The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 901-910

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 901
Immediately after saying that, Gerald lifted both of his hands and stuffed something into their mouths!

“W-what did you just feed us?!” sputtered both of them, stupefied by the turn of events.

It didn’t take long for the two men to realize that whatever it was, it hurt like hell. The effects were almost instantaneous as both men began holding on to their stomachs and rolling on the ground in pain, agonized expressions etched deeply on their faces.

Quest himself—who had been standing silently at the side this entire time—was left petrified as he watched them squirm in pain.

“Just poisonous worms. Do understand that the worms are probably already devouring your organs as we speak. It won’t be long before the agony ends and you’ll both be dead,” said Gerald with a cold smile on his face.

“P-please spare our lives! P-please…” begged the men.

“Only if you answer all my questions. First off, why were you stalking the Fenderson sisters? Which family do you belong to?”

While both men had sworn never to reveal the answers to those questions regardless of how much they were tortured, what they were experiencing now was already much worse than anything they could have ever imagined. A quick death would be better than what they were currently feeling!

“W-we were… sent here by the Schuyler family! We’re Master Yael’s subordinates…! Please… Please spare our lives…!” said the men as they lay twitching in pain on the ground.

“So it really is the Schuylers. What wicked things are they plotting up this time?” asked Gerald.

“W-we don’t know…!”

“I see. Well then, let’s just leave now, Quest.”

“N-no! Please wait! We’ll tell you! We’ll tell you everything we know!” shouted the men in panic.

“W-while we don’t know the exact details to what’s truly happening inside the Schuyler family, we’ve heard news that the Schuylers are secretly plotting something big to rebel against the Fendersons! Their end goal is to make the Fenderson family part of their own instead!”

“Oh? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that the Schuylers and the other minor families who are currently under the Fendersons wouldn’t have the capability to take on them,” replied Gerald with a frown.

“You’re right… B-but they’ve partnered with the Longs in Yanken! A family called the Moldells is involved as well! From what we could see, almost everyone that the Moldells sent over was exceedingly powerful! We’re pretty sure that the Fendersons are truly done for this time around!” explained the two men, spitting out everything they knew in hopes of getting Gerald’s mercy.

‘So that’s why!’ Gerald thought to himself.

“Tell me what little you know about the ‘big thing’ that the Schuylers are plotting up?”

“W-well… From what we’ve heard, Lord Fenderson is currently so sick that he’s literally at death’s door… As a result, the Schulers are going to make their move in the next three days…”

“I’ve properly handled the corpses, Mr. Crawford. What’s the next step?” asked Quest as he clapped the dirt off his hands.

The men were still alive some ten minutes ago. Not anymore.

Quest felt a shiver run down his spine as he recalled the agonized expressions on the two corpses. How equally terrible and frightening.

When they had first met, Quest had simply assumed that Gerald was a simple and honest man. Gerald certainly looked the part. It was the reason why Quest dared to speak so presumptuously to Gerald earlier.

Now, however, he finally understood why his grandfather had treated Gerald so respectfully and politely. Gerald had managed to completely instill fear within Quest’s heart at this point.

‘His means of gathering information is simply too cruel and vicious!’

“Since my family and the Fendersons are acquainted, I can’t just ignore this. Change of plans. We’ll be staying here for another three days. While I sneak into the Fenderson family to see what exactly is going on, you’ll be responsible for taking care of Naomi and her mother,” said Gerald as he looked at Quest.

Things were getting much more heated now with the involvement of the Moldells. It was clear that the Schuylers were now that family’s lackeys as well.

There were three major wealthy families now. If the Moldells managed to subdue the Fendersons and acquire them, then the Moldells would essentially have two of the three major families under their control.

Once that happened, it wasn’t hard to imagine them targeting the Crawford family’s properties in Weston next.

How clever those from the Moldell family were to try acquiring his family by flanking the Crawfords.

Knowing very well what the Moldells were going for made it impossible for Gerald not to get involved in all this. However, now wasn’t the time for him to simply barge in with his true identity. He needed a plan…

As he glanced over at Yorknorth Mountain, however, an idea emerged the moment he thought about Joshua.

The very next day, Bryson stood at the entrance of the Fenderson family mansion as he respectfully greeted, “Welcome to the Fenderson family mansion, Master Jenkinson. In case you’ve forgotten, I’m Bryson Fenderson and the people standing behind me are Fendersons as well. It’s a pleasure meeting you again.”

The old man—who needed a walking stick to support himself—then watched together with his family as Joshua got out of his car.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 902
As the old man had implied, Joshua had indeed met up with the Fendersons before a few years ago. In truth, it was the Fendersons who had wanted to hire Joshua as their family’s personal doctor back then. Though they had even offered an extremely high salary, in the end, Joshua still refused their offer.

“It’s a pleasure indeed,” replied Joshua with a faint smile on his face.

It was at that moment when Bryson noticed a new face. Or at least half a new face.

A young man was standing obediently next to Joshua as he carried a medical kit in hand. The odd thing about him, however, was the fact that the youth was wearing half a mask. It covered his upper facial features, and it wasn’t unlike a masquerade mask.

“Could I know who this might be?” asked Bryson with a smile.

“A-ah…! Ah!” replied the masked youth as he pointed at his own mouth before waving his hands slightly. He then pointed at Joshua before placing his palm near his heart.

Seeing that, Mindy chuckled before saying, “Sanderson is Master Jenkinson’s apprentice, grandpa! He’s dumb so he can’t talk!”

Since both Mindy and Jasmine had returned to the Fenderson family mansion with Joshua, Mindy had had the opportunity to get to know Sanderson a bit more. That definitely explained her enthusiastic introduction of the youth.

“How could you say that, Mindy?” replied Jasmine as she looked at the straightforward girl with a sigh.

“It’s fine! After all, I’m already quite close to him! We got acquainted atop Yorknorth Mountain the day before. Surprisingly, though that was the first time we had met each other, I instantly found him to be quite familiar! Regardless, though he can’t really talk, I feel that we got to understand each other a lot throughout our time together, aren’t I right, Sanderson?” said Mindy with a smile. The way she said it, it was almost as though she was a close friend of his.

“Ah! Ah!” replied Sanderson as he hurriedly nodded.

“Haha! I apologize for the awkwardness, Master Jenkinson… Though Mindy’s quite the straightforward and reckless girl, do understand that she’s been a loving and kind person her entire life!” said Bryson.

“I can certainly see that… Speaking of which, my apprentice here suffered from face burns when he was very young… It’s the reason why he’s wearing this mask. However, I hope you understand that he’s quite a diligent worker. I bring him everywhere I go now, and in return, he gets to learn more and more medical skills and knowledge from me.”

“Well then! With you being such a great teacher, I’m sure your student will be equally as great!” said Bryson as he held on to Master Jenkinson’s hand while leading him further into the Fenderson family mansion.

“Hah! Did you hear that, Jasmine? Grandpa said I was kind!” said Mindy as she playfully pouted.

“Sure, let’s go with that…” replied Jasmine as she shook her head slightly with an annoyed smile on her face.

Seeing this, Sanderson himself rolled his eyes at Mindy though he made sure she couldn’t see it.

‘Kindness my foot! You’ve just never met a person who talks through sign language! You’ve only been nice to me since you want to learn sign language as well!’ Sanderson thought to himself.

If it wasn’t already evident enough, Sanderson was none other than Gerald.

While his current persona certainly wasn’t ideal, it was in fact, the most convenient way for him to successfully infiltrate the Fenderson family mansion.

“Allow me to help you carry that medical kit, Sanderson,” said Jasmine as she nodded toward him.

At that, Gerald immediately began gesturing with his hands again before saying, “Ah! Ah!”

Since Jasmine was so much gentler and considerate compared to Mindy, Gerald couldn’t help but take a few more glances at her. His attention, however, soon returned to Lord Fenderson.

Gerald had already fully diagnosed his illness earlier from just a glance.

As long as Lord Fenderson took his prescribed medicine and received acupuncture treatment for a few days, it was almost certain that he would make a full recovery. It honestly wasn’t that difficult a task for Gerald.

The situation was ideal as well, since—as Gerald had previously discussed with Joshua—he had indeed planned to stay with the Fendersons for at least a few days.

During that period, Gerald planned to observe the Fendersons while also investigating for any activity from the Schuylers. Or at least that’s what he had initially planned.

As time went on, Mindy continued to look for Gerald any moment she could, and it was honestly starting to annoy him at this point. It was almost as though she had gone mad!

Thinking that he was finally alone when night came, Gerald stood in the backyard as he thought about the ‘great scheme’ that the Schuylers were plotting.

As for the Moldells, how many people were they actually sending over to help the Schuylers this time around?

Just as the gears in his head were about to grind, he heard a voice saying, “What are you doing, Sanderson?”

Gerald was left speechless as he turned to look at Mindy. The girl had her hands behind her back as she skipped all the way toward him.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” replied Gerald as he gestured his hands while pointing at the garden and the surrounding area.

“Oh, I see! So you wanted to enjoy the scenery! Haha! Since you probably only focus on studying medicine on Yorknorth Mountain, I’m sure you’ve never seen this grand a garden, have you?”

“Ah!” said Gerald with a nod.

“Speaking of which, since you’re currently free, could you keep me company for a bit?” said Mindy as she held on to his right hand.

Gerald was so stunned by that that he didn’t even know how to reply.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 903
With Mindy’s small hand being so smooth and warm, it wasn’t long before Gerald started feeling weird.

Before he could even say anything, however, Mindy began dragging him over to a few small stone stools in the garden where both of them sat.

“You know, Sanderson, I’ve been wondering why I keep finding you to be so familiar… After some thought, I think it’s because of how similar our past experiences are… While it’s true that I’m a rich young lady who’s been living in luxury all my life while you’ve had an extremely difficult past—even having to face such a miserable accident—both of us are similar in the way that neither of us had proper friends our entire lives,” explained Mindy.

Hearing that, Gerald simply nodded slightly.

“I resented that fact a lot when I was younger, you know? You may not know it, but because of a certain family, both Jasmine and I were grounded within the house for the longest time. That’s akin to torture for me since I’m the kind of person who simply can’t stay put in a place for long… I’m sure you’re able to relate to that to a certain degree… Regardless, due to my lack of contact with others, I’ve never been in a relationship before. Before I knew it, almost twenty-three years have passed and till this very day, I don’t think I’ve ever fallen for anyone, at least not in the way that soap operas usually play out,” added Jasmine as she held onto her chin.

In response, Gerald pointed at Mindy before making a few more gestures.

“Hmm? Could you perhaps be saying that I’m pretty so it should be easy for me to get a boyfriend?” asked Mindy with a smile.

After seeing Gerald’s nod, Mindy simply sighed before saying, “While I’m no longer grounded these days, I feel nothing for any of the rich heirs I’ve come across. It’s true that I do want to fall in love, but none of the people I’ve met make my heart flutter at all!”

At that, Gerald nodded again.

“…Well, there was one person… However, I only got to be together with him for a short while… He’s a good guy who I have to admit, is also quite cute…”

Raising an eyebrow, Gerald gestured again.

“Hmm? Why didn’t I confess to him?”

After seeing him nod, Mindy sighed before saying, “Humph! It’s a long story! To simplify, from what I’ve seen, he’s a sc*mbag!”

“…Ah?” replied Gerald, shocked.

“Tell you what, Sanderson. That friend of mine? It’s true that he’s nice to people, but he’s a little too nice to everyone, you know? Especially toward girls. It’s kind of sc*mmy, don’t you think? It’s honestly the thing I hate most about him! That’s the reason why my feelings for him eventually ended,” explained Mindy.

With that, Gerald made another gesture, akin to cheering her on.

“Worry not, I’ll definitely find the love of my life one day…” replied Mindy as she looked at him with a faint smile on her face.

“Speaking of which, Sanderson, do you care a lot about how others view your physical appearance?” asked Mindy.

As he nodded, he pointed at his face before putting on a terrified expression. For now, he knew he had to keep the act up.

“Were you saying that your appearance would scare others away? You’re afraid that no one will befriend you after seeing your burn marks?”

Upon seeing him nod in agreement, Mindy then asked, “Well I’m not afraid… And I won’t give you a cold shoulder, even after seeing what you look like. So Sanderson… Would you please take your mask off for me?”

Hearing that, Gerald quickly shook his head.

“Well, since you’re that reluctant, I won’t force you… Keep in mind, however, that we’re still close friends. No matter what you look like under that mask, I won’t dislike you…” said Mindy firmly.

It truly hadn’t crossed Gerald’s mind that Mindy would say such things. In response, he simply nodded understandingly.

“Ah, here you are, sir!” said a servant out of the blue as she began walking over.

Hearing that, he stood up while tilting his head at the servant.

“See, the young lady’s left shoulder has been aching a lot of late. We’d like you to have a look at her condition, sir,” added the female servant.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 904
After seeing him nod, Mindy then said, “Go ahead and check on Jasmine first. Since she’s trained a lot recently, it’s probably the same issue again. I’ll wait for you here tomorrow night so that we can chat again!” said Mindy.

Gerald then nodded in agreement as he began following the female servant to Jasmine’s room with his medical kit in hand. Once they got there, Gerald was greeted by the sight of Jasmine wearing a sling nightgown.

Her hair hung loosely around her shoulders and her goddess-like appearance made Gerald momentarily stunned.

“Since you were with Master Jenkinson for most of the morning, I felt that it would be rude to bother you then. I’m afraid I can only ask for your help at night,” said Jasmine with a faint smile on her face.

“Ah! Ah!” replied Gerald as he gestured his response, an indication that he didn’t think much about it.

Seeing that, Jasmine sat down before saying, “I appreciate it… See, my shoulder’s been aching occasionally ever since it got hurt sometime in the past. Since my training has intensified recently, the aching has gotten more frequent and also more painful…”

Hearing that, Gerald gestured with his hands as though he was asking her how her shoulder got hurt in the first place.

“Let’s just say that a friend of mine accidentally hurt me… It was back during a Taekwondo championship… I had underestimated him, so due to my carelessness, I was flung out of the ring! In the process of breaking the fall, my left shoulder received substantial damage… Ever since that day, the ache never truly went away,” explained Jasmine.

Gerald was gently rubbing her left shoulder at the time, and after hearing her full explanation, he felt a shiver run down his spine.

‘The one who caused the injury… It was me, wasn’t it? To think that she’s had this pain on her shoulder this entire time… Now that she’s asking me to treat her, I’m not even sure if it’s god’s will anymore…’

After a brief examination, Gerald gave her a thumbs up before mimicking the action of holding a needle. Essentially, he was saying that after he performed acupuncture on her a few times, she should feel as good as new.

“Is that so? Thank you, sir! While we’re at it, could I please request to not address you as sir? For some embarrassing reason, I feel rather uneasy to say it… Could I just call you Sanderson?’ asked Jasmine with a subtle smile on her face.

Upon seeing his nod, Jasmine then asked, “You’ve always been staying by Master Jenkinson’s side, right? Don’t you ever get bored? When I saw you atop the mountain that morning, it seemed that you didn’t have many friends either. After all, aside from the lively Mindy, not many people actually took the time to talk to you, is my deduction correct?”

For some odd reason, Jasmine felt that she could open up a bit more to Sanderson. He simply exuded an aura that made her feel safe to talk about such things. He made her feel assured.

While Jasmine had to admit that she was late in getting involved with society, she still felt that she was quite good at judging people.

At the very least, she was definitely sure that Sanderson didn’t make her feel like the other men she had previously met. Unlike the obscene looks those men usually gave her, Sanderson’s gazes were soothing.

What more, since Sanderson couldn’t speak properly, she could speak her mind without having to worry about Sanderson blabbering out what she had told him. He was essentially the total opposite of Mindy.

All this contributed to Jasmine sincerely wanting to chat more with Gerald.

In response to her previous question, Gerald simply nodded.

“You’ve been living out there this entire time, Sanderson… Do you have any idea what love feels like? I don’t mean anything by that, I’m just curious…”

‘What on earth is wrong with these two sisters tonight…? To think that both of them had the same topic in mind to talk to me about…’ Gerald thought to himself as he shook his head.

“I see… Well that makes the both of us… While I’ve not been in a relationship before, I may have found myself having a crush on somebody… Though I say that, I’m not even sure when I started having feelings for him…” said Jasmine in a soft tone.

As Gerald listened on, she continued, “Maybe… Just maybe… Could these feelings for him have sprouted the moment he tossed me out of that ring? Or perhaps it was when he had saved me… How curious… Ah!”

Nearing the end of her sentence, Jasmine let out a tiny yelp as she felt an acute pain on her shoulder.

Immediately lifting his hands from her shoulder, he lowered his head in apology.

“I’m fine, don’t worry. Just continue, Sanderson,” replied Jasmine with a smile.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 905
It was no surprise why he had accidentally made that mistake. After all, Gerald was stunned to know that she actually had slight feelings for him.

As far as Gerald remembered, he only ever had brief conversations with Jasmine, though he did admit to manipulating her slightly during some incidents. To think that she would end up falling for him just because of that…

“Anyway, when the Fendersons went over to the Crawford family some time ago, we learned that he had gone missing. While I’ve sent a lot of people out to search for him, it’s already been a little over half a year by now yet there still isn’t any news about him… I still occasionally wonder whether he left on his own accord…” said Jasmine in a rather sad tone.

“…Regardless, are you done?” asked Jasmine as she turned to look at Sanderson.

At that, Gerald nodded before gesturing for her to get a good rest.

Just as he was about to leave with his medical kit, however, he caught a glimpse of some prayer tools lying around in her room.

With a slight frown, he then pointed at said objects before saying, “Ah, ah?”

He had meant to ask her whether there was something going on the next day, and though he was worried that the question wouldn’t get across, Jasmine seemed to understand him just fine.

With a smile on her face, she nodded before saying, “There’s a church fair tomorrow. My aunts, Mindy, and I will be heading there to pray for blessings together. Haha! You may not know this, but in the past, Mindy and I couldn’t leave the mansion all willy-nilly, Sanderson. We used to sneak out just to go to that fair! We don’t have to sneak out anymore, though, so we can thoroughly enjoy ourselves there without fear of getting caught!”

Upon hearing that, Gerald’s expression saddened.

“…Hmm? Could it be that you wish to go there too? Now that I think about it, you’ve probably never attended a church fair, have you?” asked Jasmine as she looked at his face.

In response, Gerald began gesturing happily.

“Alright then, it’s decided! If you aren’t too busy tomorrow, do keep us company and go out with us!” replied Jasmine with a smile.

Though Jasmine was rarely this friendly to someone she just met, she simply felt comfortable with him.

Perhaps it was his calming gaze and inability to talk properly—which meant that he was also naturally a better listener—that made Jasmine willing to befriend him.

Regardless of whatever the true reason was for her to feel the way that she currently did, she was comfortable with him and that was all that mattered.

As all this was happening, several people were celebrating an extraordinarily lively night in a secret room within the Schuyler family’s mansion. The people involved were all seated at a large table, chatting merrily between sips of wine.

“The situation seems to have changed, dad. To think that that b*stard, Lord Fenderson, would actually hire Joshua to cure his illness! From what my subordinate reported to me, his complexion looks much better now after just a single session of the treatment!” said Yael in a worried tone.

“Master Yael, you worry too much! The Longs and the Schuylers are different now! Not only have both our families agreed to cooperate to ensure the success of this mission, but we’re also getting valuable assistance from a few masters from the Moldell family! Bryson’s no longer a threat!” sneer a middle-aged man who went by the name of Berk Long.

Berk was Master Long’s youngest son, and just like Master Long’s other sons, he had his own set of skills that separated him from the rest.

He was most prominently known for being both strong and powerful, just like how his name suggested.

Not only was he the leader of the Long family’s secret forces, but he was also a key player during the attempt to capture Gerald alive in Merry City back then. Though Gerald had managed to escape, the fact that Gerald had only made it out by the skin of his teeth made him worthy enough to be trusted even by the Moldells.

“…I suppose you’re right, Berk!” said Yael.

“Humph! But of course he is! You need to learn more from your elders from now on, Yael! Wit isn’t everything, you know? Speaking of which, the first phase of the plan starts tomorrow. How goes the preparations?” asked Noah.

“Worry not, everything’s already in place. After all, with both Quentin and Trey on our side, phase one is most definitely already in the bag!” said Yael as he looked at the similar-looking brothers from the Moldell family.

“Well I’ll rest assured then! Since the Quentin & Trey duo are Master Jett’s younger cousins, I have reason to believe that their capabilities are on par with Master Jett’s!” added Noah with a flattering tone.

“You’ve got to be joking! There’s no way we could ever compare to our cousin!” said both of the brothers as they shook their heads with bitter smiles on their faces.

“There’s no need to be modest! Anyway, a toast to the success of the first phase tomorrow!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 906

As Jasmine had said the night before, a church fair was held in town the very next morning. With everything looking so grand, it was no wonder why it was so crowded.

“How lively!” said Mindy excitedly as she stood in the middle of the crowd.

“Could you please be a little more reserved, Mindy?” said Jasmine rather helplessly.

“Why should I be? Today’s an exciting day! Can’t you feel it? Seeing all the people here just makes me all giddy!” replied Mindy as Jasmine shook her head.

“It’s fine once in a while, isn’t it Jasmine? Let’s just have a short stroll around before heading to the church to pray for our blessings later,” said their second aunt as she turned to look at the youth who had silently been following them from behind this entire time.

“I apologize that you have to see the childish side of our family,” said the second aunt as she smiled.

In response, Gerald shook his head.

To be honest, even if they had prohibited Gerald from coming along, he would’ve still done so sneakily. After all, how couldn’t he when he was well aware that the Schuylers were actively eyeing the two sisters.

“…Hey, look over there, Jasmine. Aren’t those our classmates?” asked Mindy out of the blue as she pointed toward a few people.

As she said that, their six classmates took notice of them as well.

Since Mandy and Jasmine had both been mysterious girls who had remained cold and aloof toward them for the longest time, nobody in the group—regardless of gender—actually dared to take the initiative to greet them.

However, since Mindy was now waving at them with a smile, they naturally felt the need to walk over. After all, regardless of how distant they were, the two girls had still been their classmates for years.

“I didn’t expect to see you here!” said a woman—who appeared to be the leader of the group—as she smiled.

“Indeed! It’s high time Jasmine and I came out to have a bit of fun! I was honestly wondering if we would bump into any of our classmates here earlier. Speak of the devil, I guess! How long have you been here? Have you had your fun yet?” asked Mindy with a smile.

“Actually, we just arrived!” said the other women in the group.

“I see! Why not walk around together then? After all, aside from Stella, we’ve never had a proper chance to chat with each other, even though we were classmates for so many years! Right, Jasmine?”

Hearing what Mindy said, Jasmine nodded before smiling.

Jasmine and Mindy were more acquainted with Stella since both she and Gerald had momentarily given a hand to the two girls during the incident half a year ago.

“Also, you may not know this, but though we never talked much in class, we know all about you!” declared Mindy.

“You’re Isabelle, aren’t you? You’re the monitor of the class right next to ours! As for this beauty, your name is Maia, right? We met at the Taekwondo championship back then, remember? If I properly recall, you got transferred to our university some time ago together with that handsome guy, Warren!”

Hearing that, Maia smiled faintly at Mindy before saying, “Yeah, it was quite a while ago since that happened. We got to know Isabelle a bit better after that incident, so in a way, the events of that day had a silver lining.”

“Alright, since all of you are young people, why don’t all of you go ahead and have some fun together? Your Third aunt and I will just be walking around if you need us,” said Second aunt as she looked at the two girls.

Upon agreeing with that, Jasmine and Mindy joined their classmates, leaving Gerald sighing internally as he followed them. And here he had thought that he wouldn’t ever have to meet those people again. To think that ‘never’ turned out to be only half a year later.

Still, it was clear that all of them had changed slightly.

For one, Isabelle wasn’t as impetuous as she used to be. Stella herself had gotten a shorter haircut, though she still remained beautiful all the same. As for Maia, she seemed to have grown a bit more mature, and that amplified her beauty even more.

“Ah, speaking of which! These are our classmates, Sanderson! Let’s be sure to have fun together, alright?”

Gerald could only nod. It wasn’t as though he could refuse the offer.

When Stella, Maia, and Isabelle saw that he was wearing a mask, they felt rather uneasy walking together with him. The fact that he didn’t know how to speak didn’t help with his situation.

However, since he came with Mindy and Jasmine, the girls kept to themselves, knowing it would be imprudent of them to say anything bad about Gerald.

While none of them said a thing about him, Maia herself took an extra step by deliberately distancing herself from him.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 907
She did so since half a year wasn’t nearly enough to change her arrogant attitude. As was expected, Maia still preferred only being around people with high statuses in society like Warren, Jasmine, and Mindy.

Nobody could really blame her for that.

Regardless, Gerald was far too busy keeping an eye out on his surroundings to even notice the contemptuous gazes from both Maia and Isabelle.

“Hey Jasmine, look there! See those little candies those kids are holding? I like them a lot! I wonder where they bought those!” said Mindy a little while later as she pointed out the window at a few children who were passing by. The group was currently seated in a small shop while enjoying some coffee.

“Oh, you do? I know where they’re selling them! It’s a little further up north, but I could bring you there if you’d like!” replied Maia.

“That would be great!” said Mindy excitedly as she turned to look at Gerald.

Mindy then smiled and said, “Come on, Sanderson! Join me! After all, you don’t seem like you have anything else to do!”

“He doesn’t need to follow. We can just head there ourselves!” stated Maia, a hint of contempt in her voice.

Before Gerald could even take a good look at Maia’s expression, Mindy had already grabbed on to his arm before shouting, “Let’s go!”

Jasmine herself smiled before adding, “Just go ahead with Mindy, Sanderson… I’ll feel much more assured knowing that you’re keeping her company as well!”

Hearing that, Gerald could only shake his head in resignation as he followed Mindy and Maia to the candy stall.

Though he had assumed that Mindy would return to the group upon purchasing the candies, to his dismay, there were a lot of interesting things on sale which Mindy hadn’t seen before. As a result, it turned into a mini shopping spree as Mindy spent quite some time looking through and buying more and more things.

Eventually, Gerald tapped Mindy’s shoulder gently, indicating that they should return to the group.

“We’re in no hurry, so just stay and have a look around!” said Mindy with a smile.

“If he wants to return so much, just let him leave first…” added Maia.

“No way! It’ll be boring with just the two of us!” replied Mindy as she shook her head.

Just as he was about to persuade Mindy to return again, Gerald felt his ears twitch. A second later, his eyes turned stern as he turned to look behind them.

Though Maia and Mindy were blissfully unaware, Gerald could see ten figures slowly inching toward them!

When Gerald turned to warn Mindy, the figures immediately sped up!

It took less than a few seconds for the men to reach the trio, and the next thing Mindy knew, her arms had already been grabbed by several of the men.

Gerald himself felt a firm hand on his shoulder as the tip of a gun nudged against his back.

“Don’t you dare move, you b*stard! Or I’ll kill you!” growled the person standing behind Gerald viciously.

While it would honestly be quite easy for Gerald to resist them, he didn’t do so. After all, with so many people there, he was afraid that the group of men would get careless and accidentally shoot an innocent bystander.

Besides, it was clear that the group of men was following a very well thought out plan. With that in mind, he didn’t dare to act blindly since he wasn’t sure whether Jasmine and the others were also facing the same thing.

“W-who are you…? What the hell do you want?” asked Mindy—who was also held at gunpoint—in a frightened voice.

“They’re kidnappers of course!” growled Maia who looked like she wasn’t new to the experience. Rather than fear, her expression showed more of a frown.

“Oh? This beauty’s rather calm, isn’t she! I’m afraid that calmness won’t last for long though, haha!” sneered one of the men who was wearing a cap.

“Y-you’re all bold, I’ll give you that. However, do you even know whose territory you’re currently in? Have you any idea who I even am? Just know that my sister’s drinking coffee not too far off!” warned Mindy though her fear was still evident.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 908
“Hah! As if we wouldn’t know who you are! You’re Mindy, the second young lady of the Fenderson family! Also, Jasmine was indeed having coffee. Past tense of course, since she’s already been captured! You’re the only one left to deal with! Now walk!” ordered the man—who appeared to be the leader of the group—as he shoved Mindy rather harshly.

As soon as he said that, the distant revving of engines could be heard. Moments later, a minibus could be seen speeding through the crowd toward them!

“Get in the car!” commanded the man as soon as the vehicle came to a screeching halt before them. Not having any other choice, the trio simply obeyed.

At that point, Gerald was still considering whether he should make a move now or continue waiting for a bit. After all, even though these people had guns with them, he didn’t really think that they were all that big a deal.

At that moment, a static voice could be heard coming from a walkie-talkie, stating, “Are you done?”

“Yes we are! It was a piece of cake!” replied the leader.

As the two continued talking through the walkie-talkie, at some point, Jasmine’s voice could clearly be heard from the other end.

‘So they weren’t lying when they said they’ve already captured Jasmine and the rest!’ Gerald thought to himself.

With that in mind, he decided not to make a move just yet. He would just have to think of something once he reunited with Jasmine and the others later.

Before being allowed to leave the minibus with curtained windows, Gerald and the others had their heads covered with tiny sacks.

“Move forward!”

Eventually, the sacks were removed once they reached their destination. To Gerald, it seemed like they were in a cellar of sorts.

Looking around, he saw that Jasmine, Isabelle, Stella, and Warren were already here, though all four of them had been tied against chairs.

“Mindy! Sanderson! Are both of you alright?” shouted Jasmine in a worried tone.

“I-I’m fine… Who are those people, Jasmine? How could they be so daring?” asked Mindy hurriedly.

“Them? Hah! They’re lackeys of the Schuyler family! Those ungrateful b*stards!” scolded Jasmine in rage.

“Now just stay here quietly! Others will be coming over to accompany you later!” said one of the captors before the group of men walked out of the cellar.

“…Regardless, to think that those people actually built a secret room within their house…” said Maia, breaking the awkward silence.

“Indeed. What more, the guns they’re using are the newest models the country’s produced! These people are definitely quite powerful!” said Warren with a frown.

Hearing that, Gerald remembered that both Warren and Maia had attended the university back then to investigate something. To think that they had remained undercover and active on the case for almost half a year by now.

“Stella, Isabelle, and Maia… I’m so sorry for burdening all of you… Worry not, I’ll definitely not allow the Schuylers to lay another finger on you!” apologized Jasmine.

“It’s fine, Miss Fenderson. The most important thing now, is to find a way to escape,” said Warren calmly.

Following that, a sigh was heard as Stella began crying out, “It’d be great if Gerald was here… With his capabilities, he’d definitely know what to do in such a situation!”

Unlike Maia, this was the first time Stella and Isabelle had found themselves in such a situation. It was natural for them to feel utterly terrified.

Upon hearing Gerald’s name being mentioned out of the blue, the other women in the room found themselves slightly stunned. This was especially the case for Jasmine though her expression turned somber soon enough.

“…Wishing for him to be here in this situation really won’t help… After all, he’s gone missing!” said Jasmine.

“…Huh? What? Since when? What happened?” asked Jasmine’s classmates in surprise.

“Nobody knows… It’s already been well over half a year, yet we don’t even know if he’s dead or alive!” explained Jasmine.

“How… How could that be…” said Stella in disbelief.

“…No wonder Marven’s company fell into bankruptcy so suddenly! So it had something to do with Gerald going missing!” added Isabelle, her tone downcast.

“Humph! It serves him right! After all, who told him to keep such a high profile? He thought he could do anything that he wished just because he was rich, but look what ended up happening to him after showing off so much! He’s just a man with a bad fortune!” growled Maia angrily as she remembered her past encounters with him.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 909
Gerald could only look at Maia in disbelief.

To think that he had assumed that she would have a somewhat better impression of him after lending her a hand back then. So it was all just wishful thinking. All he could do was smile bitterly in resignation as he looked at the lost cause of a woman.

“That’s enough. There’s no use talking about things like that now. What’s important is figuring out how we should escape!” said Warren.

As soon as he said that, a shout was heard as the iron door creaked open.

“Get in! All of you!”

Following that, around thirty people—both young and old—were shoved into the place. All of them had sacks over their heads, just like how their group had been brought in earlier.

When the sacks were removed, however, Jasmine was instantly shocked.

“What? It’s you? So the rest… Did they actually capture all of you?!” exclaimed Jasmine, stupefied by the turn of events.

“So you’ve been kidnapped as well, Miss! Those Schuylers truly are b*stards!” said one of the older members from the group.

The group of people all seemed quite close to Jasmine, and it was no wonder why.

After all, they were none other than key personnel from the families who were subservient to the Fendersons. There were over ten major and minor families who relied on the Fendersons for support, and Jasmine could tell that only the most loyal people—to her family—had been captured.

“Whatever you decide to do, please make it quick, miss! From what we can assume, the Schuylers are going to rebel against the Fenderson family very soon!” said another old man.

“Even if you say that, it’s not like I can do anything now… After all, I would’ve never expected them to rebel out of the blue after all these years! I don’t even know how long they’ve been planning for this!” replied Jasmine, clearly getting more and more worried by the second.

Meanwhile, Noah and a few other key members of the families subservient to the Fendersons arrived at the Fenderson family house. Everything was going according to plan.

“I apologize in advance, Mr. Schuyler and the rest of you here, but Lord Fenderson has just turned in for the night after taking his medicine,” said a butler as he watched the group of people enter the mansion.

“Tell him that this is an important affair. We’ll wait here while you inform him about it,” replied Noah.

Hearing that, the butler frowned. What a rude man! However, he couldn’t really do anything about it, so he simply obeyed.

It wasn’t long after before they were brought to Lord Fenderson’s study where he sat waiting.

“So, what’s the big emergency, Noah?” asked Bryson.

“You see, Lord Fenderson, a family member of mine who works in the headquarters was hospitalized due to some work injuries. However, the headquarters hasn’t paid for his medical fees which he should rightfully receive!” replied Noah.

“…Hmm? Did you really come all the way here just to tell me about that incident?” asked Bryson with a frown on his face.

“Oh, that’s not all! You see, since the headquarters refused to provide the medical fees in time, that family member of mine ended up passing away!” said Noah in a cold tone.

“…What exactly are you saying?” asked Bryson, slowly realizing Noah’s underlying message.

“It’s quite easy, honestly! You just need to punish the person in charge of the incident! Otherwise, my family won’t ever be able to reconcile with his death!”

“And who exactly was in charge?”

“Alas, it was none other than Jasmine!”

Bryson’s first response upon hearing that was to slam his study table with both his hands.

“How dare you, Noah! What’s your ulterior motive?! Actually, since you’ve brought so many people along with you, you couldn’t be thinking about finally rebelling against the Fenderson family, could you?”

“Humph! You’re exaggerating the situation, Lord Fenderson! My family’s always been loyal to yours! We just want to settle this incident once and for all! Since you’re so unwilling to punish her, how about this? As long as you sign your name on this agreement form, I’ll cease to pursue the incident!” declared Noah as he slid an agreement form in front of Bryson.

After reading through it, Bryson’s expression immediately turned hideous.

“What utter bullsh*t is this?! Know that you’re courting death tonight, Noah!” roared the old man as his eyes went bloodshot.

“Guards! Come in right this instant and kick them out!”

“Save your breath, Lord Fenderson. The four b*stards who usually protect you have already been subdued by my men. Nobody is coming to help you. Now that that’s out of the way, I hope that you’ll sign this agreement form for the sake of your granddaughters’, your sons’, and your own safety. Speaking of which, you’ll have to announce this in front of everyone else as well!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 910
Immediately after saying that, Noah let out a sneer.

Bryson himself was finally catching on to how cornered he truly was. He would’ve never imagined that the Schuylers were actually this capable.

“You… Have you captured Jasmine and Mindy…?”

“Humph. You have five minutes to consider it, Lord Fenderson. Also, don’t even bother relying on the board of directors. Rest assured that even those loyalest to you will be quick to sign and approve of it,” replied Noah, disregarding Bryson’s question entirely.

“Fine, I’ll sign it! Still, I’d like you to clarify something. Have all of you truly become the Moldell’s lackeys?” asked Bryson with a resentful tone as he signed the agreement form.

“Lackey is an unpleasant term, Lord Fenderson. I’m simply choosing to work with the wiser person! Do note that you were the one who brought this upon yourself! After all, you refused the Moldell family’s proposal to cooperate with them in search of Gerald within the Salford Province!” said Noah.

“As part of our deal with the Moldells, once we’re in power, we’ll be using the Fenderson family’s name to seek Gerald out! Speaking of deals, once we’ve smoked him out, the Fenderson family’s surname will be no more! Instead, you’ll all be adopting the surname of Schuyler! As I said before, this is all your own doing, so don’t blame me!” added Noah.

“Now then, someone please take him back to his room so that he can get his rest. Guard him properly. We can’t delay the major occasion that’ll take place tomorrow.”

Finally done with his monologue, Noah then walked out of the room with his men.

Meanwhile, more and more kidnapped people were being brought to the Schuyler family’s secret room.

As was previously deduced, most, if not all, of the people there were those whom the Fendersons trusted or relied on a lot.

“This simply won’t do… I have a feeling that something bad is going to happen to grandpa… We need to think of a way to escape soon!” said Jasmine.

“We do. I’ve been thinking for a while, and the best we can probably do now is gather those in the room who have great martial art skills and attempt to break out!” replied Warren.

He then added, “From what I can tell and have personally experienced, you should be the most skilled martial artist among all of us here, Miss Jasmine. You seem to be proficient with guns as well. Including Maia and I, the three of us will be taking the vanguard on our way out. Still, that makes only three people…”

“I know martial arts as well! Count me in!”

“Me as well!”

It didn’t take long for over ten new faces to step forward. Their courage had stemmed from their indignance about the entire situation, and nobody in the room was willing to bow down to that b*stard Noah without a fight.

“While I know you’re itching to escape, do be careful out there, mister! Since you’re not from the Fenderson family, I’m sure they won’t make things too difficult for you. Even so, things could get nasty should Noah catch you during your escape attempt!” said one of the captured men in the room.

Gerald himself was gesturing his hands wildly, telling them to not act impetuously and simply wait a little longer.

“Humph! The weak should just let the strong take the lead,” said Warren as he shook his head in resignation.

After looking at Gerald for a while, Jasmine nodded before adding, “I currently have to agree with Warren’s statement. Attempting to break out of this place will be much better than simply resigning to our fates.”

In her mind, she was thinking about how she could quickly inform the others about the Schuyler’s plan should she make it out safely. If that were to happen, the Schuylers could be dealt with before they could implement whatever they had planned.

“I’m glad to hear that. Speaking of which, I’ve noticed that the defense system in the house is quite lenient. However, I have a feeling that things will be much stricter outside. Are you familiar with the exterior of the Schuyler family’s mansion?” asked Warren.

“I am. Stick close to me on our way out. I’ll lead you along the paths that I think should be less guarded. With any luck, we’ll be able to break out of this place.”

Hearing that, Gerald then said, “Ah! Ah ah!”

It was evident that he was telling them to bring him along.

“I know you’re afraid, Sanderson, but we may not even succeed in breaking out! What more, we don’t know how dangerous it is yet outside there!” replied Jasmine with a hint of concern in her voice.

Maia herself simply rolled her eyes at his suggestion.

“With our family in its current condition, I can’t just stay here doing nothing either, Jasmine! I’m coming along!” declared Mindy as she gritted her teeth.

Upon hearing that, Jasmine turned to look at the rest of the people stuck in there. While many had gained courage earlier when the escape plan had been mentioned, many more were still shivering in fright at the thought of being caught again by the Schuylers.

Since Mindy and Sanderson weren’t part of the group that was afraid, after considering it for a brief moment, Jasmine nodded with a sigh as she looked at Mindy.

“Hold on! I don’t agree with this! As was said before, we don’t know how dangerous it is out there yet! Coming with us when you don’t know any martial arts could very well end with something going terribly wrong, Miss Mindy and Sanderson!” said Maia.

“Let’s not waste our energy arguing about this. For now, let’s just discuss how we’ll escape while we wait till it’s dark,” stated Jasmine, preventing Maia from creating unnecessary tension.

As the group took a brief break to calm themselves, Gerald snuck to a corner of the room. Once he was there, he took out what seemed like a jade pendant from his pocket. Upon closer inspection, however, the ‘pendant’ had a button on it.

Taking in a deep breath, Gerald then pressed the button.

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