The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 381-390

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 381
“Sir Herring Jenkins is the head of the county. Who on earth could make him wait at the bus station?”

Montana could not mask her surprise.

Was it that rich dude from the city?

No way. Why would someone as rich as him come here by bus?

“Wait here; I’ll go say hi!”

Montana’s boyfriend straightened his suit and tidied up his hair.

He was ready to go over.

“But Jonathan, will this work? Will Mr. Jenkins pay any attention to you?”

Montana couldn’t help but worry.

“I guess so. After all, he knows my dad too, and I’ve had dinner with him twice.”

Jonathan reassured Montana and headed over to the other side.

Montana, however, didn’t dare go with him. The other side was filled with big shots, and several heads of the Ministry of Education were also present.

As a fellow staff member, of course, Montana didn’t possess the courage to approach them.

As for Jonathan, he went and came back quickly.

While there, he looked very proud, thinking that he had a chance to stand out among the crowd if he just greeted everyone.

But when he came back, he was dejected and his face the color of an eggplant.

“Huh? What happened, Jonathan? Did the mayor ignore you? Ugh, I told you so didn’t I? better not go over where all the big shots are!”

“Mmhmm, it seems like the mayor and the others are indeed waiting for someone’s arrival, someone important. I heard them talking about a Mr. Crawford, the one about to bring a massive change to the entire Serene Town! He’s a big boss, but something isn’t right. If it really is Mr. Crawford, why would he come here by bus?”

Jonathan was confused.

“Hmm, the mayor probably did not tell you the truth. Let’s go now. The few heads from the Ministry of Education are also there,” said Montana in a hurry.

Jonathan simply nodded.

He hoped that Mr. Crawford could speed up his journey as well.

Gerald had been following from behind and heard them mentioning his name. Could they have come here to pick him up, he thought to himself.

But he had already told Zack Lyle not to turn his arrival into some grand event. He simply wanted to return home and get his own stuff sorted out, and he wanted to stay out of it.

Right now, though, it was a bad time for Gerald to go over and ask them.

He pretended that nothing happened.

His hands were full of Montana and Jonathan’s luggage. Her driver stopped in front of them as soon as they exited the Station.

“The heat is killing me! Jon, get the luggage inside, and let’s leave!”

Montana rudely snapped at the driver.

After putting their luggage inside, Jonathan and Montana got into the car, and the driver drove away.

Gerald was left alone at the station with his luggage on the side, looking like an idiot.

He might be just a servant, but the least they could do was to greet him, right?

Inside the car, Jonathan looked at the rear-view mirror and saw Gerald, now standing stupidly at their pickup spot. He felt a little sorry for him.

“Montana, I forgot to greet that classmate of yours. We should’ve at least asked where he was heading and perhaps give him a lift, right?”

“Forget about him. We’re not giving him a lift. He’s just pathetic, and we’re not going to risk soiling our car because of him!”

“Alright then.”

Cursing Montana under his breath, Gerald decided to call home and prepared to leave.

On the way back, he remembered to give Mr. Winters a call.

He wanted to tell them not to make him any food as he would take away something on the way back.

The phone back home rang for quite a while, yet no one picked up.

He called three times until someone finally picked up the phone. A faint, weak voice came on the other side of the line.

“Hello? May I know who you are looking for?”

“Mrs. Winters, it’s Gerald here. May I know where Mr. Winters is?”

“Oh, Gerald? You’re back for your break, huh?”

Mrs. Winters sounded a little surprised.

Back when they were kids, Jessica and Gerald were both raised by Mr. and Mrs. Winters.

It was why the siblings had an incredibly deep affection for the old couple, treating them as their own grandparents.

In the past few years, Jessica was the first to rise to the top. Since Gerald still had to support his poor self, he could not provide Mr. and Mrs.Winters a comfortable life. The only thing he could do was give them financial aid discreetly.

So basically, Mr. Winters and his family still retained their original lives.

After Jessica received news that Gerald was about to have a break, the first thing she thought of was helping Mr. Winters and his family settle down.

Gerald would never forget about him.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 382
“Ahem, Mr. Winters was hospitalized this afternoon. I’d just come back to pack some clothes when I heard the phone ringing.”

“What? Hospitalized? Which hospital?”

Hearing Mrs. Winters’s gloomy tone, Gerald’s heart thumped in his chest. He hastily asked for the hospital’s location.

Mrs. Winters told him the address.

It happened to be at a hospital in the same county.

Mrs. Winters also happened to arrive at the same time after hitching a ride on one of the county’s bread trucks.

Gerald assisted her down from the truck before rushing to the emergency room in one of the hospital’s buildings.

Mr. Winters had apparently suffered from cardiovascular problems and passed out while having his lunch.

The incident gave her a big scare, and she immediately called for an ambulance. Now, the doctors were still doing all they could to save his life.

“Why are we the only ones paying for his hospital bills? Big brother, he’s our dad… your dad, so you’ll have to chip in too.”

In the emergency room doorway, a woman with textured, caterpillar-like eyebrows was speaking to a couple.

Opposite her were also several couples with young children.

Upon closer inspection, Gerald realized they were Mr. Winters’s two sons and daughters.

Those young children were his grandkids.

After hearing of the incident, they had apparently rushed to the hospital as well.

“My brothers and sisters, what you said wasn’t exactly accurate. You’ve all been living with dad the longest, and I’ve always been out, busy with business; as for the bills, I’m only asking you to settle in advance. Never have I mentioned once that I’ll make you pay for it all, so calm down! At the end of the day, the four of us will split the bill equally!”

The eldest of the bunch had always been out managing his business. He crossed his arms, taking a drag from a cigarette.

“Why should the four of us pay an equal share of the bill? Both of you brothers are the eldest of the family, so it only makes sense that you foot a little more. Sister and I should pay the lesser part. Besides, my daughter just graduated from university this year, and she’s getting an internship soon. I’ll need some money for that!”

The third sister was disgruntled.

Gerald understood that they were somehow fighting over the medical bills.

And when Mrs. Hayward heard the fight brewing among the siblings, she was so angry she almost fainted.

“Can you guys stop arguing for once?! If none of you are going to pay, I’ll pay for it, even if it costs me a kidney. Are you happy now?”

Mrs. Winters stomped her foot in exasperation and frustration.

“Calm down, mom. Didn’t you use up most of your savings to help your grandson start his own business?” quizzed the second eldest son.

“How much are the medical bills?”

Gerald finally spoke up.

“Huh? Gerald is back?”

Only then did the crowd notice Gerald.

“Hmph! Why did you even bother asking? It’s not like you’ve got the money anyway!” a young lady named Queeny Winters snapped coldly. She was the same age as Gerald.

During their childhood, Mr. Winters had always been more fond of Gerald compared to Queeny. As a result, she was dissatisfied. What grandparents would care more for a poor kid rather than their own granddaughter?

“Stop pretending to be something you’re not and start showing us what you can do,” interjected Clifton Winters, the other youngster who had just set up his own enterprise.

Like Queeny, he despised Gerald all the same.

His hate stemmed from Gerald getting good grades since he was a kid, and his grandparents had often compared him to Gerald. As time went by, his jealousy slowly turned into hatred.

As for Gerald, he knew that Queeny and Clifton disliked him since the beginning.

Yet, he did not say anything.

It was then that a nurse approached them.

“May I know when the surgery fee will be paid? The total is 20,000 dollars, and I suppose all of you can afford it, right?”

The nurse droned on with a tone of indifference.

“Listen to me, brother. Settle it now. I’ll give you the money later,” said the eldest brother.

“And why should I listen to you?”


Soon, the jabs against each other that had supposedly mellowed down boiled up into a heated quarrel all over again.

The second daughter-in-law and the third sister had joined the quarrel. They even brought up past issues, saying something about how the second-daughter-in-law owed money to the third sister.

Then, the entire scene turned chaotic.

Everything was a royal mess.

The nurse didn’t even try hiding the scowl that had grown across her face.

“I’ll pay,” Gerald whispered to the nurse as he shook his head in helplessness.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 383
The nurse led Gerald downstairs to pay at the counter, though she felt somewhat skeptical about him.

What then could be the reason for her doubts?

It was all because of the way Gerald dressed. He didn’t look like one that would have much money on him.

The medical bill came up to 20,000 dollars, almost impossible for the average family to fork out, let alone someone like him.

Gerald proved her wrong, though. He paid the 20,000 dollars for the surgical fee and even settled the accommodation as well.

It was a whopping 30,000 dollars in total!

He paid for everything without even batting an eyelid.

The nurse was stunned, unable to move.

Gerald paid no attention to her and walked back to the hallway.

They were still fighting.

“Everyone, stop fighting, I’ve settled the bills,” said Gerald.


Only then did the fight die down.

The siblings were stupefied when they heard that.

“You paid for everything? Gerald, it was 20,000 dollars! Where did you get the money from?” asked the eldest brother in astonishment.

“Well, not just 20,000 dollars, but this handsome lad paid 30,000 dollars, including the hospital bills!”

Unbeknownst to Gerald, the nurse had followed him all the way here.

“30,000 dollars?!”

The crowd became even more surprised.

In a worse state were Queenie and Clifton were even more embarrassed, considering how they kept mocking Gerald before this. Now, he had really forked out the money. They felt as if they had been slapped on the face, one hard slap after another.

“The money wasn’t stolen, right?” Clifton asked with a twisted face.

“Yeah, I remember an online news site reporting how someone lost their money! Gerald, did you happen to find that money and not return it?”

“It must have been it! Beware, someone might just call the police on you. That 30,000 dollars might just land you a death sentence!” Clifton warned viciously.

After all, he owned an entire enterprise, and it wasn’t surprising that he knew such things.

It was also precisely these words that scared Mrs. Winters.

“Gerald, where did you get that much money from anyway?”

“Oh, I just won the lottery, so there’s nothing to worry about, Mrs. Winters!” replied Gerald, smiling slightly.
Although there was no reason for him to conceal his identity, he simply didn’t know what to tell Mrs. Winters.

Instead, he panicked and ended up lying.

Queenie and Clifton’s eyes opened wide the moment they heard that.

Especially Queenie.

“How much did you win?” she asked in an anxious hurry.

Mr. Winters’s eldest sons, the adults, thought that it was quite bold that a young girl like Queenie would ask such direct questions. She simply couldn’t suppress her suspicions.

Mr. Winters had always said Gerald was a nice young man, and he intended for them both to be betrothed.

But who would like a poor guy like Gerald?

So, Queenie rejected him.

When she heard Gerald say that he had won the lottery, she felt a jolt run through her body.

Holy sh*t! If he really did become a wealthy man, would that mean she missed her shot?

“Quick, tell me, Gerald. How much did you win?”

Queenie jumped to her feet.

Gerald simply laughed, while showing five fingers,

“Huh? Half a million?” Queenie stared in shock.

On the other hand, Mrs. Winters was delighted by the news.

“What? You really won half a million dollars?!”

“Don’t worry about it, auntie. Just relax. I’ve already paid for uncle’s medical bills.”

Gerald helped Mrs. Winters sit down.

On the other hand, Queenie felt super anxious, as though a swarm of ants was crawling all over her heart.

What could she do now?

From Gerald’s tone alone, he seemed to have won a lot more than just half a million.

Could it be five million?


The more she thought about it, the more anxious she became. Thanks to Gerald getting ridiculed a while ago, he had chosen to conceal the specific value and make them guess instead.

For the next two days, Gerald didn’t go anywhere, staying by Mr. Winters’ side all the time in the hospital. The good news was that his condition was not serious, and he only needed to stay in the hospital for a while.

During lunchtime, he first waited for Mr. and Mrs. Winters to finish their meals.

When his belly started grumbling, he headed to the hospital’s cafeteria to get himself something to eat.

“Aren’t you, Gerald? You’re back!”

While he was queueing up for food, he felt a sudden tap on his shoulder.

When he looked back, he saw a beautiful girl, all made up and wearing a ponytail.

But even with the makeup on, Gerald still recognized her.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 384
“You’re Morgana Lopez?”

Gerald was a little surprised.

Of course, he knew her. She was from the same class in high school and even representative of the English class. Her name was Morgana Lopez.

During their high school years, she was pretty yet looked normal at the same time.

But he hadn’t seen her for three to four years, and all dolled up, she looked really hot and beautiful.

The metamorphosis was pretty evident.

In fact, he was mentally prepared to bump into high school classmates long before he returned to his hometown.

After all, the ones that should be working had already gone to work.

“I saw your picture taken by Montana Lewis in our English class representatives’ group today. You were carrying a duffel bag, so I knew you were back. I didn’t expect to meet you here… what a coincidence!”

Morgana straightened her hair.

Even after graduation, it was common for some teachers to leave behind their contacts to stay in touch with class representatives.

F*ck! Gerald was stunned.

Since when did Montana take a picture of him, and how on earth did he not come to know?

His guess was that she must have taken the picture after she got off the bus.

After all, she did yell at him to bring over her luggage while she was holding her phone at that time, so he guessed it must have been then.

Fck. That btch…

As rude as it may seem, Gerald still cursed in his heart.

“By the way, why are you in the hospital? Someone you know got admitted?”

Morgana had a quick chat with Gerald. Last time, they did not talk quite as much, but now, it seemed she had grown wiser after mingling within society.

“Yeah, my uncle got admitted here. How about you? Seeing someone?” Gerald asked.

“Oh, I’ve got lots of patients here. Say hello to your uncle later for me. I sincerely hope it all goes well for him!”

Morgana smiled.

“Oh, I understand now. You must be a doctor here, right?” Gerald asked.

“Yeah, I’m here under probation, and in a short while, I’ll become a full-time doctor here!” Morgana said with a touch of pride.

“That’s great!”

Morgana’s family seemed to have some connections with the hospital, but that wasn’t unorthodox.

Finding connections was a pretty common thing to do when students were nearing their graduation.

Those with connections would rely on them, and those without connections would need to rely on miracles.

It was nothing surprising.

It was time for Gerald to make his order.

“You don’t have to order anything. Let me treat you to lunch today. Miss, two servings for us, please!”

Morgana hollered to the canteen lady, and she soon filled up both of their plates with delicious food.

The meal was sumptuous and mouth-watering.

“Well, we were classmates in high school, and we haven’t seen each other for quite some time now, so you won’t mind me buying you lunch, right?”

Morgana covered her mouth a little, chucking.

“Now, why would I? Thank you so much for the food! It looks absolutely fantastic!”

The two then took their seats.

Morgana started off the conversation by introducing herself and what she’d been doing for the past two years. It might have seemed like some innocent catching up, but what she really wanted was to show off a little bit. Nonetheless, she was still more comfortable to get along with than the other classmates.

Gerald merely listened, occasionally inserting praises with a few words.

At that time, a young male doctor in a white lab coat walked towards Morgana.

“Who’s this?”

“Oh, this is a friend from high school. I ran into him here, so I treated him to lunch! Hey Gerald, let me introduce my boyfriend to you. This is Gabriel Lyons. He’s the one I told you about, and his dad is the hospital’s vice president.”

Morgana smiled.

“Ahh! A high school classmate of yours. Wouldn’t it be better to get him a proper restaurant meal than in our cafeteria? You both can catch up properly then,” said Gabriel, smiling.

“Ahem. I still have to work this afternoon, so how would I find any time for that? Besides, you don’t mind the cafeteria food, right, Gerald?”

“Of course, I don’t! The food here is pretty good,” Gerald nodded as he shoved two big mouthfuls of potatoes down his throat.

To Gerald, it was actually alright that things turned out this way.

For the remainder of the meal, he listened to Gabriel and Montana ramble on.

“Right, didn’t you have a few more high school classmates coming here tonight? I think it’s Cameron Laver and the others. They’re back for their break, and it looks like you have to be on duty tonight,” said Gabriel.

“Really? Then I guess I have to reschedule my shift for a later time. Cameron and his group were my best buddies during high school, and now that they’re here on break, I’ve to treat them as well. Even if I have to take a day off. I haven’t seen them for four years now… Oh, by the way, did you book the restaurant?” Morgana asked.

“Yep, I booked Johnsbury Bistro for tonight!”

“Nah… that restaurant is too ordinary. How about Buntingford Grand Hotel?” After all, we haven’t seen each ever since we left high school, that’s four years now. You’re not going to make me look too shabby in front of them, are you?”

“Alright, then. That’s changed. By the way, when are you going to get the other directors for a meal to settle this? You know that your director is the hospital’s chief, and there’s nothing my father can do about it.”

Gabriel laughed bitterly.

“Urgh, why did you bring up the matter? I’ve just lost my appetite! I can’t swallow another bite of this!”

Morgana slammed her fork onto the table in anger.

From what he had heard, Gerald guessed that Morgana had to be in some sort of trouble…
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 385
“Hmph! Why did he make the other intern a permanent doctor and not me? It’s just as I’ve said before. He isn’t giving face to your father at all! Doesn’t he know we are both seeing each other? He made the other intern a full-time doctor and ignored me instead!”

Morgana was so enraged that her fork almost slammed into the table again.

Gabriel tried to console her.

Gerald listened as he ate, and he could almost understand what happened.

The gist of it was that Morgana Lopez’s entry into the hospital as an intern clinician had been arranged by Gabriel’s father, the hospital’s vice president.

Of course, Morgana was really good at her job, where she was very professional and was very proficient with her skills. Many hospital staff and patients had unanimously commended her.

Gabriel’s father, however, seemed to be at odds with the director.

In the end, Morgana became the victim of the conflict between the two.

She suspected it would be a little more than challenging to become a permanent doctor her, and if her probation didn’t end well, the only obvious choice was to leave the hospital.

Her spot had been given to another intern from the director’s side, but that one seemed to perform way worse than Morgana.

It was apparent that the director deliberately wanted to embarrass Gabriel’s father.

Now, things had become quite upsetting for them.

It was highly possible that things wouldn’t work out in their favor.

Thus, it was the reason why Morgana wanted to have a night out with Cameron and the others.

Gerald knew who Cameron and his gang were since they were from the same class in high school.

Cameron’s dad worked in a hospital, and his mother in the health bureau.

In short, they were going to have a discussion on the matter later.

Gerald felt uncomfortable and awkward as he listened to their conversation.

He quickly finished his food.

“You’re done? Have you eaten enough? See, I’ve got a lot going on here, so don’t take this at heart, alright?”

Morgana asked the question blandly. It didn’t sound as warm as it did before.

These days, most people were only polite for the first few minutes. When that time was up, their real character would emerge from within.

“It’s okay, and by the way, Morgana, did you just say you were having a hard time at work? Don’t worry too much, and just relax. I believe everything will turn out just fine!”

Gerald couldn’t finish his lunch and just leave like that.

He could, however, give her a reassuring word or two.

Gerald even thought that if he could help her, he was more than willing to help out.

Although he could tell that Morgana didn’t really see much in him, the fact that she invited him for a meal, regardless of whether expensive or not, was what friendship was all about.

As a result, Gerald sought to help and return the favor.

“Thank you, Gerald. Right, tell me the room number to your uncle’s ward, and I’ll have Gabriel go over and say hello.”


Gerald told them the ward number.

Without interrupting Morgana and Gabriel, he walked out of the cafeteria to go look after Mr. Winters.

At the same time, he called Zack, seeing if he could pull some strings to help Morgana be a permanent doctor in this hospital.

It wasn’t a big deal anyway.

Not only did Gerald’s long-term investment plan include free-market industries, but it also included many of Serene Town’s business establishments.

Hospitals and educational sectors were also part of that investment plan.

“By the way, Gerald, I wonder if you’re free tonight?”

Zack asked just as they were about to hang up the call.

“Why, what’s wrong?”

“Well… the head of Serene Town County knew you had returned for a few days. It was all my fault, I let slip of it when I was drinking, and they even went to the station specifically just to greet you. Now, they’ve set up a welcoming party for you, and they wanted to know if you would attend the party?”

“If it’s in the evening… Fine, I’ll go!”

That feeling in his gut was right, all along. They were indeed there at the station to pick him up.

Frankly, Gerald felt quite bad for leaving them disappointed.

As for the welcoming party, even if he didn’t feel like going, they would just keep pestering him anyway.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 386
So, he agreed to go.

In the afternoon, once Mr. Winters finally slept off, Gerald left for the party.

It would be held in Cape Grace Hotel, somewhere around Serene Town county.

Attracting investors had always been a top priority for the region, and this time, much thought had been put in to make it as grand as they could.

Even many business owners of Serene Town County would be attending.

Zack and Micheal arrived first since Gerald had to look after Mr. Winters.

Gerald stood at the entrance, ready to enter the hotel.

Beside him, a car pulled up at the parking space. A couple came out of the car, arm in arm.

The woman was dressed elegantly and formally, and the man had a suit on him.

“Oh my, we should’ve left earlier. Look at the time now!” complained the woman.

“Hmph, why is it always my fault? You were the one taking hour upon hour to put that makeup on! My dad even called a couple of times to hurry us since Mr. Crawford will be arriving. It’ll be an embarrassment if we are late!” retorted the man.

The couple was none other than Montana and her husband, Jonathan.

“Stop squabbling, let’s get inside!” said Jonathan.

Suddenly, he glanced over his shoulder and saw that a boy had also entered the hotel. He pointed at him in surprise.

“Montana, look! Isn’t that one of your students? Is that Gerald?”

“Wait; what? Your eyes must be playing with y… f*ck, it is him!”

Montana was startled, and by the look of her face, she was seriously taken aback this time.

“Gerald! Stop right there!”

Just as Gerald was ready to enter the hotel, he heard someone calling out to him. He looked back, and by incredible coincidence, it was Montana.

“Ms. Lewis, what a coincidence!”

Gerald greeted with a smile.

Quite frankly, he wanted to kick Montana badly on the kneecaps twice.

“We’re surprised you asked us… do you even know what this place is? They’re planning a grand event, so what are you doing here?” asked Montana, crossing her arms.

Without waiting for his reply, Montana looked as if she realized something.

“I see; you’re here to work, right? Wow, Gerald, I didn’t know you had quite the eye for the finer things! Cape Grace Hotel will be quite busy tonight, so you must’ve smelled your opportunity, huh? Not bad!”

Montana smirked and nodded slowly.

“Okay, work well. I’ll remember to spare you a tip!”

Montana patted Gerald’s shoulder. She then grabbed Jonathan’s hand and went into the hotel.


“Just wait and see, I’m going to make you cry, you b*stards!” Gerald laughed and shook his head.

He took a step into the venue.

The dining hall was packed tonight.

Gerald held his hands behind his back, scouring the crowd for Zack and Michael.

Suddenly, he felt his face pelted by a small object.

F*ck! Who was that? That person must have been really bored, huh?

Gerald turned and saw Morgana sitting by a table, covering her mouth and giggling behind it.

Several young ladies sat next to her, and they all looked like they knew each other quite well.

They all looked at Gerald and laughed together.

“Stop standing there like a dummy. Get over here!” Montana shouted at Gerald.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 387
Gerald frowned, unhappy, but he walked over to their table anyway.

“Whoa, Madam Lewis, is this one of your students? He looks pretty good… hey, why isn’t he in a uniform?” said a woman next to Montana.

“Yeah, look, all the waiters here are in their uniforms, and he’s the only one not wearing it!”

“I guess he must be the handyman then. He’ll work wherever there’s work to be done, so he should be a temporary worker.”

Montana tried to find a reasonable explanation.

“Haha yeah, come here, little guy, come to my side. There’s an empty seat beside me. Come sit and have a chat!”

“Yeah, little cutie, don’t be shy! It’s a rare chance to dine among so many rich and young CEO today, so you’ve got to appreciate your time here!”

In their late twenties, a few women saw how Gerald looked quite handsome and cute, and they tried to tease him.

Montana rolled her eyes.

“What are you staring at? Can’t you see that they’ve asked you to sit down?! Are you that dumb? Four years of college for nothing!”

In the end, Gerald could not resist the invitation.

He was feeling good tonight, so he chose to sit with them for a little while. He would then cross over to Zack’s table once he spotted him.
Still, he was a little annoyed, mostly because Montana had been incessantly abusing him with insults.


For the sake of their teacher-student relationship, Gerald did everything that she asked had him to do, yet he didn’t even get a single thank you.

Now, she had been mocking him ever since they stepped into the place.

Gerald was supposed to attend the welcoming party. Instead, he became the ladies’ laughing stock.

He preferred to remain low-profile, but it certainly didn’t mean he was easy to be made fun of.

Unperturbed, he sat down immediately.

“Hmph, you really are pathetic and gullible, aren’t you? I can’t believe you sat down after being told to do so!”

Once again, Montana rudely jeered at Gerald.

It made the women giggle in glee.

These ladies were the wealthy spouses of Serene Town’s business elite, their husbands’ moguls involved in Mayberry’s top corporations.

Montana, on the other hand, was just a substitute teacher.

As a result, she endlessly flattered them on some occasions, hoping she could tag along too.

Seeing that everyone was so happy, she was even more eager.


Montana slapped the back of Gerald’s head.

“Why don’t you get up and pour some wine for Libby and the others? Think you’re some rich heir now?!”

Everyone at the table burst into fits of laughter.

Gerald remained silent, standing up and pouring everyone a glass of wine.

However, when it was Montana’s turn, Gerald deliberately shook the bottle, aggressively pouring its contents without the slightest care.

Shaking his hands, he and spilled the wine directly on Montana’s abdomen.

Now, her dress was full of wine.

“Ugh! Holy sh*t! My skirt!” Montana screamed.

“Gerald, do you even know how to pour wine??? Do you want to die?! Any idea how much I paid for this dress?”

Montana was enraged.

The party was about to start in a second, and there was no way she could meet people in this state.

Yet, Gerald looked like a numbskull.

She thought Gerald was a brat who had never attended any such events, so he was naturally careless and clumsy.

But she was the one who made him do it anyway, so all she could do was hold her tongue and save her curses.

“I was wrong… this is my mistake. I should never have let you sit here from the beginning! If I didn’t, my skirt wouldn’t have gotten dirty!”

“Oh gosh, what are you standing there for? I’m heading to the toilet. Hurry up and get me some tissue!”

Since her boyfriend was at another table chatting with some elders, and it would be weirdly unattractive just to go the get tissue by herself, she poked Gerald’s head instead.


Gerald smirked as he looked at Montana. He nodded and followed Montana to the toilet.

“Fck! I told you to get me a box of tissue! What the fck am I going to do with just one piece?”

Montana was in a blurred rage.
The sink was universal, and both the men’s and women’s washrooms were located beside it.

At that moment, a girl came out of the washroom.

She happened to walk over to the sink to wash her hands.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 388
“Huh? Miss Lewis? Why are you here?”

The girl was surprised.

“Morgana, why are you here at Cape Grace? Didn’t you say you were hanging out tonight with the group at Buntingford Grand Hotel?”

Morgana was surprised as well.

Morgana, the girl Montana chose as the class representative, and now a doctor at the county hospital!

“Forget about it. The hotel is closed for a few days, so we came to Cape Grace, but it seems they have some kind of event today. Luckily, we booked early, or we wouldn’t have gotten a place!”

Morgana shrugged, grumbling away.

She seemed to have not noticed Gerald, who was just standing by her side.

“Miss Lewis, how could you have been so careless? You’ve got red wine all over your clothes!” asked Morgana.

“Hmph! Don’t even ask. I’m here for a business event, and it was all because of that bastard Gerald! He got the wine all over me!”

Montana rolled her eyes at Gerald.

Only then did she notice Gerald who was standing close by.

“Why are you here, Gerald? Don’t tell me you’re here with Miss Lewis for the event?” asked Morgana in astonishment.

“Huh, him? He’s just here as a handyman. There’s no way he would have been invited to this!” Montana said, her mood obviously foul.

No matter how much she tried to clean her dress, the stain was present, but the event was about to start soon, and she quickly stormed out of the toilet in a fury.

“Cameron, guys! Look who we have here!”

As soon as Montana walked out of the toilet with Morgana, a few boys walked out of the hall’s lounge on the first floor.

It happened to be Gabriel Lyons, Morgana’s boyfriend, Cameron, and the other classmates.

The truth was that Gerald hadn’t met Cameron and the others for years now. They didn’t even talk much back then high school, let alone college.

When they saw Morgana, they hurriedly came over to greet her.

Gerald did not interject or take the initiative to greet them, merely standing beside and listening silently.

“Cameron, you were the most handsome in our class. I didn’t expect you to be still a heartthrob! So, what’s next? Any future plans?” Morgana asked Cameron.

Cameron was dressed in a tuxedo, his hair slicked to the back. He had good posture, and indeed, looked absolutely dashing. More importantly, he wasn’t the wealthiest kid in class back then, but his family had the most connections, and the teachers somewhat respected him.

“I’ve no idea; maybe my family will pull some strings for me?” Cameron laughed heartily.

Needless to say, everyone understood that his future career would be stable and secure.

The others were dripping green with envy for him.

“But Cameron, you can’t be the only one that gets a stable path. Morgana is now working in the hospital, and you have to do whatever you can to help her!”

Of course, Montana had not forgotten her own class representative.

“Don’t worry about that. It won’t be a problem for me.”

“Oh right, Gerald was also a high school classmate of yours. Why do you guys not seem to know each other?”

This time, Morgana’s boyfriend, Gabriel, suddenly pointed at Gerald.

“Huh, Gerald? F*ck!” he exclaimed with a smile.

Cameron and the others looked in Gerald’s direction, and sure enough, they realized that it was the same Gerald from high school!

“Yeah, I forgot to tell you guys that I met Gerald at noon today at noon, and he’s now a waiter at Cape Grace Hotel.”

As soon as Morgana saw that Gerald was let aside and ignored, she felt awkward and introduced him anyway.

“Ooh, that’s great, Gerald. Are you stationed in the kitchen or hall? If things don’t work out for you, I’ll find you some connections and promote you to be a supervisor or something?”

Cameron smiled and nodded.

“Is he your classmate from high school?”

Among the group of people, there was also a boy whom Gerald had never seen before, now looking at him and asking some weird questions.

Indeed, running into an old classmate who was a waiter during a class reunion, now that was newsworthy by itself.

“Yeah, he’s the famous broke guy from our class, haha!”

The other boy laughed.

The group introduced Gerald to that boy without hesitation, even bringing up his past.

“Mr. Crawford… so you’re here!”

Just then, a voice suddenly boomed from across the hall…
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 389

When Gerald turned around, he saw a middle-aged man hurrying toward him.

They did not seem to recognize the man.

Could he have known Gerald personally?

Gerald stepped out of the crowd.

“Damn, Gerald. Why did you go for it? Didn’t you hear how he was calling for one, Mr. Gerald?”

“Haha, yeah! Aren’t you embarrassed?”

The few friends from high school followed Gerald as they laughed.

Even Morgana was laughing as she covered her mouth.

Montana rolled her eyes again and again at Gerald.

“I must have made him drunk… I’m speechless!”

Montana shook her head and sighed.

“Mr. Crawford, I’ve brought your car for you. It’s in Sector-C of the parking lot. Here are the keys, and the master instructed me to ask you to return early.”

“I got it, Mr. Lyle. If there’s nothing else, you should head back.”

Then, a boy next to Cameron stepped out and shook his head with a chuckle.

“F*ck… I think he mistook him!”

Gerald felt a little embarrassed.

“You’re hilarious, aren’t you? Your name sounds nothing like Crawford at all!”

The boys continued to ridicule Gerald.

“Okay, okay, that’s enough; let’s return to our table and continue with the drinking. Oh right, Miss Lewis, I’ll organize a student reunion when you’re free, and you have to attend. All right?”

Cameron didn’t bother ridiculing Gerald, replying to Morgana instead.

“Okay, no problem. Once you gather the students for a reunion, I’ll definitely be there!”

The group agreed as well. Paying no attention to Gerald, they returned to their tables.

Gerald followed Montana up the stairs.

“Aren’t you the least ashamed or embarrassed? Why did you show yourself when that guy called for Mr. Crawford? F*ck! I’m so ashamed of you!”

Montana reproached Gerald a few more times before they both returned to the event hall.

Perhaps he was used to it that he simply sat down on the empty seat next to Montana.

Just as Montana was about to start cursing, the emcee had already started the night’s event.

It seemed to have gone on for quite a bit.

She had to quieten down.

When she looked at the stage, a spinning raffle wheel had appeared out of nowhere.

Several names were written on different sections.

One of them was Mr. Crawford, but without the first name.

This was a welcoming party for Mr. Crawford, after all, and everyone already knew who “Mr. Crawford” was.

The event continued with a raffle, and in the middle, the prize of a Mercedes-Benz G500.

“Montana, you almost missed the good stuff. Look at that, whose name do you see on that wheel?”

The woman beside Montana grabbed her arm.

“Jonathan? F*ck! You’re in the raffle?”

Montana excitedly pulled her husband, Jonathan’s arm.

“Haha, yeah, they were drawing the names earlier, and I made it into the shortlist! It’s enough of an honor to have my name on the same list as Mr. Crawford. It doesn’t matter if I win the G500 or not.”

Jonathan was gratified.

“How could you say that?! That’s a Mercedes G500, worth almost half a million dollars! If we win that car, can you imagine how awesome it would feel going out with it?”

“Right… by the way, is Mr. Crawford here? Which one of them is Mr. Crawford? Look at that table. It looks full of big shots!” exclaimed Montana excitedly.

“Gerald isn’t here yet, but the legendary Zack Lyle and Michael Zeke are both here. Mr. Lyle said that Gerald might come over later, anyways, since Mr. Crawford said he’ll come, he will come tonight.”

Jonathan was excited.

On the other hand, Gerald was looking at his phone. As expected, there were several missed calls from Zack.

Seeing Gerald was using his phone, Montana became dissatisfied again.

She was about to throw some insult when suddenly, the voice of the emcee filled the entire hall.

“Everyone, the raffle is starting now! Let’s spin the wheel and see who wins the top prize tonight, the G500!”

In the county, a G500 was a pretty big deal. It was pretty apparent that they had put in an immense effort into this event.

With a loud hurrah, the emcee spun the wheel.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 390
“Congratulations, Mr. Duffy, for winning a gold keyboard worth 15,000 dollars!”

The host spun the wheel again.


“Congratulations to…”


Three prizes were sent out subsequently.


“Congratulations, Mr. Jonathan Ladd! You’ve won an emerald jade bracelet worth 30,000 dollars!”


Montana was dizzy with excitement as she heard the emcee’s announcement.

The audience burst into applause too.

The prize alone was just a part of the raffle.

More importantly, Montana could go up the stage with Jonathan, the same stage which the other big shots stood on. Besides, there were a ton of reporters on the side.


What more could a woman ask for?

Montana was so elated that she even smacked Gerald on the cheek. She was just too excited, and the smack felt like it was no big deal!

“Who will be the one to go home with the grand prize?”

The voice of the emcee echoed loudly, and the crowd fell into a hush.

As the pointer dropped, the crowd’s eyes widened in anticipation.


Finally, the pointer stopped moving.

“Congratulations Mr. Crawford, on winning the Mercedes-Benz G500 prize worth 300,000 dollars! Let’s give him a huge round of applause!”

The host yelled in excitement.


The crowd screamed.

Of course, the winners for the other prizes were all by random, but as for the main prize, Mr. Crawford was set to win it even though he may not have appreciated it.

Everyone knew the ruffle’s set up.

“All right, may the winners please come up on stage! Also, Mr. Crawford, if you’ve arrived, please come up to the stage as well!”
The audience was suddenly quiet again.

Everyone’s eyes searched everywhere around the hall.

“Hurry up, hurry up Jeremy, you can share the stage with Mr. Crawford!”

Montana straightened her dress to hide the wine stains.

She hurriedly took Jonathan’s arm and stood up.

On the other hand, Gerald did not want to keep the others waiting any longer.

He decided he was not going to keep a low profile anymore. He stood up along with Montana and followed them towards the stage.

“F*ck, why are you following us?”

Montana only realized that Gerald was following behind her as she was reaching the stage.

“I’m here to claim my prize!” Gerald replied.

“Fck off, no one said your name. That prize is not for you, that’s for Mr. Crawford, not Gerald, are you fcking blind?”

Montana retorted anxiously.

“Oh my, Jonathan, you don’t even want to know what just happened earlier. I ran into my ex-students at the hall downstairs. Then, one of the student’s housekeepers came and called for Mr. Crawford, and this dumb*ss Gerald stood up, even I as a bystander could feel the embarrassed for him!”

“And now, he’s trying to get on the stage to receive the prize! If people start making fun of him and find out he’s one of my students, we’ll be embarrassed!”

That was all that Montana was concerned about.

“Mr. Crawford, please come up the stage!”

This time, Zack Lyle took the stage as the guest of honor.

He looked respectfully at Gerald and called for him.


Gerald nodded and did not say much.

He walked up the stage.

Michael Zeke, who was seated at the VIP table below, as well as the other teams of Mayberry International Inc, all stood up and cheered for him.

“Mr. Crawford, congratulations!”

“Thank you all!”

Gerald smiled blandly.

“F*ck, so he really is Mr. Crawford!”

The entire crowd instantly fell into a pin-drop silence…

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