caught completely off guard!

What more, it was even more embarrassing since it all happened in the presence of his personal goddess! He felt that he was only going to further bring shame to himself if he continued staying there.

After glaring daggers at Gerald, Yacob got up and huffed before leaving angrily.

Gerald himself wanted to leave.

After all, his main goal to hand Giya the bracelet had been completed. He didn’t even want to stay for breakfast anymore.

He felt that the longer he stayed, the more awkward the situation would become.

Therefore, he came up with a random excuse to leave before turning around and descending the stairs quickly.

“Hold on, Gerald!”

Giya chased after him, running down the stairs with the bracelet in hand.

After peeking shyly at Gerald, she returned the bracelet to him before saying, “What do you mean by this? This is unacceptable. Why are you giving me the jade bracelet that your grandmother left behind for you? I can’t even begin comparing the value of this to my old bracelet!”

“Huh? I don’t mean anything at all. Just think of it as compensation for the bracelet I broke!”

It would be too embarrassing for him to explain that he had bought a much cheaper bracelet for her. He didn’t even want to think about asking Giya if she could exchange the dragon jade bracelet for the hetian one instead.

“You can’t just expect me to treat it as a mere compensation! This is the most valuable and precious item in your family. Your grandmother left this behind for you! It should only be given to the future daughter-in-law of the Crawford family! You can’t just give a girl something like this and call it a compensation! Do you even know what Tammy and the others were saying the moment you left just now?” said Giya as her cheeks began to blush.

Giya was an extremely good-natured goddess and she had been pursued by countless boys before this. However, very few of them were able to touch Giya’s heart.

Of course, she wasn’t interested in Gerald just because he had given her the dragon jade bracelet. She simply felt touched.

Yet at the same time, an indescribable feeling for Gerald had begun to sprout deep down in her heart.

She simply felt that he was a very honest and sincere person toward everyone around him. It was rare to find such a boy now.

He studied well and worked hard as well.

She finally understood that it was the feeling of admiration…

Her chain of thoughts were broken when Gerald asked, “What did Tammy and the others say?”

“I… don’t know,” said Giya as she looked to the side for a moment before looking back at Gerald. “Either way, this is simply too valuable! I refuse to accept it!”

“I insist that you do. After all, we’ll be graduating soon and once school starts again, very few people will continue to stay in the university. I’m afraid that I may not have the opportunity to compensate you again in the future!” replied Gerald with a bitter smile on his face.


His words really amused Giya. “By any chance, are you the type of person who doesn’t like owing others favors, Gerald?”

“I am!” said Gerald before nodding.

“Well, alright. I’ll hold on to this jade bracelet for the moment. I’ll return it to you when you’re about to get married in the future then!” replied Giya with a huge smile on her face.


Not thinking too hard about it, Gerald thought that the matter had finally been resolved the moment Giya accepted the jade bracelet. Therefore, he found no reason to stay any longer.

“Hey! Hey, Gerald!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 354
Giya ran after him again. “You know, it’s going to be difficult for you to notify me when you’re actually getting married. Why don’t we exchange contact information to ease that process?”

“That… Well, alright. Let me add you on WeChat. I’ll definitely let you know when it happens!”

Gerald didn’t know what else to say.

He couldn’t just refuse and turn around to leave. He just wasn’t that kind of person. After all, Giya would definitely lose face if he had left without accepting her offer.

So he simply went along and added Giya on his WeChat account.

Of course, Gerald wasn’t that narcissistic to believe that such a beautiful goddess would ever like him.

Even after adding her on WeChat, he felt that they wouldn’t be talking much with each other anyway.

He tried his best not to think too much about it.

Once the exchange was done, Giya took the bracelet with her as she walked upstairs again. At the time, several of the girls were still doubtful about Gerald’s claims.

“Giya! Giya, he didn’t want to take it back?” asked the girls with smiles on their faces as they saw her slowly return to their table.

“Hahaha! See, I guessed correctly! Gerald’s absolutely in love with you, Giya! He’s given you the most precious and valuable thing in his family! That alone is enough to explain everything!” said Tammy confidently.

“That’s right! The rest of you probably hadn’t noticed earlier, but Gerald had been looking at Giya as though he was afraid that she would reject his gift!”

“Hey, hey! All of you should know that this kind of jade bracelet is usually given to a family’s future daughter-in-law! Hahaha! That kid’s really smart!”

The girls continued talking among themselves in glee.

“Alright girls, settle down. Gerald’s not how you guys are imagining him to be like at all. He’s not a cunning or scheming person. I honestly hope that you girls will stop picking on him all the time in the future!” said Giya with a slightly forced smile on her face.

“Oh? Being protective and defensive of Gerald? Giya, don’t tell me you’ve…” said Tammy as she acted out a look of surprise while looking at Giya.

“If you spout any more nonsense, then I’m buying three trays of buns later to stuff them up your foul mouth!”

The girls simply laughed at that and continued chatting.

Gerald on the other hand, couldn’t go back to the library. When he arrived there, it was already full.

Seeing nowhere else to go, he sighed before returning to his dormitory to study instead.

He was planning to go out for lunch with Harper and the rest at noon anyway.

Unexpectedly, he received a WeChat message from Giya not too long after.

“Say, Gerald, which cafeteria are you going to be eating at for lunch?” she asked.

“I’m probably leaving the decision to my roommates. We’ll be eating out together. Why?” replied Gerald, slightly surprised by the message.

“Oh! You’re eating out with them? I was initially planning to invite you over to lunch. After all, you’ve already helped me twice!”

“Twice?” Gerald scratched the back of his head, confused.

“Yes! You carried me to the infirmary the other day, and today, you helped me get rid of that annoying Yacob! Hahaha! He must be feeling extremely embarrassed right now. Hopefully he’ll leave me alone now and I can finally have some peace!”

“Well, he’s not a bad person. I do think that he likes you very much.”

“??? What are you implying? Does that mean I have to be his girl? Are you giving us your blessings?”

“No, I didn’t mean it that way!”

“Well, it would be useless even if you did. I’m unwilling to be with someone that I have no feelings for anyway! By the way, I’ll be at the library later at noon to study. I’ll reserve a seat for you. Why don’t you come over and study together later? We can be study companions!”

Gerald stared at his phone’s screen. He was unsure of how to reply.

At the very least, he was certain that she wasn’t interested in him.

However, he couldn’t help but feel slightly awkward every time he was around her. He was honestly afraid that he would end up falling for her.

After thinking about it for some time, he felt that it would be better if he stopped doing such things.

Therefore he decided not to reply at all.

He then went downstairs to eat with Harper and the others.

However, he didn’t go to the library once his lunch was over. He simply stayed in his dormitory to study.

The afternoon passed by quickly.

Around evening, Giya sent him another message.

“Why didn’t you come? I reserved a good seat for you and I’ve been waiting since half past one for you to come. Are you busy with something else?”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 355
“Sorry, there were just too many people in the library earlier for my comfort! I just studied in my dormitory!” replied Gerald.

“Oh, I see! Well, from now on, we can go to the library earlier. Whoever comes first can reserve a seat for the other, alright?”

“Actually there’s something I have to attend to now, I’ll get back to you later!”

Gerald threw his cell phone aside after replying to her message.

He was indeed, trying to avoid her. In fact, ever since things had gotten better with Mila, Gerald had been deliberately trying to keep his distance from other girls.

After all, once the current exams were over, Gerald and the other students from his department would still have to stay back in school for another three months to deal with their thesis and dissertations.

Those from Giya’s and most other departments would have left to get their internships during that time.

He would never see her again.

Gerald also knew for a fact that he could never fit in well in Giya’s circle of friends.

With that reasoning in mind, his muddled thoughts became clear and he didn’t spend time worrying about it any longer.

After that, two days just came and went without much of a hitch.

During those two days, Giya would always send him a message in the morning and the afternoon, saying that she had already reserved a seat for him in the library and that she was waiting for him to come study with her.

Every time she asked, Gerald simply made up an excuse to turn her down.

Aside from that, she had also been inviting him for meals to express her gratitude. Since she knew that he would be uncomfortable if Tammy and the other girls were around, there was even a time when she asked if he wanted to eat with just the two of them together.

However, Gerald simply turned those invitations down as well with more of his excuses.

After that, Giya stopped asking him out. In the next three days, he didn’t hear from her at all.

It almost seemed as though she had disappeared.

Gerald didn’t think too much about it. He simply focused on studying and doing his own revision every day. He would also spend his time chatting with Mila about her recent developments.

Everything was back to normal.

Late one afternoon, Gerald was returning to school after meeting up with Zack. He stopped by the milk tea shop in front of the school as he was planning to get Harper and the other boys some drinks.


Out of the blue, a female voice called out to him.

When he turned around, he saw that it was Tammy. It seemed as though she was waiting in line to buy milk tea as well. Though she looked slightly surprised to see him there, she also had a very bitter expression on her face.

In the past, she would always laugh and tease him whenever she saw him.

However, the only look she was giving him now, was one filled with hatred.

Gerald didn’t mind that. His milk tea was ready at that moment. He smiled at Tammy before saying, “I’ll pay for this beautiful girl’s drink as well!”

“Alright!” replied the seller with a smile on his face.

“There’s no need for that! Who needs you to pay for me! Why are you so nosy?!” shouted Tammy in response as she glared at Gerald.

“I… Tammy, what did I do?” asked Gerald, confused.

“So you don’t even know what you’ve done, huh. Don’t you realize how many times you’ve already rejected Giya’s invitations?” growled Tammy angrily as she frowned.

Gerald coughed. He knew this was coming.

“Do you know that Giya would wake twenty minutes earlier every day just so that she could go to the library and reserve a seat for you? When we asked her why, she told us that you would be joining us at the library to study together in the future. But you never came. You just kept making dumb excuses!”

“Even during her afternoon study invitations, she would always bring fruits along saying that she had already notified you about studying together. But of course you didn’t go!”

“You did it to Giya for two days in a row! Don’t even talk about the times Giya tried inviting you out for meals. She was so afraid that you just weren’t used to eating out, that she even ordered and booked some food for you from the cafeteria! She just wanted to have lunch with you and she didn’t even allow us to join her since she was afraid that we would tease you too much. Even then, you still refused to accept her invitation!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 356
“Why are you hiding? Why can’t you be more like a man? I can tell that Giya is into you even though we don’t know why, but you have truly hurt her!” Tammy said.

Gerald immediately felt guilty after listening to her, because Giya had indeed invited him multiple times, but he had always rejected her offer.

Gerald thought that Giya was just being nice, but he never knew that she had always been serious about it and had bought food, waiting for him at the canteen.

Gerald felt very guilty toward her.

“Do you know what Giya said about you?”


“Giya thinks that you’re a nice and honest guy. She also thinks that you’re quite cute, and she would really love to be friends with you. However, who knew that you were just a jerk! Giya is in trouble and you’re here buying drinks for pretty girls! You don’t even care one bit about Giya at all. She was so wrong about you!” Tammy immediately felt better after releasing her emotions at Gerald.

Gerald was shocked. “Giya is in trouble?”

“It’s not Giya, it’s her mom. Her mom has fallen very ill. It was that day when she asked you for lunch at the canteen. She brought some home-cooked food and waited for you there, yet how dare you call it off again! She then received a call from home saying that her mom had fainted and she immediately left after taking leave!”

“All of us could tell that you never saw Giya as a friend before! If so, why did you give her such a precious jade bracelet?!” Tammy glared at Gerald.

Then, as her drink was ready, she paid and left Gerald alone there, dumbfounded.

Gerald felt really guilty and heartbroken, not because he was in love with her or something, but it was because Giya actually saw him as a friend, but he had not really cared about her at all. Even when she was going through a tough time with her family, she had waited for him at the canteen, and yet, during these three days, Gerald had not even bothered contacting her at all.

Gerald opened up his social media and saw Giya’s post about her mother which said ‘Hope you’ll get well soon, mom. Everything will get better! Daddy and I will look for the best doctor in the world for you!’.

That post was three days ago, and Gerald had not even asked if she was doing okay!

Gerald felt really bad, but at the same time, he did not know what to do either.

Tammy had not gone far yet, and Gerald immediately gave chase to catch up to her.

“What do you want?” Tammy asked coldly.

“I just want to know which hospital is Giya’s mother in and what disease does she have?” Gerald asked.

“Only now do you bother to ask? What a jerk!” Tammy scolded him.

“She’s in the Provincial People’s Hospital. It’s a very rare and troublesome sickness. Many doctors could not diagnose it either!” Tammy said curtly, and then, she left.

Gerald was still contemplating whether or not he should visit them. If he went, he would not know what to say to them, and he could not help them either.

Suddenly, Gerald remembered something. Now that he had control of the Military Emergency Base, he might be able to help Giya’s mother.

The Military Emergency Base was where they kept all the weapons, medical equipment, and even confidential information. According to Mr. Kendall, these were the worlds’ most powerful sources, and maybe, the medical information that they held might be able to help Giya.

Gerald immediately gave a call to Drake.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 357
“Yes, Mr. Crawford. I’m at the military base. What is your command?”

Drake and Tyson had become Gerald’s bodyguards, but they didn’t need to follow him around for 24 hours, and hence, he had put them in charge of the military base.

“Can the resources at the military base help diagnose unknown diseases?” Gerald asked.

“Of course. The medical department in the military base includes the best doctors in all fields. They can cure most diseases! What do you need, Mr. Crawford?”

“There’s a patient whose daughter’s name is Giya in the Provincial People’s Hospital. She’s a student at Mayberry University. Please look it up and send the best doctors over!”

“Understood, Mr. Crawford!”

Gerald then hung up the phone. That was all he could do to help. He was not hoping that Giya would thank him since he was not supposed to expose himself anyway.

After that, he went back to his own hostel to study.

Meanwhile, at the Provincial People’s Hospital. “Doctor, please help my wife! No matter how much it costs, I’ll be willing to pay!” A middle-aged man was begging the doctor at the Provincial People’s Hospital desperately. Beside the man was a young and pretty lady with her eyes filled with tears. These two were none other than Giya and her father, Walton Quarrington.

“Mr. Quarrington, we have informed the worlds’ best doctors over to help, but honestly speaking, none of us have seen a disease like this before. Please be rest assured that we will try our best!” The doctor said.

Walton fell backward, but luckily, Giya was there to hold him. He then sat on the chair to rest.

“Dad, should we make a call to Yanken? They should be able to help!” Giya was heartbroken to see her father like that.

Walton shook his head. “No. We don’t have anything to do with your grandparents anymore. There is no reason for them to help us! I just hope that this isn’t your mother’s destiny… She has been suffering for most of her life with me!” Walton cried as he said this, and Giya cried with him too.

“Mr. Qarrington, Giya, we are here to visit Mrs. Quarrington!” A few people came up.

It was Giya’s roommates and a guy named Yakob Lincoln.

They had brought along many things. Tammy had gone back to the hostel and come along with them as well.

“Nice to meet all of you, Giya’s friends! Thank you all so much.” Walton forced a smile to greet them.

“Thanks for coming, guys!” Giya was touched.

“Anything for you, Giya. How’s Mrs. Quarrington doing?” Tammy asked worriedly.

“The doctors have brought in some specialists this morning, but they still couldn’t figure out what was wrong!” Giya said as she shook her head and cried.

“Maybe I can get my dad to bring some doctors over to have a look? He’s overseas now and knows some pretty well-known doctors,” Yakob said.

Both Walton and Giya were hopeful again, and Walton immediately thanked him. “That would be really helpful, Yakob! Thank you so much!”

“You’re welcome, Mr. Quarrington. After all, Giya is my classmate!” Yakob smiled.

Yakob immediately gave his father a call. Deep down, he knew that his father’s connections were not as good as Mr. Quarrington’s. He was not sure if his father could even be of any help at all, but he had to try.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 358
Yakob’s father immediately promised him when he heard about the situation. He only had this one son, and he had to help him.

Yakob’s father immediately contacted the doctors he knew from overseas as well as local Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors.

Yakob then went back happily and said, “Mr. Quarrington, my dad has already arranged a few doctors to drop by tomorrow!”

Walton replied, “Thank you so much, Yakob! We will cover all the fees, and the Quarringtons will owe you one big favor!”

“Thank you so much, Yakob!” Giya said.

Yakob nodded and said, “You’re welcome!”

Meanwhile, overseas.

“Hey! It’s me, Mr. Lincoln. May I know if Specialist Dorian is in? Yes, tomorrow… oh, he’s not free? Okay, it’s alright, thank you!” Andy Lincoln was not very happy after being rejected.

He would be very embarrassed if he could not fulfill what his son had promised to other people.

He immediately contacted a few other specialists. Most of them had some time to spare, but it was quite tough to get them to fly over within two days. Especially since Mr. Lincoln was not a very big character, most of them would not rush over to Weston because of him.

Since he could not get any specialists from overseas, he contacted some doctors within the country, but all of them rejected him as well. All of them would only be free three days later.

Andy thought that three days should be fine.

He wanted to contact his son, but Yakob was on the phone. He then forgot about it, and in the blink of an eye, it was the next morning.

The next day, after the specialist conference had ended, the doctors and specialists still could not figure out the disease. Walton was covered in sweat already.

Suddenly, two doctors rushed over excitedly.

“There’s good news, doctor!” One of the doctors shouted excitedly.

The head doctor frowned and glared at them, signaling that Mr. Quarrington was still there.

“This is good news for Mr. Quarrington! There’s a group of specialists outside waiting to see Mrs. Quarrington. There are at least ten of them from all around the globe!”

“A few of them are even famous specialists like Dr. Eden from M Country and Dr. Zachary. They’ve all come!”

“What?!” The head doctor and specialist were all shocked.

Giya and Walton were very surprised as well.

Tammy, Yakob, and the others were around as well.

Tammy and the others looked at Yakob in shock. They were all amazed by him. They never thought that Yakob could bring in any famous specialist since they were all very clear about Yakob’s family status. Even though his family was doing not too badly, it was not as great as the Quarringtons.

They all thought that if Mr. Quarrington himself could not do anything any longer, how could Yakob do anything?

Yet, Yakob’s father had managed to bring in so many specialists! Was he still the Yakob Lincoln everyone knew?

What was going on?!
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 359
After hearing about the situation, the specialists went into the ward. The head doctor did not dare to stop them.

All of these specialists were the greatest of their time. They only came out three and a half hours later.

The specialist told the hospital that the patient had recovered from the disease, and she just had to rest well.

“Please stay for the interview, doctors!” The head doctor immediately asked them to stay.

The specialist did not bother about him and walked out of the hospital.

“They were telling the truth, doctor! The patient has indeed gotten better!” One of the doctors in charge said excitedly.

Walton and Giya were very touched.

“Thank you so much, Yakob! I’ll have to thank your father personally when he comes back!” Walton said.

“Anything for you, Mr. Walton!” Yakob felt incredible in front of them, but at the same time, he was really confused.

Had his father really called those specialists over?

Yakob could not believe it. He immediately called his father from the washroom.

“Dad, did you call in those specialists?”

“What specialists?”

“The very famous Dr. Eden and Dr. Zachary. Did you call them?”

“Don’t be crazy! How could I possibly know those doctors?! I only called some ordinary specialists within the country. Don’t get too excited, son!”

Yakob instantly felt disappointed. He truly thought that those were the doctors his dad had contacted.

However, if it was not his dad, who could have called those doctors? Yakob was really curious.

“Yakob! We’ve been waiting for you. Mr. Quarrington asked Giya to bring us for dinner later!” Tammy and the others said happily.

Now that Giya was feeling better, Tammy and the others were happy for her!

“Sure! I didn’t really do anything though. Just called some doctors!” Yakob said.

Since everyone thought that it was Yakob who had helped the Quarringtons, Giya’s attitude toward him was better.

Yakob could never tell them the truth. After all, this was the best time to get Giya to fall for him.

Everyone was talking happily outside the ward.

Meanwhile, in the ward, Giya did not want to wake her mother up and his father called her to the side.

“Giya. I noticed that you’re not very fond of Yakob, but I think he likes you! Since you all are graduating and the Lincolns are doing better… They even helped us…”

“Dad! What are you talking about?!” Giya shouted.

“I’m just saying that you should treat Yakob better! He has helped us with a lot of trouble!” Walton said.

Giya thought about what had just happened, and she was confused. “But dad, don’t you think it’s weird?”

“What is?”

Giya said, “You know the Lincolns. And let’s be honest, those specialists that saved mum seemed really professional. They saved mum but did not ask for anything in return. They didn’t even communicate with us! The thing is, they didn’t look like they knew who Yakob was! It was as if they came here with a specific mission, not invited personally to cure mum!”
Walton nodded his head. “You’re right. It does indeed feel strange, but only Yakob called his father to bring in specialists to help us. Nobody else was here to help us, don’t even mention Yanken. It’s impossible that they would send help!”

“Didn’t Yakob call his dad to verify it earlier on? Maybe it was his father’s connections overseas. Don’t think too much about it, Giya!” Walton persuaded Giya.

Giya then went out with Yakob and the others.

“Giya, I saw Gerald before coming to the hospital!” Tammy said as they were eating.

Giya was stunned when she heard Gerald’s name. Her face changed, but it was mostly an expression of disappointment. “Oh.”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 360
Giya spoke gently.

Giya had been touched when Gerald had helped her and even given her something very precious to him.

She had then developed feelings for Gerald.

She had always thought about him whenever she was free. She found him really cute, but she knew that Gerald probably hated her.

She honestly wanted to be friends with him, but what Gerald had done to her made her truly disappointed.

“What’s so great about that poor peasant anyway?!” Yakob said angrily.

Everyone stopped talking about him after that, but Giya felt really upset. What was so bad about her? No guys had ever rejected Giya like that except Gerald.

When Gerald found out that Giya’s mother had recovered, he was instantly relieved, and his life continued as usual.

That same evening, Gerald brought some books over to return to the library. He saw a girl outside the library who seemed to be waiting for somebody.

Gerald was stunned. That girl was Giya!

Giya raised her head and saw Gerald.

“Hey, Giya! You came to study?” Gerald asked her awkwardly.

“Nope. I came to return some books!” Giya said.

Gerald felt genuinely guilty about what had happened previously.

“Have you eaten? I could treat you to a meal at the canteen. I’ve just heard about what happened to Mrs. Quarrington today. How’s she doing?” Gerald asked

“She’s doing better now, thanks for asking. Also, I’ve already eaten. Thanks for the offer, but I’m meeting with my friends!” Giya nodded politely.

“By the way, Gerald, regarding the bracelet you gave me previously. I thought of keeping it for you, but I’m not good at keeping stuff, and it would not be nice if people knew. I should return it to you. As for my bracelet that you broke, it’s fine. You don’t have to pay!” Giya took a bracelet out from her bag and handed it to Gerald.

At the same time, a Porsche Seven series stopped next to them.

Yakob rolled down the window and peered out, a pair of sunglasses perched on his face. “Hey, Giya! Sorry for being three minutes late! Where should we go for dinner tonight? You should pick a place!”

“Any western restaurant will do, Yakob. I’m fine with anything. You’ve been accompanying me at the hospital for days and even saved my mom. I know I have already treated you to lunch this afternoon, but dinner is on me too! I have to treat you individually!” Giya walked toward the co-pilot seat smiling.

Giya continued, “There’s a nice movie showing at the theater tonight as well! Shall we go for a movie?”

“Sure!” Yakob said happily.

Then, Yakob glared at Gerald proudly and drove off.

Gerald was stunned. Even though he was not in love with Giya, he did not feel good. Especially when he knew that the credit for sending those specialists was stolen by Yakob.

Giya was very grateful for Yakob and hence, they had gotten closer.

Should he tell the truth?

But still, what was the point in telling the truth? So that Giya would be grateful toward him and grow feelings for him again? The bracelet incident had ended, and Yakob had feelings for Giya, while Gerald already had Mila. Everything should stay that way.

Meanwhile, Giya left the school with Yakob.

“Giya, which restaurant would you like to go to? I know a place near the cinema, but the choice is still up to you…” Yakob was excited. He had been even more fired up when Giya had texted him to pick her up.

“Just stop in front…” Giya looked away from the back mirror and said disappointedly.

“Here? There’s no restaurant here, though?”

“I don’t want to go to a restaurant! Stop the car. I would like to go home!”

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