The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 941-950

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 941
“Tyson!” cried out Lucy again as Whistler turned to look at Gerald.

“Are you acquainted with him, sir?” asked Whistler.

In response, Gerald immediately replied, “But of course I am! He may not be my biological brother, but I treat him as one!”

“…Huh? T-then, please save him, sir! Since you’re proficient with medicine, you have to save him!” wailed Lucy between sobs.

When he heard her request, Gerald recalled Lucy mentioning someone by the name of Tyson to him sometime back. To think that the Tyson she was waiting for turned out to be the exact same person he cared greatly for as well!

If Gerald had been aware that this was the case, he would’ve sent some of his people out to look for him ages ago. If only that had happened, then this turn of events could’ve very easily been avoided.

“Please give them some space, Lucy… Didn’t you hear that master treats Tyson like his real brother?” persuaded Yukie as she pulled Lucy aside.

Gerald himself immediately began checking Tyson’s wounds. As was expected, the man was severely injured. Should Tyson have been found a few hours later, even Finnley wouldn’t have been able to save him. Regardless, treatment couldn’t be delayed any longer.

“Quick! Carry him back to the manor!” ordered Gerald.

It was two hours later when one of Tyson’s fingers finally twitched. Following that, his eyelids fluttered slightly as the man slowly opened his eyes.

The first thing he saw was Lucy, the girl clutching onto his hand tightly.

“….Lu…cy…? Could I… be dreaming? Or am I already dead…?” said Tyson weakly.

“T-Tyson! You’re awake! N-no, this isn’t a dream! Master! Master cured you!” cried out Lucy, happy to see him awake again.

Hearing that, Tyson was slightly baffled.

“Master? Lucy, I’m well aware of the extent of injuries I sustained… As far as I’m aware, not even Master Jenkinson from the Salford Province would have been able to cure me. That was the reason why I chose to run all the way here just to meet you for one final time… Are you really sure that I’ll make a full recovery…?”

“Extremely sure, Tyson… After all, master is highly capable! Speaking of master… I was so excited upon seeing you awake that I almost forgot to inform master about it…” replied Lucy, tears of joy in her eyes.

After heading out to call the ‘master’, it was moments later when Tyson heard an extremely familiar voice asking, “Are you awake, Tyson?”

Tyson recognized that voice anywhere, and he instantly began trembling in shock as he turned to look at the owner of the voice.

“M-Mr. Crawford…?”

Tyson’s lips were twitching with both happiness and surprise as he immediately attempted to sit up.

“Don’t move too much. I just closed those wounds,” replied Gerald as he walked over to balance the weakened man.

Grabbing hold of Gerald’s hands tightly, Tyson then said, “T-there were so many rumors of you being dead… Yet… I’m so glad that you’re not… To think that I would be able to meet you again all the way out here, Mr. Crawford! How wonderful!”

As Tyson got teary-eyed from his excitement, Gerald simply smiled before saying, “I’m alive and well! They aren’t going to kill me that easily!”

Never had Gerald expected to bump into Tyson again, especially not in such foreign lands.

“He’s the master I was talking about, Tyson! He saved you!” said Lucy as she watched the two happy men.

“…What? Mr. Crawford? You were the one who healed me? When did you acquire such high medical proficiency?” asked Tyson, astonished by what he heard.

“It all happened over half a year ago… I’ll tell you all about what happened in the future… For now, let me do the asking. What exactly happened for you to end up in such a state? If we had found you any later, you’d be dead by now, you know? Also, where’s Drake?” questioned Gerald in return.

Hearing his brother’s name, Tyson’s face scrunched up slightly. He then began detailing everything that had happened to him and his brother throughout Gerald’s absence.

It all began on the night they had risked their lives to send Gerald away.

After achieving that, they returned to the Crawford family.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 942
However, by then, the Crawfords had begun fearing that the incident—of the Drake & Tyson duo rescuing Gerald—would be exposed sooner or later. As a result, they provided both the brothers some money and told them to leave the Crawford family.

The Drake & Tyson duo didn’t really have any issues with that, and while they had first planned to return to the mercenary base abroad, on their way there, they caught wind of the incident that had befallen both Gerald and Zack in Merry City that night.

Upon finding out that Gerald had gone missing, they immediately rushed over to the Salford Province to secretly investigate the incident. However, even after three months had passed, neither of them had been able to find any new leads.

As if that wasn’t enough, even the Schuyler family had begun noticing their activity. Knowing that, both of them knew that they didn’t have much of a choice but to halt their investigations for the time being. After some planning, they decided to leave the Salford Province and head to the Triangle District in Heavenly City.

Their plan was to build a base there, and with the remaining money the Crawfords had given them, they intended to form a few forces. Once they were prepared enough to return to the Salford Province, together with their forces, they would take revenge on the Schuyler family.

That was their plan anyway. Little did they know that they had severely underestimated those living in the Heavenly City.

In one of their many attempts to acquire more powerful and influential forces there through battle, the two brothers ended up getting defeated by a man called Sven Westmore, a great and powerful overlord in the Heavenly City.

While they managed to capture Drake, Tyson was able to make it out by the skin of his teeth.

From then onward, Tyson had to live in the shadows, making sure that he switched hiding spots every once in a while.

During that period, he came across a butler—by the name of Evan—flogging over ten girls. Disgusted and enraged by that, Tyson ended up killing Evan on the spot.

It was then when he got to know Lucy. During their few days together, the duo found themselves falling for each other to a point where Tyson even promised her that they would get married once he successfully rescued his brother.

Sadly, the mission was an absolute failure. Sven had easily defeated him, and just like the first time, Tyson barely managed to escape with his life intact. However, unlike back then, he was severely injured this time.

After being on the run for some time, he eventually made it to the mountains where he promptly fainted. All that led to the events of today.

“Sven?” asked Gerald with a frown.

Hearing that name, Whistler and his men shivered slightly before explaining, “Sven is indeed a powerful overlord in Heavenly City, sir. He’s well aware of his power and influence, so much so, in fact, that he even considers himself to be a villain! What more, he’s physically strong as well! It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that an already powerful man who’s trained for over ten years still wouldn’t be unable to defeat Sven. While it’s evident that Tyson and his brother are proficient with martial arts, it isn’t much of a surprise to us that both of them lost to him…”

“Is he really that powerful…?” replied Gerald.

Gerald’s doubt was understandable since he was well aware of the Drake & Tyson duo’s capabilities. Still, he had to admit that the fact that the strong and talented brothers were able to be cornered so badly was definitely a rare occurrence.

What more, Whistler—who was honestly not much weaker than the two brothers at this point—clearly appeared frightened of Sven.

“He is, sir! However, our lives belong to you! We aren’t afraid of death, so if you order us to fight him, we’ll do so willingly!” declared Whistler with resolution in his voice.

“He speaks for all of us, sir!” added the other men in unison.

Hearing that, Gerald simply raised a hand before stating, “If he’s as powerful as Whistler says he is, then we need to plan things out carefully first. Try gathering every bit of information about Sven’s current power and influence, Whistler. Your task begins immediately!”

While Gerald himself wasn’t afraid of Sven, he didn’t want his subordinates to die meaninglessly if Sven truly was as ruthless and powerful as they described him to be.

Regardless, the operation would still commence sooner or later. After all, Gerald had an unbreakable bond with the Drake and Tyson duo.

Since Drake was in trouble, Gerald didn’t mind risking his life to save him.

It was evening when the still weak Tyson slowly inched toward the yard. Once he was there, he turned to look at Gerald who was standing in the middle of the area, his arms behind his back.

“Mr. Crawford… Do bring me along when you head to Heavenly City…”

“Why did you get off the bed, Tyson…? Besides, I told you that I no longer go by Mr. Crawford,” replied Gerald with a smile.

“Understood, Mr. Crawfor- …Well, while we’re at it, since my brother and I have left the Crawford family, then we shouldn’t be called the Drake & Tyson duo anymore either. After all, it was the young lady who gave us that name. Instead, you can call me by my real name now, Tyson Jay,” replied Tyson with a slightly bitter smile.

Hearing that, Gerald nodded and patted him on the shoulder before saying, “I’ll be making a move in a few days. Worry not, for I’ll definitely get Tyson back safely. In the meantime, do get some rest. You need it.”

“But Mr. Crawfor-”

“There’s no need to persuade me. You’re not coming along, and that’s my final decision,” interrupted Gerald as he raised a hand before Tyson could even say anything.

As soon as his sentence ended, both of them saw Whistler jogging toward them.

“Sir! You’ve just received an invitation to attend a gathering tonight! The gathering itself was hosted by the five most powerful groups in Talgo Town! The person who sent the invitation card even stated that your attendance was a must!” sneered Whistler.

“A gathering that I must attend? Is that a threat? I do wonder if the dinner is just a cover to hide their malicious intent…” replied Gerald with a cold smile on his face.

“Humph! I’m well aware of what those five groups are thinking! They just want to assert their dominance since they know that we just made our base here! Once they achieve that, they’ll definitely start telling us to pay them some sort of insurance fee. They’re barely worth your time, sir! Just say the word and I’ll reject them immediately!”

“Oh, there’s no need to reject them. Since we’ll be heading to Heavenly City tomorrow, I’d rather not have to worry about them getting offended if I decline their invitation. They’ve already made so many preparations anyway so it would be rather disrespectful if I didn’t go. Tell the person who sent the invitation that we’ll be going tonight.”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 943
“I still don’t think that the shirt I got for you is suitable for the occasion, sir… Why don’t we stop the car and get you a new and better shirt? How about it?” asked Yukie with a smile.

She was currently sitting beside Gerald as their team of cars headed toward the gathering.

“I think it’s fine…” replied Gerald as he looked down at his shirt with a slightly bitter smile.

As the cars approached a commercial building, Gerald looked out the window. To his surprise, the first person he saw was a rather familiar-looking youth.

“Is there anything wrong, sir?” asked Yukie.

“If my eyes do not deceive me, that seems like an old classmate of mine… Or at least a person that resembles him a lot. Regardless, stop the cars here. I’m heading into that building,” ordered Gerald.

Hearing his command, all the cars under him immediately halted in the middle of the road.

Though this essentially blocked most of the main road, nobody dared to say anything about it. After all, whenever the people of Talgo Town saw a team of cars acting like they owned the place, they knew that a big shot—whom they most likely couldn’t afford to offend—was present.

As a result, the other drivers on the road simply opted to take detours.

Meanwhile, Gerald and Yukie entered the commercial building together.

The youth from before was choosing from an array of suits when he suddenly felt a firm pat on his shoulder. Shocked, he immediately turned to look at who had done the deed.

His shock, however, quickly turned from surprise to joy.

“F*ck! Is that really you, Gerald?”

“So it really is you, Harper!” said Gerald with a smile on his face.

“I had no idea you were still in one piece! After all, the last time I heard, you had gone missing! So you were in Heavenly City this entire time! No wonder I couldn’t get any information on your whereabouts regardless of how much I asked around!” replied Harper excitedly.

“Regardless, how wonderful to be able to meet you here again after so long!” added Harper as he patted Gerald’s shoulder in return.

“It is indeed! Speaking of which, why did you come here, Harper?” asked Gerald with slight confusion once they were done exchanging pleasantries.

After all, this place was infamously known for being chaotic. Aside from the locals, ordinary people from the outside would never come here for any development projects.

“Well, since I’m now working for a large company in Weston that solicits business deals, I’m here on a business trip. Still, this place truly is as chaotic as they describe. Looking at the people walking down the streets, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that nine out of every ten people here have guns on them at all times!” replied Harper with a sigh.

Upon hearing that, Gerald simply smiled.

“But that’s enough about me. What about you? I haven’t heard from you in so long! Have you truly been staying here this entire time? Are any of your limbs prosthetic?” joked Harper with a laugh.

Being such close friends, it was natural for them to mock each other playfully.

“All my limbs are the real deal! Also, no, I only arrived here not long ago. Regarding the missing aspect… Let’s just say I lost contact with all of you due to some ‘issues,’” replied Gerald.

Hearing that, Harper sighed before saying, “I see… While I did hear about the incident of you separating from your family as well, it’s really no big deal to me, Gerald. After all, you’ve already enjoyed what you could a year ago. With or without a family, your life is still very much worth it.”

After saying that, he patted Gerald on the shoulder again.

It was evident that both of them still had a lot to say to each other. Because of that, Gerald then replied, “Regardless, here’s my contact number, Harper. Let’s meet up again in about two days! I’m a bit busy till then, sadly!”

“Speaking of which, who’s that? Is she your girlfriend?” asked Harper as he looked at Yukie with a smile after noting down Gerald’s contact number.

Hearing that, Yukie’s cute face immediately became as red as a tomato.

“I’ll explain the entire situation once I get a chance to in future…” replied Gerald as he smiled rather bitterly.

“Fine, fine… For now, I’ll leave you to your business. I need to buy a new suit too since I’m meeting an important client tomorrow.”

With that, both of them hugged each other. Just as Gerald was ready to leave, a female voice could be heard saying, “Hmm? Is that you, Mr. Sullivan? What a coincidence!”

Turning to look at who had called him, Harper found himself smiling as he replied, “Chairman Quelch! Chairman Brown! What a coincidence!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 944
Realizing that Harper’s clients were here, Gerald nudged his head toward the two new faces as he looked at Harper, clearly signaling him to deal with his work first.

As Gerald turned to leave, however, he was shocked when he realized who the man and woman were. As it turned out, they were none other than Raquel and her boyfriend, Jefferson!

Back when he was still in a pitiful state over half a year ago, he remembered how Raquel had humiliated him when he was still working in the construction zone.

“D*mn! Is that really you, Gerald?” exclaimed Raquel as she crossed her arms before flashing a cold smile at him.

“Oh? Are you familiar with Chairman Quelch and Chairman Brown, Gerald? Haha! Chairman Brown’s in charge of a large company here! I’m currently negotiating a project with them!” explained Harper.

“We’re acquainted, yes,” replied Gerald with a subtle nod.

“Humph! Pretending that we barely know each other, Gerald? As if you’d ever be able to forget about me! After all, I was the one who paid you your salary back when you were part-timing at that construction zone!” sneered Raquel.

Hearing that, Gerald only took a brief glance at her.

From what Marven had told him before, she wasn’t always like this. However, her personality changed rapidly for the worse as she got older.

“I do wonder if there’s been some sort of misunderstanding between both of you, Chairman Quelch. After all, he’s a good friend of mine and I know for a fact that he’s a good person,” defended Harper when he saw how ruthlessly Raquel was mocking Gerald.

“Oh? He’s your friend you say? Well then, I’m sorry to announce that whatever you’ve negotiated with my husband’s uncle will now officially be terminated, Mr. Sullivan! I’m sure you agree with the project’s cancellation too, don’t you dear?” stated Raquel as she clung onto her boyfriend’s arm.

“But of course!”

“Chairman Quelch, you…”

Though he wanted to say something, Harper was left completely speechless. To think that all the effort he had spent there throughout the week was now gone, just like that.

At that moment, a staff member entered the building and started shouting rather unceremoniously.

“Whoever owns the car with the registration number of ***Province, drive it away, right this instant! If nobody moves it soon, then I’m calling someone over to tow it away!”

As the staff member continued shouting for the owner of the car, it was instantly made clear to everyone foreign to the city that the people living here didn’t have the same sort of courtesy one would expect to see from someone living elsewhere within the country.

The way things worked here, if an argument took place, having fights was only the natural response.

“The hell? I made sure to park my car well! What’s the big idea?” shouted Jefferson coldly in reply.

“What do you mean what’s wrong? It’s blocked the road! Get out there and move it immediately else I’ll have it towed!” retorted the staff member rudely.

Not wanting to be humiliated in front of Raquel and especially not in front of Gerald and Harper, Jefferson replied, “Hey now, my uncle is Graham Worton! His nickname is Boss Gram, you know?!”

“I don’t know who the fck Boss Gram or Grey or whatever his name is! Just drive the dmned car away already!” scolded the staff member impatiently.

The staff member’s response momentarily stunned Raquel’s boyfriend. After a brief moment of awkward silence, he then said, “Fine! I’d like to see who I’m blocking as well!”

Not wanting to be outdone, he then held on to Raquel’s hand as both of them left the premise.

Even though they were no longer in the shop, Jefferson could still be heard shouting, “Just so you know, I’ll be calling my uncle immediately as well! How absolutely baffling that people who don’t want to pay him any respect exist!”

Meanwhile, Yukie ran over to Gerald before saying, “Here, I’ve bought a shirt for you, sir!”

Nodding toward her, Gerald then turned to look at Harper before saying, “Not to worry, Harper. I’ll contact you in a few days, so just wait for my call.”

After saying that, Gerald then left together with Yuki.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 945
By then, both Raquel and Jefferson had arrived at the commercial building’s entrance.

In truth, Jefferson had indeed parked his car appropriately by the side of the road. However, a team of cars seemed to have parked right in the middle of the road!

Since Jefferson’s car had been parked in the only lane that the team of cars didn’t block, in a way, his car truly was blocking the road!

“Hey! We’re clearly not the one at fault here! After all, it’s that team of cars that are blocking most of the road! Why should we be the only ones ordered to move our car?” shouted Raquel, unable to reconcile with the staff member’s logic.

“Hah! Just look at your car’s brand then compare it to that of the team of cars! Though I guess you’re from out of town since you don’t seem to know how things work here. Listen, just move your car immediately. Don’t blame me if something happens, because I’m pretty sure your Boss Gram or whatever his name is won’t be able to take responsibility if things go south!” sneered the staff member.

“…Well, I have heard that only people with great influence and power in Talgo Town are able to own and go around with this many cars…” muttered Jefferson.

“I’m glad that you understand that,” said the staff member before finally leaving.

“Let’s just move our car somewhere else while we can… My uncle will probably suffer terribly if we end up offending the local influential people…”

“Alright!” replied Raquel with a sigh before sticking her tongue out at the staff member’s back.

As they walked toward their car, she looked at the team of luxurious cars and couldn’t help but feel slightly jealous.

She wasn’t the only one who felt that way either. It was evident that all the pedestrians who were walking past the cars were feeling the same jealousy she was. After all, who wouldn’t want to be well-regarded and do as they pleased on the road? To have the power to park right in the middle of the road without anyone making a fuss about it?

Raquel certainly did. How domineering the person who owned all the cars must be!

At that moment, all the cars’ doors were opened and out stepped several bodyguards donning black suits. They all looked equally imposing and their extraordinarily solemn expressions suggested that they were waiting for someone no less important than a respectful king.

“Could they be working for some influential group in Talgo Town?”

“I wonder myself… I’ve honestly never seen such imposing subordinates belonging to any of the influential groups from both Talgo Town and even Heavenly City!”

“Maybe they’re working for a new influential group that’s quickly rising up the ranks!”

“Beats me, but regardless, all of them look utterly powerful!”

Everyone was now gossiping as they continued sneaking glances at the bodyguards, stunned by their intimidating demeanors.

Shortly after, what seemed to be the leaders of the bodyguards began guiding their men over to where Raquel and her boyfriend were standing. As a result, both of them were so terrified that they were paralyzed in place. Their fear was so great that they didn’t even consider driving away, even though they were standing right next to their car!

However, the group of bodyguards ended up ignoring them, choosing instead to stare at the direction of the commercial store.

Just as Raquel and Jefferson gulped in relief, the leaders of the guards began walking forward.

Turning around to see where they were headed to, the leaders stopped right before a youth before shouting in unison, “The car is this way, sir! Please, follow us!”

Hearing that, another subordinate—who was stationed in front of one of the cars—immediately opened the car’s door.

“Did you hear that? They called him sir! To think that we’d get to see a big boss today!”

“Yeah! Look over there! He’s so young!”

As the crowd whispered to each other in astonishment, Raquel found herself dumbfounded as well.

After all, never would she have imagined that Gerald was the one the bodyguards were all waiting for.

“Alright, then! Let’s head off!” replied Gerald with a nod.

As the group walked past Raquel and Jefferson, Gerald made sure to glance casually at Raquel.

Seeing that, Raquel’s astonishment and shock seemed to amplify. Even her boyfriend slowly loosed his grip on Raquel’s hand. After all, Raquel had targeted Gerald on multiple occasions.

To think that he was such a powerful person with so many trained subordinates…

Gerald, however, simply looked away from her after a short while. He didn’t need to bother himself with such a weak woman.

After getting into his car, the revving of engines could be heard as the group of cars immediately sped off, leaving Raquel behind with a cocktail of complicated emotions.

Fear was one of them as she continued staring off into the distance, not even sure how to process everything she had just witnessed.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 946
Meanwhile, the gathering was already taking place in the largest hotel manor in Talgo Town.

Since the leaders of the five top influential groups in Talgo Town had brought along their subordinates, the manor was crowded with at least a thousand people.

As a result, it was no surprise that hubbub filled the entire venue.

At the same time, a high stage was also being set up in the manor. Once everything was in place, a few seats were placed upon the high stage. That was where the leaders were going to be seated.

“You’re a wise and resourceful man, Diego! To think that you’d use the civil and military meeting to also portray how powerful we are to that newly founded Royal Dragon Group! Haha! It’s like killing two birds with a stone!”

“I know, right? Still, now that the Royal Dragon Group has acquired the pharmaceutical factory that used to be our main source of income, I wonder if things will turn out the same with the factory’s previous owner. After all, I heard that the Royal Dragon Group’s boss is a rather young man. Does he really think he can gain power and status in Talgo Town that easily? It’s like he’s wishing for death!”

“Indeed. In all honesty, I thought that he wouldn’t attend this time, given his young age. Quite frankly, I’d have respected him a bit more if he had chosen not to. Seeing that he’s agreed to come, however, I guess he’s just another worthless piece of trash!”

In response to that, the few bosses who were talking about Gerald immediately burst out laughing.

The man they were praising, Diego Jey, was the most powerful and influential big shot in all of Talgo Town. He looked to be around the age of forty, and the two gold teeth in his mouth would glisten whenever he talked.

After hearing what the other bosses had to say, Diego then announced, “Ladies and Gentleman! While the issue of the Royal Dragon Group certainly needs to be addressed, I hope that all of you don’t forget that the main reason we’re all gathered here today is to discuss the rearranging and redistribution of influence among the five powerful groups in Talgo Town. Once we arrive at a consensus, I hope that what happened four years ago won’t repeat itself! ”

While the gathering—that was held once every four years—was officially known as a ‘civil and military meeting’, the event itself wasn’t as grand as its name suggested. In truth, it was simply a meeting for the five largest groups within Talgo town to divide their territories.

Their method of dividing the territories was somewhat straightforward. Essentially, whoever had more strength was entitled to have more territories.

‘Strength’, in this case, was measured through a competition where the five bosses would pit their best subordinates to fight against each other. The winner among the five would be crowned, king.

Once the meeting was over, the five groups would then reach an agreement, and once signed, none of them were allowed to break their promises.

The vowing process was taken particularly seriously since a few groups had beaten up others due to territory snatching attempts four years ago.

After all, while Talgo town was called a town, it was still much larger than Serene County. In fact, its size could easily be compared with a city in the north of Weston. Being so large, territorial control was crucial.

At that moment, the person standing guard over the door shouted, “Mr. Crawford from the Royal Dragon Group has arrived!”

Hearing that, the entire hall instantly fell silent. It was evident that everyone wanted to see what kind of person the big boss of the newly established Royal Dragon Group was.

Seconds later, Gerald and his bodyguards entered the place. Though he only had about sixty bodyguards with him, the pressuring atmosphere that they brought with them didn’t feel any less imposing.

Their solemn expressions alone made many of the other bosses’ subordinates feel chills run down their spines.

Heading directly for the high stage, Gerald smiled faintly as he greeted, “A pleasure to meet you, gentlemen.”

“Likewise, Chairman Crawford. Do take your seat,” replied the bosses as they took turns looking at each other.

All five of them knew that Gerald wasn’t a person with an ordinary background from the moment they saw how intimidating his bodyguards were.

Once they were done exchanging pleasantries, Diego narrowed his eyes slightly before saying, “I assume you’ve heard about the civil and military meeting that we’re hosting tonight, Chairman Crawford. Since the competition is about to start soon and your subordinates all look equally powerful, I was wondering if you’d like to partake in it? Maybe we could also broaden our horizons from that.”

Diego’s underlying meaning was clear as day. He was simply saying that the Royal Dragon Group was probably even weaker compared to the previous president of the pharmaceutical factory.

However, he was also taunting Gerald since he wanted to test the abilities of the Royal Dragon Group’s subordinates. After all, the way both Gerald and his men presented themselves was definitely extraordinary if anything.

“I’ll have to refrain… While my subordinates certainly look the part, they’re all honestly pretty useless. How on earth would they be able to compare with any of yours?” replied Gerald with a bitter smile as he shook his head.

“Now, now, Chairman Crawford! You’re being way too humble! Who’s to say they won’t end up on top if they don’t compete first?” said Diego before roaring with laughter.

“Well, since you insist, I guess I’ll have to agree. Whistler, get the subordinates of these bosses to teach you and the others about the rules of the competition later,” ordered Gerald with a smile.

“Very well, sir! We’d love to learn them!” replied Whistler as he smiled in return.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 947
It was honestly beyond Diego and the other bosses’ expectations that those from the Royal Dragon Group wouldn’t back down from the competition. Quite honestly, Gerald and his men looked rather confident about the whole thing.

Sensing that, Diego and the bosses knew that if they didn’t show how powerful they were right off the bat, it was only going to get more and more difficult for them to keep Gerald’s company in check in the future.

Soon after, the civil and military gathering began and the participants were led to a large area that had been set up within the center.

The five groups had each naturally chosen their most powerful subordinates to take part in the competition. Gerald himself had sent Whistler and a few of his other more capable men to participate.

Those whom Gerald had selected had all undergone personal special training with him. Due to that, their strength was much more reinforced compared to before.

As soon as the competition began, everyone was surprised to see Gerald’s men immediately go on the offense. With swift and precise attacks, Whistler’s men beat up the other group so vigorously that they never had the chance to even fight back before going down.


Diego and the other bosses could feel their eyelids twitching as they watched the defeated men laying on the ground.

Before the competition had started, the bosses had assured themselves that the subordinates Gerald had with him were simply putting up fronts, pretending to be Special Forces. After all, the way they had presented themselves was somewhat similar to how the previous pharmaceutical factory boss had first done.

Since both the previous boss and Gerald had put on airs before the actual competition, Diego and the other bosses simply assumed that Gerald’s men would be as weak as the old boss’s participants.

Little did they know that no fronts had ever been put up. Gerald’s men were genuinely strong.

“So it seems that Mr. Crawford enjoys keeping a low profile… To think that he would have such powerful subordinates… Claiming that he’ll be the one who will have the most say when it comes to dividing the territories once the meeting is over doesn’t even sound all that far-fetched now…” said Diego as he forced a smile.

With the territories being divided among six people now instead of five, things were definitely going to be a lot different compared to how the civil and military meetings usually went. As if things weren’t looking grim enough for the five bosses, it seemed that Gerald’s subordinates really were going to be crowned champion by the end of the night.

While Gerald said nothing throughout the civil and military meeting, Diego and the other bosses got more and more restless every time a battle commenced.

This was mainly because Whistler himself hadn’t made a single move throughout any of the battles. The other four of Gerald’s subordinates were more than enough to take down their opponents.

By the time all the battles had been fought, an awkward silence filled the room. The silence was so overbearing that one would be able to hear a pin drop.

“My men and I appreciate how modestly you’ve been treating us, Chairman Jey. Thank you very much,” said Whistler as he walked over, breaking the silence.

In response, Diego could only smile awkwardly as he said, “You’re welcome… Still, you and your men are incredibly powerful… My own men weren’t even able to show off that much tonight…”

“I’ll have to correct you there, Chairman Jay. After all, the most powerful person here isn’t any of us, but rather, our master. We learned everything we know from him,” replied Whistler as he looked at Gerald before shaking his head with a bitter smile on his face.

“Oh? You’re saying that Chairman Crawford here is much stronger than any of you are? Then it seems that we’ve truly made a terribly wrong judgment tonight!”

Though a smile was on Diego’s face as he said that, inside, he was getting increasingly flustered.

After all, Gerald’s men had completely defeated all five of Talgo Town’s most influential groups in front of everyone. Not only had they failed to acquire the Royal Dragon Group tonight, most of the territories were now going to fall under Gerald’s hand instead!

“Speaking of which, Chairman Jey… I wonder if what you said earlier was true… The part where the winner gets to divide the territories…?” asked Whistler.

Coughing before clearing his throat, Diego then replied with a smile, “…But of course that was true! With the competition results now out, we’ll be discussing how we’ll divide the territories once the party is over!”

Diego didn’t even dare to say much despite his clear dissatisfaction. After all, he couldn’t just break his promise.

“In the meantime, you there! Go remove the plaque bearing the names of all five of the influential groups involved in the Civil and Military Groups. From today onward, six names will be on it!” ordered Diego as he pointed at one of his subordinates.

While four other bosses barely said a word, they all had their own thoughts about the situation.

Though some of them resented the Royal Dragon Group for disrupting their affairs despite being outsiders, the others seemed to rather enjoy the misfortune of the displeased bosses.

The ones enjoying the current situation were the weaker groups who hoped that with Gerald’s involvement—which would definitely upset the original balance—they would be able to manipulate how things ended up once chaos eventually ensued.

As a few subordinates returned with ladders to remove the plaque, a voice shouted, “There’s no need to go through so much trouble!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 948
The voice had come from Gerald, and after a loud sneer, he picked a fork up.

Looking at the plaque, Gerald squinted his eyes for a second before flicking his wrist extremely quickly. A split second later, the fork was no longer in Gerald’s hand and the sound of something cracking could be heard!

By the time the audience looked up, the fork—that had already been embedded within one of the many shattered plaque pieces—was already falling to the ground alongside whatever remained of the broken plaque.

A crash soon followed as the plaque pieces shattered even further on the ground, the fork still clearly visible to the five bosses as they gulped.


Shock and fear swept through them, and the ones who had earlier been smoking each felt their grip loosen on their cigarettes.

“W-who exactly is that person….?”

“It’s… It’s near impossible isn’t it…? I mean, how could a person have that much force to break a plaque so high up?!”

It was evident that the five bosses had never seen such a maneuver before as they discussed what they had just witnessed, terror reflected in their eyes. Though nobody mentioned it, all of them were thinking the same thing. If the plaque could shatter like that even though it was so high above the ground, what would happen if Gerald used the same technique on their heads?

Whistler and his men, on the other hand, only looked at each other with subtle smiles on their faces as they each thought, ‘Humph. Looks like sir took it upon himself and made a move. Of course they’d be dumbfounded.’

It was evident that the plaque-shattering incident was an indirect message from Gerald to the five bosses. Essentially, he had no interest in dividing territories with them, and if they didn’t behave, they’d probably end up the same as the plaque. Completely ruined in an instant.

With his silent message sent, Gerald then sat down with a subtle smile on his face as he said, “Chairman Jey and the rest of you, please, have a seat.”

“R-right away, M-Mr. Crawford!” stuttered Diego as he desperately tried to keep his cool. However, his calm façade was in shambles and the cold sweat flowing down his forehead only served to further exhibit how terrified he was.

His response was reasonable since he was, after all, in the presence of a man who could kill others with regular forks. And forks were everywhere in the room they were in.

Knowing that made everyone feel obligated to address him differently.

After a brief moment of silent contemplation, one of the five bosses said, “I go by the name of Tristen Jurden, Mr. Crawford, and I must say that I’m extremely impressed with your capabilities. If you allow it, I’m willing to hand over all my properties to you and become one of your subordinates!”

The moment the other bosses heard Tristen say that, another boss immediately agreed to do the same. One after another, the bosses agreed to the same terms, till all that was left was Diego.

As Gerald and Whistler looked at each other, Diego remained silent, thinking about the consequences if he didn’t agree. In the end, though he was unable to just accept the chain of events that had taken place tonight, Diego eventually caved in.

The worst part about all of this was the fact that all five of them had been the ones who had invited Gerald over that night. If they hadn’t invited him, none of this would’ve happened.

Then again, it was probably beyond any of their wildest imagination that the civil and military meeting could end in such a disastrous way, at least for them.

Soon after Gerald and his men returned to their mansion, Whistler excitedly told Gerald about how several of Talgo Town’s businessmen had already called, asking to seek refuge under Gerald.

Hearing that, Gerald recalled how the bosses had also fawned over Gerald once the meeting was over. In fact, before they left, several other people had already presented themselves before him, showing great interest in wanting to be a part of the Royal Dragon Group.

To top it all off, Gerald also received several gifts in terms of cash from those who wanted to please him.

Gerald, however, was in no mood to bother about any of that. Instead, he ordered Whistler to deal with everything carefully as he thought about his next move.

After tonight’s events, the Royal Dragon Group Gerald had established was finally going to gain a firm status within Talgo Town. What more, the Royal Dragon Group now had a lot of influence as well as control over multiple territories.

With all that in mind, Gerald knew it was high time for them to save Drake.

From what Tyson had told him, none of the many influential groups in Heavenly City could be looked down upon.

He was speaking from experience since both he and his brother had previously spent money to establish their power and influence in Heavenly City back when they were still looking for Gerald. Soon enough, however, they were defeated by Sven.

It didn’t help that Heavenly City was much larger than Talgo Town. The entire area was simply an all-inclusive place hosting numerous forces and groups.

In fact, the place was so huge that Tyson couldn’t even estimate how many groups—as powerful as Sven’s—existed.

Gerald, however, was way too concerned over Drake to be worried about that. He was well aware that the longer they stalled, the more dangerous it would be for Drake. They simply didn’t have the luxury to wait till everything was ready and in place.

Arriving at his conclusion, Gerald then ordered, “Whistler, pass on my order to the rest. We’ll be heading to Heavenly City tomorrow.”

“Very well, Mr. Crawford! I’ll begin the preparations immediately!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 949
From what Tyson had said, Sven could often be found in the largest underground casino in Heavenly City.

With that in mind, Gerald then led his men straight to that casino. Once they were there, Gerald immediately began gambling randomly at a table to blend in. However, the next thing he knew, he had already won over ten rounds.

This caught the banker’s attention. After the banker secretly notified a subordinate about the incident, the subordinate stealthily headed for the office next.

Once inside, the subordinate stood before a person sitting at the boss’s chair before saying, “Boss Sven! A person out there won a lot of money and he’s even brought along several subordinates! He doesn’t look like someone who’s easy to deal with!”

At the time, the sturdy-looking man with a rather intimidating scar on his face was polishing his katana.

As soon as his subordinate’s sentence ended, he immediately slashed at a jade ornament that was on his table! Following the swift slice, the ornament split in two, sending its top half shattering as it fell to the ground!

Blowing the blade of the katana slightly, he then asked his terrified subordinate, “From your description of him, I’m assuming that he’s quite a capable person. Because of that, he should already know the rules of my place! How daring! Guess I’ll just have to head out there myself to have a look!” sneered Sven as he exited his office.

Though the casino had consistently been noisy before this, the moment Sven and his subordinates made their appearance, everyone fell silent.

Once he was close enough, everyone then shouted in unison, “Boss Sven!”

Barely even acknowledging his customers and subordinates, Sven and his men only stopped once they stood directly in front of Gerald.

“And here I was wondering who the rule-breaker was… So it turned out to just be some young man! Do you truly have no idea of how my place works? Or are you just pretending that you don’t know that you have to pay a certain fee after winning ten consecutive rounds?” said Sven.

“Forgive me, for I’m new to this place. I truly didn’t know such a rule existed.”

“Heh, it’s fine. After all, you’ll definitely be able to learn once I’m done with you. Since I’m already here, how about we have two rounds of games? Only if you’re daring enough to take up the challenge, of course,” proposed Sven with a wicked smile on his face.

“I’ll have to know what the stakes are first,” replied Gerald as he scanned Sven from head to toe. Aside from his sturdiness and fierce look, Gerald found it odd that he couldn’t discern the aura of a strong person from Sven at all.

Even Jett and the others he had previously met had warrior-like auras, but not Sven. If this man truly was as strong as Whistler and Tyson had said, then why couldn’t Gerald sense any of that from him?

“Hmm… Well how about… We put our lives at stake!” declared Sven after thinking for a while.

Hearing that, everyone present was instantaneously stunned. Whistler and Gerald men, on the other hand, could only look at each other helplessly.

“I accept your challenge!” replied Gerald with a nod.

Though Sven was a considerably slick and experienced person in terms of gambling, in the end, he wasn’t even close to defeating Gerald. In fact, all it took was a single round for Sven to be defeated!

“I truly appreciate your modesty, Mr. Westmore. Thank you for allowing me to win!” said Gerald with a smile as he shook his head.

In response, however, Sven simply touched his watch…

And all of a sudden, all his subordinates instantly entered formation and took aim at Gerald and his men!

“I have to agree that you truly are a great gambler! However, I’m afraid that you can’t take my life! However, since someone still needs to die, I guess we’ll just end yours instead!”

After saying that, Sven stood up before sneering, “Do it!”

Before his men could even fire their guns, Sven was momentarily able to see Gerald get up… The next thing he knew, however, Gerald was already holding him by the neck!

Realizing this a second later, his subordinates wanted to step in, though none of them dared to do so for fear that they would accidentally hurt Sven.

Slowly applying more and more pressure till he was practically choking Sven, he lifted the sore-loser of a man till his feet were above the ground.

“If you don’t want to die immediately, order your subordinates to back off!” ordered Gerald sternly.

“You heard the man! All of you, back off already! S-sir… Please refrain from acting rashly! You should be aware that this is my territory!” growled Sven, unable to completely mask his fear as he gestured for his subordinates to retreat.

“Oh? Are you saying that you lied to me then? After all, I defeated you fair and square so your life belongs to me!” replied Gerald.

“N-no! Please don’t do it, friend! Please spare my life! I’ll give you anything you want!” begged Sven, realizing how much trouble he was in.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 950
“We can honestly resolve this situation quite easily, you know? The way I see it, a life should be traded with another life. Let me ask you something. Did you previously capture a person by the name of Drake Jay? If you have, where is he?” asked Gerald.

“S-so you came here to save him… Yes, he’s with me! I’ll release him now but you’ll have to promise to release me too once he’s free!” said Sven immediately.

“Do you think you’re in a position to be making demands? Quit spouting nonsense and release him now!” growled Gerald as he intensified the force of his palm on Sven’s neck.

“H-he’s locked up in the cellar in this underground casino! I’ll order a subordinate of mine to release him now if you want!”

Thankfully, Sven was a rather straightforward person and soon enough, Whistler—who had followed the subordinate down into the casino’s cellar—led Drake toward Gerald.

Drake himself was in terrible condition, barely conscious, and with severe scars covering his entire body.

The moment Gerald saw how miserable Drake’s condition was, he was so infuriated that he immediately kicked Sven in the stomach, sending him flying across the room. As soon as Sven landed, he instantly vomited blood, his utter fear reflected in his eyes.

Whistler and the others were stunned to see this. From what they had heard, Sven was an extremely strong person. To think that he would end up becoming a mere nobody before their master! Though they knew that their master was strong, wasn’t Sven being too illogically weak now?

“Bring him along and let him escort us all the way out!” ordered Gerald as he personally supported Drake out.

Hearing that, Gerald’s men instantly held on to Sven’s arms and led him into one of Gerald’s cars. Once everything was settled, Gerald’s group of cars drove off.

Sometime later, Sven knelt before a riverside—that people hardly ever came to—before shouting, “M-my life is cheap! Please don’t kill me!”

“Humph! I never thought that the powerful Sven from Heavenly City would be this pathetic!”

“Yeah! To think that people would actually be terror-stricken to hear the name of such a coward!”

Whistler and the others were now smiling bitterly as they belittled the man they had once feared after realizing how much of a coward he truly was.

Gerald, on the other hand, stared coldly at Sven for quite a while before finally asking, “…Answer this honestly. Where’s the real Sven? And who are you to him?”

As soon as Gerald’s men heard his question, they were astonished beyond words.

“P-please spare my life, sir… My real name is Leif and I’m Sven’s younger brother… He’s been gone for about a week and I’m only here to help him look after the casino in his absence… Please spare my life, sir… It’s my brother you want to take revenge on, not me!” pleaded Leif in between tears.

“What?! So he really isn’t Sven?” exclaimed quite a few people, stupefied by the turn of events. Thankfully, Gerald had been able to see through Leif.

“You b*stard! So you’ve been fooling us this entire time! Where’s Sven now? Where is he!” growled Whistler as he grabbed Leif by the collar.

“I-I don’t know! He just brought his men along and told me that he would be returning in a few days! He said he was going to find something and that’s all I know!” cried out Leif.

After looking at Leif’s reaction, Gerald simply scolded coldly, “…We’ll be bringing Drake along with us. As for you, you’re too disgusting for us to even kill you. Get lost!”

“T-thank you! Thank you!” shouted Leif before immediately running off.

“What an absolute coward…” muttered Whistler as he followed Gerald and the rest back to their mansion.

As he continued running, Leif rubbed his sore throat as he scolded, “That dmned bstard… I’m the hero of the story! Still, to think that that young man was as ruthless as my brother… I’ll have to tell him to return soon to ruin that guy once and for all!”

Not paying attention as he thought about his revenge, Leif ended up bumping into somebody! Momentarily losing his balance, he ended up falling to the ground.

“F*cking hell! Are you blind or something?” growled Leif angrily. However, he stopped scowling the moment he saw who he had bumped into.

The man standing before him wore a black robe, and it covered most of his facial features aside from his eyes. His eyes alone were both murky and vicious-looking, suggesting that the person under the robe was an old man.

Staring into the robed man’s eyes, Leif felt that if he stared at them for too long, his soul would end up getting stolen.

Quivering slightly in fright, Leif then asked, “You… Who are you…?”

The moment Leif said that, however, the robed man began walking over to him. Frozen in fear, Leif felt the old man’s hands patting his head softly…

A split second later, a snapping sound could be heard.

Vomiting blood, Leif’s eyes widened momentarily before he fell flat to the ground.

The old man himself placed his arms behind his back as he turned to look at the direction Gerald and his men had used to leave, a frown slowly forming on his face.

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