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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 781-790

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 781
Gerald himself was wondering the same thing. It looked as though some sort of conflict was going on. Everything seemed to be going fine before this. How did things end up this way?

As Gerald stared at the scene in bewilderment, he could see a middle-aged woman kneeling within the crowd.

The members of the families affiliated with the Fendersons seemed to be filled with rage and even Lord Fenderson himself had an ugly expression on his face.

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“It’s her! It’s that sinner’s maid from back then! Hurry up and tell us where Xara is now! If you speak the truth, we’ll consider sparing you!”

“Remember! The Crawfords and the Fendersons only got into a huge fight back then because of her! We, the affiliated families, were the ones who had suffered the most losses because of that battle! How pitiful my son was for having to grow up in such turmoil because of her! Lord Fenderson, if you’re hiding Xara anywhere, we demand that you hand her over to us!”

“That’s right! Hand her over so that you can give an account to our families!”

Many of the affiliated family members were now gathered around Lord Fenderson, demanding for Xara.

Noah himself was sneering at the side.

The conflict had started when Bryson reprimanded Noah in public for inviting the Longs without asking for his permission first. In retaliation, Noah then revealed the fact that the Fendersons had already located Xara’s old personal maid.

He was done having to play nice with Bryson.

Noah’s actions had stemmed from the fact that he had regarded himself as the head of several big families for years by now. One could even say he was almost as influential as the Fendersons.

Aside from that, Bryson had also placed him in an awkward situation when Noah went looking for him to ask for some assets while also discussing his son’s marriage with Jasmine.

His grievances that he had piled-up up till this point were by no means a small amount.

Since he couldn’t achieve his goal peacefully, he was going to use the event to his advantage and go all out today.

He was glad that he had previously sent several of his men over to monitor every move the Fendersons made. In addition to having quite a number of informers from within the family, he was able to gain information about everything they did.

It was why he managed to find out about the existence of Xara’s maid being there in the first place.

Noah even had a trump card in hand, and he had personally given it to Bryson a few days prior. Now that all the pieces were in place, he would simply allow the internal conflicts to erupt in all its splendor!

Bryson himself could only glare in rage at the crowd before him.

This conflict was nothing new to him. After all, they had secretly been fighting for many years by now.

While the Fenderson family was still colossal in size, it was now akin to a high-rise building that had lost its main supporting pillar. Though the outside looked majestic, its insides were already crumbling in a state of jeopardy.

It wasn’t as though Bryson hadn’t taken precautions against Noel and Yael either.

However, he had simply assumed that he would still be able to control both the father and son, even in his old age.

To think that both of them would make a move on him during his birthday banquet!

The accumulated grievances between both parties had already made things very stressful for him. Yet here Noah and Yoel were, deliberately trying to heighten the conflicts between them!

It was just like last time… Had he not wanted to calm and appease the affiliated families back then, he would never have been willing to sever his relationship with his very own daughter!

“It’s my grandfather’s eightieth birthday today! Are all of you here to celebrate it or did you come here just to criticize and question him?” said Jasmine rather coldly.

“Jasmine, while we’re naturally happy that it’s Lord Fenderson’s birthday today, our families have already lost too many of our relatives back then. It’s been more than twenty years since Lord Fenderson told us that he would compensate for our losses and also provide a reasonable explanation to all our families. Yet even after all this time, he won’t even let us catch a glimpse of Xara! The woman who was the cause of all that chaos back then!”

“The only ‘compensations’ we received were a few trivial assets and properties. What about the reasonable explanation we were promised? And to think after we’ve waited patiently all this time, Lord Fenderson was actually housing the maid who once used for Xara! If Mr. Schuyler hadn’t brought the matter to light, we would’ve never found out about this!”

“Our families have already been affiliated with the Fendersons for generations! How could Lord Fenderson do this to us? How can you even expect us to be appeased now?” said a middle-aged man indignantly.

“That’s right! Rather than continue debating the matter, I say we should just capture her maid and torture her till she tells us where Xara is!”

“Men! Drag her out immediately!”

As soon as those words were said, a few bodyguards working for the affiliated families rushed forward and grabbed Xenia by her arms.

“Presumptuous! All of you! I’m well aware that all of you are just pretending to look for her! Your main goal has always been to get your hands on the assets she owned back then!” said Jasmine, her tone frigid.

Hearing that, several of the more capable individuals within the crowd went silent.

“You can’t just put it that way, Jasmine. However, since you’ve already said it, it wouldn’t be right if the Schuylers didn’t use this chance to set a proper example! That’s right! While we had been delegated a small portion of the assets Xara owned in the beginning, the consequences that we had to pay for clearly outweighs what we should have received! It’s only right for us to demand for an equal distribution of assets!” replied Noah.

What he said wasn’t wrong either, since Xara and the eldest master of the Fenderson family were the ones who had held and controlled most of the assets and properties belonging to their family back then.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 782
It was obvious that Xara clearly had more power compared to Jasmine’s father back then.

Even if Xara’s assets were to be equally distributed among the affiliated families now, it wouldn’t be as simple as the families being able to gain equal footing with the Fendersons anymore.

This was probably what Noah and Yael had intended for to happen this entire time.

“You can all continue to dream on…” replied Jasmine angrily.

“Step aside for the moment, Jasmine. You don’t need to get involved in this!” said Bryson, a gloomy expression on his face.

Not daring to go against her grandfather’s words, she immediately stood aside.

Bryson then personally began negotiating with Noah.

While this was happening, Mindy suddenly began shouting, “Jasmine! Over here!”

Frowning, Jasmine then walked over to Mindy before realizing who else was with her. To her surprise, Gerald was present!

“Why are you here?”

“Let’s not bother about him for the moment. More importantly, what on earth is going on here? Are the affiliate families trying to rebel against us?” asked Mindy as she hurriedly held on to Jasmine’s hand.

Jasmine simply nodded before saying, “Grandpa’s already told me to keep an eye on the Schuyler family once the birthday banquet is over. After all, the Schuylers have been conspiring against us for many years now…”

After pausing for a moment to look at Gerald, she then continued, “They’re getting bolder by the year… To think that he would actually cause a scene during grandpa’s birthday banquet! No wonder he dared to make demands when he came looking for grandpa this morning!”

“Huh? What kind of demands? Oh wait, it must’ve been a proposal for you and Yael to get married, right?” asked Mindy.

In response, Jasmine gave a simple nod.

“Pfft! Is he really aspiring for something that he’s clearly not even worthy of? Grandpa must’ve immediately rejected his proposal, right? How did grandpa turn him down anyway for him to get so much courage? He seems really desperate!”

“I… Well… He accepted the rejection once he found out that I was bound to a marriage contract which had been made from when I was still a child!” replied Jasmine in a soft voice as her face began blushing slightly.

“…Huh? What? With whom? Why haven’t I heard of this before?”

“Just! Forget it for now! I don’t want to talk about this anymore!” replied Jasmine as she shook her head.

To take her mind off things, she focused on the scene unfolding between Noah and her grandfather.

“I’ll be honest with you, Lord Fenderson. I’ve already been very lenient and merciful toward you. As long as you’re willing to give us the compensation we rightfully deserve, we’ll definitely continue following the Fendersons with all our hearts in future. After all, it isn’t really necessary for me to expose everything here, am I not right?” said Noah as he sneered.

Bryson immediately knit his brows tightly together when he heard that.

Bryson finally understood why Noah had a sudden change in character back when Noah had told him that he had managed to locate Xara’s daughter. To think that Bryson had initially thought that Noah had finally turned over a new leaf!

It was all just part of his grand scheme!

Bryson was now in this mess because he had fallen for Bryson’s trickery. He had been careless due to his love for his daughter.

However, at the end of the day, the older a person was, the wiser he tended to be. Bryson had no doubt taken extra precautionary and security measures in case he ever had to deal with such a situation.

“Hahaha! I have no idea what you’re hinting at, Noah! While it is true that I’ve found Xenia, I only brought her back to interrogate her about Xara’s whereabouts. Sadly, Xenia doesn’t know anything at all! I simply took her in since I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving her to wander outside alone. Now that I’ve made myself clear, what else do you wish to talk about?” replied Bryson calmly.

“Is that so? Hahaha! I really admire you, Lord Fenderson! However, that doesn’t explain the beautiful girl in the car who was trying to leave the villa this morning! It was such a coincidence too that my subordinates had managed to catch a glimpse of her, subsequently preventing her from leaving! Mr. Lambert and Mr. Wellington, do you wish to know how beautiful that girl truly is? Why, she’s so beautiful that she looks exactly like Xara! If you don’t believe me, I can order my subordinates to bring her over right now!” said Noah as he laughed.

“…You… you took Queta away?” asked Bryson, finally losing his cool as his body began trembling uncontrollably.

“So her name is Queta! She refused to say a word to me when I asked her for it! Regardless, everyone else will now have their chance to question her! Being her in, men!” yelled Noah.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 783
Upon hearing Noah’s command, a few men stepped forward, dragging a girl along.

Her head was lowered and her mouth was shut tight. However, her appearance alone was enough to shock everyone present.

“She… She looks exactly like her!”

“That’s right! I almost thought that she was a much younger version of Xara!”

“We’ve all been deceived! Lord Fenderson must have already known about Xara’s whereabouts a long time ago! Yet he left all us affiliated families in the dark on purpose!”

While the audience began discussing aloud, Queta herself bore an extremely ugly expression on her face. After all, she had been physically hurt and her body was currently feeling very weak.

“It… It really is my aunt’s daughter! So it turns out that grandpa’s already found aunt’s daughter!” said Jasmine.

“Queta!” shouted Bryson, a stern expression on his face.

He had initially arranged for someone to secretly send Queta away that morning. Little did he know that there would be a snitch working for the Schuyler family! The current scene was a result of that.

“So, lord Fenderson. We now have all the necessary witnesses and evidence! What else do you have to say for yourself? We demand that Xara be handed over to us as soon as possible!”

All the guests were now gathering around Bryson, glaring at him angrily.

Bryson was at a complete loss of words, a tense expression on his face.

While he truly wanted to save Queta, after facing all the provocations from the Schuyler family, he had no real choice but to give an explanation to all the other affiliated families

As he was wondering how to deal with the dilemma, a voice suddenly called out from behind everyone.

“Hey now, why are all of you bothering the Fendersons? I’m here, you know!”

Turning around to see who had shouted, everyone saw a woman walking toward them from the outside.

“…Huh? Who on earth is that? How did she even get in?”

“Oh god, just look at her face! How absolutely ugly!”

“I can’t continue looking at her anymore… I can already feel goosebumps on my skin!”

As the commotion grew louder and louder, Xavia finally lay eyes on the woman in question.

Her eyes had earlier been fixed on Queta. After all, the girl looked extremely familiar to her. Xavia simply couldn’t put her finger on where she had met her before.

Regardless, Xavia couldn’t help but purse her lips in disgust when she saw the woman walking up to Bryson.

Bryson himself was trembling uncontrollably at this point. He knew who this person was just by listening to her voice. It was a voice he had been waiting to hear for almost two decades now.

He could only stare in disbelief when she finally stood before him. Was this really her? His daughter who used to be the most alluring woman in the country?

“Is… Is that really you, Xara?” asked Bryson, his hands trembling.

Hearing his statement, both Second and Third stared at Xara in surprise. However, they quickly shook off their shock for the moment as they hurried over to support Bryson.

“It’s been a good twenty years, father. I’m finally back!” said Xara as tears started streaming down her cheeks.

“…Sister?” asked Second and Third simultaneously as they exchanged looks with one another, feeling utterly dumbfounded.

At the same time, Noah and the others were all breathing heavily.

“…So she really is Xara! The eldest lady of the Fenderson family! No wonder they couldn’t find her even after so many years had passed! To think that the once extremely gorgeous and beautiful Xara who had earned the admiration of so many back then would be reduced to such an ugly state!”

“Exactly! Even if we bumped into her on the street, we wouldn’t have been able to recognize her at all!”

As everyone continued to comment on the situation, Xenia ran toward Xara before saying, “Why did you show yourself, miss?”

“I needed to in order to save Queta! Aunt Xenia, I’ve caused you so much harm and grief for so many years now! I hope you’ll forgive me!” said Xara as she held on to Queta’s hands.

After hearing all that, Queta finally understood everything.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 784
So that’s why Aunt Fenderson had treated her so dearly before this! Was she truly the mother she had been looking for this entire time?

A cocktail of complicated emotions was now brewing in Queta’s heart. She didn’t even know whether she should refer to her as her aunt or mother anymore!

“It all makes sense now! No wonder we couldn’t find any clues about my aunt, even after investigating for so long!” said Jasmine.

“Hey now, this isn’t exactly a family reunion, you know? Since you’ve finally decided to show yourself, shouldn’t you give us a proper explanation for everything that happened back then, Xara? After all, we’ve been searching for you for a good twenty years now and we’ve already wasted enough time and resources just to find you!” replied Noah coldly.

“I’m well aware of what you’re up to, Noah Schuyler. There’s no need for you to continue blackmailing the Fenderson family. I’ll say it loud and clear now. The assets and properties I’ve been holding on to will never go to you or any of the other affiliated families! And since you’ve been trying so hard to find me, here I am now! I can leave with the rest of you and you can do whatever you want to me then! I’m completely at your disposal!” said Xara aloud.

Hearing this, Noah was so enraged that he looked like he was ready to explode at any moment.

To think that even after pursuing her for so long and setting everything up to be in his favor, her sudden reappearance after twenty years had completely ruined all of his plans! Things would’ve gone perfectly if only she hadn’t made her appearance today!

Now, even if they killed her, they would never be able to get their hands on any of the assets. What even was the point of him doing all that hard work and planning before this?

There was even a time when he had planned to put her under house arrest once he found her! However, he simply couldn’t locate her no matter how much he searched!

Thinking about it, she behaved just like a ticking time bomb. To think that the bomb would explode during such a critical moment!

Noah and the others were at a complete loss of what to even do next.

“…If you think you’re getting away scot-free after all you’ve done, you can dream on! Men! Take her away with us, right this instant!” yelled one of the many heads of the other affiliated families in both rage and humiliation.

Just as Bryson was about to stop them, a butler with a very anxious expression on his face came running toward him. In between pants, the butler then said, “L-Lord Fenderson, someone’s sent you a birthday gift outside! The gift itself looks to be near priceless!”

“What? Who sent it?” said Bryson as he looked at the terrified butler.

Everyone whom Bryson had invited should have already arrived by now.

Bryson knew how powerful each of the families under him were. As far as he knew, none of them could afford to give him such an invaluable gift, or at least that was what he assumed from the way his butler had described it.

However, he had reason to be curious since his butler wouldn’t have been this shocked if it was just an ordinary gift.

Gulping, the butler then said, “The person in question said that he was a friend of yours from the Crawford family from Northbay!”

“…What? The Crawfords from Northbay you said?”

Bryson was now quivering so much that his walking cane soon fell to the floor.

Everyone else present was equally as shocked.

Both the Fendersons and all their affiliated families knew the Crawfords from Northbay well. After all, not only were the Crawfords living there extremely influential and powerful, they were also the ones who had struck fear among the Fendersons for decades.

To put simply, they were a terrifying family.

Everyone there was naturally aware of the grievances between the Crawfords and the Fendersons.

Jasmine herself quickly walked over to her grandfather’s side.

The Crawfords had been the ones who had caused her parents’ death. Was she finally going to be able to see who the mysterious enemy was?

Noah, on the other hand, had gone deathly pale. He was now sure that he had definitely tried to stir trouble at the wrong time. Now that even the Crawfords were here, nothing he had said would matter anymore.

After all, while all of them would usually declare that the Crawfords were their enemy, most of them only said it for the sake of it. Who among them would actually have the audacity or even courage to go up against the Crawfords?

Even if it was true that the Crawfords were the ones who had caused them to lose so many of their relatives and family members back then, Noah and the other affiliate heads would never dare to even say a single word before such a powerful family.

Meanwhile, Gerald himself was feeling dumbfounded as he continued watching the scene unfold from the side-lines.

Someone from his family was coming?

While it was true that he had informed his subordinates about the location of the Fenderson family’s mansion, he hadn’t really expected for any of them to make their appearance here, especially not under the guise of the Crawfords from Northbay.

If it wasn’t them, who could it be?

As Gerald’s curiosity continued to grow, the butler then said, “Indeed! The person in question is the young master of the Crawfords from Northbay, Mr. Crawford himself!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 785
“…What? The young master, Mr. Crawford?”

Everyone was now exchanging glances with each other in astonishment.

“I’ve never even known that the Crawford family had a young master!”

“Have you forgotten that the Crawford family’s young master was raised among ordinary people? That made it near impossible for anyone to get any information about him! Not even the Fendersons know much about him, even after investigating so much into the matter back then!”

“To think that the Crawford’s young master has already returned to his family! Why, he’s even come all the way here just to look for the Fendersons! How powerful and impressive! It wouldn’t be farfetched to say that he’s probably comparable to Dylan back in the day!”

As the people in the crowd continued discussing among themselves, Jasmine herself was breathing rather frantically. She was currently facing all sorts of inexplicable emotions.

After Mr. Crawford’s arrival was announced, none of the affiliate families dared to continue causing a scene, and the same went for the Long family’s representative.

“Yael… What’s the background of Northbay’s Mr. Crawford like?” asked Xavia, sounding rather frightened.

She had attended the birthday banquet as the second young mistress of the Long family and after seeing Lord Fenderson’s terrified face after being notified of Mr. Crawford’s arrival, she was now feeling equally scared.

After all, the mere mention of the name, ‘Mr. Crawford’, reminded Xavia of a certain someone.

“Well, the Crawford family from Northbay is very powerful and secretive. I’ve heard that even their weakest affiliate family is almost as strong as the Fendersons! We minor affiliate families could never even dream to compare to them!” replied Yael, a fearful expression on his face.

“Does… Does such a powerful family even exist on this planet?”

While Xavia had been married into a wealthy and influential family, and she had already gained a lot of knowledge and seen much of the world by now, hearing Yael’s explanation still shocked her.

“Of course! I’m sure you know that the Fendersons have been at war with the Crawfords for many years now. However, they simply had no way of defeating the Crawfords at all! That’s the reason why the Fendersons have been living in secrecy! They’ve been trying to remain hidden from the Crawford family’s eyes so that they could eventually launch a counterattack against them!”

“Hilariously enough, it’s also precisely because of that, that there have been so many internal divisions between the Fenderson family till this very day. Now that the Crawfords are at the Fenderson’s doorstep, it’s natural for Lord Fenderson to be terrified!” said Yael before taking in a deep breath.

“Then… How many assets does the Crawford family even own?” asked Xavia, now even more shocked than before.

“I’m not too sure about that either. However, I’ve heard rumors that the Crawford family already owns half of the world’s wealth and resources!”

Upon hearing that, Xavia’s eyes widened so much that her eyes looked like they would pop out at any moment.

Half of the world’s wealth and resources? What kind of concept even was that?

With that much power and influence, what kind of person was Mr. Crawford from Northbay even going to be like?

While the guest continued hypothesizing in their confusion, a few girls began tugging Alice to the scene while saying, “Alice! Come listen to this! It seems that a powerful young master is about to make his appearance!”

“Huh? How powerful are we talking about here?” asked Alice in surprise.

“Alice, haven’t you seen how pale the powerful figures here have gone upon hearing about Mr. Crawford’s arrival? I heard that he owns half of the world’s wealth and resources! What an incredible family the Crawfords from Northbay is!” said the girls excitedly.

Their reaction was to be expected since girls usually felt excited talking about rich and handsome guys. What more, being able to meet such an incredible young master was a pleasant surprise for them!

While they were giddy with excitement, Alice herself immediately covered her mouth, feeling suddenly anxious and nervous.

“T-the young master… You said the young master’s name was Mr. Crawford…?”

Alice was now feeling an overwhelming discomfort in her heart. After all, she had seen Gerald’s true capabilities before this.

She was also aware that his sister had immense financial resources and capabilities as well. Not only that, his sister’s home was in Northbay too!

The Crawfords from Northbay… Could it really be…?

Alice could feel her breathing grow heavier by the second.

If what her friends had said was true, then Alice honestly just wanted to die on the spot, right there and then! After all, since she was the one who had rejected him, if Gerald had only been an ordinary rich heir, Alice would’ve just forced herself to move on and continue living her life without him.

However, how was she going to just accept that if Gerald truly was such an extraordinarily rich heir…?

“They’re here!” yelled someone, causing the chaotic atmosphere from before to immediately fall silent. Everyone was now waiting anxiously, their eyes peeled on the entrance.

Not too long after, about a hundred men dressed in black began approaching the entrance in a neat and orderly manner.

The person leading the group seemed to be an old man who looked to be around sixty.

Beside him, was a young, formally-dressed man who looked to be around the age of twenty-two. His eyes were rather beady and he was also a little on the chubbier side.

“Is that Mr. Crawford?”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 786
“Yes, that must be him!”

As the crowd of people gulped, not even daring to speak loudly, the new group of people continued walking forward till they were right in front of Bryson. Each person in that group exuded an equally strong aura.

“Is that you, Fynn?” asked Bryson as he smiled at the old man.

“Indeed it is, Lord Fenderson. It’s been a long time since we’ve last met! I trust you’ve been well since then!” replied Fynn with a slight smile.

“I have. Still, all those years… Gone just like that! To think that the young boy who used to always stick around Daryl is now an old man… If it wasn’t because of your unchanging, sharp as ever eyes, I wouldn’t have been able to recognize you at all! It really has been too long!” said Bryson, his tone tinged with regrets as he reminisced.

After all, back in the day, Bryson and Daryl were so close that they even considered each other to be brothers. The old man that now stood before him went by the name of Fynn, and he used to be Daryl’s subordinate then. Time, however, waits for no one and things were completely different now.

“A long time indeed…”

A calm smile was on Fynn’s face as he said that. While at their roots, grievances still existed between the Crawfords and the Fendersons, regardless of whether they were still competing against each other in secret or not, they still had to treat each other politely.

As for the ‘Mr. Crawford’ standing beside Fynn, he looked rather carefree as he scanned through the area. However, his demeanor changed the moment his gaze fell upon somebody standing within the crowd.

“…Huh? It’s you?”

“So you’re the one who came?”

The woman who had spoken in unison with ‘Mr. Crawford’ was none other than Xavia.

While he was clearly surprised to see Xavia there, Xavia was even more astonished. After all, she had met and dealt with this person before.

He wasn’t Mr. Crawford! The young man with beady eyes was Gerald’s godbrother, Yoel! The son of the richest man in County State!

Why was he here? Though it wasn’t Gerald, Xavia still began feeling inexplicably nervous at that moment.

“Aren’t you the Holden family’s young master? Why were you given the title of Mr. Crawford from Northbay?” asked Xavia, her face slightly pale.

Hearing that, Jasmine was surprised. After all, when she had first heard that he was Mr. Crawford, she had been wondering if this was the one whom she was contractually bound to marry.

As it turned out, he wasn’t, or at least from what Xavia had said.

Feeling slightly embarrassed after she said that, Yoel then replied, “Now who said that I was Mr. Crawford? I’m just here to join in the fun and excitement!”

“Wait, so if he’s not Mr. Crawford… Then where’s the real one?”

Everyone was surprised by the turn of events.

“Hahaha! It seems that we’ve made a real fool of ourselves this time! Let me explain. There are two reasons why we’re here today. Our first is to represent Mr. Crawford and the Crawford family to present your birthday gift to you. After all, after all these years, even our family has regretted some of the things that have happened in the past. We’ve been meaning to have a talk with the Fendersons for a long time now, but we simply haven’t heard any news about your family throughout all these years!” said Fynn as he smiled faintly.

“Not to worry, however, Lord Fenderson. As long as the Crawford family is around, I believe that nobody will even dare to cause any trouble for you on your birthday!”

As soon as Noah and the others heard that, they felt themselves gulping before each taking a step back.

“As for the second matter, the Crawfords would like to take Miss Queta and Madam Xara back with us. After all, the madam is the sister-in-law of the Crawford family’s head. Miss Queta herself is a member of the Crawford family. I believe that this is both an understandable and reasonable request, Lord Fenderson!”

Bryson took in a deep breath upon hearing that. So things had already advanced to this stage.

Since the Crawford family had actually come all the way here, they must have already been fully prepared for the visit.

Even though Bryson tried thinking and considering the overall situation, in the end, he didn’t even know what to say. After all, the Crawfords now knew where the Fendersons lived, which meant that they were now officially susceptible to danger at all times.

However, the Fendersons themselves were holding on to a trump card which was very important to Dylan. It was because of that, that Bryson believed that Dylan wouldn’t try to go overboard any time soon.

The current best choice of action would be for both parties to negotiate and talk things through.

“Well of course it is!” replied Bryson with a nod.

“However, do remember that the Fenderson family used to be on par with the Crawfords, Fynn. While you said that the young master of the Crawford family wanted to wish me a happy birthday and celebrate my eightieth birthday together, it seems that he isn’t present. While he did send someone here in his stead, I don’t think that it justifies me handing over both my daughter and granddaughter over to the Crawfords,” said Bryson as he fixed his gaze on Fynn.

“Hahaha! Now who said that our young master wasn’t here? In fact, he’s already arrived at the Fenderson family mansion a day in advance to make all your birthday preparations, Lord Fenderson!” replied Fynn as he laughed.

“…What? What do you mean Mr. Crawford’s already arrived?” replied Bryson in surprise.

“Mr. Crawford’s already here? Where is he?”

Everyone was equally astonished.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 787
Fynn himself began scanning through the crowd at that moment.

According to what Mr. Zartyr had said, Mr. Crawford had indeed already arrived.

By then, everyone was exchanging glances with one another.

“Oh gosh! I really hadn’t expected Mr. Crawford to come here! Why wasn’t I aware of any of this at all?” said Mindy in a surprised tone.

It was no surprise why she wanted to see Mr. Crawford for herself. After all, he was the reason why she and Jasmine couldn’t even leave their house when they were children.

Even the celebrities who were still holding on to Gerald were looking around excitedly. While they were quite sure that actually being able to get acquainted with someone with such a high status as Mr. Crawford was completely out of the question, a chance to see what a truly dignified rich heir like him looked like would be the second best thing.

Being able to do that would make the entire trip feel worthwhile.

Watching the scene unfold before him, Gerald could only shake his head with a wry smile on his face. Since things had turned out this way, it was impossible for him to continue maintaining a low profile anymore.

In his initial plan, Gerald had simply told Barry to create a distraction outside.

Little did he know that his father had found out about the mission. As a result, his father had sent some of the people from the Crawford family from Northbay over. To be honest, Gerald himself didn’t really fully comprehend everything that was currently happening.

However, it was indeed a good move for his family to send some men over. Since things had already turned out this way, in a way, his task was already complete. Understanding that, Gerald then stood up.

“What are you doing, Gerald?” asked Mindy.

Even the female celebrities seemed surprised.

“They’re calling for Mr. Crawford. Why are you the one standing up?”

“Hahaha! For those who didn’t know any better, they must be thinking that he’s the actual Mr. Crawford!” mocked the celebrities as they laughed among themselves.

Everyone else who turned to look at him was startled by his actions.

“G-Gerald!” shouted Alice who had been standing quietly at the sidelines this entire time.

It only took a single glance for her to recognize him, and she was now breathing heavily. To think that Gerald really was here! Moreover, based on the current situation, it seems that he had arrived together with her team!

So the person who had carried her to her bed and helped her change into her pajamas… Was it really all him?!

Regret and embarrassment flooded her as she recalled the hazy memory of seeing him last night. All sorts of emotions were swirling in Alice’s heart at that moment. Was he really the one responsible for putting her in bed last night? To think that she had rejected such a person before…

Xavia herself was staring at Gerald wide-eyed and in disbelief, looking utterly terrified.

It was almost as though Gerald was always lingering around her. She had come all the way to the Salford Province to participate in this event, just to finally be able to shine and show off a little. She really hadn’t expected to bump into Gerald here once again!

In the end, Xavia was the person who was most afraid of seeing him here. After all, based on what Fynn had earlier said, did that mean that he truly was the Mr. Crawford from Northbay?

If that was the case, then the Long family would definitely be unable to even come close to comparing themselves to him anymore.

Aside from fear, Xavia was also feeling very uncomfortable by Gerald’s sudden spike in both maturity and stability in such a short period of time.

“Gerald… You!” said Jasmine as she watched Gerald walk toward her grandfather. She was so surprised by the sudden revelation that her entire face was now a bright red.

Was he the Mr. Crawford she was supposed to get married to?

Even Xara was shocked speechless. She had initially assumed that Gerald was simply one of the descendants of the Crawford family. Never would she have guessed that Gerald’s father was actually Dylan Crawford!

“Greetings, Mr. Crawford!” said Fynn with a smile as he looked at the young master while reminiscing the time when he had first carried a much younger Gerald in his arms.

Not only had Fynn been working as Dylan’s personal driver, he had also been the one in charge of Gerald’s poverty education and upbringing.

So even though Fynn very rarely directly contacted Gerald, he knew Gerald’s attitude and behavior well. Gerald was both a steady and mature young man who was also rather introverted, just like the mistress.

“Mr. Crawford!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 788
The simultaneous shout had come from the people standing behind Fynn.

Gerald then nodded before saying, “I really hadn’t expected you to come here, Uncle Fynn…”

“Master was simply worried about your situation. Since he was afraid that you wouldn’t be able to handle the matter alone, he sent me here to help you!” replied Fynn.

“Heh! I’m just here because I really missed you, brother!” said Yoel with a smile.

By this point, everyone’s mouths were hanging wide open, especially the celebrities from before.

“I-Impossible… This is absolutely impossible!” muttered Xavia as she continued shaking her head in her shock.

To think that for a period of time, she had finally managed to recover from her shock of finding out that Gerald’s true identity was Mr. Crawford of Mayberry… Her joining the Long family had allowed her initial sadness and hurt feelings to slowly fade since she knew that she was at least on par with Gerald at that point in time.

Knowing that allowed her to keep a more stable mental state.

However, now that she realized that he was actually Mr. Crawford from Northbay in the flesh, she knew that being in the Long family was completely useless. After all, he was a world-class heir! There was no way she was ever going to be able to compare to him!

Xavia had truly suffered a massive blow to her ego this time.

“Grandpa Fenderson, on behalf of the Crawfords from Northbay, I’d like to present our gift to you now. Will that be acceptable?” asked Gerald as he smiled.

Taking in a deep breath, Bryson then nodded slightly.

Mindy herself ran toward Jasmine’s side before saying, “J-Jasmine! I really hadn’t expected Gerald to be…”

Jasmine could only nod in response as she blushed.

Neither of them could have ever anticipated that Gerald was the actual young master of the Crawford family.

Following that, things went rather smoothly.

All Bryson could do was try to negotiate with the Crawfords since their home had finally been exposed. Naturally, Gerald gained the right to take Xara and Queta away from him.

Once the birthday banquet ended, Gerald began leaving with his team.

Alice herself was still experiencing complicated emotions so she stayed behind, not knowing how to even process everything that had just happened.

Xavia on the other hand, seemed extremely unwilling to just leave it at that. Chasing angrily after him, she then called out, “Gerald!”

Before she was even able to reach him, a bodyguard stepped in front of her.

“What is it?” asked Gerald, a wry smile on his face.

“What… What the hell is going on here? You… You were the young master of the Crawfords from Northbay this entire time…? How is that even possible…?”

While she was the only one who had chased after Gerald, she still managed to maintain a calm façade. After all, she had done things behind the Long family’s back before.

She was also well aware that if she allowed Gerald to leave just like that today, she would never come to terms with it for the rest of her life.

Xavia recalled the days when she used to date Gerald, the university’s well-known pauper. Yet after just a short while, he had suddenly become rich. It almost seemed like he was the boss of the Mayberry Organization.

Though she was already extremely surprised back then, Gerald had refused to answer any of her questions.

To think that she even had the audacity to assume that she was finally on par with Gerald after getting into the Long family…

The Longs were nothing. After all, Gerald was one of the richest heirs on the entire planet! A top rich heir! She couldn’t even comprehend what kind of power and influence he had!

Gerald himself knew for a fact that Xavia wouldn’t leave him be till he gave her a definite answer this time.

He then smiled bitterly as he began explaining.

“To tell you the truth, even I was shocked in the beginning. I remember feeling very sad that night yet the moment I arrived home, my sister suddenly transferred a million and five hundred thousand dollars in USD to me as pocket money! How utterly shocked I was back then… It was on that night when my sister revealed to me that I had been raised in poverty on purpose…”

The more Gerald explained to her, the more her eyes widened in shock.

Everything made sense now.

“Well, that’s about it. Now that you finally know the entire story, it’s high time I left!” said Gerald with a slight nod before turning around.

“No! Gerald, wait!” shouted Xavia extremely anxiously.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 789
“Why don’t we make up now, Gerald? I’m even willing to be your concubine!”

“I beg your pardon?” replied Gerald as he stared at Xavia in disbelief.

“…U-um… What… was I even saying…”

Due to how anxious she was, in her panic, she had accidentally blurted out what she truly felt. It was now beyond awkward and embarrassing for her.

“I-It was just gibberish… S-say Gerald, we’re still friends, right?”

“… If there’s nothing else, I’ll be taking my leave,” said Gerald as he turned around to leave for good, a bitter smile on his face.

His relationship with Xavia was nothing but a thing in the past now. Since he no longer had any feelings for her, he knew it was best for him not to get involved with Xavia anymore.

A little while after he had gotten into his car, he received a phone call. It was from Mila.

Though Mila hadn’t contacted him for almost half a month now, Gerald had sent her a message every now and then.

“What is it, Mila?” asked Gerald as he smiled.

“Are… you done with whatever you’ve been doing?” asked Mila in return.

Throughout Mila’s period of silence, Gerald had constantly updated her on news regarding himself. Because of that, Mila always knew what Gerald was up to.

“That I am. I’ll be returning to Northbay today, but before that, I’ll head to Hong Kong to look for you first,” replied Gerald, still smiling.

“Alright! Ah, if you’re coming over, could we meet before tomorrow morning? I’m leading an overseas expedition team for an interview tomorrow, but I still want to meet you! I… I really, really want to meet you!”

Since she had remained silent for so long, not once had she told him about any of the grievances that she had gone through.

After all, what Jessica had meant was crystal clear. Back then, she had said that Mila wasn’t cut to be part of the Crawford family. That her relationship with Gerald wasn’t going to last long.

Even if Jessica had said so, as long as an opportunity existed, Mila was willing to work hard to make it happen.

She had been putting in extra effort in her work throughout her period of silence. Mila wanted to prove that she wasn’t just some trophy wife, but also someone who would be able to support and actually help Gerald in the future.

It was honestly because of her hard work that Mila was being given the opportunity to lead her own team to conduct an interview tomorrow.

Still, the more effort she placed in bettering herself, the more Mila ended up missing Gerald.

“I can do that. I’ll be meeting you tomorrow then!”

After exchanging a few more words, both of them hung up.

“How’s the situation, Mila? Will Gerald be coming over?” asked Molly and her other roommates as they continued packing the things they needed for the interview.

Most of her roommates had only caught a glimpse of Gerald back when they had gone looking for him with Mila half a month earlier. Back then, they only knew that he was a rich person from Mayberry City.

For Mila, however, it wasn’t until quite recently when she came to know that his wealth was actually world-class! The difference in power and wealth that he had at his disposal was so great compared to what she had initially thought of him, that he may as well be a completely different person!

Molly and the others hadn’t gotten the chance to get to know Gerald back then, and all of them were quite eager to meet him again.

As the main reporter for the overseas interview this time around, Mila was given the right to bring two assistants along with her. The two she had chosen were Molly and Wanda.

Though Wanda had been both angry and jealous of Mila on multiple occasions, ever since the incident at the television station festival, she and Mila had grown to have a pretty good relationship.

“He said that he’s coming!” replied Mila as she smiled sweetly.

“Wow! That’s great to hear! Since he’s personally coming over, I can only imagine the scene that will play out! Our boyfriends will also be coming to see us off then! Think you could use that opportunity to introduce him to them, Mila?” asked Molly with a smile.

“Of course!”

As the three girls continued chatting happily among themselves, a sudden knock was heard on the door.

The moment the dormitory room door was opened, the girls saw that it was Narissa.

“I saw a few express delivery packages for you downstairs, so I’ve brought them up!” said Narissa as she handed the three small packages over to them.

“Humph. Thanks, I guess!” replied Wanda with a cold sneer.

After all, everyone was pretty much still angry with her for siding with Hallie to set Mila up back then.

Naturally, after hearing her part of the story, Mila herself didn’t hold anything against her.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 790
“Thank you, Narissa! You can hand them over to me!” replied Mila as she took the parcels from her.

“And thank you for giving me the opportunity to appear on television for a show! Thank you so much!”

“You’re welcome. We’re all good friends after all! Either way, I think we should open the packages now and see what we got!” replied Mila with a smile.

Since Narissa wanted to get closer to Mila again, she stayed to watch them open their packages. Including her, there were now four people in their dormitory.

“…Huh? There’s a parcel for each of us! Could it be that all three of our boyfriends sent us gifts at the same time? Hahaha! Though that’s most likely improbable!” joked Molly.

“My guess is that they’re from the overseas expedition team. The three of us are, after all, entourages for the expedition team!”

“Yeah, it’s probably from them!”

With that, the three of them then began opening their respective parcels…

“…Huh? A… Pendant? It looks a little strange, don’t you think?” said Molly as she held the pendant in her hand.

A symbol resembling the sun was etched on it, and from an angle, it looked somewhat like a burning fireball.

“How queer of the expedition team. Why would they even send us such pendants?” asked Wanda, a puzzled expression on her face.

“Also… Don’t the pendants make you feel slightly uncomfortable?” added Wanda.

“I don’t know about uncomfortable but it truly does look strange!” replied Mila who also seemed surprised.

“Well, let’s just ignore the pendants for now. Instead, I propose that we go out and enjoy a good meal tonight! We’ll be showing off our talents tomorrow, after all! My treat!” said Molly with a laugh.

“Sounds good to me! Oh, why don’t you join us, Narissa? Let’s go together!” invited Mila.

As Narissa nodded in response, a plane from the Salford Province began landing in Hong Kong.

It was already late at night and once the group got off the plane, a special car was already waiting for them. Not long after the group was dropped off at a seaside hotel…

“Get lost, b*tch!” shouted a young man as he slapped a girl on her cheek.

He had used so much force in his slap that the girl immediately fell to the ground.

“D*mn it! So you suddenly start thinking about me after all this time? And think you can just follow me all the way here to look for me? Go to hell!” growled the man, kicking the girl’s abdomen hard as she lay at the hotel’s entrance.

In utter pain, the only thing the girl could do was curl up on the ground.

As he continued hurting her, his actions had garnered attention from the many people preparing to board the ship closeby.

“If my new girlfriend misunderstands me, then I’ll toss you into the ocean and let the fish feast on you!”

Just as he was about to hit the girl again, the young man suddenly froze when he felt someone holding tightly onto his wrist.

“You… Who are you?” asked the man angrily.

Instead of answering, the other person simply tightened his grip on the young man’s wrist. It wasn’t long before the young man could take the pain no longer and began begging for mercy!

“Scram!” shouted the other person as he then kicked the young man a good distance away.

Seeing the group of men standing behind the person who had hurt his wrist, he didn’t dare to stay any longer and immediately ran into the hotel.

Once he was gone, the person who had saved the girl squatted down and helped her up. When he saw her face, however, he was instantly startled!

“It really is you!” said the man in surprise.

He had felt that the girl looked a bit too familiar when he first saw her at the port’s entrance earlier.

While he hadn’t planned to interfere with the situation, when he saw how cruelly the man was treating her, he just couldn’t bear watching her continue getting beaten up anymore.

Though the girl had been severely hurt to the point where she had trouble even standing on her own, the moment she saw her savior, she instantly felt both surprised and grateful.

“It… It’s you, Gerald?!” cried out the girl.

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