The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 591-600

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 591
Gerald had been searching for her for two whole days now. During that time, he had constantly thought about what Xavia had become.

While Gerald was angry that she did all those excessive and terrible things to him, he just couldn’t bring himself to hate her.

To counter that, he kept reminding himself that the current Xavia was no longer the same girl that he used to know during his freshman and sophomore years. She was a completely changed person.

He also told himself that with all the power and wealth he had now, it would be easy for him to retaliate against the two sisters. He knew that if he had really wanted to teach Natasha a lesson earlier, he could’ve just ordered for her to be crippled on the spot.

Gerald knew very well that he didn’t need to hold back or even be polite to Xavia any longer.

Despite all that, whenever he tried to be cruel toward her, he just couldn’t. His mind would wander back to the times when they were both still together. After all, Xavia hadn’t hated him at all back then, even though he was so poor.

When Xavia saw Gerald, she simply sneered before looking away. Led by Wallace, she slowly walked toward the main seat.

“Why do all of you seem to be in a daze? Your seats are over here! Oh, and of course, if you wish to sit there, Mr. Crawford, it’s not like I can stop you! Haha!” sneered Wallace as he looked at Gerald while pointing toward the seat right next to the main seat.

While it would be a great honor for anyone else to be able to sit there, Wallace’s proposal carried a different meaning for Gerald.

It clearly meant that Wallace no longer saw Gerald as an important person. This made everyone who came here with Gerald very eager to get into action.

The other wealthy businessmen and reputable figures simply sneered as they watched the scene unfold.

Gerald, for one, wasn’t stupid. It was now clear why everything had happened the way they did today.

Many of the people there had clearly chosen to go against him, opting instead to seek refuge under the Longs.

As it turned out, the people who had greeted him warmly and with respect earlier were simply setting up the scene for this exact moment!

By then, both Xavia and Yunus had already taken their seats. Xavia was smiling the entire time as she stared at Gerald. Pairing the expression on her face with the look in her eyes, it seemed almost as though she was asking whether it felt good being humiliated.

“You better watch it, Wallace Quinnens!” said Yoel angrily. He was so mad that his face had turned pale. He was prepared to fight at any moment.

However, Gerald stopped him. He didn’t want to deal with today’s affairs too rashly. Instead, he started making his way toward the side table.

“Pfft! You’re still thinking of hitting me? Some people can be so thick-skinned!” sneered Wallace.

However, this person really was very thick-skinned.

Looking toward Gerald, he said, “Come this way, Mr. Crawford! I’ll accompany you over!”

Once they got to the side table, Gerald was just about to take his seat before Wallace shouted, “Oh, apologies Mr. Crawford! That seat is reserved for another wealthy businessman! You can’t sit there!”

Hearing that, some of the wealthier businessmen burst into laughter.

Gerald simply took in a deep breath before moving to sit on the chair next to that seat. Before he could, however, Wallace simply said, “Sorry, Mr. Crawford! That seat’s for yet another businessman!”

Gerald then glared at Wallace with a fierce expression before proceeding to move to yet another seat.

“Oh sorry Mr. Crawford, but-”

Wallace’s sentence was cut short.

Gerald had just given him a tight slap to the face. He used so much of his strength in that slap that Gerald could feel a burning sensation on his palm.

Wallace cupped his hurt cheek as he sat on the ground. This was proof of how hard Gerald had slapped him. Naturally, the slapping sound drew everyone’s attention.

“You… You dare hit me?”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 592
Wallace had an incredulous look on his face as he held on to his now swollen cheek. After all, he was someone who had Mr. Long to back him up!

“Oh, sorry Mr. Quinnens! My hands felt a little itchy today so I couldn’t help myself from hitting you!” sneered Gerald.

As soon as Wallace heard this, he immediately stood up again. The nerve of this person! Wallace got into position, seemingly ready to hit Gerald back.

However, Gerald simply continued glaring at Wallace with one hand in his pocket. He didn’t move an inch.

It was at that moment when Wallace suddenly came to his senses.

He realized that regardless of who was backing him up, he was still dealing with Gerald right now, the richest man in Mayberry City! And his sister was even more amazing than he was! Putting their family background aside, the Crawford family wasn’t too far off in terms of wealth and power compared to the Longs.

If Wallace actually hit Gerald now, the Long family would probably be unable, or rather, unwilling to protect him! After all, why would the Longs start a war with the Crawfords just for his sake?

Wallace shuddered as he thought about it.

Today, he had already assumed some unwarranted authority to embarrass Gerald. Since he had already done that, he knew he shouldn’t push his luck.

Wallace was now well aware that he shouldn’t provoke Gerald any further.

“I’ll sit here then, Mr. Quinnes, or is there going to be another problem?” sneered Gerald as he slowly shook his slightly swollen hand. Before Wallace could reply, Gerald had already sat on one of the previous seats he had earlier been denied.

“That won’t be a problem at all, Mr. Crawford. Feel free to sit there!” said Wallace, his tone much more decent now.

As for Xavia, she could only stare at Gerald in surprise. She had initially thought that Gerald would still be as conscientious and low-profile as before, but he had changed! He was now completely different from how he used to be in the past.

The slap he gave Wallace really surprised her earlier.

Regardless of her slight shock, it still wouldn’t affect anything!

After that scene, the banquet simply resumed. It was as if nothing had ever happened. Many of the guests—who had most probably been bribed by Yunus—gathered around the man to give toasts to him. All of them neglected Gerald on purpose.

“Say, Yoel, Aiden, I’m going to the gents. Accompany me, will you?” said Gerald with a wry smile on his face.

The three of them then headed to the gents together.

“For f*ck’s sake! I’m so angry right now! Everyone’s trying their hardest to flatter that Long family guy! Mr. Crawford, I think Yunus and your ex, Xavia, are deliberately trying their hardest to go against you!” said Aiden angrily as he punched the wall.

“He’s right! I can still remember when my godsister was here in the past. As long as she was present, nobody would even dare to breathe loudly. In one of the past celebrity banquets, Wallace accidentally knocked over a cup in front of her. You should have seen him! He was so frightened that he immediately knelt and kowtowed in front of her! You’re simply too nice toward everyone, Mr. Crawford!” said Yoel.

Both Yoel and Aiden were aware of how kind-hearted Gerald was. It was the reason why they were always worried and concerned about him wherever he went. After all, Gerald treated both of them very well.

Although he grew up with his sister, the two siblings had completely different personalities.

“Just forget about it. We’ll talk about this later, I just want to-”

Gerald was wiping his hands with a tissue paper as he spoke. However, his sentence ended prematurely when he saw the girl standing near the gent’s entrance. Her arms were crossed and she was leaning against the wall.

All three of them had no idea how long she had been watching and listening in to them.

The girl simply sneered at them as she stared at Gerald.

Gerald had initially wanted to say that he wanted to settle the matter regarding Xavia first.

To his surprise, Xavia was already waiting for him outside the bathroom.

Seeing Xavia, Yoel and Aiden looked at Gerald before saying, “We’ll wait for you outside, Mr. Crawford.”

After saying that, both of them left.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 593
“Well this is perfect! I’ve been looking for an opportunity to have a good chat with you!” said Gerald as he felt himself blush slightly. Gerald was feeling an onslaught of complicated emotions at that moment.

“Oh? What exactly do you want to talk about?” asked Xavia with a smug and arrogant look on her face.

She then started walking toward him before saying, “You know, I’m curious about something. I’m sure you’re well aware that I’m no longer the same Xavia you used to know. Before this, I could only ever dream about living a life as luxurious as you wealthy people do. To think that that dream would one day become true! I’m now part of a wealthy and influential family, Gerald. You may have humiliated me in the past, but I’m on equal footing with you now. Tell me, Gerald! How do you feel about that?”

“I don’t mind it at all. I simply want to make things clear to you. If you think that I’ve let you down and you hold grudges against me, attack me, and only me! Don’t take your revenge out on the people around me!” replied Gerald.

“Hahaha! ‘If I think’? So you aren’t even certain if you’ve completely let me down? Don’t you think that the way you treated me before this was a bit too much?” said Xavia, her eyes growing red.

Xavia herself had reflected on her own behavior in the past. It was true that she too had mistreated Gerald a bit too much when she got together with Yuri back then. However, she had only done so to relieve herself from all the grief, poverty, and humiliation she had to suffer for being in a relationship with Gerald for those two years.

At the time, the more Xavia thought about it, the more she felt that life was extremely unfair to her. It made her feel very useless.

She knew she was quite beautiful, so why couldn’t she have the things that other girls had? The other girls had boys who took them out and bought them bags, branded cosmetics, and even iPhones! They would get to eat good food and experience a wide array of entertainment!

But not her. On the contrary, she was the one who had been spending money on him for two entire years. Where did she go wrong?

She simply didn’t want to continue living like this anymore. In the past, she would willingly endure all this out of love.

Eventually, however, was it really that wrong of her to want to be a bit more realistic?

Was it wrong of her to want to relieve herself from all her suffering? To satisfy her own vanity?

What she never anticipated, however, was that Gerald would suddenly become rich the moment they broke up.

And not just rich. He was filthy rich.

How couldn’t she have regretted her actions back then? Justice had finally been served and she was finally able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. However both of them had already parted ways.

It was impossible for her not to regret it.

After that, she waited. She waited for Gerald to come look for her so that both of them could reconcile. In fact, as long as Gerald mentioned it, she would definitely return to his side and commit herself to him wholeheartedly.

But he never did that. Instead, he started flirting with other girls.

Xavia was filled with hatred when she came to know about that! This resulted in her taking even more drastic and extreme actions.

In the end, his true identity was exposed. Gerald was actually Mayberry City’s reputable Mr. Crawford!

On that day, she was faced with feelings of great joy, but also agony.

She felt as though she had suffered a great disadvantage. After being together with him for almost three years, she could have finally gotten a chance to experience riches, honor, and glory! Alas, he had already fallen in love with another girl!

That day, she completely disregarded her own self-esteem and dignity as she pleaded Gerald to give her another chance. All she got, however, was a view of his back leaving her.

After that, she could only leave Wayfair Mountain Entertainment like a dog that had been cast aside. She didn’t even have the face to continue staying in the university anymore.

Who could understand and guide her through all the confusion that she had to face for the future? And all the hardships that she had to endure in society after leaving university?

She hated it. She hated all of it!

All this happened because of Gerald. Her sole motivation was to make him suffer as much as she had.

She wanted him to regret everything he had done to her. To be filled with remorse when he saw how well she was doing now.

However, even now, he hadn’t even bothered to apologize to her.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 594
To think that he had even waited for her to come to him instead of the other way around!

At that moment, Xavia raised her hand and gave Gerald a tight slap.

Gerald didn’t retaliate. Instead, he simply said, “If this can help you vent and release all that pent up anger, then go ahead and continue hitting me! Once you’re done, I hope that both of us can call it quits and have nothing to owe each other anymore!”

“Fine by me!” shouted Xavia as she raised her hand again.

However, before she could slap him, she paused. She then slowly put her hand down again.

“You think I’ll let you call it quits that easily? Don’t even dream about it. Do you really think that a few slaps to the face can resolve everything when you’ve hurt me so badly in the past?” said Xavia as she took a deep breath before returning to her cold and indifferent expression.

“What do you want then?” asked Gerald.

“Oh, nothing much. Speaking of which, Gerald, I heard that you’ve gotten quite a number of female friends since we broke up. One of them is called Queta, right?” sneered Xavia as she crossed her arms.

Gerald immediately raised his head and said, “What do you plan on doing to her? If you lay a finger on her, Xavia, I won’t let you off that easily!”

In response, she took in a deep breath before frowning and saying, “Hahaha! The truth is, Gerald, I don’t care about anything anymore!”

After saying that, she took her cell phone out and began playing a video for Gerald to see.

He could see Queta sending some children home from kindergarten. Someone was constantly keeping tabs on her and Queta didn’t even seem to realize that she was being observed.

“You no longer have to try to scare me! I’m not afraid of you. I can afford to do anything I want to, and I don’t even mind losing everything now. Gerald, do you believe that I can end Queta’s life in just ten seconds? Do you believe that I have the ability to do so?” asked Xavia maliciously.

“And don’t even think about going there to save her or informing her about this! Doing that will only push me to want to fight you to the death even sooner!”

“Then what exactly do you want? As long as you promise not to harm any of those around me, I’ll definitely agree to most of your conditions!”

As soon as he said that, Xavia immediately gave him another slap.

“Well that’s just perfect! You’re being extremely sentimental and affectionate now! So why in god’s name were you so heartless and ruthless to me in the past?!” said Xavia, trying very hard to hold back her emotions.

“There’s a way for you to get me to stop harming those people! It’s simple, really. You just need to do a few things for me. Once you’re done with them, both of us can call it quits! Worry not, I won’t be asking you to murder someone or commit arson!”


“Very well! Then the first thing I want you to do, is to give me a toast in front of everyone else later!”

Gerald simply nodded before saying, “That won’t be an issue.”

“We’ll do that first then!” said Xavia rather smugly as she took a step out of the washroom.

However, she immediately turned around again.

“I know that you’re probably thinking that I’m just some filthy woman who would casually sleep around with others for money. However, you should know that from the very beginning, I was never the woman you imagined me to be. Even though I’m already engaged to someone, I can proudly say that I’m still a virgin!”

After saying that, she left the bathroom.

Gerald was startled by her statement. He really hadn’t expected her to say that at all.

Complicated emotions brewed in his heart. He didn’t really know whether he should be feeling grateful or touched.

To think that Xavia was actually still a virgin.

The thought made Gerald feel slightly guilty now about how he had treated her in the past.

Despite that, there was nothing he could do about that now. Xavia was no longer the same person she used to be. While a person should refrain from hurting others, they should also remain vigilant so that they themselves won’t get harmed!

As Gerald left the washroom, he pondered about Xavia’s request. What exactly was her goal of asking him to propose a toast to her in front of everyone else?
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 595
Gerald soon arrived at his seat. Even as he sat down, a few of the wealthy businessmen were still not done proposing their toasts to Yunus.

At that moment, Xavia looked at Gerald, hinting with her eyes for him to take action.

“Just look at what they’re doing! Just wait till my godsister comes back!” said Yoel, dissatisfied.

Gerald simply took in a deep breath before picking his wine glass up and walking toward Xavia.

“…Bother? What are you doing?” asked Yoel.

“Don’t interfere. Mr. Crawford definitely knows what he’s doing!” said Zack though he too was quite surprised when he saw Gerald heading toward her. However, he knew Gerald well enough to know that he wouldn’t be doing this without a purpose.

“Ah, Mr. Crawford, you came here to propose a toast as well?”

As soon as the businessmen there saw him, they immediately made way for him.

They were all the same as Wallace. Regardless of whether they had the Long family backing them up or not, they couldn’t afford to offend Gerald.

After they hurriedly stood to the side, Gerald stood in front of Xavia.

Yunus was also there, and he sneered at Gerald while staring at him, his hand in his pocket.

“I’d like to propose a toast to you, Xavia!” said Gerald as he raised his wine glass.

While Xavia should have stood up to accept the toast, she simply remained seated while slowly shaking the red wine in her own glass.

Without the slightest warning, she then splashed the red wine all over his face!

“I accept! This glass of red wine is to repay you for how much you hurt me in the past!” sneered Xavia.

“Also, don’t you dare call me Xavia anymore! You don’t have the right to use my name! Pay more attention to that in the future!”


Seeing her splash the wine all over Gerald’s face left many, if not all, of the businessmen stunned.

F*ck! This wasn’t as simple a slap to the face anymore!

“Presumptuous!” shouted Zack as he and a few others immediately stood up. A conflict was imminent.

However, Gerald simply wiped the wine off his face as he signaled for the others to leave it be.

“Very well then, Miss Yorke. It should be fine for it to be done now, right?” asked Gerald as he raised his wine glass again.

“Indeed!” replied Xavia as she laughed slightly. However, after raising her second glass of red wine, she poured its contents all over Gerald’s head!

“This one’s for my personal revenge!”

Everyone was simply dumbfounded by the scene.

She finally drank a glass of red wine after Gerald’s third toast to her.

So it turned out that Xavia had personally been waiting to deal with him there and then. Gerald couldn’t help but feel a slight bitterness in his heart as he returned to his seat.

In all honesty, he wasn’t afraid of her at all. However, he was already at wit’s end. He just didn’t know how else to deal with her anymore.

Knowing that she was still a virgin made it even harder for him. The whole situation just made Gerald feel very confused and conflicted.

After the banquet ended, Zack went to look for Zayden, the master appraiser who had come all the way from Northbay.

Gerald on the other hand, went to look for Xavia.

She knew that he would definitely come looking for her, so she was already waiting for him outside the manor.

“I’ve done as you asked, Miss Yorke. I hope that you’ll order your men to leave Queta alone now! You’ve already achieved your goal of humiliating me today anyway!” said Gerald.

“Haha! Rest assured, I only hold a grudge against you. I don’t have a reason to hurt her. However, do remember that you still have to do two things for me!” replied Xavia.

Gerald sighed before saying, “Go on.”

“These two things are actually relatively simple for you to accomplish. Firstly, you’ll have to let me live in your Mountain Top Villa for a few days! And don’t worry, I won’t blackmail you into giving the entire building to me! You just have to let me live in it for a few days. That shouldn’t be too difficult, right?” asked Xavia.

“Not a problem!” replied Gerald as he nodded.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 596
“As for my final request, it too, is quite simple. All you need to do is to teach a certain person a good lesson by forcing him to close down his shop permanently. Besides, he’s quite a terrible person so you’re not exactly being placed in a difficult situation either!” said Xavia.

“And who exactly is this person?” asked Gerald.

“He goes by the name of Hugh Lynch. He’s from the same village as my parents and he used to be my father’s best friend in the past. However, to start a business in Mayberry, he borrowed tens of thousands of dollars from my family. After eventually becoming successful, Hugh never once considered paying off the debts he owed us. And that’s not the worst thing about him either! Do you remember when I told you about what happened after I took a leave to go home during sophomore year? It turns out that it was Hugh who had hired the people to beat my father up!” replied Xavia as she slowly quieted down after explaining the situation.

She was talking about their past after all. That would naturally make her feel uneasy.

“I remember, but why are you asking me for help? You clearly have the means of teaching him a lesson yourself now!” said Gerald, genuinely confused.

Xavia simply sneered as she replied, “If I were the one who did it, he may not remember about the incident in the years to come. Besides, it would be inconvenient for me to use the Long’s people but that’s beside the point. The main reason I’m asking for your help, is because you’re famous in Mayberry. Having you do it instead of me will definitely leave a lasting impact on him!”

“Well, that person is definitely wicked enough for me to deal with. I remember when he even ordered someone to ambush you at the university. Is he the same person who founded the bar?” asked Gerald as he recalled their past together.

“That’s him alright! You know, he’s even abducted a few young girls from my village and all of them are ruined now. Even my younger sister almost suffered the same fate… Don’t you think he deserves the worst of punishments?”

“Fine. I’ll help you deal with him, on one condition. Don’t ever target my friends again!”

“Agreed! I’ll order my subordinates to leave, right this instant!”

After saying that, Xavia immediately turned around and re-entered her car. The driver then drove her away.

Upon seeing the car leave, both Aiden and Yoel rushed toward Gerald.

“Mr. Crawford, what did you say to that woman? Don’t you think you showed her a little too much respect today?”

“That’s right!” said Aiden, angry for Gerald’s sake when he heard Yoel’s comment.

“I get where you’re coming from, but just know that I’m not exactly afraid of her. I just don’t want anything more to do with her. With any luck, once all her anger has been vented, she won’t create further messes for me to deal with and we won’t have anything to do with each other after that!” replied Gerald calmly.

“Also, I need to go back and get a change of clothes. After that, both of you will have to follow me somewhere. In the meantime, get our men ready! We’re going to go do something together!” ordered Gerald to both Aiden and Yoel.

“Will do, Mr. Crawford! We’ll start preparing immediately!”

Though they didn’t exactly know what the incident was about, they swiftly began to make a few phone calls without questioning Gerald any further.

Gerald himself returned to Mountain Top Villa to change his clothes.

Once all three of them were done, Aiden drove them straight to a small bar in Mayberry under Gerald’s orders.

“Mr. Crawford, what exactly are we going to do here?” asked Yoel after the three of them got out of the car.

Puffing his freshly lit cigarette, Aiden smiled as he said, “I heard that this place is quite unsanctioned.”

“You heard right. We’re here because some illegal things are happening in this tiny bar,” replied Gerald with a bitter laugh.

“For real? Don’t tell me you came here to have some s*x?” asked Yoel, shocked.

“Nonsense! Today, we’re here to…”

Gerald then started whispering to both Yoel and Aiden. By the end of his explanation, both of their eyes sparkled with excitement. With the plan made clear, all three of them then strode into the bar.

Upon entering the large hall, they chose a random booth and sat in it. Immediately after, Gerald began scanning the place.

It wasn’t long before a bald, middle-aged man with tiger tattoos all over his body caught Gerald’s attention. The man was talking to a few people from the community near the bar, with his hands in his pockets.

Gerald definitely knew who the man was. He was the one who owed Xavia’s father money.

When that man had tried giving trouble to Xavia in the past, Gerald had also been beaten up by his subordinates. If it wasn’t for Xavia bringing up the incident again, Gerald wouldn’t have remembered that it happened in the first place.

However, rather than to have personal revenge, Gerald was only here to settle the score for Xavia since he had promised to help her. Otherwise, he wouldn’t even have bothered coming here in the first place.

“Can I take your order, sirs?” asked a young woman who was dressed up gorgeously as she stood in front of them.

Gerald, who was now lying on the sofa with both of his legs on the table, simply closed his eyes as he said, “I’m not interested in ordering anything.”

“Is… Is that so? But sirs, we offer all sorts of-”

“F*ck off! Don’t you understand English? He said he isn’t interested in ordering anything!” shouted Aiden as he stood up and kicked the table to the side.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 597
Aiden’s action caused quite a racket, and several of the present people turned to look at Gerald’s booth. This included the middle-aged man from earlier, though he didn’t say anything.

Bosses who founded both regular or karaoke bars here, usually had some sort of background or great influence backing them up. It wasn’t uncommon for people to try creating messes in these places, which explained why the middle-aged man wasn’t too bothered about the trio.

While all this was happening, a girl sitting in a booth on the other side of the bar asked, “Eh, isn’t that the guy from before?”

Having heard the commotion that had just taken place, the girl had peeked to see what was going on, and she was shocked when she saw Gerald.

“Huh? You know one of those people, Tina?” asked another girl sharing the booth.

There were nine other young men and women sitting in the same booth, and the group had come to the bar to have some fun.

“I do!” replied Tina as she nodded.

One of the males in the group coughed before rather jealously saying, “Since Tina is now working in the police force, she’s definitely in touch with a much wider range of people. Tell us Tina, what exactly is that group’s leader’s background? He seems rather full of himself!”

His jealousy was warranted since everyone in the bar had gone there to have fun. In a place filled with handsome men and beautiful women like this, literally everyone wanted to be the center of attention and be able to act smugly in front of the others. Despite that being the case, not many people could actually pull that off properly.

Now however, a rare reckless individual had appeared, so all the attention was naturally on him. The male who had spoken before was socially obliged to ask about him.

“I’m not actually that close to him… I only came to know about him this morning while I was handling a case. He’s a high school classmate of one of my colleagues,” replied Tina.

The colleague in question was of course, Maia. Tina even remembered teasing Gerald that morning, asking whether he had a girlfriend. Naturally, she had been just fooling around then.

However, their meeting this morning seemed so distant now.

There were a lot of mysteries surrounding Gerald, and both Tina and Maia were curious about his actual background.

After all, Gerald had been the one who had warned them about the hitmen, even though they didn’t take him seriously at all at the time.

Eventually however, they came to learn that the threat he had warned about was the real deal. Though they faced a life-or-death situation for not taking his words seriously, all three girls present in the bathroom made it out unscathed that morning. They had been saved by an exceptionally powerful person.

However, they had no clue who had saved them. Hence, Maia and Tina were keen on cracking the mystery behind the mysterious, powerful individual.

Their best guess was that Gerald’s warning had been entrusted to him by the exceptional individual. From what Maia could assume, Gerald was just doing the powerful person a favor.

Tina on the other hand, wasn’t scratching off the possibility that Gerald was secretly the powerful person in question. After all, he was Maia’s high school classmate and he even knew about the hitmen before they even showed themselves! He was definitely the most suspicious person.

Maia didn’t buy that theory at all. She claimed that it was impossible since she was sure that Gerald didn’t have such great capabilities.

Though she had initially wanted to call Gerald over to talk about the case, her superiors had transferred the case to another party, so both of them weren’t allowed to investigate any further into the case.

As for the celebration party that had been interrupted that morning, it was agreed upon that it would be resumed the next day. During both her trips to the bar, Tina hadn’t been able to have a great time. Since her other friends invited her out to a bar tonight, she had taken the opportunity to finally be able to get a quiet drink.

Meeting Gerald here was quite unexpected. What more, he seemed like he was about to create a messy scene here. Seeing all this unfold before her eyes made Tina even more curious than she was before.

“But then why is he acting so smugly? There are only three of them yet they seem like they want to cause trouble here! Didn’t you ask your colleague about his background?” asked another girl.

“I know about his background. In high school, he was apparently extremely poor and it doesn’t seem like anything’s changed since then. When I met him today, he was drinking alone in the bar. To think that he would come again at night! I initially thought that he was quite an honest man, but upon closer inspection, he seems to just be some kind of ruffian! Humph! He doesn’t have any good prospects, that’s for sure!” replied Tina.

“Well d*mn! How bold of him to come here and act all arrogant despite being such a poor guy. The boss, Hugh, is definitely going to ruin him! He’s quite powerful and influential along this entire street!” said one of the men in the booth.

“He’s right. Someone else came to the bar about three months ago to cause a big mess. He was then promptly ruined terribly by Hugh,” added another man.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 598
It was clear that they enjoyed watching the misfortune of others.

Tina herself was thinking that both parties involved weren’t nice men. She didn’t need to directly involve herself with them since they were just fighting among their own kind. However, she was ready to call the police if things got too messy.

At that moment, a loud crash was heard. Gerald had apparently knocked down a vase.

The shrill sound of shattering glass further attracted the attention of everyone in the bar.

“Good sirs, you’ve clearly done it now! Not only did you refuse to order anything, you even smashed one of the vases here!” sneered the woman as she crossed her arms. She knew that the trio before her didn’t mean well.

“F*cking hell! It’s just a vase! We’ll just compensate for it!” shouted Yoel in return.

“I’m glad you’re willing to do so! But I first need to ask my boss regarding the exact price you’ll have to compensate!” replied the woman as she looked toward the spot where Hugh was standing earlier. Hugh however, had already started walking toward the group.

“What’s the meaning of all this?”

“Boss! These three refused to order anything and they even broke one of our vases! They’re definitely here to create trouble! They have agreed on compensating for the vase, though,” explained the woman.

As he took a cigarette out, Hugh simply sneered before saying, “It’s good that you’re at least willing to compensate! Acting all bold and audacious before me, how dare you even offend me! However, I’m a nice person, so you’ll only need to give me five hundred thousand dollars!”

He then puffed his cigarette as he continued glaring at Gerald’s group.

Everyone’s eyes were glued on the scene happening before them now. After all, who wouldn’t want to watch others get hit by misfortune? Even the DJ had turned off the stereo system.

At that moment, a few men who had their hair dyed in multiple different colors began surrounding Gerald’s group. They seemed to be people who frequented the bar to have fun.

“What’s wrong, Hugh?” asked one of the men.

“Oh, it’s nothing much. He just broke a vase so I told him to compensate for it,” replied Hugh with a smile.

“See these people? If you fail to pay up the five hundred thousand dollars, I’m afraid you won’t be able to leave this place tonight!”

After Hugh said that, the ruffians started cracking their necks intimidatingly. They seemed to be ready to attack at any moment.

However, Gerald only smiled faintly before saying, “Hugh, Hugh, Hugh… I really didn’t expect you to still be this reckless and arrogant. Five hundred thousand dollars for a mere vase? You dare say that to my face? Do you even remember who I am?”

“Huh? Have we met before?” asked Hugh, slightly stunned by Gerald’s retort.

Squinting his eyes slightly, Hugh finally realized who Gerald was.

“So that’s why you looked so familiar! You’re the boyfriend of that Yorkes lady! Fck! And here I was thinking who you were! You audacious, bstard! Didn’t I teach you a lesson before? It seems like I wasn’t harsh enough!”

“Tell you what, if you’re able to compensate for that five hundred thousand dollar vase, then the issue will be resolved. If you aren’t, then you’d better start thinking about the consequences!”

As Gerald gave a subtle smile, Aiden stood up and said, “I’ll go get the money then! Wait for my return!”

“Boss, he could be trying to call someone over!” said one of Hugh’s subordinates.

“Leave him be. I want to see who he’ll even be able to call over!” replied Hugh as he smiled contemptuously.

“Hot d*mn! What a great mess this has become! That guy actually dared to challenge Hugh! Doesn’t he know that Tiago owns Hugh’s bar too? Do these guys even want to continue staying in Mayberry?” asked a few of the guys sitting at Tina’s booth excitedly.

“Say Tina, didn’t you say that he’s your colleague’s ex-classmate? Don’t you want to help him out?” asked a girl from the same booth.

“Humph! And why should I? He’s already so weak but he doesn’t even have any self-awareness! Hugh may be bad news, but Gerald should already know that he can’t afford to offend people like him!” said Tina as she crossed her arms again.

A short while later, someone in the bar suddenly shouted, “Hey, look! Isn’t that Tiago? Tiago’s here!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 599
“…Wait, someone’s walking in front of Tiago… Holy cr*p! Isn’t that the guy who went out earlier?”

“He is! He went out to call someone, but to think that the person he had in mind was Tiago! Actually, is that really the case?”

Some of the people present inside the bar began discussing the situation through whispers. Others simply stared at the scene, wide-eyed. The only constant was that everyone was currently filled with disbelief.

Not long after, a loud rumble could be heard and several loud footsteps soon followed. A large group of bodyguards dressed in black suits entered the bar. Among them, there were also several young men dressed like rich heirs.

It was nothing short of an impressive scene.

Hugh himself was feeling stunned. The men in black had different dispositions compared to the ones he was used to seeing. Even the group of rich youths seemed like people he would never dare to offend.

“Mr. Crawford, the guy I’ve brought here goes by the name of Tiago. He’s Hugh’s backer!” said Aiden as he walked forward before sitting beside Gerald again.

“M-Mr. Crawford! I’m not a sensible and insightful person so please forgive me for trusting the wrong guy! I cooperated with the wrong person so please, please accept my apology!”

Tiago looked like he was more than forty years old, yet at the time, he was sweating profusely in between hasty bows while he continued to repeat his apologies anxiously.

He clearly seemed to know what was at stake here.

“Tiago? Why are you being so cordial toward this guy?” asked Hugh in confusion.

As soon as Tiago heard those words, he immediately slapped Hugh. “You f*cker! Do you realize what you’ve done?! If you dare to offend Mr. Crawford you’ll suffer terribly! I’ll personally ruin you later!”

“What’s happening? Did anyone else see that? Tiago seems to be bowing to Gerald!” said a man standing beside Tina.

“Yeah, what’s happening? Also, did anyone hear what Tiago called Gerald earlier? It’s too noisy, I can’t hear a lot of things clearly!” said another girl.

“I couldn’t catch that either. What on earth is going on?!”

Tina herself was having trouble listening in to the conversation. However, she was able to see Gerald smacking the back of Hugh’s head who was now lying on the floor. Hugh didn’t try to fight back, clearly confused as to what was happening. He seemed frightened to death. After that, Gerald slipped a hand into his pocket and immediately left the bar, leading the large group of people out with him.

Even Tiago ran after Gerald, just to see him off.

Seeing this, many of the customers then got on their feet and began rushing out the bar’s entrance. All of them wanted to observe how the rest of the situation would play out. After all, nobody could have ever anticipated the plot twist that had just taken place before their very eyes.

They all needed to know who the influential and powerful boss actually was.

“Tina, why don’t we go have a look ourselves? Can you hear the uproar outside? I wonder what’s even happening!”

The girls were so eager that they just couldn’t hold themselves back any longer. After a short pause, Tina agreed to join them. The scene from earlier had made her jaw drop and she was now immensely curious as well.

Her first impression of Gerald had been that of a poor loser who she would never be able to take seriously.

She was now, however, aware that he was actually an extremely powerful and influential person! Any girl would be shocked after finding out about that! This was especially true for Tina since she was now able to tie this situation to the previous one. It was impossible for her to hold herself back now.

With that, Tina and her group ran out of the bar as well.

Upon exiting the building, they finally understood why the others were screaming outside. Before she was even able to cover her mouth, Tina found herself screaming as well.

There were several dazzling Ferrari sports cars and even more Maybach luxury cars parked right outside the bar.

There were just so many expensive cars! Not many people could resist the temptation to awe at them.

Being graced by so many of them at the same time made for an absolutely magnificent scene.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 600
Tina’s face was flushed in astonishment. When she came to her senses again, she immediately started looking for Gerald within the huge crowd.

The most luxurious car at the scene was a Lamborghini, and Tina saw Gerald standing right beside it. After a bodyguard opened the door for him, Gerald entered the car and left the scene in it.

“….Tina, did you lie to us? What on earth did we just witness? Didn’t you say that he was just some poor loser? What we all saw was the complete opposite of that!” said a few of her friends as they gulped, still astonished at what they had just experienced.

“I… I didn’t lie to you… He really is…”

Tina was unable to finish her sentence. At that moment, she was equally nervous and didn’t know what to say anymore.

She then tried to recall what her real first impression of Gerald really was on the day she first met him.

‘…I… think I first thought that he was quite handsome and classy the first time I met him… I even asked if he had a girlfriend…’

‘Wasn’t I thinking about getting to know him better since I don’t have a boyfriend and knowing a handsome man would be a treat…?’

‘When exactly did my impression of him change so drastically?’

‘Oh, right. It was when Maia introduced him to us. I started feeling slightly disgusted by him then since I became aware that he was poor and incapable. Even so, he still went to the bar…’

At that moment, Tina’s train of thought stopped. She now had one specific detail about Gerald on her mind.

From the very beginning, Gerald didn’t seem to say much at all. The only exception to this, was when he found out that they were in danger. Gerald had gone over to the other bar just to tell them about it. Despite that, they only ridiculed him so he left after that.

After they got attacked and saved however, the captain mentioned something about how powerful people had been involved in their rescue. It wouldn’t be a stretch now to imagine Gerald ordering those people to save them back then.

There was no need to question it anymore. She knew that her assumptions were definitely true.

Gerald wasn’t how Maia had pictured him to be. In fact, it was quite the opposite. He was definitely extremely powerful and influential.

“Who are you exactly, Gerald…?” asked Tina anxiously to herself.

At that moment, she was ready to tell Maia all about her great discovery.

Before she hit the call button however, she stopped and put her cell phone down again. It was better if Maia didn’t know about it. After all, a person’s sense of maturity was dependent on their ability to keep some secrets to themselves.

Why did she have to reveal everything that she knew to Maia?

Moving back to Gerald, he was now standing before Xavia.

“Here’s the key to Mountain Top Villa. You can stay there for a month. I’ve helped you deal with Hugh so once I give you the key, let bygones be bygones. I hope that you understand that if I ever choose to be serious, you won’t be able to threaten me,” said Gerald as he threw the key to her. He then immediately turned around to leave.

“Humph! And what do you mean by that! Do you really hate me that much? You aren’t even the slightest interested in speaking with me, are you?” replied Xavia, her tone anxious.

“I’m not!”

“I’m aware that you have a new girlfriend now. I’ve heard about the incident between you and Giya as well! You seem to be quite close to her, but since I’m your ex, I can’t help but want to advise you about one thing. For your own good, don’t meddle further into any affairs regarding Giya!”

“Let me tell you Gerald, you don’t know the full story about the Long’s background. You don’t even know what kind of person Yunus really is. Though your Mayberry Organization is powerful, if the Longs wanted to destroy you, they could do so extremely easily. Do you understand?” said Xavia as she took the key.

“I don’t plan to meddle any further into any affairs regarding Giya anyway. However, do know that even though that is so, I’m not afraid of the Longs either. You don’t have to try to scare me!” replied Gerald.

“Humph! I was simply trying to be kind to you! How ungrateful! Just stay away from Giya in the future or you’ll come to regret it!” said Xavia as she peeked at Gerald one final time before leaving.

It was true that Gerald didn’t want to meddle with Giya’s affairs anymore. He wasn’t her boyfriend, so he wasn’t obligated to help her that much. What more, the affair involving both the Longs and Giya was a proper one.

What more could he even do?

At that moment, his phone started to ring.

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