The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 871-880

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 871
“Hey sis, I know you were hurt by Narc once but take a look at his wife. She’s such a materialistic person!” Yselle said.

Winnie glared at her angrily. “Shut up! How many times did I tell you not to remind me of him! Don’t even get me started with that woman!”

“Y-yes…I know, sis. I know how much you hate that dreaded woman. I swear I won’t repeat this again!” Yselle’s eyes were tearing up as she spoke.

Realizing that she had been too harsh, Winnie caressed Yselle’s head and said, “I’m just trying to look out for you. That Gerald guy reeks of money. He only has what all materialistic people want. Money. He doesn’t deserve to have any ties with our family. We are only here to help him on behalf of our master’s son, to keep our promise with them. We, the Moldells’ unlike the rest of the world, take our promises seriously!”

“So, even if you have the slightest feelings for Gerald, there is no way the both of you could be together. I’ll definitely stand against it!” There was a glimpse of disdain peeking through Winnie’s eyes.

“Oh…I understand!” Yselle lowered her head.

“But, it’s not impossible to let you stay by Gerald’s side. There is a way.” Winnie said.

“Huh? What way?” Yselle asked.

Ten days ago when Gerald first arrived, Yselle found herself developing feelings for the young and lively man.

After getting to know him and listening to the stories of his adventures, Yselle was even more eager to find out more about that young man.

A girl’s emotion can be really hard to comprehend sometimes. Falling for someone without rhyme or reason, and then hating the person in the same exact manner.

If asked at that moment whether Gerald was really that great or not, she’d answer ‘No’, but Yselle liked him regardless of that fact!

Yselle had always felt like that. She grew up behind the walls of Moldell and she never had the chance to fulfill her fantasies.

“That’s a pretty simple job. Make him one of your servants and let him follow you around!” Winnie said.

“In fact, he’d live a longer life after becoming one of our servants and this is something that can hardly be bought by money!”

“I don’t want him to be my servant, sis. Why, why do you look down on him so much? After all, he is…”

“That’s enough! Other than this, there are no other alternatives. Don’t blame me for not telling you about it!” Winnie left after she finished.

Dylan was talking to the third master of Moldell and the assistant of the Moldell family at the ball.

“This time, I’ll be counting on all of you then!” Dylan said with a smile.

“You’re most welcome, Master Crawford. We will do our best. We sure hope that the Crawfords and the Moldells would be pleased with the result of our collaboration this time!” Moldell’s third master, Parker Moldell said.

“I suppose it won’t be as pleasing as it seems huh?”

Suddenly, a 60-year-old man entered the hall with a group of people.

“Who are you? How did you come in?” Dylan was stunned when he saw the old man.

“Did you expect those useless brats to stop me?” The man sneered.

“Kort, what do you think you’re doing? Now that we are working with the Crawfords, how dare you disrespect them?” Parker shot up from his seat with a deep frown on his face.

“Collaborating with them? No way!” Kort responded coldly.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 872
He was a man in his sixties but he looked as if he was only 50. He had a pair of sharp and bright eyes that would create a sense of unease in the person who stood before his gaze.

“Why can’t we collaborate?” Parker asked.

“Master Parker, I understand that your son was rescued by the Yalemans and that you owe them the favor. However, you broke the rules when you made a promise with them to help out the Crawfords!”

“But you must know that Crawford’s eldest heir, Gerald, has offended one of my good friends, the Long family. Hence, I demand an explanation from you folks on behalf of the Long family!”

“Do you think you’ll still be able to help them now?” Kort said.

Even though Kort addressed the 90-year-old Parker as ‘Master’, he was just the third master of the family and Kort was one step above him. Kort, being the Second Master, had a position that was higher than that of Parker in the family.

“Long family?” Gerald started pondering what the Long family had to do with the Moldells.

Jessica and himself had been at odds with the Long family for quite some time now, so what kind of explanation was Kort demanding?

“Nice to meet you, Master Kort. forgive me but, what sort of explanation are you demanding?” Dylan asked with a smile.

“Hah, that’s simple. I demand half of Crawfords’ assets be transferred to the Long family. As long as this is done, I shall not ask for anything more!” Kort sneered.

“How arrogant!”

The Crawfords looked at each other. They were stunned by Kort’s request.

Crawford’s assets? Half was too much, even a millesimal of that amount would be more than enough for the entire Long family. Kort was out of his mind! He was definitely not seeking an explanation but trying to rob the Crawford family!”

Gerald frowned.

“Master Crawford, please consider this offer. If my friends aren’t pleased, I’m not sure what I will be forced to do in order to make the Crawfords pay for their wrongs. I believe you wouldn’t question my powers right?” Kort smiled as he said.

He came in without registering because he wanted to deter the Crawfords.

If only the Crawfords knew that he was coming to exact his revenge, they would have tried to stop him at all cost!

“Master Kort, isn’t demanding half of their assets slightly too much? They’re the Long family we’re talking about. They’re nothing! How dare they demand half of Crawford’s assets?” Yselle stood up.

The Moldell family was actually divided into a few branches and Kort was a leader of one of the branches.

Everyone in the Moldell family knew that Kort was a man of the world. If we looked at the number of women he had around him, he had at least a handful of them at all times. That was why Yselle and Winnie despise Kort.

Including Parker, everyone in the Moldell family knew that Kort was not trying to appease the Long family. No, instead, he was trying to stir up a conflict with the Crawfords, with this as merely his excuse to do so.

Kort has taken over a few family businesses with this method. Even though he would never admit to such acts, rumor has it that the large family that Kort has secretly established came about exactly like that!

“Yselle, is that how you talk to your elders? Master Parker, I believe you would not interfere in this matter, yes? Even if you wish to, you have to think about the consequences. Is it worth exposing the Crawfords to such risks?” Kort hinted at Parker.

Parker was furious but he remained silent nonetheless.

Kort was too powerful for Parker to fend against.

“Master Crawford, I’ll give you thirty minutes to consider my offer. I want an answer half an hour later! No more, and no less!” Kort then left with his people…
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 873
“It’s all my fault, dad. This happened because of me!” Gerald started to apologize when Dylan and the family arrived at the study to discuss their plan.

Dylan was caught off guard by this matter. He totally did not anticipate this to happen.

“No, Gerald. That’s not the crux of the matter. I’ve heard about Kort from your grandfather and I’ve always known that he’s a very greedy man. Your grandfather had business with him and that was why we moved away from Weston to Northbay. We’ve all been trying to stay away from KortMoldell, but the day has finally come, when we can run from him no longer!” said Dylan.

“Even if it wasn’t for the Long family, he would still come after us, in the name of the Zabel or Letts families!” Dylan continued while frowning.

“Dad, the concerns that you had for the Moldells, was it because of this?”

Gerald remembered that his father had mentioned that if it was not for their current situation, he would never have sought help from the Moldells and he’d never conduct any business with those folks.

Dylan nodded his head with a worried expression.

“Gerald, do you know about the family that was once equally as powerful as us? I probably haven’t told you this before but 40 years ago, there were three extremely wealthy families. One of them was our family and the other family was the Morningstars. But the Morningstars have changed over time into the Moldell family. Do you understand what I’m trying to tell you?” Gerald’s mother said.

Gerald nodded his head.

“Sigh, without the help of the Moldells we wouldn’t have been able to stand up against the League, nor would we have found your uncle Peter. That means nobody would ever know about the secret your uncle Peter is carrying!” Dylan slammed his fist onto the table.

“Dad, I never understood the curse that you keep talking about. Our family is so powerful. How is it possible that we would just perish?”

“Even if Kort is trying to seek his revenge, he can’t do anything to us. How could we end up like the Morningstars and get swallowed up by the Moldells?”

“I don’t believe this!” said Jessica.

Daryl waved his hand and said, “That’s right, even if he was seeking revenge, he can’t destroy us like how he did the Morningstars. But we sure as hell are in for a rough time!”

“I’m not worried about how tough it is going to be. As long as we could find your uncle Peter, we would be much stronger than before and even if we were destroyed, the Crawfords will always be the biggest tycoons. Do you understand what I’m trying to say? If we can’t find him, I’m afraid we might be gone in less than 10 years!”

Dylan shook his head. “That is why we must look for your uncle Peter and we have to ask for help from the Moldells!”

Gerald knew that no matter how hard he tried asking about the curse, his father would never give him an exact answer.

“Dad, are you really going to give him half of your assets? Does he even deserve it?”

Jessica was upset. “I’m going to take him up on the challenge. I don’t believe I can’t defeat Kort with the powers I have in North Africa!”

“Sis, didn’t dad just mentioned that it’s not about challenging Kort but instead, working with the Moldells to come up with a solution? I don’t think there are any alternatives here!” Gerald said.

“But what choice do we have? Do you really think the Moldells would still work with us?” Jessica was worried.

“There must be a way!” Gerald smiled bitterly.

Suddenly, he turned to his parents and sister. He smiled at them and said, “I have an idea!”

“Gerald? What…what do you mean?” Dylan could tell what Gerald was up to, which made him all the more anxious.

“Don’t worry about it, dad. I’ll handle this matter!” Gerald left after saying that.

“Kort, Master Crawford, and the Yalemans are all my friends. Don’t you cross the line!”

Outside, Parker and Kort were having a fight.

“Do you even think that you could take down the wealthiest family, the Crawfords? I don’t want to stick my nose into this matter but have you ever thought about their position globally? If the Crawfords are being threatened, the consequences are far beyond our imagination. The Crawfords aren’t the Morningstars! When news gets out, our grandmaster will surely take matters into his own hands, and by then, do you think you can actually take over half of their assets when it was you who instigated the squabble?” Parker waved his hand and sat down.

Kort frowned slightly. He had never given it that much thought. Kort had always wanted to take over the Crawfords but after a few rounds of exchanging punches, he realized that it was harder than climbing the stairs to heaven.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 874
Kort only shifted his target to the wealthiest family in Weston after the Crawfords’ move to Northbay but Parker’s words finally knocked some sense into him.

If this matter gets out of hand, Moldells’ grandmaster surely would never forgive him. But he was already on the brink of success. Kort was not ready to give it all up. Even if he wasn’t going to get half of their assets, he must take at least a quarter of it!

Kort was not ready to give up yet! He kept his cool and remained silent.

Meanwhile, Gerald walked out into the hall.

“Gerald, we are good friends, I’ll help you, and I’m sure Master Parker will too!” Yselle walked over and grabbed Gerald’s arm.

“I know, thanks Yselle!”

Gerald looked at Parker and said, “Uncle Parker, if the conflict between me and the Long family is settled, does that mean that you would continue to stay and help us?”

Parker was unsure what Gerald meant by that but he nodded and said, “You don’t have to worry about that. Your grandmother has saved my son years ago and as long as it’s you folks, I’d be willing to help. The Moldells never went back on their word!”

“That’s great!”Gerald smiled and nodded.

Gerald then looked at Kort. “Master Kort, you said you’re here to seek revenge on behalf of the Long family and you did admit that their conflict is between just me and their family. If that’s so, then don’t drag my family into this! If you really want an explanation, just come after me. There’s no reason for you to pester the Crawfords!”

Kort sneered. “Hah! You’re the heir of the family, so it is only natural that the Crawfords have to pay for your misbehavior!”

“You’re wrong, Master Kort. From now on, I’m no longer the heir of Crawfords and you have no business with my family anymore!” Gerald smiled.

“What did you just say?” Kort squinted his eyes and then open them widely.

“Gerald, what the hell are you saying!” Dylan immediately walked out of the room and yelled at him.

Gerald smiled. “I mean what I just said. From now onwards, I’ll be leaving the Crawfords and I’ll no longer be Young Master Crawford! Master Kort, if you have any issues, please just come after me!”

“Master Parker, you promised you’d stay and help the Crawfords. Now that I am leaving the family, I take it that conflict with the Long family is no longer a problem the Crawfords have to deal with anymore?”

Parker was stunned. He never thought that Gerald would simply give up his title just like that.

He nodded his head. “Of course. Since you’re no longer part of the Crawfords, nobody could seek trouble from them any more!” Parker glanced at Kort. He was giving him a warning not to cross the line!

Kort’s eyes were red from rage. “Hah, leaving the family? Do you really think your bratty ass can survive without your family backing you up? Even if I don’t do anything, your enemies will be coming after you and if the Crawfords decide to intervene, your work would have been in vain! That is because I’ll still come after the Crawfords!”

“Don’t worry about that. No one is going to help me. Of course, after I leave the house of the Crawfords, you’re welcome to look for me!” Gerald said.

“Brother!” Jessica was worried-sick upon hearing Gerald’s declaration.

She looked at Dylan. “Dad, say something!”

Dylan frowned slightly and his eyes were filled with tears.

His lips twitched slightly. “Since my son is going to take the responsibility and leave Crawfords for good, I, as your father, guarantee that whoever touches you in Northbay shall be facing the wrath of the entire Crawford family!”


Dylan smashed a wine glass to pieces.

Kort was shocked.

“What are you talking about, dad?”

“Dylan, are you out of your mind?! That’s our son!”

Jessica and Yulia were panicking!
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 875
Dylan was upset.

If Gerald has stayed, Kort would surely find an excuse to challenge the Crawfords.

Even though the Crawfords had the power to fight Kort’s repeated attacks, it was unavoidable that they’d be injured as well.

If their inheritance process was not stable enough it would be impossible for them to continue their search for the Sun League.

How long can the Crawfords survive if there was no peace?

Gerald’s departure could buy the Crawfords some time and Dylan was perfectly aware of this.

However, by leaving the protection which his family offered him, Gerald’s path would only grow harsher and more difficult to traverse. Both Kort and the Long family would never allow Gerald to slip off so easily.

Dylan held his fist tightly. He was struggling in his heart when he said those words.

“Wow! Never knew that Dylan Crawford would abandon his own son so readily when push comes to shove!” Kort frowned.

He sneered, “There is more to come! Master Parker, I shall save you some face today. I’ll remember the Crawfords from now on!” He waved his hand and left.

Dylan gave up his own son to protect their family’s assets. If things continued going downhill, he might be forced to do something even more insane.

If the Crawfords were to fight them with all of their power, Kort would never stand a chance.
Hence, it was not a good idea for him to linger around.

Even though Gerald’s farewell gave him no excuse to attack, Kort knew that he would still be the key to swallowing the entire Crawford family and he wasn’t at all fazed.

He left at the right time…

“Master Kort, are we really going to give up the Crawfords like that? They hold the most assets and it could be ten times more than what you have established at Logan Province!” One of Kort’s subordinates said after they left the island.

“Do you think I’m that dumb? It’s just not the right time to take them head-on now. We have too many enemies in our own family now. Even if we really conquered the Crawfords, we’d be left defenseless against the rest of the branches of our family.”

“We have to think of a plan that could kill two birds with one stone and it must be used on Gerald!” Kort squinted.

“Then we will have Gerald in our hands no matter where he is and he won’t be able to run away!” His subordinates smiled and nodded.

That night at the harbor of Hong Kong, Gerald brought along his luggage and walked down from the ship.

Gerald was emotional when he reminisced about the past 6 months. Everything felt like a dream to him. He transformed from a poor, disgusting student who was worth less than a pile of dirt to a rich and wealthy heir.

Now, he was far poorer than before this all even started. He knew that sacrifices would have to be made in order to secure peace for his family in the long term.

Gerald was not afraid of being poor but he was afraid that he might not see the sun of tomorrow.

Even though it was late, there were still many people at the harbor. As Gerald walked further out, he glanced backward. There were at least ten people following him.

‘Am I going to die here tonight?’

Gerald held his fist tightly. He was not afraid, but feeling his impending doom, Gerald still felt the urge to keep on fighting. He wanted to live on no matter what.

Gerald hastened his pace.

The people following him were not ordinary men, as they immediately chased after him.

Suddenly, the blinding headlights of a car and the sound of tires skidding filled the air at one of Hong Kong’s many harbors.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 876
Gerald, who had attempted to escape was blocked from all sides.

After that, the car door was opened.

A group of bodyguards dressed in black walked out of the car.

Their leader was none other than Joel.

He was the father of the three young masters of the Long family.

“Hahaha! Why if it isn’t Mr. Crawford? Why the hurry? You going somewhere?”

A vicious look flashed across Joel’s face.

“I heard that you’ve announced your self-imposed exile from the Crawford family today. I couldn’t believe it at first but looking at you right now, Mr. Crawford, it seems like the rumors are true!” Joel said.

“You’ve been waiting for this moment for a very long time now, aren’t you Joel? Instead of blabbering on and on about this, why don’t you take me away, as you’ve always wanted to!”

Gerald replied with a frown.

“Mr. Crawford, if it weren’t for the fact that I had been given strict orders not to take any action against you, I would have started hacking away the moment our eyes met. I would have cut off your flesh piece by piece so that it can serve as a tribute to Yunus!”

Joel roared with a grim expression on his face and his eyes, bloodshot.

“Men, come! Take him away!”

Joel commanded as he waved his hand.

His subordinates approached Gerald immediately.

“Vroom! Vroom! Vroom!”

Out of nowhere came the roaring sound of a mighty engine.

A modified off-road vehicle suddenly rushed towards them from the side of the road.

It was heading straight for Gerald, who had been surrounded.


The off-road vehicle crushed all of the cars in its way as it rushed directly towards Gerald. After that, a pair of hands reached out and pulled Gerald into the passenger compartment.

“After them! Don’t let them escape!” Joel roared.

The attack came and went as quick as lightning.

The headlights of the vehicle caught them completely off-guard, blinding Joel’s men as Gerald was rescued.

“Mr. Crawford, are you okay? Sorry, we’re late!”

At this moment, the brothers, Drake and Tyson spoke up.

“I’m fine. Thank God, the both of you came in time!” Gerald nodded.

“By the way, why are you here? Did my elder sister tell you to come here?” Gerald asked.

“Yeah, Miss Crawford knew that somebody would spring an attack on you as soon as you left Northbay. She sent us over to pick you up!”

“Mr. Crawford, what are your plans for the future?” Drake asked.

There were no other alternatives. If it was possible, the two brothers would be more than willing to continue helping Gerald. They were glad to remain by Gerald’s side to protect him.

But there were many eyes keeping tabs on the Crawford family right now.

They could not allow Kort to have anything to use against them.

So, it was okay for them to help Gerald once. But helping him for the rest of his life was not going to happen.

“I am no longer Mr. Crawford. The both of you can just call me Gerald. I don’t know what is going to happen in the future but I’m going to Salford Province. I’d like to look for someone there!” Gerald replied after a brief moment of deliberation.

A specific someone had come up in his memories.

“Okay then, Mr. Crawford! We will escort you to Salford Province!”

Drake and Tyson replied.

“Vroom! Vroom! Vroom!”

Then came the sound of engines roaring.

Several modified off-road vehicles came rushing straight towards Drake and Tyson’s vehicle.

It was evident that these vehicles were being handled by the most skilled drivers around.


Drake hurriedly grabbed the steering wheel.

But it was too little too late. Simultaneously, these vehicles slammed into Drake’s vehicle, shaking the passengers up as if they were in a tin can
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 877

The sound of a violent explosion rocked the city.

There was a cloud of smoke at the scene and there was debris everywhere.

The light from the fire illuminated the night sky.

Several cars exploded simultaneously and started a huge fire within seconds.

“Mr. Crawford, are you okay?”

Drake protected Gerald as they rolled down the small slope.

Drake and Tyson brought Gerald with them as they jumped out of the car during the car crash just now.

Whoever that was after them was bat-sh*t insane.

“I’m fine, I think!”

Gerald shook his head and he felt as though the sky was spinning.

“They’re still hot on our asses!” Tyson yelled out at this time.

Many bodyguards dressed in black were brandished weapons as they rushed down the small slope from the main road.

“There are still sixteen of ‘em left, brother. Let’s deal with eight of them each. Mr. Crawford, start running north of our position! Mr. Lyle is already waiting for you under the hillside in the north. You can leave everything here to us!”

Zack was here too!

Gerald felt moved.

At the same time, he also knew that he would only cause more trouble for Drake and Tyson if he continued sticking with them.

Thus, he didn’t waste his time saying needless goodbyes. Instead, he gave them a single nod before running towards the north.

Ever since Finnley taught him some simple breathing techniques and the five fighting moves, Gerald’s physique became much greater than before.

Gerald exhausted all of his energy and strength as he desperately ran northwards.

“I am almost there!”

Gerald gritted his teeth as he reminded himself.

However, the more he ran, the darker it was. At one point, everything in front of him became pitch black.

Gerald suddenly missed a step.

He tripped forward and fell flat on his face.

After falling like a heavy sack of potatoes, he was caught up in a mental daze.

Suddenly, a burst of dazzling car lights blinded him.

Several bodyguards dressed in black came over and grabbed Gerald by the neck.

Gerald looked at the license plates of these cars.

These cars belonged to the Long family from Yanken!

“It’s all over! I have nowhere else to go now!”

Gerald closed his eyes, knowing that he had come to the end of his journey.

“Let go of him!”

Desperation was at an all-time high when he suddenly heard a familiar female voice.

Gerald’s eyelids peeled open to confirm his suspicion.


Gerald said in surprise.

Xavia marched right up to Gerald with her hands crossed over her chest.

“Hmph! Gerald, you would never have expected to fall right into my hands, right?” Xavia asked coldly.

“No, I did not,” Gerald replied with a wry smile on his face.

“Gerald, oh how amazing you are. To be the Young Master of the Crawford family, have you any idea how much people envied you? One word from you and the entire Long family would be annihilated. What a surprise to see your pathetic little face here!” said Xavia.

“Since I’m here, why don’t you just bring me back to your home, so you can get all the credit for capturing me? There’s no need for you to waste your time, saying all that. Finally, the chance has come for you to exact revenge!” Gerald responded with a bitter laugh.


Xavia raised her hand and gave Gerald a slap across his face.

“Are you telling me to shut up? Listen here, I’ll keep talking whenever I feel like talking! I’m the one calling the shots here! Gerald, do you know how long I have been waiting for this moment? I’ve been waiting a long, long time for the day where you would stand before me with your head hung low!”


Xavia gave Gerald another slap using the back of her hand.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 878
“Hahaha! I gave up everything when we were back in Salford Province. I asked for a clean slate with you but how did you respond? Arrogantly, haughtily, up on your high horse, you ignored me completely. You’ve hurt me so many times, but do you remember who was the one who remained by your side when you were still considered a pauper back in university? Who was the girl who held your hand stubbornly when you were walking through the campus, being ridiculed by everyone around you? Who was the only person who did not despise your existence back then!?”


Xavia’s eyes were red with tears as she said, “It was me! But what about you? How did you treat me as soon as you gained some wealth and glory? You made me live in such a miserable state like a dog who had to go around begging for food! Even though Felicity was a bitch who had always despised you and looked down on you, you chose to help her when she asked for help! What about me? What happened when I needed help!?”

“You were the one who let me down!” Xavia said.

“Everything is simply perfect now. You have already left the Crawford family. Finally, I am no longer afraid to tell you this. Even if you really want to escape, will you really be able to do so? Even if you can really escape from the Long family’s clutches, there is still the Moldell family, and the Lynwood family. The entire world’s going for your throat! You are just a miserable outcast, the same as you were back then!”

“I have already said so much. So, why don’t you say something? Answer me!”

Slap! Slap! Slap!

Xavia was so furious that she slapped Gerald three more times, consecutively.

All this while, Gerald had always been a looming shadow that haunted Xavia’s heart.

Being buried deep within her heart for a very long time, it contorted Xavia’s perspective on the world negatively.

Since all of her anger and frustrations were released in one single go, Xavia started to get a little hysterical!

“What else can I say? You can insult and humiliate me now and you can even kill me if it eases your soul!” Gerald replied as he shook his head.

“Hahaha! You still are clueless about what kind of girl I am, even after all this time!”

Xavia replied as she shoved Gerald.

After that, Xavia took a deep breath.

“Gerald, to tell you the truth, I do not have the intention of dragging you back with me to gain recognition from my family for capturing you!”

“I can give you a way out. As long as you are willing to bow before me, admit your mistakes apologize for your wrongs, I will let you go!” Xavia replied as she clenched her fists tightly.

The time she spent in the Long family was spent on gaining the loyalty of these men around her.

Over time, they had grown to become obedient and submissive to her.

“You…you will let me go?”

Gerald was surprised when he heard those words.

Indeed, he hated Xavia because of certain things and there was no denying that he hurt her on multiple occasions.

After falling into her hands, Gerald thought it was no better than being captured by Joel and his men.

However, Xavia was proposing to let him go.

As for Xavia, although she absolutely hated Gerald and wanted him to suffer, she did not want to see Gerald lose his life.

She had mixed and complicated feelings. She did not want Gerald to live a good life, but she also could not bear to see Gerald getting hurt.

“Yes. As long as you are willing to apologize to me, and as long as you can touch the depths of my heart, then I will let you go!” Xavia replied.

Gerald started to self-reflect. In comparison to how heartless and cruel he had been towards her back then, it was surprising how Xavia was still actually able to say such things.

Gerald was paralyzed by guilt as realization set it.

“Alright, Xavia. If you really are going to let me go, then I, Gerald Crawford would like to apologize for mistreating you and for all the wrongs I did to you in the past. I will never forget the kindness and benevolence you have shown me today!”

“Hmph! How cheesy! Now get lost!”

Xavia turned her head around to look the other way as she crossed her arms in front of her chest.

Her subordinates began making way for Gerald to leave.

Gerald nodded as he looked at Xavia before he started running away.

“Wait a minute!”

Xavia suddenly yelled out to stop Gerald.

“What’s wrong?” Gerald asked.

“Gerald, I am not sure whether we will meet again in the future, so, I would like to remind you how powerful the Moldell family is. Moreover, it is not the first or second day that the Moldell family has been planning to bring the Crawford family down. They won’t let you slip away that easily. You’ve got to be more careful from now on. The Long family is now reduced to a dog working for the Moldell family. You can run all you want, but they’ll hunt you down eventually. If you manage to escape, I’d advise you to live anonymously. It’d be better if you don’t show up at the Crawford family from now on, no matter what happens!” said Xavia.

“I understand! Thank you, Xavia.”

“And one last thing. Do you know why I am choosing to let you go?” Xavia asked.


“Because after experiencing so many things, I finally realized that you really loved me with all your heart back then. However, it was me who failed to cherish your affection till the very end!”

Xavia said, with misty red eyes.

“Alright. You take good care of yourself, okay? I am leaving now!”

After he was done speaking, Gerald turned around and dashed into the darkness of the night…
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 879
Seven days later.

At a construction site in a typical small county located in Salford Province.

“It is time for the wages to be distributed! You, twenty three dollars! Keep it well!”

“You, fourteen dollars!”

An overweight foreman with a perfectly-round belly was handing out the daily wages to a few men and women who were in their fifties.

Among them stood a young man, who stuck out like a sore thumb.

The others received twenty three dollars as their daily wage.

However, when it came to the young man’s turn, he only received fourteen dollars.

The foreman spat on his fingers as he counted the cash to make sure the amount was right.

“Hold on. Haven’t we already agreed on this matter before coming here? You don’t need to pay me twenty three dollars a day, but didn’t we settle on sixteen dollars a day instead?” The young man asked.

“Damn it! Didja forget the meal you ate earlier this afternoon!? Two dollars is taken off your pay for yer meal!”

“But the lunch we had just now was just two pieces of biscuits, and you’re deducting two dollars from me!?”

“Damn it! I only gave you some work to do because I thought that you looked like an honest and decent young man. I am only going to give you fourteen dollars. It is up to you whether you want to take it or not. Ain’tnuthin’ you can do even if I don’t pay you a single cent!”

It was around this moment.

“Huh? Why does that worker look so familiar?”

A couple holding hands were accompanied by several other people as they walked past this area.

“Familiar? Raquel, is something wrong with your eyes? Would you know a worker like this?”

The man who was richly bedecked asked contemptuously.

“No! No, he really looks very familiar. He’s a good buddy of my bankrupt ex-boyfriend. He used to be really awesome in the past. There’s no mistaking it! It’s him!”

“Are you serious?” The boy asked.

The girl walked over to the worker.

“Gerald, it’s really you!”

The girl recognized who the young man was in an instant.

There were hints of ridicule and mockery on the girl’s face.

That’s right. This young man was none other than Gerald.

On that night, seven days ago, Xavia decided to let him go. After Zack picked him up, he faced many risks along the way but he finally arrived at Salford Province.

The first thing that Gerald did was to head to the countryside to look for Uncle Quick.

After all, Gerald knew where Uncle Quick’s house was.

However, his fellow villagers told him that it had been a few days since Uncle Quick left the village.

Gerald had no other place to go to and he could only wait patiently.

As he was embarrassingly short of money, he had no choice but to come here to take on a part time job.

Gerald had also thought about finding a secure job.

However, when he arrived at Merry City, he was surrounded by his enemies, which was when he lost his identity card and everything else he had on him.

Furthermore, Kort had sent various business tycoons out to sniff out about his whereabouts.

So, Gerald was forced to avoid places that were too formal and proper. Gerald had no other choice but to come to such places to hunker down.

He was given a taste of being a miserable and distressed homeless outcast.


Gerald also recognized this girl.

She was Marven’s girlfriend who practiced taekwondo.

A couple days ago, Gerald found out through the internet that following his downfall, Marven’s travel company came crashing down as well.

A perfect demonstration of a rippling effect.

“Hahaha! I really did not expect to bump into you here. Oh, why? I heard that the company that you share with that fatty has already closed down. I heard he’s working as a pathetic little tour guide now. Haha! Look at you! You’re even worse compared to him! To think that you’re working at a construction site owned by my hubby’s family!”

Raquel laughed with her hand over her mouth.

“Oh! Mr. Brown, Miss Raquel, do you know this young man?”

The foreman bowed as he asked respectfully.

“This has nothing to do with you! Move aside!” Raquel replied coldly.

The foreman hurriedly shuffled away.

After that, Raquel crossed her arms in front of her chest and sneered as she looked Gerald up and down.

“Man, I really didn’t expect to see you here. You used to be so cool back then. Too bad you had to end up in such a state. Or perhaps, you’re just putting on an act? Is this your twisted little hobby? To experience life as a penniless nobody?”

Raquel asked with a worried tone.

After all, Gerald had slapped her across the face once.

“If you’ve nothing else to say, I’m leaving.”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 880
When Gerald saw their employees staring in his direction, he was afraid that his identity would be discovered.

So, he wanted to leave.

“Why are you leaving? Don’t leave! After all, no matter what happened in the past, we’re at least acquaintances!”

Raquel grabbed Gerald by his collar.

More likely than not, Gerald had really turned into a pauper this time.

Hahaha! Raquel felt overjoyed and relieved to see him in such a pathetic state.

“Come! Come! I want all of you to take a good look at him! Let me introduce you to this young man, Mr. Gerald Crawford!”

Raquel said as she waved her hand at the employees working in the project department.

They were all sharply-dressed folks, with all of them sporting creaseless business suits.

They had obviously graduated from university not too long ago.

They covered their mouths as they giggled at Gerald.

“Oh my god! I would kill myself if I was forced to live like this!”

“That’s right! But isn’t he being really self-reliant? To think that he came out to look for a job for himself!”

However, as executives high up the pecking order, all of them obviously despised and looked down on Gerald.

“Don’t you look down on him! Have you any idea who he is? He used to be one of the ultra-rich, Mr. Crawford! He drove a luxury car that none of you will ever be able to afford in your lifetime!” said Raquel as she cackled away.

“Ahhh? Is that true? He was actually a rich man?”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. How impressive!”

“I wasn’t able to tell though!”

The girls said as they laughed.

“Gerald, we do not have any other intentions but seeing the state you’re in right now, I believe that you do not even have a girlfriend anymore, right? Why don’t I introduce a few girls in our company to you then? Who knows, maybe one of them would be interested in you? What about you girls? What do you think?”

“What do all of you think about Gerald? Anyone who is interested in becoming his girlfriend?”

“Hahaha! Why don’t you go?”

The girls started laughing amongst themselves as they pushed one of the girls forward.

The girl who got singled-out started to sound rather anxious, “Why don’t you girls go instead? God, I hate you people sometimes!”

“Thanks but no thanks. Now, if you’ll excuse me!”

Gerald lowered his head as he turned around.

“Wait a minute! You haven’t resolved the issue about your wage yet, have you? I heard everything just now. You were arguing with Mr. Stone over your wage. I mean, it’s just two dollars anyway! We’re such a huge business, ain’t no way we’re underpaying you. Am I right, Mr. Brown?” Raquel said coquettishly.

“Of course! That is only natural!”

“So, I will settle your daily wage for you! I want you lot to cough up some change right now!”

Raquel spoke as she glanced at the few girls from the project department.

They responded in a blink of an eye.

It didn’t take them long to come up with a large bag of five-cent coins.

“Here, sixteen dollars and not a single cent less. This is your wage for today!”


Just as Raquel was about to hand the money over to Gerald, she dropped it all onto the ground.

The coins poured out of the bag immediately upon hitting the ground.

“So sorry Gerald, guess I wasn’t holding the bag properly.”

Raquel said apologetically.

“You know what? Why don’t you pick up the coins? You can calculate the amount at the same time! As they say, ‘killing two birds with one stone’.”

After that, Raquel took a deep breath before she gulped down the bottled water that she was holding in her hand. She then threw the empty bottle at Gerald before she walked away.

Gerald knelt down before he carefully picked up the coins, one by one.

He placed it all back into the bag before he left the place. His lonesome, desolate figure receded into the distance.

As dusk arrived.

Gerald bought some food to eat.

He walked back to the village.

He kept walking and did not stop until he finally arrived in front of Finnley’s house.

Gerald would come here after work every day to see if Finnley was back. But every time, he’d leave disappointed.

However, this time was different.

The door to Finnley’s house was open and the lights inside were on.

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