The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 691-700

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 691
Not sure what else to say, Gerald simply followed Marven into the café.

“F*ck! They’re really tailing us!” whispered the cold and unapproachable Mindy as she saw Marven and his friend enter the café through the corner of her eye.

“Looks like I’ll need to investigate that man’s background as well!” whispered Jasmine—who was sitting across the table—in return.

“There’s no need for that, I think. Judging by his looks alone, he seems to be the honest kind of guy. You know, the type of person who’ll immediately spill the truth out when he’s enquired about it? If you ask me, I say you’re just being overly sensitive about this.”

“You’ll definitely scare the cr*p out of him, just like you do to all other men. I mean let’s be honest, how many men haven’t fled for the hills after meeting you? And I’m not even talking about those trying to woo you! I’m referring to those who’ve had an interest in me!”

“And while it’s true that we can now come out to study and get a degree and all, is there really a difference between us and the other women who just stay at home?” replied Mindy sounding slightly displeased.

“I can’t believe you actually said that! If grandpa heard that, he’d definitely yell at you without a doubt! In fact, it wouldn’t be farfetched to assume that he’d even stop paying for your tuition fees! Remember what he said! We have enemies lurking behind every corner, so you better watch out!” reminded Jasmine.

“I get it, I get it… I guess you’re right…”

After that, Mindy simply stopped talking.

Meanwhile, Gerald and Marven had just taken a seat at the table next to theirs. Quite honestly, Gerald wasn’t looking forward to any of this.

Deep down, he had a feeling that something set him apart from these people. In fact, his gut was telling him that that would be the eventual cause of their imminent quarrel.

However, Marven’s confidence alone made it extremely difficult for Gerald to turn his offer down.

While his ears were perked, Marven was disappointed when he realized that the girls weren’t chatting at all.

At long last, however, he was finally able to hear them say a single phrase.

“Let’s go!”

As soon as he heard that, Marven watched as both of the girls finished the rest of their coffee before getting up and leaving the café. As per usual, Jasmine’s face was stone-cold.

This time, however, Gerald received a scornful glare from Mindy before the two girls left for good.

“Wow! She was totally checking you out, Gerald!” said Marven sounding genuinely impressed.

“What a pity though… We didn’t even get a chance to hear them speak at all! It hardly makes any sense! Why did they choose to whisper to each other this time around? I swear I could hear them speaking normally the last time I tailed them!” added Marven with a sigh. What a let-down.

Gerald simply patted his friend on the shoulder while shaking his head in sympathy.

Regardless, if his hunch was correct, then their plan had already been uncovered by the girls! Sadly, Marven truly seemed to be completely oblivious to this.

After parting ways with him, Gerald didn’t even bother attending his afternoon lectures, opting instead to return home.

It was around then when he realized that he really had to find a chance to have a chat with Jasmine.

As he thought about it, his phone started ringing.

To his surprise, the caller ID displayed a special number. It was a call from the Drake & Tyson duo. Since they rarely called him unless there was truly an emergency, Gerald immediately picked the call up.

“What is it?”

“Mr. Crawford! You need to return home right this instant! A few people have been tailing you and I can only assume that they’ve found out about your real identity!” replied Drake, sounding rather urgent.


After hearing that, Gerald slowly tried to look behind him without making it too obvious. However, all he could see was a crowded street. He was still on campus after all, so sights like this were common.

The Drake & Tyson duo had been able to tell that he was being tailed through the use of the highly-sophisticated safety device which Gerald always carried around. Through it, they were able to constantly monitor his movements and alert him to any peculiarities they detected.

“I’ve sent some men over, Mr. Crawford! Please refrain from lingering around outside any longer!”

“Roger!” replied Gerald before hanging up. He then immediately hailed a taxi to head home.

He had been careful not to reveal his identity to anyone, right? Who on earth could be tailing him?

“Big brother! That kid’s slipped away!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 692
The voice had come from a young man who was part of a group consisting of similarly aged people. All five of them bore equally cold and murderous gazes as they stood within the sea of people.

“Why are all of you still standing there? Go after him!” yelled one of the young men who seemed to be the group’s leader.

However, before they even could make their next move, the group of five realized that they had already been surrounded! A fight soon broke out and chaos ensued, preventing them from continuing with their mission.

“F*ck off!” roared the leader angrily as he shoved his unknown assailants aside, desperately trying to escape the havoc.

By the time he was finally able to free himself, Gerald was nowhere to be seen.

Enraged, the group’s leader then began stomping his foot against the tar road to release his frustration.

As that was happening, within a manor well-hidden from the public view, a group of teenagers approached a butler before one of them asked, “Where’s the young mistress?”

“She’s at the dojo,” replied the butler.

After having their question answered, the group of twelve then began making their way there.

Meanwhile, Jasmine was busy sparring others in the dojo. Her hair had been tied up in a ponytail and she sported a crisp, white, martial arts robe.

Her opponents were seven young men who usually ran missions together with the five others who had been sent to chase after Gerald. Though she was clearly outnumbered, Jasmine was still the one doing most of the beating up.

Mindy was there as well, though she was simply munching away on potato chips while occasionally cheering Jasmine on as she continued punching the wind out of her opponents.

“You’re getting increasingly better at this, young mistress! Judging by how quickly your progress is coming along, soon, I don’t think that I’ll even have anything more to teach you!” said her master who had been observing her spar from the very beginning.

As soon as the master’s sentence ended, the group of twelve from earlier arrived at the dojo. Upon seeing Jasmine, all twelve of them bowed in unison.

All of the youngsters in that dozen were world-renown champions in Taekwondo and Karate. They were all Jasmine’s masters as well.

“Hah, you’re being too humble… As for the seven of you, go ahead and have a rest first!”

“You’re pretty powerful, aren’t you? Despite being severely outnumbered, you still managed to come out on top! I wish I was as strong as you!” exclaimed Mindy.

“Well, I did try to get you to learn with me… As usual, however, you were too lazy to even try in the first place!” replied Jasmine with a wry smile.

“Humph! But of course I’m not going to train like you! After all, I think I’m more suited to being a quiet and innocent little girl. Plus, it’s not like I have your level of stamina! Still, it’s rather hilarious how you look just like a defenseless damsel in distress when those men from before could barely lay a finger on you! It reminds me of how you pulverized the lower halves of those students back then!” said Mindy between giggles.

“Hey, they asked for it! That’s enough, I don’t want to talk about that anymore!”

As Mindy continued smiling, she turned to look at the five young men who had just entered the dojo and were now standing at the side of the ring.

“What’s the matter?” she asked.

“Young mistress! We’ve failed our mission!” announced the group’s leader.

“Failed? Well I can’t say that I’m surprised! Just how many missions have the twelve of you even managed to complete up till this point?” replied Jasmine as she looked at the seven others whom she had sparred against earlier.

“We have a solid reason as to why we failed this time! While we were going after him, a group of men attacked us! By the time we finally managed to escape the chaos, the target had already left in a taxi!” explained the young man in a rather desperate voice.

“Hahaha… It’s alright. Honestly, I was hoping that all of you would fail anyway. Also Jasmine? I really think you’re overthinking this. I’m telling you, that guy was simply Marven’s friend. They probably just found you incredibly attractive so I see no reason for you to go full Sherlock on him. Besides, I want to talk to Marven too!”

“Don’t you even dare or I’m telling grandpa that you keep talking with random outsiders! You’ll be grounded for sure once that happens!” yelled Jasmine angrily.

“Fine, fine, I was just joking, alright?” responded Mindy.

“Regardless, for now, you guys should just let the matter rest. There’s no need to make a commotion out of this yet!” replied Jasmine.

“Understood, young mistress!”

Pursing her lips, Mindy then walked over to the trashcan to dispose of her half-finished bag of potato chips.

Noticing this, Jasmine simply shook her head as she approached the sulking girl.

“What’s the matter? Are you honestly angry just because I yelled at you?”

“No I’m not… I’m just slightly frustrated! Why can’t I be like everyone else? This cr*p has been going on since we were children! Just why?!” said Mindy as tears began welling up in her eyes.

When she heard Mindy’s words, Jasmine’s expression immediately darkened as she was reminded of their childhood.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 693
“Jasmine? Mindy! Where are you two going?” shouted an old man rather coldly.

“We’re going out to play, grandpa!”

“No you aren’t! Both of you, get back here right this instant! These kids are never to leave the house, not even a single step! Do I make myself clear?” shouted the old man as he turned to look at a few servants.

“Understood, master!”

“But… but why, grandpa? Why can the rest of our friends go out to play? Why can’t we do the same? We want to go to kindergarten and have fun with our friends!” replied Jasmine who was around the age of six then. Despite her young age, she was already starting to question her grandpa’s decisions.

The only response she received, however, was a tight slap across her face!

That was the first time Jasmine had ever been hit.

Their grandpa loved them dearly. Apart from the stars and the moon, he would do his best to give them anything they pleased. In all honesty, Mindy and Jasmine were blessed with the greatest gift that any child could ever hope for.

However, all that came at a cost. Since birth, they had been forbidden from ever interacting with the outside world.

Once she finally felt the impact of the slap, young Jasmine would then break into tears.

The slap would remain fresh in her memory, deterring her from ever leaving the house for a good few years. However, the outside world was simply too mystifying and full of wonders. Eventually, her curiosity got the better of her.

She was twelve when she and Mindy finally attempted sneaking out again to have a peek at the world beyond their house’s compound.

Their plan, however, was discovered by grandpa.

It was that day when grandpa issued the strictest rule their family had ever seen.

Despite being only twelve, Jasmine was whipped mercilessly by him! She was whipped so badly that by the time her grandpa was done, the skin on her back had split and she was bleeding badly.

However, that moment was equally punishing for her grandpa as well, the old man almost allowing himself to shed tears of grief as he continued whipping his beloved granddaughter.

“…Grandpa wants to let you go out to play as well… But… But you have to remember who we are! We have enemies everywhere! Please understand that what I’m doing is for your own good! Why can’t you kids understand that?!”

To this very day, the scars from that punishment remained on Mindy and Jasmine’s backs, and they would forever haunt them, a constant reminder of the shadows of their childhood.

It was only when Jasmine and Mindy were old enough and had more common sense regarding how the world worked when their grandpa finally allowed them to pursue their education beyond the house’s walls. They were finally getting a chance to see the outside world!

Of course, there was one golden rule to that. They weren’t allowed to befriend any outsiders.

Thus, just like many of the other Fendersons, the two girls had an incomplete childhood and the beginning of their lives were left completely stunted.

This was all the ‘enemy’s’ fault whom their grandpa kept mentioning about.

Though he kept emphasizing on the dangers their enemy posed, their grandpa never actually told either of the girls what was actually going on.

Being the traditional-minded male he was, he simply assumed that they didn’t need to bother themselves with the issue since they were both girls.

It was because of that that Jasmine felt so bitter about the whole thing.

Why weren’t they allowed to know? When their childhood had been completely taken away from them just as much as the previous males in the family? Shouldn’t they have just been allowed to have an actual childhood then?

Her dissatisfaction made her strive to become great in every aspect she could think of. She wanted to prove that she was no less worthy than a man!

Back in the present, Jasmine took in a deep breath before looking at Mindy.

“That’s quite enough, Mindy… There’s no need for us to look back at the past. After all, we’re in much better positions today!”

“Yeah, yeah, I know Jasmine… I know how you hate the enemy much more than I ever could… Either way, we’ll someday make them pay dearly for all the suffering they’ve put us through!” yelled Mindy decisively.

“We definitely will! Though grandpa still isn’t willing to tell us the truth about the enemy, we’ve been preparing for that day for a long time now. That day will definitely come soon!” replied Jasmine as she patted Mindy on the shoulder.

The next day, Gerald arrived at his classroom only to find that Isabelle was the first person he would see.

To be quite honest, she looked pretty decent. It was her temper that put him off the most. However, she seemed to be in a rather good mood today, even joking around with a few of her friends.

The moment she saw Gerald, however, she rolled her eyes before standing up.

“Ah, Marven and Gerald, what a coincidence! Both of you should have seen the cart filled with bottled water on your way up, right? They’re for our class so both of you should bring them up for us!”

Hearing that, the rest of their classmates pursed their lips, trying hard not to smirk.

Naturally, Gerald was slightly pissed at this. He was well aware that she was trying to pull a prank on them.

Marven himself hardly made any effort to conceal his irritation. “Why only us? There’s no way in hell that only the two of us will be able to lift all that up the stairs!”

“I beg your pardon?”

“He said, we won’t be able to lift all that up the stairs!” said Gerald as he repeated Marven’s reply.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 694
After saying that, he went to his table to take a seat.

Isabelle almost exploded in anger after hearing their responses. Their retaliation was completely unexpected! Especially from Gerald. He had been a thorn in her side from the very beginning. His reluctance to obey her bidding was akin to stepping on a landmine.

How dare he challenge her pride in front of everyone else!

She was so pissed that she immediately tossed her tumbler in his direction! Thankfully, its liquid contents were only able to splash on the floor in front of his desk.

“Repeat that one more time to my face! Go on! I dare you!”

Gerald simply stared at the fuming girl. In the end, she was just another spoiled upper-class brat who thought the entire world revolved around her.

“With pleasure! I could say it ten more times if you need me to! Listen closely now, wouldn’t want you to miss it this time! I said that we won’t be able to lift all that up the stairs! What else do you want from us?” replied Gerald, the irritation in his voice extremely apparent.

After all, he had already grown accustomed to dealing with such people.

As soon as she heard his reply, Isabelle immediately stormed out of the room, smoke coming out of her ears.

Stella, who had been observing their entire interaction, instantly shot a death glare at Gerald.

“I-it’s all over for us now! Isabelle’s definitely getting some people to beat us up this very moment!” said Marven, his voice hinting that he was moments away from wetting his pants.

“Like I care. I’m not afraid of her!” replied Gerald as he tried to calm his friend down.

“I-I heard that her cousin’s from the sports team! He’s pretty bad*ss!” added Marven, his voice quivering tremendously.

Gerald himself was thinking that this was way too early into the game for him to lose his cool. He needed a way to redirect all this anger so that he could keep a clear head.

If she really was sending some people over to beat him up, that would probably be his best opportunity to vent out his frustration by beating the cr*p out of them instead!

It wasn’t long before the thundering of several footsteps could be heard running up the corridor.

When the class’s door was opened, a group of men burst in! Isabelle had indeed managed to gather quite a number of underlings.

“Hah! She really did gather people to beat them up! I knew Isabelle wasn’t going to let Gerald slip away unbruised! Looks like we’re going to have a free show!” said one of the students in the class.

“Your sister is my sister as well, brother! Who’s the lucky b*stard that gets to be beaten up today?!” roared a man as he stood before the class while scanning through the faces of all the students. He seemed to be talking to Isabelle’s brother who stepped in front of the group at that moment. Her brother seemed to be the group’s leader.

“Oh gosh, he’s so tall and handsome!” squealed a few of the present girls as they eyed the group’s leader.

“I recognize him! While he’s a newly transferred student, i’ve heard that Wyatt treats him respectfully!”

As the girls continued whispering among themselves, Isabelle lifted one of her crossed arms and pointed at Gerald.

“Warren! Wyatt! That’s the b*stard I was talking about!” screamed the angered girl.

Hearing that, Gerald got up from his seat, only to momentarily freeze when he finally paid attention to the group leader’s face.

The leader was equally as stunned as Gerald was.



Warren was completely taken aback. After all, he, Maia, and a few other girls had been sent here under the guise of transfer students to undergo a mission.

But why was Gerald here? It just simply didn’t make any sense!

Seeing how stunned Warren was, Wyatt then curiously asked, “Hmm? Do you know that guy, Warren?”

Isabelle herself was starting to get nervous. If both of them were acquainted with each other, did that mean that Gerald would get away scot-free this time?

“In a way, I suppose!” replied Warren.

It was obvious that Warren wasn’t going to be beating Gerald up any time soon. After all, Gerald knew about his true identity.

If Gerald leaked that information out, he’d surely be done for. What more, Maia and the other girls were still in the school as well!

‘D*mn it, why did this have to happen…’ Warren thought to himself.

“What a coincidence! Come on over, Gerald! Let’s you and me have a little chat in private!” said Warren.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 695
With that, both of them then left the classroom.

“I thought you were here on vacation. Pray tell, why are you doing in this university?”

“To get an education of course. Actually, I should be asking you that question. What are you doing here?” replied Gerald.

While they didn’t particularly hold any grudges against each other, Warren didn’t particularly like being around Gerald, and the same went vice versa.

“Since we’re already talking about it, I’ll just make things clear to you now. For starters, I’m not the only one here. Maia and a few others came together with me. I can’t tell you what exactly we’re doing here, but if you know what’s best for you, you’d better keep your mouth zipped tight when it comes to us. Our identity is not to be revealed under any circumstances! This is my first and final warning, so you better remember that!”

Once he was done with his explanation, Warren then turned around before walking away from Gerald.

‘Maybe they’re here because of a mission? Not that I really care,’ Gerald thought to himself as he laughed bitterly while shaking his head.

Just as he was about to return to class, he felt a tug on his sleeve. When he turned back to look, Gerald noticed a rather shy-looking girl, meekly holding on to his sleeve. Despite her shyness, she was holding on to him pretty tightly.

“H-hey there, handsome! We’re currently collecting donations for charity! Regardless of how much you donate, we won’t complain! We’re just trying to help children in the countryside who can’t afford to pay for their education!”

Seeing that she was volunteering for a selfless cause, Gerald felt bad even thinking about turning her down. What more, she was obviously fighting against her shyness just to gather more funds for the charity.

The money wasn’t going to be spent wastefully either. Similar to Scothow Elementary, the school he had built himself, the money would be used for a good cause.

Reassured that donating would be the right thing to do, he then nodded to the girl’s delight.

“H-how much would you like to donate?” asked the shy girl.

At that moment, a few other girls who were also working as volunteers began flocking around him. They had noticed that one of them had managed to get someone to donate, so all of them had bright smiles on their faces.

“Hmm… Let’s go with fifty thousand dollars!” replied Gerald with a chuckle.

“…W-what? Fifty thousand?”

All of the girls were equally taken aback by his response.

Donation campaigns like this were common across most universities. They were usually aimed to help poorer students living in the countryside.

Such campaigns tended to garner quite a bit of support, and most of the students from this university were similarly willing to partake in donating for a good cause.

While this was true, the majority of the students would only be willing to donate a couple of bucks at best, the common trend being less than a hundred dollars per donation. Not that they were complaining. After all, it was the thought that counts.

However, to think that they were now being presented with a fifty thousand dollar donation…

These girls had been working hard to collect donations for at least half a month now. This was their first time meeting such a generous student!

“M-mister! Are you really serious about donating fifty thousand dollars?”

The girls could hardly believe their ears.

Gerald simply laughed in response as he pulled his credit card out, ready to make his donation.

Once they presented him with the transaction machine, Gerald began pressing its buttons without the slightest hesitation.

“A receipt for a transaction of five hundred thousand dollars!” announced the machine in a robotic voice.


The jaws of all the girls were now hanging wide open.

“Cr*p!” said Gerald, equally as shocked.

Since he was feeling more philanthropic lately, he truly wanted to donate the fifty thousand dollars he had promised. He would never have dreamed that he would accidentally push an extra zero on the transaction machine! This was a mistake on his behalf!

He blamed it on his constant obsession over Jasmine of late.

While he didn’t exactly mind the mistake, he still needed to maintain a low profile in the university.

“S-sir, it seems that you’ve made a mistake! I’ll go make the necessary arrangements immediately! We’ll return the extra amount to your account as soon as possible! Might you be free this afternoon? We’ll have to go to the main office to deal with this since they’ll need your signature to approve the refund!” apologized one of the volunteers profusely.

“…Ah, that’s going to be a hassle! You know what, just take it! Five hundred thousand it is!” said Gerald as she shook his head. After all, there wasn’t much of a difference between five hundred thousand and fifty thousand dollars to him. It was just a single digit!

The volunteers were stunned speechless by his act of extreme generosity.

Gerald then proceeded to note down his major and class. Just as he was about to write down Marven’s name, he saw a group of people walking over to him with cameras and voice recorders in hand. They seemed to be reporters of some sort.

They must’ve come here after hearing how much he had donated to the charity! Their sudden appearance surprised him so much that he accidentally dropped the pen he was holding.

“Hold it! I’m fine with donating as long as you abide to a single rule! I wish to strictly remain anonymous!” said Gerald before immediately running off.

“I-I see! But even if we don’t announce it, could we still have your name?” asked a confused volunteer as she watched him run off.

Gerald simply waved a hand without even turning to look back before disappearing into another corridor.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 696
Sometime after Gerald left, a few other volunteers began feeling sorry for themselves. After all, they wanted to meet the millionaire too!

It was just their luck that they weren’t present at the time Gerald left that massive donation.

They could’ve used that chance to get to know him! Alas, by the time they finally found out about the massive donation that had been made, Gerald was already long gone. Soon after, the volunteers then left the area.

It was around then when loud cheers could be heard coming from inside a classroom.

“Unbelievable! Stella’s donated four and a half thousand dollars to charity today!” exclaimed a few of her classmates in excitement.

Stella had earlier noticed that there was a donation campaign going on when she arrived at the university. Seeing no harm in donating for a cause, she did just that.

While the donated sum was nothing much to her and she hadn’t really hadn’t intended to bring the topic up as they were chatting, a slip of her tongue caused her besties to hear about the massive amount she had donated.

The information then spread like wildfire among her classmates and it wasn’t long before the entire class erupted in surprise.

Their reactions were well warranted. After all, she was a university student just like them, yet she had the capability of donating four thousand and five hundred dollars! What more, the majority of students either donated very little or didn’t provide any support for the charity at all.

Regardless of their reactions, it truly wasn’t that big of a deal to Stella.

“Speaking of which, didn’t Fabian say that he would be coming to school today? Why isn’t he here yet? He’s just returned from a Taekwondo championship and he got second place you know!” said Isabelle as she glanced over at the classroom’s entrance.

“Oh, be a little more patient!” teased Stella.

“Humph! How could I be? If he doesn’t come soon, someone else will start thinking that he’s hot stuff or something!” replied Isabelle as she looked at Gerald’s direction.

As soon as she said that, the class door slid open.

“Brother Fabian!”

“Fabian’s here!”

The moment they saw him, almost all of the students in class began announcing his presence in exhilaration.

“Brother Fabian! What took you so long? Class is about to start!” said Isabelle while standing up as she, too, yelped in delight.

“Yeah, I’m only a bit late because I got caught up by a few ladies trying to get donations for charity downstairs,” replied Fabian as he shook his head with a smile.

Seeing that Gerald was now sitting where he usually sat, he then moved to sit beside Isabelle.

“Oh? You donated as well, Fabian?” asked Stella as she grinned.

Fabian simply nodded in response.

Not only was he tall, lean, and quite good-looking, Fabian was also the richest guy in the class. What more, he was also good at sports! It was no mystery why he got so much attention from his classmates.

“How much did you donate, Fabian? Rumor has it that the one who donated the most will be invited to show their face during the donor appreciation event due this afternoon!” said Stella in admiration.

“I didn’t donate much. Plus, I’m not really interested in such events!” replied Fabian as he shook his head.

Why did people even care about such events?

“Oh come on! Don’t just leave us hanging, Brother Fabian! How much did donate exactly?” pestered his classmates.

“It was just fifteen thousand dollars!” answered Fabian who saw no other choice than to tell the truth.

Upon hearing his reply, silence immediately ensued.

The silence didn’t last long, however, as yells and cheers soon filled the entire room.

Fifteen thousand dollars! By god!

“You donated fifteen thousand dollars, Brother Fabian?!” screamed several of the girls in unison.

Of course they were going to be shocked at that massive donation!

Stella herself was so thrilled that she couldn’t even bring herself to say anything for a brief moment.

“B-Brother Fabian… That’s incredible! We love you so much!” exclaimed Stella when she finally managed to find her voice again.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 697
The entire classroom was still in a daze after all that exhilaration.

The news had obviously gotten to the ears of their class lecturer as well. Since Stella and Fabian were getting honors and both of them were in his class, that meant that even he was going to become well-known!

An announcement soon came, stating that everyone from the degree program needed to attend the donor appreciation event. Such an event was a big deal in the campus since only a few other events—like sports day—gave students a chance to increase their popularity.

Upon hearing that, the duo’s classmates were all in for it! After all, how couldn’t they be after finding out that two of their classmates were soon going to be famous?

It was after a short lunch break when everyone from the degree program started heading toward the school hall.

Gerald, however, started heading for their classroom instead.

“Aren’t you attending the event, Gerald?” asked Marven.

“I’m not!” replied Gerald.

He had attended numerous events like this in the past. This was nothing special to him. To him, the act of donating was simply a way to express love and care for others. Since he had already done that through his donation, he didn’t feel the need to attend such an event with the others.

“But Gerald, look! The two goddesses are attending as well!” said Marven as he pointed toward the school hall’s entrance.

Squinting his eyes, Gerald realized that he was right.

“Come on, let’s just go! Since everyone else is going, we won’t look good if we choose not to attend, right?” added Marven.

“I guess… Alright then!” replied Gerald as he shook his head helplessly.

Marven had a point. It wouldn’t do him any good to be seen as a weirdo. After all, he still had to mingle with the students there for quite a while.

Thus, Gerald ended up following Marven into the hall.

Once they were inside, they saw the two girls sitting alone in the last row, being low-key as usual.

Nobody even dared to sit remotely close to them, preferring to stand rather than to do so.

“Darn it, there aren’t any seats left!” said Marven as he scratched the back of his head.

“What do you mean? There’s plenty of empty seats there!” replied Gerald as he looked toward Jasmine’s direction.

Before Marven could stop him, Gerald was already walking toward them.

“Well hello there beautiful, I assume these seats aren’t taken?” said Gerald with a smile.

His statement, however, garnered no response from both girls. They simply continued staring ahead coldly.

Marven himself was now nervously tugging on to Gerald’s elbow, desperately trying to hint at him to sit anywhere else but there. After all, if they triggered the two goddesses, both of them would be as good as dead.

Gerald, however, simply shrugged nonchalantly before pulling Marven to sit right next to him.

Jasmine could feel her eyebrows raising though she continued remaining silent.

Once everyone arrived, the event then officially began. To start off the event, the principal gave a speech which was then followed by another from the student representative.

During the speech, it was mentioned that only ‘excellent donors’ would have their names announced. ‘Excellent donors’ were those who donated over fifteen dollars.

It was also stated that the names would be announced randomly instead of in ascending order of how much one donated. While that was so, the exact amount donated by the ‘excellent donors’ was still going to be mentioned.

It didn’t take long for someone who donated a hundred and fifty dollars to be announced. When the students heard that, whispering could be heard among the crowd.

The whispering intensified into exclamations of awe and surprise when another person was announced to have donated over four hundred and fifty dollars.

Among the ‘excellent donors’, Gerald heard Maia and Warren’s names being mentioned as well.

It would appear that both of them had donated nine hundred dollars respectively.

Naturally, this stirred a sensation among the students when they heard such high numbers being donated.

“Now, according to this list, a total of twelve students donated nine hundred dollars and above! Because of that, we hope to invite them up to the stage to each accept a certificate of honor!”

The host then cleared his throat before reading out, “Mr. Warren and Ms. Maia! Please come up to the stage!”

What followed was an eruption of applause as both Warren and Maia walked up the stage.

“Woah! Brother Warren looks so hot!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 698
The statement had come from Isabelle who was currently clapping loudly as she watched Warren ascend the stage.

Seeing her reaction, Gerald simply rolled his eyes.

“How did you get acquainted with Brother Warren, Isabelle? I thought he just got transferred here very recently!” asked one of her friends curiously.

“Haha… Well, you know that my brother is friends with our school’s popular Jamier, right? Since Jamier and Warren are good friends, it’s only natural for me to know him!”

“I see!”

“Speaking of which, see that girl beside Warren? I think her name is Maia. She’s pretty, isn’t she? I have a hunch that she probably likes Warren a lot since they even transferred here together!” added Isabelle.

Though Warren was garnering all the attention for now, in her mind, Isabelle was sure that Brother Fabian would still be the eventual star of the day.

With that, she stopped talking and began focusing on listening to the announcements again.

After a few more people got on stage, the host then said, “From the Department of Economics and Management’s third class, we have Ms. Stella who donated four thousand and five hundred dollars! Ms. Stella, please join us on stage!”

Hearing that, the crowd in the hall instantly went wild with cheer! Even the lecturers sitting up front seemed to be talking about her.

Sensing that the cheering wasn’t going to end any time soon till she stood among the other top donors, Stella simply got up and began walking rather nonchalantly toward the stage.

At the same time, Isabelle was getting giddier by the second. After all, it would be Brother Fabian’s turn to go up the stage next!

Upon reaching the stage, Stella stood right in the middle, cuing the crowd to slowly dwindle their cheering.

Finding his chance to speak, the host—who seemed to be getting increasingly excited—then announced, “Next, also from the Department of Economics and Management’s third class, please welcome Mr. Fabian who donated fifteen thousand dollars! Mr. Fabian, please come up the stage!”

Immediately after hearing that, the entire hall fell silent.

Fifteen… thousand dollars?!

The cheer that came after was the loudest one yet. Accompanied by the thunderous roars of applause, it was a wonder why all the glass windows in the hall didn’t shatter!

Everyone’s eardrums were ringing from all the noise.

After all, someone had donated fifteen thousand dollars! Of course that would get the crowd excited!

“God d*mn! That’s a lot!”

“Of course it is! It’s Fabian we’re talking about!”

“I knew that Fabian was rich, but by god! Fifteen thousand dollars is something else!”

At that moment, several people from the crowd were exclaiming in awe.

Isabelle herself was shaking Fabian by the elbow, looking way more thrilled than Fabian was.

“Brother Fabian! Brother Fabian! Your name’s been announced!”

Seeing everyone’s reaction, Fabian simply shook his head while smiling helplessly.

‘It’s just fifteen thousand dollars… Was there honestly a need for everyone to find that so surprising?’

Sliding both his hands into his pockets, Fabian then began walking toward the stage as girls continued to scream with glee at him.

Once he was on stage, the host then announced two more massive donations.

Two girls from the fourth class had donated twenty-three thousand dollars each! However, the host didn’t mention either of their names, nor did he invite them up the stage.

Even so, everyone already knew who the donors were, and everyone in the hall took turns peeking at the two girls sitting in the last row. They were all fully aware that Jasmine and Mandy were the donors.

Though their donations were clearly superior to Fabian’s, the uproar that ensued wasn’t as great as his. After all, everyone in Salford University knew how rich they were. What more, they had already made several contributions in the past as well.

While the inclusion of their donations had lost their surprise factor, applauses were still made since they were still contributing for a good cause.

When it came to the twelfth student, however, the host seemed to be at a loss.

“Well this is a new one! While this student donated the most this time around, he only wrote down his class and which department he was from! Since he was unwilling to provide his name, we’ll just have to respect his decision to remain anonymous! Regardless, I hope that everyone gives a loud round of applause once I announce his class!”

“Huh? Which class does he come from? How much did he even donate?” chatted the students among themselves curiously.

Everyone was looking forward to the final announcement, especially Fabian, Stella, Maia, and Warren as they exchanged gazes with each other on stage in anticipation.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 699
“Also from the Department of Economics and Management’s third class, the top donor donated a grand total of… Five hundred thousand dollars!” shouted the host excitedly.

The students’ response to that announcement was an immense roar of both shock and awe.

Five hundred thousand dollars?!

To think that they had already considered Fabian’s fifteen thousand dollar donation to be over the top! Even after adding what the two goddesses had donated, their total amount still couldn’t beat the amount of cash the top donor had given to charity!

Five hundred thousand dollars… In cold hard cash, that amount could easily reach even the hall’s ceiling!

The students weren’t the only ones in awe either. Even the school’s leaders and lecturers got up from their seats, clapping in utter shock at that colossal amount.

While all this was happening, Warren and Maia were busy peeking at Fabian and Stella.

Fabian and Stella themselves looked completely astounded. Someone from their class had donated five hundred thousand dollars?

“Did you hear that Isabelle? The top donor is from our class!” yelled a few of Isabelle’s classmates.

“I did! But… But who could it have been?” replied Isabelle in her excitement.

Five hundred thousand dollars… That was no small amount, even for the richer families!

As the excitement in the hall continued to grow, Jasmine and Mandy found themselves looking at each other.

While both of them rarely spoke a word to the other students in school, be it during their regular or union classes, they knew the backgrounds of most of their classmates extremely well.

Take Marven Wadley for example. Though both parties had never spoken to each other before, the two girls saw him as a classmate and they had even helped him on several occasions in the past.

While Marven hadn’t struck it as odd that his father had been encountering less and less problems—despite working as an illegal tour guide—recently, it was honestly all thanks to Jasmine’s secret interventions.

That was proof of how well both of them knew their classmates’ backgrounds.

It was also the reason why they were so sure that none of their classmates—who weren’t already on stage—had the capability to freely donate five hundred thousand dollars.

“Mr. Fabian and Ms. Stella, both of you are from the third class as well, right? The top donor seems to be someone from your class!” said the host as he looked at the two students.

“…But… Nobody from our class would have that kind of money to donate, right?” asked Stella.

“I wonder… Hold on, there’s a chance that my dad could’ve made that donation. After all, he was the one who had notified me about the fundraising event in the first place!” exclaimed Fabian as he realized the possibility.

Since the cheering had earlier died down into whispers discussing the top donor’s true identity, the hall had been silent enough for everyone to hear Fabian’s surprisingly loud claim.

Everyone was now looking at him, including Maia.

Before she had transferred over, she had heard that there were a few popular jocks from the department of Economics and Management.

There was Jamier from the last batch, Fabian from this one and also Wyatt’s. All of them had been born with a silver spoon.

“Well, why don’t you call your father to confirm it?” suggested Maia.

“Yeah, it’d be better to confirm it! Make that call, Fabian!” said a few of the school’s higher-ups as well.

Hearing that, Fabian then reached for his phone and began calling his father.

Meanwhile, the third class’s lecturer walked over to his students, a huge grin on his face.

“While we’re waiting, where’s the mineral water we carried over earlier? Be a dear and bring them over, will you?” said the teacher as he looked at Isabelle.

“…Ah. I was so excited that I forgot all about it!” replied Isabelle as she gently smacked her forehead.

“Well we’ll just get… I’d say six classmates to carry the bottles over then! Where are Marven and Gerald?” asked Isabelle as she scanned the crowd, trying to find them.

“Hmm? Ah, they’ve hidden themselves in a far corner!” said a girl who then pointed in their direction.

“Humph! I told you two to carry the water bottles earlier but you didn’t! Now I have to find four other students to help you with the task… Can’t you two do anything right other than laze around?” said Isabelle while giving them a disgusted look.

Before they could even reply, she immediately left, yelling at another four classmates for them to join the duo.

Gerald was no stranger to classmates like Isabelle. To girls like her, all other guys aside from the person she was into would never be good enough for her.

Then again, it’s not like her approval meant anything to Gerald.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 700
Since he was definitely going to look bad if he didn’t fetch the water this time around, Gerald and Marven left the hall. In his mind, Gerald was honestly sighing in relief that his name hadn’t been called out earlier as the top donor.

Mandy, on the other hand, felt that something was off as she watched Gerald and Marven leaving the hall.

“Hey, Jasmine? Earlier when Gerald walked past me, I could feel my heart thumping rapidly! Hell, for a second there, I even considered the thought of wanting him to stay by my side! What on earth was that feeling…? While we haven’t really acquainted ourselves with him, why does he already feel so familiar…?” whispered Mandy.

“I get what you mean. While he dresses like a regular person, he sure doesn’t feel like one! We don’t know anything about his background yet either…” replied Jasmine with a nod.

As both of them continued discussing Gerald, all six of the boys were already carrying the water bottles back to the hall.

They were also tasked with distributing the water bottles to the school authorities and a few workers involved with the event.

While they had water bottles in hand once they arrived at the hall again, none of the school authorities or workers seemed to be thirsty anymore.

It was probably because Fabian was still on the call on stage.

Isabelle herself was now on the stage standing right next to him, even though the call had absolutely nothing to do with her.

Once the call finally ended, disappointment was felt across the entire hall. The money hadn’t been donated by Fabian’s father after all.

Then who could’ve done it? The revelation that Fabian’s father hadn’t been the donor only further increased the audiences’ curiosity.

Seeing that his father hadn’t played a part in the donation, Fabian then turned to look at Stella before saying, “Perhaps It was your father who donated, Stella? After all, he’s always been passionate about events like this, right?”

Stella nodded before replying, “Yeah, I’ll call my dad now to confirm it!”

While everyone’s eyes were peeled on Stella this time, a sudden yelp momentarily drew their attention away from her.

The person who had yelped was none other than Marven!

He had initially been holding on to all the water bottles as Gerald distributed them. Unfortunately for him, a girl carrying a gown—who was re-entering the hall—couldn’t avoid him in time and accidentally bumped into Marven.

Marven was unable to hold on to all the water bottles, causing a few of them to tumble all over the floor.

“A-ah! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to!” squeaked the young girl in fright.

“It’s fine. You go on ahead and complete your errand first!” said Gerald as both he and Marven began picking the scattered water bottles up.

As Gerald went over to pick a bottle that had rolled close to a row of students, a girl—who was close to that bottle—handed it over to him.

When their eyes met, the girl immediately realized who Gerald was.

“….Huh? It’s you!” exclaimed the girl as she covered her mouth in surprise.

Gerald was equally as surprised.

It was the same girl who had collected the donation money from him earlier!

Since Gerald had been so focused on gathering the fallen bottles again, he hadn’t noticed her in time. Who would’ve thought that she was right here!

It was now getting increasingly awkward for Gerald.

“I finally found you! Can I please have your name now?” shouted the girl happily, not realizing how loud her voice was.

“What’s happening over there? Louise?” said one of the event’s higher-ups in a rather annoyed tone.

“N-no, you see sir! H-He’s the one…!” stuttered the girl.

Before she could even calm herself, a few more gasps of joy could be heard. The other volunteers who had also earlier been present when Gerald made that massive donation had just entered the hall, and they were all pleasantly pleased to see him again!

Seeing the girls’ reactions, the entire hall could only watch in silence.

Even those on stage were looking at Gerald.

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