The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 811-820

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 811
“Naturally, I’m talking about the Brandon who owns the place!”

Hearing that, Catherine became incredibly flustered when she saw the other woman taking her cell phone out. After all, Brandon was a famous person here who owned several nightclubs in the area.

If this woman was truly acquainted with Brandon, then Catherine knew that she was in for a lot of trouble.

While it was true that Catherine shouldn’t be this easily terrified as a member of the Yaleman family, if she simply relied on the Yalemans to deal with the situation, Lady Yaleman would definitely reprimand her for causing trouble for their family, even though the situation could easily be taken care of.

Understanding that, Catherine knew that she had no choice but to give in. She really didn’t have the courage or audacity to use the Yaleman family’s name for such a small issue anyway.

Though she knew that her daughter was most probably innocent, Catherine really didn’t know what else she could do.

“Go ahead and call him over then!” said Gerald aloud.

The woman was startled when she heard this.

“…Are you doubting that I know him? Fine! I’ll make the call now!” grumbled the woman as she tapped on her phone before putting it to her ear.

Catherine was so nervous that she immediately glared at Gerald before yelling, “Just shut up and stand aside! What the hell do you even know?”

Following that, she turned to look at the woman before saying, “W-we can discuss this amicably… How about compensation? We’ll pay for the damage!”

“Now that’s what I like to hear! Since you suggested it, a mere thousand and five hundred dollars should do!” replied the woman.

Gritting her teeth, Catherine then replied, “…Fine! A thousand and five hundred dollars it is!”

“It definitely isn’t fine! We shouldn’t be paying them, mom!” cried out Bea in an anxious tone.

“You aren’t? I guess I’ll just make the phone call then!” said the woman cockily.

Her arrogance had risen to a new high now that she knew that Catherine had been completely subdued. After all, how could a scooter rider ever compare to someone who drove a BMW?

“I already said I’m paying!” replied Catherine helplessly.

Just as she was about to transfer the money over to them using her cell phone, a few bystanders pointed toward the community gate before shouting, “Hey! Look over there! That brand new car looks absolutely stunning!”

Soon, many others began exclaiming when they saw the new BMW 7 Series driving toward the community gates.

“That model looks like it came from overseas! I’m guessing it costs at least fourteen thousand dollars! How luxurious!”

“I know right? What a truly beautiful car!”

As everyone continued talking excitedly about the car, Gerald couldn’t help but feel that Philip was an extremely efficient person. After all, he had only given the order not too long ago yet here the car was!

The car came to a halt once it arrived at the community gate’s entrance, and out stepped a suited man wearing leather boots who looked to be around forty.

Seeing the crowd of people standing there, he then asked, “Apologies, but how do I get to Unit two of Building twelve?”

“Unit two- That’s our unit!” said Catherine immediately.

“Ah, that makes things much easier. I’m here to deliver the car. Please show me the way to your unit if it isn’t too much trouble!” replied the man extremely politely.

“Could you perhaps be Mr. Fairwell?” asked the couple from before in a surprised tone.

“Indeed, I am! Have we met before?” said Mr. Fairwell with a smile.

“You may not know who we are, but we certainly know who you are! You’re Mr. Fairwell! The chairman of the BMW headquarters in Weston! Using our connections with Brandon, we bought our BMW 5 Series from one of your assistant store managers!” replied the woman as she smiled at the incredible person standing before her.

Mr. Fairwell could easily be considered to be one of the most powerful figures in all of Yanken. While it would be slightly farfetched to assume that he would know who Brandon was, the woman mentioned him anyway, just in case.

“Well then! Thank you for your support!” replied Mr. Fairwell as he nodded at her.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 812
It was quite obvious from his reaction that he had no idea who Brandon even was. He probably didn’t even know who the store manager was, let alone the assistant store manager the woman was talking about!

“Was it Philip who told you to drop the car off?” asked Gerald as he walked toward Mr. Fairwell, his right hand in his pocket.

Hearing Gerald’s question, Mr. Fairwell was immediately taken aback.

After scanning him from head to toe, Mr. Fairwell then replied in a respectful tone, “Indeed, it was. He told me to deliver the car to a young lady by the name of Bea Yaleman. I’ve already completed all the other necessary formalities.”

Mr. Fairwell then smiled at Gerald. This must be the person whom Mr. Hodges had said he wasn’t even qualified to know by name. After all, there was no way that other young men his age would ever be able to get acquainted with such a mysterious figure!

“Bea- That’s… That’s my daughter! We live at that address as well!” said Catherine in surprise.

“Ah, then could Denzel Yaleman be part of your family as well?” asked Mr. Fairwell.

“He’s my father!” replied Bea.

“I see. Then this car officially belongs to you now, Miss Yaleman. Someone told me to hand the car over to you. Here are all the completed, necessary documents and certificates. Could you please go through them to check if the information is correct?” said Mr. Fairwell as he handed Bea a car key along with a set of documents.

Reading through them, she realized that there was no mistake. The car really was hers now!

“W-what is even going on? Who could’ve bought us with such a luxurious car?” stammered Catherine in her excitement.

Mr. Fairwell himself didn’t reply to her question. Instead, he walked over to Gerald before handing out his business card and saying, “Here’s my business card, sir. Please don’t hesitate to call me if you need any help!”

He could very much tell that Gerald was no ordinary person. Because of that, it was natural for him to want to get into Gerald’s good books.

After handing his card over, he excused himself before leaving.

“Oh god, is that car truly ours now? This is great!” said Catherine, unable to hide her excitement.

The couple themselves had already gone pale as they exchanged glances with each other. While they had been meaning to extort both Bea and her mother, to think that they actually knew such a powerful figure!

Realizing that they couldn’t go on with their plan, they immediately got into their car, preparing to leave.

“Now hold on a minute! Don’t tell me both of you are planning to leave just like that!” sneered Gerald as he looked at the couple.

“What else do you want? You don’t need to compensate us anymore!” snapped the woman.

“Oh, we don’t need to compensate? Is that what you’re still playing at? Even if you’re fine with the scratches on your car, Bea’s scooter still suffered a little damage! It’s time to talk about the compensation you owe her!” said Gerald as he took a step forward.

“You don’t need to pay much really. Only a mere… Fifteen thousand dollars!”

“F-Fifteen thousand?!” shouted the people around them in shock.

The husband and wife themselves were now staring at him with eyes wide open.

“Of course, if you choose not to pay us, I can call Mr. Fairwell to come back here any time I want! He shouldn’t be too far off yet. You can call that Brandon of yours too if you want!”

“N-no! L-let’s just discuss the matter over again nicely!” replied the man, terrified.

He had reason to be so scared. After all, Mr. Fairwell was an extremely powerful figure. What more, he had treated Gerald and the two other women with him so respectfully earlier! The man and his wife would definitely not be let off the hook that easily if Mr. Fairwell was called over again.

Even if they truly did call Brandon over, they would only be taught a one-time lesson.

“…C-could you lower the figure a bit? We’re-”

“Oh, would you look at that! My finger is moving on its own!” said Gerald as he began dialing the number on the card.

“W-we’ll pay! We’ll pay, I said!”

From being the extorters to becoming the extorted, what choice did the man have other than to pay for the absurd compensation?

After awkwardly transferring the money over to Catherine’s bank account, they apologized to Bea before rushing off once Gerald allowed them to leave.

“Bea, go ahead and park the scooter downstairs! I’ll be driving the car down as well!” said Catherine as she held onto the car keys happily.

Before entering the car, she snatched Mr. Fairwell’s business card from Gerald’s hand.

“Hah! Mr. Fairwell is a connection from our family! Try not to take advantage of the situation to show off!”
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“Do you personally know Mr. Fairwell, cousin?” asked Bea as she looked at Gerald who had remained silent throughout their journey home.

She had found it strange that Mr. Fairwell had personally come all the way here just to give her a car without any good reason. The fact that not many people actually knew about her true identity also made the situation much more suspicious.

To top it off, Gerald had just asked for her identity card number this morning! Sensing how respectful Mr. Fairwell had treated her cousin earlier, Bea felt that something was definitely up with Gerald.

“Not at all!” replied Gerald as he shook his head. It wasn’t a lie either since this was truly the first time both of them had met.

“Then why would he come all the way out here just to hand me a car? Are you sure it isn’t because of any of the connections you know?”

Naturally, Bea wasn’t looking down on Gerald. However, she knew that his family’s situation wasn’t any better compared to her own. Or that’s what she thought at least.

“I wonder…” replied Gerald with a faint smile on his face.

Smacking her lips, Bea ended up smiling as well. Somehow, the more she observed him, the more mysterious he felt.

It was around noon when Bea walked out of her room before asking, “Say cousin, the gathering is going to be held tonight. Will you be coming along?”

At the time, Gerald was still thinking of how he was going to visit his grandmother. Hearing Bea’s question, he turned to look at his cousin—who now had a different set of clothes on—before replying, “Is it the one we were talking about earlier?”

Just a while ago, Bea had told Gerald about a tradition the younger generation of the Yalemans usually did when their grandmother’s birthday was close. A yearly gathering would be held so that they could discuss what birthday gifts to buy for Lady Yaleman.

While that was what they usually agreed on, in the end, all of them just wanted an excuse to go out and have fun.

Though Gerald didn’t really have any interest in attending gatherings or parties, he knew that he still needed to get to know his other cousins a little better in order to smoothen the process of resolving the grievances between his mother and grandmother.

Finalizing his thoughts, he then nodded before saying, “Alright, I’m in!”

A little while later, a group of attractive men and women could be seen sitting inside the most luxurious bar in Yanken. All of them looked to be around the age of twenty.

“Hey, hey, have you heard that our country bumpkin of a cousin has returned to Yanken? He’s currently staying at Bea’s place!”

“What? Are you serious? My parents didn’t mention anything about this! Still, grandma’s birthday is approaching soon. Do you think he’s actually come back this time to celebrate her eightieth birthday? Hasn’t she already cut all ties with their family?”

“Hah! I think he’s only using the birthday as an excuse! He’s probably trying his best to worm himself back into our family! After all, once her birthday celebration is over, she’ll begin allocating all the family assets and resources! His return is simply too timely to be a coincidence!” replied one of the boys contemptuously.

“Regardless of his timing, if that’s what he’s really after, his chances are exceedingly slim. You should have heard grandma scolding Fifth aunt earlier once she found out that our cousin was staying at her place! It was terrible! Grandma’s anger doesn’t seem to have subsided at all!” said another girl.

“Speaking of which, his name is Gerald, if I recall correctly. From what I heard, at his poorest, he could barely even afford to eat! I remember clearly what grandma had said when she found out about that back then. She had said to let them be before stating that nobody from the family was allowed to get involved with them at all!”

“Well yes, but that was a long time ago! Think about more recent times! Don’t you remember that grandma actually asked about how Jessica and Gerald were doing during her birthday celebration last year?”

“She did! She asked how they were both doing! Though we didn’t know what his sister was doing, someone said that the country bumpkin himself was studying in university!”

As everyone continued discussing the matter among themselves, the private room’s door opened and in stepped a young man accompanied by two girls.

“Ah, you’re here, Yura!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 814
“Yura!” greeted everyone within that group as they stood up.

Yura was the eldest grandson of the Yaleman family, and he was also Lady Yaleman’s favorite grandson. As a result, everyone in the group naturally looked up to him.

“Well you’re all early! Before anything else, though, I’d like to introduce my friends here! This young lady is my classmate in university! You can call her Marilyn! As for this beauty, her name’s Giya and she’s Marilyn’s ex-high school classmate when she was still in Mayberry City!” said Yura as he looked at Giya.

Standing next to the already beautiful Marilyn, Giya’s beauty was somehow amplified, and her excellent temperament made her all the more alluring.

When he had first met Giya, he hadn’t expected to feel so moved by her beauty since he was already so used to seeing beautiful women.

After exchanging greetings, Yura then looked at Giya before asking with a smile, “Speaking of which, you don’t mind me calling you Giya, right?”

In response, Giya simply shook her head.

To be quite honest, Giya had just arrived in Yanken today. She had initially not wanted to go anywhere but that thought didn’t last since Marilyn called her shortly after to invite her over to the gathering.

Though she still didn’t really want to go, in the end, she couldn’t outtalk Marilyn. After all, Marilyn was one of the few people she was actually acquainted with in Yanken.

“Oh, come on, Giya! Don’t be so glum! All of you are from wealthy families so you should be able to get along pretty well! Let’s party! Hahaha!” said Marilyn when she saw how uneasy Giya looked.

“Indeed! Let’s get the party started!” added Yura with a smile.

“We can’t start yet, Yura! Some people still haven’t arrived!”

“Oh? Who else isn’t here yet?” asked Yura.

“Well, there’s still Bea and her country bumpkin of a cousin!”

“Ah yes, Bea! How could I forget! But what’s this about a country bumpkin? Could you perhaps be talking about Gerald? The son of that woman that grandma chased out of the family back then?”

While most of them there looked down on those who had been chased out of the family, they would usually still refer to Yulia as their aunt. When they heard Yura referring to her as ‘that woman,’ it made some of the junior members feel slightly uncomfortable. Though that was so, none of them said a word about it.

“No wonder grandma was so angry with Fifth aunt this afternoon! So Bea’s still keeping contact with Gerald!” sneered Yura.

Since Yulia and Yura’s mother weren’t on good terms when Yura was still a child, it was only natural for him to pick up his mother’s innate hatred toward Gerald and his family.

“Gerald?” asked both Giya and Marilyn in surprise when they heard his name.

Sensing their surprise, Yura was stunned as he asked, “You two know who he is? Oh right, Gerald was studying in Mayberry City!”

While Giya didn’t say anything else, she was honestly feeling a little excited now. However, she was also feeling curious. Why on earth did Marilyn know who Gerald was?

Could it actually be that this was just another person with the same name? Or could such a coincidence actually take place?

“You know Gerald as well, Giya?” asked Marilyn in a surprised tone.

Though it was just for a brief moment, a complex emotion flashed across Giya’s face as she said, “It could probably just be someone with the same name! But anyway, what’s your Gerald like, Marilyn?”

“Hah! Well, I don’t know if it’s the same person, but you know how my dad is constantly moving around because of work, right? As a result, I’ve studied in multiple schools before as I grew up. I was in high school when my father began working on a project in Serene County. It was at my new school there where I got to know Gerald the pauper!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 815
“Serene County? Hahaha! That’s him alright!” said someone from the crowd as the rest of them laughed.

“Oh god, for real? Gerald the pauper’s actually your relative?” replied Marilyn, her shock apparent on her face.

“Sadly, legally, it’s true. However, the Yalemans have and will never acknowledge Gerald as part of our family!” said Yura with a wry smile on his face.

Giya herself didn’t really care what the others had to say about him. Instead, she was simply excited that he was possibly coming!

“Will Gerald be coming later, Yura?” asked Giya.

In response, Yura nodded before saying, “I assume Bea’s bringing him over! Speak of the devil!”

As soon as his sentence ended, the door opened and Bea entered. Seeing that Gerald wasn’t present, Giya couldn’t help but feel slightly anxious.

“Didn’t that bumpkin come along, Bea?” asked one of the girls there.

Since Bea was usually regarded as the lowest in rank within their family, nobody usually took her seriously. It was the reason why they still called Gerald a ‘bumpkin’ even though he was Bea’s guest.

“Oh, he’s gone to the gents. He’ll be here soon!” replied Bea.

In all honesty, she didn’t really enjoy participating in such gatherings. After all, the gap between her and her other cousins was simply too wide. She was barely in the same world as they were. She was only here because she didn’t have a choice.

“Hah! Hilarious! He’s probably feeling nervous since it’s the first time he’s attending a gathering at such a high-end venue!” said a few girls as they cupped their mouths while laughing.

Hearing that, everyone else started laughing as well. It was at that moment when the room’s door creaked open again.

However, instead of the country bumpkin they were expecting, they were greeted by a tall, young man who looked rather slim and was honestly quite handsome. He was dressed casually and his hands were in his pockets as he walked into the room.

Everyone was now silent and even a few of the girls were exchanging glances with each other, dumbfounded by the attractive man’s extraordinary temperament.

“Over here, cousin! Have a seat!” said Bea with a smile as she held onto his arm.

“He’s… He’s our country bumpkin of a cousin?”

Several of the girls were now paralyzed in shock. They had expected Gerald—who, as a child, was very poor and had terrible self-esteem—to have a low and dampened image! To be a person who would look worried and behave cautiously wherever he went!

Yet the dashing young man standing before them now was anything but!

Just as Gerald was about to greet his shocked cousins, someone suddenly hit him on the back of his head!

“Well, d*mn! It really is you, Gerald! Why are you being so pretentious? Bet you didn’t expect to see me here, right?” said Marilyn as she cackled. Naturally, she was the one who had hit him.

“God d*mn it! ….It’s you?” replied Gerald, shocked when he saw the familiar face.

Truth be told, however, he couldn’t really remember who she was for the life of him.

“What, have you forgotten about me already?” asked Marilyn as she crossed her arms. She seemed to find the entire situation hilarious.

“…Yes I do,” lied Gerald as naturally as he breathed.

The memories were, however, slowly coming back to him. He knew that they used to be in the same class, but he couldn’t remember her name at all.

“Regardless, I really hadn’t expected to see you here of all places after not meeting for such a long time! While are you still walking with your hands in your pockets? While your pretentiousness may fool others, I know your background extremely well, so drop the act already!” said Marilyn.

Hearing that, Gerald could only smile bitterly as he took his hands out of his pockets while shaking his head.

The bitterness allowed him to recall her name. She was Marilyn and they had once been classmates for about half a year.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 816
Yura and the others shook their own heads and laughed as well as the scene progressed.

Gerald was simply too much. To think that he was acting so powerful just seconds ago when everyone here clearly knew about his background!

“After transferring schools back then, we haven’t been in contact for so many years, Marilyn. I really hadn’t expected you to know my cousins!” said Gerald in response.

“Either way, there’s no need for us to talk pointlessly anymore. You almost make it sound like I even want to contact you! Just find someplace to sit down already!” replied Marilyn, a hint of disgust in her voice.

Hearing that, Gerald could only smile helplessly as he went toward a seat. Just as he was about to sit down, however, another voice suddenly called out to him.


Looking up, Gerald got the shock of his life.

“…Giya? What are you doing here too?”

D*mn it! Gerald really hadn’t expected to bump into so many familiar faces wherever he went!

Ever since that incident, Gerald hadn’t contacted Giya at all. However, what was even more embarrassing was the fact that Giya still frequently sent him messages though he never replied to any of them.

After all, he had assumed that he would never have to meet her again. Unfortunately, when it rained, it poured.

“It really is you! Why haven’t you responded to any of my messages?!” said Giya, her eyes reddened.

While she was well aware that she had promised to leave him alone after that fake wedding incident, she simply couldn’t forget about him. No matter how much she reminded herself that it was impossible for both of them to be together, whenever she closed her eyes, scene after scene would play out in her mind.

Scenes like the time when Gerald had braved the rain to carry her to the infirmary that time when she had sprained her ankle. When Gerald had constantly saved her whenever she found herself in trouble.

At this point, Giya had already come to terms that Gerald had engraved himself too deeply into her heart for her to ever be able to forget about him. It was the reason why while she was happy to see him, she was simultaneously filled with grief.

“…Sorry, Giya!” replied Gerald as he lowered his head slightly in embarrassment. After all, regardless of what happened in the past, Gerald had still let her down.

However, there was no better way to deal with the situation.

Meanwhile, everyone else was staring at the scene unfolding before them in a daze. This was especially so for both Marilyn and Yura.

After all, even a fool would be able to tell that Gerald and Giya’s relationship wasn’t all that simple. It was obvious enough from the look in Giya’s eyes.

Knowing this made Yura jealous. After all, he had been the one who had wanted to win this goddess over!

“What’s going on, Giya? Do both of you really know each other?” asked Marilyn.

Giya remained silent and simply wiped the tears away from the corner of her eyes. She then briefly glared at Gerald before angrily sitting down again. Seeing this, Gerald took a seat as well.

“Hey now, since everyone knows one another, there’s no need to be shy! Come on, Gerald! Why not have a smoke?” said Yura with a cold smile on his face as he looked at Gerald.

After proposing that, he handed a cigarette over to Gerald.

“I appreciate it, but why don’t we smoke one of my cigarettes instead?” said Gerald as he took a box of cigarettes out and placed it on the table.

While Gerald wasn’t personally a smoker, he did like to carry a box of cigarettes around whenever he attended any gatherings.

“…F*cking…! X-One?!”

Everyone was stunned when they saw the cigarette box.

“Holy f*ck! You’re smoking this brand of cigarettes?” asked one of the cousins aloud, his eyes wide in shock.

“Hey, what kind of cigarettes are those? I’ve never seen such packaging before!” asked another cousin curiously.

“It’s no wonder why you haven’t seen it before… Those are business cigarettes that only the richest of the rich living abroad can afford to smoke! These cigarettes actually nourish the lungs instead of damaging them! What more, it’s a new product that’s only been developed this year and it’s not even for sale yet! It’s only available for exclusive use as of now!” explained the boy in his shock as he held on to the cigarette box with quivering hands.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 817
“You… You smoke these kinds of cigarettes, Gerald…?”

Everyone felt like they had just received mental slaps to their faces. This was especially so for Yura.

To think that he had specifically brought along cigarettes that he had asked his friend to buy for him all the way from M country. The ones he had were really precious and expensive.

He had honestly been waiting to pass them around so that the crowd would praise and admire him.

After all, when a young man went out, the first thing people would tend to notice would be his attire. Next, they would see what kind of watch he was wearing. Last but not least, if he was a smoker, they would definitely want to identify what brand of cigarettes he smoked. All these worked together to establish a man’s ‘grades’.

To Yura’s dismay, he was the one who ended up receiving the mental slap once Gerald took his own box of cigarettes out!

“I don’t usually smoke. I just grabbed these as I was heading out today!” explained Gerald.

He hadn’t really expected a simple box of cigarettes to cause such a sensation. It made him feel quite helpless.

“Hah! Then it’s probably a fake! If the cigarettes truly are as great as you described, how could Gerald possibly have gotten his hands on them?” replied Marilyn who was still in disbelief.

“Probably? It’s a hundred percent fake! Gerald probably doesn’t even realize that he’s been deceived! If you really wanted to leave home with a box of cigarettes in hand, you could’ve just bought a box of Marlboro cigarettes! Those cost a few measly dollars at most! Carrying fake X-One cigarettes around… What a joke!” sneered the boy from before as he tossed the box of cigarettes to the side.

Sensing the chance to show off in front of Giya, Yura then immediately said, “Gerald, Gerald, Gerald… It’s not like I want to badmouth you or anything, but you should realize by now that we all know the ins-and-outs of your background like the back of our hands… There really is no need for you to try showing off in front of us… Regardless, you’ve already graduated, right? Have you found a job yet?”

His tone gave the illusion of him being a knowledgeable person, and once his question ended, he looked at Giya who was sitting right beside him.

“Nope!” replied Gerald as he shook his head.

“What else are you waiting for? With university over, you should be grabbing hold of any opportunity you can get to work! It’s time to stop thinking about pointless things and start being more realistic! Though you may still be poor now, as long as you’re diligent enough, there’ll exist a possibility where you’ll eventually become rich in the future! Focus more on that instead of showing-off!” said Yura aloud as he smiled wryly.

“Amazing! Did you hear what Yura said, Gerald? His words were reasonable so you should make sure that you take his advice to heart!” added Marilyn as she poked the back of Gerald’s head with a finger.

If it wasn’t because of his mission, Gerald would’ve already given Marilyn a few tight slaps across her face by now.

“While I’m at it, you should understand that the Yaleman family is more complicated than you think. Be a little more pragmatic and realize already that some things just aren’t going to happen!” said Yura who simply assumed that Gerald was back because he wanted a share of the family assets.

Yura wanted Giya to see how little worth Gerald had in front of a strong person like him, which was why he was publicly preaching him now. He’d trample all over Gerald’s ego if it was the last thing he did.

At that moment, a foreign girl with golden, curly hair entered the room. In her hands, was a bottle of very expensive-looking red wine.

“You’ve always supported me, Mr. Yaleman! So this bottle of red wine is on the house!” announced the girl in broken Weston dialect.

“How kind of you, Miss Delilah! Thank you!” replied Yura with a smile as he stood up.

“Hot d*mn! How incredible! People are giving you respect wherever you go, Yura!” said Marilyn excitedly before shaking Giya’s arm.

“Did you know that this bar we’re in is the most luxurious of its kind in Yanken, Giya? Miss Delilah over there is the owner of this very bar! You should know that several foreigners and powerful figures frequent this place! Yet here she is, giving Yura a bottle of red wine on the house!”

Hearing Marilyn’s words, the other girls present felt equally honored and pleased.

A few of them even said, “Hah! But of course! It’s because of the Yaleman family’s reputation and also the fact that Yura himself is so powerful!”

The girls could tell how interested Yura was in Giya, so they were now praising him in hopes that she would eventually fall for him.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 818
“…Hold on. X-One cigarettes? I’ve never seen anyone smoking this brand of cigarettes in Weston before!” said Delilah as her gaze fell upon the box of cigarettes that had been thrown to the side. She seemed to be deeply enticed by the cigarettes.

“Oh god, this is so embarrassing! I should’ve told that country bumpkin of a cousin to put them away! Miss Delilah’s husband is a very powerful person in M country! What impression would we leave on her once she finds out that we smoke fake cigarettes?” whispered several of the boys among themselves.

It wasn’t only the males who bore awkward expressions on their faces, but also the girls.

“Excuse me, but could I have one of your cigarettes? I’ve not tasted this brand of cigarettes in a little over half a year now after coming to Weston!” enquired Delilah as she smiled.

“Huh? Half a year? Does that mean she was among the first to try it out when it began initial production?!”

“It’s over. It’s all over! I’m going to be so embarrassed once she finds out…!”

“W-wait a moment, Miss Delilah!” shouted one of the girls as she stood among her other whispering cousins. Rather than waiting for Delilah to find out on her own, the girl felt it would be better if she simply told her the truth first.

“Yes?” asked Delilah as she turned to look at her with her usual sweet smile.

“T-those cigarettes… You can’t smoke them! We just found out not too long ago that they’re fake!”

Upon hearing her declaration, everyone turned to look at Gerald in disgust. What a good-for-nothing!

“Fake? Hahaha! Miss, I simply want to smoke a cigarette, you needn’t be this reluctant up to the point of telling me lies! Besides, since you can afford to even buy this brand, is there a need to feel so bad over a single cigarette?” replied Delilah as she took a cigarette out of the box and carefully observed it.

Next, she took a sniff at it, and soon after, a wry smile formed on her face.

“W-why would I lie to you, Miss Delilah? It really is a fake!” explained the same girl from before.

“To be frank, my ex-husband used to be the leader of the research and development department in the factory that produces this specific brand. Though I’m well aware that imitations exist in the market, I believe that I still have the ability to distinguish between a fake and the real deal! And I can say for certain that this is a genuine product!” declared Delilah with a smile.

“G-Genuine… They’re genuine?!”

Everyone was dumbfounded when they heard that. After all, from what she had said, Delilah would definitely be able to tell between a real one and a fake. What more, she didn’t have a reason to lie to them either.

But… Just how could Gerald possibly have afforded to buy genuine X-One cigarettes?

“Where did you buy these cigarettes, Gerald?” asked the boy from earlier.

“I’ll be frank and say that I didn’t buy them! They were lying around in my house so I simply grabbed them!” replied Gerald with a wry smile.

“Hah! Based on your family’s background, it’s almost as though you’re claiming that they’d actually be able to buy them!” snapped Marilyn immediately in a tone that suggested that Gerald had just personally insulted her.

“Could I smoke one of your cigarettes, sir?” asked Delilah as she turned to look at Gerald, her smile still on her face.

“Sir? Why are you referring to him as sir, Miss Delilah? We don’t even know where he got the cigarettes from! You should know that his family is so poor that they can’t even afford to eat a decent meal at times!” insulted Yura the moment he saw Delilah treating Gerald so respectfully.

“Him? Poor? You must be joking, Mr. Yaleman! Ignoring the cigarettes, you should know that no ordinary person could compare to this gentleman! After all, he’s wearing classic, French, tailor-made clothes!” said Delilah as she sat right next to Gerald.

“Did I get that right, sir?”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 819
“Classic French? What is even going on anymore?!”

Everyone was utterly stunned.

Seeing that a top socialite in Yanken was behaving so respectfully toward Gerald, Bea was extremely happy.

“Regardless, it’s truly been an honor to meet you here today, Mr. Gerald! I’ll be personally bearing all the expenses of anything you order here tonight!” said Delilah as she politely stretched her hand out toward Gerald. In her eyes, the value of befriending such a powerful figure as Gerald certainly outweighed the cost of one night’s bill.

In response, Gerald reached out as well and shook Delilah’s hand before saying, “It’s a pleasure, Miss Delilah!”

After Delilah finally left, the room was greeted by an almost pressuring silence. Yura in particular, felt like he had just received the most massive slap in his life. He had been completely embarrassed in front of all the others.

“…C-could I… Try one of your cigarettes, Gerald?” asked one of the cousins there as he looked at Gerald. After seeing Gerald’s slight nod, he took a cigarette for himself before lighting the tip.

When he saw this, Yura squinted his eyes slightly as he glared at Gerald with a frigid gaze. After that, he stepped out of the room in the pretense that he needed to answer a phone call.

Nobody had ever dared to go against Yura, even when he was only a child. To think that this countryside pauper actually dared to go against him! Gerald had even made him lose face before such a beautiful goddess!

Yanken was Yura’s territory, and he would rather be dead than lose to Gerald. Once he was outside, he lit a cigarette before making a call.

“Ah, hey Brandon, you busy?” asked Yura as he released a puff of smoke.

“Not at all, just hanging out. Still, a call out of the blue, Yura? Could it be that you have a job for me?” replied Brandon in a voice that hinted at his eagerness as he laughed.

“Nothing too big. I’m just in a bad mood since someone actually dared to trample all over me!”

“Hahaha! Who would dare do such a thing in Yanken? The audacity! Who is it, Yura? I’ll get rid of them immediately!”

“There’s no need to go that far! However, I do want you to thoroughly embarrass him!” replied Yura before sharing his location with Brandon.

“Hah! What a coincidence! I happen to be drinking with a few of my subordinates around the area! I’ll be heading over immediately!”

Yura sneered as he ended the call. He then continued standing outside as he smoked on his cigarette. This definitely wasn’t the first time he was doing something like this, and it wouldn’t be his last.

“Say Xoey, do you or anyone else need to use the bathroom? Let’s go together!” said one of the girls back inside the room.

In response to that, Bea and a few others headed out together.

Giya, on the other hand, glared secretly at Gerald. She had been waiting for him to take the initiative to speak to her the entire time.

However, he was simply sitting there calmly while munching on fruits! It didn’t seem like he was going to make a move at all!

In the end, her anxiety got the better of her and she couldn’t help but ask, “So… are… you and Mila doing fine?”

Though everyone else didn’t know his true identity, Giya was well aware of who Gerald truly was.

“…Mila’s gone missing,” replied Gerald as he felt a surge of pain in his heart the moment he heard her name again.

He wasn’t even sure if he would be able to persuade his grandmother on the day of her birthday. No matter what, Gerald knew he had to mend the relationship between both families. If he failed, nobody else would be able to talk to the Moldell family on his behalf.

“…What? What happened?” asked Giya in surprise.

“…I’ll tell you about it when I have a chance to in the future!” replied Gerald in a casual tone.

“Hey, Giya, who’s this Mila girl? Oh god, could she be Gerald’s girlfriend? Someone like him actually has the ability to get a girlfriend?!” said Marilyn, her shock apparent in her voice.

Realizing that she had just brought up something that greatly upset Gerald, Giya didn’t reply to Marilyn’s question.

“Hello? Why aren’t any of you saying anything? Who is this Mila?”

Before Marilyn could continue pestering the duo, Xoey came rushing back into the room.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 820
“S-something terrible has happened! A few drunkards have just dragged Bea into their room after insisting that she have a drink with them!” shouted Xoey.

Upon hearing that, Gerald immediately dashed out of the room.

Right outside, he bumped into the other female cousins who had earlier gone to the ladies together. All of them looked equally terrified.

“Where’s Bea?” demanded Gerald.

“S-she’s been dragged into Room 103!” replied one of the girls as she quivered.

Getting the answer he needed, Gerald ran there as fast as he could.

As for the rest of the boys in the room, all of them simply stood in place. While they knew that they didn’t need to be afraid since they were all members of the Yaleman family, directly confronting the drunkards would definitely lead to some of them getting beaten up! With that in mind, many of them began making phone calls instead.

Giya herself followed Gerald out with a worried expression on her face.

“W-what should we do now…?” whispered the girls among themselves, meekly.

They had earlier bumped into the drunk men on their way to the ladies. Once the men realized that the girls weren’t going to follow their orders, one of them immediately tried to drag Xoey away with him! However, Bea stepped in front of her just in time and pushed him away!

However, the conflict only began on their trip back from the washroom. The drunk men cornered them as soon as they exited the ladies. It was then when one of them yanked Bea by her hair and dragged her into their room!

“Gerald’s the only one who’s gone there to save her! I saw about eight men in there! Where even is Yura?!” shouted Xoey.

Xoey was worried to bits since she was touched by what Bea had done. After all, Bea had only gotten into this mess because she was trying to save her!

“We’re already calling reinforcements now! To think that people would actually dare to provoke the Yalemans! Unthinkable!” replied one of the boys.

“Hold it. Tell the people you’ve called that it’s a false alarm. Don’t worry, Bea’s going to be fine!” said Yura as he suddenly re-entered the room while gesturing for those who had phones next to their ears to do as he had said.

“W-what? But Bea’s in big trouble, Yura!”

“As I said, none of you have to worry about this! Bea will be fine! However, someone else definitely isn’t going to be!” sneered Yura.

Yura had a gloomy expression on his face. After all, he was feeling extremely jealous since he had seen Giya disregarding her own safety by chasing after Gerald earlier.

Everyone else in the room seemed to also have caught on to what was really happening. As a result, none of them said another word as they closed the room’s door behind them.

“Release her!” roared Gerald in anger as he kicked Room 103’s door open.

Hearing all the noise, the few drunkards who were all forcefully embracing her then turned to look at Gerald.

Not only did Gerald’s fifth uncle have a deep relationship with his family, Bea had also treated him extremely well since he arrived. There was no way in hell that Gerald was going to allow Bea to suffer any injuries as long as he was there.

“Hah! Who do you even think you are to order us around like that! And you even brought along such a beautiful girl! Hahaha! Looks like I’ll be able to have fun with two women today!” said a young man—who seemed to be the leader of the group—as he laughed.

The beautiful girl in question, was of course, Giya. She had followed him in out of worry.

“How fortunate of you, Brandon! As brothers, we’ll get a go with them too once you’re done, right?” said a few other drunkards as they laughed.

“But of course! Drag that woman over here too, men! It’d be irrational of me to refuse someone who sent herself directly to my doorstep!” ordered Brandon as he gestured for his men to walk forward.

“You’re Brandon, right? I advise you not to continue messing around anymore. Since I’ve given this warning, don’t blame me if something were to happen to you!” replied Gerald with a cold expression on his face.

“Hahaha! Oh? Trying to intimidate me, are you? Fine then! I’ll release this young woman since you’ve been so daring to rush in here! But before we let her go… You’ll have to crawl under our crotches first! How about it! Deal?” announced Brandon as he laughed.

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