The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 621-630

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 621
About thirty helicopters were encircling the abandoned house!

Tammy was equally as dumbfounded as Harry, and she immediately covered her mouth with both her hands the moment she saw the helicopters.

Dear lord! Though Tammy had grown up in the city, even she hadn’t personally witnessed such a magnificent scene like this!

“You… You went back on your word!” shouted Harry, terrified.

D*mn it! His plan to escape after receiving the money was now down the drain!

As he said that, several bodyguards were already using rope ladders to descend the helicopters. In no time at all, Harry was completely surrounded.

“It really is you, Harry! And here I thought you wouldn’t dare return after going missing for such a long time! I have to say, I would never have expected you to go this low! You even set Mr. Crawford up! Aren’t you terrified at all that Miss Crawford will find out about this?” asked Zack with a sneer as he walked closer to Harry. Drake and Tyson followed closely behind him.

It was obvious that Zack and Harry were acquainted with each other.

Harry himself knew that there was zero chance of him escaping the situation the moment he saw Drake, Tyson, and Zack together.

He knew it was far too late for him to try to explain himself. If Zack informed Jessica about the matter, she definitely wouldn’t let him off that easily. In fact, Harry had no trouble imagining a scenario where he ended up dead with several missing body parts.

To him, he felt that the only possible way to avoid that outcome was to allow himself to be captured without any resistance.

“Heh. I’m only doing all this to survive after the eldest young lady banished me. Regardless, while I was part of the elaborate plan to set Mr. Crawford up, I assure you, Mr. Lyle, that I’ve granted him a lot of mercy. Just so you know, not only did Mr. Long order me to set him up, but he also told me to knock him unconscious so that I could make his situation even worse! However, I turned that suggestion down immediately! As you can clearly see now, I’ve also taken the initiative to hand Mr. Crawford the evidence needed to prove his innocence!” explained Harry hurriedly, a smile on his face.

“Also, Mr. Lyle, weren’t we once brothers working for the eldest young lady? I remember saving you once in the past. Can’t you spare me this time? In case you think I haven’t changed, I was only a kid back then. I’m all grown up now!”

“Oh? So you still remember the time when you were still her subordinate! I assumed that you had already forgotten all about those days! Regardless, as for how we’re going to deal with you, Mr. Crawford will have the final say in this matter!”

At that moment, Zack and the others were standing by Gerald’s side.

“Harry used to work for my sister?” asked Gerald in surprise. No wonder he seemed so afraid of her.

“That is correct, Mr. Crawford. Michael, Harry, and I worked under her when the eldest young lady was still in Mayberry City. Back then, Harry was still in his early twenties. Disaster struck when he got one of our female employees pregnant while he was drunk. The eldest young lady was so enraged by that that she immediately told him to get lost the moment she found out about it!” replied Zack as he continued looking at Harry, a cold smile on his face.

“So that’s the whole story! Well, since he’s already handed the evidence over to me, I won’t pursue the matter or hold anything against him anymore!”

To be completely honest, Gerald had really wanted to find the person who had set him just to give them a tight slap on their face.

Now that Harry was staring while smiling at him in person, however, Gerald simply didn’t want to continue talking to such a shameless man anymore.

“Humph! You’re lucky today! Leave with the money and get lost already! Your life will be spared this time!”

Though Zack was angry, he was simultaneously feeling slightly relieved. After all, both of them had worked together before and Harry wasn’t wrong either. He had indeed saved Zack’s life before.

The truth was that Zack had secretly been afraid that Gerald would cruelly order him to kill Harry there and then.

“I… I’m not leaving!” replied Harry.

“What more do you want?”

“Mr. Crawford, as you can clearly see, I have nowhere else to go now. Please allow me to work by your side. I promise that I won’t make any more mistakes in future. I beg of you, Mr. Crawford! Please let me work for you!”

Harry was being dead serious when he said that.

Even when he had first met Gerald in the hotel, he could already tell that Gerald was a generous person with a rather benevolent personality.

That was the reason why he had secretly disobeyed the order to harm Gerald, despite agreeing with Yunus to do it. He just couldn’t bring himself to hurt such a person.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 622
What more, he was terrified of what Jessica would do to him if she ever found out that he had hurt her brother!

However, he also didn’t do it because Jessica had treated him kindly before.

Regardless, he hadn’t initially dared to return before this chain of events took place. He truly only wanted to get his money and leave this godforsaken place.

He had previously made sure to keep a record of everything that happened while he was dealing with Yunus. He had predicted that if everything went smoothly, Gerald would continue being misunderstood for about a week. If things had gone according to plan, he would have eventually handed the recordings over to Zack anyway once he had successfully hidden himself.

It was just his luck to end up in his current situation. Since there wasn’t going to be an easy way out of this anyway, he knew there was nothing to lose in asking Gerald to take him in.

“You?” replied Gerald as he couldn’t help but smile wryly.

“Forget it. Just leave while you can! Worry not, I’ll forgive you today and I’ll tell my sister not to hold you accountable for your actions as well.”

Since Harry’s face looked naturally wretched, Gerald found it hard to tell whether he truly meant what he said or if he was simply fooling around.

“Wait! As a form of courtesy, I’ll also present you with another big gift, Mr. Crawford! I’m certain that you’ll like it!”

Hearing that, Gerald and Zack exchanged glances. Eventually, Gerald nodded before saying, “Fine. My final decision depends on what the gift is!”

After saying that, he turned around to look at Giya and Tammy.

“Mr. Lyle, please get a car to send the girls home first!” said Gerald, his voice slightly cold and indifferent.

While Giya had hoped to talk more with Gerald, expecting him to show a least a little more concern, he didn’t say a word to her.

Soon after, a car drove over to them. Gerald then entered and left immediately.

Of course, he was doing all of this on purpose. After all, he felt that it would be best for him to continue displaying this attitude so that he would be able to avoid any further misunderstandings in the future.

Giya could feel her heart aching slightly as she watched the car drive off. Was this the future of her relationship with Gerald? Was he going to continue being this cold and indifferent toward her?

Had he lost any affection he had for her as a friend as well?

Haha… That was probably the case.

Gerald had simply arrived to retrieve the evidence that he needed. He was only saving her because she just so happened to be there. Why was she even overthinking it?

Who was she anyway? Did she honestly think that Gerald was going to risk his life for her? Was she really feeling touched because of this?

‘Giyayou stupid girl… Gerald only has Mila in his heart… It’s obvious that he’s using the situation to his advantage to put some distance between you and him…’

She could only bitterly remind herself of the reality of the situation.

To think that she had thought that there really existed a person who was willing to sacrifice their life for her. It was all just a bunch of deceptive lies!

After returning home safely, Giya found herself tossing and turning in bed for most of the night. She was only able to fall asleep nearing dawn.

However, she was woken abruptly by a loud noise outside at around nine in the morning.

“You have to figure out a solution to this matter, Walton! After all, we followed you and left the Quarrington family together in the past! You’re responsible for all of us! If you fail to do that, we won’t be able to sustain our family any longer!”

Giya’s parents had returned, and together with a few of her aunts and uncles, they all seemed to be having a discussion with Walton regarding how they should deal with the issue between the Longs and Quarringtons in Yanken.

In the past, Walton had led this particular group of people away from the Quarrington family out of rage regarding some matters. However, they were now in a situation where they could no longer sustain the company that they had co-founded together.

Since he was the one who had led them away from the rest of the Quarringtons back then, he naturally had to take responsibility over everyone who was currently present.

“There doesn’t seem to be any results in Giya and the third young master of the Long family’s relationship! We simply can’t allow this to go on! Yunus’s birthday banquet is going to be held at Wayfair Mountain Entertainment today and he’s already invited Giya to accompany him there! He’s obviously still waiting for Giya to accept his marriage proposal!”

Everyone was discussing the same thing.

“Alright, that’s quite enough. All of you are already aware that Giya had run into some trouble last night. While she made it out safely and is currently resting in her room, it saddens me to say that Mr. Long didn’t even do anything to help my daughter at all! It’s beyond upsetting!”

Walton and the others had rushed home early that morning the moment they found out that Giya had been involved in a kidnapping incident.

Before anyone could even begin discussing the kidnapping, the door creaked open.

Giya then stepped into the room with a bitter expression on her face.

“Mom? Dad? You don’t have to worry. I’ll attend his birthday banquet today.”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 623
“Giya? Why aren’t you resting in your room? Why did you come out?” asked Walton, his voice clearly distressed.

Seeing her, some of her extended family members coughed before saying, “You know, Giya really is a good girl. She’s well aware that we can’t afford to offend the Long family. What more, hadn’t Mr. Long spent millions of dollars to save you when you were kidnapped? He definitely loves you a lot!”

In the room, Walton was the only one who knew the reality of the situation. Since he was worried sick, Giya had detailed the events that had taken place the night before to him. The others were completely oblivious to the truth of what had really happened.

Hearing the comments from her uncles and aunts, Giya only laughed as she expressed a wry smile. She understood what they were trying to tell her.

Despite that, Giya wasn’t angry at them at all. She was aware that the pressure from the Long and the main Quarrington family was really suffocating both her own, and her extended family.

What more, she knew that her uncles and aunts still needed to support their own families. That was the gist as to why she wasn’t holding anything against them.

Besides, she just couldn’t care any less about her situation anymore. What else could she do?

Gerald didn’t seem to care about her anymore. After all, he already had his beloved Mila.

While she had initially thought that there would still be a chance for her and Gerald to be together in the past, she didn’t even want to think about it anymore.

The way she saw it, the only way she could possibly be of any use in this situation was to sacrifice herself. At least then she would finally be able to help her family attain peace!

After taking a deep breath, Giya smiled before saying, “Dad, mom, I’ll go get ready first so that we can attend Yunus’s birthday banquet later!”

She then returned to her room.

Seeing his daughter like that, Walton couldn’t help but feel slightly depressed.

Meanwhile, Harry was together with Gerald and in his hand was a USB flash drive.

“Hehe… This is my gift to you, Mr. Crawford. I’m sure you’ll be very interested in it,” said Harry as he slid the USB into a laptop and began playing a video.

After watching the entire thing, Gerald couldn’t help but sneer before asking, “Did you record this last night?”

“Heh, I did! I may not have many skills, but if it’s regarding despicable or sneaky acts, no one can compare to me!” replied Harry as he patted his own chest twice.

“That’s quite enough. There’s no need to brag about that!” replied Zack as he smiled wryly.

“Either way, we now have enough evidence on hand. Together with the footage, we should finally be set to beat him in his own game!”

“Indeed!” said Gerald as he smiled while nodding.

At that moment, Gerald’s phone began to ring. It was a call from his godbrother, Yoel.

“What’s wrong, Yoel?”

“Brother! We got beaten up! Aiden got beaten up the worst!”

“What?! How bold! Who did it?” asked Gerald angrily.

“Who else could it have been? It’s that b*stardYunus of course! He’s hosting a big birthday banquet today and almost every influential and powerful individual in Mayberry City has been invited over! The only people he specifically excluded from the event were people associated with the Crawford family! Because of that, Aiden and I brought some men over to cause some trouble for him…”

Yoel then quickly explained everything that had happened to Gerald.

Essentially, both Yoel and Aiden had been dissatisfied since Yunus was clearly targeting the Crawford family through the event.

The Long family was powerful after all, yet Yunus still chose to host his banquet in Mayberry City. What more, he was even hosting it at Wayfair Mountain Entertainment! The place Jessica used to run!

It was clear as day that Yunus was deliberately targeting Gerald.

Still, Aiden and Yoel had gone there looking for trouble without even telling Gerald beforehand. Since it was being hosted by Yunus, it was to be expected that many Long family members would also be present. That obviously contributed to the huge loss they ended up suffering.

“For now, both of you should come back and look for me first!” replied Gerald.

He wasn’t going to just let this slide. After all, he treated both of them like his own brothers.

“We’re already downstairs! I’m supporting Aiden right now!” replied Yoel.

“I’m coming down now!” replied Gerald as he led Harry and the others downstairs.

True to Yoel’s word, both of them had been terribly beaten up. Aiden’s face was very badly bruised and most of it was already swollen. Even Yoel had a few bruises on his face.

“I’m so sorry, Mr. Crawford! I’ve embarrassed you today!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 624
Aiden’s voice was dispirited, almost as though he had just lost a great battle.

“It’s fine. Just hurry up and get inside first!” replied Gerald as he patted both their shoulders before heading inside with everyone else.

“Gerald! Gerald!”

However, before he managed to get far, he heard a female’s voice calling out for him.

Turning back to see who it was, he was surprised to see Felicity standing there.

Though he hadn’t met her in quite a while, he was still slightly taken aback at how much her beauty had increased within that period of time.

“Felicity? What are you doing here?” asked Gerald.

He wasn’t sure how she had managed to find him. Thinking back, however, it was probably because his home address was no big secret.

“Humph! Since I hadn’t managed to catch you at all after returning to school, I decided to personally come over to see you!”

For a period of time, Felicity had struggled with herself when she found out about Gerald’s true identity. Though it took her a while, she eventually had a complete change of heart and attitude toward Gerald.

Back when she was still unsure whether Gerald was truly Mr. Crawford, she had constantly been confused as to whether she was truly in love with Gerald or not.

However, that changed the day she saw all those people bowing before Gerald in that small neighborhood. It was at that moment when she no longer felt conflicted about her feelings.

“Well now you’ve seen me! You’ve achieved your goal!” replied Gerald with a wry smile on his face.

“Pfft! Since when have you become this way? I know, you must have several girls by your side now so you’ve forgotten all about your classmates! Regardless, there’s actually another reason I came looking for you today!”

Gerald simply nodded, signaling for her to go on.

“So here’s the thing. I recently started a celebrity company and I’m an anchor now. Since my company is under yours, I thought that we could go to Yorknorth Mountain to try attracting more attention and customers! However, the people there told us that we weren’t allowed to enter!” replied Felicity.

“I can help with that. From now on, you’re all free to enter!” said Gerald with a smile.

Felicity pursed her lips slightly when she saw how kind he was treating her.

While she was filled with joy, her heart bore equal amounts of sorrow.

She was naturally happy because Gerald wasn’t blaming her for being so rude and mean to him in the past. He was still treating her as a classmate and friend.

However, she was also sad because she couldn’t help but recall the time when they were just starting university. Back then, Gerald would constantly sneak peeks at her. As a girl, she definitely understood what that meant.

Gerald was interested in her.

At the time, however, how could she possibly have been interested in someone like him? Looking back at it now, she was filled with regrets.

It would’ve been great if she had gotten together with Gerald back then!

“Speaking of which, could you do me a favor as well?” asked Gerald out of the blue while Felicity was still reminiscing in her head.

“…Huh? A favor? Is there anything I can help you with?” asked Felicity, visibly surprised.

“Yes. Why don’t you come in first? We can further discuss the matter inside!” replied Gerald with a smile.

While this was happening, a crowd had already formed in Wayfair Mountain Entertainment, and the banquet was getting livelier by the minute.

Ever since Jessica disbanded and auctioned off the initially named Mayberry Commercial Street so that Gerald could focus on starting his own business, Wayfair Mountain Entertainment had been auctioned off as well for management purposes.

Since Yunus had inexplicably decided to host his birthday banquet here of all places, everyone attending naturally knew what this meant.

To put bluntly, the Long family was going to plant their flag here again in the future! They were going to rise again from where they once fell in the past!

“Ah, Mr. Long! So many people came over today! They’re all certainly giving you a lot of face!” praised a servant as he looked at how festive the banquet was.

“Haha! But of course! Also, have Giya and her family arrived?” asked Yunus.

“I’ve asked about them and it seems that they’re all on their way here. Looks like she’ll finally be yours, Mr. Long!”

“Humph! I treat her so well and I’m even willing to lower myself in front of her. To think that she was in love with Gerald before this! If I hadn’t pressured her, she would’ve just continued treating me as though I didn’t exist! Yet the more she acts that way, the more I want her to be mine! D*mn it! I’m only getting angrier by talking about this! I don’t want to talk about it anymore!”

“Oh no-!”

At that moment, a waitress had been trying to refill Yunus’s wine glass. However, she accidentally knocked the wine glass over!

“D*mn it! Don’t you have any-”

While Yunus was already prepared to launch an onslaught of curses, the moment he saw how beautiful the waitress was, he immediately stopped.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 625
“Well hello there, beautiful. How did I miss you earlier?” asked Yunus.

“O-oh… Well you did seem busy just now… What more, some people were causing a scene earlier… I can understand why you didn’t have the time to pay attention to me!” replied the girl as she smiled slightly. She looked even more beautiful when she smiled.

As the girl was about to continue pouring wine for Yunus, he grabbed hold of her hand before saying, “Hold on a minute, look here! You spilled some red wine on me earlier! Such a simple apology simply won’t cut it! If you want my anger to be subdued, you’ll have to find another way to please me!”

“Um… Then, what else can I do to make you happy, Mr. Long?” asked the girl shyly.

“Hahaha! That’s what I like to hear… Come to the back with me!”

Since there was still more than an hour left before the birthday banquet would officially begin, Yunus had made up his mind that he would have some fun with this girl first.

“Now, Mr. Long?” asked the butler, clearly aware of the time.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep my eye on the time. I’ll be back soon!” replied Yunus as he began leading the girl to a room further back.

At that moment, a woman abruptly stood in front of Yunus before saying, “What are you doing, Yunus?”

“Ah, sister-in-law! I have something to attend to now. Worry not, I’ll be back soon! Haha!”

The woman in question was none other than Xavia. Behind her, stood Natasha—her younger sister—along with several of Natasha’s classmates.

Xavia’s eyes reflected her feelings of contempt. She naturally knew what Yunus was about to do with that girl.

To make matters worse, she had gotten into an argument with Yunus last night. The cause of it was because she had planned to invite Gerald to his birthday banquet today.

Her intention was simple. She simply wanted to show off to Gerald, and in order to do that, he first needed to be present.

The location was perfect for her plan as well. This was Wayfair Mountain Entertainment. The place where she had suffered her darkest and deepest sorrows!

It was the best place for her to give Gerald a slap to his face!

Quite honestly, she knew she wouldn’t be satisfied just slapping him once or twice. She wanted to completely embarrass him. To make him awe at her when she was at her peak so that he would come to regret everything that he had done to her!

‘See Gerald? So what if you left me? I’m leading an extremely glorious life now! Are you regretting all your actions now, Gerald?!’

Revenge was the only thing on her mind.

However, Yunus had other things on his mind. He had held his birthday banquet here because he specifically wanted to target Gerald.

This was the gist of why they ended up quarreling the night before. Naturally, Xavia wasn’t able to outtalk Yunus.

Because of that, she simply left together with her sister. At the time, she really couldn’t be bothered with him.

“U-um… Mr. Long? What exactly are we doing here in the guest room? Don’t you have a lot of guests waiting to meet you outside?” asked the girl.

“Hehehe… Don’t tell me you don’t know why we’re here! Now get in!” said Yunus as he grinned. Upon saying that, he shoved her into the guest room.

“W-what are you trying to do?!” shouted the girl in horror.

“S-someone! Save me, please!”

“Heh! I’ve already booked the entire venue today! Who would actually dare to-”

At that moment, the door was suddenly kicked open! Five men then rushed in immediately.

“Sister?! D*mn it! How dare you touch her! Are all of you recording this? You must be tired of living, huh?!” shouted one of the men viciously as he walked up to Yunus.

As he said that, the other men were busy taking their cell phones out to record the scene happening before them.

“B-brother! You’re here! I was so scared just now!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 626
The girl then hurriedly ran to her brother’s side.

Yunus himself had been taken aback after seeing so many things happening at once. When he finally turned to look at the angry man’s face, he was shocked beyond words.

“H-Harry?! Why are you here? How did you even get it?” asked Yunus as he started breaking out in cold sweat.

“Oh? What a pleasant coincidence! So you’re the culprit, Mr. Long! So you dared to insult my beloved sister, huh? I’m going to f*cking kill you right here and now!” roared Harry as he kicked Yunus directly in the chest.

Yunus found himself flying to the other end of the bed. When he finally landed, he immediately clutched on to his chest. He felt as though he would start vomiting blood at any second.

“Hold him down!” ordered Harry as several of his men immediately pinned down Yunus’s arms and legs.

Yunus’s face was pale with fright. He then started yelling, “Guards! Guards, get in here right now!”

He yelled so hard that even his voice started sounding hoarse.

“Scream on! Scream as loud as you want! As long as you’re in this room, nobody’s going to hear you! Not only did you send your men after my head, you almost took advantage of my sister as well! You’re an unforgivable piece of sc*m, Yunus Long!” shouted Harry as he slapped Yunus’s cheek.

“I-I was wrong, Harry! Also since when have you had a sister? I didn’t know about her at all!”

At that moment, Yunus couldn’t afford to retain his usual dominant personality anymore.

In reply, Harry gave Yunus another hard slap before saying, “Questioning me now? After treating my sister like this? You’re truly done for today!”

“L-like I said, I was wrong, Harry! Harry, listen to me, both of us have had our fair shares of grudges and grievances. While you may want to take your revenge against me, I know that deep in your heart, all you’re really after is more money, right? I can give you all the money you want! Also, it’s my birthday today and the elders of the Long family are present as well! Why don’t we discuss things civilly?”

Yunus was well aware that he had been set up. He had walked straight into their trap so that they could frame him.

He was currently filled with regrets for not holding back his lust earlier.

“Also, Harry! You know who I am, right? I’m sure you’re aware that it won’t do you any good to offend me… What more, Wayfair Mountain Entertainment has security cameras everywhere. It won’t be long before my men realize what’s going on! When they finally get here, things won’t end well for you! So how about it? Why not just take the money and leave now?!” explained Yunus hurriedly.

“Thank you for your concern, Mr. Long. I have to say, it’s amusing how you’re still trying to scare me right now. First of all, we came in through the back door. Secondly, I don’t think you’re aware of who supervised the installation process of all the security cameras in the building,” replied Harry before sneering coldly.

“…Y-you don’t mean…”

“That’s right! It was me!” shouted Harry as he landed yet another slap on Yunus’s face.

“W-what do you want then?” asked Yunus as he gulped.

“Oh, I only need you to do something very simple! See, you’ve insulted my sister today and I’ve caught you red-handed! I don’t need your god d*mn money! I need you to kneel in front of me and call me master three times in a row! Actually hold on, master would be too easy. Let’s go with grandpa instead to make things more interesting! While we’re at it, you’ll also need to say how much of a brute you are at the end of each of those three sentences. I’ll forgive you once you’ve done that. How about it?” sneered Harry.

“In your dreams!”

Immediately after he said that, Yunus received his fourth slap of the day.

“Do you think I’m playing around? I’m going all out today, Yunus! In the worst-case scenario, I’ll just perish together with you! I know very well that a b*stard like you won’t let me off easily anyway!” said Harry as he took a knife out.

When he saw the look on Harry’s face, Yunus realized just how serious the situation had become. At this point, Harry looked like he was willing to do anything.

“A-alright! I’ll do as you ask, Harry! I’ll do it!” shouted Yunus as he knelt down in fright.

“…Grandpa, I’m a brute!”

As he repeated the sentence thrice, the other men continued recording every pathetic second of it.

However, nearing the end of his last sentence, Yunus suddenly raised his head and threw the bedsheets at Harry!

While the others were momentarily stunned, he got up, opened a window, and then jumped out!

“D*mn it! Don’t let him get away!” yelled Harry after recovering from his shock. He and the others then immediately began chasing after Yunus.

However, Yunus had already started shouting the moment he made his escape. All the noise naturally caught the attention of the bodyguards in front.

“Mr. Long!”

The shout had come from Dante who had a large group of bodyguards together with him.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 627
“Harry! The guards are here!” said one of Harry’s men.

“D*mn it! We’ll definitely be outnumbered! We’ll have to retreat first!” ordered Harry. Together with the girl, the group then swiftly made their way out of Wayfair Mountain Entertainment.

“After them! Hunt them down and kill them all!” shouted Yunus angrily.

This was the first time Yunus had ever been treated this way. The immense humiliation was near unbearable for him.

As his guards chased after Harry and his group, Yunus’s butler approached him before asking in a worried tone, “Are you alright, Mr. Long?”

“How the f*ck could I possibly be fine? You were the one who had chosen this crappy place to host my birthday banquet in! If it wasn’t for this venue, Harry and his men wouldn’t have possibly been able to sneak in this easily! Do you even know I almost died?!”

Despite the fact that his butler looked to be almost sixty, Yunus still slapped him hard on the face.

Feeling embarrassed, the butler then immediately said, “I-It’s all my fault! I’ve clearly wronged you, Mr. Long!”

“…If I may, it’s still your birthday today, Mr. Long, and several wealthy and influential figures are waiting inside to meet you… Why don’t we go back in first?” suggested the butler.

Hearing that, Yunus grumbled angrily before walking back into the building while adjusting his necktie.

“Hey, hey! Look there! That’s Mr. Long’s fiancée, right? Miss Giya?”

“Indeed! You know, I’ve heard rumors of her extraordinary beauty and excellent temperament. Now that I’ve seen her in person, I can certainly agree with what I’ve heard!”

Several of the businessmen and celebrities at the venue were looking at, and discussing Giya and her family who had naturally also been invited to the birthday banquet.

“Speaking of which, have all of you heard? Miss Giya seems to have a rather close relationship with Mr. Crawford! Their relationship is quite ambiguous and from what I’ve been told, she almost became Mr. Crawford’s girlfriend!”

“‘Almost’? I heard that she’s already Mr. Crawford’s woman! A more extreme rumor is that she’s already pregnant with his child! The two of them possibly being a couple is no big secret anymore!”

“What?! Is that really true?!”

“Hey, quiet down! What’ll happen if Mr. Long’s men hear any of that! Even I’ve heard some rumors about Miss Giya and Mr. Crawford being together! However, regardless of what we’ve heard, Miss Giya is still obviously Mr. Long’s woman now! ”

The crowd then continued discussing the matter in low voices.

Giya herself was currently walking around with Tammy and her other friends. No matter where she went, she could hear snippets of their discussions about the relationship between her and Gerald.

Had it not been for the occasion, she would have already cursed everyone who was bad-mouthing her. All she could do was blush in silence.

Even Xavia had overheard the discussions running rampant among the crowd.

Hearing all that only served to make her angry.

She was supposed to be the protagonist today! However, with Giya here, it was clear that she wasn’t going to be in the spotlight. The realization of this only made her even gloomier.

What more, they were all saying that Gerald and Giya had a close relationship! Xavia’s discomfort grew even worse from that.

After all, to everyone, Giya was better than her in every aspect. And that wasn’t the worst part. Despite being so capable, Giya was actually on good terms with her ex-boyfriend!

All this irritation made Xavia extremely frustrated. She couldn’t help but glare daggers at Giya whenever she saw her.

It was at that moment when Yunus re-entered the scene.

When he saw Giya, he couldn’t help but feel slightly resentful.

Regardless of how much he pursued her, she always retained her cold and indifferent expression when she was together with him. Despite her knowing that Yunus was celebrating his birthday today, the event did little to change her attitude toward him.

Yunus was also irritated by the fact that he had earlier been terribly insulted and humiliated.

As he sat down on the main seat in frustration, a few members of the Quarrington family walked over to greet him.

However, he only continued sitting in silence, not even bothering to reply to any of them.

At that moment, Xavia walked over to him before saying in an envious voice, “You know, Yunus, it’s your birthday today, but it seems like your fiancée is a little unhappy. Also, do you know what everyone was saying earlier?”

“Go on.”

“Almost everyone was insisting that Giya actually likes Gerald! Some of them were even saying that you forced Giya to be together with you! I’ve even heard some news saying that you were the one who had caused Gerald and Giya to break up!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 628
“What utter bullsh*t! Who said that?! I’m killing all of them!” growled Yunus angrily as he slammed both his hands on the table.

Everyone was shocked and nobody dared to say another word.

His reaction made everyone remember why they had attended his birthday banquet in the first place. Their true goal was to get into Yunus’s good books after all.

Seeing that everyone had ceased their gossiping, Yunus then looked at Giya before saying coldly, “Come over here and sit next to me, Giya! I want these people to know that you’re my woman! You’re Yunus Long’s woman I say!”

Giya frowned when she heard him say that. Rather than obeying his orders, she simply turned to face the other way.

When they saw her reaction, many of the guests began smiling in excitement.

Giya had clearly given Yunus a mental slap to the face! She wasn’t giving him any respect at all!

Yunus had already been very unhappy today.

Not only had his annoyance grown after hearing what Xavia had relayed to him, Giya had just given him the cold shoulder!

To top it off, he was now feeling even more pressure since everyone was intensely staring at him!

His rage at that moment knew no bounds.

“I told you to come over here! Didn’t you hear what I said?!” yelled Yunus as he got up and walked over to Giya. The moment he was in front of her, he grabbed her by the arm and violently began tugging her toward his seat again.

“What are you doing?! What are you behaving this way?” shouted Tammy as she and the other girls glared angrily at Yunus.

They had initially thought that since it would be impossible for Giya and Gerald to be together anymore, being together with the young master from the Long family would be the second-best thing, as long as he was a good person.

They could clearly see now how much of a sc*mbagYunus really was.

“She’s my god dmn fiancée! She has to do whatever the fck I tell her to! And now, I want her to sit beside me to pour me some fcking wine! Fck Gerald! Gerald’s nothing but trash in my eyes!” roared Yunus as he continued tugging her arm.

All of the Quarrington family members had ugly expressions on their faces. However, as was expected, nobody dared to speak up.

Xavia smiled triumphantly as she watched the scene before her play out.

Once they arrived at the main seat, Giya sat on the chair next to it while holding on to her wrist. Yunus had clearly grabbed on to it too roughly.

“It’s my birthday today! Could you stop being so cold to me for once?! Smile, god dmn it! Smile as you pour my god dmn wine!”

Nobody could understand why he was suddenly losing his cool. However, nobody was complaining either. After all, they were all enjoying their front row seats to this drama!

The bitterness in Giya’s heart peaked at that moment. However, she knew that she didn’t really have a choice in the matter.

Forcing on a faint smile, she then began pouring some wine for Yunus.

“Fantastic!” cheered and applauded the people from within the crowd.

Xavia herself smiled subtly as she said, “Haha… My sister-in-law is too good for someone like Gerald. Why would anyone say that she loves him? From what I can see, it’s clear that she’s head over heels for Yunus! If none of you are buying that, why not Giya and Yunus kiss in front of everyone then? Haha! That’ll be the biggest birthday present for Yunus!”

After hearing what she said, everyone started cheering and applauding again.

“She’s right! Go on! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!”

“Humph! If it’s a kissing scene all of you want, then a kissing scene you’ll get!” sneered Yunus as he attempted to hug Giya so that she would be forced to kiss him.

However, Giya immediately avoided him before shouting, “What do you think you’re doing? Have you gone mad?!”

She just couldn’t stand him anymore.

“Oh? What’s happening here?” said Xavia as she faked her surprise.

On the contrary, everyone else truly was surprised.

“My word, what is wrong with you, sister-in-law? You’re not giving Yunus any face at all, despite the fact that he’s celebrating his birthday today! Humph! Does your heart truly still belong to Gerald?” added Xavia.

Hearing her statement, Yunus’s anger rose even more as he glared at Giya.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 629
“How dare you try to avoid me?! You’re to obey everything that I say! If you can’t do even that, I’ll make sure that the Quarringtons cease to exist in Mayberry City!” roared Yunus furiously as he yanked on Giya’s hair out of anger.

He then pulled her into his arms, forcefully positioning her into a hug. Giya however, wasn’t having any of that.

“Release me you lunatic!”

As Giya struggled desperately to free herself, she began subconsciously raising her hand…

And a moment later, a slap could be heard.

Giya had just slapped Yunus’s face.

“…You… You hit me? You actually dare to hit me?”

Yunus was so shocked and angry that he could almost feel himself ready to spurt out blood.

Everyone else could only stare wide-eyed at what they had just witnessed.

“Are you alright, Giya?!”

It was Tammy and the other girls who had broken the silence as they pulled Giya away from Yunus in their effort to protect her.

“…Kneel… Kneel before me immediately! Otherwise you’ll definitely regret it!” growled Yunus, his anger limitless as he cupped a hand on his hurt cheek.

As he said that, the other members of the Long family had also gotten up, slowly gathering around them.

After all, Giya had just slapped Yunus in public. It was equivalent to her slapping the faces of all the other Longs as well!

“I’m terribly sorry, Mr. Long! Giya was rude and disrespectful to you! I’m so sorry, Mr. Long!” said Walton as he immediately rushed forward to apologize to Yunus.

He had gritted his teeth while also clenching both his fists as he said that. After all, no father would be able to tolerate seeing their daughter being treated like this.

As for the other members of the Quarrington family, all of them were extremely afraid that things were just going to continue getting worse.

At that moment, Giya’s third uncle began walking toward Yunus with a smile on his face, clearly trying to de-escalate the situation.

However, before he could even say a word, Yunus punched him out of the blue!

“Get lost!” roared Yunus as Giya’s third uncle fell to the floor.

“Third uncle!” cried out Giya.

The other Quarringtons were now beyond terrified.

Turning to look at Giya, Yunus then began slowly walking toward her.

Suddenly, he felt something hit him on the forehead!

“F*ck!” shouted Yunus as he placed a palm over his forehead. Looking at the floor, he realized that he had been shot with a plastic pellet!

“Who the f*ck did that?!” cursed Yunus aloud.

In response, another plastic pellet was shot! This one hit Yunus’s forehead as well.

Now knowing which direction the pellets had been shot from, Yunus looked toward the venue’s main entrance.

He saw a few men standing there, their possible leader holding on to a toy gun which was still pointed toward Yunus. When the hell had they come in?

“Haha! Bullseyes for both shots!”

Said the person who had shot the pellets as he threw the toy gun aside before starting to laugh.

“D*mn it, it’s you again? Are you sick of living or something?”

Yunus recognized their faces. They had earlier come to cause trouble, after all. However, they had been promptly beaten up by his men before they managed to escape.

Of course, the group standing at the building’s main entrance was Yoel and the rest of his men.

After hearing Yunus say that, Yoel began walking toward him with both hands in his pockets. His group of men followed closely behind him.

“I’m glad you noticed! I’m feeling quite uncomfortable now, you know? Come on! Beat up again, please!” replied Yoel as he sneered.

“Why you… Men, get them-”

Before Yunus was able to order his men to beat them up, his butler hurriedly ran over to stop him.

“Mr. Long, please don’t act recklessly. Let’s see what he’s up to first!” whispered the butler.

“Yunus Long! If you know what’s good for you, then you better release my sister-in-law! Otherwise, you’ll be done for today!” shouted Yoel as he pointed toward Giya.


Everyone present was shocked.

“Oh dear, Mr. Long has really gotten himself in a very messy situation this time!”

“I agree! The Long family is really going to embarrass themselves this time!”

Just like before, the crowd had already started discussing the current situation among themselves.

As for Aiden, who had previously been injured, he nudged his shoulder against Yoel’s before giving him a look. It was his way of reminding Yoel to pay attention to what he said, even if they were here to cause a scene today.

The entire operation was a very big deal.

“So it seems that the rumors are true! Is the young master of the Long family really interested in other peoples’ leftovers?”

The discussions were going more rampant than ever in the crowd.

At that moment, Giya looked at Yoel before saying, “Sister-in-law…? What are you talking about?”

“Heh… Well, it doesn’t really matter! Regardless, since we’re all already here, I definitely won’t allow you to get hurt any further!” replied Yoel.

Yoel was so angry that his face was now beet red.

“I see… No wonder Yoel and his men came over to cause a scene earlier! They were trying to take Miss Giya away! The young masters must’ve been angry! After all, Yoel is Mr. Crawford’s godbrother!”


However, before they were able to continue discussing any further, a woman suddenly said, “Hah! How brave of you to come all the way here just to create a ruckus! But why isn’t Gerald here? Why’s he only sending his men? Get him to come personally if he wants trouble! Also, don’t simply refer to others as your sister-in-law!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 630
The woman in question was Xavia.

She didn’t know why, but she felt extremely uncomfortable when she heard Yoel referring to Giya as his sister-in-law!

“F*cking hell! They’re really tired of living, aren’t they?! This is the second time you’ve tried to cause a scene at my birthday banquet! I’m beating all of you to death if it’s the last thing I do!” yelled Yunus angrily.

By then, all of the present Long family bodyguards had surrounded Yoel and his men. There seemed to be at least a hundred of them.

This was such a huge scene that all the businessmen and celebrities there were taken aback.

“Oh dear lord! You have so many men with you! I’m terrified! Pop quiz time! Do you know which family has more men with them in Mayberry City?” said Yoel with a laugh, his hands in his pocket.

As soon as his sentence ended, a whistle was blown.

Following that, a large group of men began rushing in from the main entrance without warning!

An estimated five to six hundred men had also surrounded the building’s exterior, all of them working for the Crawford family.

With countless men suddenly standing behind Yoel, Yunus was left completely taken aback.

Even Xavia shut up when she saw all the men that Yoel had suddenly summoned.

Based on the current situation, it was visibly clear that it would be impossible for the Longs to win this battle.

‘All these men belong to Gerald… Since when has he become like this?’ Xavia thought to herself.

By then, several of the Long family’s seniors were looking around them anxiously.

“Third young master, please don’t act impulsively! They’re deliberately trying to provoke you now! If you make the first move, they’ll have a reason to start fighting back!” said one of the senior members hurriedly.

“Please be patient, Yunus… I’d like to see what they’re planning on doing next…” said another Long family member anxiously.

“Mr. Lyle is here!” shouted someone from the crowd at that moment.

As soon as they heard his name, the crowd automatically began making way for him to pass through.

Zack and Michael could be seen standing at the end of the newly cleared path.

“Mr. Lyle! Mr. Zeke!” greeted a few of the businessmen there as they, too, stood aside to ensure that there was an open path in front of the two men.

All of the Long family’s members were now aware that Zack was present as well.

Among the Longs, a middle-aged man suddenly stood up and quickly walked over to him.

“It’s been a while since I’ve last met with you, Mr. Lyle. It’s the Long family’s third young master’s birthday today you know? What exactly do you mean by this current scene?”

It was obvious that some of the senior members there knew Zack.

“Oh, it doesn’t mean anything. And yes, I’m aware that Yunus is celebrating his birthday today so I just came along to have some fun! Happy birthday, Yunus!” replied Zack with a smile.

“Then how would you explain all the guards here?” asked the same man again.

“Oh, them? Well, all of them used to work in Mayberry Commercial Street. They were all equally excited to hear that the Long family’s third young master was celebrating his birthday at Wayfair Mountain Entertainment. After all, this used to be our old home! That’s the only reason why we’re all here today. Don’t you think you’re being a little too sensitive, Mr. Long?”

“Regardless, since we’re already here to celebrate his birthday, don’t you think you should invite all of us in for at least a drink?” replied Zack.

Yunus could barely hold his anger back when he heard this. However, he wasn’t a fool. He knew well enough not to make a move against Zack.

He could only turn his head to the side in anger.

“But of course! The Long family has always been hospitable to our guests! Please, come with me, Mr. Lyle!” said the Long family senior hurriedly.

Not too long after, Zack, Yoel, and a few others found themselves sitting at a table next to Yunus’s.

Yunus was feeling extremely depressed at that moment. Just as he was about to take a sip of red wine, a loud smacking sound was heard.

Something had hit Yunus’s cheek!

When he looked up, he saw Yoel and Aiden aiming peanuts at him!

“D*mn it!” growled Yunus as he glared at both of them with a vicious expression on his face. All he could do was clench his fists tightly while taking deep breaths, hoping that it would allow him to control his temper.

However, moments later, a piece of braised pork hit Yunus directly on his forehead!

“You f*ckers!” yelled Yunus as he immediately stood up in anger.

“Yunus! Calm yourself!” said another senior member of the Long family as he placed his hand on Yunus’s shoulder to prevent him from doing anything rash.

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