The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 371-380

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 371
At this time, Hayward drove Lilian and the others in his more luxurious sightseeing car as he headed over.

He saw a lot of people surrounding the place. After that, he saw that it was Jayce and the others. Therefore, he knew that something was wrong, and he hurriedly squeezed in through the crowd of people.

As soon as he saw what had happened, Hayward could not help but feel that his mind was completely blown!

D*mn it!

“Who did this?” Hayward’s face was pale as he asked them the question.

“Hayward! It’s him! He was the one who was driving the car!” Jayce hurriedly pointed at Harper.

At this time, after regaining their senses, May and the others also stood on Jayce’s side immediately.

That’s right. Who would not be afraid of getting involved and forced to share the responsibility instead?

After all, these damages would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As for Harper, it was true that he had gotten into trouble in a fit of anger. However, it was Jayce who had provoked him. Still, there was nothing that he could do now except bear the consequences of his actions.

After all, he was the one who had hit those cars.

“Oh! You! You… you… I am truly convinced right now. How could my daughter possibly have a boyfriend like you?!” Hayley’s mother felt very aggrieved, and she immediately shed a few drops of tears.

Lilian spoke lightly at this time, “Don’t worry about it too much now. Well, do you have any contacts or connections? You should contact someone now. Perhaps you should call someone from your hometown to come here as soon as possible?”

May’s mother spoke up, “How could he possibly have any contacts or connections?! If Jayce was the one who caused the trouble, he might be able to alleviate and solve the problem, then. After all, Jayce has a wide network of contacts, and this is his buddy, Hayward’s territory! I don’t think Harper will be able to solve this problem. Moreover, Hayward is not familiar with him either. So, Hayward can’t possibly offend the owners of these luxury cars just because of him!”

Harper could not even say anything to refute that. May’s mother was a mature person, and she was very sly.

This sentence alone naturally pushed the blame off Jayce and Hayward. She was clearly telling them not to poke their noses into this matter so that they would not be provoking anyone unnecessarily!

At this time, another girl asked, “Hey! Don’t you have any friends in Mayberry City?”

Harper’s face flushed red as he said, “Of course! Gerald and Benjamin are my friends!”

One of May’s roommates asked speechlessly, “Oh! We are not talking about those kinds of friends. We meant if you have any rich or influential friends?”

Hayward frowned as he spoke up at this time. “Okay, don’t talk about it anymore. It does not matter if he has any friends or not. After all, this kid has already gotten into a big disaster this time!”

“Huh? What big disaster?” Everyone asked in surprise.

Hayward he took a deep breath and asked, “Do you know who these cars belong to?”


Hayward replied, slightly frightened, “These are the cars of seven rich heirs, such as Aiden, Yoel, Zade, and the others!”

“Hayward, do you mean Aiden from the Baker family, Yoel from the Holden family, Zade from the Zavier family in Harbour City, and the others? Isn’t that just too much of a coincidence?” Sharon had been following Hayward around and had seen a lot of the world these days. Therefore, she could not help but ask in surprise.

Hayward closed his eyes as he nodded and said, “Yes, it’s them!”

“What should we do?” Benjamin was also panicking at this time.

These young masters were even more powerful compared to that Timothy.

May’s mother opened her eyes wide in panic and said, “Harper, I think you should just hurry up and kneel in front of these cars. Perhaps those young masters will spare you that way. You cannot possibly afford to offend them. After all, these young men are not as simple as the person Yacob offended just now!”

May’s mother continued, “Furthermore, Harper, since you were the one who drove and hit the car, you should just confess by yourself later. Don’t mention the fact that we were all also sitting in the sightseeing car with you! We cannot afford to offend them!”
At this time…

“Look! Aiden, Yoel, and the others are here!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 372
Someone yelled out loud. After that, the crowd of people opened their mouths in shock.

Yoel brought a group of people who looked like rich heirs over with him.

“D*mn it! Who did this?” Yoel asked coldly as he threw his sunglasses away.

Aiden and the others also gathered around the group of people at this time.

“Sorry! I was the one who hit your cars!” Harper bowed slightly because he was also frightened at this time.

“So tell me. What are we going to do about this? Men! Come and call the car shop to send someone over here to estimate the damage now! Also, none of you who were with him are allowed to leave today!”

Yoel barked out his instructions.

At this time, some bodyguards dressed in black were already making a phone call as soon as they heard his words. A group of men immediately came over to surround May and everyone else as well.

“Oh! It’s all over. This time, Harper not only hit someone else’s car, but he has obviously offended Yoel too! He has even implicated us in this matter and Yoel is not letting us go either!”

“Yes! He really does not know what is good for him! Why did he even try to stop the sightseeing car from crashing?! Perhaps the damage would not even cost that much! Now, he not only hit all the rich heirs’ cars, but he has also dragged us into this matter with him!”

“That’s right! The most important thing is that we are really wasting these rich heirs’ time now!”

May’s roommates chimed in immediately.

When May and Jayce heard Yoel’s words, they realized that none of them would be able to leave. It seemed as though everyone who had been sitting in Harper’s car would also be in trouble.

They were extremely nervous, and they looked at Hayward to ask for his help.

Hayward immediately understood what they were trying to tell him. So, he immediately walked toward Yoel, Aiden, and the others before he said respectfully, “Sirs, I am Hayward from Yorknorth Mountain. I had a short encounter with Aiden before this.”

Yoel looked at Aiden, and Aiden whispered something to Yoel immediately.

Yoel nodded before he smiled and said, “Well, Hayward. What do you want to say?”

“Well, Yoel, some of my friends here were sitting in this car as well. Could you give me some face? This matter had nothing to do with them!”

“F*ck! What kind of face should I give you? Get lost! If you were in the car too, I might forgive you and let you off because you are from Yorknorth Mountain. However, if it is none of your business, don’t try to be so pretentious in front of me!” Yoel was not giving face to anyone at all!

Hayward’s face flushed red at this time after getting scolded so harshly.

Hayward did not even dare to take a deep breath, and he could only hide in anguish with Lilian and the others.

When Jayce and the others saw that even Hayward was not able to save them, they began to panic.

This was especially so for May’s mother who wished that she could just slap Harper.

At this time, a sudden voice made the crowded scene fall silent immediately.

“I think we should stop wasting everyone’s time. Just forget it!”

Everyone cast their eyes in the direction of the boy who was the source of the sound.

D*mn it! Forget it?!

Was he sick of living?

That’s right! He was too full of himself, right? Who did he think he is?

Everyone was shocked.

Yes. The boy was naturally none other than Gerald.

As soon as he made this remark, even Lilian and Sharon, who thought highly of him, could not help but stare at Gerald as they shook their heads slightly.

May’s mother scolded him directly, “Gerald, what nonsense are you talking about?!”

As for Gerald, he was originally waiting for the owners of the cars to come so that he could offer to pay them for the damages himself.

But then, he had found out that the cars belonged to Yoel and the others.

Gerald felt entangled.

If he did not step up to help Harper when they came over, Harper would definitely suffer miserably in their hands.

If he stepped up to help him, his identity would be exposed directly.

However, in the current situation, it seemed as though it would be impossible for him to keep a low profile and choose not to help Harper.

Alas, if his identity were to be exposed, so be it. There was no other way!

Thus, Gerald stepped forward…
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 373
”Mr. Craw… I mean, Gerald?!”

Yoel and Aiden were all taken aback.

No one thought that Mr. Crawford would also be here.

Yoel almost yelled out loud and revealed his identity.

Therefore, this group of rich heirs also moved toward Gerald excitedly.


The people who were all waiting to watch a good show were all startled.

“Um… this is not a big problem anyway. All of you originally came here to be happy and have fun. Besides, none of you are short of money to repair your cars anyway. So, just forget about it. Just continue having fun and enjoying yourselves, then.” Gerald could only smile helplessly. Since this matter had already come to this state, there was nothing else he could do.

“Yes! Yes! Gerald, you are right. We are all here to enjoy and have fun anyway. Why should we be so angry over this small matter, then? Hahaha! Gerald, in that case, we will let this matter go! Let’s go in and have a drink together later, okay?” Yoel touched his belly before he laughed.

“Okay! I will come and find you for a drink later!” Gerald also patted Aiden’s and the other boys’ shoulders with a smile on his face.

“Goodbye, Gerald!”

“Goodbye, Gerald!”


The rest of the rich heirs did not dare to joke around with Gerald, and they simply bowed respectfully to say goodbye.

This made the people standing on the sidelines feel even more shocked.

F*ck! What was happening?!

Many people were still in shock, and they did not come to their senses even after Yoel and the other rich heirs had already left.

This was even more so for May, Jayce, May’s mother, and the others.

To be honest, no one had taken Gerald to heart at all from the very beginning. They thought he was just a pathetic jerk who had come along on this trip to eat and drink for free. However, they really did not expect him to actually be acquainted and connected to so many rich heirs!

He only had to say a few words, and those rich heirs had left immediately!

Moreover, those people seemed to be afraid of him.

May and the others were even more surprised.

At this time, even Hayley’s mother was looking at Gerald with a look of admiration on her face. She was also subconsciously standing closer to Gerald at this time.

It seemed as though she was trying to tell everyone else that this young man was her daughter’s boyfriend’s good buddy! Hmph! He was not May nor anyone’s good friend!

Sharon and Lilian were even more surprised at this time.

It seemed as though their speculations had been confirmed.

The two girls suddenly turned pale.

It seemed as though everything that had happened the last time was not purely accidental. It was true that Gerald was indeed extraordinary!

Moreover, it seemed as though he was even more powerful as compared to Hayward.

Those rich heirs did not even bother to give Hayward any face at all, but they were all so respectful and polite toward Gerald.

Furthermore, these girls were very attentive and meticulous. They could clearly see that some of the rich heirs had even bowed to Gerald when they were saying goodbye to him!


The atmosphere became very awkward at this time.

Gerald smiled awkwardly before he said, “Okay! Everything is fine now! Let’s continue playing then!”

After he was done speaking, Gerald continued walking forward with Harper and the others.

“F*ck! Who is this young man?”

“I don’t know, but he looks pretty awesome!”

“So many rich heirs were giving him face too! I guess he must be a very powerful and influential person!”

A group of people started discussing this matter amongst themselves.

One of May’s good friends suddenly came over and asked Gerald shyly at this time, “Gerald, you… do you want to drink some milk tea? I will go and buy it for you…”

“Thank you, but I’m not thirsty!” Gerald replied.

Lilian glanced at the girl before she handed her cup of untouched milk tea over to Gerald. “Hehe! Who do you think you are? Did you think that Gerald will drink any milk tea that any random girls buy for him?”

“Gerald, look at you! Your lips are a little dry. How could you possibly not be thirsty? You are just too careless, and you don’t know how to love yourself at all!” Lilian continued hurriedly.

On the surface, she was snubbing the girl, but in actual fact, she was just putting on an act in front of Gerald.

Since she had had a misunderstanding with Gerald before this, Lilian felt that she had to resolve it!

Gerald did not know what else to say.

Fortunately, at this moment, his cell phone suddenly rang.

It was a phone call from Zack.

“Sorry! You guys can continue playing first. I have to answer a call. I will come and find you later!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 374
Gerald found an excuse to slip away and went over to the lakeside.

“Mr. Crawford, I would like to ask for your instructions. I’ve already made an initial investment plan for the investment in your hometown, Serene County, that Mr. Harrison talked about. There is an investment plan for six billion dollars, and there is another plan for eight billion dollars. The investment plan for eight billion dollars will also drive a part of the township economy, and it will involve a wider range of areas. What is your decision, then?” Zack asked as soon as the call was connected.

“Then, let’s decide on the eight billion dollar plan. After all, the reason why I agreed to Mr. Harrison’s proposal was to drive the construction and growth of the entire urban and rural economy anyway!”

“Okay, I understand, Mr. Crawford! I will begin the layout of the plan immediately!”

After he was done speaking, Gerald hung up the phone immediately.

He turned around and prepared to go back.

Gerald was stunned as soon as he turned around.

This was because he did not know when Alice had come and stood behind him.

At this time, Alice was staring at him in a dumbfounded manner. It was obvious that she had already heard Gerald’s conversation just now.

“Gerald… you!” Alice was breathing rapidly at this time.

When Gerald had been interacting with the group of rich heirs just now, Alice had already suspected that her guess might be right.

At that time, she did not say anything at all.

Instead, she had been paying close attention to Gerald.

After that, she saw Gerald acting suspiciously when he came here to answer the phone call.

So, Alice had followed him here quietly.

If Alice had not heard everything clearly because of the quiet surroundings, it would have been hard for her to believe that everything in front of her was real!

Gerald was a rich heir, and she was almost certain that he was Mr. Crawford!

He had spoken about eight billion dollars without even blinking his eyes!

Alice trembled uncontrollably.

The guy that Naomi had tried to matchmake her with from the very beginning so that they could become a couple, the person that she had despised and looked down on from the beginning, was actually an incredible God!

“You heard… everything?” Gerald asked awkwardly.

Alice blushed as she nodded. “Yes! I heard everything!”

“You are Mr. Crawford. The Mr. Crawford who owns countless properties and assets?!” Alice asked in shock.

“I… No, I’m not. I don’t have a lot of money. You’ve got it all wrong. Eh! Harper is calling me!”

Gerald quickly reacted. If he admitted it too readily, his effort to maintain a low profile during this period would all be wasted!

He wanted to leave as soon as he could!

Alice blocked Gerald’s way as she stood in front of him. “Gerald, I have already heard everything. Why are you so unwilling to admit it?”

“Why can’t you tell me the truth? Can you just tell me the truth?” Alice asked as she grabbed Gerald’s shoulders with bloodshot eyes.

Gerald was speechless. “You’ve really got it wrong! I’m just a pauper!”

After that, he broke free from Alice’s grasp as he tried to run back to the others.

However, after taking a few steps, Gerald was startled when he turned his head around.

Alice was actually walking toward the lake, step by step!

D*mn it!

“What are you doing?!” Gerald was really at a loss for words. This scene was exactly what had happened with Xavia!

He ran forward before he grabbed hold of Alice.

“Let go of me! Just let me die! I treated you so horribly in the past. You will never like me again. Just let me die!” Alice was really filled with regrets at this time, and she really did not want to live anymore.

Fortunately, Gerald had already brought her back to the shore.

Alice cried as she clung onto Gerald’s arm tightly. “Gerald, you still like me, right? I know that you liked me from the very beginning when we first met. Isn’t that right?”

Gerald could only tell her the truth. “Well, yes. Although you looked down on me from the very beginning, Xavia had just hurt me and broken my heart at that time. When I saw how beautiful you were, I really liked you. I felt that no matter how much you despised me and looked down on me, I was still very happy and excited to be able to see you. However, those feelings are already long gone. The only person in my heart right now is Mila. I really have to thank you!”

At that time, he had truly liked Alice for quite a while, and Gerald admitted it.

Alice did not feel good at all when she heard Gerald’s words.

She had once had a very sincere relationship waiting right in front of her…
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 375
Gerald finally got rid of Alice. The crowd of people continued having fun and enjoying themselves.

As for Gerald, he could not tolerate everyone’s questions and inquiries anymore. Hence, he could only come up with a reason to excuse himself in advance.

Anyway, he had already achieved his goal. Hayley’s mother was staring at Harper as though he was a very precious person now.

Gerald then took a cab before he went back to the school directly.

“Sir, stop!” As soon as he arrived at the university gate, Gerald saw the scene before him, and he asked the driver to stop the car immediately.

It was almost night time now, and there were a few luxury cars parked at the roadside near the school gate.

They were several boys who looked like ruffians who were surrounding a girl who was trying to go back into the school. They were obviously trying to block her way, and they did not want to let her go.

The girl looked very angry, and she even slapped one of the boys across his face.

They got more aggravated and violent at this time, and they looked as though they really wanted to hit her now.

The driver also looked at the situation over there, and he could not help but shake his head with a wry smile on his face. “Oh! Nowadays, some of the rich heirs only depend on the wealth and power of their families to do whatever they want. They are all lawless young people. Young man, if you know what is good for yourself, you should just stay out of this matter. There are some people that we simply cannot afford to offend!”

Gerald handed fifteen dollars over to the cab driver. After telling the cab driver that he did not need the change, he pushed the car door open before he stepped out of the car.

He started walking toward the girl who was being surrounded at this time.

The cab driver could not help but glance at Gerald’s back with a little sympathy. “Oh, young lad! I wish you good luck!”

After that, the cab driver stepped on the accelerator and drove away immediately.

“Miss Giya, please do not make things difficult for us. Our boss said that we have to invite you over there to have a drink with him today. There is nothing wrong with accompanying him for a drink, right?” Several young ruffians opened their arms as they surrounded Giya.

There were people passing by at this time, but no one dared to interfere in this matter.

Giya cursed coldly, “Go away! I do not know who your boss is! Why should I drink with him?”

“Haha! Miss Giya, our boss is Timothy Shen! You must have heard of him before. Speaking of it, Mr. Shen and you are really fated! Mr. Shen saw you once before at a business exchange meeting. He could not forget about you since then, but he did not manage to get your contact information. As a result, both of you really seem to be fated today. A young kid actually had your picture on his cell phone. When we asked him about you, we found out your whereabouts immediately. Mr. Shen has already set up a table for you. If you refuse to give him face, we will all be done for!” The ruffians said as they continued smiling.

Giya ground her teeth and said angrily, “Get lost! I already told you that I will not go with you! If you continue acting like this, I will call the police!”

“Cough! Cough! Since Miss Giya is being so difficult, you are also putting us in a tough spot. We can only invite you to come with us by force, then. Don’t worry. After you meet Mr. Shen, you will definitely fall in love with our capable boss! Hahaha!”

“Brothers! Drag Miss Giya into the car!”

After the leader of the ruffians was done speaking, two or three other men came up directly before they grabbed Giya’s arms and started pulling her toward the car.

“What are you trying to do?! Let go of me! Help!” Giya shouted in panic.

She seemed to have heard of Timothy Shen before. It seemed as though he was related to some very powerful gang-related organization.

He was a hedonistic person who was always loafing around, and he had done things that were as disgusting as could be.

Giya did not know how or why he had set his sights on her, but she could already imagine what the consequences would be if she were to be dragged away!

She was struggling desperately at this time.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, there were several loud and explosive noises in succession!

After that, three of four ruffians were already bleeding from their heads.

The person who had rushed over was naturally none other than Gerald.

After he saw that the girl who was being harassed was Giya, he had gotten out of the car and searched for two thick and strong branches from the side of the road. He did not even care if someone would get hurt badly.

He started hitting them in their heads as soon as he came over.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 376
There were about five ruffians in total.

In the blink of an eye, Gerald had already knocked four of them out.

“F*ck! Who are you?!” The leader of the pack panicked, and he immediately asked in surprise. “I’ll kill you!”

Gerald did not say anything, but he simply rushed forward to hit him.

It seemed as though the ruffian was already used to fighting. He picked up a brick from the side of the road as he fought with Gerald.

In the end, he could not defeat Gerald who was in a rage, and he could only flee in embarrassment.

“Gerald, you… you… are you alright?” Giya was also terrified at this time.

“I’m fine!” Gerald replied as he wiped the blood off from the corner of his mouth.

Giya suddenly burst out nervously, “Ah! Your head is bleeding!”

Gerald was bleeding slightly from his head because he had been caught off guard just now, and the other party had launched a sneak attack on him.

“It’s just a small wound. Why did they come here to pester you?”

Gerald wiped the blood off his face. Today was the first time that he had ever fought like this.

Fortunately, he still had some strength in him. Moreover, Gerald was simply fighting without worrying about anything at all.

“I don’t know. I was just coming back to school today. They called me first to harass me, and then, they came to school to block my way. They were trying to force me to go and have dinner with that Timothy Shen, but I do not know him at all! I don’t know who gave him my contact information!”

When Giya looked at Gerald who had fought because of her, she could not help but feel very touched, and her eyes flushed red.

‘It must be that b*stard, Yacob!, Gerald cursed in his heart.

Of course Gerald knew about the cause of this matter today. Yacob had been taken away by Timothy earlier in the afternoon. Gerald did not know how the latter had taught the former a lesson, however, Gerald knew that since Timothy had set his eyes on Giya, this must have something to do with Yacob!

Although Gerald had been avoiding Giya, he still regarded her as his friend.

This was especially so after finding out about what Giya had done for him but yet, he had stood her up so many times. Gerald had always felt a little guilty toward Giya.

This was the reason why Gerald did not hesitate to defend her and fight hard for her when he saw that she was in trouble today.

When Gerald saw that Giya was already fine, he wanted to go back to his dormitory to dress up his own wound.

However, Giya refused to let him go and insisted on going to the infirmary with him.

Along the way, Giya held onto Gerald’s hand tightly.

He did not know what Giya was thinking about.

She had been very worried and nervous about Gerald a while ago, but before Gerald could say anything, Giya suddenly released Gerald’s hand. She even asked him to go on his own.

Gerald was taken aback. “What’s wrong?”

Giya replied, “It’s okay. I was just thinking about why I was so worried about you, and why I am still treating you so well now. After all, it does not seem like you treat me as your friend at all based on the way you treated me before this!”

Giya was suddenly very upset and filled with grievances. She then said, “You know, there were so many times when I personally prepared food for you at home and brought it to the library with me. I wanted us to be able to eat together at the cafeteria! I wanted to study with you too! However, it seems as though you have been avoiding me. Even when my mother fell ill, you did not even have a single word of concern! It was only then that I realized that I was overthinking it when I thought I was important to you. I thought that you would… treat me as a good friend, and I was even thinking… Forget it! It was all my own wishful thinking!”

“You should not have saved me today. I was already very sad because of you, but now, I have to feel grateful toward you again. What do you want from me?!” Giya asked as she stomped her feet in frustration.

Gerald replied, “I just don’t want you to get hurt. I truly regard you as my friend!”

Giya was also a very rare kind of girl. She was not materialistic and she was also very kind and beautiful. Moreover, she had always treated him very well. Thus, of course Gerald regarded her as a friend.

“Okay, let me ask you something…” Giya said as she moved closer to Gerald, staring at him closely.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 377
”What is it?”

“Tell me! Why were you avoiding me the other day? Tell me the truth! Is it possible that you already have a girlfriend?” Giya asked tentatively.

However, Giya already knew that Gerald came from a poor family background. It was just like what Tammy had said. This man was so boring, so how could he possibly have a girlfriend?!

“Well, yes! I have a girlfriend!” Gerald replied as he nodded.

It seemed as though Giya had also misunderstood them. Although Gerald was not narcissistic enough to think that someone like Giya would like him, he had indeed been avoiding her because of his own girlfriend!

Giya could not help but feel a little hurt for some reason. “What?! Are you lying to me?”

“I am not lying to you. I really do have a girlfriend. Her name is Mila, and she is from the Broadcasting and Hosting Department. We have already been a couple for more than two months now. She went to the Hong Kong Television Station to study two days ago!” Gerald replied as he smiled.

“Oh! So, that’s it! That’s the reason why you have been avoiding me. It turns out that you actually have a girlfriend. Not bad. This shows that you really like your girlfriend a lot!” Giya replied.

“Yes. I like her very much, and she cares about me too!”

“Oh! Then you should go to the infirmary on your own! I will not accompany you anymore. Otherwise, your girlfriend will misunderstand us if she sees us together. Besides, I will also tell my dad about how you beat some people up for me. I will ask him to help settle this matter too. Goodbye!” Giya waved her hand before she turned around and left.

Gerald did not know why there was a sudden change in Giya’s attitude from the start to the end.

However, it did not matter to him. Anyway, since he was already almost at the infirmary, Gerald decided to go in and get his wound bandaged.

After his wounds had been dressed, he called Drake and Tyson and asked them to deal with the so-called Shen family.

Gerald had already become smarter after learning from his past mistakes. Now, as long as someone offended him, no matter how small things were, Gerald liked to take the initiative to deal with the matter immediately.

This way, he would be able to save himself a lot of trouble.

After his wound had been bandaged, Gerald prepared to go back to his dormitory to lie down and sleep.

“Gerald!” At this time, someone pushed the door of the infirmary open.

It was Giya, and she came in with a bag of fruits in her hand.

“For you!” Giya said angrily.

In fact, Giya could not understand her own mental state at the moment.


No matter how you looked at it, Giya did not need to treat Gerald like this at all.

However, feelings were sometimes incomprehensible and unpredictable.

Giya did not know when she had begun having strange feelings for Gerald.

Anyway, she just wanted to see him, get to know him better, and just be by his side.

Perhaps it was when Gerald had given her the jade bracelet. That jade bracelet was his family heirloom, and he had given it to her without any hesitation at all. Wasn’t that equivalent to an indirect confession of his feelings for her?

Wasn’t a confession an indirect promotion of feelings and affections?

Whether it was a stranger or a friend…

As long as the other party confesses, the relationship between the two parties would change very quickly.

If the other party did not hate the other person too much, the relationship between both parties would involuntarily become some kind of ambiguous feelings.

This was obviously what Giya was feeling now.

She was very grateful toward Gerald, and she was also very curious about him. After Gerald’s confession, Giya could not help but imagine what it would feel like to be together with Gerald.

She felt that Gerald would probably be very good to her in every possible way.

However, this kind of expectation was completely opposed to reality. It made Giya, who was a very competitive girl, want to fulfill her own expectations.

Of course, the premise of this whole process was that this person had already gotten the girl interested.

That was why Giya had gotten into Yacob’s car yesterday—just to annoy Gerald.

There was also the sad little scene just now when Giya had found out that Gerald already had a girlfriend.

Even so, Giya went to buy some fruits back for Gerald!

“Oh! You went to buy fruits for me?”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 378
Gerald took the bag of fruits.

“I only bought it for you because you endured a beating for me. Don’t overthink it!” Giya replied as she looked at Gerald. “I do not want your girlfriend to overthink things if she finds out about this!”

“Haha! It’s okay! I did not think too much!” Gerald replied as he smiled.

“By the way, Gerald. Since you said that both of us are friends, let me ask you something. What do you think of Yacob?”

Gerald had already walked out of the infirmary at this time, and Giya was talking to him as both of them walked.


Hahaha. Gerald knew that this person was not a good person because it seemed as though he was one person on the surface, but another person behind her back.

What was more, he was even willing to betray Giya.

At this time, Gerald only shook his head slightly before he said, “I don’t think that he is a very good person. Giya, as your friend, I would advise you to keep your distance from him in the future.”

“Why?” Giya asked angrily.

“Because he really does not deserve someone like you!”

“Why? I feel that Yacob really treats me very well! At least he will not make me upset or ignore me, letting me wait for him on my own! As long as I say the word, he will definitely appear right in front of me! I also believe that Yacob will be willing to do anything for me. So, why is he not good?” Giya retorted.

“Just trust me. I believe that even this matter with Timothy that you’ve gotten entangled in this time has something to do with Yacob. You’d better be careful!” Gerald did not want to say too much about Yacob’s matter today. After all, he did not see it with his own two eyes, so he did not know for certain.

However, he knew for sure that Yacob was not a good person. That was for certain.

However, Giya became very angry. “What do you mean by that? Do you mean that no one is actually really good for me? Do you mean that I will never be able to find a guy who is sincerely good to me? Is that what you mean?”

“That’s not what I mean!”

“I think that is exactly what you mean! Don’t worry! I will find a man who is really good to me soon. After that, I will bring him in front of you to show you that you are not the only one who is willing…” Giya had wanted to say that he was not the only one who was willing to do anything for her without any hesitation at all!

However, she suddenly recalled that Gerald already had a girlfriend. So, what was the point of saying all these things to him?!

As for Gerald, he did not know what else to say.

Hence, he could only say, “Then, I wish for you to be able to find a man who truly loves you as soon as possible!”

“Thank you!” After that, Giya took a deep breath before she turned around to leave.

“I can’t finish all of these fruits by myself. Would you like to take some back with you to your dormitory to eat?”

“No need! If you cannot finish eating it, give it to me!” After she was done speaking, Giya grabbed the bag of fruits from Gerald before throwing it into the trash can directly next to them.

“Also, as a friend, I also hope that you will not give your most precious and valuable possession to other girls so casually in the future. This is because you will cause the other girl to misunderstand you very easily. Of course, I will not misunderstand you, but other girls you meet in the future might inevitably misunderstand you!”

After saying that, Giya left immediately.

As for Gerald, he finally understood everything.

It turned out that Giya had been talking about the jade bracelet. Well, if he would have known that this would happen, he would not have lied in the first place.

Gerald returned to his dormitory and lay down on his bed to rest.

They would be having their exams tomorrow. As for the future, who would be able to tell what was going to happen?

Gerald was about to sleep when he suddenly received a few WeChat messages on his cell phone.

[Are you sleeping? I still want to talk to you. I can’t sleep!]

[I feel as though I was a little too much today. I should not have thrown the fruits into the trash can like that!]

[But I was really angry at that time!]

[Gerald, are you there?]

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 379
[Should we have a meal together at noon after our exams tomorrow? Okay? I will be waiting for you!]

Giya sent a series of text messages to Gerald.

Gerald naturally saw all of her messages.

After thinking about it, he replied: [Thanks, but I will not be going. I have to rush home as soon as our exams are over!]

Due to the scattered examination schedule, Gerald had already sat for some of his exams before this. There were only two more subjects for the so-called final exams tomorrow morning.

Additionally, he did not want to have too many interactions with Giya anymore.

He replied to her directly before he turned off his cell phone so that he could rest earlier.

The next day, Gerald completed his exams for all of his subjects.

After that, he packed his luggage and put his blanket into another snakeskin bag.

Zack had initially planned to send a special car over to take Gerald to Serene County.

After all, the project in Serene County had already begun progressing ever since the phone call yesterday.

Zack and Michael who stayed behind were naturally busy and had to get things done back and forth.

However, Gerald did not want to be so high profile.

After all, the first thing that he would have to do after going back to Serene County would be to visit Mr. and Mrs. Winters.

As for the investment matters, Zack and Michael could deal with it themselves.

Moreover, since they had three months of summer vacation, Gerald wanted to settle down to read a book or learn something.

Once his summer vacation was over, he would have to begin his internship.

He would truly be very busy then. Hence, he should just relax when he could now!

After turning on his cell phone, he received another message from Giya on WeChat.

Gerald replied: [I have already returned to my hometown. Goodbye!]

[Oh! Alright, then! I will not disturb you anymore!]

Gerald did not reply, and Giya did not continue talking anymore.

Anyway, Gerald thought that he would not see her again in the future anymore, right?

As he sat in the bus, Gerald felt that he rarely had the opportunity to look at the scenery outside the window quietly.

He could not help but feel a little melancholic.

As he thought about it, it had just been a few months ago when Gerald had taken the bus, and he only had two hundred dollars on him. At that time, he was thinking about how he was going to deal with his tuition fee and his life in the future. Moreover, it would be Xavia’s birthday soon. How was he going to save up enough money to buy her a birthday present?

He could still remember that it had been raining heavily when he took the bus to school that day, and he had been sitting in the bus by himself. Xavia did not forget to call him to tell him that she had already arrived at school and was waiting to have dinner with him.

She said that she had brought some delicious food with her from home.

At that time, Xavia was still a pretty good girl.

But this time around, he was going back by bus, and so many things had already happened.

He had found out that he was a rich heir—the exceptionally rich kind!

As for Xavia, she had also changed completely, and both of them had also broken up.

However, one thing remained the same. When he had been going back to school a few months ago, he had been thinking about how he was going to spend his money.

Now that he was going home, he was still thinking about how he was going to spend his money!


Gerald continued staring out the window in a trance.


At this time, a female voice suddenly rang next to him.

This person had obviously recognized Gerald.

Gerald turned his head to look around and saw a beautiful woman who was about twenty-five to twenty-six years old sitting on the seat next to the bus aisle.

She was wearing light makeup on her face, and she was also very beautiful.

“Miss Lewis?” Gerald really did not expect to see a familiar face on the bus.

Moreover, this person was his high school English teacher.

Her name was Montana Lewis, and she had been a substitute English teacher in high school. She had taught Gerald for two years and was very young and beautiful. She had just graduated from university at that time, but she could teach in high school because of her family connections.

There was a reason why Gerald had such a deep impression of her.

It was because Miss Lewis had the characteristics of all the young and modern girls.

For example, she would always be dressed in a very revealing manner. Back then, she would wear a miniskirt and crop top which revealed her belly button while teaching her students.

Everyone also knew that she had found a particularly rich boyfriend because of her beauty. Her boyfriend had even bought her an Audi A6! That was very impressive!
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 380
Of course, her most notable feature was her love for the rich and her disdain for the poor.

She was almost the same as Cassandra, his current teacher.

Rich students were like their close friends and buddies.

If you had no money or power, you could just go and die wherever you wanted to.

Sometimes, her words were also very cruel and heartbreaking. That was the reason why Gerald had a very deep impression of her.

“Oh my God! This is such a coincidence. This is the first time that I’m taking a bus since I was young, but to think I would run into you now!”

Montana replied as she smiled wryly.

It seemed as though she was afraid people would misunderstand her and think that she took the bus often.

“Montana, who is he? Is he one of your students?” A handsome young man in a suit asked as he sat next to Montana.

“Yes. I’ve told you about it before. I used to have a very poor student in my class. He would always bring two steamed buns and a bag of pickles to school every day. Moreover, he would only eat one meal a day! Do you remember?”

“Oh! Yes, I remember!”

“That’s right! This is him. Speaking of which, I have not seen him for almost three years now! He got into a pretty good university. He went to study at Mayberry University! Oh! There was a boy named James Laurie in our class at that time. In fact, everything about that kid was very good. Unfortunately, he did not manage to get into a good university. He should have been admitted into Mayberry University, but he did not. Instead, some people who should not have gotten into the university got admitted. Seriously!” Montana said in dissatisfaction.

“Nevertheless, Gerald, I haven’t seen you in two to three years. It seems as though your temperament has already improved quite a lot. You no longer have the inferiority complex that you used to have before. It seems as though the big city has done you some good!” Montana said lightly.

Gerald replied, “Thank you, Miss Lewis. You are also much more beautiful compared to before!”

To be honest, he had a very bad impression of Montana.

However, it did not matter, because no matter what it was, she was still his teacher after all. There was no reason for him to hold a feud against her.

“Hehehe! You’ve also learned how to sweet-talk. To be honest, you should be more pragmatic and honest. Don’t learn to say these things like other people do. Moreover, even when you compliment me, I don’t feel like it’s a compliment when it is coming from your mouth!” Montana insulted him directly.

If someone rich praised you, that meant that you were impressive, but when a poor person praised you, you would not feel any sense of accomplishment at all.

This was simple.

Gerald could not help but think this to himself.

Anyhow, he decided to change the topic. “Miss Lewis, where did the both of you go?”

“Hehehe! We traveled abroad. Otherwise, why else do you think we are coming back by bus? Seriously. Anyway, you would not understand even if I told you!” Montana replied as she held the arm of the man in the suit affectionately.

Gerald simply nodded.

When he saw that Montana was no longer looking at him, he stopped talking as well. After that, he turned his head around before he continued looking out the window.

The bus arrived at Serene County shortly after.

The passengers got out of the bus, one after the other.

Gerald also carried his own luggage down before he got ready to hail a cab to go home.

Montana and her boyfriend were sharing the same luggage, and it seemed as though neither one of them wanted to carry the luggage. “Well, isn’t Gerald here anyway? We can just ask him to carry our luggage to the exit of the station, then. How can your driver be late at a time like this? You shouldn’t let him off just like that!”

It seemed as though they felt that they would lose face if they were to carry it.

When Montana saw Gerald, she hurriedly waved at him.

“Gerald, come here and help us lift this luggage! I cannot lift it!”

Montana did not wait for Gerald to speak and she simply pushed her luggage in front of him.

‘Can’t lift it? If you can’t lift it, you can just wait to die then!’ Gerald could not help but curse in his heart. However, as he thought about it, he would not lose anything even if he helped his teacher carry her luggage.

Therefore, he carried his own luggage in one hand as he carried the other two parties’ luggage in his other hand. After that, he walked behind them as they walked out of the station.

“Dear, do you think that your family can get the investment for the Serene County financing this time? If you can get it, you will really be rich! Hahaha! At that time, Serene County will also become a city in the future! I am so excited!” Montana gushed as she held onto her boyfriend’s arm with one hand.

Her boyfriend replied proudly, “Haha. That will not be an issue. My dad’s company is considered to have the highest potential in the whole Serene County!”

“Eh? Why are there so many cars parked outside the station? These are all private cars in the county. It seems as though these leaders are all here to pick someone up, right?”

“Yes! Isn’t that Sir Herring Jenkins? He is here as well?”

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