The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 891-900

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 891
“…What? What’s wrong with Felicity? What happened?” asked Gerald hurriedly as soon as he saw Naomi’s expression.

Tears flowing down her cheeks again, Naomi cupped her mouth with a hand as she slowly began explaining what had taken place about half a year ago sometime after Gerald’s disappearance.

While the Crawfords had easily prevented the first flow of news—about Gerald’s disappearance—from getting out to the public, eventually, people still managed to catch on.

From there on out, rumor after rumor began popping up and spreading around like wildfire. Some of the rumors claimed that Gerald was kidnapped. Bolder rumors even stated that he had been murdered!

With the rumors spreading around so quickly, it was only a matter of time before Felicity and a few other acquaintances of Gerald caught wind of it. Felicity and Naomi themselves had particularly been more anxious compared to the others.

Because of that, Felicity wasted no time declaring that she would get to the bottom of the incident. Since she had once fallen for him, it really was no mystery why she was this determined to look for him.

Still, what had truly happened to Gerald? And why did it have to happen to him?

Though the two girls remained in a panicked state for quite a while, in the end, Felicity decided to head to Northbay with Naomi.

They were well aware that they first needed a clearer picture of the whole incident before they could even begin investigating, and who better to ask than Chairman Lyle? After all, they both knew that he had returned to Northbay right after Gerald went missing. Because of that, Mr. Lyle was simply the obvious go-to.

Upon arriving there, the two girls quickly headed over to Zack’s company. To their dismay, however, they found that Chairman Lyle had already left for a business trip by then.

Seeing no other options, Felicity finally decided to make use of her best connections to aid with their investigation.

It took her a while, but she eventually managed to secure some help from a senior executive who worked for Zack. After agreeing to meet at a hotel’s lobby, the two girls headed over and waited for him.

Unfortunately for them, a young man happened to cross paths with them that day. Seeing how beautiful the two girls were, the cunning youth immediately tried hitting on both of them.

When that failed, he ordered his men to forcefully drag them out of the hotel instead! From the lustful gaze in his eyes, it was clear that r*pe was the only thing on his mind!

However, the two girls held their ground. They weren’t going down that easily. Felicity eventually got so nervous that she bit down hard on the youth’s arm!

The youth was so infuriated by this that he dragged her all the way to the top of the building—with his badly injured arm—before tossing her off from the roof!

The chain of events was so alarming that even the Crawfords were made aware of it, and though Chairman Lyle had rushed back as soon as he heard the news, in the end, he wasn’t really able to help with much.

As it turned out, the youth in question held immense power and influence. Because of that, he didn’t even receive punishment for his evil deeds!

Though she had selflessly planned to locate Gerald in any way she could, in the end, Felicity ended up in a position arguably as pitiful as Gerald’s.

While Felicity’s lifeline was stabilized after several nights of doctors tirelessly working to save her, she had simply suffered too many injuries. As a result, though she wasn’t in danger of losing her life anymore, she could only exist in a vegetative state now, and she would remain in this state for the rest of her life.

As if things weren’t bad enough, Felicity’s company was disbanded soon after.

“Who exactly is this person?” asked Gerald, his tone frigid as he raised his head. While he was now filled with anger, he was also filled with grief.

After all, upon becoming Mr. Crawford, Gerald was well aware that he had both ignored and let a lot of people down.

Felicity was definitely one of them.

To his surprise, the two girls had actually been worried about him from the moment they had heard that he had gone missing. What more, the only reason why Felicity was in her current state was because she wanted to help him.

Wiping her tears away, Naomi replied, “I’ve heard others address him as Mr. Jett Moldell… Even when I asked Chairman Lyle why Jett didn’t have to take responsibility for his actions, Mr. Lyle completely ignored the question, telling me to quickly return to Mayberry instead.”

“Jett Moldell?” repeated Gerald as he felt his right eyelid twitch.

When he had previously enquired about it, Gerald learned that Kort had three sons. One of them was Jett.

“So it’s Kort and the Moldells again!” growled Gerald, clenching his fists tight.

Felicity wouldn’t have ended up this way if Gerald hadn’t been forced out of his own home in the first place.

Knowing that filled Gerald with immense resentment.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 892
However, upon seeing how sad and lonely Naomi looked, he instantly felt sorry for her. As a result, he was able to momentarily suppress his resentment.

“…Well… What about you, Naomi? What kind of illness is your mother suffering from?” asked Gerald.

“Well, after returning to Mayberry under Chairman Lyle’s protection, it didn’t take long for me to realize that my mom had contracted some sort of weird illness. Even after meeting countless doctors, nobody’s been able to cure her. As you can imagine, however, hiring doctors isn’t cheap… As a result, I ended up having to sell all of my family’s properties! It was about a month ago when all my resources finally ran dry. Having no other options, I came to the Salford Province to seek help from an uncle. During my time here, I found out that a famous doctor lives nearby! He goes by Master Jenkinson! However, since I barely have enough money to survive now, I can’t really meet up with him…” explained Naomi in an embarrassed tone.

Sighing, Gerald then replied, “To think that a single incident could cause such a massive ripple effect… Now even people acquainted with me have to share my burden…”

Guilt-ridden, Gerald then added, “It’ll be fine. Speaking of which, don’t pawn off this jade bracelet. After all, this person’s a liar! Such a bracelet is worth at least fifty-four thousand dollars! Regardless, I’m going to help find out what’s wrong with your mother and cure her.”

While Naomi was slightly confused to hear that, she believed that Gerald wouldn’t ever lie to her.

The boss himself seemed to give up after hearing Gerald say that.

“F*cking hell! You do realize you’ve ruined my business, don’t you?” said the boss angrily.

In response, Marven sneered before whispering something into the boss’s ear. Seconds later, the boss’s face turned pale as he immediately shut up. For the rest of his duration there, he simply stood respectfully in place.

Knowing that Marven would know how to handle the rest, Gerald held Naomi by her hand and led her out of the place.

“Where’s your mother at?” asked Gerald.

“She’s currently staying up north at a hotel at the foot of Yorknorth Mountain… Do you know Master Jenkinson, Gerald?” asked Naomi in return.

“I do!” replied Gerald with a slightly bitter laugh.

“Speaking of which, what exactly happened to you in the past half year? Do you have any idea how worried all of us were for you?” said Naomi.

“Come, get in the car first. Your mother is our top priority now. I’ll tell you about it on the way there…”

Gerald didn’t really have any qualms when dealing with Naomi, so he found no reason not to tell her what truly happened.

Upon arriving up north, Gerald rented an electric tricycle and told Naomi to hop on. With Naomi sitting behind Gerald, both of them then rushed toward Yorknorth Mountain.

Since Gerald was quite close to Naomi, it was impossible for Gerald to just ignore her when he knew that she was in trouble.

Reaching the hotel shortly after, Gerald and Naomi were just about to get off the electric tricycle when they heard, “Hey! Isn’t that Naomi? Haha! She’s riding an electric tricycle!”

Turning to look at who had said that, the duo saw a few young men and women laughing at them as the group stood beside an Audi A6. Since the car’s doors were open, Gerald could only assume that they were about to leave before they spotted him and Naomi.

“They’re from my uncle’s family, Gerald,” said Naomi as she lowered her voice.

“I see…” replied Gerald while nodding slightly.

Getting off the tricycle, Naomi looked toward the group of people before asking, “Why are all of you here?”

“Why, we’re here to cancel your room of course! We were just about to call you! Dad said that since you don’t even have the money to meet Master Jenkinson, why should we continue paying for your room? I’ll tell you now that this high-ranked hotel only permitted a poor person like you to stay here since they wanted to pay respect to the Legh family! You’ve humiliated our family enough for staying here for far too long! This ends today!” sneered a woman dressed in luxurious clothes.

“Indeed! Look, if you really can’t afford it, just bring your mom home already. As if you don’t already know that only those who are influential and powerful are able to meet Master Jenkinson. With the small amount of money you have left, you won’t even make it halfway up the mountain!” added another man from the group contemptuously.

When Naomi’s family was still considerably rich in Mayberry, her family had contacted the Leghs from the Salford Province quite often.

Because of that, Naomi had gone to them to ask for their help after selling off all her properties. They had taken her in at the time since they didn’t know she was already poor by then. However, it only took a day for them to realize what she had done with her family’s properties.

Fearing that Naomi would only continue burdening them, from that day onward, they began treating her terribly like how they had just done. That was the gist of how things ended up this way.

“Yeah! Besides, my dad was already kind enough to find a family here for you to get married to! However, you ended up refusing it. Sure, the guy’s a bit slow in the head but at least he’s rich!” said yet another woman without filtering her words.

“I know right? Still, it’s no wonder why you refused it back then. So you already have a boyfriend! However, to think that he only rides on electric tricycles to move around!” added another woman.

Listening to all their ridicules, Gerald could only shake his head while laughing bitterly. If this had happened in the past, he would’ve already humiliated them by now. However, he knew better than to succumb to standards as low as theirs.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 893
“Tanya! Mollie! You’re still here? Your grandma’s heading up the mountain now so come along and help!” said a middle-aged woman as she walked toward the group at that moment.

“Oh? Alright, mom! Let’s head there together then!” said both of the girls.

Seeing the two people who had just arrived, Naomi respectfully greeted, “Uncle, aunt…”

“Humph! So you’re here too?” said the woman in a contemptuous manner while crossing her arms.

At that, Naomi nodded before saying, “Is grandma meeting Master Jenkinson to have her illness diagnosed? Is she feeling alright?”

“Hold it right there!” said her aunt in shock when she heard her question.

“Ignoring grandma for the moment, I’m telling you now that Master Jenkinson charges patients individually! You better not be getting any ideas!”

From what she had said, it was clear that she was afraid that Naomi wanted to bring her mother along.

On the contrary, however, the thought hadn’t even crossed Naomi’s mind!

“Look, Naomi. Since you won’t be able to afford the medical expenses anyway, just bring your mom home. Don’t worry, we’ll cover the hotel expenses for the previous nights,” added the woman, her arms still crossed.

“That’s quite enough of that. As for you, Naomi, it’s better that you just head up and take care of your mom,” said her uncle in a casual tone.

Just as he was about to leave with his children, an extended luxury car slowly came to a halt right in front of the hotel. When the car’s door opened, a distinguished and polite-looking middle-aged man stepped out before looking at Jorge and asking, “Good day, sir. Is it right to assume that this is Yorknorth Mountain? The area where Master Jenkinson lives?”

Since Jorge was the president of several furniture factories in the Salford Province, he had seen enough of the world to know that the middle-aged man standing before him was an extraordinary person.

Knowing that, he then respectfully replied, “You would be correct.”

“I see. Thank you for your time,” said the man as he nodded slightly.

“Well, Mr. Duncan? Is this the place? Why isn’t there any parking space here?” asked a young man wearing a blazer as he got out of the car together with a young woman.

The man was so handsome that as he walked over to Mr. Duncan’s side, almost all the women present began breathing heavily. What a prince charming!

As for the woman who had stepped out of the car with him, she was both tall and slim. While she was also extremely beautiful, the slight aloofness she projected on her face was enough to make anyone who looked at her feel slightly tense.

“Yes, this is the place,” replied Mr. Duncan with another slight nod.

As Jorge looked at the youth before nodding with a smile, both Tanya and Mollie—who were still standing beside their father—cast flirtatious gazes at the handsome young man instead. To their disappointment, he didn’t even take a glance at them.

“Whose electric tricycle is this? Move it aside so that we can park here!” said the youth as he loosened his tie while looking around before pointing at the tricycle.

Hearing that, the security guard standing at the hotel’s entrance immediately ran over and pushed the tricycle aside. As a result, the tricycle began moving on its own and finally stopped once one of its wheels hit a large stone.

Upon seeing that, Tania, Mollie, and the others simply snorted.

“You!” said Naomi angrily.

‘What was that supposed to mean?!’

However, Gerald simply pulled her back before shaking his head at her.

“Let’s get grandpa up the mountain already,” said the young woman rather aloofly.

With that, the two youths began supporting an old man out of the car. The old man himself had a sallow complexion as the group slowly began ascending the mountain.

“Come on, let’s head up together with them!” said Jorge to his own family.

As they left Gerald and Naomi behind, Naomi lowered her head with shame before saying in a resentful tone, “I’m so sorry, Gerald… Not only have I burdened you, but you had to suffer through that humiliation with me as well…”

“Hush, there’s no need for that. Now let’s head to your room to get your mother,” replied Gerald.

“…Huh? Where are we taking her?”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 894
“We’re taking her to Joshua Jenkinson to have him diagnose her illness of course!” said Gerald with a weak smile.

Gerald would’ve preferred treating Naomi’s mother himself if he could. However, he was well aware that it simply wouldn’t do to treat a patient in a hotel. Besides, he didn’t have that many herbs or medicine with him at the moment.

In the end, it would be much better and convenient if Naomi’s mother was treated at Joshua’s place.

“Huh? We’re seeking Master Jenkinson’s help now? But didn’t you say that you were no longer Mr. Crawford, Gerald?” asked Naomi curiously.

Naturally, she hadn’t meant anything else when she asked that question. She simply hadn’t expected that Gerald would still be able to maintain such connections in his current state.

“Haha! Just because I’m no longer Mr. Crawford, that doesn’t mean that all my connections are now useless! Now let’s get your mother up the mountain,” replied Gerald.

With that, the trio then began ascending the mountain.

Since Master Jenkinson was extremely famous, it was no wonder why his clinic was so crowded. Though he was well known for his skill, he was also infamous for rejecting some of his patients.

According to rumors, a large family once wanted to hire Master Jenkinson to be their personal family doctor. Though they even offered him an immensely high salary, Master Jenkinson still ended up turning them down!

“How much longer do I have to wait here? To think that I’ve spent a good seventy-seven thousand dollars just to have to wait in line!” said a rich-looking businessman in an anxious tone before sighing.

“Just be patient. There are people who’ve paid over fifteen thousand dollars just for the registration fee, you know?” replied someone from the line.

Master Jenkinson’s clinic was truly an extraordinary place. For one, the entire building looked like an antique clinic. Even the staff working there wore traditional attire that resembled clothes from the 1900s.

“We’ve spent almost forty-six thousand dollars yet we’re still only forty-fifth in place!” said Mollie as she made her way back to her family with a registration number in hand.

“I see… Well, the amount doesn’t matter…” replied Jorge with a somewhat bitter smile before sighing.

To think that the forty-six thousand dollars was merely for the registration number. They still had to pay a much higher fee for the diagnosis once it was done.

“Why do we need to pay just to line up here? And why are there people paying different amounts for the registration fee? I’ve noticed others paying fifteen thousand dollars, forty-six thousand dollars, and seventy-seven thousand dollars,” asked the cold woman from before.

“Well, it’s a lot like bidding… Essentially, the higher you pay, the faster you get to be diagnosed,” replied Jorge.

“Oh? Then what’s the highest amount one can pay?” asked the cold woman again.

“You can see it over there, beautiful! The top three clients have their names written there alongside their registration fees! Let me just go over and have a look… Holy cr*p! The highest registration fee ever made was two hundred and thirty thousand dollars!” said one of Naomi’s cousins who was obviously trying to please the woman.

“Thank you. Quest, go ahead and pay seven hundred and seventy thousand dollars at the registration area,” said the woman as she nodded slightly at the handsome youth.

“S-seven hundred and seventy-”

Somehow, the room was quiet enough at that moment for almost everyone to hear what the woman said. As a result, a massive uproar followed.

Soon enough, however, the noise died down again though everyone was now looking at her in astonishment.

Quest himself walked over to the registration area and swiped his debit card on the machine prepared there. Once the amount was paid, he returned with the registration number that had cost seven hundred and seventy thousand dollars.

With that, it was obvious that they were going to be first in line now.

“T-they’re so rich!” screamed several people in shock.

As everyone remained flabbergasted, Mollie—who had just so happened to turn around at that moment—suddenly said, “Mom! Look behind us! They’ve actually followed us up here!”

As Noami’s aunt turned to look at the direction her daughter was pointing at, she anxiously said, “Oh my god! What are you doing, Naomi? Do you even know where you are right now? To think that you would actually follow us up here!”

‘Why on earth does Naomi and her family have to cling on to us like leeches?!’

Just as she was about to further mock Naomi, a staff member appeared before saying, “Our sincerest apologies, ladies and gentlemen, but the master can only diagnose two more patients today. Once that’s over, we’ll be closing for the day. Aside from the first two clients, the rest may leave and come again tomorrow.”

“…What? Did you just ask us to return tomorrow?” said Jorge, stunned.

The rest of the clients were left stupefied as well the moment they heard that.

“We won’t leave! We’ll just wait here till Master Jenkinson is ready to treat the patients again!” announced the people there, one after another.

“Please be considerate, ladies and gentlemen. Do understand that there are simply too many of you making a ruckus in here which isn’t good for our recuperating patients who are currently in the backyard.”

“Then we’ll quiet down… Besides, we’ve all already paid so much for the registration fee,” said a few businessmen there in aggrieved tones.

Naturally, this placed the staff member in a rather difficult position.

“They’re right. Since we had to pay to even be in line, we should all be considered VIP clients! Instead of asking us to leave, you should instead be chasing away those who didn’t pay to register! That should clear the masses quite a bit. We’ll be sure to remain silent as well,” added Naomi’s aunt.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 895
After saying that, she immediately looked at Naomi. Her action was clear enough for the staff member to instantly catch on to what she was trying to imply.

“Kind ladies and gentleman, could you please present your registration number to me?” asked the staff member as he walked over to Gerald’s group.

“We… We don’t have one…” said Naomi as she shook her head in embarrassment.

“Ah, then do head over there to pay for one,” said the staff member as his gaze grew slightly colder.

“We… Don’t have the money for that…” said Naomi as she bit her lower lip.

“What? Did they actually sneak into this place?”

“Hey now, take a look around you! Why would you even come here if you don’t have any money?”

“That’s right! Such a beautiful girl too… Too bad she behaves this way!”

Several of the businessmen in the lobby were now shaking their heads with disapproving smiles on their faces.

“G-Gerald, Naomi… Why don’t we just leave for now?” said Naomi’s mother as she tugged on her daughter’s sleeve. After all, she was well aware that she was just making things difficult for both Gerald and her daughter.

“There’s no need for that, Madam. Just leave it to me,” replied Gerald as he turned to face the staff member before glaring back with his own cold gaze.

“I’m sure you’re new here, so I’ll let it slide. Ask for Joshua Jenkinson to come out! Tell him that a young man with the surname of Crawford is looking for him!”

“Wha- Y-you… How dare you address the master by his name?! What do you mean by Crawford? You… You rude person, you!” replied the staff member in his shock.

The other businessmen in the room shared the same feeling as well, and they were all looking at Gerald now with dumbfounded expressions on their faces.

“F*ck! Just look at this guy! If Master Jenkinson ends up being infuriated by his rudeness, then nobody is going to be able to meet him today!” said Mollie aloud. She seemed to be enjoying fueling the flames.

Hearing that, the others in the room immediately grew angry.

“She’s right! Where did this guy even come from? How utterly rude!”

Even the aloof woman and old man from earlier were now looking at Gerald.

“He truly is asking for it, isn’t he!” said Quest as he sneered before walking over to Gerald.

While the old man and the woman clearly knew that Quest was looking for trouble, they didn’t stop him. Perhaps they subconsciously felt that the fearless Gerald needed to be put in his place.

“Hey, you’re the b*stard who was riding the electric tricycle, weren’t you? If you’re penniless, then just get lost already! Stop disturbing those who want to meet the master to get diagnosed!” shouted Quest as he pressed his hand down hard on Gerald’s shoulder.

As Gerald looked at the hand on his shoulder, he said, “Move your hand away if you don’t want to regret it.”

Upon saying that, his calm aura was immediately replaced with a frigid coldness.

“Regret? Haha! I’m afraid you don’t know what I do for a living!” sneered Quest as he began intensifying the force of his palm.

To his surprise, he was only able to realize that Gerald had tilted his shoulder slightly before a sickening crack could be heard.

The sound that followed was the anguished cries of pain from Quest.

He immediately retreated from where he once stood as he held on to his pulsing hand while shouting, “M-my hand!”

Quest appeared to be in great pain as cold sweat dripped down his forehead. When he finally took a look at the condition of his hand, he could see that all his veins were bulging so much that they almost looked like earthworms.

“I… I’ll break your limbs!” roared Quest, feeling that he had just been greatly humiliated.

Just as he was about to pounce on Gerald, the ill old man shouted, “Quest! Stop, right this instant!”

Though Quest hadn’t realized it, the old man had already caught a glimpse of the back of his pulsing hand. Upon seeing the damage that had been done, the old man was filled with a mighty fear.

After all, he knew how strong Quest was. He was also well aware that Quest was proficient in fighting alone. Even if three specially trained soldiers were to face him, they’d surely be the ones losing terribly.

Despite all that, all it had taken for Gerald was a slight tilt of his shoulder for Quest to get hurt so badly. If that was the only thing Gerald needed to do to inflict so much damage, then the old man didn’t even want to imagine how strong Gerald truly was.

“Step down I said!” ordered the old man again.

Even the aloof beauty who had been staring at Gerald for a while now had a slight frown on her face.

“I apologize, sir… My grandson was truly rude earlier…” said the old man.

As soon as his sentence ended, however, he instantly began coughing terribly.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 896
“Grandpa!” shouted both Quest and the cold beauty nervously.

“I’m fine. Sir, I’m willing to let Master Jenkinson diagnose the ill person from your group first. I can wait,” said the old man, much to everyone else’s surprise.

“…What? But why, grandpa? Why the hell should we let him go first? Who the hell even is he?!” growled Quest angrily.

“I appreciate it. After all, Joshua probably can’t treat a terminally ill patient,” said Gerald in a casual tone without any intention of being nice.

“…Y-you!” shouted both Quest and the beauty in rage.

Even the old man bore a rather ugly expression on his face at that moment.

“While I admit that you certainly are very powerful, you should watch your mouth and manners. I don’t really mind since I’m already this old, but if you say such things to others, trouble will definitely come your way,” said the old man, lengthening his words to express his clear dissatisfaction.

With daggers now drawn from both parties, the staff member—who had been watching all this unfold from the very beginning—immediately ran to the backyard.

“It’s fine, Gerald… I don’t need to see the doctor anymore… Please… We can’t afford to offend them…!” said Naomi’s mother who was getting increasingly frightened.

Meanwhile, a middle-aged man—who looked to be almost fifty—rubbed his hands with a towel within a room lit only by an oil burner.

As his patient left the room—that was located in the inner part of the building—after receiving his diagnosis, the staff member from earlier came running in while shouting, “M-master! A fight seems to be imminent in the lobby!”

“What? How dare people create trouble here! Kick all the people involved out!” ordered the man coldly. The man in question, was none other than Joshua.

“Before that, master… I must say that one of the parties involved with the fight is quite noteworthy. Their family name is Westley and they’re quite generous with their money. They paid seven hundred and seventy thousand dollars alone for their registration!”

“Westley?” asked Joshua with a cautious tone. Linking that surname with how lavish they were, Joshua was able to slightly get the gist of the situation.

“…Humph! I guess I’ll have to head out there myself now! Who exactly was foolish enough to offend the Westleys?” asked Joshua as he wiped his face.

“It was a poor, young man, master! Not only did he not pay for the registration fee, but he even talked big and wanted you to meet him in person! He’s strong too so I was hesitant about kicking him out… Regardless, if I remember correctly, his surname was Crawford!”

Upon hearing that, the towel Joshua was holding on to immediately fell to the ground.

“…What did you say his surname was? Crawford? You said he was a young man, right?” asked Joshua, expressions of both shock and fear on his face.

“Y-yes!” replied the staff member, clearly starting to feel frightened.

“…Could it actually be him?” said Joshua in a nervous tone before immediately running toward the lobby somewhat excitedly.

“He’s definitely ruined now! Not only did he offend Master Jenkinson, but he’s also offended such a high-status rich heir! ”Hah! Let’s see how miserable he’ll end up becoming!” sneered Mollie.

“Indeed! We probably won’t be able to meet Naomi in the Salford Province ever again after this!” added Tania smugly.

The moment her sentence ended, several of the clients there began shouting, “Master Jenkinson!”

Joshua had finally made his appearance and his gaze was now locked on the spot where the two parties were still facing off.

Strangely enough, he looked more excited than anything as he quickly made his way toward Quest.

“God d*mn! I wonder what kind of power they truly have for Master Jenkinson to be this excited!”

“I know right? It’s so strange seeing him like that!”

While the others were surprised by how eager Joshua looked, their jaws truly dropped wide the moment they saw him walking past Quest and his family.

He was now standing before the poor guy! As if that wasn’t shocking enough, Master Jenkinson immediately bowed before Gerald before saying, “Greetings, senior!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 897

Everyone now had their mouths gaping wide. The mighty master, Joshua Jenkinson… Did he really just call that pauper his senior?!

While even Naomi was slightly surprised, the ones who were left the most stupefied were those from the Legh family.

“Good day. I just came here today to borrow your place for a bit,” said Gerald in resignation. Though he wasn’t sure whether he should’ve let Joshua address him as his senior, it was too late for Joshua to retract the title anyway.

“By all means, please use my facilities as you see fit, senior!” replied Joshua with utmost respect in his voice.

As Gerald, Naomi, and her mother moved on, those from the Westley family could only look at each other in dismay, deeply shocked.

Just as the old man had thought, the youth truly was extremely extraordinary.

About half an hour later, Naomi was anxiously pacing to and fro outside a guest room door. She had been sweating profusely from the moment Gerald and Joshua had entered the room with her mother.

“Humph! I just can’t bring myself to believe that that guy actually knows how to treat illnesses!” growled Quest as he crossed his arms.

Aside from Naomi, the three Westleys were waiting behind her as well.

Quest’s dissatisfaction was clear as day. After all, not only had he been humiliated by Gerald in terms of strength, but as it turned out, Gerald was also proficient in treating others!

Since he was used to being arrogant and ruthless, the embarrassment he suffered today had no doubt left his pride in shambles.

“Shut up!” said Master Westley coldly in response.

Bob had simply assumed that Gerald was being rude when he was earlier told that Master Jenkinson wouldn’t be able to cure his illness.

However, from the moment he heard Master Jenkinson addressing Gerald as his senior, Bob Westley began fearing that what Gerald had claimed was true. That even Master Jenkinson wouldn’t be able to help cure him.

It was due to that fear that Bob had waited respectfully for Gerald outside the guest room.

The moment Gerald stepped out, Naomi immediately rushed over to him before asking in an anxious voice, “How’s my mom’s condition, Gerald?”

“She should fully recover in three months if she takes her herbal medicine as prescribed,” replied Gerald with a smile.

“Thank god… Speaking of which, when did you learn how to treat illnesses?” asked Naomi, feeling both delighted and surprised. After all, the Gerald currently standing before her felt almost foreign compared to the one she used to know.

“It’s a long story. I’ll explain it to you if there’s a chance for me to in the future. For now, go on inside and have a look at your mom,” replied Gerald.

As soon as he said that, Joshua himself stepped out of the room with a needle bag in hand. From the looks of it, it was evident that Gerald had been the main doctor this time around. At most, Joshua must have only assisted him throughout the half-hour period.

“Senior, please!” said Joshua respectfully while handing the bag of needles over to Gerald.

Looking back at Joshua, Gerald could only sigh internally.

It was about five months ago when he had first met Joshua. At the time, Finnley was still busy teaching Gerald all his medical and martial art skills.

The old man had even given Gerald a medical book, and Gerald was told to memorize all its contents. Since he was excellent at learning, it wasn’t difficult for Gerald to completely grasp the concepts within that book.

In fact, all it took was a month for him to be able to recall the contents of the medical book by heart. However, though his theory was strong, his actual skill in handling medicine was far from perfect at the time.

Joshua first made his appearance around then.

From the way Joshua had begged Finnley to take him in again, it seemed that the old man had once taught medical knowledge to Joshua sometime in the past.

It was clear that he simply wanted to deepen his knowledge and skills, and he was extremely persistent. After kneeling outside Finnley’s house for an entire day and night, the old man simply couldn’t bear seeing him like that.

As a result, he told Gerald to teach Joshua some of the contents in the medical book. Finnley had hoped that by doing so, Gerald himself would be able to master the basic application skills.

While he allowed Gerald to educate Joshua for about a month, Finnley himself never took Joshua in as his apprentice. Due to that, Joshua habitually addressed Gerald as his senior even though Gerald told him not to.

“Mr. Crawford! Master Jenkinson! Both of you have worked hard!” said Bob respectfully as he approached both men.

“I’m sure you’ve already heard from my senior earlier but just to clarify, I’m aware of your illness, Master Westley. Even so, I have to admit that I truly am incapable of curing you,” replied Joshua rather ashamedly.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 898
“I did indeed hear that, yes. However, since Mr. Crawford was able to notice my illness with just a simple glance, I’m sure he has a way to cure it!” said Bob, a faint smile on his face.

“I apologize, but I’m no doctor. I don’t have the qualifications to treat you,” replied Gerald.

Since Gerald was now still susceptible to outside dangers, he was trying his best not to be overly conspicuous. It hadn’t crossed his mind that Bob would actually wait for him right outside the guest room.

“Hey, now! Have some self-awareness! Are you even aware that my grandpa’s never begged anybody for help? He’s even addressing you as Mr. Crawford out of respect! At least try to help him out!” growled Quest coldly.

Hearing that, Gerald turned to look at the youth with a frown on his face.

“Don’t be rude, Quest!” scolded Bob.

“I’m terribly sorry Mr. Crawford… If my grandson’s rude behavior offended you, I’m willing to apologize for his sake…” said the old man as he slowly began bowing.

Both Quest and the aloof beauty were immediately stunned silent. They had never seen their grandpa behaving this way.

Before Bob could properly bow, however, he was stopped by Gerald.

“I’ll let it slide, Master Westley. Since we ended up getting acquainted with each other, I’m sure that fate has a role in all of this. I’ll have a look at your illness though I won’t promise positive results,” replied Gerald.

Gerald had realized by now that since it would be inconvenient for him to look for members of the Crawford family, he may as well use this chance to get to know more distinguished people. After all, it was near impossible to make any progress without the aid of large families.

With any luck, he would be able to gain enough forces and influence to deal with the Moldell family properly in the future.

“T-thank you so much, Mr. Crawford!” said Bob happily.

“Before you thank me, I need you to agree to two conditions,” replied Gerald.

“Name them. I’ll definitely fulfill them!” declared Bob with a firm tone.

“They honestly shouldn’t be too difficult for you to fulfill. First off, is regarding my identity. I’ll just say that it’s currently inconvenient for my identity to be exposed to the public. I need you to keep it a secret. ”

“Of course!”

“As for the second condition, I need to head to Mayberry in a few days. I need a smart, capable, and obedient person to be with me there at all times. Highlight the word, ‘obedient’ since the person you assign to me needs to listen to all my orders.”

“Humph! If it’s just a servant you want, the Westleys have plenty of them… As long as you’re able to cure my grandpa, I’ll personally give you a luxurious house with at least fifty maids and servants who’ll heed your every command!” sneered Quest.

“I don’t require a luxurious residence, nor do I have a need for that many servants. Still, I can see that you’re quite smart and capable yourself, Quest… I wonder…” said Gerald as he smiled faintly while looking at the boy.

“…What? You can’t seriously be telling me to serve you! Are you out of your mind? I’m the young master of the Westley family!” replied Quest, obviously finding Gerald to be more ridiculous than he looked.

“He’s rather reckless, but he’s definitely a smart man. I was honestly having the same idea!” added Bob as he laughed loudly.

“…Wait, what? Grandpa?! Sister…!” said Quest, suddenly sounding much more dispirited than before.

“You’ll be staying by Mr. Crawford’s side from now on, Quest. Be sure to obey his every command, regardless of whether it’s hard work or not,” said Bob.

“But why me…”

“Why, you ask? Are you really daring enough to disobey me now?” replied Bob, a hint of anger in his voice.

Gnashing his teeth, Quest then replied sulkily, “Fine, I’ll do it for you, grandpa…”

After hearing Quest’s involuntary agreement, Gerald nodded and brought Bob into another room.

“Is that young man truly capable of curing my grandpa, Master Jenkinson?” asked the aloof woman as she watched the room’s doors close. She simply felt that Gerald was too young to be this capable.

“Haha! Miss Quinley, you don’t have to worry at all. Since my senior didn’t flat out deny curing him, there’s definitely a possibility of it happening! Besides, both of us share a master. Quite frankly, I used to be a gangster. After meeting my master, however, it only took a month for my master to completely change my ways. During that period, I was exposed to a lot of medical skills and knowledge. Sadly, I only got to learn a little over the basics.”

“Senior, on the other hand, was taught the entire quintessence of our master’s knowledge. He’s practically a professional by now. He stayed with our master for half a year and my master even taught him in person every day, you know?” explained Joshua rather enviously.

“Who exactly is your master?” asked Quinley rather curiously.

“Can’t say anything about that!” replied Joshua, shaking his head.

It was about two hours later when the guest room’s doors finally opened again.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 899
“Grandpa!” said Quinley as she ran over to him.

“After you, Mr. Crawford,” said Bob, sounding very pleased as Gerald walked out first.

While only two hours had passed, Quinley could tell that there was already a great change in her grandfather’s complexion.

“You don’t have to worry, Quinley. As expected, Mr. Crawford was able to find a way to cure my illness. According to him, I’ll be able to fully recover soon,” explained Bob, his tone even more respectful now.

“I’ll congratulate you in advance then, Master Westley. Speaking of which, since he managed to help you, I wonder if you’d be willing to do him another favor…” said Joshua.

“Oh? Is there anything else I could help you with, Mr. Crawford?”

“Though he didn’t include it in his terms, he’s actually looking for an extremely rare herb in the southern border of the Salford Province. The herb itself is called the Ginseng King, and senior has been searching for it for a long time now. If you manage to locate it, I’m sure it would help him greatly,” added Joshua.

Upon hearing that, Gerald raised an eyebrow slightly.

To think that Joshua had actually beaten him to asking Bob about the Ginseng King. In truth, Gerald had been planning to ask the exact same thing to Master Westley if he had managed to cure him. It was honestly another reason why he had agreed to help Bob in the first place.

After all, though he had previously gone to the southern border of the Salford Province to look for the Ginseng King, he had realized back then that the search wouldn’t yield any results if he was the only one looking for it.

Gerald was searching for it since Finnley had told him before that consuming the Ginseng King would greatly increase his body’s strength and bloodline in general. Once he ate the herb, he would theoretically be as much of a threat to the Moldells as Finnley currently was.

Even so, based on his current capabilities and strength, it wasn’t really a problem for him to defend himself. Gerald was honestly more worried that the Moldells would decide to attack his family living in Northbay instead.

After all, if that were to truly happen, it would only be a sign that he was still far too weak and incapable of protecting the Crawfords. To prevent that, he needed the Ginseng King to ensure that he would be strong enough should the Moldells ever launch an attack on his family.

Regardless, Joshua knew that Gerald was looking for it since he had also been present when Finnley explained about the Ginseng King. It touched Gerald slightly to know that Joshua still remembered that incident.

“So you’re looking for the Ginseng King as well, Mr. Crawford. While I had planned on looking for it myself, I gave up about two years ago since I couldn’t find it no matter how hard I looked. What more, I heard that should ordinary people consume the herb, it could very easily cause their blood circulatory system and physical strength to plummet,” said Bob.

“However, since I’m already cured and you need it, consider it to be less a favor and more of an act of gratitude from the Westley family. Upon returning home, I’ll immediately form and order a group to begin searching for it on your behalf.”

“I greatly appreciate that, Master Westley,” replied Gerald in a grateful tone.

“Now that that’s settled, I’ll be leaving for the southern border of the Salford Province to prepare for the task. As agreed upon earlier, Quest himself will temporarily be staying by your side,” said Bob.

It was a little while later when Naomi was about to check out of the hotel. As she held onto her luggage bag, she turned to look at Gerald before asking, “Could we head back to Mayberry together, Gerald?”

Naomi had asked since she had heard that he was returning there anyway to resolve some issues of his.

“Yeah, of course we’ll head back together,” replied Gerald with a smile.

Mayberry wasn’t the only stop on his mind. He planned to return to Northbay to check on how things were going as well. However, Northbay could wait.

His priority was Mayberry since Jett—the third young master of the Moldell family who had also hurt Felicity so terribly—was last seen in Mayberry from what Noami had told him.

After suffering so much for him, Gerald knew that he would have endless restless nights if he didn’t avenge Felicity.

“That’s great to hear! We can now look out for each other!” said Naomi happily.

“Speaking of which, just leave your luggage here. Quest can take them down,” said Gerald as he pointed at the youth who was currently standing at the side with both hands in his pockets.

“Wait, why do I have to carry them?” asked Quest in disbelief that he had been ordered to do such a thing.

“What? Are you disobeying me already?” replied Gerald with a stern gaze.

Suppressing his anger, Quest then said, “Fine, I’ll take them! What’s the big deal anyway…”

After saying that, Quest then began carrying the luggage down in between huffs.

Since they were leaving in Quest’s car, he was obviously going to be Gerald’s personal driver for the time being as well.

However, the moment they entered the car, Gerald shouted, “Hold on a minute!”

“What is it this time?” asked Quest rather impatiently as he saw Gerald looking out the car’s window.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 900
Looking at the same direction Gerald was, Quest saw that a team of similar-looking cars had just parked at the foot of Yorknorth Mountain. Upon squinting his eyes, he realized that Gerald was looking at two women who had just gotten out of one of the cars.

Seeing how stunned Gerald looked, Quest placed a finger under his chin as he said with a hint of interest in his tone, “Humph! You’re a grown-up, aren’t you Mr. Crawford? Are you going to tell me now that you’ve never seen beauties before? Though I have to admit that those two women are particularly stunning.”

“Hush!” replied Gerald, his gaze stern as he continued looking at the two women.

Gerald really hadn’t expected to bump into the two girls here of all places. The two beauties were in fact his old acquaintances, Jasmine and Mindy.

He hadn’t met the two girls from the time he had bid farewell with them about half a year ago in the Salford Province.

After all, after the incident at the Fenderson family mansion, his father had told him that he was contractually bound to have a marriage with Jasmine. Upon finding out that his grandfather had been the one to sign the contract, Gerald could only feel helpless back then.

However, he understood his grandfather’s motive. It was the trend back then to have strong alliances, after all.

Snapping out of it, Gerald then told Quest to stop the engine.

His intent wasn’t to continue spying on them, nor was it for him to greet and catch up with them. The truth was, Gerald had noticed two figures seemingly stalking both Jasmine and Mindy from a distance. The stalkers were simply too suspicious for Gerald to ignore.

“Are you done looking at them yet, Mr. Crawford? They’re already ascending the mountain,” said Quest.

“I’m waiting for them to go a bit higher. Just wait here in the meantime.”

After making sure that the two girls had ascended quite a distance, Gerald silently got out of the car and began inching toward the two sneaky people.

“F*cking hell! Is he actually planning to catch up with the two beauties to have a chat with them?” said Quest in resignation.

He then looked at Naomi before saying, “…Wait here, I’ll go over there to see what he’s up to.”

With that, he walked up to Gerald.

Noticing that Quest was coming his way, Gerald waved at him before saying, “You came at the right time. See those two over there? They seem to be proficient in martial arts. I need you to taunt them. Once they start going after you, lead them to that corridor over there.”

“What exactly are you hoping to achieve?”

“Just do it! Quickly!” ordered Gerald as he pushed Quest forward.

Seeing that he didn’t really have a choice, Quest stood before the two men, shouting all sorts of profanities to get their attention. Gerald himself quickly got into position.

While it was true that he was now meddling in the affairs of both Jasmine and Mindy to a certain degree, Gerald wasn’t doing it for the sake of it. He wasn’t doing it because of the marriage contract his grandfather had signed either.

Rather, he was only doing this for his aunt and Queta’s safety. After all, they too were members of the Fenderson family.

Since those from the Fenderson family could now be considered to be relatives and in-laws to the Crawfords, Gerald doubted that the Schuylers—the Fenderson family’s former enemies—would even dare do anything bad to them. Knowing that made him even more curious to find out who the stalkers were working for.

As was expected, Quest was the prime candidate when it came to taunting. It didn’t take long for the two stalkers to begin chasing after him.

Upon running into the corridor, however, one of them immediately sensed that something was wrong and shouted, “Hold it! We’re being lured into a trap!”

Just as both men turned around to retreat, a dark figure flashed past them.

Before either of them could even react, the figure launched an extremely fluid motion. It took a second for them to realize the searing sensation on their chests. The pain was so great that it didn’t take long for both men to start screaming in agony as they fell to the ground.

“Y-you… Who are you…? Do you even know who you’re dealing with…?” warned one of the men as he held onto his chest while trying to get up.

In the end, however, both of them weren’t even able to sit upright, let alone stand.

“I have no idea who you are, but know this. If you don’t answer my questions honestly, you won’t make it out alive,” said Gerald coldly as he slipped a hand into his pocket before squatting down to take a closer look at the two stalkers.

Hearing that, both of them felt immense chills running down their spines.

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