The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 421-430

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 421
“Here comes Xella!” said Rae as she and the others smiled toward Xella.

“Have you waited for a long time, Gerald?” asked Xella, smiling as she looked at him.

“Not at all!” replied Gerald.

Xella was dressed charmingly that day. She was certainly the kind of woman who could bewitch others with a single glance.

However, Gerald knew better and actively stopped himself from thinking unnecessary thoughts.

“Speaking of which, Xella, I looked at the group chat yesterday. The others were discussing how you had landed a great job. How did you manage to get into the Dream Investment Group? I heard that a billion dollars were required for the registered capital!” said Rae, a slight jealousy projected in her voice.

Initially, Rae was considered much better compared to her other classmates in the group.

Since she was now dating the tycoon whose family owned a few shops, she was considered quite well-to-do and she was proud of that.

She had a great life as well.

However, comparing herself to Xella, she felt like a small fry.

Everyone knew that the Dream Investment Group was established with the funds provided by Mr. Crawford from Mayberry. In the near future, it was planned to become a large development project in Serene County. Whoever managed to enter the group would continue their efforts even though they had to pay about one to two billion dollars that year.

Naturally, when the news was shared in the group chat, everyone became excited.

It was a sign that Serene County was going to undergo some drastic changes soon.

“I just so happened to be recruited by the company. I’m not too sure how its development will end up being and to be frank, I don’t have much confidence either. Besides, it’s not like I’m working in the headquarters of Dream Investment Group. I’m just working in a subsidiary investment holding company under them, it’s not as mysterious and good as most people say!” said Xyla as she smiled bitterly.

“That’s still quite an exceptional post, Xella! You don’t have to be modest!” replied Rae, her jealousy more apparent in her voice now.

Gerald on the other hand, was standing beside them and he appeared quite shocked.

So Xella had been recruited by a subsidiary company under Dream Investment Company.

And who owned the Dream Investment Company?

It was, of course, Gerald!

No wonder Xella and the others were there the other day! After completing the procedures for the opening ceremony, he had bumped into them in the main square just outside the hall.

Quite a few celebrities had attended the carnival the day before so it hadn’t crossed Gerald’s mind that Xella was involved with the Dream Investment Company.

With her role as an employee of the subsidiary company under Gerald’s, it was definitely alright for her to bring along a few friends to enjoy themselves there.

Gerald couldn’t help but think to himself, ‘What a great coincidence!’

“Since we’re all here, let’s get on the bus together!” said Xella.

“It’s fine, someone’s picking us up later! Actually Xella, why don’t you come with us instead?”

Just as Xella was about to reply, her phone started ringing.

The moment she picked up, she stepped to the side before saying something, a blush forming on her cheeks. She continued talking for a while before finally hanging up.

“Your boyfriend?” asked Gerald with a smile. He couldn’t help it, seeing her face all shy and flustered.

“What are you talking about? I’m single! That’s just a friend!” she replied with a smile though her voice was quivering awkwardly.

Gerald shook his head with a smile before fishing his car keys out. He was ready to drive her to the gathering.

All of a sudden, a new white Audi A4L could be seen and heard dashing toward the bus stop.

The brakes were slammed and the car stopped abruptly right next to the surprised crowd.

The car’s window was rolled down and a man in sunglasses poked his head out.

“Come on, Xella! Your classmates will be there soon! Let’s get there before them, just the two of us!” said the man.

Naturally, the car caught a lot of attention from the people who were waiting for the bus there.

As usual, the beautiful one would always get picked up by the rich kid.

This was what a few of the boys there thought as their inferiority complex sank in.

“Ah, hello Waylon. Is this the newest car you’ve bought?”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 422
Rae recognized the man and she bore a look of surprise on her face.

Seeing that Rae and the tycoon were there, Waylon was surprised as well.

He got out of his car and leaned against it with one hand in his pocket. He then smiled and said, “Bought it about half a month ago. I finally found a chance to drive it today!”

Waylon was another of Gerald’s old classmates.

Back when they were still in school together, there were only two boys who were very rich and powerful. They still are today.

One of them was Cameron, whose family was related to the health department. The other was none other than Waylon.

Both Waylon and Cameron shared a good relationship back then. They enjoyed messing around during class.

Since the two of them had wealth and power, they both lived good lives even after graduating from high school.

However, Gerald was more interested in Waylon’s relationship with Xella. The two of them had never had a good relationship, even quarreling with each other at times, at least as far as Gerald could remember. They now looked like they shared quite a good relationship.

As they were chatting with each other, Rae pointed at Gerald before saying, “Say, Waylon, Gerald’s here too. Why don’t you talk to him?”

Waylon then finally looked toward Gerald who had been standing beside them all this time.

“Oh goodness! If you hadn’t told me about it, I really wouldn’t have recognized him. You’re here too, Gerald!” said Waylon as he smiled faintly.

Rae simply sneered at that. “What, have you forgotten already, Waylon? You once asked Gerald to lend you his workbook so that you could copy his answers. Gerald didn’t let you so you took a chair and beat him up all the way from the platform to the back of the classroom. I remember him looking scared half to death back then since you did it so harshly,” said Rae as she reminisced.

Gerald was placed in an extremely awkward position as soon as she said that.

He distinctly remembered that incident and it had been a reoccurring bad memory for him. Waylon was like a shadow in Gerald’s heart since he always ridiculed Gerald openly. That wasn’t the only time he had beaten Gerald up either.

It had been so traumatizing that whenever Gerald heard even his name, he grew instinctively frightened.

During that incident, both Xella and Sharon had quarreled fiercely with Waylon because they wanted to help Gerald.

Xella had even taken a textbook and smashed it on Waylon so that she could avenge Gerald.

It was an unpleasant experience as a whole and Gerald could only reply with a bitter smile.

However, Waylon was indifferent to the situation and simply changed the topic. “Well, that’s enough chit chat. When I called Xella earlier I thought she was going to be here alone. It turns out that all of you were here waiting for the bus! Either way, come on Xella, let’s go.”

‘Xella must have been afraid that I would misunderstand earlier, so that’s why she answered the call secretly’ Gerald thought to himself.

It wasn’t really necessary. Gerald didn’t care, quite honestly.

However, she had promised and agreed that they would be going to the gathering together. As it turned out, she had both Gerald and Waylon waiting to take her there. That was the only thing that slightly troubled Gerald.

“Sure. Let’s go in Waylon’s car together, Gerald. You don’t have to take the bus too!” said Xella as she blushed slightly while looking toward Gerald.

In their minds, the tycoon and Rae had added themselves to the picture. ‘Imagine riding in an Audi! That would feel so good! We could even deepen our relationship with Waylon! How nice!’

“I’m afraid that just won’t be possible. I need to pick up another classmate later and if Gerald joins, there won’t be any space in the car left!” said Waylon, a grimace on his face as he stepped into his car.

Xella was now sitting beside Waylon who had just gotten into the driver’s seat.

This made Xella feel even more awkward. “I… see… Then… What should we do then?”

“How about this, Gerald can just hail a taxi since it’ll only cost about ten dollars!” replied Waylon.

“You don’t need to do that! Aren’t there Ofo bikes by the street? Just scan one then ride the bike to the gathering!” said Rae.

“D*mn! That’s just too pathetic!” Waylon then burst out laughing.

Once he stopped, he said, “Let’s just meet later at the hotel then, Gerald.”

After that, he just drove off without saying another word.

Xella had wanted to say something to Gerald but in the end, she couldn’t bring herself to say anything. She could only roll up the car’s window.

She sighed internally. ‘What else could I have said…’

Once they left, several people were already looking at Gerald pitifully. A few others simply sniggered.

‘That Gerald guy there was clearly being looked down upon. He’s so pitiful!’ That was what almost everyone there was thinking at that moment.

However, Gerald didn’t let it bother him. He simply smiled in resignation before walking to the parking lot beside the bus stop.

He passed by the bus stop as his Mercedes-Benz G-Class drove swiftly toward the venue of the gathering.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 423
Once he had parked his car, Gerald entered the private room. Almost half of his classmates were already there.

There were about twenty people and the atmosphere was quite lively.

The dining table that they had booked was huge as well.

Most of the students there only greeted Gerald casually before turning to look away and continuing talking among themselves.

To them, Gerald was simply a poor loser so he was naturally easy to be ignored.

Going back to Gerald, there was one thing that surprised him.

Both Lilian and Sharon were nowhere to be seen.

“By the way, Waylon, why aren’t Lilian and Sharon here? Didn’t they say they would join us?”

Similar to Gerald, some of the other classmates were also puzzled.

Waylon simply smiled faintly. “They won’t be joining us. They’re not the same as they used to be. They’ve entered rich and powerful circles. They’re arguably the most powerful among us! Why would they ever attend such a small event such as this?”

“Oh my, is that really true? What else do you know, Waylon?” asked Xella who was sitting beside him. Her curiosity had gotten the better of her.

“Well, Sharon’s found herself quite a powerful boyfriend in Mayberry. Do any of you know about Yorknorth Mountain Entertainment City?” said Waylon as he lit a cigarette.

“Of course we all do! It’s net famous! Yorknorth Mountain is going to be developed and transformed into a tourism, food, and culture focused city. Literally everyone has heard about it!”

“Well, Sharon’s boyfriend came from Yorknorth Village, though the village has now been demolished. But that’s beside the point. See, her boyfriend’s family owns a few shops on the commercial street in Yorknorth Mountain Entertainment City. The amount of money they’ll be earning in the future will be almost impossible to calculate!”

“Holy cr*p! They sound really powerful!”

Hearing that, everyone was astounded.

“Her boyfriend’s name is Hayward, and he’s quite famous in Mayberry. I had visited Mayberry last month for a little entertainment and fun. I called Sharon while I was there and met up with her boyfriend too. We had a meal together and exchanged contact information too,” said Waylon rather proudly.

“D*mn Waylon! You’re so great!”

“Back when we were in school, Waylon and Cameron were equally influential and powerful! Waylon still is! How about you Cameron? No news from you? You’ve got to work harder!” teased a few girls who were sitting casually beside Cameron.

A hint of jealousy could be seen in Cameron’s eyes.

Cameron knew that he couldn’t compare himself to Waylon.

This was especially true now since Waylon had already grown to know a lot of people from Mayberry whereas Cameron’s contacts were only limited to those from the health department.

Thinking about it made Cameron both anxious and restless.

He felt like he was being humiliated.

“Hey, hey, don’t say that! Cameron’s a great guy too! If your family or relatives work in hospitals or something close to that you can just give Cameron a call! Come over here Cameron! The guest of honor seat is your’s to claim!”

Waylon was already sitting on the main seat while Xella was sitting to his left as the secondary guest of honor. The only seat left was reserved for the guest of honor so who else could sit there other than Cameron?

“But Waylon, wouldn’t it be better for you to take the guest of honor seat? You’re definitely the most powerful among us here! Besides, I’ll let all of you know something. Waylon’s company has also received funding from the Dream Investment Group!” said a classmate as he smiled while looking at Waylon.

Waylon was enjoying himself. He felt smug that the others knew about his achievements.

When his other classmates heard that, their eyes widened as they turned to look toward Waylon.

“They are companies that belong to my family, so they’re none of my business. I’ve established my own company but it’s still quite useless since I’ve yet to yield any results!” said Waylon while smiling bitterly.

Many of his classmates were both jealous and envious of him.

His declaration only made Cameron feel more and more inferior.

As he smiled awkwardly, he suddenly noticed Gerald who had been sitting near the door. With a cold smile on his face, he said, “Speaking of which, Waylon. We shouldn’t just pass the seat of honor among ourselves. Gerald should be the rightful one sitting there!”

Cameron had had enough. He was annoyed and he didn’t want to be compared to Waylon anymore so he changed the topic to Gerald.

“What? You’re suggesting Gerald take it?” said a random classmate as he burst out laughing.

Cameron simply sneered.

“Of course he should. You may not know it, but Gerald’s quite close with our Serene County’s Louie. We met two days ago at a restaurant and Louie even wanted to pay the bill for Gerald!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 424
Cameron smiled coldly as he said that.

“What? Very funny, Cameron! As if Louie could ever be acquainted with Gerald!”

“I know right? The difference between Louie and Gerald’s status is synonymous with comparing a planet with some dirt!”

“You can choose not to believe me, but Xella knows it’s true. She saw it too!”

As he looked at Xella, she simply nodded in agreement.

“Well, d*mn!”

At that moment, several of the classmates began looking at Gerald in a slightly different light.

However, there were also a few others who turned to look at Waylon.

Everyone was aware of the incident where Waylon had severely beaten Gerald up back in high school.

Gerald was somehow rich now, and he was even well acquainted with Louie who was known for having a good rapport with both good and bad guys. How would Waylon respond to that? What kind of face would he make?

On Waylon’s face was a scornful and bitter smile. “So what if he knows Louie? Also, I’m assuming that most of you don’t know about this, but Louie was beaten up by someone in a KTV a few days ago. His father was even warned by that person. What more, their Lourdes Mining Group shares are being taken over by someone else as well! With that in mind, do you still think that Louie is that f*cking great?” said Waylon.

Waylon then continued sharing other information that he had heard regarding what had happened to the Lourdes.

By the time he was done, everyone was finally able to see the entire picture.

“You know Gerald, you look like an honest person! But in the end, you got acquainted with such a person! I would never have expected you to be like that, Gerald!” said Waylon with a smug smile before he continued.

“Are you surprised at how I know all this, Gerald? Unlike some people, I’m not afraid to tell others about these things! See, the person who had framed the Lourdes this time around was none other than the powerful boss from Mayberry, Zack Lyle. He did something to them and whatever he had done, it made them obedient to him. Some time ago, my dad had a meal with Jaxon, more commonly known as Mr. Lyle’s driver. During the meal, Jaxon became so drunk that he ended up telling my dad about it. I was present during that meal and Jaxon even patted me on the shoulder and told me to work harder. I’ve even received his permission to give him a call should anything happen!”

Waylon ended his sentence with a faint smile.

The others were all dumbfounded.

“Mr. Lyle’s driver? Your father knows Mr. Lyle’s driver, Waylon?”

Everyone there knew who Zack Lyle was. It was literally impossible not to know about him if you were from Mayberry.

He was an extremely powerful and influential businessman.

His driver must be very well to do as well!

“Yeah, my dad’s had a few meals with him before. Jaxon’s quite a dominant man. You know, I think that we really should have more gatherings like this in the future. If any of you need any help, I’ll definitely lend you a hand. And don’t just think I’m sitting here telling lies either! Have a look at this photograph! Took it while I had that meal with Jaxon and my dad!”

Waylon then held his phone out to show the picture to everyone.

Curious, Gerald took a look at it too.

It was indeed, Jaxon Sanders in the photograph.

In it, he could be seen dressed up nicely and wearing an expensive-looking watch.

It was surprising to Gerald, to say the least. He would never have expected to see Jaxon like that.

In the past, Zack had always assigned Jaxon to be Gerald’s chauffeur when Gerald went to Wayfair Mountain Entertainment. Gerald had been quite close to Jaxon.

He had initially thought that Jaxon was an honest and sincere man, as he presented himself as a simple and plain person whenever Gerald saw him in the past.

To Gerald’s surprise, he was actually a quite dominant man.

Not that there was anything wrong with that. Everyone had a private life after all.

“So don’t think that Louie is some kind of big shot. The people who fawn over him aren’t going to be of any use to you either. Just find me if you have any trouble!”

Waylon then peeked at Gerald before looking toward Xella.

“And Xella, don’t you worry! I’ll help you deal with that person from your company today. No matter what it takes, I’ll help you resolve that issue!”

“Hmm? You’re facing troubles at your company Xella?” asked Rae.

Gerald’s ears perked at Rae’s question and he looked at Xella as well.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 425
“Yeah, come on Xella, tell us. What’s wrong?” asked a few of the classmates curiously.

Xella nodded before she began sharing an incident that had happened to her in great detail.

Not too long after, Gerald’s curiosity was sated.

It turned out that not long after she had been recruited by the company, her superior began constantly harassing her. The superior in question was a deputy manager of one of the departments.

According to Xella’s description, the deputy manager was a balding man who had lost all his hair around the crown of his head. He looked quite old and obscene in general.

Initially, he hadn’t dared to do much. He simply asked Xella out to have meals with him.

After rejecting him several times, Xella eventually found it difficult to continue doing so. Hence, she finally decided to accept and have a meal with him one day.

From that day onward, the man became more perverted and daring.

He constantly called Xella to his office. At the start, he would only say imprudent things to her from time to time. Now, things were getting physical and it was not uncommon for him to use both his hands and legs to harass her.

About two days before the carnival, the deputy manager had called Xella to come over. This resulted in her thigh being caressed by him.

She was so nervous at the time that she instinctively picked a glass of water up and poured it all over the deputy manager.

Now, she was being threatened to be fired. He wanted her to obey him, otherwise she would have to resign from the company. She was told to be sensible and act accordingly as well.

After that incident, Xella ended up telling Waylon about what had happened.

Only Waylon was powerful and influential enough to set the deputy manager straight. Help from her classmates was also welcome.

“Well d*mn! Now I really want to beat up that old pervert! How dare he bully our goddess!” shouted some of the men indignantly.

“That’s the spirit! However, we women really need to learn how to better protect ourselves. We’re always being harassed and bullied. You know, a few people who didn’t know about my connections or background had constantly requested me to do things for them back when I first arrived at the hospital. Once they got to know who my boyfriend was, nobody tried anything funny with me anymore!” said Morgana.

“I know right? Speaking of which, Xella, you and Sharon were both equally the most beautiful girls in our class during our school days. Sharon’s already found herself a good and powerful boyfriend so you should definitely do the same! Find yourself a man like that who cherishes you and you’ll bump into way fewer problems like this in the future!” added Rae.

Xella only blushed slightly at this before looking toward the floor.

“Don’t worry, Xella. After today’s gathering ends I’ll resolve the issue for you! He’s just a deputy manager after all!” said Waylon confidently.

“Waylon I just want you to scare him a little so that he’ll stop bothering me, please don’t do anything unnecessary!” replied Xella with a slightly worried tone.

“Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing!”

“If you want to scare him off, you need to look no further! Gerald’s here and he can easily ask Louie to help with that!” said Cameron as he looked at Gerald.

Gerald looked back at him and could only give a cold smile as the others burst out laughing.

It was a rare moment for Gerald to have finally found someone equally fun, good, and capable. However, it didn’t matter in the end.

Xella looked toward Gerald for a brief moment before averting her gaze and looking back at Waylon.

Her answer was quite obvious.

Back in high school, Xella had shared quite a good relationship with Gerald, up to the point where she actively defended him from Waylon.

Now, however, she was much closer to Waylon.

Waylon was naturally considered to be the most powerful among the classmates and he had a lot more connections and resources compared to the others as well. Gerald had nothing except for Louie, as far as the people there knew.

Gerald could understand her reasoning and couldn’t fully blame her.

After experiencing enough in society, ordinary people usually concluded that money and resources were much more important than actual friendship.

Gerald was honestly slightly upset since it happened to someone he had treated like a close friend before.

However, Gerald chose to not say anything about it.

He simply looked at the others when the topic was changed to ridicule him again.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 426
After a while, Gerald stood up and went to the washroom.

Not long after he had entered the gents, Xella stood up to head to the washroom herself.

After washing his hands, Gerald bumped into Xella who had also left the bathroom at the same time.

The meeting was awkward, to say the least.

“Speaking of which, I haven’t had a chance to properly talk with you. How’ve you been recently?” said Xella with a bright smile as she tried to conceal her awkwardness.

She knew how her relationship with Gerald was like in the past, and she was also very aware of the conflicts between Gerald and Waylon.

However, now she had become quite close to Waylon. Even if he didn’t say it, Gerald would definitely not feel alright with that.

“Not bad!” said Gerald as he wiped his hands dry with some tissue paper.

“I heard that you haven’t found a job yet, is that true? Do you have any plans for the future?” asked Xella.

“I plan to make a name for myself,” replied Gerald honestly.

Xella frowned slightly at that before shaking her head with a faint smile on her face. “Listen Gerald, I really suggest that you go look for a job. It doesn’t matter what kind of job you get. You know very well that you’re different from the others!”

“Or, you could even try to please Waylon. He’s started his own company and he’s looking for people to hire. If you want, I could put in a word for you so that he’ll be more willing to take you in! The basic salary is around three hundred dollars a month and that’s better than nothing!” advised Xella.

“I appreciate it, but I’ll have to refuse,” said Gerald as he smiled.

Xella simply sighed. “Gerald, I know that Waylon beat you up badly back then, but he was young so please try to understand. Why don’t you try looking at it this way? If you had let him copy your answers then he wouldn’t have beaten you up! Now that you’ve graduated from university, who knows? He may be willing to lend a hand!” continued Xella.

“I don’t take that incident to heart anymore. Also, regarding the issue with your deputy manager. All you need to do is to tell your manager or report the incident to the other superiors at your company. They’ll definitely punish him severely!”

The manager and several of the superiors there were originally staff from Mayberry International Inc. so Gerald knew about their capabilities and virtues well. They would definitely not allow any sort of harassment to continue.

Xella simply looked at Gerald for a while before smiling bitterly and shaking her head. “You don’t know much about what goes on at my workplace. You don’t have to bother about it anymore. Anyway, it’s been nice talking to you again, and thank you, Gerald!”

After ending her sentence, she simply waved at Gerald before turning away and leaving.

It made Gerald feel that Xella herself was quite a strange person.

It was just like back when he had met Sharon. She had acted strangely to him as well.

Feeling disappointed, Gerald began walking back himself.

Less than two dozen steps later, he saw that Xella’s path had been blocked by a middle-aged man. The man was even trying to hold her hand.

“What are you doing, Mr. Zabel?” said Xella as she moved her hand away from his.

“Xella, I was planning to have my meal here today. I didn’t expect to bump into you. Since we’re both here, why not have a drink with me? I can introduce some colleagues from our company to you!” said Mr. Zabel, lust reflected in his eyes.

“Come now. Stop trying to leave or I’ll get angry soon!” he said.

“Let go of her!”

At that moment, a loud, angry roar could be heard.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 427
The roar had come from none other than Waylon himself who had just left the private room.

Earlier, another girl had left for the washroom but as she was about to exit the private room, she saw a man blocking Xella’s path.

Once Waylon learned about the fact, he immediately got up and headed toward the washroom alongside a few others.

“What’s this? A group of uncouth b*stards! Who’re you yelling at?”

Though perverted, Mr. Zabel was certainly no small fry. His expression was cold as he asked the question.

“That girl’s my classmate. Why are you blocking her path?” asked Waylon, unafraid.

Xella was so frightened that she instinctively hid behind Waylon.

“Xella, I’ll go ahead and say this. The colleagues waiting for me this time around are no ordinary people. If you know what’s best for yourself, follow me. Also, why don’t you tell these b*stards who I am?” replied Mr. Zabel, his arms folded behind his back.

“Waylon… His name is Charlie Zabel… And he’s the deputy manager of my department!” said Xella.

“D*mn! So this is the guy!”

Waylon had initially decided to deal with Charlie that afternoon. However, Charlie had been kind enough to show up in front of Waylon! Good, he didn’t need to waste any time looking for him!

Xella clearly had not expected to bump into that old pervert here either.

Waylon sneered before saying, “How convenient. I had planned to go looking for you but here you are, Mr. Zabel. Let’s have a chat, shall we? First of all, do you know who I am? My dad is Spencer Leets! My family owns Queenzon Enterprise! The biggest company in Serene County!”

Hearing that, Charlie’s heart skipped a beat.

He definitely knew about Queenzon Enterprise.

In the past, it had just been an ordinary company. Now, however, things were completely different.

Due to Queenzon Enterprise’s high environmental protection standards, they had gained funding from the Dream Investment Group.

One could even say that it’s one of Dream Investment Group’s development projects.

The Leets family’s status greatly benefitted from this, and they now enjoyed a powerful and influential status in Serene County.

Similarly, Mr. Zabel had also received funding from the group. However, as a mere deputy manager of a company, he still needed to think and behave properly.

“Ah, do you’re from the Letts! But Mr. Letts, I have some business to attend to with Xella which only concerns our company. It would be inappropriate for you to intervene in such private affairs, don’t you think?” said Charlie coldly.

His company’s percentage of investment was much higher than the factory and company belonging to Queenzon Enterprise. Comparing the two, Charlie’s company was definitely a more important asset for the Dream Investment Group. Charlie didn’t have to be too scared when it came to the aspect of power and background.

“Oh, but I do wish to intervene. No matter what you say!”

Waylon spoke without filtering his words, projecting his assertiveness in the situation.

Things got physical soon after due to both men feeling the need to protect their pride.

Waylon was first to attack. He rushed toward Charlie and began punching him without even flinching.

Seeing that, Cameron and the others began taking action as well.

In their minds, they all thought that the deputy manager was not as powerful and influential as Waylon’s family.

In the end, Charlie was beaten up quite severely.

Xella had been standing beside them the entire time, trying to get them to stop fighting but to no avail.

“You absolute b*stards! How dare all of you! Just you wait!” Charlie shouted with a hand on his bruised cheek as he ran away in a rather pitiful manner.

Not too long after, a group of people rushed out of Charlie’s own private room.

The leader of the group seemed to be a middle-aged man in a suit.

“Who was it who started it all?” asked the leader, coldly.

Charlie immediately pointed at both Waylon and Cameron before whispering something into the leader’s ear.

The man simply sneered. “Like I care whose son he is! Today’s my first day reporting to duty at your company as a senior executive! These brats need to be taught a lesson, otherwise, they’ll think we’re small fries that can be bullied easily!”

While the tensions continued to heighten, Gerald simply continued standing at the side. He really didn’t know whose side he should be on now.

On one hand, Waylon was definitely a useless, rich brat but he was efficient when it came to fighting.

On the other, the middle-aged man was clearly not any saint either.

As Gerald thought to himself, someone from Charlie’s group smashed a wine bottle against Waylon’s head. Blood soon started dripping down his face.

“Hey! Stop fighting! Cease this!”

Noticing how bad the situation already was, Gerald quickly rushed forward along with a few other men. They tried to persuade both teams to stop fighting.

After all, those people who were beating the others up were Gerald’s subordinates. On the other hand, Waylon was the one who was being beaten up. Although Waylon could almost be considered as Gerald’s enemy, it was imprudent to cause such a great mess since they were having a gathering that day.

It was something that just shouldn’t happen that day.

Charlie’s subordinates finally stopped beating up Waylon after the staff from the hotel gave their cooperation to stop the fight. Charlie then paid the bill and left the hotel in a huff, surrounded by the people from his company.

“Oh no, what are we going to do? Waylon, you’re bleeding!” said Rae, extremely frightened.

“They’re the first bunch of bstards who have ever dared to beat me up. I’m calling my dad! Those bstards are going to pay a terrible price for this!” shouted Waylon, his eyes bloodshot.

Gerald had observed how Waylon had fought earlier. He was clearly someone who would never allow himself to accept loss or defeat that easily.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 428
Due to his father’s power and influence, Waylon had always done as he pleased, acting smugly and arrogantly in front of all his classmates.

It had never occurred to him that Charlie’s subordinate could act even fiercer. They had even severely beaten him up.

At that moment, Waylon was a wreck both physically and emotionally.

“He needs medical attention immediately!” shouted Morgana before taking her phone out and calling for an ambulance.

The ambulance soon arrived and since Morgana herself was a clinician, she entered the ambulance as well to help bandage his wounds. She left for the hospital together with Waylon.

“Waylon was beaten up and now he’s being sent to the hospital… What should we do?”

“Let’s just leave for now… What if those madmen come back with reinforcements?”

“You’re right! They don’t seem like ordinary people…”

The classmates continued discussing the situation among themselves, all of them quite indecisive on whether pride or safety was more important.

Since no immediate conclusion was achieved, they all turned to look at Cameron.

Cameron looked back at them, dumbfounded.

Cameron had been lying on the floor throughout most of the second half of the fight. He had been kicked down and he stayed there. He was afraid of fighting back the moment he found out that the leader was some kind of senior executive.

It was also the reason why only Waylon was beaten up when the fight began again.

He had initially been worried but seeing how everyone was expecting him to make the next decision, he soon became smug again.

“Everyone remain calm! Let’s just head to the hospital first. Waylon’s father will definitely be going there as well!” said Cameron.

The rest of his classmates agreed and they all headed toward the hotel’s underground parking lot together.

For a brief moment, Gerald was too stunned to move but he simply shook his head before heading downstairs to get his own car as well.

‘These people seriously like making a mountain out of a molehill! If Xella had only reported it to her superiors, none of this would have happened! Charlie would definitely be dealt with easily!’

‘All she needed to do was give me a call and everything would’ve ended just like that!’

‘What a mess this has become…’ These were the thoughts going on in Gerald’s mind.

All of them were now in the parking lot.

“Alright, we have four cars with us now. Who else drove here?” asked Cameron.

At that moment, Xella started crying out loud.

“I’m so sorry everyone! It’s my problem but I pulled you all into it as well!”

Xella wailed, a terrible guilt weighing on her heart.

“How could we blame you Xella? I witnessed the old pervert blocking your way with my own eyes! What more, Gerald had been standing beside you but he didn’t do anything! If he had done something, maybe all of this wouldn’t have happened! It’s all his fault!”

“That’s right! If anyone’s to blame it should be Gerald! Don’t blame yourself! Let’s just get into the car and head to the hospital now!” said Rae.

The classmates then began entering the available cars. Xella herself got into Cameron’s car.

“Oh god, look! Gerald’s here too!”

At that moment, everyone finally took notice of Gerald who had just arrived at the parking lot.

“What’s that idiot doing down here? All the seats in the available cars have been filled! Didn’t he come here by hailing a taxi?” asked a female classmate coldly.

“That’s right! Since you took a taxi here why are you down here with us? Were you planning on joining us in a car? You won’t be of any use even if you come along with us! Just hail a taxi and stop blocking our path here!” said Rae with a cold sneer.

Xella simply glanced at Gerald though she said nothing else before looking away.

“Don’t bother about him, Cameron. Is your car or Waylon’s faster?” asked Rae as she rolled her eyes while looking at Gerald.

“They’re almost the same! We’ll be heading out first! Sit tight!” shouted Cameron as he stepped on the pedal, sending the car lunging forward.

What followed was a loud bang.

Cameron had not held on to the steering wheel firmly enough. His car had crashed against the back of a white car that had been parked in front of them.

The hood of Cameron’s car was lifted. It looked like it had been badly damaged.

“F*ck!” yelled Cameron in shock.

All of them got out of his car and Rae immediately started screaming. Her mouth was covered with her hands in shock.

“Cameron. Cameron look! I think you crashed into a Mercedes-Benz G500!”

“What? How could that be?”

Most of the other classmates didn’t think too much about it. To them, it just felt impossible that such a luxurious car would even be in Serene County.

However, when they approached the car, Rae had unfortunately been correct. It really was a Mercedes-Benz G-Class…
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 429
“F*ck! A Mercedes-Benz G-Class is worth more than three hundred thousand dollars!” shouted a classmate in a worried voice.

Though the two cars had collided, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class had suffered much less compared to Cameron’s own car.

However, if compensation was required, Cameron knew he had to fork out at least a hundred thousand dollars. He quivered slightly in fear.

“I’m so sorry Cameron! If it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t have hit that car!” wailed Xella as another burden was added to her heart.

She sighed internally while holding back her tears. ‘If it wasn’t for me, none of these incidents would have happened today…’

‘Waylon’s been beaten up, and now Cameron’s just crashed into another car when he was just trying to send me to the hospital to visit Waylon! What can we even do now?’

Xella’s mind was filled with negativity and it only made her feel more flustered and agitated than she already was.

The others were starting to feel afraid as well. They began discussing how to resolve the issue regarding the expensive car.

“Just go ahead, it’s no big deal. Go to the hospital, all of you!” said Gerald with a sigh while he slid his hands into his pockets.

It was quite unfortunate but of course, the car Cameron had crashed into was Gerald’s.

His Lamborghini was hit by someone and now his Mercedes-Benz G-Class faced the same fate. Was he really that unlucky?

Though it was his car that had been hit, he found it difficult to ask them for a maintenance fee, given how terrified they all already looked thinking about how much money they would have to fork out.

“For f*cks sake! Do you even understand the value of this car, Gerald? This is a Mercedes-Benz G-Class! Who would dare to just leave like that! If the owner of this car ever found out who we were, we would definitely have to pay an even heavier price! Do you even understand half of what I’m saying?!” shouted Rae, her anxiety now in high gear.

“Let’s calm down and think about this. How about we all wait here for the driver. When they arrive, we’ll apologize sincerely to them and with any luck, they might let us leave if they’re satisfied with just that,” suggested one of the girls.

“That’s the best idea we have at the moment. It definitely beats leaving the car like this!”

This seemed to be what the majority agreed with.

Some of the girls even had other things on their minds. They wanted to see whether the driver was a handsome young man.

“Say, Cameron, why don’t you leave with the others first? I’ll stay behind and wait for the driver. I’ll settle the issue of the maintenance fee!” said Xella out of the blue.

Although she didn’t have much money, she couldn’t just allow Cameron to pay for the maintenance fee all on his own.

“No way, we can’t just leave you here! How about this, everyone, please try to use your connections to see if you can find out who owns the car. Maybe someone you know may know who the owner is!” suggested Rae.

The idea was approved by almost everyone there and they began taking action.

“One of my cousins works in the construction zone. I’ll ask him!”

“My uncle is responsible for the housing and building projects. He knows quite a lot of people too. Let me ask him!”

“My uncle’s a teacher. He’ll know a lot of people as well!”

Several of them started calling up whatever relevant connections they knew of.

Xella herself joined in on the effort.

“You guys. You really don’t have to do this, just listen to me! Get going now!” Gerald was getting more and more perplexed at how complicated this simple thing was turning into.

“And what? Let you handle it? What could a loser like you even do!”

“You barely have any common sense in you!”

Before they could continue mocking him, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class made a sound.

Gerald had given up trying to explain. He had retrieved his car key and pressed a button on it. The lights of the car flashed for a moment following the sound of the car unlocking.

At that moment, everyone present was stupefied.


“What the hell?”

Some of the girls couldn’t hold back their shock and accidentally shouted out whatever was on their minds.

Even Xella put down her phone as she looked toward Gerald in immense shock.

All of them were in utter disbelief.

‘How could that Mercedes-Benz G-Class belong to Gerald?’

‘Didn’t he hail a taxi to get here?’

‘Isn’t he a pauper?’

Everyone had the same questions in their heads. It was nothing short of astounding.

By the time everyone had gotten back to their senses, Gerald had already driven his car out of the parking space. The car had not been severely damaged and he made a mental note that he would find an automobile sales service shop later to get any dents repaired.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 430
Whatever the case was, Cameron’s car certainly wasn’t going to be driving anyone anywhere with that damaged hood.

Everything that had gone wrong had stemmed from Xella, but there really was no use crying over spilled milk.

Besides, Gerald didn’t think that it was appropriate to just leave them like that. They were friends in the past after all.

“Come on, get into my car. I’ll give you a ride to the hospital!” said Gerald calmly.

This new mature and calm Gerald felt quite strange to the others.

Thinking back, no wonder he seemed so calm and casual earlier when he was talking to them at the bus stop.

They honestly hadn’t paid much attention to his demeanor then since they thought he was still a loser.

However, now when they paid more attention to the way he spoke, they found that his tone sounded cold and composed as opposed to the old Gerald they knew. It was somewhat awe worthy.

“Gerald! Is… Is this your car?” asked Rae, her eyes wide open.

“Yep. It’s still pretty new,” replied Gerald as he nodded slowly.

“Why are you talking so casually about a Mercedes-Benz G-Class?! My god! Who would have ever thought that Gerald would buy such an expensive car!” said Rae, almost jumping in excitement.

“Um… Gerald? Can I ride in your car?”

“Sure, why not.”

“Oh god. I get to ride in a Mercedes-Benz G-Class!” Rae squealed as she clapped her hands happily before getting into the car.

Xella simply stood at the side, her face flushed red.

‘Well this is embarrassing… I even advised him to get a job just now but to think that he’s doing so well! He even has a Mercedes-Benz G-Class!’

‘We had promised to meet each other at the bus stop yet I left for the gathering without him… So it turns out he had wanted to drive us there in his car!’

“Come on Xella, we don’t have all day,” said Gerald with a smile. He could see that Xella was clearly feeling embarrassed.

Though she hesitated at first, she nodded slowly before getting into the seat next to Gerald’s.

The car was full by the time Gerald began driving off to the hospital.

On their way there, Rae had rolled down the window and poked her head out to take several photographs.

“So Gerald, how did you manage to afford this car? Have you become rich?” asked Rae curiously while her head was still outside the car.

“I didn’t buy this car. I attended an event and I just so happened to win it!” said Gerald honestly.

The car that he had bought—his Lamborghini—was still parked at Mountain Top.

“Ah. So it’s just a grand prize,” said Rae, a slight disappointment in her voice.

Aside from Rae, the other girls were also already planning their next moves.

None of them had boyfriends yet.

Even if Gerald wasn’t actually rich, selling the car alone would instantly grant him three hundred thousand dollars. With that kind of money, they could buy a house and an ordinary car. In other words, a standard well-to-do family.

As they thought about this, some of the girls began developing feelings for Gerald.

However, Xella’s reaction was the complete opposite.

When she heard that the car was only a gift, her surprise instantly disappeared.

Instead of surprise, she now felt only ridicule.

So it was just a prize… At that moment, she concluded in her mind that the reason Gerald had promised to meet her today was to just show off the car that he had won.

Waylon was different. He definitely had the money and capabilities needed to buy himself the Audi A4. Thus, whatever regret she had toward Gerald ceased entirely at that moment.

“Still, I never would have thought that you’d own a Mercedes-Benz G-Class! Ignoring how you actually acquired the car, you’re still a rich person now! Why did you keep such a low profile at the gathering earlier? You should show off a little!” said Rae in a flattering tone.

“Do rich people need to show off? I don’t like looking down on others because even though some people may look ordinary, they may be the only people who can help you one day!”

Gerald was talking like Mr. Crawford.

The girls, however, didn’t agree with his statement.

Xella frowned as well, averting her gaze out the window with a tinge of disgust reflected in her eyes.

Since he was greeted only by silence, Gerald stopped talking as well.

It wasn’t long before they reached the hospital.

By the time they arrived, all of Waylon’s wounds had been bandaged. He was on the phone talking to someone when his classmates entered his ward.

“Hey Jaxon, my dad called you earlier. I’m in the hospital right now, could you please come over for a bit? I heard from my dad that they’re quite a difficult bunch to deal with!”

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