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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 881-890

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 881
Gerald visited Finnley’s house once in the past.

It was embarrassing to mention it but back then, Gerald felt that it was a little cumbersome to have Finnley by his side.

He wanted Finnley to be able to settle down at home.

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However, Queta felt that it would be pitiful for Finnley to be left at home alone. Not to mention how fond Finnley was of Gerald, as reflected by how eager he was to follow him around all the time.

So, he brought Finnley back to live in the villa with him.

What a twist. The only person he could rely on now was Finnley.

Gerald ran into the house.

He saw a table full of delicacies on the table in the middle of the room.

“Uncle Quick? Are you here?” Gerald asked.

“Who is it?”

At this moment, a middle-aged woman wearing an apron came out from the room next door, holding a steaming-hot dish in her hands.

Gerald was taken aback.

“I…I am looking for Uncle Quick! Finnley Quick!”

The woman looked at Gerald, who reeked of sweat after toiling away the entire day and a look of disgust appeared on her face as she responded, Finnley has already gone up the mountain! He ain’t back yet! Why are you looking for him?”

“Well, I have my reasons. I will wait for him to come back first. Since it looks like you’re expecting guests, I’ll be waiting outside the door!”

Gerald suddenly noticed that Finnley had gotten a pretty sweet deal for himself. Looks like he was able to get a wife for himself. If his memory served him right, before he left, Gerald left him a pretty big sum of money as pension.

However, Gerald felt too ashamed and embarrassed to ask about it. He stumbled out of the door and was about to wait by the doorway until Finnley came back.

“Hey, wait a minute! What is your name?”

The woman asked as if she had suddenly thought of something.

“Gerald Crawford!” Gerald replied.

“Oh! So you’re Gerald? We’ve been waiting for you for a few days now! He said that you’d come looking for him, so he asked me to welcome you and get you settled down. Still, why haven’t I seen you even though I come here everyday?”

“Uncle Quick knew that I was coming?”

“That’s right! He’d given me the instructions about a week ago. After that, he headed straight into the mountains! He told me that you are a rich young man! But you sure don’t look like one…hahaha!”

Gerald looked at his own clothes and he could not help but smiled wryly.

‘Was Finnley a psychic or something? How did he predict that I’d be in trouble?’ Gerald pondered.

But this was not the right time to be bothered with this now.

“You came at the right time. Finnley is coming back today. I’ve whipped up a table-full of dishes for him. Now that you’re here, hurry up and take a seat! You can have some tea first!” The woman said enthusiastically.

After chatting with the woman briefly, Gerald finally got the gist of things.

The woman came from the same village as Finnley. She requested for Gerald to refer to her as Aunt Maria. However, things weren’t as Gerald deduced. To be specific, Aunt Maria was not Finnley’s wife.

She was Finnley’sgodsister.

Aunt Maria was a chatterbox.

She talked a lot.

As they spoke, he was told that something had really happened between Finnley and Aunt Maria.

This occurred around the time when Finnley first came back to the village.

Aunt Maria was a widow who was down with a severe illness and it was Finnley who saved her and got her ailment sorted out.

She could not understand how Finnley, who used to live such a carefree life suddenly became rich.

Saved by the hero, coupled with the fact that Finnley was actually a pretty decent man with above average qualities, Aunt Maria wanted to start a romantic relationship with him.

However, Finnley simply turned down her advances.

After that, Aunt Maria started treating him as her elder brother.

This was why she came to cook for the man today.

“Maria! Come and help me store these herbs I picked!”

A strong and loud voice came from outside the door.

As soon as Gerald heard the voice, he immediately knew who it was.

He stood up hastily.

“Uncle Quick?”

“My grandson? You are really here! How many days have you been here?”

Finnley was still the same as he had always been.

However, he looked a little neater compared to before.

Gerald assumed that it was Aunt Maria who forced him to dress up.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 882
Finnley’s face looked rosier than compared to when Queta was taking care of him before this.

He was carrying a bag of herbs.

“I just arrived!” Gerald replied.

“Why, grandson? Things sure went tits-up didn’t they?” Finnley asked as he chuckled.

“You can say that again!” Gerald replied, “I have nowhere else to go now, so I guess I’ll be relying on you from now on!”

“Hahaha! I’ve already asked Maria to wait for you for a few days now! Judging by how you look, you must have suffered a lot in the past few days. Come, let’s go. Maria has already prepared a table full of dishes. She’s prepared it for you! Come in and have a little drink with your gramps!”

Finnley said as he patted Gerald on his shoulder.

“So, it turns out that the Moldell family had forced you into a dead end. What is wrong with the Crawford family anyway? Don’t they have a lot of money? Did their balls drop off when facing the Moldell family?”

The two men started talking over wine and food.

Finnley was smoking a cigarette as he spoke in a light-hearted manner.

“Uncle Quick, how long have you known about the Moldells?”

The more Gerald interacted with Finnley, the more mysterious the man appeared to him.

No doubt, he knew a lot of things.

Finnley was very straightforward this time and he nodded slightly.

“I know a little about them, but as you young folks say nowadays, I can’t be bothered to know all the details about these second-rate noobs!”


Gerald was startled.

“They’re a family made up exclusively by second-rate people. They are even referring to themselves as a hidden clan? Hmph! Clan my ass! Like hell they’re worthy enough to be considered a hidden clan, judging by how poorly they deal with matters.”

Finnley shook his head silently.

“I have seen how they operated. The Crawford family has a very tight-knitted defense and a long line of outstanding young masters. Which was why I was surprised to learn that KortMoldell was able to break down the resistance completely while remaining largely unopposed with just a handful of his men!”

“Okay, okay, I get what you mean. Are the masters you mentioned similar to the brothers, Drake and Tyson? Hahaha! Could Drake and Tyson even be considered as masters? You ask them that and take a good look at their reactions!”

Finnley said as he waved his hand helplessly.

Gerald remained silent.

After a moment of deliberation, Gerald raised his head and asked, “Uncle Quick, do know about the Sun League?”

“The Sun League? Why are you asking me about this?”

Finnley was evidently surprised to hear Gerald mention the name.

So, Gerald proceeded to explain the ins and outs of the situation to Finnley again.

“I know a little about them. Listen, it’s not like I’m looking down on you, or underestimating the Crawford or Moldell families, but something tells me that you should dispel these ideas and thoughts for now!”

“Why?” Gerald asked.

“At this point in time, the less you know, the better it is for you. Grandson, did you practice the five moves and the breathing technique that I taught you before this?”

Finnley asked with a smile on his face.

“Sure did!”

Finnley nodded and said, “What are your plans in the future then?”

Gerald sighed as he said, “I am penniless now and Kort’s men are searching all over for me. There is nowhere that I can go so I’m seeking refuge at your place now!”

“Hahaha! You did the right thing, grandson! To be honest, even if you didn’t come looking for me, I would have come searching for you sooner or later. This is our fate. So, you should just stay with me from now on. Sooner or later, you will understand why I said that the Moldells are just second-rate folks!”

Finnley patted Gerald on his head.

“Uncle Quick, I have another question!”

“Fire away!”

“Why did you find me in the first place back then? It could not have been because you felt like it, right?”

Gerald had always wanted to ask him this question.

“As I said, don’t ask me such questions for the time being. When the time is right, I will tell you everything! For now, you can just stay at my place with peace of mind and learn from me then!”

“Learn? What is there to learn?” Gerald asked.

“Learn to be skillful! My silly grandson! Haven’t you figured out the reason why you ended up in this state? If you had the appropriate skills, would you have allowed Kort to chase you around like a dog? I have already reminded you about this matter when I left back then!”

Finnley replied.

That’s right. When Finnley left back then, he already told Gerald that money wasn’t going to solve everything. He would have to be capable in other aspects as well.

However, Gerald did not have the time to pick up these “other” skills. He thought it was unnecessary.

It was only when Kort was hunting him down did he realize that aside from money, he had nothing significant that made up his identity in the past…
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 883
“Uncle Quick, what do I need to learn?” Gerald asked.

“You have to learn everything that I know. You can slowly take your time. Gerald, your physique is actually not that bad. For the past seven days, I have been picking specific medicinal herbs for you to take a bath in so that you can recoup your strength and vitality. Besides that, I will also perform acupuncture on you. Don’t worry! Under my guidance, it won’t be long before you become a master!”

“You’ve been doing that for me for the past seven days?”

Gerald was really touched when he heard this sentence.

After all, his attitude back when he first met Finnley was not great. To think that the old man was willing to go to such great lengths just to help him. The man was actually concerned about his well being.

Finnley was not his biological grandfather, but Gerald felt that he was much closer to him compared to his own grandfather.

At this moment, there was nothing Gerald wished for more than to live up to Finnley’s expectations.

So, Gerald continued staying in the village, learning all sorts of skills from Finnley.

In a blink of an eye, half a year had already passed…

In a secret room in the Crawford family mansion in Northbay.

“How is it? Still nothing about Gerald?”

In the past six months, Dylan seemed to have grown a lot older.

His hair was already turning gray.

Yulia’s face continued to be soaked in tears everyday.

“Master, I escorted the young master all the way to Salford Province back then. However, we came under attack in Salford Province. I stayed behind to cover Mr. Crawford and shield him from our enemies. All that I know is that he had already gone to a village to look for an old man whose last name is Quick. Miss Queta told me the old man’s address. I have already visited the place a few times but the house had already been vacant a long time ago and there were no signs that Gerald had ever been there before!”

Zack had not been idle in the past six months, instead, he had been scouring the continent in search of Gerald while remaining undercover.

Unfortunately, for the past six months, Gerald seemed to have completely vanished from the face of the earth.

“This is all your fault! If you were just a little stronger and more powerful back then, there wouldn’t have been the need for him to leave our family! We don’t even know if Gerald is dead or alive now!” Yulia said anxiously.

Jessica was also crying as she comforted her mother.

“Gerald has lost everything, including his identity card. Not to mention the fact that that bastard, KortMoldell is searching all over for him! How do you expect him to hide then? Who knows, maybe he had fallen into his hands a long time ago?!”

The more she spoke, the more upset Yulia became.

“No! If Gerald had really fallen into Kort’s hands, then that bastard would have issued a threat already. He had been coming up with all sorts of excuses in the past six months but they’re nothing but excuses, right? Gerald would have become his bargaining chip because he knows that we would compromise and give in for his sake! In other words, it’s unlikely that Gerald has actually been captured yet,” said Jessica.

“Jessica is right. Don’t worry. I believe in our son. He will be fine. Queta, help your aunt back to her room! Let her get some rest,” Dylan said.

Tears were also streaming down Queta’s face. She nodded and said, “Yes, uncle!”

“Alright then. Resume your duties. I’d like to have some time alone!” Dylan said.

After they left, Dylan clasped his hands together and a worried expression surfaced on his face.

“Gerald, my child, where are you hiding? If I knew that this would happen, dad would rather go all out to fight against Kort than allow you to risk your life out there!”

Dylan’s original plan was to send the strongest masters from the Crawford family to guard Gerald as long as he was out there. He would deny Kort any chance to strike out against his child.

That would not have been very difficult.

However, he had overestimated the strength and power of the masters that he had cultivated over the years, and he had greatly underestimated the strength and power of Kort’s subordinates.

That night, six months ago in Merry City, if it weren’t because of his subordinates risking their lives to save Gerald, his child would not have made it out alive.

Dylan clenched both of his fists tightly.

Despite how much money he had, he still found himself powerless against such an elusive foe.

‘Why can’t there be a way out of this!? Why!?’


At this moment, Dylan’s butler, Fynn walked in.

“What’s wrong?”

“Jett from the Moldell family is interested in the Mountain Top Villa that the young master bought in Mayberry City. He asks how much would you be willing to sell it for.”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 884
“Kort’s third son, Jett?”

Dylan clenched his fists.

“Yes sir, that’s him!”

“Hahaha! For the past 6 months, has there been anything that he did not want? Sell? Could he have been any more disrespectful? Tell him that we are not selling it!”

Dylan slammed his hands heavily on the table.

Although Kort could not come up with a valid justification to stop the Moldell family from assisting the Crawford family to track the Sun League, six months ago, he had asked his third son, Jett to join Parker’s team under the excuse that he should be gaining more experience.

However, upon Jett’s arrival, he had been trying to seize everything that he wanted by force and Dylan had been very tolerant of him all this while.

But this was the final straw.

“But master, KortMoldell has had his eyes on the Crawford family for a long time now. If Jett is not satisfied and tries to cause trouble for us, it might end up in a disaster for us!”

The butler also replied helplessly.

“Okay, fine! Fine! Give it to them! He can have it if he wants it!

Dylan waved his hand impatiently.

Something that was worth $123,000,000.00 was nothing in Dylan’s eyes.

Be that as it may, he was still infuriated by Jett’s blatant show of disrespect.

But he had no choice, did he?

“How about it? Has Dylan agreed to it?”

A fancy-looking young man with his legs crossed was sipping his tea outside.

“Greetings, Mr. Moldell. The master said that since you’re interested in it, he will give Mountain Top Villa to you as a gift. If you don’t mind me asking, why did you even ask about buying it in the first place?”

Despite the butler’s respectful tone, he felt the urge to eat the bastard alive.

“Okay! Very well! You know, credit where credit is due. Dylan Crawford is a man who understands the reality of things! I’ve got to give him that!”

“Brothers, let’s go! Let’s leave this boring place, and go to Mayberry City for a few days!”

Jett said as he walked away in an ostentatious manner in front of his men.

In a restaurant in a small town in Salford Province.

This was a restaurant that was similar to a farmhouse-converted-diner.

This was because it was located right next to a vast mountain.

There was a big river passing through the other side of the mountain.

It was indeed a beautiful mountain with crystal-clear waters.

So, many people from the so-called upper-class would often come here to travel and explore the area.

“No matter what it is, you have got to give me an explanation today! Do you know how expensive my clothes are?”

“That’s right! Ask your boss to come here! Wipe it? Maybe you’re sick and tired of living? Is that it?”

A woman in her thirties with heavy makeup on her face was holding onto a youth’s collar and she refused to let go.

She yelled loudly into his ear.

This was what happened. There were about seven to eight people in their group.

One glance was enough to tell that these weren’t your average law-abiding citizens.

When they came in to eat, a young waiter who was in charge of serving them accidentally splashed some of the vegetable soup on the woman’s body.

And things only went downhill from that point.

The main reason why there was such a huge ruckus was that they thought it would be easy and entertaining to bully the owner of this restaurant.

“I’m terribly sorry, please, let me wipe it off you!”

The youth apologized profusely as he came forward to wipe the soup off her dress.


Unexpectedly, the woman slapped the boy across his face. “Damn it! Take your dirty hands off me! How dare you touch me! Berthold, look at how terrible his attitude is!”

The woman said in a rude, provocative tone.

She glanced at a burly man beside her, who had a dragon tattoo and a buzz cut.


The burly man slammed his foot into the poor waiter’s stomach. The youth flew backward and smashed into the tables behind him.

There were many patrons at the restaurant, and they were all staring indifferently at the scene before them…
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 885

Suddenly, a girl with a ponytail ran out of the kitchen while still holding onto some vegetables.

She had seen the young man getting abused by their customers.

So, she hurriedly set aside what she was doing before running over to save her brother.

“Why did you hit my brother?”

The girl lunged over with tear-filled red eyes.

“Why did we hit him? Hmph! Look at this! He dirtied my clothes! What is wrong with your restaurant? How can you hire such a clueless waiter like him? He’s just asking for a beating at this point! Damn it! Tell me, what are you going to do now? If you don’t cough up some money as compensation, prepare to see your restaurant all smashed up!”

The woman said coldly.

“Don’t smash the shop! Please! I beg of you!”

The youth burst into tears as he groveled at their feet.

“Brother, don’t do that!”

The girl said anxiously.

The girl looked like she was just in her early twenties.

She was a hardworking and sensible girl.

That made it all the easier to bully this pathetic little family. The group of thugs got even more aggressive when they realized this.

The men behind Bertold started loosening their joints and cracking their knuckles, as they prepared themselves for a fight.

The people seated around them were also starting to get nervous. It was clear that these poor siblings were not going away without a beating. How pitiful.

“What’s wrong? Why is there a fight?”

At that moment.

A young man wearing a peaked cap arrived outside on an electric tricycle with a woman. They had obviously gone out to buy some supplies for the kitchen.

When the woman saw the fight that was going on inside, she hurriedly jumped off the electric tricycle and stormed into the restaurant.

On the other hand, the young man outside was still relatively calm and composed. He stole a glance at the folks inside the restaurant as he unloaded the supplies with a cigarette dangling between his lips. .

“Mom, they attacked him!”

The girl hurriedly said.

“Mom, they hit me!” said the young man as he continued sobbing away on the floor.

“Hunter, don’t be afraid! Mom’s here!”

“Who gave you the right to hit him?”

The woman felt very anxious at this time.

“Who gave me the right? Your imbecile son soiled my clothes for crying out loud!”

The woman replied with her arms crossed before her chest.

“They’re just clothes! I will compensate you! Tell me how much you want! Do you think you will get away with hitting my son!? Never! Why didn’t you ask around first? I, Maria, maybe a widow, but I’m not someone you’d dare to mess with!” yelled the young man’s mother.

“Fine! Optimistic aren’t you? I’ll tell you what this is! This is a Hermes product. A brand new one at that! I am wearing it for the first time today and it costs fourteen thousand dollars!”

The woman replied.

When Maria heard this, her arrogance faded away.

“How…how much is it? Fourteen thousand dollars? There are clothes that expensive?”

The annual profit for this farmhouse was only about eight or nine thousand dollars. Now they had to cough up fourteen thousand dollars just because somebody’s clothes had some vegetable soup on it? Preposterous!

“Hahaha! A country bumpkin will always be so ignorant! I doubt that you’d even heard of the brand before!” The woman replied arrogantly.

Maria was left speechless.

After all, these people had a Land Rover G500 and a variety of fancy cars parked outside and they did not seem like any ordinary people.

She was caught between a rock and a hard place.

The onlookers all wore sympathetic expressions when they looked at the restaurant owner.

There was no other way around it. This was just pure bad luck.

As both parties were confronting one another, the young man wearing a peaked cap, who had been unloading goods outside walked into the restaurant.

He walked right up to the woman’s side. She was wearing a long one-piece dress.

He then grabbed the dress where her thigh was and started feeling the material of the fabric.


The woman was so frightened that she screamed out in fright.

“You…what are you doing?”

Bertold was also pissed off. Cracking his neck, it was obvious that he was about to get into a fight.

“It’s a fake!”

The young man with the peaked cap said as he shook his head, “You’ve been cheated, m’lady!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 886
The young man took off his peaked cap before placing it aside. After that, he flicked his burning cigarette butt out of the restaurant.

As soon as he took off his cap, everyone inside the restaurant could clearly see that despite his skinny physique, he gave people an intimidating aura, and also how handsome and delicate his face was.

When the woman heard this, she started acting more anxiously.

“You must be blind! This is a genuine product! No way in hell will a person like you be able to distinguish between a genuine and a fake product! Why don’t you admit that you guys aren’t going to compensate me! Looks like I’ll have to teach you a lesson today lest you forget how powerful I am!”

The woman glanced at Bertold as she motioned for him to go ahead.

Bertold and his men started advancing on the young man.

“Alright, that’s enough. I know that all of you are great people. However, it’s really a knock-off! Why would I possibly lie to you?”

As he spoke, the young man grabbed the woman’s dress and tore it open.


The woman started screaming out loud again.

“Take a look if you believe me. An authentic Hermes product is made out of raw materials that are treated with special care. But look at your dress. It is clearly made out of industrial cotton. You must have bought a counterfeit good somewhere, right? It costs three hundred and ten dollars at most!”

The young man said.

The woman wanted to scream into his ears.

However, she was stunned when she heard this.

Bertold, who was about to close in on him, was also stunned.

The both of them exchanged glances with one another.

This was because everything that the young man had said was right. This was indeed a counterfeit product that they had bought for three hundred and eight dollars at a discount sale.

“So, we can only compensate you three hundred and ten dollars at most!”

The young man said with a triumphant smile.

“Aunt Maria, bring three hundred and ten dollars here!”


Maria nodded.

The young man handed the money over to Bertold.

Bertold felt embarrassed for being publicly humiliated by this young man in front of so many pairs of eyes. What ticked him off was the fact that he even took the opportunity to tear apart the dress of his woman.

How dare he point out so loudly that his woman was wearing a cheap knock-off dress!

If he were to leave without doing anything, then he, Bertold, would rather just be dead!

“Okay, young man. You have a good eye, I gotta give you that. However, even if it really was a knock-off, why did you have to tear my woman’s dress apart? I’ll turn you into a darned cripple for doing that!”

Bertold was fuming from the ears.

Without warning, he sent his fist straight into the young man’s face.


There was a sound.

The young man grabbed hold of Bertold’s fist directly.

And then, he tightened his grip on the fist.

“Ouch! That hurts! Let go of my fist damn it!”

Bertold yelled out in pain.

He was shocked.

He could easily lift this man off the ground but how could he possibly exert so much strength using his fingers alone?

“You want to fight? Then you should have just said so!”

The young man replied with a subtle smile.

After shaking his wrist slightly, Bertold’s arms started clicking and bending upwards at a bizarre angle.

After that, the young man gave Bertold a slight kick and he was flipped onto his back effortlessly.

“Ouch! My arm!”

Bertold yelped in pain.

His subordinates were all dumbfounded.

Hearing all the painful cracks when the young man was grappling Bertold’sfist made them realize how powerful this seemingly harmless man was.

Seeing how Bertold’s body moved, they knew instantly that his arm had become dislocated.

None of them dared to move a muscle.

“It’s okay. It will not hurt anymore after a while!”

The young man said as he squatted next to the big guy.

Bertold, who was yelling incessantly, looked at his horribly deformed arm before realizing that he wasn’t feeling any pain anymore.

However, the awkward position his arm was bent into looked really frightening.

At the same time, he saw the young man smiling indifferently at him. Chills crept up his spine when he started realizing how creepy the man’s smile appeared.

He started sweating profusely as he said, “You…what are you going to do to me?”

The young man smiled as he patted Bertold’s shoulder. “Bertold, with so many customers around, there’s nothing I can do to you. Weren’t you asking for compensation? Come! Why don’t we step outside and talk about it?”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 887
Bertold gulped in fear.

The woman was starting to feel fearful as well.

She was afraid that this young man would also break her arm just like how he did to Bertold’s.

She followed behind the young man as they walked into the backyard.

They finally arrived in a shack in their backyard.


The young man shut the heavy door behind them loudly.

The both of them shivered in fright.

But they had no other choice. After all, Bertold could not allow his arm to remain the way that it was.

“You better fix my arm for me. Or I’ll not let you go. Why don’t you go around and ask…”

Bertold wasn’t going to lose his pride that easily. So, he continued speaking with a hostile look in his eyes.

“Okay, that’s enough. I already told you that I know how powerful both of you are. So, let’s talk things over!”

The young man interrupted him before he could finish speaking.

“Heh heh. As long as you fix my man’s arm, we won’t be asking for any compensation!”

The woman said.


The young man slapped the woman across her face.

The woman collapsed onto the ground after receiving the slap.

It came so suddenly that it momentarily stunned her. She was in such a disoriented state that she remained on the ground, staring up with a baffled look on her face.

Without waiting for her man to retaliate, the young man proceeded to break Bertold’sother arm.

In the end, both of Bertold’s arms were completely deformed and he could only lay on the ground as he squealed in pain.

He had fear written all over his face at the moment.

“How would you like to talk things over?”

The young man asked with a hint of hostility in his tone.

“No…we are not discussing anything anymore! Just let us go! We do not want to discuss anything anymore!”

Bertold replied out of fear.

“What about the three hundred and ten dollars?” The young man asked.

“I will give it back to you. We…we do not want it anymore!”

There was nothing they could do to intimidate this young man at all!

This was not the first time that Bertold had come looking for trouble but he knew that this time was different. This time, he had actually dug his own grave.

“Alright then. Remember clearly that you are giving it up voluntarily. I did not force the both of you to do so!” The young man said.

“Yes, it is voluntary! We did it voluntarily!”

At this time, the young man pulled out the three hundred and ten dollars that he had given to Bertold just now, from his pocket.

“Besides that, the both of you hit Hunter outside just now. I don’t care what you’re gonnasay, you should at least give us three hundred and ten dollars to cover for his medical expenses, right? We will have to bring him to the hospital to get a scan and so forth. As you can already see, the small clinic in our town is not that well-equipped. We will have to bring him to the county hospital and I’m afraid, it’ll cost a lot more than that!” The young man said.

“We will compensate you. Three hundred and ten dollars! Just take it!”

“And also…”

The young man said.

“There is still more?”

Bertold who was struggling for his breath due to the pain asked.


The young man slapped him across the face “How dare you interrupt me when I’m speaking.”

“I’m so sorry, please go ahead!”

“And also, when you were beating Hunter up just now, you broke our tables, chairs, benches, pots and pans. You’ll have to pay up a hundred dollars for that, but I’ll make it easier by rounding it up to one hundred and fifty dollars! Now, pay up!”

“We will pay! We will pay! Mate, please help me. I cannot stand it anymore. My arms feel like there are thousands of bugs gnawing at it!”

Bertold’s face was pale from all the pain he was experiencing.

“Alright then. You should have had this kind of attitude from the very beginning and we would not have needed to waste our time like this! Just because you have money doesn’t mean sh*t, alright?”

The young man said.

After that, he held Bertold down as he fixed his arms.

Miraculously, Bertold felt his arms recover and the pain fade away.

“I remember now! Big brother, I will remember that!”

Bertold replied as he broke out in cold sweat.

“We will go out and make up for the balance we owe you. Not a single cent less, I swear on my mother!”

Bertold helped the woman, who had barely regained her senses to get on her feet before they hurriedly got back into the restaurant.

“Bertold, are we really leaving just like that? I am not satisfied at all!”

The woman complained while sobbing.

Her expression was as if she was the aggrieved party here.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 888
Bertold grabbed hold of the woman’s arm and got her to shut up.

After that, he thought to himself:

‘Am I going to leave like this? Hahaha! He should ask around and see what kind of a person I am. I may leave today but come tomorrow, I’ll be here with more of my men! When night falls, I will raze this place to the ground. After that, I will capture the young brat and I will cut the tendons in his arms and legs! Like hell I’m gonna let this slide so easily! Being impulsive will bring us nowhere. I can’t fight the kid head-on, not right now at least. After all, I don’t have enough men with me!”

“Bertold, wait a minute!”

At this time, the young man walked out of the room where they were tortured.

He waved his hand at Bertold.

“Ahh? Big brother, what’s wrong?” Bertold said.

“Come back here. I forgot something!” The young man said.

Bertold walked back to him.

“I forgot something just now. I don’t think I’ll be relieved if I let you just leave like that, would I?”

“Big brother, what are you worried about? I have already gotten a taste of how powerful you are. I will not dare to mess with you, I swear!” Bertold replied.

Although the young man looked like he was around twenty-two years old, Bertold had no choice but to refer to him as his big brother out of respect and fear.

“You might not dare to mess with me now but what if you go back and mobilize more of your men? What should I do if you decide to come back and destroy our shop in the middle of the night? Will you let me go when that happens? Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up severing the tendons in my limbs. I will end up being cripple for the rest of my life when that happens!” The young man said.

Bertold’s eyes were wide open in disbelief as he stared at the young man with a dumbfounded look on his face.

F*ck! He can read minds now?

Otherwise, how would he be able to repeat the same exact thing that he had been thinking of in his mind?

Bertold felt even more petrified. He looked at the young man as if he was staring at the devil himself!

“Big brother, why would I do that? I would not dare to do so!” Bertold replied nervously.

“I will have to get some insurance, just to be on the safe sides!”

After he was done speaking, the young man grabbed both Bertold and the woman’s cheeks before pinching their mouths open.

After that, he placed his index finger right inside their orifices.

“This…what is this? What did you feed the both of us?”

They were terrified.

“Twas a poisonous worm! Try feeling it now. Is there a slight pain in your stomach?”


Their faces had already turned green.

They tried to feel it, as instructed by the young man. As he had said, they really felt a slight pain in their stomach!

“Big brother, please spare our lives! Please spare our lives!”

At this moment, Bertold and the woman began panicking.

“It’s fine. It will not take your life for the time being. On the contrary, it will actually be of great benefit to your body. For example, your kidney issue will return to normal in less than a month!”

The young man patted Bertold on his shoulder before he asked, “Do you feel a warm feeling in your kidneys now?”

Bertold took a moment to feel his kidneys before he started nodding, “Yes! Yes! I can really feel it!”

“Alright then. However, I have to warn you beforehand. Water can float a boat, as much as it can flood a boat. If both of you decide to retaliate, then this thing can also kill you at any time. It can gnaw away at your internal organs, and any type of medical procedure would not be able to save you at all!”

The young man’s face tensed up in seconds.

The both of them were so scared that their legs were already trembling in fear.

“Big brother, I understand now! I understand!”

The both of them nodded in unison.

“Alright then. Let’s go!” The young man said.

After that, the both of them walked to the front desk in panic as they put down eight hundred dollars on the table before they left with their men in a hurry.

“Don’t leave! Didn’t you say how impressive you were? Why leave now!?”

Maria yelled as she stood at the door with her hands on her waist.

She was laughing heartily as she counted the fat wad of bills.

“Gerald, this is all thanks to you! Hahaha! I made an extra eight hundred dollars today! I really have to depend on you when it comes to such unruly folks!”

Maria said with a smile on her face as she looked at the young man.

“Gerald, please tell us how you scared Bertold this time?”

That’s right. This young man was none other than Mr. Crawford from the past…Gerald!

Gerald smiled wryly before he told them the entire story.

“Hahaha! Did you really feed them a poisonous worm?” The girl asked.

“Of course, not. I simply pressed on a few of their meridian points before fooling them!”

Gerald replied in a hushed tone.

“Ahh! There is no other way to deal with people like this! Otherwise, they’d definitely come back at us in the future.

Gerald shook his head with a helpless expression. After that, it seemed as though a new idea had popped into his mind when he told them, “That’s right. I almost forgot something. I’ll be right back with you guys!”

As soon as he was done speaking, Gerald ran out and left on his electric tricycle…
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 889
The girl had a different look in her eyes when she looked at Gerald’s back as he left.

“Ivy, what are you looking at?”

Maria could not help but ask when she noticed how distracted her daughter was.

“Ahhh? I was not looking at anything!”

Ivy pouted as she responded while shaking her head.

Maria was an expert in love and relationship matters when she was young. So, how could she possibly not know what her daughter was thinking about?

That’s right. Gerald was a dashing young man after all.

He had lots of incredible skills, and he treated everyone kindly too.

Indeed, not many girls would be able to resist a man like him.

Therefore, it was inevitable that her daughter would start having feelings for him.

However, Maria sighed as she said, “Ivy, a word of advice. You will never be able to be together with Gerald.”

Ivy was initially planning to deny and refute her mother’s words.

But when she saw her mother’s resolute attitude, she immediately replied, “Why? Gerald does not have a girlfriend anyway!”

“Who said so? It is just that something happened to his girlfriend. I don’t really know about the details of what happened exactly. However, Gerald used to be a very powerful man and he loved his girlfriend very much. I am only telling you this because I do not want to see you getting hurt!” Aunt Maria said.

When Ivy heard those words, a gloomy and desolate expression appeared on her face. After that, she turned around and went into the kitchen wordlessly.

Gerald was outside, apparently trying to fetch something.

For the past six months, Gerald had been staying by Finnley’s side.

He was constantly soaking in medicinal herbs, practicing and improving his physical fitness all day long. He had also undergone several training regimes under Finnley’s instructions.

Gerald had also gone on several missions as specified by his master.

A lot has changed in the six months Gerald spent under Finnley’s guidance.

As for their relocation, Finnley wanted to facilitate Gerald’s training in the mountains. So, that was the reason why they moved to the small town.

And since Aunt Maria did not have any relatives in the village, she used the pension that Gerald had given to Finnley in the past to open the farmhouse restaurant.

Aunt Maria was the one who usually ran the restaurant.

In the past six months, Gerald’s skills and strength had improved significantly. He had thought countless times about going back home to see his friends and family.

It would not be an easy task for Kort to try and kill Gerald now, and it could even be said to be a very difficult task.

However, Gerald was now running solo. He was all alone and he’d be hopelessly outnumbered if he were to go up against the big and powerful Moldell family now.

Therefore, Gerald had been holding back his urges all this while.

The most important thing now was for him to improve his strength.

As for Finnley, aside from giving detailed instructions to Gerald in the first three months, he’d always be away from home. This also meant that Gerald would always be practicing by himself.

Three days ago, Finnley suddenly left without even saying anything after receiving a token.

Gerald was already used to it though.

After getting to know Finnley and spending more time with him, Gerald realized that Finnley was indeed a very mysterious person. The people he knew were all surprisingly influential, and weren’t the type of people you’d expect the old man to be so well-acquainted with!


Gerald’s bike rolled to a halt before a fellow young man.

“Fatty, where are the items?” Gerald asked.

“Fear not, Gerald! Marven Wadley always gets things done! It is all inside the bag!”

The chubby fellow was none other than Marven.

When Gerald bumped into him earlier, he was being bullied by a ruthless bunch of strangers, so as a friend, he had to step in and save his ass.

It just so happened that whenever Gerald was out to perform his tasks, he would try to fish for some extra profits. And Marven was the exact type of person who you’d look for when it comes to fishing for profits.

Marven patted his bag as he jumped onto the electric tricycle.

“We will have to get it done as soon as possible!” Gerald said.

After that, he headed directly towards the street where they sold antique items.

There was a foreign antique inside the bag. Gerald snatched it from a wealthy foreign businessman’s personal collection.

Of course, the businessman himself was also not a good person.

Gerald’s training largely consisted of such activities, which was to obtain through illegal means, items that were obtained in the same unlawful manner.

Gerald had no other options but to do what he did. He could not contact the Crawford family now, and since he desperately needed money, this was the next best thing he could do.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 890
The both of them entered the antique shop.

There was a tall girl with a head of long hair standing at the counter.

“Take a look at this. How much is this jade bracelet worth?” The girl asked.

Gerald raised his brows slightly when he heard the girl’s voice.

No way she’s here, right?

Furthermore, the girl’s back was facing the both of them.

Therefore, Gerald remained silent. Instead, he simply sat down at the waiting area next to the wall.

The shopkeeper was an overweight man in his fifties. He had a small beard and also a wretched look permanently etched onto his face.

He held the jade bracelet in his hand as he looked at it for a while.

After that, he shook his head and said, “The jade is actually pretty good. However, this type of jade is very common and its circulation rate on the market is very low. If you really are looking to sell it, then I can offer you five hundred dollars for it.” The boss replied.

“What? Only five hundred dollars? But…but I looked it up on the internet and I saw that this kind of jade actually went for more than fifty thousand dollars! This is our family’s heirloom that has been passed down from our ancestors!” The girl replied anxiously.

“Hahaha! What are you talking about? Over fifty thousand dollars? Miss, you looked like a reasonable person at first but your claim is downright ridiculous! Five hundred dollars is actually a very good offer already! You can’t just believe what you see online!”

“Just take a look at your jade bracelet! See the polished spots? I don’t think it’s worth that much now that I’ve mentioned it. If you don’t believe me, I happen to have a jade bracelet that is made out of the same exact material as your jade bracelet. I am selling it for one thousand and five hundred dollars but compared to yours, that jade bracelet has a much better color!”

The girl took the jade bracelet and examined it carefully. It was as he said, the material looked identical!

At this time, she said anxiously, “But boss, I need the money urgently. My mother is seriously ill and I am in urgent need of money right now! Can you give me one thousand and two hundred dollars for it at least?”

“Based on your accent, I can tell that you are not from Salford Province. You must be from the south, right? Why? Are you here to beg Master Jenkinson to treat your mother’s illness?”

The girl nodded.

“Sigh. As much as I sympathize with you, if I give you one thousand and two hundred dollars for it, I’d be suffering a huge loss. Why don’t we do this instead? I will give you another three hundred dollars for it. I will pay you eight hundred dollars for the jade bracelet. If that’s not enough, I don’t think how else I can help you!” The boss replied.

The girl thought for a moment. After that, she gritted her teeth and said, “Alright then. If you can give me eight hundred dollars, I’ll take it!”


At this time, the girl who was feeling very disconcerted and upset suddenly felt someone patting her shoulder.

She turned around to see who it was that called out to her.

When she saw the boy standing behind her, the girl’s eyes lit up in delight.

She was surprised and overjoyed at the same time.


“Is it really you…Gerald!?”

The girl started jumping excitedly.

“Naomi! I almost didn’t recognize you!”

Gerald started patting Naomi’s head gently.

This girl was Naomi Milton.

Naomi’s hair was obviously much longer compared to how it was before.

And she seemed to have grown a little taller.

No wonder she sounded so familiar when he first stepped into the shop.

But before seeing her face and confirming his suspicion, Gerald refrained from exposing his identity.

Speaking of it, he had not seen Naomi ever since he left Mayberry City.

Six months flew by in the blink of an eye.

Naomi was his best friend when they were still back in university.

In fact, she was still his best friend now.

“I have not seen you in such a long time!”

Gerald said with a smile.

“That’s right, Gerald. I heard Felicity saying that something happened to you and that your whereabouts are unknown. What a surprise to see you here in Salford Province!”

Naomi said with misty eyes.

She then stepped forward and wrapped her arms around Gerald.

Gerald patted Naomi gently on her shoulder as he said, “I’m doing fine. Look at me, there’s nothing wrong with me, right? By the way, didn’t Felicity and you start a company together? Why are you…”

Gerald asked curiously.

Naomi wiped the tears off her face.

After that, she choked up and said, “Gerald, you might not know this but Felicity, she…something happened to Felicity!”

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