The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 641-650

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 641
Xavia had already planned everything out.

She knew that the moment Gerald found out that she was in danger, he would definitely come running over to save her. Xavia had no doubts about it given how well she knew his personality in the past.

Once he arrived, she would begin crying and throwing tantrums before threatening to commit suicide. After seeing that, he would definitely be saddened and try to console her!

After that, she would finally have her chance to be together with Gerald again.

While Xavia seemed like she utterly hated Gerald at first glance, her main and only aim was to make Gerald regret leaving her.

Though she had managed to corner Gerald up in the bar that day, she had never planned to order her subordinates to beat him up. The most she had wanted to do back then was to mock him slightly before asking him how it felt to have fallen right into her hands.

She wanted Gerald to be filled with grief.

To her surprise, Gerald hadn’t even bothered checking in on her today! Not even after hearing about her suicide attempt!

“Ahh! I’m so god d*mn angry!”

Though the Longs were powerful, Xavia knew in her heart that the Longs were no match against Gerald.

“Sister, I said everything you told me to, to a T! However, it really seemed like he was getting ready to be engaged!” said Natasha.

“Humph! I’m not buying it! As if he would ever get engaged to Giya! It doesn’t make any sense!”

Though she said that, Xavia was quite anxious as well. In fact, she had been nervous from the moment she learned of the news last night.

After all, the news had been specifically spread around to the Quarringtons and the Longs. Since the Long family knew about it, it didn’t take long for the information to reach Xavia.

Without warning, Xavia suddenly picked up a vase before smashing it on the floor!

She then sat on a sofa, speechless in her despair.

While this was happening, a roar of laughter could be heard at Mayberry Airport.

“Wow! Mayberry is so beautiful! Much more beautiful than Hong Kong!”

“Indeed. We chose to come here for a reason you know? By the way, Mila, you and your husband had better take us around to maximize our enjoyment here! Remember, we only managed to get a few days off! However, we really wanted to go to Mayberry with you to have a look around! We haven’t even returned home yet, so you better not disappoint us!”

The conversation had come from a few girls who were currently dragging their luggage bags out of the airport as they continued chatting excitedly among themselves.

“Speaking of which, Mila, you’ve told us before that your boyfriend is a rather exceptional person. Why didn’t you tell him to pick us up?”

The one who had asked was a cute girl who seemed to talk excitedly regardless of the situation. She had a bowl cut and her face was slightly chubby, easily making her the cutest among the six girls in the group. From the tone of her voice, she also sounded slightly naïve.

“Don’t you remember what Mila said before? Her boyfriend doesn’t really get women so he’s rather insensitive! He’s so straightforward that he doesn’t even know how to surprise her romantically! Well, it’s not a sin to be an insensitive man, but at least one of the partners in a relationship should know how to give pleasant and romantic surprises to the other! If both partners don’t know how to do that, how would the relationship even be sustained? That’s why we have our Mila here to focus on giving her Gerald surprises!” said another girl whose hair hung to around her waist. She was smiling the entire time she said that.

“Oh! I get it now! It’s like what happened a few days ago right? When Mila gave Gerald a special call on his birthday? She had told him that she would be having a short holiday in a few days, but Gerald had only said that he would meet Mila after that! I felt like smacking my forehead after hearing that! He hadn’t even taken the initiative to make any requests even though Mila had purposefully mentioned the short holiday!” said the bowl cut girl from earlier as she laughed out loud.

“That’s right! At the time, Mila hadn’t managed to hold herself back so she ended up telling Gerald about it! Personally, I think that it would’ve been better if you hadn’t told him about the holiday. You could’ve just given him a surprise from your sudden return trip! Those are the best! Then again, now that I think about it, it would be better if you guided him more since he’s already so insensitive. If you don’t, I fear that his straightforwardness will only get worse!” added yet another of the six girls.

Hearing what the other girls had to say, Mila felt like their logic was sound. Still, she hadn’t really thought about it back then.

When she had called that day, she had only mentioned the holiday because she wanted to see how Gerald would react after hearing about it.

‘Well, it’s fine. He’s just as straightforward as ever.’

Regardless, Mila had indeed wanted to return for quite a while now to give Gerald a surprise. After all, the present Gerald had changed quite a bit compared to his past self.

Mila herself wanted to be a more supportive girlfriend, so she felt like she should put in more effort in hopes that he would also learn to do the same. Once that was achieved, they would then be able to manage their relationship even better.

“Humph! Well, in my opinion, Mila’s just bragging. She may have claimed that her husband is quite powerful in Mayberry, but I couldn’t find any information about Gerald online at all!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 642
Another girl from the group had said that, her arms crossed.

All six of them were housemates who were both learning new skills and doing their internships at Hong Kong Television Station.

However, they were now on holiday to enjoy themselves as a group.

The girl who had claimed that Mila was simply bragging was named Wanda Wabsor. Though her figure was similar to Mila’s, the same couldn’t be said about her appearance.

If they needed to select the station beauty in Hong Kong Television Station, Mila would undeniably get chosen since she was the most beautiful woman there. Wanda herself could barely hold second place in the beauty department.

Since all of them were housemates, not only did they live together, but they also had to learn and work in the same space most of the time. In short, they had to see and talk with each other a lot.

Being girls, it was quite hard for them to avoid feeling jealous among themselves.

However, it would be far-fetched to say that they resented each other. The most they did was mock each other playfully. Regardless, they were still happy being together.

“Oh, Wanda! Don’t say things like that! Mila would never brag! You can tell just by how loyal Mila is toward Gerald!”

“That’s right! Just look at the television station we work for. So many people have tried to gain Mila’s affection, but what does she do every time? She rejects them all! She only ever thinks about that insensitive man! When you look at it that way, Mila’s such a good girlfriend!”

The responses had come from two other girls from the group.

“Humph!” After hearing that, Wanda simply kept her mouth shut. This was honestly another reason why Wanda was jealous.

For girls living outside, it was quite normal for them to have at least some sort of ambiguous relationship with other guys, even if they already had a boyfriend.

Wanda herself had a long-distance relationship with her own boyfriend.

However, even she had some ambiguous relationships with a few guys. By that, it meant that she would neither reject nor accept the actions of some of her admirers who tried to gain her favor.

Mila on the other hand, was different. Regardless of how earnest and sincere her admirers were, Mila was always resolute with her response.

‘Sorry, but I already have a boyfriend!’

In a way, it made Wanda feel like Mila was simply too perfect.

“Humph! Well, it’s fine if you don’t want to continue talking about it. Anyway, how are our living arrangements?” asked Wanda.

“Well, I don’t have many bedrooms in my house… Actually, I have another place in mind. Let’s go to Gerald’s house! His house is quite spacious and he has a lot of bedrooms too!” said Mila.

A roar of laughter ensued.

“Mila, we all know you just want to meet Gerald sooner. You don’t even want to return home yet! That’s fine though, since it definitely beats just staying in the hotel with nothing to do. Let’s accompany Mila to visit Gerald!”

After that, they hailed a taxi before excitedly heading to Mountain Top Villa.

“Holy! Would you look at that! This… How could such a luxurious villa be built on top of a mountain? It almost seems like its peak is amidst the clouds! Mila, is this really Gerald’s house? Are we going to be staying here?” asked the girl with the cute face from before whose name was Molly Sabell.

Earlier while they were in the taxi, the taxi driver had mentioned that Mountain Top Villa cost around a hundred and twenty million dollars. Hearing that, they had been excited to see the villa for themselves.

They honestly hadn’t expected to be even more surprised now that they were standing in front of the real deal.

Wanda was filled with jealousy. So it turned out that Mila’s husband truly was a powerful and rich heir, just like she had claimed!

‘Why is she so lucky?’ Wanda thought to herself.

“Come on, let’s go in already!” said Mila as she held her besties’ hands before walking toward the villa’s door together.

Once they arrived at the door, Mila was giddy with excitement. After all, she hadn’t met Gerald in three months now. What if he wasn’t home?

Even though Mila had her own key, she still opted to ring the doorbell first.

When they heard footsteps from the inside rushing over to open the door, Mila’s excitement grew with every passing step.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 643
“Who is it?” asked a maid just as she opened the door.

When she saw Mila, she was visibly stunned.

‘What was such a beautiful girl doing here?’

“Um… Who are you looking for?” asked the maid.

“Is Gerald home? I’m looking for him!” replied Mila with a slight smile.

“Who’s there, Hope?” said an impatient sounding voice from inside the villa.

“They’re here to look for Gerald, Miss!” answered the maid.


Hearing that, Xavia walked over to the door…

When she saw Mila, she was momentarily shocked speechless! Naturally, the same could be said for Mila when she saw Xavia.



Both of them shouted each other’s name in unison.

Mila for one, definitely knew who Xavia was. After all, Xavia was Gerald’s ex-girlfriend. It was impossible for Xavia not to know who Mila was as well.

In fact, her knowing about Mila was exactly why she was sure that Gerald marrying Giya was nothing but a rumor. After all, Gerald already had Mila as his girlfriend.

‘D*mn it all!’

What more, Xavia was aware of how much Gerald loved Mila! At least that was what she still assumed to be the case up till this point…

While finding out about the engagement had initially surprised her, if Gerald really was going through it, that would only mean that he must have broken up with Mila. After all, she knew that Gerald wasn’t the kind of person to have an affair with another girl.

Far from it, in fact. Gerald was extremely serious when it came to dealing with his relationships. Otherwise, he would’ve never even considered the thought of getting engaged with Giya.

‘But since he’s broken up with Mila, why did Mila come over to look for him?’

‘F*ck! Could Mila’s end goal be the same as mine? Does she want to get back together with Gerald too? Doesn’t that mean that I’ll have another enemy to deal with who’s even more powerful than Giya?’

‘After all, Mila is very beautiful… While it’s true that I can use my past with Gerald to my advantage, what other tactics do I even have? I’m definitely no match against the two of them!’

‘This just won’t do! I must make her leave at once!’

Xavia then began plotting against Mila right there and then!

“Why are you here?” asked Mila, a frown on her face.

“Why wouldn’t I be? I’ve gotten back together with Gerald! I’m pregnant too, so I’m staying here now to take care of both me and my baby!” sneered Xavia.

“Quit spouting nonsense!” yelled Mila who had gone pale from fright.

But then again, if she was just spouting nonsense, what was she doing in Gerald’s house?

“I don’t care about whatever you have to say! Oh, and I’m marrying him soon. How about you? Why did you come back to look for him? Whatever your intentions are, you’d better give up!” replied Xavia as she rolled her eyes.

“What happened Mila? Who is she?” asked Molly angrily.

“She’s Gerald’s ex-girlfriend!” wailed Mila as she burst into tears.

“Fck! What a scmbag!”

At that point, the others could already piece together the situation.

“Let’s go, Mila! You shouldn’t show your tears in front of such people!” said Molly as she glared at Xavia.

“So it turns out that Gerald had been lying to you this entire time! To think that he was getting married soon to someone else while he was still constantly contacting you! It’s true that there really are no nice men in the world!” said Molly.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 644
Mila simply took in a deep breath before saying, “I’m going to call Gerald now! I want him to tell me in person what exactly happened!”

After saying that, she took out the key to Mountain Top Villa before throwing it directly at Xavia. Xavia was obviously stupefied by this.

‘F*ck! Why does it now seem like Gerald hasn’t broken up with her yet? In fact, they still seem to be deeply in love with each other!’

‘What exactly is happening? Did Gerald really become a sc*mbag?’

As Xavia thought about that, Mila had already tried giving Gerald a few calls. However, he answered none of them.

“Why isn’t he answering any of my calls? He used to always answer my calls immediately!” said Mila anxiously.

So it was as Xavia said. Gerald really was having an affair with her all this time!

Mila could only laugh bitterly in her mind.

All of a sudden, Xavia came up with a nasty plot. Just as Mila was about to leave, she shouted out, “Mila, wait!”

“What more do you want?” yelled Molly coldly in response.

Hearing that, Xavia bit her lower lip slightly before shedding some tears.

“Mila, though we’ve never contacted each other before, I do feel that you truly are a really nice girl. I said all that to you earlier because I couldn’t bear to tell you the truth! You’d be too greatly disappointed!”

“Humph! She’s just being a hypocrite while shedding crocodile tears! Pay her no attention!” replied Molly.

“Mila, while it’s true that I live in Mountain Top Villa and Gerald has given me a luxurious life, do you know how much of a sc*mbag he actually is? He refuses to get back together with me, simply because he’s already moved on! Even though I now bear his child, he won’t let me return just because I’m his ex-girlfriend!”

“Also, I have a great secret to share with you, Mila!” added Xavia.

“What is it?” asked Mila.

Mila then lowered her voice before saying, “It turns out that Gerald is actually Mr. Crawford of Mayberry! He’s filthy rich! However, he only told me about this after I got pregnant with his child, which is why I’m not sure whether you know about this yet.”

Mila then looked at Xavia for a brief moment before nodding. She was starting to slightly believe her.

After all, Gerald had initially told her that his identity should never be exposed.

However, even Xavia knew about it now. What more, she was also living in Mountain Top Villa! That fact alone clearly pointed out the issue.

“Then again, since you managed to come here, it must mean that you already know about Gerald’s true identity as well! If that’s the case, I’ll just cut to the chase. Men usually turn wild and bad once they become rich! Once I got pregnant, I thought that I could finally fulfill my wish of getting back together with him! Alas, it just isn’t possible. That’s because he’s now together with yet another girl!” said Xavia as she wailed even louder.

“Another girl…?” replied Mila, her voice now weak.

“That’s right. Now, if Gerald had truly wanted to be with another girl, I’d gladly have given up. However, he told me that he wanted me to continue being with him. He lied straight to my face while he was still together with that other girl! What more, he’s getting engaged to her today! I didn’t dare stop him in fear that he would beat me up!” said Xavia in between sobs.

Mila felt like she had just received a great blow.

“Where is the engagement being held? I’m meeting him immediately!” said Mila coldly.

“He’s at…”

Xavia then told Mila the venue where Gerald’s engagement would be held.

She had initially planned to go there to create a mess. However, after thinking about it for a while, she realized that she would only achieve the exact opposite of her desired results if she went there looking for trouble.

That was the reason why she had given up on the idea and simply went to bed.

Unexpectedly, Mila had turned up at the villa out of the blue. What great timing!

“However, you must promise me that you’ll never let him know that I told you any of this. If he ever finds out about it, I’ll be beaten to death!”

“Got it!”

After she said that, Mila and her friends immediately left for the venue.

On their way there, Mila was still filled with disbelief. She had always given her full trust to Gerald. She simply felt that she wouldn’t have had the wrong impression of him for so long.

She was definitely not going to misunderstand Gerald simply because of what Xavia said.

This was why she wanted to go there to see for herself first. She needed to know if Xavia was really telling the truth.

“Humph! How ridiculous! You cherish him so much to the point where you talk about him at least eight times a day! In the end, he doesn’t even care about you!” sneered Wanda.

“Could you please stop talking for a moment, Wanda? Mila’s already having a hard time,” replied Molly.

After a short drive, the car finally stopped in front of the hotel’s entrance.

“Mila, this should be the place!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 645
Meanwhile, Gerald had been putting up quite a show together with Giya.

Giya herself seemed to have lied to her parents.

Knowing this, Gerald found it increasingly awkward to keep up the façade. Hence, he was now trying to find an excuse to leave already.

When she saw this, Giya held on to Gerald’s arm intimately before saying, “Mom, Dad, I’ll be seeing him off first. I can handle it so both of you can just stay here!”

After saying that, both of them then walked out of the hall together.

Once the hotel’s entrance was within sight, Gerald immediately said, “It’s high time you returned my cell phone to me!”

Earlier, Gerald had constantly looked at his phone while he was chatting with the others. To preserve the image of intimacy between him and Giya, the other Quarringtons had temporarily confiscated his phone.

They added that he shouldn’t be playing with his phone so that he could focus more on chatting properly with them.

Gerald hadn’t said anything about it at the time.

After that, they continued chatting for a little while longer and having their meal, it soon led to the current situation.

“Now what kind of tone is that?” replied Giya as she placed the phone in Gerald’s hand, her other arm still locked together with his.

“Why did you switch my phone off…?” said Gerald helplessly as he tried to retract his arm.

However, she refused to let him go. Her charming face clearly reflected her stubbornness and reluctance to part with him.

After all, Giya had agreed that after today, both of them would cease to have any form of relationship with each other. At best, they could only remain as friends.

How could Giya be willing to simply accept that?

Despite knowing why she wasn’t letting go, Gerald didn’t want to continue retaining such an ambiguous relationship with her. This was why he was being so firm and resolute with the matter.

“I don’t want to let go!” said Giya.


When Gerald looked up to see who had shouted his name, he was stupefied.

“…Mila? You… When did you return?”

Gerald’s heart plunged into despair at that very moment.

While he was both surprised and pleased to see Mila, the situation he was currently in made their reunion incredibly awkward.

“What… What are you doing?” said Mila as she pinched her palm hard. She was hoping that the pain would allow her to control her tears from bursting out at any moment.

Molly and her other friends on the other hand, were glaring at Gerald fiercely.

On their way there, they had persistently consoled Mila that Gerald wasn’t such a person. They had even told her to have confidence in him.

After all, they had eavesdropped on Gerald and Mila’s conversations before. Just from listening to the way Gerald talked back then, they could tell that he was an honest and naïve man.

They were at least certain that he wasn’t the flirtatious kind of rich heir.

However, now that they had witnessed this scene, Molly and the others were simply astonished beyond words. What a sc*mbag!

“Mila! It’s all just a misunderstanding!” said Gerald as he finally yanked his arm free from Giya’s grasp.

“I heard that you’re getting engaged with someone today… Is that true?” asked Mila.

“No! Just please listen to my explanation first!”

Gerald was feeling extremely anxious. After all, if his relationship with Mila was ruined because of such a trivial affair, Gerald knew for a fact that he would end up being filled with remorse.

“Is she Mila?” This was all Giya managed to say. After all, Mila’s arrival had been extremely sudden.

Scanning Mila from head to toe, Giya could see that Mila was a natural beauty. Her disposition was very charming as well.

No wonder Gerald loved her so much.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 646
While Giya was looking at Mila, jealousy reflected in her eyes, very strong emotions were also overflowing in Mila’s heart.

“You… You’ve let me down! You disappoint me greatly Gerald! I don’t ever want to see you again!” shouted Mila as she shoved Gerald harshly before turning around.

Mila then ran away while covering her mouth as Wanda scowled, “You disgusting sc*mbag! So what if you’re rich?!”

Even she couldn’t help but scold Gerald in Mila’s place.

After all, they were all girls. They would definitely resent sc*mbags like him!

Gerald himself had gone pale from anxiety. He simply couldn’t imagine why Mila had suddenly made her appearance there and then. However, that could wait.

Gerald immediately began chasing after her.

Giya was also facing an onslaught of complicated emotions. Since she couldn’t process all of it at once, she simply redirected all her feelings into anger.

With Gerald now gone, she simply turned around and re-entered the hotel.

It was sometime later when Mila and her friends were all huddled together in Mila’s bedroom.

Seeing Gerald standing outside, Molly drew the curtains back slightly before saying, “Mila, please don’t cry anymore… That man still has some kind of conscience. He rushed all the way here and he’s now standing outside your house!”

“Just tell him to leave already! I don’t ever want to see his face again!” wailed Mila as she hugged both of her knees while crying in bed.

Her friends could only look at each other. While all of them were angry, they were simultaneously thinking of how pitiful Mila was.

Mila had, after all, been thinking about Gerald this entire time. She had even wanted to meet him first above all else upon returning to Mayberry! In the end, however, she had to witness such a terrible scene with her very own eyes.

“Humph! I’ll go downstairs and demand a clear explanation from him!” said Molly, her voice slightly anxious as she descended the stairs.

“Are you that sc*mbag, Gerald?” asked Molly coldly, her hands on her waist.

“I am. Is Mila alright? Everything you saw was just a misunderstanding!” said Gerald, getting straight to the point.

“Misunderstanding? All of us saw it clearly! That woman was intimately locking arms with you in the hotel earlier. How could any of that be a misunderstanding? Are you going to tell me now that your entire engagement with her is a fake?”

“Before that, are you Mila’s colleague from Hong Kong? And yes, everything was faked. Could you please tell Mila that?”

“I’m not going to tell her anything. Who knows if you’re telling the truth? Don’t even try anything funny, I’ve already seen several tricks used by sc*mbags before! Regardless, you’re an extremely greedy person! You already have a girlfriend yet you still yearn for other girls!”

“Quite frankly, I don’t care whether you’re telling the truth or not. I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but do you know how well Mila treats you Gerald? There are countless people at the television station who have tried to gain her affection, you know?”

“However, she knew that she had you, and she was satisfied and grateful for that. Because of that, she was always extremely careful whenever she dealt with her admirers. Whenever anyone tried to overstep their boundaries, she would immediately reject them mercilessly!”

“I’m sure you’re aware that you’re currently in a long-distance relationship with Mila. If Mila had wanted to have an ambiguous relationship with any of the guys there without your knowledge, it’s not like you’d be able to find out. However, she stood her ground every time, making sure to be both cold and aloof toward every guy who had ever tried to woo her. Now, she doesn’t have a single male friend at our television station! Are you even aware of any of that?” explained Molly angrily.

While it was true that she could have refrained from saying those hurtful words, she found no real reason not to hold back.

She simply felt that the entire situation was unfair for Mila.

“I’m well aware!” replied Gerald as he nodded.

While he definitely already knew how committed Mila was as a girlfriend, hearing the extent of how much she valued him made him touched. Simultaneously, it also made him filled with a deep sense of self-reproach.

What Molly said was right. Mila had always treated him the same way.

Gerald on the other hand, had crossed the line a few times before during incidents that involved him helping his friends. However, when it rained, it poured, and each of those incidents always ended up with him going too far.

However, Mila could refrain from having any male friends at all, just for Gerald’s sake.

‘Why can’t I make less contact with girls for Mila’s sake as well?’

At the end of the day, Gerald just couldn’t help but feel guilty. He just hoped that he could explain himself well enough for Mila to potentially forgive him.

“…Either way, that really was a fake engagement… See, that girl from earlier? She’s just a friend of mine…”

After that, Gerald then slowly detailed everything that had led to that incident to Molly.

Molly kept her gaze fixed on Gerald’s eyes the entire time. By the time he was finally done explaining, she realized that he really wasn’t lying.

‘Could he really be telling the truth? Then again… There’s one more thing that doesn’t add up. Let’s see how you explain yourself out of that.’
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 647
“What? You’re just lending that villa to that girl?” said Molly after hearing Gerald’s explanation about Xavia.

Regarding Xavia being pregnant, Gerald wasn’t too sure about that. However, it wasn’t too hard for him to imagine her plotting up such a lie. He could deal with her later.

For now, Gerald simply wanted Mila not to misunderstand him anymore.

“Alright, I can sense that you’re not lying. I’ll try to advise Mila on this. You’d better not be feeding us any lies. Do you know how much Mila hates being lied to?”

Despite having only a brief conversation with him, Molly was near certain that Gerald wasn’t the kind of reckless or flirtatious rich hair. On the contrary, he seemed to be quite a nice and friendly man.

If he was honestly saying the truth, then Molly was definitely willing to help him out.

Hence, as Molly returned to Mila’s bedroom, Gerald remained downstairs.

A short while later however, she came down again before saying with a sigh, “I’m sorry, but I can’t help you Gerald. Mila simply refuses to listen to me… She doesn’t even want to see you at all. I’m afraid you’ve hurt her too much this time. You’d better leave for now…”

After saying that, she returned upstairs.

Gerald could only sigh in response. He was filled with grief.

He had always yearned for Mila to return. Now that she was back, they had met during such terrible timing.

At that moment, Gerald’s phone began ringing. It was a call from Queta.

“What’s wrong, Queta?” asked Gerald as he felt a gentle smile form on his face. After all, he had always treated her just like his younger sister.

“Mr. Crawford, I’m not Queta. I’m Lisa, her colleague. We’ve met before!” said the girl on the other end of the line.

However, something about her tone hinted that something urgent was up.

“I remember you. What’s wrong?” asked Gerald immediately.

“It’s Queta. Something’s happened to her and she’s now in the hospital!” explained Lisa, her voice more anxious than before.


Gerald was shocked to hear this.

He then stared at the stairs for a brief moment. At first, he considered shouting so that Mila would know that he was leaving for something important. However, he feared that it would only annoy her more if she heard him shouting.

After all, she was still deeply resenting him now. In the end, he concluded that it would be better to first check in on Queta first

“So what exactly happened? Tell me clearly!” said Gerald as he began leaving Mila’s house.

“Well, she was fine up till noon today. It all started when Queta suddenly said that she was feeling sick while we were having our afternoon classes. I had initially gotten some hot water for her, thinking that she was just having a regular fever. Unexpectedly, she fainted not too long after! I’m now in the hospital with her and she’s already regained consciousness. However, she’s still very weak.”

“Why did the incident happen in the first place?” asked Gerald anxiously as he hailed a taxi. After learning more details, he then rushed to the hospital that Lisa and Queta were in.

“What did that sc*mbag say?” asked the other girls as Molly returned upstairs.

“He didn’t say too much, but it seems like he’ll wait there till Mila’s willing to meet him!”

“I doubt it. Is he really that loyal?” sneered Wanda as she drew the curtains open again to look outside.

The first thing she saw was Gerald getting into a taxi before leaving immediately.

“Humph! I told you! It’s only been a short while yet he’s already hailed a cab and left! Just look at that, Mila!” said Wanda as she pointed at the leaving taxi.

Mila took a peek outside the window and when she realized that what Wanda had said was true, she became so anxious that she began scratching on her bedsheets.

‘Yes, I’m furious. And yes, I was the one who said that I didn’t want to listen to your explanation… But how could that possibly be true?’

‘Even if you hadn’t wanted to explain yourself, you could’ve just waited downstairs for a little longer. That would’ve proved to me that you still felt the same for me…’

‘But now you’ve left. What now?’

Mila was filled with excruciating pain at that moment.

While this was happening, Gerald arrived at the hospital.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 648
Queta’s face was as white as a sheet when Gerald saw her in the ward. She looked terribly weak. Thankfully, just as Lisa had said, she had already regained consciousness.

“How are you feeling?” asked Gerald as he walked toward her bed.

“I’m not too sure either… At the time, without any warning, it simply felt like all the blood had been drained from my body. My vision went dark and the next thing I knew, I had already fainted,” said Queta in a soft voice.

“And what did the doctor say?”

“See, that’s why both of us are so anxious. While a few doctors have discussed her condition, they still haven’t been able to detect the cause of her illness! At the moment, none of them even dare to continue treating her yet!” said Lisa.

Hearing that, Queta’s eyes began watering slightly. After all, even she was slightly terrified.

Regardless of how strong she usually was, facing such a situation was still going to be hard on her.

“I see…” said Gerald as he nodded. He then looked at Queta, feeling sad for her.

After stepping out of the ward, he immediately contacted the Drake & Tyson duo. They were ordered to send in the professional medical team from the base.

The duo wasted no time after receiving their order and not too long after, the professional medical team arrived at the scene.

Since everyone from the team was quite famous, it was certain that the hospital would give their full cooperation with them.

After a two-hour check-up session, the medical team approached Gerald, looking rather glum.

“Mr. Crawford, it saddens us to say that we haven’t encountered symptoms like the ones Miss Smith is currently experiencing before this. Even though we’ve used both Western and Chinese medicinal means to attempt to diagnose Miss Smith’s illness, we’ve still failed to make any progress,” said a few members of the medical team as they shook their heads.

“What? Even you’ve reached a dead end?” replied Gerald, feeling greatly disappointed.

“Apologies, sir. Might I suggest calling the medicinal team from your family instead? They have higher medical skills than we do!” added an experienced and rather old looking Chinese medicine practitioner in a shameful voice. He seemed to be their leader.

“Alright, I got it. You may leave now!” said Gerald as he nodded slightly.

While he hadn’t been able to confirm his true relationship with Queta yet, Gerald still treated her like his younger sister. Even if she ended up not being related to him, Gerald would still consider her to be a close friend.

Now that she was in trouble, how could Gerald just sit back and do nothing?

“Please take care of Queta for the moment, Lisa. I’ll try to think of something!” said Gerald.

“I will, Mr. Crawford.”

Gerald then made his way back to his hotel. Once he got there, he started sending out orders and making arrangements for Zack and the others.

Zack was placed in charge of looking up the family’s famous doctor.

He also called his father to notify him about the incident.

However, just as Gerald was about to leave again, he was immediately greeted to the sight of someone squatting right outside his hotel room.

The old person was even holding on to a sack that seemed to contain a blanket and his luggage.

Of course, the person in question was none other than Finnley the old man.

“My grandson, what were you up to today? Didn’t you say that you’d go home today?” said Finnley as he smiled happily when he saw Gerald.

He then stood up while still holding on to his sack.

Scanning Finnley briefly from head to toe, Gerald noticed that the old man had even stolen a blanket belonging to the hotel!

“Finnley, I hate to disappoint, but I really don’t have the time to send you home now. I have too many things on my hand at the moment… How about this? If you really want to go home now, I’ll just order someone to drive you back to the Salford Province first,” said Gerald rather impatiently.

Gerald currently had a lot on his plate, and he was clearly feeling the immense pressure.

He knew that if anything were to happen to Queta, he would feel extremely uneasy when he actually looked for that woman later on.

“I refuse! You told me that you’d send me home in person!” said Finnley as he shook his head.

“Fine, but you’ll have to wait for a few more days then. Something’s happened to my best friend so I can’t afford to go yet!” replied Gerald.

Just as Gerald was about to leave, Finnley firmly grabbed on to Gerald’s shoulder out of the blue.

“Hmm? Something’s not right… My grandson, who did you meet today?”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 649
“What’s the matter?” asked Gerald who was caught slightly off-guard by the question.

He didn’t know what was wrong with the old man. While Finnley looked both elderly and thin, his grip was surprisingly strong. After grabbing on to Gerald’s shoulder, Gerald was unable to move even if he wanted to.

‘How is he even this strong?’

“Just curious. Again, who did you meet today my grandson? I can smell an unusual scent from your body…” asked Finnley as he chuckled.

“Define, ‘unusual scent’,” replied Gerald as he looked at Finnley who suddenly appeared a lot more excited and mysterious.

‘Maybe his muddle headedness is acting up again!’

“It’s the scent of venom-based poison!” said Finnley in a sudden hushed tone.

“The person you met today is suffering from venom-based poison! You probably came into contact with that person which is why you have such a venomous scent on you!” added Finnley.

“D*mn it, have you been watching too many Thai movies?” said Gerald helplessly.

He simply felt like leaving at that moment. However, after giving it some thought, Gerald felt that Finnley’s strange deduction wasn’t completely unwarranted.

While the doctors from before had failed to pinpoint the cause of her illness, Finnley’s theory did in fact match with some of her symptoms.

Gerald knew about this since he had heard about venom-based poisons before sometime in the past. Essentially, it worked similar to some viruses and bacteria, only the poison was instead excreted from a parasite that made its home in the human body.

His options were running low and Finnley sounded quite confident with himself.

‘What if he really has some kind of way to cure her?’

“…Alright, since even the doctors have failed to diagnose her illness, could you please have a look at the patient?”

“Of course! I know about literally everything! As I’ve told you before, I’m not a beggar. I was quite powerful in the past!”

If it wasn’t because Gerald was running out of options, he wouldn’t be wasting his time with Finnley now. Then again, Finnley’s hometown was southwest of the Salford Province. Maybe he really did know something about the illness.

That was the other reason why he was willing to at least give Finnley a try.

When both of them arrived at Queta’s ward, Gerald saw that one of the older and more experienced practitioners of Chinese medicine from his medical team had stayed back to take care of Queta.

He seemed to be performing acupuncture for her at that moment.

Several other Chinese medicine practitioners were also standing close by, respectfully observing and learning from him.

Even the Drake & Tyson duo were there.

Peeking into the ward, Finnley immediately sneered before saying, “What’s the use of poking her body with those pathetic needles? What you’re doing is utterly meaningless!”

After he said that, both Gerald and the old man entered the ward.

“Who are you? How could you spout such nonsense to the exceptionally skillful Dr. Hudson? Somebody, kick him out immediately!” said a person standing at the side. He seemed to be the president of the hospital and he looked quite unhappy after hearing Finnley’s remark.

Dr. Hudson had been quite famous for several years now. His juniors were rightfully angry as well since they had been both delighted and grateful to be even able to witness his medical skills in action.

How could they just allow some old man to condemn him?

Dr. Hudson himself frowned slightly at Finnley’s comment.

However, since Mr. Crawford had been the one who had brought him over, the doctor could only suppress his anger.

“Based on what you said, I’m assuming that you know a thing or two about medicine too, am I correct?” said Dr. Hudson as he snorted.

“Still, for an elderly man, you’re still acting quite imprudently!”

“I’m far from imprudent! Now step aside!” said Finnley as he shoved Dr. Hudson to the side.

He then immediately took out the silver needles that Dr. Hudson had earlier inserted into Queta’s arm.

“You-!” said Dr. Hudson in anger as his cheeks flushed red.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 650
“What about me? You’ve just been jabbing her with needles when she’s clearly suffering from a venom-based poison! All you’ve done is increase the speed of her blood circulation! Isn’t that just giving the parasite more chances to move around uncontrollably around her body?” replied Finnley.

“Girl, when you were around eight, did you go through something similar to what you’re experiencing now? Though you were probably mostly just dizzy back then, it happened again when you were twelve, right? Only then, you felt even more lightheaded than before. Things should have gotten worse once you got to the age of sixteen. If my deduction is correct, you should have felt extremely lightheaded while simultaneously feeling that your limbs were worryingly weak for that period of time. Since your condition’s only continued to worsen every time it shows itself again, straight out blacking out now when you’re twenty-two shouldn’t come as a surprise!” added Finnley as he turned to look at Queta.

Still lying on her hospital bed, Queta was shocked to hear Finnley’s analysis.

“How… How did you know all that?”

Gerald himself was looking at Finnley, utterly astonished.

‘How could he have managed to guess all that from just a simple glance? This mysterious old man is really something else…’

Thinking back, he remembered that Finnley hadn’t given off such an impression to him the first time they had met. Far from the powerful and smart old man Gerald now saw him as, back then, Finnley was simply a beggar with an injured leg who had forced Gerald to bring him to a doctor.

While he was starting to get curious about Finnley’s true background again, he refrained from asking about it for now since it would only be an inconvenience during these critical moments.

Still, if Finnley really was really able to cure Queta, that would definitely be for the best.

“Well, since you’re my grandson’s best friend, I’ll treat and remove the venom-based poison for you!”

“Thank you so much, sir!” said Queta gratefully.

“There’s no need to thank me. Ah yes, I’ll need all of you to leave for now. I’m going to be performing a different kind of acupuncture to remove the venom-based poison, so ordinary people are prohibited from observing!” added Finnley.

As soon as they heard that, everyone turned to look at Gerald. After all, if the person with the highest position trusted Finnley, so would they.

What more, Gerald had been the one who brought Finnley over and the old man made both logical and knowledgeable statements as well.

Gerald had no reason not to agree to Finnley’s terms, so he simply nodded and began leaving with the others.

Dr. Hudson himself couldn’t say much about the matter. He simply shook his head with a sigh before walking out of the ward.

“Wait!” shouted Finnley as he stopped Dr. Hudson from leaving.

“I could see that you were quite skillful. You can stay here to help me!”

“You need my help?” asked Dr. Hudson in slight disbelief.

Hearing that, Finnley looked at Gerald.

“Well, since he’s allowed you to help him, go for it Dr. Hudson. I’d personally breathe a bit easier knowing that two experts are doing their best to treat her,” replied Gerald.

After all, with both Finnley and Dr. Hudson working together, it would be similar to implementing double safety measures.

While Gerald left for real this time, the Drake & Tyson duo continued staring at Finnley coldly, their arms crossed.

The old man always had some kind of trick up his sleeve, and the duo had long been annoyed about that. What more, Dr. Hudson was their colleague. Seeing him being fooled and teased by that old man definitely made them even angrier.

After glaring at him for a little longer, the two finally began to leave when suddenly, they heard the old man say, “Tsk… These silver needles are useless!”

Finnley had been looking at the pack of silver needles that Dr. Hudson had with him when he said that. After discovering that they were useless, however, he simply threw them away in resignation.

“You…! That’s going way too far!” yelled Dr. Hudson, his hands shaking in rage.

“Humph! I’m telling the truth! Those needles there were all garbage! I need actual needles like the ones the brothers there have! You two, take your silver needles out now!” said Finnley as he looked at both Drake and Tyson who were still standing at the door.

Once they heard what he said, the two men looked at each other in dismay. Their expressions had changed drastically as they looked at Finnley.

“What are you looking at? Come now, don’t hide them up your sleeves anymore! I’ll return them once I’m done!” said Finnley as he moved toward them slowly.

Before they could even react, Finnley was already in front of them! He then snatched their packs of silver needles with extreme ease!



Drake’s forehead was filled with cold sweat as he stopped Tyson from making a move.

While the old man frankly seemed quite ugly and ordinary, his actions were fast and precise. They were so fast and precise, in fact, that Drake was now feeling equally scared and nervous.

Drake had never experienced such feelings before.

Glancing one last time at Finnley in disbelief, he then dragged Tyson out of the room.

Dr. Hudson himself placed his arms behind his back as he stood at the side. He simply couldn’t believe that such an old, beggar-like man like Finnley could have any sort of capabilities at all!

However, Finnley’s method of inserting the silver needles was simultaneously precise, skillful, and dazzling.

It didn’t take long before Dr. Hudson began to realize what technique Finnley was using. The moment he did, however, the doctor’s mouth began trembling slightly as he muttered, “Is… Is this Deadly Acupuncture Therapy?”

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