The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 801-810

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 801
“My word! Since when has the Crawford family assembly become this lax? Can literally anybody participate and sit wherever they like? Just look at how pathetic this awkward-looking person is!”

Gerald had just finished sending a message to his sister when he heard a woman’s voice mocking him. When he turned to look at the woman beside him who had heavy makeup on, she simply rolled her eyes at him.

“Humph! And here I thought that I’d only be able to meet distinguished people after getting married into the famous Crawford family! Never would I have imagined to have to sit at a table here with such a person!” complained the woman loudly, just so Gerald could hear her.

The woman looked down on Gerald so much that she seemed to be embarrassed just having to sit next to him.

“That’s quite enough! Watch your mouth. While everyone in the family is wealthy, some people are still less knowledgeable and insightful than others! Besides, some of us here may have attitudes of an upstart, so just ignore them!” explained her husband.

It was clear that the rude woman’s husband was also feeling slightly embarrassed having to share a table with Gerald. Due to the couple’s words, a few others who were sitting at the table began insinuating Gerald as well.

Bethany herself—who was also sitting beside Gerald—frowned before saying, “You’re just a lowly actress! What right do you have to criticize those from the Crawford family? Do you lack self-awareness or something?”

“Come again? Who could you possibly be referring to when you said, ‘lowly’?” replied the woman coldly when she heard what Bethany had said.

“Oh, stop with the acting. We all know who she was referring to,” said Niki as she too smiled coldly whole looking at the woman.

To Gerald, it seemed like both parties held grudges against each other.

“That’s enough, there’s no need to argue with them!” dissuaded her husband.

“Humph! Just look at you! You hardly have any status among the other Crawford family members! These two are just mere girls! Remember the last time we went abroad? While both of them were received in the most distinguished manner possible, we were only seen as important guests! We were just one level below them! As if that wasn’t enough, here they are condemning me now! Yet you don’t even dare to speak up against them!” replied his wife in dissatisfaction.

Hearing that, her husband simply sighed.

“It’s not like I can help it. It’s simply true that their family is ranked higher than mine! Besides, the Crawford family has lots of rules and regulations! The family branches are separated according to our levels, which also represent our seniority! To put simply, imagine a situation where a young master meets his grandfather. Naturally, the young master has to bow when he greets him!” explained the man in resignation.

“Speaking of young masters, do you know the young master of the Crawford family? You need to contact him more since he’s the Crawford family’s heir!” asked the woman.

At that, the man could only sigh again before replying, “The young master’s only returning to the family today… In fact, this family assembly was most probably held specifically for him. How could I possibly know who he is?”

“Humph! Useless! How truly useless!” said the arrogant woman embarrassedly.

Since she had seen Gerald follow Bethany in, the woman was sure that Bethany had allowed such a person to sit at her table just to humiliate her. The more she thought about it, the angrier she became!

“Humph! Change seats with me! I don’t want to continue sitting beside a person who wears clothes that don’t even cost a thousand dollars! Such a humiliating person can only be from one of the family’s outer branches! How disgusting!” said the woman as she glared at Gerald.

Upon standing up and taking a step forward, however, the woman suddenly began screaming!

The truth was, while she was making all sorts of gestures while arguing with Bethany earlier, the hem of her long dress got closer and closer to Gerald’s foot. As a result, Gerald ended up stepping on a small part of her dress without even noticing it.

While it definitely wasn’t something to shout about, the woman seemed extremely furious.

“You b*stard! You did that on purpose!” roared the woman as she looked at Gerald.

“It wasn’t on purpose!” replied Gerald in bitter resignation.

“F*ck you! It was Bethany who told you to sit here, right? After mocking you like that, why else would you continue staying here? Just get lost already!” shouted the woman angrily as she pushed him.

As a result, the cup of tea in front of Gerald splashed all over him!

“How audacious can you be, Xandra?! How dare you be this rude to someone from the Crawford family!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 802
The one who had immediately stood up and shouted at the madwoman was Bethany.

“So what if I’m rude? What are you going to do about it?” retorted Xandra, not wanting to be outdone.

The two seemed to have forgotten where they were as they continued arguing with each other. This was made apparent since everyone else had already gone silent for some time.

“Brother!” shouted a crisp and clear voice which silenced the two arguing women.

After all, they knew who the voice belonged to. Both of them then turned to look at Jessica who was hurriedly walking toward them.

“Sister!” replied Gerald as he tried wiping the tea stains off his body.


Everyone there was immediately stunned. He called Jessica his sister? Was he really…

“Who did this? Who dared to humiliate the young master of the Crawford family? That person must have a death wish!” scolded Jessica in a frigid tone which sent chills down the spines of the other Crawford family members.

Xandra and Bethany themselves had their jaws wide open. Both of them simply couldn’t believe their ears.

‘…What? He’s… the young master of the Crawford family?’

“I… Young lady! I-I’m so sorry! I didn’t know!” said Xandra as she began vigorously shaking her head.

“So it was you! Get out of my sight!” growled Jessica coldly.

“I-I’ll leave right away!”

Knowing how much trouble she had gotten herself into, Xandra knew better than to linger around any longer.

As she turned around to leave, Jessica added, “Hold it. You’re to roll all the way to the doorstep from where you stand. Don’t make me repeat myself!”

Xandra completely understood Jessica’s order and metaphor. She was to leave the Crawford family for good, and she would never be allowed in again.

Though she was in deep regret, she was so panicked that she immediately obeyed, rolling on the floor in front of everyone before finally leaving.

“Now come on, Gerald. Let’s head up there!” said Jessica with a smile once she saw that Xandra was no longer there.

Bethany and many others still had their mouths covered. None of them even dared to say a word.

Since Gerald seemed to be quite an honest man at first glance, Bethany hadn’t thought twice about bullying him. To think that she had ordered such a terrifyingly powerful person to pick up tennis balls for her!

“He’s… He’s Gerald Crawford! The young master of the Crawford family!”

As Gerald headed toward the elevated platform, several people were already discussing it while simultaneously clapping loudly as he walked on.

Mr. Crawford had finally returned to the family.

Upon seeing him, both Dylan and his wife stood up with smiles on their faces. Nothing made them happier than meeting their son.

“Dad! Mom!” shouted Gerald whose eyes were already watery as he ran toward them. After all, he hadn’t met them for almost an entire year.

“You’re finally back, son! Our family is finally reunited again!” said Dylan as he patted Gerald’s shoulders firmly.

“Speaking of which, Gerald, while we were educating and raising you in poverty back then, we failed to introduce you to an equally as important person!” said YuliaYaleman—Gerald’s mother—as she turned to look at the woman beside her whose face was already red.

The blushing woman in question then stood up before softly saying, “We’ve already met each other earlier, mom…”

The woman in question was Lyra!

“Mom?” replied Gerald, stunned when he heard what Lyra called his mother.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 803
“This is Lyra, Gerald! Though we’ve never mentioned her to you before, she’s the one who’s been helping you handle your financial issues all these years. We’ve raised her since she was young!” said Yulia who didn’t seem to have heard what Lyra had said earlier.

Though her mother wasn’t saying it directly, the underlying message she was implying was clear as day to Gerald. After all, not only had Gerald already heard others referring to Lyra as the young lady, it was also obvious based on the current expressions on his parents’ faces.

“Mom, we’ve already met earlier!” said Lyra a little louder this time as she looked at Gerald with a faint smile.

“Oh, you have? Well all the better then! Haha! Alright, no more beating around the bush! Lyra is your fiancée, Gerald!” said Dylan who was looking very happy.

In response, however, Yulia coughed before tugging gently on Dylan’s sleeve. After all, they were aware that their son had a girlfriend. Not only that, she was now missing! It simply felt too early to be talking about engagements.

Gerald himself was astonished beyond words. He hadn’t expected the gentle and elegant Lyra to be his fiancée. No wonder the others were addressing her as the young lady!

This turn of events was somewhat similar to a television series he had watched in the past. Just like the girl in the show, Lyra had been adopted by the family just to end up becoming his parents’ future daughter-in-law.

The entire situation was simply bizarre to him. It seemed that his family had put in a lot of effort just to raise and educate Lyra too.

“Do take a seat, Gerald!” said Lyra at that moment, still blushing as she took out more tissues to help Gerald wipe the tea stains off his body.

“You don’t have to trouble yourself, Lyra, I’ll do it myself…” said Gerald as he took the tissues from her hand. He was honestly still weirded out by the entire turn of events.

After all, he didn’t have any feelings for her. What more, she was at least four years older than him! While it was true that her beauty was near unparalleled, Gerald simply couldn’t accept something like this that easily, and the feeling persisted throughout the family assembly.

As the assembly went on, Gerald’s head was filled with thoughts. About how Lyra had been staying here for a long time now, and also about the fact that it was his mother who had arranged for her to stay here in the first place.

Just a few days ago, his sister had told him what had happened to Mila in Hong Kong. She had even told him that it was going to be difficult for them to be together in the end.

Not understanding what she meant, he had tried contacting his parents back then to no avail. Now, however, he understood everything. As it turned out, his parents had already found him a wife years ago!

As Gerald headed to his room, he was surprised to see Lyra following behind him. His shock didn’t stop there, however. Upon entering, she followed him as well and she began making the bed!

“I’ll… be sleeping in another room tonight, Lyra… Since you’re probably already used to sleeping in this room, you can continue sleeping here! I’m sure you’re tired after today’s family assembly, so make sure to get a good rest!”

Gerald was sure that if he continued facing Lyra, things were only going to become more awkward.

“It’s alright, Gerald… I understand how difficult it must be for you to just accept our marriage out of the blue. I’m well aware of what you’re currently facing as well. I’ll help you look for her!” said Lyra.

Gerald hadn’t expected her to say something like that at all. However, he simply nodded before replying, “Thank you, Lyra!”

With that said, he remained in the room for a little while longer before finally leaving.

Mila’s recent disappearance had caused Gerald to be filled with deep remorse. There was no way in hell that he was going to be in the mood to face another woman. He simply couldn’t rest easy until Mila was found.

And what about Lyra herself? While it was true that the Crawfords had raised her, she should have the right to choose who she truly wants to marry! Why should she have to marry a man much younger than her? They didn’t even have any feelings for each other!

That night, Gerald found a random guest room to sleep in.

When he woke up early the next morning, he saw three differently colored suits hanging on the head of the bed, and a pair of leather shoes on the side.

It was the first day after their family reunion and Gerald knew he didn’t need to keep a low profile anymore.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 804
While he had been excited to finally be able to dress in attire suited for rich heirs, he was exhausted and in a bad mood yesterday. Because of that, he had forgotten to tell the servants to get something ready for him before he went to bed.

Unexpectedly, somebody had already done that without even receiving his orders!

Heading to the bathroom in his pajamas, Gerald saw that all the usual items for personal hygiene had already been prepared for him as well.

Thinking back, this was his home and family after all. The servants needed to be at least this attentive.

However, the thought of servants entering and leaving his room as he slept—to prepare such things for him—still made Gerald feel slightly uneasy.

After all, what would happen if any of the maids entered while he was sleeping naked? The thought of it alone sent chills running down his spine.

At that moment, Gerald heard three distinct knocks on his door.

“Who is it?” asked Gerald.

“I’m a maid, young master. I go by Helena. May I know what you wish to wear today? I’ll prepare it for you as you get ready!”

Hearing that, Gerald headed to the door and opened it. Just as Helena had said, she was a maid standing attentively right outside his door.

“Prepare? The ones hanging on the head of my bed already look fine to me. Weren’t you the one who placed those there?” asked Gerald rather doubtfully.

In response, Helena shook her head before saying, “We’re prohibited from entering your room without your permission, young master. I’m guessing that it was the young lady who prepared them for you! She’s the only one who’s allowed to enter any room you’re in. What more, when I passed through the corridor at around five today, I noticed that the light in your room was on!”

“…I see. So it was Lyra…”

Understanding what had happened now, he allowed Helena to resume her work.

Once she was gone, Gerald let out a mental sigh as he wondered whether he should find some time to explain everything clearly to Lyra. After all, both of them were simply not meant to be.

Being older than he was, Gerald was adamant that Lyra should be free to pursue her own happiness. She didn’t need to get married to him just to repay the kindness that the Crawford family had bestowed upon her.

With his decision absolute, Gerald then changed into one of the suits. However, he found it quite awkward that he still didn’t know how to wear a tie properly. Even after a few tries, it still appeared lopsided.

“Let me help you with that, Gerald!” said Lyra as she smiled at him. Apparently, he had been so engrossed with getting his tie right that he hadn’t even noticed that she had been standing at the door for some time!

Looking at the mirror and seeing how lopsided the tie still was, Gerald simply gave it and allowed her to lend him a hand.

Receiving his approval, Lyra continued smiling as she walked over to him. With her help, it didn’t take long before his collars were smooth and his tie looked much more proper compared to earlier.

“Dad’s throwing a feast for you and Queta later. Since it’ll be our first reunion meal together, let’s head there early!”

The main residence of the Crawford family was a large villa within a scenic neighborhood. Everyone living there owned a similarly large villa.

“I’m fine with that. While we’re at it, do take me to my father. I’ve been told he has something to inform me!” replied Gerald.

With that, Lyra led Gerald to his father. Once they got there, his mother immediately ushered Lyra to come to the side to have a chat with her. It was clear how much she adored Lyra.

Gerald himself entered the study room with his father. Once they were inside, Dylan looked at his son before getting straight to the point.

“Regarding Mila… Please don’t be sad, Gerald. This entire incident… It isn’t as simple as you think it is…”

“What do you mean by that?”

Taking in a deep breath, Dylan then explained, “I saw the symbol that Mila received before her disappearance, Gerald. It’s the very same symbol that your uncle received that year before he disappeared as well. While both incidents are similar, more clues—aside from the fact that the victims disappear after receiving the pendant with the symbol—have been hard to come by.”

“However, after investigating it for so many years, I think I’ve finally found a few relevant clues! Gerald, both Mila and your uncle may still be alive!” said Dylan in a hushed voice.

“Is… Is that really true, dad?” replied Gerald as his eyes lit up.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 805
“I’ve called you over today mainly to discuss the incident. You’re already a grown man so you should be aware of the secrets that our family has gained!” said Dylan as he gently patted his son’s shoulder.

“See, this symbol behaves somewhat like a curse… People call it the symbol of the Sun League. Whenever anyone personally receives the symbol, they go missing within three days! To think that Mila’s currently facing what your uncle had gone through twenty years ago!” explained his father.

“According to what Fynn had said, the curse resurfaces every twenty years, and whenever it does, people go missing. He also said that nobody who’s received the curse has managed to escape it!” replied Gerald.

Shaking his head, Dylan then said, “Fynn is only half correct there. While it’s true that the majority who receive the symbol go missing, I’ve been able to locate someone who’s managed to return safely!”

Hearing that, Gerald’s eyes lit up.

“After interviewing him, the person stated that he had been saved by someone. Aside from that, I also gained some vital clues to help crack the code. Based on everything I currently know about the curse, it’s highly likely that your uncle and Mila have been captured!”

“Captured? By who? Who on earth could be that powerful?” asked Gerald, a tinge of hope in his voice.

“I’m afraid I don’t know who the mastermind is either. With so little clues to go with in the first place, it saddens me to say that we probably won’t be able to investigate any further into this with the power of the Crawford family alone.”

Nodding, Gerald then said, “I understand, dad. How about looking for the person who made it back alive again to see if we get any new leads?”

“While he was alive for fifteen years after safely returning, he died some six years ago. If we truly want capable helpers now, then we’ll need to look for the family who saved him back then,” replied Dylan as he shook his head while smiling bitterly.

“As long as they’re willing to lend a hand, our strength in the case will easily have doubled! Son, let me ask you. Which of the families do you think is the most powerful now?” asked Dylan as he looked at Gerald.

“Well, while the Federsons were once very prosperous and powerful, Fynn told me that our family currently holds the most power.”

“While that’s true in terms of economic power, when it comes to brute strength, a few families are stronger than ours… Take, for example, the Moldell family from Yanken!”

“The Moldells from Yanken?”

Though Gerald had heard about the Longs and Quarringtons from Yanken, never had he heard about the Moldells.

While he was astonished to know that there was another powerful family living there, he quickly realized how little he actually knew. This conversation was definitely helping him expand his horizons.

“Indeed. In fact, the person I mentioned was saved by the Moldells. See, their bloodline is blessed with strength, quite literally. Those from the Moldell family are naturally physically stronger than the average human. It’s no wonder that most of them are active in the military. There’s also a highly mysterious group of people in Weston who call themselves the Dragon Squad. Regardless of how rich a family is, none of their guards will ever come close to comparing to those within that group!”

“That isn’t an exaggeration either. Those within the Dragon Squad can kill effortlessly and in full secrecy if they wanted to. Not even our extremely tight security system could ever dream of stopping them if they were to target us! Throughout the years, our family has recruited several experts and masters to protect ourselves from that family, just in case they ever decide to assassinate any of us. However, the gap between us is simply growing larger by the year!”

Hearing all that, Gerald was left stupefied. If his father hadn’t told all that to him in person, Gerald wouldn’t have believed that such people even existed!

Soon enough, however, Gerald realized that it wasn’t that much of a surprise. After all, he had met people like the Drake & Tyson duo and Finnley as well! The way these people operated was simply incomprehensible to the average person.

“…Well then how about Drake and Tyson? Are they comparable to those in the Moldell family?” asked Gerald.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 806
“Those two? Humph! It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that twelve-year-olds from that family could single-handedly beat them to a pulp!”

Hearing that, Gerald felt himself gulp.

He then wondered how Finnley would fare against that family. However, he quickly shook the thought away. After all, his focus shouldn’t be on making comparisons now.

Rather, he knew that he had to find a way to get the Moldell family’s help. After all, their family would be an incredibly strong ally to have.

“The Moldells live in seclusion most of the time. Even I wouldn’t contact them if it wasn’t our last resort. However, your uncle held on to a very important secret relating to the Crawford family’s bloodline. If the secret had gotten out from the time he went missing, our family would’ve already been ruined by the time your generation came to be! Now that I know that there’s a chance that he’s still alive, I’m left with no other option but to seek the Moldell family’s help for fear that the secret may one day leak out!”

It was clear that Dylan wasn’t only looking for his uncle because he was family. The other reason was to protect the secrets of the Crawford family’s bloodline.

“The secret of our bloodline?” asked Gerald.

“Yes I heard about it from your grandpa sometime around then, but let’s not talk about that for the time being. The priority now is to get help from the Moldells!”

“Do you want me to go there, dad?” asked Gerald.

“If going there and talking to them was all that needed to be done, I would’ve already asked for their help a long time ago. I told you, the Moldells live in seclusion. They never interfere with things that happen outside their family. However, there is a person who could potentially help us get in.”

“Who is it?”

“Your grandmother from your mother’s side.”

“Grandma?” replied Gerald, stunned.

Even from a young age, Gerald knew that his parents were sensitive when discussing topics regarding his grandparents, be it from his father’s or mother’s side.

He remembered the time when he had asked his parents about his grandparents at the age of seven. Gerald simply wanted to know why he didn’t have any while others did. As a result, his mother—who had always been gentle with him—slapped him hard before telling him not to ask any more questions about them.

That was a particularly traumatic event for him and also his sister. After that, both of them never asked about their grandparents again.

“That’s right. She’s the leader of the Yaleman family from Yanken. In the past, your grandma would occasionally contact the Moldells. If she’s willing to lend a hand this time, then she’ll most likely be able to persuade the Moldell family to help us!”

“While it’s inconvenient for me and your mother to meet her, you’re different. I believe that our grudges won’t be reflected upon you, so it’s all up to you whether you’ll be able to persuade her or not!” explained Dylan as he frowned slightly.

After saying that, he called Yulia in. Upon realizing that Gerald and her husband were talking about her mother, Yulia’s expression instantly turned slightly gloomy.

Gerald himself took in a deep breath before asking his mother more about his grandparents. After all, Fynn had told Gerald that even his grandfather was still alive. What had happened to him?

What exactly took place that year?

Unlike the first time he had asked many years ago, his mother didn’t slap him. Instead, she became teary-eyed as she began talking about the incidents that had happened that year.

“It’s… It’s all because of those god d*mned rules and regulations of the Yaleman family!” wailed her mother.

She then explained that back then, Dylan was still at the final stage of his poverty training. Similar to Gerald some time ago, his father was already rich by then, though he couldn’t just casually expose his identity. It was around then when he got to know the young lady of the Yaleman family. In other words, his mother…
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 807
At the time, Yulia had felt that Dylan was quite mysterious. After all, while the shabbily dressed boy—who looked quite weak back then—never fought back whenever he was bullied or scolded, he was always capable of doing things well beyond everyone’s expectations.

While in the beginning, Yulia cared for him mostly out of pity, eventually, both of them fell in love with each other, not unlike how Gerald and Mila’s relationship began.

However, the Yaleman family was the leader of four large families in Yanken at the time.

Even though her husband had passed on, Gerald’s grandmother, Lady Yaleman, was able to make the Yaleman family even stronger than before. It was because she was the kind of person who was particularly strict when it came to managing the family.

Despite that, even she had a shortcoming, which was what Yulia hated about her mother the most.

Lady Yaleman was a person who strongly valued the opinions of men, yet considered females, in general, to be of lesser importance.

Within the Yaleman family, females would never be given important positions, no matter how hard they worked. Only the males in that family would be given the most advantageous properties to handle.

In a way, she was very traditional-minded, and it wasn’t uncommon for a person with such views to value men over women.

Back then, the Yalemans had agreed with their business partner—without Yulia’s consent—that Yulia would marry their son in exchange for starting a business partnership. The decision was made simply because their business partner’s son was the richest heir around at the time.

Since Dylan was still keeping a low profile back then, nobody knew that the wealthiest person was actually from the Crawford family.

In retaliation, Yulia ran away from the wedding and eloped with Gerald’s father.

However, that incident alone wasn’t the reason why both the Yalemans and the Crawfords ended up resenting each other so much.

Rather, it was because Yulia’s escape had been facilitated by her Fifth brother who had treated her well from her childhood days. As his final brotherly act, he took the blame for the entire incident.

Not only was he severely punished by Lady Yaleman, he was also disowned!

Eventually, the Yalemans started bearing grudges against their business partner as well.

A few days after the incident happened, Dylan’s poverty training finally ended. Immediately after that, he had wanted to meet up with the Yalemans to seek justice for the Fifth brother.

However, Dylan was far too late. During the few days, the Fifth brother had been brutally assaulted. By the time Gerald’s parents found out, he had already been left bedridden in a vegetative state.

The one who caused so much pain to him was the Yaleman’s business partner. To them, he was the one who had humiliated their family.

The moment she found out, Lady Yaleman immediately blamed Yulia for all that had happened. She even publicly announced to the media that she would disown her!

Yulia herself felt that her mother was being way too cruel. After all, she was the one who had kicked Fifth brother out of the family without a second thought!

All that led to the grudges Yulia and her mother held against each other for all these years. It was the reason why Gerald’s parents never paid the Yalemans a visit.

However, his parents were responsible for the disappearance of the Yaleman’s business partner. It was their revenge after what they had done to Fifth brother.

It was why there were only three large families in Yanken now instead of four.

“What happened after that?” asked Gerald, realizing now that his parents had gone through so much more than he had at his age.

“Well, after that, my and your father secretly took care of your uncle. However, it was around ten years ago when your grandma took your uncle back to the Yaleman family!” replied Yulia between sobs.

“So you see, son, you’re the only one who can talk to her now after all that has happened. Only your grandma will be able to persuade the Moldells, and if you succeed, your action will be seen as a great contribution to the Crawford family…” said Dylan.

“I understand!”

“Speaking of which, since you’re already heading to Yanken, you might as well meet up with your cousin, Bea, your fifth uncle’s daughter. Between us, I’ve secretly been supporting her all these years but regardless, with her help, things should go smoother for you. While your grandma is quite the stubborn woman, I believe that she won’t treat you too cruelly. I need to warn you, however. No matter how terribly your grandma’s treated me in the past, you’re prohibited from being disrespectful to her!”

Hearing that, Gerald realized how much his mother must miss her. No matter how much they hated each other, in the end, they were still family.

“Loud and clear!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 808
At that moment, Lyra entered the room before saying, “Queta and aunt are here…”

Having said that, Lyra then looked at Gerald before heading downstairs.

“I’ve been watching over Lyra’s growth, Gerald. She’s a very nice woman so you’ll have to treat her better… We’ll talk more about this when there’s a more suitable time in the future,” said his mother.

“I know, mom. But I’d rather focus on the mission at hand first!” replied Gerald. He knew what she was getting at, so he simply interrupted her before she could continue.

“Indeed. Such things can wait for later. The mission is definitely more important for now… Also, Gerald, be sure to behave like you own the place once you get to Yanken, Weston. After all, all of our family’s properties in Weston will be under your management and care from now on, including your sister’s! I’ve already informed Fynn about it so you don’t have to worry about the details.”

Three days later near the exit gates of Yanken Airport, two women—one middle-aged and the other much younger—could be seen leaning against the front of a black Passat. Naturally, both of them attracted quite a bit of attention.

The older woman wore a suit and her skin still seemed to be in excellent condition.

As for the younger one, she was a budding beauty who seemed like she had just graduated from university.

“What time is it now? Why hasn’t he arrived yet? The heat is annoying me! I’m already busy enough, why do we still have to wait for some pathetic relative here?” grumbled the middle-aged woman impatiently as she looked at her wristwatch.

“Have a bit of patience, mom… It’s the first time my cousin’s coming over! Besides, isn’t it normal for flights to be delayed?” replied her daughter.

The younger girl had been delighted ever since she had received a call from her aunt earlier, stating that her cousin was coming over.

After all, while she knew both her aunt and uncle did some kind of labor work abroad, she was also well aware that they had secretly been supporting her throughout her life. This included hiring the best tutor for her, giving her a chance to study in the best school, and many more.

While she had always wanted to visit them, she wasn’t allowed to due to some unknown reasons.

“Humph! You know, he could’ve just driven here! Why a plane? How bad could a drive be! Are all the Yalemans like this? Both your dad and his disappointing sister sure behave the same way!” sneered the middle-aged woman coldly.

“Mom, my aunt’s constantly supported and compensated our family even after all these years. I’m sure you’re well aware of that, so why would you even say such a thing?”

“Humph! If she hadn’t eloped with that loser back then, your dad wouldn’t have ended up in his current state in the first place! Our status within the Yaleman family wouldn’t be in tatters either if only your aunt hadn’t done that! You need to realize that you’re a young lady of the Yaleman family. You should have the same privileges as the other seductive and cheap-looking female cousins of yours! All of them have teams of cars following them wherever they go! Meanwhile, we’re stuck with only a Passat!”

“You should also know that you’re the only one who does things like this! Your grandma’s already given a clear warning that if anyone contacts that woman, the punishment that awaits them won’t be as easy as only being kicked out of the Yaleman family. Know that because of your crazy actions, I could very well lose my job! How frustrating!”

Seeing how impatient her mother already looked, the girl remained silent. Instead, she chose to eagerly look toward the exit gate.

She honestly didn’t know what he looked like. However, since her aunt was so pretty, she was certain that her cousin would be handsome.

“Could you perhaps be Bea Yaleman?” asked a young man dragging his luggage behind him as he walked toward her.

He had seen the name ‘Gerald’ written on the sign, which prompted him to walk over with a smile on his face.

Bea found herself subconsciously biting her lower lip as she nodded slightly. After all, the handsome man standing before her was dazzling.

“And… Could you be Gerald?” replied Bea with a sweet smile.

“Indeed, I am!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 809
“Speaking of which, Gerald, how long are you planning to stay here? Do you have anywhere to stay for the time being? There’s no need to be cordial toward us! For now, I’m simply assuming that Bea will keep you company for today and I’ll be sending you back to the airport tomorrow. Is that the plan?” asked Catherine Goff rather enthusiastically as she took a peek at Gerald who was sitting quietly in the back seat as she drove the Passat.

Seeing him drag his luggage case with him earlier had prompted her to ask the question. It was clear as day that she wanted him to leave as soon as possible.

“Oh? I’m not leaving that soon, aunt. In fact, I’ll probably be staying in Yanken for a while… I’ll be in your care till then,” replied Gerald with a slightly bitter smile.

Hearing that, Catherine’s expression immediately turned ugly though she remained silent. This was simply the reality of it. If one was rich and they lived in some obscure spot in the mountains, they would still have distant relatives. However, if one was poor, even if they lived in a bustling city, they would have no relatives to speak of.

It was no wonder why Catherine was so afraid of Gerald coming over to them. Bea, on the other hand, was extremely friendly toward Gerald.

“Haha! Rest assured, cousin! Just stay as long as you’d like! Speaking of which, it’s going to be grandma’s birthday in a few days! If you celebrate with her, I’m sure she’ll be very happy!”

Hearing that, Gerald could simply return a slightly wry smile. After all, before his trip to Yanken began, his mother had told him that though Bea always received help from her, Yulia hadn’t exposed her true identity to Bea yet for personal reasons.

Bea’s lack of information on who his mother truly was, was the reason why she could still make such a proposal to Gerald. However, in his mind, Gerald felt that it was somewhat better this way.

“Humph! It’d be nice enough if he didn’t end up infuriating her upon them meeting each other!” added Catherine coldly.

“Now why would you say such a thing, mom? While it’s true that grandma doesn’t have a good relationship with my aunt and uncle, doesn’t she enquire about them every once in a while?” replied Bea as she looked at her mother.

Catherine simply sighed at that before saying, “Gerald, I know why you’re here. From the moment I heard that you were coming over to meet Lady Yaleman, I knew that you wanted to return to our family so that you can eventually get a share of our properties! Humph! Consider this to be sound advice from me. Give up while you can. If even my family isn’t getting that much, one can only imagine how tiny the property that you’ll receive will be. If you manage to get in in the first place, that is!”

Catherine certainly saw things through different viewpoints compared to normal people. However, Gerald simply smiled bitterly as he shook his head. He didn’t really need to give her an explanation of why he was truly here.

After that, he began casually chatting with Bea. After all, they were both cousins. Both of them were eventually going to get close with each other anyway.

As one of the three largest families in Yanken, the Yalemans had several family branches within it.

Since Lady Yaleman was traditional-minded to a fault, she was strict in handling any issues regarding her children. As long as any of them could gain her favor or contribute to the family, it would greatly heighten the support they received from her in terms of resources.

This system naturally worked against Bea and her mother, who both shared an equally low status within the Yaleman family. The fact that Fifth brother was still in a vegetative state didn’t help with their situation. Their statuses were so low that others in the family barely took any notice of them.

After all, Catherine had only been given a very ordinary post within the family. As a result, both she and her daughter only lived in an ordinary neighborhood.

Gerald himself was beginning to see how complicated things were within the Yaleman family. He had initially not thought much about it when his mother had first told him that things were never really that simple within that family. He now understood what she meant.

A little while after arriving at their home, Bea was just about to head out to get some groceries when Catherin called out, “Hold on a minute, Bea! There’s something I need to tell you!”

With that, both of them left Gerald alone for a while to speak in secret. With nothing better to do, Gerald entered the room where his uncle was in.

Yulia had always regretted the incident that had happened to Fifth brother. Even with the Crawford’s current power when it came to medical expertise, none of the doctors ever came close to helping him recover.

Gerald himself knew he couldn’t do anything about it, even if he wanted to. At that moment, he began wondering whether Finnley would know how to deal with the situation.

‘Where even is that old man now…’

Soon after, Bea left to get the ingredients and Gerald immediately headed downstairs with the intent to leave as well. After all, with Bea gone, Gerald knew he would have to endure Catherine’s ceaseless commentary alone for a while, and nothing she said was ever nice.

Just as he was thinking about what excuse he could give her, his phone began ringing as he made it to the last step.

It was an unknown number.

“Good day, young master, I go by the name of Philip Hodges. I work for the Crawford family and I’m in charge of handling things in Yanken. Is there any way I can assist you?”

The Crawfords owned several properties in areas such as Sunnydale, the Salford Province, Yanken, and many others.

In Weston itself, the family’s properties were separated into many areas, and Gerald now had full control over all of them.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 810
It was no mystery why people like Philip treated Gerald like their master.

“Not at the moment. I’ll contact you if I need anything,” replied Gerald.

“Very well, young master!”

“Actually, there is one thing you could help me out with. I need you to get me a new car.”

It was at that moment when Gerald remembered that Catherine only drove a Passat. Bea herself seemed to know how to drive, yet she had earlier ridden on her scooter when she headed out to get ingredients.

Since he was already here, he might as well get a proper car for Bea.

“Very well, master! What car model would you like? A Phantom simply won’t do! I suggest ordering the newest model from abroad!”

“There’s no need for that. Just get me a BMW 7 series!”

“I… See,” replied Philip, sounding slightly stunned.

After sharing Bea’s address and details with him, Gerald hung up without saying anything else. Gerald himself had relatively fewer demands when it came to cars.

Just as he was about to continue making his way outside, he saw Catherine running down the stairs behind him in a hurry, her cell phone in hand.

“Where are you headed to, aunt?” asked Gerald.

“Humph! I’m not sure who we owe it to, but we’re really down on our luck today! Bea accidentally scratched her scooter against another person’s car at the grocery store’s car park! Where else could I be going? Are you a bringer of bad luck or something?” grumbled Catherine as she glared at Gerald.

Hearing that, Gerald himself ran toward the neighborhood’s entrance as well.

“Everyone, please bear witness for us! This woman here scratched our car yet she’s too shameless to even want to admit to her mistake!” shouted a man who looked to be around thirty. Beside him, stood what seemed to be his wife.

Upon hearing his comment, Bea simply smiled coldly before anxiously replying, “I did no such thing! I had already stopped the scooter before you arrived! It was your wife who had driven too close to me after that!”

The truth was that Bea had simply wanted to rush home as soon as she was done buying the ingredients. After all, she wanted to cook a delicious meal for her cousin.

The couple themselves were the real culprits. The car was new and the man’s wife wanted to try driving it. Unfortunately, when another car passed by theirs, her sudden anxiety caused her to drive too closely to Bea’s scooter, resulting in the scratch.

To save face, they were now falsely accusing Bea for their own mistake!

“What’s wrong? What happened here?” asked Catherine as both she and Gerald arrived at the scene.

Seeing that they were now here, Bea then began explaining what had happened.

“Humph! All you’re riding is a scooter! Why did you have to go around so recklessly? How annoying!” scolded the man’s wife coldly as she crossed her arms.

It was clear that she thought she was superior since she was driving a BMW 5 series.

“There’s no need to argue, let’s just ask the owner of the place for the surveillance footage! I’ll call them over right now!” declared Catherine.

“Go right ahead! You go get the footage along with her, darling. In the meantime, I’ll be calling Brandon!” sneered the woman.

“…Brandon? Which Brandon?” asked Catherine, stunned when she heard that name.

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