The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 491-500

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 491
“Oh, don’t be like that, Deputy Leia. It isn’t every day that we get to see Deputy Lacy being this happy! After all, she still has to fulfill a pretty big quota that even the President may not be able to reach, and she’s just a deputy!” mocked one of the ladies closer to Leia.

Leia was pleased to hear that. “That’s right! She’s still just a deputy! As if she could have that much power!”

Lacy only smiled without saying a word.

While this was happening, a middle-aged woman suddenly burst into the office, covered head to toe in sweat.

Seeing this, the employees in the room immediately shouted in unison, “President!”

“President Khan, what’s wrong? You’re drenched in sweat!” asked Leia.

Usually, Leia would get more respect from President Khan because of her husband. This time, however, she didn’t even look at her. She simply walked over to Lacy as though she hadn’t heard a word from Leia.

“Deputy Lacy, you have accomplished a great achievement on behalf of the bank this time! I’m really not sure how to even thank you properly!” said the president excitedly.

“What happened, President Khan?” asked Lacy. She had a fair guess what this was about, but she still asked anyway.

“Haha… Well, remember the Mayberry Commercial Gro- I mean, the Dream Investment Group? The one I’ve always wanted to cooperate with? I’ve always thought that I’d never be able to work with them because of my status. I wasn’t even sure if their smallest company would even work with us!”

“However! You managed to get over thirty companies under their name. You even signed over sixty financing contracts with them and the data is still increasing! I… I’m not even sure what to do now!”

President Khan wasn’t the only one shocked. Lacy was equally shocked as well.

She thought that Gerald might only be able to get a hold of one or two companies under their name but to think that he got her over thirty companies and over sixty financing contracts?

Goodness gracious!

With this turn of events, she might not just remain a director this time, right?

“Anyway, I’m here to tell you that we will be officially signing the contracts with them tomorrow. Naturally, you’ll be coming with me. However, your current position doesn’t suit you anymore. I’ve had a talk with the higher management and you’re now the reserve vice president. Lennon will be retiring next month and when he does, you’ll be taking his position! Since the director position will also be empty, you’ll have both positions for the time being!”

“For now, just fill up the forms for both the position of director and vice president. I’ll approve the applications later!”

“I- I understand, President Khan! Thank you for placing your trust in me!”

Lacy was so excited that she was almost in tears.

Once President Khan left, Lacy didn’t know what to do. She was feeling an onslaught of emotions at that moment.

All of a sudden, the sound of shattering glass was heard.

Leia’s cup lay broken on the floor. Her face was pale and her hand remained frozen as though she was still holding on to the cup. She was in shock.

“How… how is this possible? How is any of this possible?” mumbled Leia to herself in utter disbelief.

She couldn’t believe that her competitor had finally overtaken her! Leia had been taking the lead for so long and yet, Lacy was suddenly promoted to a much higher position than her! It wasn’t something that Leia could just take calmly!

“Congratulations, Director- I mean, Vice President Lacy!” said one of the workers. Everyone in the office began clapping.

Well, everyone except for Leia. Lacy looked at Leia before smiling triumphantly.

Immediately after that, she called Gerald.

“Hello? Gerald? I need to thank you face to face. Because of your friend, I’m now the vice president! I need to treat you when you’re free, Gerald! You definitely have to come, alright?” Lacy said it out loud specifically so that one particular person could hear her.

“Sure, Auntie Lacy!” said Gerald as he nodded on the other end of the line.

After she hung up, she looked at Leia who was staring wide-eyed at her.

“You… who helped you? What did you say his name was?”

Leia’s face was as pale as a sheet as she asked.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 492
“Oh, you know, Gerald. Actually, now that I think about it, you should know him better than I do. After all, he’s the one who withdrew ninety thousand dollars in cash and is also my daughter’s best friend! He treats her very well, you know?”

Everyone in the office knew each other very well, which was why Lacy spoke without the slightest hesitation.

“Wow! He must be your future son-in-law!”

Everyone had slight envy in their voices.

“…What? What are you even talking about? As if he could ever have that much power! You’re joking, right?” shouted Leia.

“Haha… Oh yes, yes, I’m definitely joking!” replied Lacy sarcastically as she smiled.

Lacy’s words pierced through Leia’s heart like spears. She was so angry that she couldn’t even say anything at that moment.

How couldn’t she be? Her competitor had won everything! She had even lost to the person she looked down on the most! That Gerald!

As the cocktail of anger, hate, and jealousy filled her mind, she couldn’t take the utter defeat and started weeping!

Meanwhile, Gerald had just arrived at his hotel when he received a phone call from Zack.

“I have two things to inform you about, Mr. Crawford!” said Zack.

“Go on.”

“Well, the first thing is regarding the jade pendant. Mr. Xiques has updated me on his findings. Though the final results will only be available within the next two days, his current prediction of where the jade originated from is somewhere from the southwest! I’ve also asked a few other masters just to double confirm with his assumptions,” explained Zack.

“Southwest… Alright, I got it. We’ll just wait for the final appraisal before making a move. What’s the other thing you mentioned about?” asked Gerald. He was pleased that there was progress on the jade pendant.

“About that… Since the investment with Serene County and Mayberry’s development is a pretty big project, those from the upper management are very concerned. They’ll be coming over to inspect later so I’ve organized an evening cocktail party. It would be great if you could attend. It’ll show how concerned we are about the upper management too!”

“Who is coming? I have time to spare later!”

“There’s Mr. Harrison, Mayberry’s vice president and president, and Serene County’s management. All of the big names will be attending!”

“Then I’d better be there early tonight!” said Gerald.

It was already close to four and Gerald knew that he should get ready soon.

Suddenly, he remembered that he was supposed to have dinner with Xeno later.

Since he couldn’t make it now, he tried giving Xeno a call to inform him about the change in plans. However, he wasn’t picking up.


Gerald then tried calling Sienna. It took him two tries before she finally picked up.

However, he could immediately tell that something was very wrong the moment she answered his call.

It was very noisy on Xeno’s side. He could hear someone cursing in the background and Xeno was cursing as well.

When Sienna finally spoke, her voice was extremely anxious.


“What’s going on, Sienna? What’s all the noise about?”

Sienna stopped speaking for a brief moment before continuing, “It’s Xeno! Some people were destroying our shop! They’re inside now and Xeno wants to fight them! ”

“What?!” Gerald immediately hopped off the couch.

“Wait for me, I’m coming over immediately!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 493
By the time Gerald reached Xeno’s second-hand car shop, several cars were already parked outside. Even from afar, he could hear a group of people quarreling from within the shop.

When Gerald got closer, he could see that the glass door had been shattered. The familiar backs of two people could also be seen in front of the shop.

It was the mother and daughter from the blind date event!

Gerald instantly put two and two together.

No wonder she kept telling him not to come over through the phone. The people there were after him!

“F*ck! That’s him! He’s the one who beat us up!” shouted the angry woman when she saw Gerald.

As she pointed toward him, several people who looked like gangsters wielding wooden bats exited the shop. They had dragon tattoos all over their arms and they each bore fierce expressions on their faces.

Xeno himself ran out, holding a kitchen knife in each hand. Even though he was clearly outnumbered, Xeno wasn’t afraid.

All of them were outside now, and since Xeno was holding the knives, none of the gangsters dared to move forward.

Both parties were simply waiting for the other to make the first move.

“Ignore him! The b*stard who beat both of us up is over here! Beat him to death!” shouted the enraged mother.

“Lay a finger on my brother and I’ll have your head!” shouted Xeno as he jabbed his knife in the air. The gangsters were equally unwilling to move any closer to him.

As the tensions continued to rise, a clap was heard from behind the gangsters. All of them made way for a tough-looking guy. He was wearing a pair of sunglasses and as soon as he waved his hand, the men immediately stepped back. He seemed to be their leader.

“Come now, Xeno! We’ve known each other for years, and we’re both in the same industry! I know what you’re like. Honestly, if it were somebody else, I couldn’t care any less! However, my cousin and her mom were involved this time. They were both beaten up and I can’t take that lightly! Someone needs to give me a proper explanation!” shouted the man as he cracked his neck intimidatingly. This man meant business.

“This b*tch is your cousin? Quazzie, I didn’t even know you had an aunt!” scorned Xeno.

Gerald could tell that the woman was a player. He could also guess that she probably had several men ready to help her!

“Oh, you don’t need to worry about that, Xeno! Look, I know we used to have problems business-wise and that you usually received all the support from the others. I’m setting that aside for today. We have another big problem at hand now!” as Quazzie said that, he pointed at Gerald, glaring daggers at him before looking back at Xeno.

“Know that this isn’t over yet! Let’s go, guys!” yelled Quazzie as he waved his hand again. The gangsters followed behind him, occasionally looking back with intimidating glares.

“Quazzie? You’re letting them off so easily?!” said the girl, upset.

“Oh, I have other plans! They’ll play out in a bit but for now, just sit back and enjoy the show!” replied Quazzie with a smirk.

Once the group of people left, Gerald started feeling extremely guilty.

They were here for Gerald, yet Xeno had to pay the price!

“I’m so sorry, Xeno! Sienna!” said Gerald.

“Say sorry only when you’ve done wrong, Gerald! Nobody’s blaming you! That b*stardQuazzie has been quarreling with me for a while now, even before you came back to the county! We’ve always had an excuse to fight!” growled Xeno as he entered his shop again.

Once inside, he put the knives to the side before sitting on a chair and lighting a cigarette.

Sienna, on the other hand, got a broom and dustpan to clear up the shattered glass pieces.

After calming down a bit, Xeno explained to Gerald how the situation earlier came to be.

Xeno and Sienna had gone to the hypermarket to get some ingredients for dinner. When they got back, they found Quazzie, the mother, and her daughter waiting for him outside his shop.

They had obviously wanted to get their revenge on Gerald, but since they couldn’t find him, they went to Xeno. However, Xeno had refused to tell them how to contact or find Gerald.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 494
Being the hot-headed person that he was, Xeno eventually scolded the mother and daughter, saying they were extremely thick-skinned!

Eventually, Quazzie called in some reinforcements—the gangsters—and all hell broke loose when Xeno’s door was shattered. It was at that moment when Xeno ran into his kitchen to get his two kitchen knives.

That was also the reason why Xeno wasn’t picking his phone up when Gerald called earlier. He didn’t want Gerald to get involved with them.

“So, who is this Quazzie guy?” asked Gerald.

Xeno had taken the hit on behalf of Gerald and Gerald was angry about that. No matter what happened, Gerald would definitely teach Quazzie a lesson.

“Well, he’s a gangster who also owns a second-hand car shop. Last month, he accused Xeno of snatching his customers away and not following the rules! He came looking for trouble but luckily, the bosses around here stood by Xeno’s back and after some words, Quazzie left. Quazzie’s been depending on his brother-in-law for a very long time now and I’ve heard that he’s quite a powerful man!” said Sienna as she swept the floor.

“Got it,” said Gerald as he nodded. He would have a talk with Michael tonight and let him handle the rest.

For now, he had more important things to tell Xeno.

“Anyway, Xeno, you should know that the people from the Dream Investment Group are here in Serene County, right? Why don’t you arrange for a huge car carnival? I could help you out!” said Gerald.

Gerald didn’t mind forking out the funds needed for that idea. After all, he wasn’t just doing this for anyone. It was Xeno!

Sienna sighed at his proposal. “Why would anyone even invest in us?”

Xeno agreed. “Bro, you probably don’t know this, but I’m confident that they won’t invest in us, simply because we aren’t even qualified. In fact, any small and honest company in Serene County won’t be able to get into the Dream Investment Group!”

“…Huh? Why not?” Gerald was honestly confused. He really didn’t know much about the selection process.

“Well, you’ll first have to bribe the company’s employees to get them to invest. After bribing the marketing department, you’ll next have to bribe the manager. Every person involved has to be bribed, so how could the smaller companies get in with their low-profit margins? The only people who would have enough money to do so, are the rich and powerful living in Serene County! It’s not as simple as you think it is, Gerald,” said Xeno as he finally finished smoking.

Gerald finally understood why people like Waylon and his father could still get investments.

So this was the reason why.

Gerald had only started doing investments because he wanted to help the smaller and proper businesses get better. However, it would seem that things weren’t going as he had planned.

The company seemed to have some serious issues, the biggest being the quality of its management and its employees.

Even Zack hadn’t detected these issues and he could tell from people like Talon!

While Gerald was already formulating plans in his head, he still insisted that Xeno send in a proposal. Gerald would approve it himself as soon as he could.

At that moment, the tires of three cars screeched to a halt outside. Immediately after, several people wearing black suits got out and entered the shop.

“Who are you people?” asked Sienna.

“We received a call about a fight here. Was it you guys? Are you Xeno?” asked the leader as he looked at Xeno.

“I am. But if you’re cuffing me, then Quazzie should be in this too! He was the one who started it!” said Xeno.

“Cut the cr*p! Bring them all back for investigation!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 495
All three of them were then blindfolded before being driven off to somewhere. They were eventually led into a building and their phones were taken away from them too, before their blindfolds were removed.

Xeno was absolutely positive that the person who had planned for all this was none other than Quazzie’s cousin, Grover.

This was definitely part of Quazzie’s plan for revenge.

After all, they were here but not Quazzie and his literal gang members. It didn’t require a lot of brain cells for Gerald to figure out that they were doing perfectly fine.

The trio had been locked up in a small room for a while now and none of them had been taken in for questioning.

“Dmn it all! I’ll make sure I break that bstard’s back if it’s the last thing I do! Just you wait!” cursed Xeno.

All Gerald could do was try to calm him down. He couldn’t really call for backup without his phone. Zack would probably have solved the matter by now if Gerald still had his cell phone with him.

“What are we going to do now? What’s going to happen to our shop? We’ve been here for more than two hours and it’s probably already six in the evening! Ahhh, this is making me so anxious!”

Gerald could tell how much she loved Xeno. After all, she hadn’t caused a scene even during such a stressful situation and she was still thinking about their shop!

…Wait, it was six already?

Gerald thought for a moment. Zack would probably be anxiously trying to contact him now since he still wasn’t there. If Zack still couldn’t contact him after several tries, a search party for Gerald would probably ensue.

“Xeno, Sienna, there’s no use wasting your energy by being angry or worried. That’s exactly what they want. Let’s just wait for a little while longer. I think we should be able to leave in an hour or so!” said Gerald.

“An hour? That’s too quick and specific, Gerald! Pretty sure we’ll be in here much longer… Those b*stards are definitely up to something nasty…” replied Xeno, still glaring at the door.

Gerald simply remained quiet and calm.

While this was happening, Quazzie was handing a cigarette over to Grover in another building.

“Ahh, Grover! That guy’s been getting on my nerves for a while now so this time, I’m teaching him a real nice lesson that he’ll remember for life!”

“Don’t worry about it. And you! Stop causing so much trouble!” said Grover.

“Mr. Grover! One of the phones keeps ringing!” said one of Grover’s men as he held Gerald’s phone in his hand.

In fact, that someone had been trying to call for over fifty times now.

“Oh my, the owner’s using a pretty good phone! That model should cost at least a few thousand dollars, right?”

The mother and daughter were also at the scene. The angry mother was glaring at Gerald’s phone.

“Yeah, it costs about three thousand dollars. It’s high-quality stuff!” said the girl, feeling slightly weirded out.

The couple being locked up didn’t look like people who would buy such expensive things. Could it be Gerald’s? Could he secretly be a wealthy person?

She held herself back from laughing at the thought. That was simply impossible!

Whoever the phone belonged to, they were probably just trying to fake being rich. Poor people usually used high quality things to try to fake being rich after all.

“If it’s really that expensive, let’s just take it! We have to get something back in return after getting beaten up after all!” said the woman angrily.

“Leave it be. I’ll help you claim your medical fees!” replied Grover.

It was truly a good phone. If anyone were to take it, it was going to be him!

“So… Mr. Grover, do we pick up the call or not? It seems urgent!” said the same man from before.

“Pick it up my ass! Just turn it off and put it aside!” scolded Grover.

“You’re getting better at this, bro! Also, I heard that you’re getting a promotion soon!” said Quazzie respectfully.

“That I am! Let me tell you something, Quazzie. The most important thing to have these days, is resources. Nothing can stop me or the people that I know! A good example would be our leader and the Merchant’s office deputy. Those are all resources you know!”

As Grover and Quazzie continued to chat, Zack looked at his phone anxiously.

“How is it, Zack? Still not picking up?”

The party had already started and all the important guests had arrived. All but one. Gerald still wasn’t there yet and he couldn’t even be contacted anymore. Everyone was getting anxious.

“Worse. Nobody was picking up earlier but now, I can’t even get the call through anymore!” said Zack as he frowned.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 496
“Could something bad have happened to him?” said Michael Zeke warily.

“Normally, Mr. Crawford immediately hangs up my calls if he’s busy. However, he’s neither picking nor hanging up on me even though I’ve called dozens of times! If something was up, Mr. Crawford would definitely let me know beforehand!”

“Exactly, and if his phone isn’t with him, who was the one who had hung up on that last call before turning the phone off?”

Both Michael and Zack had a feeling that something wasn’t right.

At that moment, Leopold White—Michael’s subordinate—walked in with a group of people.

Leopold walked to their side before saying, “Mr. Zeke, I went to Mr. Crawford’s hotel and the hotel manager told us that he was last seen leaving the hotel this afternoon!”

“He went out?”

Michael and Zack looked at each other.

Several high-ranking VIPs at the banquet started gathering around the two of them.

The venue was divided into several large lounges, making the place quite huge. Those in the inner venue mostly consisted of VIPs. It was also where Michael and Zack currently were.

“Mr. Zeke, Mr. Lyle, is something wrong? Why isn’t Mr. Crawford here?” asked Mr. Harrison.

The VIPs had overheard them discussing the situation which led to them enquiring the two of them about the matter.

“We can’t seem to get in contact with him at the moment.”

“Mr. Lyle, I found him!” shouted Jaxon as he rushed over. He was panting and gasping for air when he finally got close.

He then went close to Zack’s side and whispered in his ear.

“…What?” Zack’s eyes widened.

Those who were aware of the situation immediately quieted down.

“Mr. Harrison, Mr. Zebriel, and Mr. Le! Mr. Crawford has been kidnapped and he was most likely set-up!” said Zack.

“Impossible!” said Mr. Le, shocked.

“Bring the witness over, Jaxon! Hurry!” ordered Zack.

Jaxon nodded and ordered one of his own men to bring her in.

Once she stood before them, she started telling them everything that she knew. About how the situation began with Xeno’s store being wrecked up to the point where Gerald and the others were ‘arrested’ by some shady looking men. She also explained the relationship between Quazzie and Grover.

Naturally, she wasn’t sharing all this information for free. Jaxon had paid her a lot of money to tell the truth during his interrogation.

Several of the VIPs there felt embarrassed.

After a brief silence, the chief slammed both his hands on a table.

“Investigate the matter immediately! I want answers and results!”

“Yes sir!”

“We’ll be going over as well to see if Mr. Crawford had really committed the crime!”

With that, the chief and his men immediately rushed out of the venue.

The people outside who were chatting among themselves were stunned to see such a big scene.

“What? What’s happening?” asked a middle-aged man to a driver.

“Oh, Mr. Jung! Something bad has apparently happened. From what I’ve heard, it seems that Grover has kidnapped Mr. Crawford! I’m not sure why either, but now the chief is personally going over to investigate the matter. Please don’t tell others about this!”

“Huh? Mr. Crawford was kidnapped? Grover?”

The Jung in person was Willie and he was startled by what he had heard.

After contemplating on the matter for a little while, he sent out a text message.

Grover and Quazzie were still chatting between themselves when Grover received a message on his phone.

After reading it, his face immediately turned pale.

“What’s wrong, cousin?”

“Oh god, I think I may be in big trouble!” shouted Grover as he rushed toward the building where the three were locked up in.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 497
Before they entered the room, both of them straightened their clothes and put on a calm façade.

“So, what’s it going to be, Xeno? My bros have their eyes on your store. Besides, you’re the one who messed with my brother’s cousin anyway. Why don’t you just sign the d*mn paperwork already?” said Grover as he entered before pointing at the papers on the table.

Quazzie entered next and he immediately slapped Xeno’s face.

He was lucky that Xeno’s arms had been tied together, otherwise, he would have received a swift punch to the gut!

“Fck off you sons of btches! Have you no balls? Fight me one-to-one like real men, cowards!”

Xeno’s eyes were bloodshot.

This time, it was Grover’s turn to slap him. He was going to make sure that all three of them suffered for putting him in such a situation. Though to get caught, the police would still need evidence! There was no way they’d be able to find such an obscure building, right?

Quazzie himself hadn’t received any explanation on why Grover thought they were in trouble. Thus, he simply shrugged it off before thinking of calling his brothers over to gang up on Xeno.

The angry woman, on the other hand, walked toward Gerald and stared down at him with icy-cold glares. She was going to enjoy beating Gerald up.

Before she could land her first slap, however, one of Grover’s men burst into the room.

“Grover! Quazzie! This is bad, we’re in big trouble!”

The man was in such a panic that he fell after taking a few steps forward.

“Oh god… what is it?” asked Grover as he turned to face his fallen subordinate. He hoped what he was thinking of wasn’t true.

“Armed… police… and several luxury cars… They’ve surrounded the entire god d*mn building!”

Grover knew that it was all over for him. He had been arrested before this. This time, however, he was aware that he was clearly in much hotter water.

Not only had he kidnapped three people, he had also posed as a fake cop. He thought these were nobodies!

Quazzie began panicking as well. He just wanted to teach Xeno a lesson and push him out of the second-hand car market! He didn’t expect so many big shots to be involved!

Shaking his head, Grover rushed to the nearest window to peek out. Surely enough, there was a sea of people surrounding the building.

The headlights outside shone through the initially dark, night sky.

“F*cking! Not many people know about this rotten building! How the hell did they sniff us out so quickly?!”

By this point, Quazzie’s face was probably the palest it had ever been in his entire life.

“We’re done for… There’s nothing we can do to clear our names off this!”

The mother and daughter were terrified as well.

The man who had fallen earlier gulped as he got up, his legs quivering.

“Grover? Quazzie? What are we to do?”

“Hell if I know!” yelled Grover as his heart thumped rapidly.

At that moment, all of them in the room could hear people barging into the building.

Several armed police were swiftly ascending the stairs.

As soon as the police saw them, they immediately raised their guns.

“Freeze! Don’t move!”

By the time Gerald and the others were free from their restraints, Grover, Quazzie, and their men were already pinned on the ground.

When they got outside, Michael, Zack, and a few other VIPs rushed toward Gerald.

“Mr. Crawford, you must be terrified! Thank god we managed to track you down!”

“I’m fine! Don’t worry!” replied Gerald.

What a huge commotion this had become.

As Grover and Quazzie stared wide-eyed at the scene before them, both of them began sweating profusely, their wrists now in cuffs.

All those present were big shots that could usually only be seen on television… And why were they calling Gerald Mr. Crawford?

He couldn’t really be that Mr. Crawford, right? He couldn’t be Mr. Crawford of Mayberry… Right?

Both of them gulped down hard at the realization of how big a mess they were in. Now that they knew better, they could safely say that their entire operation had been a suicide mission!

However, the mother and daughter were even more shocked.

“Gerald…? What the hell is going on here?” asked Xeno, confused as to why so many big shots were comforting Gerald.

“I’ll… explain it to you once we get back!”

He might as well use this opportunity to tell his good brother who he really was. There was no need to hide his true identity from Xeno anymore.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 498
Due to the chaotic chain of events, there was no way that they could continue with the banquet tonight.

Gerald and Xeno both had to go make a statement. As Mr. Le had said, the matter would be investigated strictly.

Quazzie and Grover may even have to face a maximum of twenty years’ worth of jail time.

“This incident has caused too big an impact on Serene County! It could affect the future of the county negatively! As a demolisher, how dare you do this to us, Grover? The only way he’ll be able to atone for this is through harsh punishment!” shouted Mr. Le furiously.

He was in his office with a large stack of documents on his table. The other employees present were thoroughly startled.

“Mr. Le, Grover is an outlaw. He’s done similar things before and he’s managed to wiggle himself out every time! Not this time though! We have sufficient evidence to convict him of kidnapping three people!”

“It’s time for him to pay for his crimes. Also, did anyone back him up? Is there anyone particularly close to him?” asked Mr. Le.

“We haven’t found anyone directly aiding Grover in this particular event, but we do know that he’s quite close to Mr. Jung from the Investment Promotion Bureau. Both of them have had dinner together several times!”

“Mr. Jung? Willie Jung?” replied Mr. Le, his eyebrows raised.

“That’s the one. However, from what we can tell, he’s clean. He’s probably dealt with these kinds of people just because of the nature of his job”

“Hmph, that won’t do. Even if Willie wasn’t directly aiding Grover, Grover still knows him and works for the Investment Promotion Bureau. Now that Grover’s stirred up such chaos, Willie Jung has to be held responsible for this disaster. Transfer him out of this department! Which department is still vacant?” huffed Mr. Le.

“The publication department seems to be lacking a deputy section chief to write materials… But, this is Willie Jung…”

“Just let him be a clerk! Didn’t they say that he’s good at writing articles? Might as well put that ability to good use!”

His decision was final and he left the office with his hands behind his back.

Moving back to Gerald’s side, the matter could only be resolved after an entire night had passed.

It was close to dawn when Gerald fumbled tiredly behind Xeno to his second-hand car shop.

Both Xeno and Sienna were left bemused after learning of Gerald’s true identity.

They began an onslaught of questions and Gerald replied each of them honestly.

“So… it’s actually true? Gerald, you’re Mr. Crawford from Mayberry?” asked Xeno, rightfully surprised. Sienna was in shock as well.

“Yep, that’s me!”

“And you’re also the one handling the Dream Investment Group?”

Xeno was pleasantly surprised by this turn of events.

“I meant every word I said earlier, when I told you that I was going to help you expand your business. Once things have calmed down, I’ll have my people come over to help you with the handover procedures!” said Gerald, smiling.

“Really?” replied Sienna, her eyes wide open in shock and joy.

“What, you want me to lie and say I won’t?” said Gerald with a grin.

Gerald had already made the arrangements with Zack the night before. It wasn’t too difficult for him to handle.

This was also the reason why Gerald followed Xeno back to his shop.

After both of them chatted for a while, Gerald finally got up and returned to the hotel.

Since it was so early in the morning, there weren’t any taxis around yet. He didn’t have a car anymore either, so he simply got on an Ofo bicycle.

Xeno stood by the entrance as he watched Gerald leave. “Hey, buddy! You’re really too humble, you know? If I had as much money as you, I’d have a fleet of Maybach cars clearing the road for me, followed by at least a dozen chicks and bodyguards wherever I went!”

“Also, while you’re still here, I’m going to vow right here and right now. I’m going to make sure Quazzie’s entire family regrets ever being born!” growled Xeno with resentment.

“…Hmm? What was that?” said Sienna as she raised a slight brow.

“I said I’m going to make Quazzie and his family regret ever being born!”

“No, no, a little before that.”

“I think I said that I’d have at least a dozen chicks and bodyg- ah. Sienna, wait! I can expl-”

Before he could finish his sentence, Sienna was already pinching Xeno’s shoulder!

Gerald simply smiled while shaking his head as he headed back for his hotel.

Upon arriving, he was just about to park his bicycle when he saw a girl limping out of a taxi that had stopped right in front of the hotel.

Gerald sighed before covering his face with his hand in an attempt to avoid looking at her. However, before he could go past the automatic doors, she called out to him.


Gerald froze and sighed before lowering his hand. Of course she had spotted him…
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 499
The girl in question was Leila Jung.

Gerald honestly didn’t hate her, nor was he as irritated toward her compared to her parents.

However, he really hoped that she hadn’t seen him right now.

At that moment, he recalled his time as a seven or eight-year-old kid. His father had brought him out, and it was then that he had met Leila for the first time.

Back then, he thought that she was really beautiful and that he would definitely have her as his wife when he grew up.

Gerald couldn’t blame his younger self for thinking that either. After all, young Leila was always clean and pretty. She wore nice clothes all the time as well.

However, the thing that hadn’t changed was her arrogance. She didn’t like the fact that Gerald wasn’t a city dweller.

Young Gerald had tried getting closer to her on multiple occasions, but she would always turn him down.

Gerald remembered how optimistic he was to make her his wife, even though he was still a little afraid of her back then.

Fortunately, his feelings for her faded once Gerald entered middle school.

Now that they had met again, however, Gerald knew that if he ever exposed his true identity to her, Leila would be head over heels for him.

He shook his head before looking back at her.

But things were much different now.

Rather than wanting to chase after her, he was trying his hardest to avoid her. Sadly, as the saying goes, you attract what you fear!

“Were you trying to ignore me? Didn’t you clearly see me earlier? I even got off the taxi because I just so happened to see you cycling down the road!” asked Leila in an angry tone. She seemed to have broken her foot.

“Oh, Leila! Sorry, didn’t manage to see you there!” replied Gerald awkwardly.

“Well, now that you have, I was planning to take a bus to Mayberry today. Unfortunately, I broke my foot so I won’t be able to go alone!”

As she said that, she limped closer toward Gerald.

“Ah, that’s a pity! I hope your foot heals soon! I’ll be taking my leave now!” said Gerald hurriedly before trying to get past the automatic doors again.

“Hey! I’m injured here! Why are you trying so hard to leave? You aren’t showing any concern at all!” grumbled Leila. His indifference toward her situation was somewhat disappointing.

She considered the fact that Gerald could just be afraid of her at that moment. Thinking back, however, she remembered when she had first met Gerald at her home. Back then, he would obey everything that she ordered him to do, just like a dog.

She also recalled how she never used to take his words and actions seriously. That all changed when she found out that Gerald was rich.

Leila herself was now caring about the way Gerald thought of her. She was also finally willing to take his words and actions seriously.

Yet what was Gerald doing? Why was he showing indifference to her now?!

She wouldn’t have batted an eye if he treated her this way in the past but not now!

Everything about their relationship was going topsy-turvy and that made Leila really displeased!

“Ah. Oh no, your foot looks hurt. Are you okay?” asked Gerald reluctantly.

“Humph! It’s fine!” shouted Leila angrily.

She could remember that event clearly. That day, Gerald had withdrawn ninety thousand dollars before her very eyes. What more, Gerald had helped Auntie Lacy achieve her work target. She was even made the vice president! Leila knew about this because her mother had cried a lot over the incident. Leia was still deeply upset about the matter.

Leila herself was shocked after hearing that. She felt as though she was losing control of everything!

“Glad to hear! Well, I’ll be returning to my room now. Need to get some beauty sleep after such a busy night!” Gerald replied with a yawn.

He wasn’t kidding either. He really just wanted to get some rest now.

“So, this is where you’ve been staying?” asked Leila, startled again.

“Yep,” he replied before finally making it past the automatic doors.

“Gerald you’re being so cold! I’ve injured my foot and I just want to go home! Can’t you at least give me a ride back?” yelled Leila, her eyes growing slightly red.

This person who had been pampering her all this time was now treating her like she was nothing!

“With what? A car? A car that I sold so that your dad could get some ‘donations’?”

“That… Well, I saw you park that Ofo bike! You can give me a ride on a bicycle! Also! My mom fell sick with anger last night because of what you did! This will be a prime opportunity for you to visit her!” replied Leila, frustrated.

“F*ck you and you mom! Glad that she is! Now leave me alone, both of you are none of my business!” cursed Gerald who had already lost his patience.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 500
“Fine! Alright, I’m the one wrong here! Just relax already!” shouted Leila who was so aggrieved that she was already on the brink of tears.

No one had ever scolded her like this and when she heard Gerald cursing at her, she felt as though she had done something terribly wrong. She immediately started blaming herself for it.

It didn’t take much longer for her tears to start flowing down her cheeks.

She just wasn’t used to so much self-reproach coupled with the shame of being scolded.

When Gerald saw her crying, he felt a slight pang of guilt in his heart. Maybe he had been a bit too rough on her.

After all, the main reason why he had shouted profanities at her was because Willie and Leia’s names struck a nerve in him.

He softened his tone a little before saying, “I really need some rest, I’ve been up all night. I can hail a taxi for you if you want!”

“I’m not leaving!” said Leia as she tried to stomp her hurt foot. Now it was her turn to start losing her temper.

She then slowly limped toward the Ofo bike that Gerald had parked before standing there with her arms crossed.

This girl…

Gerald wasn’t going to get any sleep at this rate! And it was too awkward for him to scold her a second time! Gerald sighed as he considered her earlier suggestion to send her back on the bicycle.

“…Alright, fine. If you really don’t mind, I’ll give you a lift home with the bicycle,” said Gerald as he nodded in resignation.

“Yes!” shouted Leila victoriously

She sat on the bicycle’s back seat and held on to Gerald’s clothes with one hand.

“I never knew that you knew how to ride a bicycle, Gerald! I still don’t know how to cycle yet!” said Leila.

“Heh, weren’t you the one who mocked me back then? Saying that only hillbillies rode bicycles? ” said Gerald with a laugh.


Leila blushed, remembering how Gerald used to ride a bicycle to her house when they were still kids.

Back then. It was Uncle Dylan who had brought Gerald to her house with his bicycle.

Now, it was her turn.

The funniest thing was, it was more comfortable than sitting in Douglas’ Sedan. She felt so perplexed!

Seeing her reactions from the side mirrors, Gerald was reminded of a saying.

It was better to cry in a BMW than to laugh on a bicycle.

To Gerald, the vehicle itself didn’t matter much. The important thing was who maneuvered it.

After chatting while cycling for a while, both of them eventually arrived at their destination.

Upon entering, Gerald was surprised that Willie Jung’s house was already very crowded even though it was just nine in the morning.

Willie himself was sitting on one of the couches, his palms placed against his forehead. Something was definitely worrying him.

The expression that Leia was making only solidified Gerald’s assumption.

Sitting opposite of Willie were a few middle-aged people, whom Gerald assumed were his colleagues. They seemed to be trying to advise him on something.

Even that b*stard Douglas was there. Beside him, sat a middle-aged man that resembled Douglas a lot.

When he turned to look at Leila, she looked arguably more confused than he was.

After sticking around for a little while more, Gerald heard enough to somewhat make sense of what was happening.

Apparently, Willie had gotten himself into trouble again, and he didn’t even know what he had done wrong! However, the more pressing issue was that he had been transferred to another department as a clerical section chief! He was devastated.

“Um… Mom, dad, look who’s here!” said Leila at that moment.

Gerald was a different person now, so she held him in high regard.

“Heh, hey dad, look over there. That’s Gerald, the one I told you about before. Look how close he is to Leila! And don’t let his appearance fool you, I saw him withdrawing ninety thousand dollars from the bank in cold hard cash the other day! Guess there’s no reason for us to stay any longer! Not that we’re able to help Mr. Jung anyway. Let’s go!” said Douglas as he glared at Gerald coldly while tugging his father’s sleeve.

“Alright, we’ll be taking our leave. You should be able to figure all of this out on your own, Mr. Jung,” said Douglas’s father before getting up with a nod.

“Please don’t leave, Mr. Lindt! He’s no guest of ours, you are!”

Willie then turned to look at his daughter, his eyes fierce as a tiger’s. He glared at her like she was a total disappointment before shouting angrily, “What were you thinking, Leila?! Why did you bring this son of a b*tch home?!”

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