The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 651-660

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 651
After a short while of Gerald waiting anxiously outside the ward, both Finnley and Dr. Hudson exited the ward.

When Gerald saw both of them, he found it slightly odd and suspicious that Dr. Hudson now seemed much more respectful toward Finnley. Gerald had also noticed that while they were leaving the room, the doctor had almost tried supporting Finnley’s arm, though he quickly changed his mind at the last second.

“How did it go?” asked Gerald.

“She’s almost cured! You can go in and pay her a visit now!” said Finnley with a chuckle.

Hearing that, he entered the ward immediately to check on Queta. She was looking much better now compared to earlier, and even the usual rosiness on her cheeks had started to return.

“You don’t have to worry, Gerald. Mr. Quick has exceptional medical skills!” said Queta as soon as she saw him, clearly worried that Gerald was still concerned about her condition.

“That’s good to know!” replied Gerald, breathing a long sigh of relief.

“Thank you very much, Mr. Quick!” Gerald then said as he gave Finnley a nod.

The old man had truly helped Gerald a lot. Though Gerald had been quite annoyed with him in the beginning, he was now filled with sincere gratitude toward Finnley.

“It’s no big deal! My grandson, if there’s nothing else, can we leave now?” asked Finnley, evidently talking about Gerald sending him back to his hometown in the Salford Province.

Finnley seemed like he really wanted to leave now, which led to Gerald’s expression immediately turning somber.

After all, he still had one more issue to attend to. Though Mila had misunderstood him, she was now so angry that she wasn’t willing to even listen to his explanation. What should he even do now?

“Hold on for a little while longer. We’ll head there as soon as I settle this issue!”

After saying that, Gerald told Queta to take a good rest first before leaving her ward to make a call.

Even though he made several consecutive calls, Mila hung up immediately every single time.

Gerald could only sigh internally.

“Mila, why don’t you pick any of his calls up…? Maybe he’s changed his mind by now!” said Molly. Back at the Smith family’s house, Mila and her friends were seated in front of the television while eating snacks.

Seeing how Mila had hung up on every single one of Gerald’s calls, Molly couldn’t help but try to advise her.

“I refuse!” said Mila as she threw her phone aside while nibbling on a potato chip. She was clearly behaving this way out of spite.

At that moment, the doorbell rang.

Mila immediately sat up when she heard the familiar ring.

Her parents weren’t home, so the person at the door could only be Gerald, right? Though Mila was certainly angry, she wasn’t unwilling to meet Gerald.

Instead of her, however, Molly was the one who opened the door.

“Humph! So you still know that- …Huh? Why is it you?” said Molly, her tone indicating clear disgust.

“Is Miss Smith here? I need to talk to her about something!” replied a pleasant feminine voice.

The woman at the door was none other than Giya.

“Why did you come here?”

Mila definitely didn’t have a good impression of Giya. In fact, she resented her.

If Gerald had nothing to do with Giya, why was she latching on to his arm so intimately? Why had she even wanted to be engaged to Gerald in the first place?

“Miss Smith, I would like to talk to you in private, if that’s alright?” said Giya.

If Giya had simply chosen to return home after all that, she knew how uneasy she would eventually feel if she didn’t settle the things between her and Mila first.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 652
This was the reason why she wanted to have a nice chat with Mila first.

“What do you want to talk about? Spit it out already!” said Mila as both of them arrived at a park.

“I’ll be frank with you. It’d honestly be better for me if you broke up with Gerald. I won’t hide the fact that I do indeed, love him, and I’ve tried to gain his affection on multiple occasions!” said Giya.

Miya simply looked to the side without saying anything.

“However, it’s exactly because I love him that I can see how loyal he is to you. I’m not making any of this up either. His feelings for you have remained unchanged from the very beginning. No matter how much I’ve tried to earn his affection, he simply ignored every one of my advances. This is just my two cents, but if you do end up breaking up just because of some misunderstanding about our relationship, he’ll definitely experience extreme grief. He really is a kind man who likes helping people out, you know? Even the engagement was just him helping me out. He hasn’t done anything to wrong you!” explained Giya as she looked at Mila.

After that, Giya elaborated more about what Gerald and her had been doing throughout Mila’s absence.

It was honestly beyond Mila’s expectations. To think that so many things had happened to Gerald during that period of time.

However, Mila was honestly slightly jealous and irked by the fact that Gerald had helped Giya so many times.

After thinking about it for a little while longer, however, she realized that Gerald really hadn’t done anything wrong.

“I kind of get what you mean now. Do you mean to say that you’ve experienced much more with Gerald compared to what I have?” asked Mila.

“In no way had I meant to indicate that. However, since you’ve said it like that, why don’t you look at it this way? During your time together with Gerald, what exactly have you done for him? Where were you when Gerald was facing his own difficulties?”

Giya had meant no harm with her words. She honestly just wanted to talk it out with Mila.

‘What… have I done for Gerald? Where was I when Gerald was facing his own difficulties…?’

The two questions made Mila speechless.

Initially, Mila had just felt that their relationship still had a long way to go since Gerald was still pretty straightforward and insensitive romance-wise. However, she had never considered how she herself hadn’t been doing anything for Gerald.

Gerald on the other hand, had constantly been helping and taking good care of her.

Not once had she given anything back to him. What more, she had even misunderstood him and was unwilling to hear his explanation despite having returned unannounced this time.

In fact, he had probably left earlier since he was still busy. She had been a mere distraction to him all this time!

After chatting for a while longer, Mila and Giya parted ways.

Back at home, Mila locked herself in her bedroom the entire afternoon, unwilling to even chat with her friends. She was feeling rather depressed by her new realization.

Her actions made Molly and the others extremely worried.

“What’s wrong with Mila…? What did that woman even say to her? They chatted for an entire hour! Something must have happened!”

“I agree! Mila’s been like that from the moment she got back!” replied Molly as she bit into a potato chip.

“Humph! I say we go ask Mila about this. If that Giya woman had really said something bad to her, let’s just go teach her a lesson!”

After hearing that, the rest of Mila’s friends made their way up to Mila’s bedroom.

“Mila, please open the door already!” said Molly in a worried voice.

Soon after, Mila unlocked the door but when the others saw her, they were all equally puzzled.

Mila had packed all her luggage up!

“Mila? What are you doing? We haven’t even been here for a full day yet!” questioned Wanda.

“I know… But I miss Hong Kong already so let’s go back now!” replied Mila.

“…Huh? Right now?”

Everyone was surprised by her rash decision.

“But Mila… What about Gerald? It wasn’t easy for you to return, and we know how much you wanted to meet up with him… Though there was a great misunderstanding, I honestly feel that Gerald’s innocent this time around!”

“I know, I know… I’m well aware that Gerald would never do any of those things… However, I’m sticking to my decision. I really want to return to Hong Kong now!” said Mila, her eyes now teary.

Mila had earlier tossed and turned in her bed for quite some time, deep in thought about her next move.

She definitely didn’t resent Gerald anymore. Honestly, she just wanted him to coax and pacify her.

Though her wish was simple, Giya’s words continued to echo in her head. What Giya had told her had simply never occurred to her before today.

She was well aware now that she couldn’t do anything for Gerald. With that thought in mind, she knew that as long as she stayed here, she would only continue being a burden to him.

That was the moment when she made up her mind to return to Hong Kong. She would work hard and enrich herself to become even stronger.

Her end goal was to one day be able to strike a balance in their relationship.

Seeing how determined she was, her friends said nothing else and quickly began packing up their luggage again for their return trip to Hong Kong.

While they did so, Molly took her phone out before secretly sending a text message to Gerald.

“Come to the airport, quick! Mila is leaving for Hong Kong soon!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 653
Gerald had just retrieved some porridge for Queta when he received a text message from an unfamiliar number.

After reading its contents, Gerald was stunned.

‘Mila’s returning to Hong Kong? Already? I haven’t even had the time to explain myself to her yet!’

Immediately after, he began driving to the airport. On his way there, he bombarded Mila with endless calls. However, not once did she pick up.

Alas, when he finally arrived, he was just in time to see a plane slowly taking off.

Gerald was so anxious at that moment that he was ready to make some arrangements to get a helicopter to catch up with her.

However, before he could do anything rash, he received another text message.

This one came directly from Mila.

“Gerald, I’ll be returning to Hong Kong first. You don’t have to explain anything to me regarding what had happened today. I believe in you. To tell you the truth, I was acting out of spite earlier because of my jealousy. I honestly just wanted you to coax and pacify me. However, now I’m aware that I’ve never even considered your feelings before doing all that! For now, please don’t come looking for me yet. I just need some time. Forever loving you, Mila.”

After reading the message, Gerald was even more anxious now. He continued scratching the back of his head as he wondered, ‘What could this mean? Why would she say such things out of the blue?’

Gerald hit his steering wheel in his slight frustration.

‘It’s been such a long time since we’ve last met, yet she’s already gone before we’ve even had a chance to talk to each other properly…’

When Gerald returned to the hospital, he was visibly still upset.

In the end, Gerald couldn’t help but tell Queta about what had happened, hoping that she could give him some advice about the matter.

‘What exactly did Mila mean by that message? Does she want to break up with me? Or is it truly something else…?’

After hearing Gerald’s story, Queta simply smiled.

“She’s not breaking up with you at all! Didn’t you see that she specifically added the part saying she loves you forever? I’m sure she wrote that knowing for sure that you’d overthink the message. Don’t worry Gerald, it’s clear that she simply wants to be left alone for a while!”

Gerald simply sighed internally when he heard Queta’s answer.

‘In short, she’s still mad with me…’

‘If only I hadn’t agreed to help Giya, none of this would have happened!’

‘Regardless, Mila did say that she wanted to be left alone for a while… It would be best if I didn’t disturb her for the time being…’

‘Alright, once I find Xara in the Salford Province, I’m going over to Hong Kong to meet her.’

The very next day, Gerald, Queta, and Finnley rode together on the high-speed rail headed for the Salford Province.

Gerald’s was on a mission to find someone there.

Before boarding the high-speed rail, Zack had told Gerald about a small property located in the Salford Province that Gerald’s sister had invested in before.

While she seemed to have long forgotten about it, it was the reason why he now had someone in the Salford Province to help him.

Since he had relevant connections there and sufficient money, it would only take a few more days to look for said person.

“Do have some fruits, Mr. Quick! I’ve cut some for you!” said Queta who was still slightly weak.

However, it was obvious that she was feeling grateful to Finnley for saving her life. In fact, she had been taking good care of both Gerald and Finnley from the moment they entered the high-speed rail.

“So… Where exactly is your house, Mr. Quick?”

“I’ve forgotten the exact address, but I’ll definitely be able to look it up again once we arrive at the Salford Province!” replied Finnley.

Gerald could only smile helplessly at that.

Just as Gerald looked out the window, seemingly deep in thought, he heard a baffled female voice saying, “…Gerald? Why are you here?”

This surprised him. To think that he would bump into an acquaintance here of all places. Turning around to see who had called him, he found out that it was Maia!

Beside her, was another person whom he had bumped into the other day. If he remembered correctly, his name was Warren.

The two were sitting just opposite of them and they seemed to be part of a group that consisted of a few other unfamiliar people.

What surprised him the most, however, was how they were dressed. In contrast to what they were wearing on the day they last met, they were now all dressed up like students.

By then, a girl from Maia’s group was also looking at Gerald, following Maia’s gaze.

“I’m headed to the Salford Province! Where are you going?” replied Gerald casually.

“We’re going there too! But there’s no need for you to know why we’re going there!” said Maia calmly.

‘What a serious coincidence!’
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 654
‘It seems that I can bump into him just about anywhere!’

‘Regardless, it seems that Gerald is doing quite well. After all, instead of taking the normal train, he chose to take the rail instead!’

After the simple greeting, the two of them chatted for a while longer before Maia eventually stopped talking to him.

While Gerald was simply trying to be nice to her, she didn’t seem to want to bother about him at all.

Gerald was fine with that, and he simply did the same.

After all, though it seemed like Maia was heading to the Salford Province to undergo some secret mission, Gerald wasn’t interested in it in the least.

Meanwhile, Queta had just finished cutting up another fruit. She could see that Gerald and Maia seemed to know each other. What more, she was sitting just opposite them.

Sensing the opportunity, Queta smiled as she asked Maia in a kind and warm tone, “I’ve just cut up a fruit, Miss. Would you like some?”

“Thanks, but I don’t eat fruits!” declined Maia casually.

To her, Gerald was still as lowly as ever. She naturally didn’t need to show any of his friends any respect either.

It was similar to a scenario where a circle of friends would completely ignore a single person, simply because everyone else there looked down on them as well.

Since Gerald was the person her group looked down upon, any friend of his would definitely be treated the same way.

On the contrary, if the person was quite powerful within the circle of friends, any friends they introduced would definitely be respected and favored upon by the others.

Queta’s initial intention was to make Gerald seem more respectful in front of his friends. Unexpectedly, the beautiful lady seemed to dislike her right off the bat.

After hearing her reply, Queta simply blushed before retracting her hand, feeling slightly bitter.

“Maia, I’ve brought along some tangerines over. They’re from my hometown relatives and they’re quite sweet! Here, let me peel one for you!” said Warren as he smiled at her.

While it was common for others to try pleasing them, given their high statuses, they weren’t going to just give random people a chance to please them. That would clearly be giving them too much respect.

After hearing Warren’s offer, Maia immediately nodded slightly.

“Tangerines from Mayberry are quite famous! We’re from the north so we rarely get to taste them. Let us have some too!” teased a few girls who sat just behind Maia.

Their group clearly consisted of people from all over the place.

“Sure thing. Here you go!” replied Warren with a smile as he handed a few tangerines to them.

After peeling one for Maia, Warren handed the tangerine over to her and she plopped it into her mouth before saying, “You’re right! It really is sweet!”

As Maia’s group began chatting about family affairs next, Gerald could see that Queta was blushing awkwardly as she stared at Maia.

Gerald couldn’t blame for feeling that way. After all, he was feeling slightly angry as well by Maia’s behavior.

It was clear that Maia didn’t respect Queta at all.

He then smiled and patted Queta on the shoulder before peeling an orange for her.

“How will we get to Wendall City, Gerald?” asked Queta as she ate her orange.

“We’ll go there by car. Since we aren’t dealing with anything particularly special, we won’t be needing the help of the owners of the property my sister invested in in Salford City yet. We’ll see how the rest plays out later!” replied Gerald.

After all, aside from him, Zack was the only other person who knew about his father’s orders for him to secretly investigate the incident.

As far as the others knew, Gerald was simply going to the Salford Province for a trip.

This was why he had not informed the owners of the invested property there about his arrival yet. After all, he didn’t really have any requests at the moment.

He had also heard that the property wasn’t too large, much smaller in fact, compared to what he owned in Mayberry.

In the blink of an eye, four hours had passed and evening was slowly creeping in.

Around that time, more than ten luxury cars had been parked right outside Salford High Rail Station.

“Why isn’t he here yet? It’s tiring standing here for so long… Regardless, to think that you’d come in person, Mr. Zatyr. Who exactly are we waiting for?” said a woman.

“Shut up and stand properly! If you end up offending that person because of your ignorance and discourtesy, you’ll definitely suffer terribly!” shouted Mr. Zatyr—a middle-aged man—at his subordinate.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 655
County Salford was the city center of the Salford Province. Being the city center, it was always thriving and busy.

Despite being a bustling city, the ten luxury cars parked in front of the ever-busy Salford High Rail Station were still particularly eye-catching.

At that moment, the rail finally arrived at the station.

Standing up, Gerald stretched slightly before getting off the rail together with Queta and Finnley.

When he passed by Maia and her group of friends, however, he simply walked past them without greeting them at all.

“Humph! Just look at that behavior! Who wants to bother about him anyway?”

‘How dare he not take the initiative to greet me?’ Maia thought to herself. She had never expected Gerald to end up becoming such a stubborn man.

It was evident that Maia had a superiority complex.

‘If you had only greeted me, I would’ve refrained from bothering you. However, for a person like you to ignore me, your actions are similar to destroying a beautiful object! How humiliating and upsetting!’

However, she would let it slide this time. After that, she too got off the rail together with her group.

“Didn’t you say that someone was going to pick us up once we arrived at the station, Warren?” asked Maia as a few of her friends started looking around.

Just as she asked that, the sound of a car honking could be heard. Seconds later, a large Land Rover drove over and stopped in front of the group.

The driver reeled his car window down and the group soon saw the young and handsome man driving it.

“Over here, Warren!” said the man.

“Jamier!” replied Warren while slightly waving his hand.

“Wow! It’s a Land Rover! What does your friend do for a living, Warren?” asked a few girls who were standing beside him.

“Ah, well, he used to be my classmate in the police academy. After he graduated, however, he didn’t become a police officer. That’s because his father had called him home so that he could inherit their family’s company!” answered Warren with a chuckle.

The girls couldn’t help but look at Warren with admiration after hearing that.

Why were exceptional people like that? All the people they were acquainted with were somehow equally as exceptional!

“Speaking of which, Maia, didn’t you say that you had several close high school classmates in County Salford? You said that they would come fetch us, right? If we leave in this car now, won’t they be unable to meet up with us then?” enquired one of the girls.

“Speaking of classmates, how’s that one high school classmate of yours doing now? The one whom you said established their own business? What’s his deal?” asked Warren as he walked toward Jamier’s car.

“Oh, that friend? We were both from our high school’s competition team back then, and he’s one of my many classmates who passed the test and eventually wound up in County Salford. Since our mission will be starting in a few days, I thought it would be nice to meet him to have some fun first. I have to say though, Warren, my friend’s nowhere near as outstanding as Jamier!” said Maia rather sourly.

At that moment, they were all standing beside Jamier’s Land Rover. While they were further introducing themselves to get to know each other better, another honk was heard.

This time, a BMW5 series parked right behind Jamier’s car.

When the car’s front window was lowered, a man and woman could be seen sitting side by side.

Both of them then waved as they said, “It’s been a while, Maia!”

“Vincy! Lennard!” replied Maia happily.

Seeing that even Maia’s classmates had arrived in a luxury car to fetch her, the two girls standing beside her became quite jealous.

After all, neither of them had that many classmates or friends to boast about. Even if they once had any, they had long ceased contact with them.

The greeting and introduction session then resumed, this time with two extra faces.

Since they were all successful people, they shared a lot of similar thoughts and perceptions.

“We haven’t met each other in so many years, Maia! I’ve missed you terribly! This is the perfect time for us to get together again!” said Vincy as she held on to both of Maia’s hands enthusiastically. Vincy herself looked quite charming.

All of a sudden, Vincy lifted her head as she stared behind Maia, looking quite stunned.

“…Huh? Isn’t that… Could that really be Gerald?” said Vincy as she observed Gerald and his odd group walking out of the station together while carrying their luggage bags.

“Humph! It’s him alright!” replied Maia.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 656
“Gerald!” shouted Vincy.

Gerald was surprised to hear his name being called out. Turning around, he saw both Vincy and Lennard.

Gerald had never really talked to both of them outside competitions, so he wasn’t too close to either of them. Between the two however, Gerald was definitely more acquainted with Vicky. After all, Lennard came from a rich family so that gave him even less reason to talk to Gerald back then. Lennard was much closer to Maia and the others.

Gerald then walked over to them with a surprised look on his face before saying, “Vincy! Lennard!”

While he wasn’t well acquainted with them, they still used to be classmates. It was the only reason why he was speaking to them in such a friendly manner.

Lennard only scanned him briefly from head to toe before unwillingly nodding in response to Gerald’s greeting.

Vicky on the other hand, jumped in front of Gerald before patting him on the shoulder.

“Hey, Gerald! It’s been a while! You barely even keep in contact with us anymore!”

Back in the day, Gerald and Vincy used to be partners whenever they participated in competitions. Since both of them usually managed to get decent rankings together, Gerald was starting to feel slightly nostalgic now, now that they were meeting again after so long.

“I know right? It’s been such a long time!” replied Gerald.

“Speaking of which, is the duo over there your girlfriend and a family member of hers? She looks really pretty by the way! You know, Lennard could fetch you guys to wherever you want to go!” said Vincy.

“Actually, I have to meet someone later!” added Lennard as soon as he heard Vincy’s suggestion.

Vincy just smiled awkwardly after hearing his reply and quickly changed the topic.

“Oh, by the way, both of you may not know it yet, but Lennard and I are getting married! I’ve also been pregnant for about three months now!”

“Oh wow! Congratulations!” said Maia, visibly shocked by the revelation. She then turned to look at Gerald as though she was comparing him to Lennard.

“…Hey, I just realized this, but look at all those cars over there!” said Jamier out of the blue while pointing at a corner.

“Huh? Oh wow! They’re all luxury cars!” said a girl in a shocked voice after turning to look for herself.

Everyone else was equally as surprised.

“Say, doesn’t that first car belong to Barry Zatyr? The well-known businessman in our town?” questioned Lennard who seemed to recognize the car model.

“I believe so! It’s so weird seeing a man like him waiting to pick someone up. I remember going to a business function together with my dad when I was younger. Back then, I had accidentally knocked into him and he patted my head, you know?” said Jamier rather proudly.

“I think I’ll try to go over there and greet him! One of the managers waiting with him now knows my dad!” said Jamier as he walked over.

His action both shocked and impressed everyone there.

After walking up to said manager and talking for a little while, Jamier eventually returned.

“How did it go?” asked Warren.

“I simply greeted him with a simple hello. He told me that they’re here to pick a big boss up so he didn’t have time to talk to me. Mr. Zartyr glanced at me as well, but I didn’t dare to speak with him!”

While everyone was talking excitedly, Gerald couldn’t help but feel awkward standing there. Thus, he told Vincy that he was leaving before exiting the scene.

Vincy didn’t try to stop him since she knew how awkward it was for him simply being there.

“How odd, why isn’t Mr. Crawford here yet?” said Barry as he checked the time nervously, beads of sweat flowing down his forehead.

Zack hadn’t arranged for Barry to pick Gerald up since he had specifically told him not to organize anything grand for him. Because of that, Zack had only told Barry that Gerald was coming over today, and that he just had to wait for his call.

While Zack had meant every word that he said, Barry simply didn’t dare to forgo a formal welcome, which explained why he was still waiting there for Gerald to arrive. However, Gerald had yet to arrive even though they had been waiting for so long.

Meanwhile, Gerald and his own group had just found a hotel to stay the night in. After settling down for a while, Gerald’s phone began to ring.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 657
It was a call from Zack.


“I just wanted to check if you’ve arrived, Mr. Crawford. I’ll be sending you a number belonging to the general manager of County Salford. His name is Mr. Zartyr and just like the Crawfords, County Salford has businesses from all around the world as well. Once you’ve arrived, you can look for Barry Zartyr if you need anything,” said Zack.

He was simply checking in on Gerald to make sure that he wasn’t in any kind of trouble.

“Got it!”

“Speaking of which, Mr. Crawford, I’ve previously assigned Barry to look for the Jade pendant in County Salford. He apparently has some news about it already!”

“Alright! I’ll be giving him a call soon!”

As soon as he hung up, Gerald lay on his bed before calling Barry next.

Barry seemed quite agitated upon receiving the call. However, he managed to calm himself almost immediately before getting straight to business.

“Yes, Mr. Crawford, I’ve searched high and low for news regarding the pendant and I finally managed to find something. While I haven’t been able to pinpoint the exact family the pendant originates from, I managed to find an old man who was willing to have a look at the pendant after I described it to him. According to him, he’ll be able to tell which family the pendant comes from just by having a look at it!”

“Alright, but it’s rather late now. I’d appreciate it if we could meet up tomorrow morning. You can take me to the old man then!”

After having a brief conversation, Gerald then hung up.

He then tried calling Mila. He was simply used to calling her every night, just to have a short talk. However, she hadn’t been picking up on any of his calls for a while now.

Meanwhile, Mila was thinking about Gerald back in her hostel as well.

There were many female students from all over the world staying in the TV station’s apartment building. While some of them were there to study, the others were there for their internships.

“Say, Mila? Could you accompany me to get some stuff?” asked Molly as she patted Mila on the shoulder.

“Sure thing!” answered Mila.

Both of them then headed downstairs before leaving for the hypermarket. When they got there, the hypermarket was crowded with people.

“Hey, hey, isn’t that Mila? Didn’t know you had the time to come out and buy stuff with that packed schedule of yours!” said a rather tall and extremely pretty girl as she looked at Mila coldly.

“It’s none of your business, Hallie! Quit being so nosy!” snapped Molly as she spoke on Mila’s behalf.

Hallie was from Modow and her results were slightly lower than Mila’s. Since both the entertainment and specialist departments had joined this time around to compete, both she and Mila were competitors. After all, they would only send their best intern to join the entertainment department.

The person who got into the entertainment department would stand a chance to become famous. Currently, the most popular candidates for that spot were Hallie and Mila. However, Hallie seemed to have connections with the entertainment department, and she was taking every chance she could to sabotage Mila’s performance on stage. It was a competition based around popularity, so it was natural for both of them to not be on good terms.

Just as Molly looked as though she was ready to start a fight, Mila immediately stopped her.

“Forget it, Molly. Let’s just go back!” said Mila as she started walking away.

“You won’t get into the entertainment department! Give up already!” sneered Hallie with her arms crossed.

When Mila got back to the hostel, someone was already waiting for her.

“Mila! You’re back! I came by earlier but you weren’t here. I just finished my script. Could you have a look at it, please?” asked the girl as she smiled.

“Of course!”

She then followed the girl to her room. After going through the script for a little while, she then made her way back into her room.

Mila had initially thought that she was just going to have another regular day. However…
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 658
All of a sudden, a girl could be heard crying near Mila’s room. By the time Mila got out to see what the commotion was about, a few others had already left their rooms to see what was wrong. Mila and the others simply followed behind them.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” asked one of the girls present.

“I… I went out with my housemate earlier and when I got back, I realized that the diamond ring that my boyfriend got for me was missing! It’s a very expensive ring and I can’t find it anywhere!” said the girl with a wail.

Hallie had heard the racket from next door and she too was now present.

“Don’t cry, Xyleena. You could have just misplaced it. You know how careless you can be. Maybe you accidentally left it somewhere?” suggested Hallie.

“But Hallie, I would never misplace something so important! I’m always particularly careful with that six thousand dollar ring!” cried out Xyleena.

“How odd! Well, how about this. Where have you been today and who else was in the hostel? Could it be that your door wasn’t properly shut so someone who knew about the ring came in and stole it?”

“In the first place, who told you to show your ring off to everyone in broad daylight?” added Hallie.

“Well… All five of us went shopping together… Only Narissa was in the hostel… She said she needed to write her script…” said one of the housemates.

“No… It wasn’t me! I didn’t take the ring!” said Narissa, terrified.

“But you were the only one in the hostel at that time. Who else could it have been?” interrogated Hallie.

“Why don’t you let us check your bed so that you can prove your innocence?” suggested Hallie next.

Mila was well aware that Hallie was simply directing her anger at Narissa since Narissa was close friends with her.

Understanding that, Mila then immediately defended Narissa by saying, “I can prove that Narissa didn’t touch Xyleena’s stuff! After all, she isn’t that kind of person!”

“Prove? And how exactly are you going to do that?” said Hallie as she pointed at Mila.

“Hold on, I remember now! When I went out to get a drink earlier, I think I saw Mila and Narissa entering the hostel room together!” said a girl who was living in the room next to Mila’s.

“Huh?” Everyone was now staring at Mila.

“No wonder you’re helping her so much. Did both of you team up to commit this crime?” sneered Hallie.

“Quit spouting nonsense!” said Molly anxiously.

“If it wasn’t either of you, then let us check your beds! If you didn’t commit the crime, why are both of you getting so worked up?” replied Hallie.

“Mila… You…” said the girl who had lost her ring while staring at Mila. After all, both of them were quite close friends as well.

“Fine! Do as you wish!” said Mila.

Upon getting their approval, Hallie then proceeded to go through Narissa’s belongings. However, she wasn’t able to find anything.

Hallie and her sisters then entered Mila’s room.

After going through her things for a while, Hallie lifted Mila’s pillow before shouting in shock, “Xyleena, look! Isn’t that your ring over there?”

Everyone present then watched as Xyleena walked over and picked the ring up.

“Y-yes! This ring belongs to me!”

Xyleena couldn’t believe it. She simply stared blankly at Mila before saying, “…Mila? Why would you do such a thing?”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 659
Mila herself however, was equally as shocked as they were.

“H-how is this even possible? I didn’t take it!”

“The evidence is here and everyone can clearly see it! How are you still trying to defend yourself? What a show!” said Hallie.

“Mila, I’ve always admired you but you’ve really disappointed me this time… If you really liked my ring, you could’ve just told me!” added Xyleena in disbelief.

“I… I really didn’t take it! I didn’t!” denied Mila as she continuously shook her head.

“She’s telling the truth! Let me tell you, Hallie, Mila’s boyfriend is the richest man in Mayberry! She could get anything she wanted! Why would she even need to steal someone else’s ring?” said Molly.

“Hahaha! Oh no… The richest man in Mayberry… I’m so scared!” replied Hallie as she laughed hysterically.

“Who cares about any of that! What’s stolen is stolen. I’ll definitely be bringing this up to the director tomorrow! Let’s go! I can’t believe that you’re actually the director’s favorite! There’ll be a grand event at Hong Kong TV Station tomorrow and we’ll listen to your explanation then!” added Hallie as she turned around and left while dragging Xyleena along.

As for Narissa, she only looked at Mila with a confused expression on her face. Eventually, she bit her lower lip before leaving as well.

“Mila? How is any of this possible? We believe that you’d never do such a thing, but who could’ve put that ring under your pillow? We were here the entire time!”

Since Mila’s group was aware of who her boyfriend was, they knew for a fact that Mila would never steal anything. Even if they didn’t know about Gerald’s true identity, her friends would have still known her well enough to believe that Mila was innocent.

“I… I think I know who put it there… But I don’t think she did it purposely!” said Mila, her eyes tearing up.

It was impossible for her not to know what was going on.

However, Mila simply didn’t understand why Narissa would help Hallie sabotage her. After all, every time Hallie bullied her, Mila would be the first to stand up for her.

When Molly and her other friends finally realized who had committed the act, all of them—especially Molly and Wanda—were furious.

“D*mn it! I’m going to go look for her now! What an utter piece of trash!”

“Forget it, there’s no use looking for her. If they’re willing to trust Narissa to sabotage me, then Narissa will definitely never spill the truth out! This entire trap had been set up specifically for me! Even if she were to fail this time, Hallie will definitely try to set me up again the next time I participate in a competition together with her. She’ll never let me off that easily!” said Mila as she sat on her bed, depressed.

“Why don’t you give Gerald a call? Hallie’s a local and she has great connections. You won’t be able to win a fight against her without his help! I mean, just look at her! To think that she was actually able to get Narissa to listen to her! She clearly wants you out of the competition! I’m certain she would leap for joy if she managed to send you back to Mayberry in the process!” replied Molly, her tone worried.

“I know, Molly. However, all of you don’t have to worry about this anymore. She’s just targeting me. I don’t want to end up pulling the rest of you into this. I heard that someone great is coming to the station tomorrow, so all of you should get some rest and prepare while you can!” said Mila as she lay on her bed as soon as her sentence ended.

Though Mila seemed tough, she was still a girl at heart. Not only did she lack the proper connections to fend for herself, she even lacked a person who could take care of her there.

She missed Gerald terribly now. If only he was here, he would definitely be with her regardless of the situation. She only needed to tell him what had happened for him to instantly rush over to her.

At the moment, she really wanted to call Gerald and cry together with him. It wasn’t an easy feat for a girl to live outside on her own.

However, before she could do so, she remembered what Giya had told her. If she only relied on Gerald every time something happened, then what good would she be to him other than being a pretty face?

She felt that she needed to be a woman standing together with Gerald instead of just being a pretty flower for him to protect. Thus, she refrained from calling him.

This led to Mila having a sleepless night till it was almost dawn.

A grand event was going to be held at the station so they needed to prepare the function hall.

Those involved were the Hong Kong TV Station, the TV stations around the Southern Ocean, and some other television stations that collaborated under the Westons. All of them were under the same management group, and they were each equally powerful in the media industry.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 660
Rumor also had it that the television company was owned by a fairly young woman who had an astounding background. In fact, she was so influential that even the powerful television company meant nothing to her.

While the rumor had spread like wildfire, nobody actually knew if it was the truth. After all, nobody had even seen her before.

This was why the TV station was quite concerned about the event. Even all the furniture in the function hall had to be perfectly arranged. This was proof of how concerned the station was.

What more, several celebrities would also be participating. It was definitely going to be a lively event.

While everyone was preoccupied with making sure that the hall was perfectly decorated, Mr. Hill clapped his hands loudly before telling the interns and the crew members to stop for a moment.

“Gather round, everyone! I have some news for all of you!”

Hearing that, everyone did as instructed.

“Today’s VIP is a very special person indeed! All of the crew members have to be extra careful today!”

“Regarding who gets to be the prize presenter, I’ll personally pick one of the interns to do it. However, the person who gets picked will have to be even more careful since you’ll be interacting with our VIP!” said Mr. Hill who seemed equally as nervous.

“We fully support you, Hallie!” shouted a group of people from within the crowd.

All of them seemed to be popular rich heirs. They were clearly here to support Hallie since they had permission to enter the hall.

Quite a number of other guests had arrived as well, including a few big bosses from Yanken and Modow.

The corner of Mr. Hill’s lips twitched when he heard that. However, he only smiled awkwardly before saying, “I’ve discussed this with the TV station and all of us have decided to give this opportunity to Mila!”

“All the best, Mila!” said Mr. Hill. He obviously had high hopes for her.

Mila simply nodded in response.

“I disagree!” shouted Hallie, sounding incredibly upset. Only the best intern would get chosen to be the prize presenter and that was clearly her! It was obvious that she was feeling nervous since she hadn’t been selected.

“You have other responsibilities to attend to, Hallie. Why are you disagreeing?”

Mr. Hill was well aware of Hallie’s background, which was why he was careful with his tone and words.

“I’m not saying that I want the post, but anyone else other than this thief can have the role! Choosing her would be an insult to the VIP!” replied Hallie.

“Thief? What do you mean by that?” asked Mr. Hill, his tone much stricter than before.

“Well, I was going to report the incident to you last night but I wasn’t able to. See, Mila stole Xyleena’s diamond ring which was a gift from her boyfriend! All of us present at the time saw that the ring was under her pillow!” explained Hallie as the other girls nodded.

Nobody would’ve believed her if they hadn’t seen the ring there with their own eyes.

“Because of that, Mila shouldn’t be qualified to be on stage!”

“That’s right! How could someone like her be allowed to go on stage?”

“Might as well just throw her out! She’s just a disgraceful thief after all!”

“Yeah! She’s just dishonoring us interns!”

The ones who were shouting those comments were all interns who were evidently jealous of Mila.

“But I really didn’t steal it… I didn’t…” said Mila as she faced all their accusations and disdain.

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