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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 931-940

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 931
It was an hour later when Gerald finally walked out of the valley.

Gerald himself made it out alive since the trench coat he was wearing was specifically designed to protect him from the mosquitoes there.

As he quickly donned on some ordinary clothes, he recalled Jett’s final miserable moments as he died slowly just minutes ago.

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Exacting his revenge had finally allowed Gerald to feel a sense of satisfaction after so long. After all, even if Kort’s men were able to track down his son all the way to the mountainous area, Gerald was certain that the Wild Miasma Valley would be the last place they would ever think to search for.

If it all went according to how he envisioned it, Kort would definitely continue searching for Jett for quite a while. During that period, Gerald’s family would finally get a chance to temporarily get some rest.

However, since Gerald wouldn’t be able to return to Weston for a while, he knew that he needed to quickly find someplace else to retreat to, at least for the time being.

Slipping on his backpack once he was done changing, he looked exactly like a fresh graduate. He bore a simple and unadorned look, just like he used to back then.

Just as he was about to decide which direction to head toward, he suddenly heard the loud revving of motors coming from uphill.

Squinting his eyes, Gerald soon saw an off-road vehicle chasing after two clearly worn-out people who were now running toward him. He instantly recognized both of them.

They were none other than the fat biscuit seller and the beauty wearing the black leather pants from before!

“So it’s them…” said Gerald to himself as he quickly put on his cap and lowered its brim slightly.

“H-help! Those people are trying to kill us!” shouted the fat man.

Upon closer inspection, Gerald noticed that the girl had suffered a serious injury and that her leg was bleeding rather profusely. He also noticed that the white box she had earlier been carrying around was now black.

“B-brother, please! Save us! Those people have guns!” cried out the fat man again in his desperation.

Seeing how pale the beauty was and how close the off-road vehicle was already getting, Gerald considered for a moment.

Though the girl had killed off five people earlier, they were all robbers. What more, he honestly couldn’t see her being a treacherous person.

Looking at the ones chasing after them next, he saw that the men in the vehicle were all bald. They also seemed to have either dragon or phoenix tattoos all over them.

Finalizing his decision once he saw one of the men stretching his hand out of the car’s window, Gerald yelled, “Follow me into the valley!”

Seconds after he led both of them into the valley, gunshots could be heard. Tiny stones and pebbles flew all over the place as well, as the off-road vehicle drove over the rocky road.

Eventually, the car came to a screeching halt.

As five bald men exited the vehicle with guns in hand, their leader grumbled, “D*mn it! They run pretty fast! Not to worry, though! I managed to shoot the girl in the leg so they won’t be able to get far! Make sure your guns are loaded, brothers! We’re chasing after them!”

“Boss, don’t! That valley is called Poisonous Mosquito Valley for a reason! If we get attacked by the mosquitoes in there, then we’ll definitely be wiped out in an instant! Even our skin will be completely vaporized… We definitely shouldn’t go in there!” warned one of the bald men.

“Well we can’t just leave without that box of money…” replied the leader rather hesitantly.

“…Humph. Well, if the valley is as dangerous as you say it is, I’m sure they’ll come running out soon! In the meantime, call more of our men over to surround all the valley’s entrances. Be sure to remind them to each have loaded guns with them!” added the leader.

“Right away, boss!”

“F*cking hell! Why are there so many mosquitoes here? What is this place, brother?” asked the fat man nervously as he carried the barely conscious girl deeper into the valley.

“Well of course there would be a lot of mosquitoes. This is the Poisonous Mosquito Valley, after all!”

“The… The Poisonous Mosquito Valley? You couldn’t be talking about the one in the Death Forbidden Land, right?” asked the fat man—who was surprisingly knowledgeable—in surprise.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 932
Gerald nodded as he said that.

“…Oh god. It’s best that we didn’t go in any further, brother! From what I’ve heard, the mosquitoes don’t even leave any traces of their victim’s skin left! We might as well just get shot by bullets than have to endure through poisonous mosquito attacks!” said the fat man, terrified.

“You should’ve thought about that while you were running toward me earlier. Doesn’t the fact that you did that already implicate that you didn’t mind me dying together with you in the first place?” replied Gerald as he smiled wryly.

The fat man, however, barely even registered any guilt since he was much too terrified of where he was currently at.

Gerald himself was calculating the chance of him surviving if he tried to go against those men. In the end, he was certain that the men would simply release fire from a distance the moment they saw him. Hiding could still be possible at that point, but he’d still end up getting hurt! There just wasn’t any silver linings in confronting the men now.

With that conclusion in mind, Gerald couldn’t help but laugh slightly bitterly before saying, “Come on, follow me. There’s a cave within this valley which we can hide in for the moment! Since she’s already lost too much blood at this point, the girl desperately needs some rest or her life will be in danger soon!”

“S-seriously?” asked the fat man in surprise.

Shaking his head, Gerald continued taking the lead until eventually, all three of them arrived at the cave Gerald had mentioned.

There seemed to be considerably less mosquitoes around this area as well.

“What a miracle! To think there was a spot within this death zone that those mosquitoes wouldn’t gather around!” said the fat man as he gently placed the now unconscious girl on the ground.

“See those green plants out there? The mosquitoes are naturally repelled by their scent! With there being so many of that plant right outside the cave, the mosquitoes definitely won’t be attacking us any time soon as long as we stay in here!”

With Gerald’s immense knowledge of medicinal plants, it was no wonder why he knew the plants’ properties.

As Gerald began checking on the unconscious girl’s injuries, he soon heard her ask, “…Who… exactly are you, brother…? How do you know so much…?”

When he turned to look at her face, she was frowning as she asked the question.

“My identity isn’t important. Regardless, if these wounds don’t get treated soon, you’ll be dead within a few hours! What happened to both of you anyway? Why were those men hunting you down?”

Recalling what she had said to the five burly men before murdering them, Gerald remembered her saying that she wanted to assassinate someone. From her current condition, it was clear as day that her mission had failed.

“That’s right! If I’d had known that you were going to do such a thing, then I wouldn’t have followed you, even if you threatened to beat me to death! You’re really got me in deep trouble this time!” said the young man in a bitter tone.

“Haha! Well, since we won’t be living for much longer anyway, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to tell you guys this! See, my plan was to assassinate a boss at the border of the Salford Province! After all, that b*stard cheated and killed my friends! Since I was able to escape, I’ve been planning my revenge since then!” explained the girl.

“I see. If I may, it seems that you have the background of a martial artist. Did you receive any special training for fighting and assassination as a child?” asked Gerald as he tore some gauze to bandage up her wound.

Upon hearing his question, she instantly began seeing Gerald in a new light.

As she continued staring at him, the fat man broke the silence by anxiously asking, “Hey, hey! Your grievances with those men isn’t what’s important now! You said that we weren’t going to be living for much longer right? What exactly did you mean by that?”

“Haha! Well, knowing Hansel’s way of doing things, it wouldn’t surprise me if his men have already surrounded all the exits to this valley by now. Even if we don’t die to the mosquitoes here, the only other option is to starve to death! Still, I guess I needn’t be lonely in death since the two of you will be joining me!” replied the girl.

“W-what…? You… You’re evil! Pure evil! So we only exist here to cushion your blow?!” said the fat man as his eyes widened in shock and fear.

“To think that you still have the energy to scare him even with that serious injury. Hahaha… Well, since we truly are going to die here together, then we may as well die as romantic ghosts! After all, I’m sure fatty here has never enjoyed the company of a woman before!” said Gerald as he laughed while shaking his head.

“You… Don’t you even dare!” growled the girl as she glared at Gerald.

Ignoring her threat, Gerald then turned to look at the fat man before saying, “Say, fatty. Head a little deeper inside and you’ll find a small undercurrent creek. Get some water for me there. I’m going to disinfect her wound!”

“R-right!” said the fat man as he nodded slightly before fumbling off with a water bottle in hand.

“Alright, while your arm’s only slightly injured, the wound on your thigh is much more serious. That’s going to get infected extremely easily so I’ll need to suck the contaminated blood out before that happens!” said Gerald as soon as the fat man left.

“How are you going to suck it out?” asked the girl.

“How else? With my mouth of course! So… Please spare me the embarrassment and take your pants off if you want me to help you…” said Gerald as he couldn’t help but blush slightly.

In response, she immediately gave him a slap across his face!

“Y-you asshole! Don’t even think about it!” growled the girl as he face turned as red as a tomato.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 933
Due to the environment she had grown up in, the girl had always been particularly sensitive whenever it came to having contact with men. Sensitive wasn’t even the right word in this case. Rather, it was more akin to disgust.

As long as she had to deal with matters involving relationships between men and women, she simply couldn’t help but feel utterly sickened. It could sometimes even get so terrible that she felt disgusted simply being in the presence of men.

It was why she barely felt guilty when she said that they should just die together earlier.

Gerald himself had never expected for such a cold and indifferent girl to put up such strong resistance.

“Look, I’m just trying to save your life here. If we don’t treat your wounds now, it’ll definitely come to bite you back when we make our escape later. Do you really need me of all people to tell you what’s going to happen should you fall into their hands?” persuaded Gerald.


Hearing that, the girl was momentarily stunned.

It was obvious that she was having an internal struggle at that moment with how tightly she was clenching her fists.

“…Fine! But close your eyes throughout the process or I won’t hesitate to slice your neck!” said the woman with a frigid tone.

“Lady, you’re making it sound as though I’m that desperate to look at you!”

“Well then turn around already! Close your d*mned eyes as well!” ordered the girl as Gerald obeyed while shaking his head.

Moments later, he heard the familiar rustling of a person undressing behind him.

Though the girl was a little cold, Gerald had to admit that she really was a true beauty. While any other ordinary man would surely be tempted to give a peek, Gerald easily refrained from that temptation. After all, he truly didn’t have any other intentions aside from treating her wound.

“…I’m done!” said the girl as Gerald slowly approached her with a sigh.

“Again, I warn you not to touch anywhere else… I can end your life with a single move, you got that?!”

It was about five minutes later when a familiar voice called out, “Brother! I brought the water over like you asked! …Actually, hold on. What’s going on here? Why’s your face so red, beauty?” asked the fat man.

Upon closer inspection, he realized how disheveled she looked as well. It took him a second, but his astonishment was soon evident as he asked, “You… Both of you didn’t do anything weird while I was gone, right?”

“If you say another god d*mned word then don’t blame me for slicing your tongue off!” growled the girl as she pulled her short blade out.

In response, the fat man was so terrified that he immediately cupped his hands over his mouth.

Night passed quickly and the next thing the girl and the fat man knew, they were being patted awake on their cheek as Gerald said, “Hey, rise and shine! It’s high time we made our leave!”

“But brother… It’s still dark outside… Plus those men probably set up tents last night in wait for us… What makes you think they’re already gone…?” asked the fat man as he rubbed his eyes.

“I went scouting earlier and from what I found, all the entrances were left unguarded. Either they’ve left or the poisonous mosquitoes got to them first! Regardless, let’s just take this opportunity to hurry up and leave!” said Gerald.

“What? Not a single one of them is there?” asked the fat man in surprise.

The girl was equally as surprised when she heard that.

“I’m certain and I’m serious about leaving immediately. Any later and escape may prove impossible!” replied Gerald as he slipped his backpack on.

Exchanging glances with each other, the fat man and the girl could only start readying themselves. After all, both of them were fully aware that in the end, Gerald was still the most reliable person among them.

True to Gerald’s word, once they got to the valley’s entrance, the girl was surprised to see that all the tents had been completely deserted. Hansel’s men seemed to have simply evaporated into the night!

‘This hardly makes any sense! Even if they were attacked by the mosquitoes, I should’ve definitely been able to hear them screaming at the very least!’ Thought the girl to herself.

As she turned to look at Gerald, she was surprised to see that he had already gotten atop one of the off-road vehicles.

“It seems we’ll be parting ways here then! After all, I still have other things to do! Both of you can just use the other vehicles here to make your escape!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 934
“You…where are you headed?” asked the girl rather hesitantly as she looked at Gerald.

“Your guess is as good as mine! Once I make my stop at the Salford Province, I’ll probably continue traveling till I reach the end of the world!” replied Gerald with a smile as he revved up the engine of the off-road vehicle he was on.

It was evident that he was the one who had taken out all of Hansel’s men during the night. It was also exactly because of that that he couldn’t afford to stay here for a moment longer.

“Before you leave, tell me your name! Mine is Rainey Levington!” called out Rainey as her beautiful face blushed.

This was honestly the first time in her life that she had ever been this intimate with a guy. To her, Gerald was completely different from all the other men she had previously met. After all, Gerald had told her that he wouldn’t have any dirty thoughts of her, and Rainey could see it in his eyes that he hadn’t lied.

“Ah. Uh… Just call me Sanderson!” replied Gerald.

Upon hearing that, Rainey didn’t even have a chance to even reply before Gerald stepped on the accelerator and drove off while waving a hand.

“…Sanderson? Who the hell would even have such a name?” grumbled Rainey angrily.

She had honestly wanted to continue questioning him, but by now, Gerald was only a tiny speck in a distance.

Gerald himself began making his way through the Salford Province. Following Quest’s previous directions, he was now headed for an area near the province’s border.

The area in question wasn’t part of any country, and there was no single person in charge of it either. Aside from a few large families sharing authority over the area, one could say that the place was as free as the heavens.

Due to that, the area was commonly known as the Heavenly City in the Triangle District.

However, due to the lack of an authoritative figure, lawlessness ran rampant within the Heavenly City’s many cities, villages, and towns.

It was simply an area infamously known for housing several major underground forces.

The Westleys themselves were seen as nothing more than wealthy businessmen around these parts. Speaking of the Westleys, Gerald’s current plan was to head for their mansion.

Aside from potentially locating the Ginseng King, Gerald had another important reason for coming here.

With him currently unable to return to Weston for the time being, he figured that with all the crooks mixed together with honest folk here, even the Moldells would have a difficult time searching for him here. In other words, this place was Gerald’s best bet to remain undetected, and safe, at least for a little while.

Gerald didn’t plan to stay for long, however. After all, he had already made up his mind that he wouldn’t establish an open relationship with the Westleys. Their family was, after all, the only bargaining chip he had left, and it wasn’t even a long-term bargaining chip.

After driving for some time, the car finally ran out of gas. As a result, Gerald simply abandoned it, walking through the mountains instead.

It wasn’t really that hard for him since if he was thirsty, he could always just drink spring water. Even hunger wasn’t an issue since catching and roasting a wild pheasant or hare barely posed any trouble for him.

Eventually, however, a heavy downpour began. Not wanting to be completely drenched for the rest of his journey, he found a nearby cave and used it as a temporary shelter.

It was evening when the rain finally stopped and Gerald stood before the stream right outside the cave to wash his face.

However, it wasn’t long before he heard violent fighting not too far away.

Gerald simply shook his head with a wry smile. It was evident that it was a fight between two forces.

“This truly is the triangle district… I need to be more careful wherever I go now!”

Just as Gerald said that to himself, Gerald could hear the rustling of several footsteps… However, they seemed to be frantically headed toward his direction!

Squinting his eyes, Gerald counted a total of five men, all of them fully dressed in camouflage clothing. They appeared to be desperately trying to escape from something.

“Boss!” shouted one of the men as he watched one of his more injured comrades fall to the ground. The one who had fallen had an extremely pale complexion as the other four men quickly surrounded him.

“I… I can’t go on anymore! Just leave me behind and run! Hurry, before they arrive!”

“No! We aren’t leaving you behind, boss! We’re all brothers, remember! If we die, we die together! Worst come to worst, we’ll just fight our way through together until we perish!” said another of the five men.

“You b*stard! What are all of you even saying! Promise me right now that you’ll all continue to live well! I’ll stay behind to buy you some time, so please, please just hurry up and leave already!” replied their leader as he slapped one of the men who was already crying beside him.

“Beat us to death then, boss! Until you manage to do that, we won’t ever leave!”

“Seconded! We aren’t leaving no matter what!” shouted another man as all of them wiped the tears off their faces, their decisions resolute.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 935
“…Hold on, there’s a cave over there! Why don’t we try hiding there, boss? As we’ve said, we’re not leaving you here to die alone!” said another man as the others nodded in unison.

Knowing full well that the others weren’t going to listen to him, he simply allowed them to carry his wounded body over to the cave.

“…Huh? Is it just me, or does it seem like someone lives here…?” said one of the men in surprise when he saw the remains of a campfire.

“It’s not just you… Regardless, let’s not worry about that first. We should focus on bandaging boss’s wounds first.”

“Honestly, it’d be better for him to bleed a little more under these circumstances. He’ll die even faster if you bandage his wounds now,” said a voice out of the blue.

Shocked to hear that comment, everyone immediately raised their guns as they aimed at the young man who had just spoken.

Still standing at the cave’s entrance, Gerald simply stared directly at the black muzzles of the guns before casually sitting down by the side of the cave. In his hand, was a hare that he had apparently just roasted.

While the boss of the group glared coldly at the young man who had just appeared, he couldn’t help but feel that he was an extraordinary person.

After all, though the boss was seriously injured, he was well aware that he was much more vigilant compared to regular people. Even so, he hadn’t been able to notice the young man’s presence until he said something! What more, the young man hadn’t even batted an eyelid when his men pointed their guns at him! Hell, a commoner wouldn’t be roasting hares this far up the mountains!

All these qualities were far from what a normal person would possess!

“Lower your guns!” said the leader with a wave of his hand.

Once his men obeyed, he smiled while looking at Gerald before saying, “Correct me if I’m wrong, but this appears to be your home, young man! Our apologies for simply bursting in on short notice!”

“What, do people live in caves where you come from? I was only taking shelter from the rain here. Since this place isn’t mine to begin with, feel free to stay for as long as you want,” replied Gerald with a sneer.

“Hah! As if we need his permission, Boss! It’s obvious from the way he dresses that he’s just a regular backpacker! Also, try not to talk too much, young man. Otherwise, don’t blame us for not giving you any face!” replied one of the men angrily before immediately starting to bandage his boss’s wounds.

Seeing that the man was using a short blade to cut off a piece of gauze, Gerald immediately came to the conclusion that these men were probably from the same group as Rainey.

After all, her short blade and the man’s looked incredibly similar.

Recalling what she had said, Rainey had told Gerald that her friends had been cheated by Hansel, resulting in their death. That was her motive to take revenge on Hansel in the first place.

Seeing the miserable state the five men were in, Gerald had a feeling that Rainey could’ve been wrong about them dying.

What the men said next, however, confirmed that his theory was true.

“That d*mned Hansel… If we make it out alive of this, I’m definitely going after his head! To think that he actually hired others to get rid of us! We won’t be taken out that easily!”

“Indeed! Still, I hope Sixth sister is doing alright now… I fear that she’ll end up getting caught in one of Hansel’s tricks!” added their boss with a cough.

Gerald himself thought about how Rainey had truly almost lost her life because of Hansel.

“Regardless, what’s our next step, boss? Hansel’s been extremely wary with us, making sure that we wouldn’t even have a place to seek refuge! I can’t even think of a place where we can head to at the moment!”

“We’ll take things slow. Worst comes to worst, we’ll just be vagabonds for a while! However, I still say that all of you should just leave me here. There’s no point in losing your lives because of an injured man!” persuaded the boss.

However, no matter how much he persuaded, none of his comrades wavered with their final decisions.

At that moment, several footsteps could be heard running toward the cave. From what Gerald could tell, there were at least a dozen men heading toward them.

“I beg of you! Leave while you can!”

“Negative, boss! We’re fighting till the very end!” growled the men as they gritted their teeth, fully prepared to engage in battle with the other party.

Shortly after, their hunters—who were also donning camouflage clothing—finally appeared at the mouth of the cave. As they pointed their guns at the group of people inside, the person—who seemed to be their leader—took a step forward before saying, “Hah! You guys can really run! To think that you even made us chase you all the way up the mountain for so long! You truly are amazing, Whistler Sankey!”

“Just cut the crap and kill us already if you want to, Leopold!” shouted Whistler in return.

“Bold! How truly bold of you!” sneered Leopold.

“Don Leopold! There seems to be another man in here!” reported one of Leopold’s men.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 936
“Hmm? A backpacker? Brat, if you know what’s good for you, leave this instance. If you don’t, I’ll only be wasting a bullet on you!” said Leopold as he pointed a gun directly at the side of Gerald’s head.

In response, however, Gerald simply turned to look directly into Leopold’s eyes.

“The hell are you looking at, brat?” growled Leopold angrily.

“You know, though I’ve been wandering around for quite a while now, I must say that nobody’s actually dared to point a gun directly at my forehead before!” replied Gerald with a laugh.

“A death wish? Be my guest!” roared Leopold as his finger moved to pull the trigger.

However, the next thing he knew, a clang of metal echoed throughout the cave.

It took Leopold a second to realize that the gun was no longer in his hand, and it was at that moment when he knew he had f*cked up.

As cold sweat began trickling down Leopold’s forehead, everyone—including Whistler and his men—was so stunned that they didn’t even dare to breathe.

After all, everyone had seen it happen. In that split second before the trigger was pulled, Gerald had flicked a branch so precisely that it jammed the tip of Leopold’s gun!

As if that feat wasn’t amazing enough, the laws of physics didn’t seem to apply to Gerald at all since not only did the branch pierce through the gun, it actually embedded itself at least an inch into the cave’s solid walls!

Leopold felt a faint trickle of blood flow down his cheek as he stared wide-eyed at his gun which was now hanging loosely like an onion ring on a kebab stick.

By god! What kind of strength and speed even was that?!

If Gerald had only aimed the branch at his throat or chest, he would’ve been dead just like that!

“I-incredible!” stuttered Leopold as he gulped down hard.

“Since I’ll be staying the night here, please choose how you want this to go. You can either go outside and fight me now, or leave us alone. What’s it going to be?” asked Gerald as he bit into his roasted hare.

Narrowing his eyes in utter fear, Leopold immediately shouted, “We’ll withdraw!”

“Don Leopold?!”

“Withdraw I said!” roared Leopold as he waved his hand, signaling for his men to evacuate immediately.

“There’s over a dozen of us here, Don Leopold! Why are we withdrawing?” asked one of his subordinates immediately after stepping out of the cave.

“Hahaha! I’m assuming you haven’t heard of the case that befell Hansel’s men! Color me surprised since the news has been circulating heavily around the Heavenly City! Regardless, dozens of his men were killed in a single night when all they were chasing after were three people!” replied Leopold.

“What? Dozens? And none of them made it out alive?”

“You heard me! And that isn’t even the most terrifying thing about the incident! Upon investigating, it was found that all of them were killed with the same weapon before they could even pull the triggers to their guns! And guess what, the weapon in question was a tree branch! Do you see where I’m going with this? If dozens of armed men couldn’t deal with a single assailant wielding a tree branch, what makes you think our group will make it out alive if we don’t retreat?” explained Leopold, his forehead still dripping with cold sweat.

Now understanding where Leopold was coming from, his subordinates immediately began hastening their paces away from the area.

After all, Hansel was an extremely powerful big shot so his men were definitely no small fries. However, to think that all of them were killed by a single person, and with only a single tree branch!

Judging from the strength, skill, and weapon of choice of the young man from earlier, all of them could only wonder if he was the one who was responsible for killing off all of Hansel’s men.

Back inside the cave, Whistler stood up after some difficulty before saying, “I really didn’t know that such a powerful and talented person could even exist on this planet! I go by Whistler Sankey! Thank you for saving our lives, sir!” said Whistler, his voice filled with respect and gratitude.

Seeing that, his other men began doing the same as well.

“You’re all being way too polite. It was just a coincidence that I happened to save your lives. After all, what happened earlier was merely self-defense,” replied Gerald as he shook his head.

“I see… Speaking of which, sir. You mentioned earlier that my wound shouldn’t be bandaged now. Why was that?” asked Whistler.

Hearing that, Gerald looked at the wounded man.

He had honestly only saved them since he had seen how much those men valued their friendship. If they were merely working as hired individuals who thought little about their brothers and only prioritized taking down the enemy forces, Gerald wouldn’t even have bothered interfering with Leopold’s attack in the first place.

Shaking his head, Gerald then said, “…Lie down on your side. I’ll get that bullet out from you first before we continue talking…”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 937
“Amazing! Not only are you incredibly skillful and strong, but you’re also proficient with medicine! My admiration for you now knows no bounds!” said Whistler respectfully

In response, Gerald only shook his head in silence.

After exchanging glances with his men for a while, Whistler then added, “I do wonder if there’s anything my men and I could do for you in future, sir? Since you saved our lives, we’re more than willing to follow you around and do whatever we can for you!”

He didn’t just say that to please Gerald either. Their gratitude was genuine. After all, anyone would feel the same way after being saved from such a tight situation. The fact that Gerald was aware of how much Whistler and his men valued their brotherhood only served to make their proposal all the more meaningful.

In addition, it’s not like they had anywhere else to go now. They all knew that by following this powerful young man, a bright future wasn’t completely out of the question anymore.

“Follow me around? Sorry to disappoint, but I’ll be looking for a place to stay in, in the Triangle District myself. After all, I don’t exactly have a place to return to anymore!” replied Gerald with a bitter smile.

“You don’t have anywhere to go to as well, sir? Well that’s perfect then! All of us here are relatively familiar with the Triangle District, so we could help you navigate around the area, sir! Do consider taking us in!” said Whistler.

Hearing that, Gerald thought to himself for a moment.

He was well aware that what he currently lacked most was manpower. If he was to go against Kort, he would eventually need to find help anyway since there was no way he was going to be able to take that b*stard down alone.

From what he had earlier seen, Whistler and his men also had excellent foundations as well as a strong sense of loyalty. If he trained these men like how Finnley had trained him before, then they would no doubt be able to at least be at Quentin and Trey’s level in the future.

“You’re looking too highly of me if you’re asking me to take you in. After all, I’m a vagabond as well. However, since you suggested it, I accept. Thanks for having me,” replied Gerald with a smile.

“This is simply too perfect then, sir!” shouted Whistler and his men, overjoyed.

As they laughed merrily, roars of thunder slowly grew louder and more frequent as dark clouds filled the sky again. Soon after, the heavy downpour resumed.

It was honestly a rare opportunity for the men to enjoy such peace of mind as they stared out at the rain from inside the cave.

Eventually, Whistler said, “If we’re going to be working together from now on, we simply can’t continue living like this, sir! If we want to survive in the Triangle District, then we’ll have to build our own industry and power!”

Gerald simply nodded in agreement. After all, it would definitely not be a cakewalk to survive in the Triangle District when a cave was currently their only source of shelter!

“Since you suggested it, do you have any good ideas of where to start?” asked Gerald as he turned to look at Whistler.

“Well, we’ll definitely be avoiding Heavenly City, at least for now. While it’s the largest city in the Triangle District with a booming economy and their own ways of conducting themselves in society, there are simply too many forces going against each other there. Trying to establish a footing there with our current situation would definitely be extremely complicated and chaotic!”

“However, a small town that goes by the name of Talgo town lies about ten kilometers away from that city. While not as prosperous as Heavenly City, the economy there isn’t too bad for a small town. I suggest building our name there, sir! While I currently only have a little money left, I believe that it’s still enough to start a small business there!” explained Whistler.

Gerald simply waved a hand before saying, “There’s no need to start small. I currently have enough with me to buy a few large industries. Speaking of which, what’s the main industry in Talgo town?”

“If I remember correctly, they’re most well-known for their medicinal herb and material-processing factory! However, the factory itself is rather large, so it’ll definitely cost quite a bit to buy it!” replied Whistler.

“A medicinal factory you say?” said Gerald, his interest clearly piqued.

‘While I’m still in search of the Ginseng King, I’ll still need other medicinal herbs and materials to train myself… By buying the medicinal factory, things will be much more convenient for me!’ Gerald thought to himself.

“Alright, as soon as the rain stops, let’s rush over so that I can borrow the money we need to buy the factory!” announced Gerald.

It was two days later in a small hotel located in Talgo town when Whistler pushed a room’s door open and said, “It’s done, sir!”

Following him, were two men by the name of Stanley and Wyham.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 938
“So quickly?” asked Gerald.

Coughing before clearing his throat, Whistler then said, “Well, the owner of the factory has constantly been harassed by the local forces here for quite some time… He just couldn’t endure it anymore. He was actually quite willing to sell the factory for a low price! As a result, we still have a little money with us now. Speaking of which, since he’s no longer the company’s owner, should we change the company’s name?” asked Whistler.

“Hmm… Let’s go with Royal Dragon!” said Gerald rather casually.

“Oh? Royal Dragon Inc? Or perhaps, Royal Dragon Group? Regardless, that sounds like an excellent name! It certainly sounds domineering, that’s for sure. I’ll proceed with the rest of the paperwork immediately! Also, before I leave, my brothers and I have pooled in our money to buy the manor which the previous factory owner used to live in! You can live there in future!” added Whistler with a smile.

“Just to make sure, you didn’t coerce him into doing so, right?” asked Gerald, fully aware of how much money Whistler and his group currently had on them. To him, that amount was definitely not enough to purchase an entire manor.

“Of course we didn’t! The boss voluntarily agreed to everything!”

Hearing that, Gerald nodded. Before they had gone off to buy the factory earlier, Gerald had made it clear that under no circumstances should any of them threaten or coerce the factory’s owner if he refused to sell it. Whistler had kept that rule in mind, which was why he hadn’t lost his temper at all during his discussion with the company’s ex-owner earlier.

“Alright, I trust you. Also, what do you mean only I can live there? All of you should move in as well! We’re companions now, are we not? Now lead me to the manor! I’d like to have a good look at it!”

“R-right away!” stuttered Whistler and the others, overjoyed by Gerald’s kind words.

Upon exiting the hotel, Gerald was greeted by two big Mercedes Benz. He honestly had no idea how Whistler even got his hands on those cars.

However, after getting to know the man a bit more in the past two days, Gerald realized that not only was Whistler capable, in a sense, he was very much like Zack, both careful and meticulous with everything that he did.

As Gerald looked out the car’s window on their way there, he frowned slightly when he saw a few gang members smashing and destroying several shops.

Sadly, this wasn’t an uncommon scene here. As Gerald looked at all the other gangsters who were walking up and down the streets with their dragon tattoos on full display, he recalled how Whistler had told him that Talgo Town was a pretty small town.

When he first arrived two days prior, however, he found that Talgo town was anything but small. In fact, the prosperous town was probably about the size of two Serene Counties!

From what he had seen, the town had several bars, restaurants, and many other facilities. However, just like all the other places within the Triangle District, this place was definitely chaotic.

It wasn’t long before they finally arrived at the manor. Upon stepping inside, however, Gerald was immediately greeted by the sound of crying. It seemed to come from the living quarters.

As Whistler pushed the door leading there open, they saw a middle-aged man reprimanding around twenty maids.

“All of you have to be on your best behavior, got that? If all of you aren’t smiling by the time the new master arrives and he ends up being unhappy, I’ll personally skin each and every one of you alive!”

Fuming, he then turned around before realizing that Gerald and his men were already there!

“O-oh! Mr. Sankey! I didn’t notice that you had already arrived! Could this gentleman over here be the new master of the manor? With such a great temperament, I’m certain he’s the one! Ah, where are my manners? I go by the name of Sherman Levine, and I’ll be working as your butler from today onward! It’s an honor to meet you, new master of the manor!” said Sherman with a rather wicked glint in his eyes as he bowed respectfully before Gerald.

“G-greetings, master!” said all the beautiful maids in unison, some of them already trembling as they looked at Gerald.

“Speaking of which, these here are the maids who used to work for the factory’s previous owner! Since they seemed to be pretty good at their job, I decided to keep them!” said Whistler.

“They are indeed! You can rest assured, master, for I was the one who personally trained all of them! They’ll follow your every order to a T!” added Sherman with a laugh.

“These girls… Were they abducted?” asked Gerald as he slowly walked toward one of the maids.

Pulling her sleeve up, several bruises and whip marks were instantly noticeable.

“Hahaha! Well, I wouldn’t use the term, ‘abduct’… I simply bought them off the market! A single one of these maids actually costs less than a packet of my cigarettes! Can you believe that? Also, if you were wondering, all these beauties are unopened packages! I’ve already driven away anyone who’s already been used! I hope you’re satisfied with them, master!”

On the contrary, Gerald now had a huge frown on his face as his disgust for Sherman peaked.

Turning to look at the butler, Gerald said in a frigid tone, “I don’t need any of them. Ask them for their home addresses and return them safely, right this instance!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 939
“I-I beg your pardon…? Send them home…?” asked Sherman in surprise.

“Did sir not make himself clear enough?!” yelled Whistler coldly.

“L-loud and clear! I’ll be sending them home right away then, master!” replied Sherman as he nodded repeatedly in fright.

Hearing that, the maids instantly began bowing gratefully toward Gerald as they took turns saying ‘thank you’ to him.

“Alright, alright, settle down… You’re all free to return to your homes now!” said Gerald as he smiled subtly.

Since Gerald had personally experienced what it felt like to be forced to leave his own home, he wasn’t about to allow these girls to continue going through the same sadness and grief that he had. To him, they had already suffered enough after going through the humiliation of being bought as servants. Besides, he wasn’t really a domineering person in the first place.

Soon after, most of the maids left together with Sherman. However, two of them remained standing there, sobbing silently.

“Aren’t both of you going to leave?” asked Gerald.

“O-our parents have already been slaughtered by the gangsters here… We’re homeless, master!” said one of the girls as the other nodded between tears.

“Please allow us to stay here, master! We’ll definitely serve you well! We only ask that you provide food and shelter for us, master!” said the other girl.

“Very well, then. You’re free to stay if you wish. Rest assured, however, that nobody here is going to bully either of you from now on!” replied Gerald with a smile.

Upon getting his approval, both of them immediately shouted in gratitude, “We, Yukie and Lucy thank you sincerely with all our hearts, master!”

Yukie, in particular, seemed particularly grateful as she felt her heart rate rise after taking a peek at him.

After all, not only was he extremely handsome, but unlike the many vicious others who had only ever seen her as an insignificant person, her new master seemed to also have a very kind heart.

Now that that was settled, Gerald finally began settling down in his new mansion.

With the remaining money, Whistler then personally sought out and recruited over a hundred young men who were all physically capable and loyal.

They would serve as the bodyguards of the Royal Dragon Group.

Their training routine began with Whistler teaching them for the first two weeks before transferring over to Gerald once they were ready for more advanced techniques.

As a result of all that training, the men under Gerald showed a clear spike in both strength and general quality within less than a month. Though they had previously only been ordinary men, Gerald could safely say that they were now comparable to the bodyguards who worked for his family.

It was sometime after that when Yukie and Lucy could be seen in their room.

While Yukie appeared to be carefully separating quality white fungus from the regular ones from a small pile on her table, Lucy herself was simply rolling on the bed.

Smiling bitterly, Lucy said, “You’ve already been grouping the white fungus for so long, Yukie! Aren’t you tired at all?”

Though it had barely even been a month since Gerald became their new master, both of them already had much better complexions.

This was especially so for Yukie who had grown to become so sweet and beautiful that anyone who saw her instantly felt the need to treat her compassionately.

“Not at all! If anyone should be tired, it’s sir! After all, he’s been training those bodyguards for days now! He has to manage the company as well! Since he probably hasn’t had the time to take care of himself, I’ll be preparing a bowl of white fungus soup for him later!” replied Yukie with a sweet smile.

“Yeah, sir truly is a very kind man… However, you’re even kinder than him, Yukie! After all, all you ever think about is his well being! Almost everything I’ve seen you done is for him! Haha!” said Lucy with a laugh.

What she had said was true. Throughout their time working for Gerald, Yukie had always stuck close to him.

In fact, she had made it her personal duty to take care of everything regarding her master, from the food that he ate to the clothes he wore. Yukie made sure to plan and prepare everything perfectly for Gerald.

As both of them reminisced about their short time working under Gerald, Lucy suddenly said, “Speaking of which, Yukie… Back when sir freed us from being slaves, why didn’t you choose to return to your country and hometown? Sir was even willing to provide the cash for the plane tickets! After all, though uncle and aunt have passed away, you still have other relatives living there, right?”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 940
“Could it be that… you like our master?” added Lucy as she cupped her mouth while laughing.

“Quit spouting nonsense, Lucy… I… I don’t have any other relatives to speak of! However, I will admit that I felt a sense of security the first time I laid eyes on master… It was the reason why I chose to stay. Also, regarding the liking part, how could someone like me ever be qualified to fall for someone like master?!” replied Yukie as she blushed.

“Speaking of which, Lucy… I distinctly remembered that you wanted to return to your hometown even more than I did! Why didn’t you leave back then?” added Yukie.

“Well, I simply felt that master was a good person who wouldn’t abuse us like our previous ones… Adding that to the fact that he respected us so much, I just felt obligated to stay and work for him! I do have a second reason for staying, however… Remember Tyson? He told me that he would come pick me up in a little under a month back then! I didn’t want him to have to hunt around for me so I simply stayed put here! That way, he would be able to pick me up easily when the time came! However, since he isn’t here yet, I’m assuming that he’s still undergoing his mission to save his brother. Once he’s done that, he told me that he’d take me away before finally marrying me!” explained Lucy with a smile on her face.

“I see… Still, do you truly believe everything that he said? I mean yes, Tyson did save us before… However, I’ll be frank and say that I don’t think he’ll actually come over to take you away! Have you prepared yourself for that possibility…?” said Yukie as she attempted to lower Lucy’s expectations so that she wouldn’t end up getting too hurt if Tyson never came.

“Don’t worry, I get where you’re coming from… However, I’ve chosen to have faith in Tyson. He’ll definitely come looking for me once he saves his brother! After all, we’ve already gotten engaged! Be it within this month, a year, or a lifetime, I’ll still be waiting patiently for him!” declared Lucy as she cupped her blushing cheeks.

“Alright then! Still, it’s pretty rare to see you being this devoted! Also, I’m already done with the mushrooms so come along and let’s make some soup for sir!”

With that, both of the girls exited their room, chatting and laughing happily as they left for the kitchen.

A little while later, a group of men could be seen making their way through the jungle atop a huge mountain located north of the Royal Dragon Group.

The group itself consisted of over a hundred men who had been divided into five teams. Whistler and his four brothers were each given a team to be in charge of.

While the men trained on, Yukie and Lucy made their own way toward their master who was sitting on a lounge chair as he drank his tea while two bodyguards wearing sunglasses stood attentively on either side of his chair. One of the guards had his arms behind his back while the other held on to an umbrella, keeping Gerald constantly under the shade.

“We’ve made some bird’s nest for you, sir! Do try some!” said Yukie as she handed him the thermos which she had been carrying along with her.

“You didn’t have to go through all that trouble! Thank you!” said Gerald with a smile as he lowered his tea and took the thermos.

Yukie herself couldn’t help but smile sweetly in response.

As she continued looking at him, she couldn’t help but feel that Gerald’s body and physique seemed to change constantly!

After all, she distinctly remembered that the muscles on Gerald’s body weren’t that huge sometime ago… However, they seemed to have suddenly gained a lot of mass out of the blue in the past few days!

This was the second time Yukie was witnessing such a scenario…

Before she could wonder any further about his physicality, rapid footsteps could be heard approaching them.

Turning around, all of them then saw Whistler running toward Gerald together with his team. From what they could see, a few of his men at the back were carrying a man’s body.

“Sir! We found this unconscious man while we were up in the mountains earlier! He has serious injuries all over his body and he seems to have fainted for at least a few days by now! He’s slowly dying as we speak! What should we do, sir?” announced Whistler as his subordinates slowly lowered the injured man to the ground.

Frowning, Gerald turned to look at the injured man… However, the moment he saw the man’s face, his heart instantly began beating rapidly.

Lucy, on the other hand, was now quivering so much that the tray she was holding onto soon clattered on the floor.

“Tyson?!” shouted both of them in unison.

While Gerald immediately stood up from his shock, Lucy was already crying as she crouched beside the injured man.

The dying man wasn’t just any other Tyson. He was the Tyson from the Drake & Tyson duo.

Shaking his shock off, Gerald found himself running over to Tyson’s side as well.

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