The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 71-80

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 71

At the female dormitory.

Alice looked at Gerald who had just appeared in the video call and suddenly felt her heart twitching and tightening.

Even the originally cool expression on her face became a little nervous at this time.

A lot of things had already happened between Alice and Gerald during this recent period.

Alice had never taken Gerald to heart before until the scene that night during the opening ceremony at Quinton’s Grand Marshall Restaurant.

That was when she had begun suspecting that Gerald was in fact the wealthy and powerful Mr. Crawford that everyone was talking about.

Even so, Alice just could not live with it.

She could not believe that the same person she had been so bored and disgusted with was actually a rich second generation who had an absolutely prominent identity!

That would be a very hard slap across her face.

However, Gerald seemed to be acting as though he had absolutely nothing to do with that magnate, Mr. Crawford at all!

In short, Alice was now very confused because of Gerald.

Whenever she closed her eyes, all she could see was Gerald.

The person who helped her was probably Gerald, but she had mistakenly thought that it was Quinton. She had even agreed to become Quinton’s girlfriend because of that mistake. Now that the truth was out in the open, should she agree to become Gerald’s girlfriend instead?

“Hey, Gerald! Why didn’t you say hello to us?”

Hayley quickly noticed that something was wrong when she saw the look on Alice’s face. Therefore, she hurriedly smiled and changed the topic so that they could avoid any embarrassment or awkward situations.

Harper and Hayley were very cooperative, and it was as though they had a tacit understanding with one another.

Both of them were pointing their cameras toward Gerald and Alice, as though they were the protagonists for the video call tonight.

“Hello! Congratulations, Hayley! I am really glad both of you lovebirds have finally gotten together!”

Gerald quickly congratulated Hayley as he waved his hand.

However, Gerald was already too lazy to even be bothered to become friends with Alice any longer.

Gerald simply did not want to make the situation awkward, and he did not want to stiffen the atmosphere because he wanted to give Harper and Hayley face.

To Gerald, Alice’s various actions could only boil down to one single word: disappointment!

“Thank you, Gerald. Actually, I was just discussing this matter with Harper tonight. Shouldn’t you be looking for a girlfriend too? If there are any girls you are interested in, I can definitely match her up with you!”

After that, Hayley blinked her eyes at Gerald, as though she was trying to suggest that Gerald go after Alice instead.

“Yes, Gerald! If you were to find a girlfriend, I will have to train and help you to do so!” At this time, Jacelyn leaned directly in front of the camera as she spoke.

Gerald was a very mysterious person to this bunch of girls right now.

Moreover, Jacelyn was certain that Gerald was not a simple person!

After all, Aiden Baker would never invite any ordinary and mediocre person to sit at the same table as him and his friends!

Thus, Jacelyn was prepared to get closer to Gerald and find out the truth about him in the days to come.

“Sure. I have not thought about it, so we should just talk about it later. You girls can continue chatting with brother Harper first!” Gerald smiled before he looked away.

Then, he continued drinking with Benjamin and the rest of his roommates.

Since everyone was very happy tonight, Gerald also drank quite a lot.

Late at night.

Gerald was lying on his bed as he thought about everything that had happened over the past few days.

During this time, Gerald had encountered several girls who seriously moved his heart.

Naturally, Xavia was one of them.

Then, there was Alice.

Even though Alice despised and looked down on him, Gerald could not deny that the beautiful Alice had indeed moved his heart at first.

After that, Mila had appeared in his life.

Gerald felt as though he was living a dream.

In contrast, Mila was even more beautiful and elegant as compared to Alice.

Since Gerald was also a guy, he obviously enjoyed looking at beautiful girls.

What’s more, Mila was a beautiful girl who did not look down on anyone poor, and she was not the kind of person who only befriended those who were rich.

‘Should I really look for a girlfriend?’

Gerald could not help but feel a little tempted.

The next day, after finishing the first class in the morning.

“Gerald, do you have any plans after this?” Harper approached Gerald as he patted the latter on his shoulder.

“Nope, no plans!”

“Alright then, why don’t you accompany me to the gift shop? I want to buy a gift for Hayley. I need your opinion and help!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 72

Harper smiled as he spoke to Gerald.

To be honest, Gerald was the only one in their dormitory who had been in a relationship after entering the university. Moreover, he had even gotten together with Xavia, who was a girl who could not be easily satisfied at all. Harper knew that Gerald had bought many gifts for Xavia in the past, and he had plenty of experience in this area.

Therefore, he decided to invite Gerald to go to the gift shop with him.

Of course, Gerald agreed without any hesitation at all.

He was already interested as soon as Harper mentioned the gift shop.

Last night, Gerald had already made up his mind. No matter whether he would succeed or not, he had decided to try and go after Mila.

Of course, he had to buy a gift if he wanted to go after a girl.

Gerald and Harper went to a mid-range gift shop that was located in front of the university.

Although it was not all luxury products, there were also some high-end products that cost at least three to four thousand dollars each.

There were all sorts of clothing, shoes, bags, and many other things in the gift shop.

This could be regarded as a middle-class consumption shop!

Since Harper came from an ordinary family, his willingness to buy a gift from this gift shop showed his sincerity for Hayley.

The two young men continued looking around the gift shop for a short while.

After that, they finally came to the section displaying high-end women’s clothing.

At this time, Gerald was looking around to see if there was anything that would be suitable for Mila.


As Gerald was walking pass the fitting room, the fitting room door was violently pushed open, and the door hit Gerald directly.

After that, he heard a soft and charming voice say, “If I say no, it will not happen no matter what you say. Even if it is going to happen, it will not be happening here! You can buy me this dress first!”

It was a female who was speaking very coquettishly at this time.

“Ahh, I’ve already bought you two dresses today. The clothes here are very expensive!”

There was actually a young man and woman stuffed inside the small fitting room at this time. After listening to the conversation between both of them, anyone could guess what the boy had been trying to do earlier.

Many people in the gift shop were looking in their direction.

“No, no, no! I want this dress. The two dresses earlier only cost around four thousand dollars! Didn’t you say that you would buy it for me? Hmph! Didn’t you say that you have lots of money now?” The girl exclaimed in dissatisfaction.

After that, she stomped out of the fitting room.

When she saw a young man stupidly blocking her way, she pushed him angrily as she said, “Get out of my…!!!”

The girl was stunned and could not even finish her sentence as the boy standing in front of her was none other than Gerald.

Gerald was a little confused at the moment and felt as though his head was buzzing because he had been knocked on his head earlier. At this time, the girl standing in front of him was not anyone else but Xavia!

“D*mn it! I must have really bad luck. Gerald, I never expected to see you here!” Xavia said as she glared at Gerald coldly.

Then, she ran her fingers through her hair to smoothen out her dazzling long hair. At the same time, Yuri also stepped out of the fitting room.

As soon as he came out, he stared at Gerald mockingly.

“What are you looking at, pauper? Why is your face so red? Are you feeling uncomfortable because you heard that I almost had sex with someone else? Are you feeling particularly jealous right now? Are you jealous that my new boyfriend, Yuri, is so rich compared to you? Gerald, you know that you are nothing more than a fool who won the lottery but got so easily carried away just because of it, right?” Xavia insulted Gerald as she looked at him with a triumphant expression on her face.

She could vividly remember the last time something had almost happened between Yuri and herself in the grove.

At that time, she had just broken up with Gerald, but Gerald had unexpectedly caught both of them in the act.

When that happened, Xavia had simply told Gerald that she wanted to break up with him because she wanted some quiet time to herself.

That was the reason why she had felt particularly embarrassed and awkward when Gerald had caught her in the act.

However, Xavia had a different sense of pride and excitement in her heart today.

She enjoyed seeing the uncomfortable look on Gerald’s face. She enjoyed taunting him because he could only look at her but never get her for himself. Xavia felt that this kind of feeling was really very refreshing!

Gerald was very disappointed with Xavia, and he really could not accept seeing Xavia act this way.

After listening to Xavia’s words from earlier, it was clear that Yuri had not succeeded in getting his way with Xavia yet.

However, Gerald could not help but feel a little angry when he thought about Yuri pressing against Xavia and feeling her up in the fitting room.

“Xavia, even though we have already broken up, I really hope that you can have some self-respect and that you will take good care of yourself!” Gerald replied lightly.

“Hahaha. Who gave you the right to control me? I can sleep with anyone I want! Gerald, do you dare to say that you have never thought of sleeping with me? Are you feeling jealous now? Hahaha…” Xavia smiled triumphantly before she said, “Gerald, let me tell you something. Girls are very realistic. They will get together and choose to be with anyone who can give her good things. Yuri did not only give me a brand new cell phone, but he also bought me these dresses that cost a few thousand dollars. What about you, Gerald? What have you ever bought for me? You finally got a universal global supreme shopper card, but you actually spent all that money on Naomi instead! You deserve to be in this miserable state!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 73

Xavia was particularly aggrieved because of the incident from last time.

This was especially because Gerald had bought an expensive bag for another girl. This made Xavia and Yuri feel positively embarrassed!

That was why Xavia pointed her finger at Gerald as she cursed at him, simply wanting to stimulate and humiliate him.

“Hello, fellow students. This is a public place, so please do not make so much noise here!” Just then, a salesgirl walked over as she smiled politely at Xavia.

This was because Xavia was speaking so loudly that it was interrupting other customers who were shopping in the gift shop at the time.

“What do you mean? Are you trying to chase me out of your shop? Can’t you open your eyes and see how many things I’ve bought in your gift shop today? He is the one you should be driving away!”

Xavia then reluctantly continued, “Ask your manager to come over here! Are you going to drive away your most distinguished customers who can afford to buy the clothes in this shop, or are you going to let these people who have no money at all simply hang around in your gift shop?”

The salesgirl was terrified at this moment. After calling for her manager, the salesgirl felt that this girl was not that easy to deal with, and she was surely going to lose her job at this point.

The salesgirl was placed in a very difficult position.

On the other hand, Yuri was simply observing the scene and enjoying the show with a smile on his face.

He felt that he had a lot of face, especially since so many people were staring at them at this time.

Harper had initially picked a dress that was worth a few hundred dollars, but when he heard Xavia ridiculing Gerald, he decided to put down the dress before pulling Gerald aside and saying, “Gerald, let’s go and shop somewhere else instead!”

In truth, he had already decided to buy that dress for Hayley. However, he knew that if he went to the counter to pay for the dress, Xavia would not mock him, but she would definitely continue mocking and insulting Gerald. Harper did not want to make things difficult for Gerald.

After all, the only reason why Gerald was at the gift shop was because of him.

“Leave?” Gerald asked as he smiled faintly.

“Why should we leave when we are also going to buy some clothes here?” Gerald continued speaking as he glanced at Xavia and Yuri.

Gerald had always felt that Yuri was acting a little strange. During this time, Gerald had heard stories and rumors about Yuri being more generous than ever. This meant that he had gotten a lot richer than he was before.

Still, even if his family was wealthy, it was not normal for him to be spending money so nonchalantly.

Furthermore, he was even spending thousands of dollars just to buy some clothes for Xavia right now. It was a huge increase in his standards.

Gerald could not understand why his self-esteem and pride would always be aroused and challenged whenever he ran into his ex-girlfriend, Xavia.

Perhaps it was because Gerald had really loved Xavia deeply in the past, and he was also truly hurt by her actions and words.

At this time, Gerald turned around and looked at the salesgirl before saying, “Please take out some of the most expensive clothes in your gift shop so that we can choose from that selection instead!”

“Huh?” The salesgirl was taken aback for a moment, but since the customer had already said so, she could only do as he asked.

“Hahaha. Gerald, can you even afford to buy any clothes from this shop? You must have spent every single cent from the thirty thousand dollars that you won from the lottery. What are you even going to buy here?” Yuri sneered.

“Yes, don’t make a fool out of yourself!” Xavia chimed in as soon as she heard Yuri insulting Gerald.

In her heart, Xavia was wondering how Gerald could possibly compare himself to her. How could he possibly compete with her?!

Gerald shook his head wryly.

Could he afford it? If he really wanted to, he could buy up all of the clothing in this shop!

Xavia, oh Xavia. If she had not broken up with him, Gerald would definitely be willing to buy her anything that she wanted in this world!

Just then, the salesgirl came over with a few pieces of precious and expensive clothing in her hand.

Xavia was stunned when she saw the price tag on the clothes. The most expensive piece amongst these dresses was already worth more than twelve thousand dollars!

Oh, my God!

The salesgirl had listened to Gerald’s demand and brought out all the most expensive clothing that she could find in the gift shop.

In fact, the salesgirl only did so after careful consideration.

Judging by Gerald’s clothing and dressing, she knew that he obviously could not afford to buy any of the clothes in their shop.

However, since there were so many people who had gathered to watch the show, she felt that it would be the best time for her to take out some of these clothes and take advantage of the situation to advertise their products at the same time.

These five pieces of clothing were all one of a kind, and they could easily add up to a total price of more than thirty thousand dollars!

At this time, Xavia could not help but feel excited as she looked at the dresses in the salesgirl’s hands.

She quickly turned around as she looked eagerly at Yuri.

Yuri could feel his cheeks burning up. Out of those five dresses, the cheapest one already cost ten thousand dollars!

It was simply too expensive!

“Help me pick one! Brother Harper, you should pick one too. I will buy it for you as a gift!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 74

Gerald smiled as he spoke.

Harper was initially very reluctant to accept Gerald’s offer. After all, the clothes were too expensive. He did not want Gerald to spend too much money at this shop today.

Harper also assumed that Gerald had probably spent most of the money he had won from the lottery.

In the end, when Harper saw the affirmative look on Gerald’s face, he knew that Gerald was not joking at this time.

Therefore, he simply nodded in response.

In the blink of an eye, Gerald and Harper had already chosen the two most expensive dresses amongst the five pieces of clothing.

“Huh, can you even afford to buy it?!” Xavia was not convinced at all.

After that, Xavia looked at Yuri before she said, “Brother Yuri, I want to buy one too!”

“This pauper can never afford to buy those clothes! He is just being very shameless right now! Xavia, I do not have any more extra money to spend this month!” Yuri suddenly felt very anxious when he saw that he was about to finish spending all the money that he had gotten.

Therefore, he tried persuading and coaxing Xavia at this time.

The salesgirl obviously did not expect Gerald to buy anything at all. After making his selection, Gerald took out his bank card to pay for the clothing.

Two pieces of clothing were already tens of thousands of dollars! Moreover, Gerald even chose the most expensive ones!

“D*mn it! Is he really going to buy those clothes?”

“I thought this was just a drama between the ex-boyfriend who ran into the ex-girlfriend with the new boyfriend! That is why they have a grudge between them. Unexpectedly, he is going to spend tens of thousands of dollars here today. Can this kid truly afford to buy these clothes?”

“Hahaha! It seems as though the new boyfriend is lagging behind right now. Everything depends on whether this ex-boyfriend can actually afford to pay for this clothing.”

The crowd of people watched in excitement as they fixed their eyes on Yuri and Gerald.

Yuri was about to lose face again. However, he maintained his calm and composure.

He did not intend to leave at all. He wanted to stay back and watch the show. He wanted to see how Gerald would embarrass himself today.

It was tens of thousands of dollars… If Gerald could take out that sum of money, Yuri would be more than willing to eat shit!

“Sir, have you seriously thought this through? Are you really going to buy these two pieces of clothing?” The salesgirl asked Gerald once more as she held the POS machine in her hand.

“Yes, just these two,” Gerald replied.

After saying that, he swiped his bank card on the POS machine.

Everyone stared intensely at the machine until they heard the sound of the machine beeping.

The salesgirl was surprised at first, but when she heard the beeping sound, she was instantly disappointed.

“Um! Sir, it seems as though you do not have enough money on your card!”

The salesgirl finally understood the situation. This young man was simply trying to act tough and prove himself.

In truth, the salesgirl had not expected Gerald to be able to afford to buy any of those expensive clothing that she had shown him.

Gerald had even said so confidently that he would buy the two most expensive dresses. As a result, he did not even have enough money to pay for the items.

Well, what was she thinking? Just one look at this person’s dressing and clothing and she would have already known that he did not have any money at all. So, why was she wasting her time on him?


Xavia could not stop herself from laughing out loud at this time. “Gerald, you must be dreaming! Let me tell you something. In the past, I only despised you and broke up with you because you were poor. However, now that I am finally getting to know you better and have seen your true colors, I realize that you are truly a hypocritical and shameless person! I certainly made a wise choice by breaking up with you!”

Yuri also smiled bitterly as he shook his head.

“This brother is really amazing!”

“I actually thought that he might be a wealthy young man!”

Many of the girls who were present at the scene covered their mouths as they laughed and stared at Gerald as though he was a fool.

Harper’s face was also flushed red at this time.

Gerald could only scratch his head helplessly.

He suddenly remembered that the minimum transaction limit for his bank card was thirty thousand dollars.

Moreover, he knew that he had about one hundred and fifty thousand dollars left in his black gold card, and the minimum consumption amount was forty-five thousand dollars.

Unfortunately, he completely forgot the fact that his sister had also tampered with his bank card.

Gerald had really wanted to act cool in front of Xavia today to her to know that he was not a good-for-nothing!

Unexpectedly, he had made a fool out of himself. This was embarrassing indeed…

Just then, a clear and beautiful voice suddenly rang out.

“He can definitely afford it. There is probably nothing in our shop that Mr. Crawford cannot afford to buy.”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 75

At that moment, a sweet voice suddenly sounded in the shop.

This mid-range gift shop was somewhat similar to a big mall, and this clothing shop was just one of the shops inside.

At this time, a young and beautiful girl started walking toward them.

The salesgirls quickly bowed as soon as they saw her arriving at the shop.

“Oh my God. She is so beautiful!”

“She is so beautiful that she looks like an immortal goddess! She is simply too beautiful.”

“Is she the owner of this shop? Why is everyone being so polite and respectful toward her?”

Many boys at the scene were all staring foolishly at her at this time.

Gerald turned around to look at the girl as he raised his brows slightly in surprise. “Elena?”

Truthfully, Gerald had a very deep impression of her. This violent and aggressive woman had almost disfigured him during their last meeting. However, in the end, he had punished her by hitting her bottom.

Gerald particularly remembered her beautiful legs.

Long, fair, and slender.

She was simply too gorgeous!

Elena had already reached the group of people by this time.

In actual fact, she had already been there for quite a while. As soon as she arrived at the shop, she saw Gerald being surrounded and attacked by a group of people.

Elena would never forget Gerald’s face.

After all, this young man was the first person who had ever humiliated her!

Moreover, Elena’s father had already ordered and reminded her many times that she had to please Gerald and make sure he was satisfied with their family’s performance.

“Hello, Mr. Crawford! It seems as though we meet again!” Elena greeted Gerald as she bowed slightly.

Everyone was stunned.

“Oh my God. Did that beautiful girl just refer to this young man as Mr. Crawford? What is going on here?!”

“This young man who was bragging actually knows this goddess?”

Even Xavia was stunned at this time.

This girl was definitely more than a hundred times better compared to her, and Xavia felt very uncomfortable at the thought of Gerald being so close to another girl.

What was even worse was that this girl was a hundred times more beautiful and gorgeous compared to her!

To be honest, Xavia would already feel uncomfortable if even an ugly girl favored Gerald.

“What did you just call him? Did you recognize the wrong person? He is not any wealthy gentleman! Why are you calling him Mr. Crawford when he is just a pauper?” Xavia asked Elena as she pointed a finger at Gerald.

Yuri was even more jealous.

This girl was perfect. She was so on point, so why was she being so respectful and polite toward Gerald?

It would be awesome if she treated him in the same manner.

“Yes, Miss Elena. It seems as though we meet again. I originally intended to buy two dresses from this shop. Unexpectedly, my transaction cannot go through because I did not meet the minimum consumption limit of thirty thousand dollars!” Gerald replied as he raised his hands helplessly.

“What? This kid is saying that his card has a minimum consumption limit of thirty thousand dollars?!”

If it weren’t because of the presence of the goddess who was respected by all the salesgirls in the shop, no one would have believed Gerald’s words at all!

Xavia’s eyes widened in shock as she said, “Gerald, what nonsense are you talking about?! You only won thirty thousand dollars in the lottery! How could you possibly have another thirty thousand dollars? You are just lying!”

“Who told you that I only won thirty thousand dollars?” Gerald replied with a wry smile on his face.

Elena maintained a smile on her face. However, when she saw that Gerald was clearly buying some dresses for a girl, Elena could feel some bitterness in her heart.

That’s right. Elena’s standards for men were very high indeed. Moreover, her requirements for the man’s status and identity were even higher.

However, when a person was glorious to a certain level, all of his shortcomings would automatically be covered up.

No one else knew, but Elena knew it very well.

She knew that Gerald was the heir to an ancient and powerful family who owned more than half of the wealth in this world!

Therefore, it was simply impossible to say that Elena did not feel anything for Gerald at all.

“Mr. Crawford, since you like it, why don’t I give you these clothes instead?” Elena replied indifferently as she took a deep breath.

After all, Elena knew that these tens of thousands of dollars were not even worth a penny to Gerald.

“Alright, then. It is not that convenient for me to withdraw any money today. I will take these clothes with me first, and I will return the money to you later!”

By this time, more and more people had already gathered around, and Gerald did not want to be polite and beat around the bush any longer.

After all, he did not like to be stared at by so many watchful eyes.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 76

“Alright then, Mr. Crawford. I will walk you down…”

After Elena was done speaking, she grabbed hold of Gerald’s arm gently as both of them walked down the stairs together much to the horror of the crowd of people.

“This, this, this…” Xavia was very anxious at this time.

What had that woman called him?

Mr. Crawford?

Moreover, Gerald had even said that his minimum consumption limit was at least thirty thousand dollars! This proved that Gerald still had a lot of money!

She was certain about that.

Gerald had more than thirty thousand dollars. He definitely had more money than that!

Those two dresses alone cost more than fifteen thousand dollars!

Xavia suddenly felt that Gerald was truly shrouded in mystery now.

It was even more awkward and embarrassing for Yuri to stand here at this time, and he wanted to pull Xavia away.

“Sir, we have already wrapped up the two pieces of clothing you wanted earlier. The final bill is five thousand and three hundred dollars. Would you like to pay using your bank card or cash?”

The salesgirl standing in front of Yuri quickly asked at this time.

In the current situation, it would not be plausible for Yuri not to buy the clothes today.

To be honest, the only reason Yuri was willing to spend such a large sum of money today was simply because he wanted to impress Xavia. He originally thought that he would be able to open a room and make love to Xavia today if he could coax and impress her enough.

However, the atmosphere did not seem right anymore!

Even if he bought these two dresses worth more than five thousand dollars for Xavia, he would still be losing to Gerald.

Yuri had no choice but to buy those dresses since there were so many people surrounding them at this point.

Yuri gritted his teeth and paid the five thousand and three hundred dollars before he left with Xavia.

At the gift shop downstairs.

Harper had already left, and he was waiting for Gerald at the entrance of the university.

At this time, Elena was still holding onto Gerald’s arm as they walked along the roadside.

“Mr. Crawford, can I ask whether you picked these dresses out for your girlfriend? Can I know who the lucky girl is?” Elena asked Gerald the question with a little jealousy in her heart.

In truth, Elena had been observing Gerald ever since the opening ceremony of the Grand Marshall Restaurant.

She knew that Gerald was not an ordinary rich second generation. He was different. He was calm, simple, and he was also very sincere toward others.

If Gerald truly started a relationship and made someone his girlfriend, he would surely stick with the same girl. He would not be like the other rich second generations who would change their girlfriends as they pleased.

If this girl got married to Gerald, she would become the future wife to the heir of the Crawford family in the future!

“No, I am planning to give this to my friend. She’s not my girlfriend!” Gerald smiled as he replied. He felt very grateful because Elena had really helped him out and saved him a lot of face today.

At the same time, Gerald was also very curious and confused. “Elena, it seems as though that gift shop belongs to the Larson family?”

Elena was very pleased to hear that Gerald did not have a girlfriend.

Therefore, she smiled as she replied, “Yes, the Larson family owns many gift shops like this near all the universities around the entire South Province. This is just one of the many gift shops that we own! I had nothing to do today, so I decided to come and walk around while I take a look at this shop!”

Elena did not reveal that the only reason she had come here was because she knew that Gerald was studying at this university. Moreover, she came here to walk around because she was secretly hoping to run into Gerald!

At this time, Gerald quickly thanked Elena as he turned around to leave.

After all, it was too eye-catching for him to be hanging out and walking with such a beautiful girl.

“Wait a minute, Mr. Crawford!” Elena yelled as she tried to stop Gerald from leaving. “There will be a carnival sorority party next week. Aiden and the rest of the group will also be going together with me. Mr. Crawford, will you be free, then? Do you want to come out, have some fun, and hang out with us?”

Elena bit her lower lip gently as she invited Gerald to join them for an outing. She knew that there was an eighty percent probability that he would turn down her invitation. After all, what was Gerald’s status?

However, to her surprise, Gerald nodded before he said, “Okay, then! I will be free next week, so we can all hang out together then!”

After all, Elena had really helped him a lot today.

What was even more important was that Gerald genuinely wanted to change himself.

He did not want to be so shy, humble, or conscientious anymore. The only way he could change himself was if he could get to know more people!

“Alright, it’s settled then!” Elena replied as she waved excitedly at Gerald.

Gerald and Harper then headed back to the dormitory.

Harper naturally went to look for his girlfriend as soon as they got back.

Gerald also wanted to go after Mila, but he did not know how to do so.

After all, he had had very few interactions with Mila. He was afraid that she would dislike him if he acted too rashly.

Just as Gerald was thinking about it, he suddenly received a phone call.

Gerald was a little happy and excited when he saw the name on the caller ID.

It was Mila.

“Gerald, are you busy now? If you’re not busy, do you want to come and practice Subject Two with me?”

“No, I’m not busy,” Gerald replied as he smiled.

“Okay, then! I’m already at the venue for Subject Two. Come here! I will introduce a friend to you when you get here!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 77

Gerald hung up the phone. Instead of going back to the dormitory, he went straight to the driving school.
In his hands, he held the new dress he had bought for Mila.
The dress was carefully packaged in a luxurious box.
Gerald was planning to give it to Mila when he got the chance.
It would be easy for him to tackle girls like Xavia and Quinn who always told their friends that they liked receiving gifts.
However, when it came to Mila, Gerald did not think it was a good idea to do so.
It might even be counterproductive.
Either way, Gerald was curious about who Mila wanted to introduce to him.
But as Gerald stood in front of the driving school, he got nervous when he saw the scene before him.
Mila was right there, sitting on a long bench just outside the driving school, facing away from Gerald.
The thing that made Gerald nervous was the man sitting closely beside Mila.
Moreover, Mila was holding the man’s arm, and they looked rather intimate.
They were chatting happily while leaning against each other.
Gerald felt as if his head had exploded.
It was too drastic, too sudden for him.
His whole mind was about to be shaken!
Did Mila get a boyfriend already?!
Gerald felt discouraged.
He had finally gathered his courage to pursue a girl that he liked, and she was indeed a very kind girl.
Even on his way there, Gerald’s mind had been running wild. He was imagining how Mila would react when he gave her the gift. Would she be surprised? Or would she turn him down politely after knowing his feelings toward her?
‘What should I do if I am rejected?’
Nevertheless, Gerald was eighty percent sure that Mila would accept his gift.
Still, Gerald had never expected to see what was before his eyes right now.
“Hey! Gerald, we’re here!”
Just as Gerald was standing there blankly, Mila waved at him.
“Why didn’t you make a sound when you are here already, Gerald? Why are you just standing there?” Mila was still holding the man’s arm when talking to Gerald as he walked toward them.
“It’s… nothing!” Gerald looked awkward.
Looking at the man beside Mila, he could guess that he was about their age, and he looked rather handsome and smart with a pale complexion.
When standing beside the man, Gerald felt intimidated as his outfit was rather shabby.
It was only normal for a pretty girl like Mila to have pursuers.
“Gerald, let me introduce you. This is my cousin, Kyle Smith. Kyle, this is Gerald that I have been telling you about.”
Mila walked toward Gerald, hand-in-hand with Kyle.
Gerald was startled once more.
‘Whoa, he is Mila’s cousin?’
Gerald’s heart felt light again as if he had been resurrected from death.
“Ooh, he‘s the one you have been telling me about. I heard that you were very lucky to hit a jackpot, Gerald!” Kyle Smith smiled.
However, his smile still could not hide the sinister look in his eyes.
Let’s think about it.
He had come to discuss some matters with his cousin. Then, his cousin had said that she wanted to introduce a good friend to him.
She had told him that her friend was a good man and he had won a jackpot recently.
Thus, Kyle had thought that it was not a bad idea to meet a new rich friend.
But unexpectedly, Gerald had come to meet him in such a shabby outfit. He’d had enough.
Ugh, was he a hillbilly?!
He did not look rich at all!
Kyle was rather disappointed.
“I’m Gerald.”
Gerald nodded to him politely and stuck out his hand for a handshake.
“Alright, sister. I’ve met your friend. I need to go back to the university now. It’s Grandmother’s birthday next month, I guess we have decided on what present to give her already. So, goodbye!”
Kyle ignored Gerald altogether, putting his hands into his pockets and leaving swiftly after talking to Mila.
He had come here today mainly to discuss the present they were preparing for their grandmother on her birthday.
“Kyle, you brat!” Seeing her close cousin being so rude to Gerald, Mila became irritated.
“I’m so sorry for my cousin’s attitude, Gerald. I will give him a good scolding when I get back!” Mila said apologetically.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 78

Gerald withdrew his hand and said, “It’s alright!”
To be honest, although Gerald was a little annoyed when he had been belittled by Kyle Smith, there was nothing he could do about it.
Because Gerald felt as though the whole world had stopped when he mistook him as Mila’s boyfriend.
And when he knew that he wasn’t, the whirlwind of emotions had made him unable to get angry with him anymore.
“Oh right, Gerald!”
Mila’s beautiful sparkling eyes looked at Gerald with concern. “You looked pale just now. What’s wrong?”
Although Mila had been busy introducing her cousin to Gerald, she was still observant enough to sense the changes in his mood.
“Nothing, really. It’s just that I thought he was your boyfriend!” Gerald replied with a wry smile.
“Pfft! What?! You thought my cousin was my boyfriend? Haha!” Mila laughed out loud.
“How is that even possible! Actually, I have never gotten into any romantic relationships. Maybe I have high standards when it comes to choosing a boyfriend.”
Mila sat down, and her remark triggered Gerald’s interest.
“What standards do you have for your boyfriend?” Gerald asked tentatively.
“The first thing I want my boyfriend to have is poise. Whether he is rich or poor, he must have a good poise! And the second thing is that he must not look ugly at the very least. Thirdly, he should have a kind heart and is loyal to his partner. Fourthly…”
“There’s still a fourth standard?!”
Gerald was getting a headache.
He could barely pass half of the first three.
He did not look ugly, and he perceived himself as a kind man.
As for his poise, Gerald admitted that even he himself thought that he was quite a hillbilly.
Although it was undeniable that he was a second-generation rich, he did not show any confidence of being one whatsoever.
This was his biggest flaw!
It looked as though he could not keep a low profile any longer!
Gerald decided that in his heart.
Meanwhile, Gerald had planned to give her the gift, but he changed his mind in the end.
Although Mila had told him about her dream man casually, that was still what she wanted.
Since Gerald had not fulfilled all the criteria, he bet it would not be easy for him to pursue her.
It would be a better idea for them to be friends first. There was no need to rush.
So, over the next few days, while they were attending their driving lessons, Gerald did not show any intention of him wanting to pursue Mila, and they simply got along as friends.
In fact, they got along pretty well and Mila had started to open up to Gerald, sharing all her thoughts.
Gerald was even getting suspicious of the action Mila had taken in telling him about the qualities her dream man should have. Did she tell him on purpose to stop him from pursuing her? Was she hinting that they should just remain good friends?
Was she trying to turn him down without hurting his feelings?
It was until that day when they were supposed to take the driving test together that it happened…
They had agreed to go back to the university together after the test.
However, after Gerald had finished his test, he could not see Mila anywhere.
Gerald tried to call her, but her phone was switched off!
They had two chances to pass the test. Even if Mila had to take the test twice, she should not have taken so long.
Right then, Gerald saw a man who was in the same group as Mila walking out of the driving school looking dejected.
Gerald approached him right away.
“Oh! That beauty, she did not take the test. It seems that when it was about to be her turn, she received a call and left in a hurry.”
Mila was a beautiful lady. People would take notice of her wherever she went.
Gerald did not find it strange that this man would take notice of her.
But one thing that bothered Gerald was what happened to Mila. Why did she leave in such a hurry without even informing him? And she had even switched off her phone.
Did something bad happen to her?
After much consideration, Gerald decided to make a phone call to Whitney.
“Why do you care so much about Mila, Gerald? Did you really think that you could pursue her once you hit the jackpot? Don’t even think about it, you worthless man!”
It was obvious that Whitney still remembered the incident in Homeland Kitchen where Gerald did not give her face.
She bombarded Gerald angrily as soon as she picked up the phone call.
“Do you know where she is? If you tell me now, I will repay you in the future. I will give you a Bienvietto dress,” said Gerald calmly.
He had not given Mila the dress he had bought from Elena’s boutique. Now, he had a chance to make good use of it.
Gerald needed to know what happened to Mila mainly because she had left without a word, and he was worried about her.
It was not because he liked her. Gerald would do the same for all he considered as friends.
“Are you serious?! Can you even afford a Bienvietto? Their clothes cost tens of thousands!” Whitney shrieked.
“Of course. I will send it to you in a moment.”
“Alright, then. Since you finally know how to deal with me, I will tell you. Sigh, I received the news about Mila’s family just now. Her family business failed, and they are now on the brink of bankruptcy. That’s why she needed to go back!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 79

“We’re visiting her later. Tag along if you like.” Whitney hung up the call right after.
Gerald was only starting to reveal his financial capacity. Until now, Whitney had no idea how much he had in his hand.
For this very reason, she was less domineering toward Gerald now when talking to him.
However, she still looked down upon him even if he had won a two million lottery.
He was just a nouveau riche. How could he be compared out-and-out with a second-generation rich like Victor?
Gerald decided not to go with them. Besides, Victor had already said that his car was fully occupied.
Hence, Whitney just gave Gerald the address, and Gerald took a cab there after buying some fruits and gifts.
Gerald had been acquainted with Mila for almost two weeks now, and they seemed to be getting along very well. To him, she was like Naomi, one of the close female friends he had.
Not to mention, he had feelings toward her.
Therefore, he had to help her out when her family was in trouble.
The cab stopped outside the entrance of Paradise Ville.
Gerald had learned that Mila’s family was quite an influential one. Her parents ran a profitable company. They were considered a big family, with all their relatives involved in all sorts of businesses.
By the time Gerald arrived at Mila’s home, the mansion was already full of people. Apart from the elders of their family, the rest was Mila’s friends and classmates.
“Gerald, you’re here!” Mila’s eyes were teary and red. She was sitting on the sofa, talking with Whitney.
Meanwhile, Whitney’s parents were lending a helping hand to entertain Mila’s classmates.
After all, the company was on the brink of bankruptcy due to capital constraints.
No one could be happy at this moment, not even Mila.
It was even more apparent to Mila’s on what true friendships were.
When they were rich, all kinds of people had tried to get close to them. Now that they were poor, not even one person came to visit.
The mansion which had always been lively was now quiet and dead. Apart from Mila’s friends, who else would want to come?!
“Yeah!” Gerald, not knowing what to say to make Mila feel better, put down the fruits he had bought and greeted her parents.
“Why is he here?” Right then, he heard a mocking voice.
A handsome man came in hand-in-hand with a beautiful girl.
He sneered at Gerald, somewhat contemptuously, his remark clearly pinpointing Gerald.
Gerald turned around and saw Kyle, Mila’s cousin.
He was a somewhat arrogant man.
Kyle’s family also owned some businesses. Thus, it was only natural that they would help Mila’s family. They had contributed a large fund to help Mila’s family, but it was of no use, and because of this, they were also not having a very good time now.
Kyle was in a bad mood since his family was also having a hard time, but when he saw the rich friends of his cousin today, he felt a little bit relieved.
Perhaps these people could help his cousin’s family overcome the crisis they were facing and even recover the funds of his family.
Under the circumstances where he was having a bad mood, Kyle would not feel any better when seeing the pompous ass, who had just won a lottery, he met that day.
He would not have much money, and his network would not be of any use. Why had he come here?
“Kyle, he is Mila’s friend. Watch your attitude!” Mila’s mother chided.
“Aunt, do you know who Gerald is? He is a famous figure in Mayberry University. He was a pauper until just recently. After he won a lottery, he started to show off in different ways. I even heard that he sent condoms to his ex-girlfriend after being dumped by her. He is just a weirdo! Now that he is so eager to get close with Mila, I don’t dare say he doesn’t have a motive!” Kyle said scornfully.
Many of Mila’s classmates present looked at Gerald sinisterly.
“Bah! Is there really such a lowly person? Does he think he is so great after winning a lottery?”
“Absolutely! He can merely be considered an ignorant nouveau riche. Look at him. He is just a hillbilly!”
Some girls covered their mouths and laughed.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 80

“Shut up, Kyle!” Mila threw the cushion in her hands at Kyle angrily.
“Nonsense! Yes, Gerald won a lottery. But, are you jealous of him?”
Hearing Kyle’s mocking words toward Gerald, Mila felt sick. He even said that Gerald had given his ex-girlfriend condoms. That was just too disgusting. He was clearly insulting Gerald, wasn’t he?!
Mila had always thought of Gerald as her good friend.
“What do you mean, Sister? Are you saying that I’m talking nonsense?”
Kyle mocked him further as he laughed. “If you don’t believe in what I said, you can ask Victor Wright, the vice president of the student union, who is also his coursemate. Even Whitney knows about this. He really did run an errand to get his ex-girlfriend some condoms for the mere sake of ten dollars!”
Mila frowned, and the way Mila’s parents and her friends looked at him changed totally.
“He seemed to be a decent man. I didn’t expect him to be so pathetic for the sake of money!”
They all murmured, judging him.
Gerald took a deep breath and glanced at Victor who had been keeping mum since the beginning.
Victor had known it all along, and he was most probably the person who had told Kyle about this.
Among all of them, Gerald bet he must be the one whom Victor hated the most.
Mila cast a questioning look at Gerald, and Gerald nodded. “Yes, I did.”
He had had no money then. So, was it wrong to earn some living expenses by running errands for other people?
Gerald did not think it was shameful.
That night, Danny had tricked him into sending the condoms to Xavia.
It was a fact, and he did not intend to hide it anyway.
“Gerald, you…” Mila stared at Gerald, her eyes widened in disbelief.
Honestly, Mila had never experienced poverty, but in her mindset, she thought that a person would deem his dignity as something important no matter how poor he was.
She did not expect that Gerald would do something like this.
Moreover, she had been defending Gerald all this time.
Mila was shocked now that Gerald had admitted it himself.
At the same time, Mila’s parents’ faces stiffened with dismay as soon as they heard Kyle saying that Gerald had had feelings toward their daughter.
What a mess!
Now, there was a sense of annoyance when Mila’s mother looked at Gerald.
Knock, knock!
Somebody knocked on the door. Soon, a young man appeared at the door.
Seeing this young man, Gerald’s face changed. Although it was subtle, he looked sinister.
“Yo, Quinton!”
Kyle was surprised, and so were Mila’s parents. Once they saw him, their eyes shone with hope, like a duck to water.
“Hey, wasn’t he the one who drugged his own stepmother a few days ago?”
“Yeah. He is quite a nasty man. Nevertheless, he is very wealthy. He is one of the Mayberry Commercial Street magnates! He even has a contract with Grand Marshall Restaurant!”
“Hmph! So what?! Who in this world has never done nasty things? I heard that after that incident, Quinton truly learned his lesson and changed for the better. His willingness to change is priceless.”
Many of Mila’s female friends looked at Quinton.
His unsightly past was perfectly covered by his current brilliance, and he gained much admiration from the pretty girls.
Quinton walked in with a bag in his hands. Not a single trace of shame from what happened days ago could be seen on his face.
However, when he walked past a certain person, he was taken aback and even moved a few steps back.
Looking at that person in utmost surprise, he asked as his face turned pale, “Gerald, why are you here?”

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