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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 951-960

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 951
Meanwhile, Gerald and his men were returning home when from afar, Gerald noticed a team of cars parked right in front of their manor.

“I wonder who those people could be…” said Whistler, evidently feeling confused.

“From the looks of it, that should be Quest, the young master of the Westley family. He must finally have news regarding the item I’ve been trying to locate this entire time,” replied Gerald with a subtle smile.

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Upon inviting Quest into his mansion, Gerald momentarily excused himself to bring Drake to another room to have his wounds properly bandaged. Once that was done, he headed to the living room where Quest sat waiting patiently—with a document in hand—while sipping some tea.

Quest’s politeness clearly stemmed from his respect toward Gerald. After all, it would’ve been impossible for a rich heir like him to behave so courteously to anyone in the past.

In fact, his respect for Gerald was so great that he was the one who had funded the money Gerald needed to purchase the factory. Due to that, it was natural that he’d know where Gerald lived as well.

“It’s been a while, Quest! Have you waited long?” greeted Gerald as he approached the seated youth.

“Not at all!”

As they exchanged pleasantries, Gerald recalled how reckless and arrogant Quest had been when they first met. However, he realized—during their first encounter—that if he could tame Quest, then Quest would surely turn out to be an excellent and capable assistant. Gerald’s guess was, of course, correct.

After a brief chat, Quest cleared his throat as he went straight to the main point.

“I’m here today, Mr. Crawford, to tell you that our investigation efforts have finally paid off! After so long, we’ve finally been able to locate the Ginseng King!” said Quest before taking a large gulp of water.

“…However, we don’t currently have it. In fact, we’ve never actually seen it for ourselves. That’s because someone beat us to finding and retrieving it about half a year ago! Honestly, we wouldn’t even have found out about this if my grandpa hadn’t cast a wide net. The information actually came from a random vendor!”

“From what the vendor said, a group of rather influential people hired him back then to serve as their guide around the mountain since he was famous for knowing the mountain paths like the back of his hand. After searching for the Ginseng King for some time, they eventually found it in Depth Valley, located in the depths of the mountain. Upon digging it up, the group of people handed the vendor a large sum of money to keep quiet about their discovery.”

“In all honesty, however, the vendor felt that the money they provided was simply too little. It was thanks to his dissatisfaction and my grandpa paying relevant people—regardless of status—huge sums of money to gather information about the Ginseng King that the vendor shared what had happened back then to us,” explained Quest as he took in a deep breath.

Lowering his voice, Quest then added, “…The Ginseng King is currently in the hands of the Yowell family.”

“The Yowell family?” repeated Gerald in surprise.

“They’re another powerful family in the business field in Heavenly City, just like the Westleys. While my family is only there because we moved in, the Yowells are locals who were already powerful by the time we arrived.”

“I see… Can the information from the vendor be trusted?”

Taking another sip of water, Quest then replied, “He can. Speaking of which, while he was scouring for more information, grandpa found out that we’re not the only ones aware that the Yowells have the Ginseng King. A few local and foreign forces seem to be aware of their discovery as well. As a result, several of them began taking action on the Yowells starting from around three months ago. One of the more extreme cases was the kidnapping of Tulip, the second young lady of the Yowell family! Her kidnapping was most likely linked tothe Ginseng King, though she was promptly rescued.”

“While the Yowells are certainly good at hiding the fact that they currently own it, the fact remains that anyone holding on to the Ginseng King is akin to them hugging a ticking time bomb. Once you own it, being targeted will simply become the nrom!” said Whistler with a bitter smile on his face.

Frowning slightly, Gerald then replied, “Regardless of how many powerful groups are attempting to get their hands on it, I must be the one to own it in the end!”

It was honestly no wonder why the Ginseng King was so well sought-after. After all, according to legends, it was able to promote longevity.

However, it was also said that normal people who attempted to consume it would simply perish after doing so, unable to endure the power of the Ginseng King. Gerald, however, knew that he was no regular person.

In order to defeat Kort, he would definitely survive eating the Ginseng King once he got his hands on it. He had to.

“Regardless, the Yowells are suffering rather terribly at the moment. After all, while they do have the Ginseng King in their hands now, they don’t even know who to sell it to. There are simply too many people who want it for themselves.”

“If you wish to own it, sir, I’m afraid that stealing it from them isn’t going to work out well. I do, however, have a plan in mind. Whether it’ll work or not is another question…” added Quest.

“Go on,” said Gerald.

“Well, I propose that we use some outflanking tactics… We’ll start by going after the second young lady of the Yowell family. As long as we’re slick about it, we may be able to deceive her into handing the Ginseng King over to us! That way, we won’t have to resort to fighting immediately. If all goes well, we should be able to maneuver covertly with the other powerful groups as well.”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 952
After hearing what Quest had to say, Gerald simply rolled his eyes at him before rather grumpily replying, “I’m sure you’re an expert at gaining a woman’s affection… Guess I’ll be leaving the task to you then. How about it?”

Waving his hands quickly, Quest then said, “I can’t since she knows me! The Westleys and the Yowells are well acquainted you know? Regardless, it’s not like affection is the only way we’ll be able to pull this off. It’ll do as long as we’re able to approach her. That’s why grandpa suggests that you find a suitable confidant for this task aside from me. After all, since Tulip is being targeted by so many people now, we must act fast before she falls into the hands of others.”

“Tulip’s currently a freshman in Heavenly City University. Once the confidant is ready, I’ll help you get them into the university under the guise of a lecturer.”

“But who’s suitable enough for the task?” asked Gerald as he frowned slightly before scanning through the crowd.

Though Whistler immediately volunteered, his height and sturdy appearance made Gerald feel that he would resemble a security guard more than a lecturer.

While Tyson did look slightly younger, both he and Drake were still injured. What more, both the men were simply too cold and aloof to be suitable for the task. Nobody would ever believe that they were students or lecturers!

Seeing what Gerald was doing, the others began looking around as well. After taking turns shaking their heads, everyone eventually found themselves staring back at Gerald.

“Since you’re probably the only one among us who’s actually attended university before, I think you’re the most suitable person for the job, sir…” said Whistler with a smile.

“Me?” replied Gerald, stunned.

“But sir has a lover! You can’t just tell him to have an ambiguous relationship with another girl!” said Yukie out of the blue as she entered the room carrying several teacups. There was a clear hint of dissatisfaction on her charming face as she said that.

“It was obviously a joke, Yukie… As if we’d ever suggest for the master to gain another woman’s affection! The main focus now is simply to protect Tulip and place her under our group’s care!” replied Whistler as he smiled slightly bitterly.

“…I see!” pouted Yukie in response.

Meanwhile, Gerald himself seemed to be pondering about something.

With both Drake and Tyson currently recuperating and Whistler having the responsibility of managing the properties, in the end, Gerald seemed to be the most suitable person after all.

Resolute with his decision, Gerald then nodded before saying, “Alright, guess I’ll be doing this. I’ll be counting on you to arrange things for me, Quest.”

“Not a problem, sir! Since you’re proficient with medicine, you’ll be under the guise of a Biology substitute lecturer. Since I graduated from that university, I’ll tell you ahead of time that being a lecturer there is a breeze. All you’ll need to do is read the textbook aloud!” replied Quest.

The very next day, Gerald slipped on a suit and blazer—perfecting his scholarly look—as he headed to the university. Upon arriving, he was promptly greeted at the university’s main entrance by the vice team leader of the Biology team alongside a young male and female.

“I see you’ve arrived on time to report to your duty, Mr. Crawford. Allow me to first introduce you to these two. This here is Miss Marjorie Swift from our Biology team while the gentleman over there goes by Mr. Quinlan Yoxon,” said the vice team leader.

Turning to face the two next, the vice team leader then added, “This is Mr. Gerald Crawford, the new substitute teacher. Your position is similar to his, Mr. Yoxon, since both of you are new here. Regardless, you’re both colleagues now. Now then, could you please show them around the university, Marjorie?”

Marjorie was a woman with charming looks and long hair. Both slim and tall, she looked to be around twenty-four of age and her disposition seemed somewhat extraordinary. The professional-looking black suit and skirt only served to increase her seductiveness.

“Mr. Yoxon and Mr. Crawford, shall we?” said Marjorie with a sweet smile on her face as she took a few peeks at Gerald.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 953
It was really no mystery why she did so. After all, Gerald was both handsome and impeccably dressed. It wasn’t hard to see why girls would admire him.

As Gerald nodded at her, he guessed that his new female colleague must have just graduated from the university fairly recently.

Quinlan, on the other hand, caught on quickly that Marjorie seemed to admire Gerald a lot. Seeing that, he couldn’t help but feel slightly jealous.

After all, both of them were newcomers who had the same post and same specializations. They even came at the same time! With so many similarities between them, Quinlan couldn’t help but feel slightly competitive with him.

However, Marjorie wasn’t even giving him a chance to shine. Seeing her being nice to only Gerald only added to his gloominess and annoyance.

Despite that, Quinlan wasn’t an idiot who didn’t know how to read the mood. Because of that, he simply followed behind the two, silently watching as Marjorie continued chatting with Gerald.

“Oh? Are those the two new lecturers who’ll be joining our team, Miss Swift? Both of them look quite handsome!” said a few young lecturers as they walked over and greeted Marjorie.

All of them were women and they looked to be around Marjorie’s age.

“Indeed! This here is Mr. Gerald Crawford, while his name is… Um… I apologize, but what was your name again…?” asked Marjorie rather awkwardly as she turned to face Quinlan.

Since Marjorie had placed most of her attention on the handsome Gerald, she now realized that she didn’t even remember Quinlan’s name!

Smiling wryly, Quinlan then said, “I’m Quinlan Yoxon!”

In the end, however, the same thing happened when all the female lecturers began surrounding and talking with Gerald instead of him.

As Quinlan’s jealousy intensified, a few luxury cars could suddenly be seen driving toward the group. Screeching to a halt right in front of them, Marjorie and the other women were stunned when they saw a few bodyguards donning black coats getting out of the cars.

Once all of them were out, the bodyguards bowed slightly before saying, “We heard from the boss that this is your first time here in Heavenly City, young master. We’ll be hosting a welcoming party for you tonight.”

In response, Quinlan simply readjusted his gold glasses before saying, “Very well. Tell my cousin that I’ll be there tonight.”

“Very well, young master.”

After bowing once more, the bodyguards re-entered their cars and left.

By then, all the female lecturers—who had earlier surrounded Gerald—had their mouths wide open as they looked at Quinlan in shock.

“Why… Did they address you as young master, Mr. Yoxon?” asked one of the female colleagues in amazement.

“Oh, they work for my cousin. He’s established a few bars and hotels here in Heavenly City,” replied Quinlan casually.

Upon hearing that, Marjorie couldn’t help but sneak a few more glances at him before asking with a smile on her face, “I hadn’t expected for you to have such an awesome cousin! Speaking of which, you aren’t a local, are you Mr. Yoxon?”

“That is correct. I’m from Talgo Town. Have you heard about the five forces?”

“I have! Talgo Town is currently being supervised by the five forces, right? From what I’ve heard, they’re all-powerful and they each have high statuses here in Heavenly City!” exclaimed another of the colleagues in shock, sounding very intrigued.

“Well, my dad helps to run the affairs for the Charley family, one of the five forces,” replied Quinlan with a smile.

“What?” said all the colleagues present, utterly astonished.

Being locals of Heavenly City, the girls had been influenced by their environment to prefer people who were more powerful. Nobody could really blame them since the more power and influence one had in Heavenly City, the more they could enjoy a life of grandeur there.

It was simply something that all women, especially those living in Heavenly City, yearned for.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 954
After seeing all those luxurious cars, all the women there were even more jealous once they found out that Quinlan was actually involved with the five forces.

“Why didn’t you just work with your group then?” asked another colleague.

“Haha! I’d rather not work in Talgo Town now due to all chaos the newly established Royal Dragon Group has created. The five forces are all obeying that group now, you know? Besides, my dad told me that it’d be better for me to go out and try making a living for myself first,” replied Quinlan as he shook his head with a bitter smile on his face.

Hearing that, Marjorie smiled subtly. To think that Quinlan was already so steady and mature!

“Your dad has a point, Mr. Yoxon. After all, you’re still young so who knows? Maybe you’ll be able to blaze a new way out by being a bit more adventurous and making a living of your own out here!” said Marjorie with a smile as she went closer toward Quinlan.

“I agree!”

The girls were now inching closer toward Quinlan as he detailed the major incidents that had recently taken place in both Talgo Town and Heavenly City.

As they chatted happily, Gerald could only laugh bitterly as he shook his head at the side. He had long gotten used to scenes like these.

Seeing that Gerald was now being ignored, Quinlan found himself growing extremely smug.

Since Gerald didn’t have lectures to attend to in the morning, he simply sat in the office the entire time till noon came.

Nearing lunchtime, Gerald turned to look at Marjorie—who was seated next to him—before saying with a smile, “How about we head to the cafeteria now, Miss Swift? My treat.”

He was only taking the initiative to ask her out for a meal since she was the one who had invited him out for lunch earlier that morning. After all, Gerald was still new and unfamiliar with the university’s layout.

Aside from that, he didn’t really have any other unnecessary thoughts.

“Apologies, Mr. Crawford, but I have some business to attend to at noon. I’m afraid I can’t join you this time,” replied Marjorie as she gently straightened her hair.

“I see. I’ll head there myself then,” said Gerald as he nodded at her before heading off.

While Heavenly City was undoubtedly a chaotic place, it was also well equipped with all the essentials such as medical institutions, education institutions, and so on.

The university itself didn’t look particularly different from the ones Gerald had seen before. Well, aside from the fact that all the students looked like gangsters.

Upon entering the cafeteria, Gerald bought some bread, sausages, and a salad before taking a seat at one of the empty tables to enjoy his meal.

It had been quite a long while since he was last able to enjoy such a life, and he found himself thinking that being an educator in a university and leading a quiet life was much preferable compared to being the boss of Whistler and the others.

Smiling bitterly as he thought about it, he then wondered how long he could even afford to live such a peaceful and quiet life.

As he sighed before continuing with his meal, Gerald heard a male voice saying, “Nobody seems to be sitting there, Marjorie. Let’s head over!”

“I’m afraid that’s the VIP area… You need to pay to sit there!”

“Haha! That’s fine. If only we didn’t have to be in a bit of a rush for that meeting later, I’d surely have brought you out for lunch!”

Looking up, Gerald could already tell that the voices belonged to none other than Marjorie and Quinlan.

So it turned out that Marjorie’s ‘business’ was actually just her wanting to go out and have a meal with Quinlan. Knowing that made Gerald smile rather wryly.

It was evident at that point that both Quinlan and Marjorie had spotted Gerald. After all, he was sitting at a rather desolate corner beside the VIP area, making him stick out like a sore thumb.

Since it was a symbol of status if one was able to have their meals in the VIP area, people usually avoided the spot Gerald was sitting in if they could.

Noticing that Quinlan was staring at him contemptuously, Gerald simply lowered his head and continued eating his meal.

Marjorie, on the other hand, was now feeling rather awkward since she knew for a fact that Gerald had noticed her. After all, she clearly remembered asking him out for lunch earlier. Despite that, she had lied to him, claiming that she had business to attend to. Her being there with Quinlan clearly suggested that she was going out for lunch with him instead.

Any girl would feel embarrassed to some extent if they were placed in her current shoes.

Straightening her hair, Marjorie quickly averted her gaze before nodding with a faint smile as she looked at Quinlan.

“Hmm? Isn’t that Mr. Crawford? Why did he sit there?” asked a female voice at that moment.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 955
Looking up, Gerald saw that it was the other female colleagues who were in the same team with him.

Seeing that they had bumped into him as they were looking for seats to have their meals, Gerald simply smiled with a nod as he looked at them.

However, none of them seemed to even bother about his smile. In fact, some of the colleagues found themselves cupping their mouths in amusement as they said, “What a surprise! You really don’t know anything, do you? Why’d you decide to have your lunch here instead of anyplace else?”

After saying that, they simply turned around to leave.

Seconds later, one of the colleagues said, “Huh? Hey, look there! It’s Mr. Yoxon and Miss Swift! Hi there!”

The moment they saw Quinlan, their moods instantly switched, smiling as they waved their hands at him.

“What a coincidence! Why don’t you sit with us? If I had known that you were going to eat here, I’d definitely have invited all of you along!” said Quinlan with a bright smile.

“Is it really fine if we joined you?” asked a few of the female colleagues.

In the end, however, all of them ended up sitting at the same table, chatting and laughing among themselves.

While Gerald was well aware that he was a nobody in the presence of Quinlan, he didn’t really want to have that much contact with his colleagues anyway. After all, befriending them wasn’t part of his mission.

Gerald simply hoped that he would be able to meet Tulip soon.

Once the afternoon meeting ended a little later, Gerald prepared to teach his first class. Upon entering the classroom, Gerald saw that there were over thirty students in the class. The most conspicuous of them all, however, was none other than Tulip.

Her demeanor alone allowed anyone who saw her to instantly figure out that she was the boss of the class.

Since the first lecture was a lesson that required experimentation, Gerald brought his students along to a laboratory so that they would be able to observe the specimens there. He simply thought that it would be fitting for them to be able to observe things up-close since the topic he was about to teach was quite a major one in their Biology course.

Excited that they didn’t have to remain in class, the students quickly grabbed their notebooks and followed Gerald out.

“Haha! I wonder if you’ve noticed that that handsome lecturer seems to have an interest in you, Tulip!” laughed a girl on their way to the laboratory as she held on to Tulip’s hand.

“What nonsense are you spouting this time, you silly girl…” replied Tulip, almost speechless by her friend’s comment.

“It’s true! I realized that he had occasionally snuck glances at you from the moment he was done with his self-introduction. He continued doing so up till the point he headed out just now! I’m absolutely sure that he’s been charmed by your beauty!”

“There you go again with your nonsense! Still, if he really did sneak that many glances at me, he’d better not let me catch him in the act! If I catch him red-handed, then I’m cutting his eyeballs out and feeding them to my Tibetan Mastiff, Hooch! You know how much I hate quiet and honest-looking men like him! There’s not a hint of bloodthirstiness in him at all!” said Tulip as both of them burst into laughter.

After a while, they arrived at the laboratory. However, to Gerald’s surprise, he found that there were already two classes inside the laboratory.

While conducting lessons in the laboratory with two neighboring classes at the same time was commonplace there, one usually had to abide by a schedule.

Though Gerald and Marjorie’s classes were the only classes that were supposed to be able to use the laboratory during this period, Quinlan was for some odd reason already inside with his own students.

The moment Marjorie saw Gerald, she awkwardly said, “Mr. Crawford?”

“Shouldn’t only both our classes have access to the laboratory during the first period? Why is Mr. Yoxon and his students here instead?”

Although Gerald didn’t really have that much of a sense of belonging there in the first place, he was starting to get annoyed by all this.

“Apologies, Mr. Crawford, but Mr. Yoxon came over to me earlier saying that he had no experience teaching students before this… Because of that, he suggested that we did a combined lesson… I assumed he had already notified you about it, so I simply agreed with his plan…” replied Marjorie as she blushed.

Clearing her throat, one of the students from Quinlan’s class then shouted, “How about this, lecturers? From now on, why don’t we use the current arrangement of classes instead of the previous one? After all, we’d very much prefer having lessons with Miss Swift and Mr. Yoxon.”

“There’s no reason for that! Our classes have already been pre-arranged nicely so how could you just take over somebody else’s class period as you please?” retorted Tulip, clearly feeling dissatisfied.

A quarrel was starting to brew and the reason behind it was quite obvious. After all, Gerald’s pupils had all excitedly brought along their notebooks to the laboratory, only to find that another class had stepped out of line and occupied it without first informing their lecturer about it.

The entire situation was honestly quite humiliating.

“Since we’ve already made preparations for the experiment, why don’t you just take your students back to class, Mr. Crawford?”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 956
Clearing his throat before saying that, Quinlan then slid his hands into his pockets before sneering.

“What’s with all the commotion? We’re trying to have our lesson here!” shouted a female lecturer as she and her colleague stepped out of a neighboring laboratory in dissatisfaction.

Turning to face them, Quinlan then said, “It’s just Mr. Crawford… I asked Miss Swift to have a joint lesson with me since I wanted to get some teaching experience… Coincidentally, the period I chose clashes with Mr. Crawford’s class! This is honestly all my fault…”

“It really isn’t. Mr. Crawford’s just being inconsiderate! Just take the next lesson! There’s no need to make a mountain out of a molehill, is there?” said the other female colleague as both of them nodded in unison.

Straightening her hair, Marjorie then added, “Why don’t you return to your class first, Mr. Crawford?”

Hearing that, Gerald could only frown. He was very much aware that trying to argue with them wasn’t going to be worthwhile. What more, it would be imprudent of them as lecturers to create a mess here.

With that in mind, he placidly said, “…Let’s just go!”

As he began leading his students back to class, the students in the laboratory, in turn, immediately started an uproar.

“Yeah! Just leave already!”

“You’re all equally annoying mother*ckers! You hear?!” growled Tulip as she tossed her notebook to the ground before waving her two fists in the air.

After the small incident, Gerald earned the nickname, ‘Teacher Skitterbrook’ from the students.

Not that Gerald minded that sort of thing. After all, it didn’t really affect his observation on Tulip.

It wasn’t long after before Gerald realized the existence of secret undercurrents in the university. From what he managed to gather, a few groups of influential people were already plotting against Tulip again.

Gerald also noticed that despite being previously kidnapped, Tulip was still very much ignorant and fearless. She simply acted like a boss wherever she went in the university.

Sometime later, Gerald was about to enter his second-period class when suddenly, he heard someone shouting, “D*mn it! What should I do? Tulip’s run off again!”

Frowning slightly, Gerald entered the class and saw that a few of his female students were anxiously discussing the matter.

“What’s wrong?”

“Humph! It’s none of your business, you useless piece of trash! The others drove you away and you just succumbed to it! As your students, we feel utterly humiliated by that, you know? It’s also because of that humiliation that Tulip refused to attend your class! She’s driven off somewhere to have some fun instead! Her dad’s repeatedly ordered me to keep an eye on her, you know? Now I’m going to get scolded for sure! All of this stems from you! Humph!” complained one of the students as she shoved Gerald to the side.

She was so angry that she wanted to run off to look for Tulip immediately.

For as long as she knew her, Tulip had always bore such a temperament. The girl was simply too used to having things go her way without having to care about anything else.

When things didn’t go her way, however, she would head out looking for amusement instead.

As she thought about that, a student wearing glasses panted as he slid the class’s door open. Noticing that tulip’s bestie was present, he calmed his breathing before saying, “L-Liske! Something’s wrong! I saw Tulip driving her sports car toward Bloomlin Mountain! When I asked her about it, she said she was going there to have some fun! She also told me to tell you to wait till Teacher Skitterbrook’sclas-”

The moment he saw Gerald standing there, the bespectacled boy immediately fell silent, feeling extremely awkward.

“D*mn it! She really headed to Bloomlin Mountain? It’s all over now! If her father knows that she went there to have fun, my dad will probably be beaten to death as well! All sorts of dangerous people gather at that chaotic place! What should I even do now…? Is there any of you daring enough to follow me there to get Tulip back?” said Nicole Liske as she anxiously stomped her foot on the ground.

“I’m in!”

“I’ll be going as well!”

As a few of their male classmates volunteered, Gerald couldn’t help but ask, “What sort of place is Bloomlin Mountain?”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 957
“D*mn it! Are you even a lecturer? How could you not know about Bloomlin Mountain? That’s the place where several youths, who are mostly in gangs, usually gather to host parties! What more, they like to have car races there to amuse themselves as well! That place is just bad news!” explained another student rather helplessly.

“There’s no use explaining it to him! Regardless, Tulip’s daring enough to go literally anywhere once her recklessness kicks in! I should know since the same thing happened when she last got into trouble! Come on, let’s just hurry and try to get her back already!” said Nicole who was now so anxious that she was almost in tears.

While Nicole was Tulip’s bestie, she was also the daughter of the Yowell family’s butler. Because of that, Nicole was usually tasked with keeping an eye on Tulip.

After all, almost everyone associated with the second young lady of the Yowell family knew that she was infamous for being reckless. She was a person who valued her own enjoyment above anything else, which was why she was now skipping Gerald’s class.

Gerald found that her classmates were all quite loyal to her as well, as all of them instantly agreed to go after her. Getting to Bloomlin Mountain wasn’t an issue for them either since several of the classmates were rich heirs who had their own cars. After entering the cars in twos and threes, all of them left.

“…Wouldn’t your arrival there be rather strange and unexpected…?” muttered Gerald to himself helplessly.

‘Just don’t get into any trouble… If she gets into any then all my efforts this time around will be for naught!’ Gerald thought to himself.

Knowing how many influential groups were targeting her now, it was impossible for him not to be worried. Shaking his head, he got atop his scooter and immediately began following them to the place.

Meanwhile, Tulip—who had just arrived not too long ago—was starting to slightly regret coming to Bloomlin Mountain. Looking around, the place resembled more of a colosseum rather than a racetrack.

The racetrack itself was located at the foot of a mountain in the suburbs of Heavenly City. Since the suburbs were already complicated enough with several intertwining paths, it inspired the planners of the racetrack to build it there.

Due to their efforts, what used to be a deserted open space was now filled with all sorts of cars, even high-end sports cars like Ferraris and Maybachs.

The regulars of the racetrack were all young men and women who were either screaming or playing musical instruments loudly, making the entire area somewhat deafening.

From the moment she had arrived, Tulip was left shocked by the youthful atmosphere there. Her sheer disbelief stemmed from the fact that she had never been exposed to people like these in the past. The existence of such individuals had simply been beyond her wildest imagination.

While she had definitely heard about Bloomlin Mountain before, this was actually her first time here since her father had prohibited her from ever coming here. While that was the case, Tulip had been in a bad mood recently.

The incident regarding her elder sister still flustered her greatly. As if that annoyance wasn’t enough, she was humiliated in front of so many people today due to a coward!

Dwelling on the incidents filled her with so much wrath that she forgot all about her father’s prohibitions and simply drove to Bloomlin Mountain to have some fun.

Now that she was there, however, she could only sit in her car, bewildered by all the sights and sounds there.

Just as she was about to consider leaving, a man with big hair—reminiscent of the eighties—who had his left ear adorned with a row of silver studs stood by her car before saying, “Well hey there, girl! Are you a new face here? How about a race with me? If you win, I’ll host a party here tonight for you!”

“I’ll have to refuse. I just came here to have a look around,” replied Tulip as she shook her head.

“Oh, you’re not going to race? Well, you are still a student, after all! I guess you must be afraid to compete with others! What a waste that this sports car ended up in your hands!”

“You take that back you mother*cker! Who’s afraid? I’m joining the race!” scowled Tulip angrily.

However, upon realizing what she had just said, Tulip found herself regretting it slightly.

After all, she truly had just wanted to have a look at the fabled racetrack in Bloomlin Mountain. Since she had previously assumed that the place would be deserted, she had even considered the thought of speeding along the winding paths of the mountain at least once before returning to university. It hadn’t occurred to her that this place would be so populated with hooligans!

Sensing what Tulip was worrying about, he simply pointed at the people surrounding them before saying, “See those beast-like people? F*ck then! Don’t see them as humans! Once you see them as mere animals, you’ll be fine. However, if you truly are reluctant to look at them, then just close your eyes!”

While Tulip was hesitant, when she looked at his resolute and fearless expression, she replied, “…Since we’re competing with each other, cut the cr*p and let’s go already…!”

“Settle down, this round has already been taken by someone else. We’ll just have to wait for the next round!” said the man as he pointed at two cars revving their engines loudly in the open space.

Hearing that, Tulip could only anxiously smack the side of her steering wheel in anger.

At that moment, a dozen or so cars arrived at the area, signaling the arrival of Nicole and the others.

“Hey! Look over there! That’s Tulip’s car!” yelled Nicole as the Tulip’s classmates ran toward her.

Immediately after, however, a loud clamor was heard.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 958
Upon noticing the arrival of Nicole and her classmates, the many other youths who were there instantly began screaming and whistling at them. After all, none of them had ever seen students dressed in uniform there before. What more, among the thirty over students, half of them were tall and slim women who looked both innocent and cute.

Their presence at Bloomlin Mountain was nothing short of extraordinary to the hooligans.

Even the big-haired man jumped out of his car in excitement, his eyes widened.

“Nicole… All of you… Why did all of you come here?” asked Tulip.

“Why else would we be here? We were worried about you, of course! Let’s just leave quickly! Still, to think that you would actually come here! What if your dad found out? Do you really want to suffer that terribly?” replied Tulip as she held on to Tulip’s arm.

Since it was evident that Tulip wanted to leave with them, the man from before simply sneered, “Come now, there’s no rush to leave! Why don’t we have a race first? After all, it mustn’t have been easy for all of you to come here. Or are all of you just obedient university students who are still afraid of your parents?”

“Cowards! Cowards!” chanted the crowds loudly.

“F*cking hell! Wait for me here, Nicole! I’m racing him first to shut him up for good!” scowled Tulip.

“That’s the spirit! Speaking of which, beauty, according to the rules here, you’ll have to give a ride to a person of the opposite gender if you’re participating in a car race. Since you already have so many male classmates, why not pick one of them? Or would you rather choose a handsome guy from among us? What do you say?” said the big-haired man.

As Tulip turned to look, she saw a woman with heavy makeup sitting in his car. So he wasn’t lying.

“Me! Me! Pick me, beauty!”

All around them, various men were shouting to get Tulip’s attention.

“As if I’d ever get in a car with any of you! Specky! Get in the car!” ordered Tulip at the bespectacled boy from before as she rolled her eyes at the crowd.

“B-but, Tulip! I can’t… I… I have car sickness!” replied Specky as he gulped before shaking his head quickly.

Tulip’s poor driving skills was no mystery to any of her classmates.

If a regular passenger thanked their driver for their troubles after arriving at their destination, a passenger of Tulip’s would instead thank her for allowing them to leave the car with their life intact!

In short, she was a mad driver.

Specky wasn’t the only unwilling one either. All her other male classmates were similarly deterred from sitting in the car if she was driving!

“Useless! All of you!” shouted Tulip as she smacked her steering wheel in frustration.

As the big-haired man continued laughing, Nicole suddenly pointed in a direction before saying in an astonished tone, “…Hey, that’s our lecturer, right? D*mn it! Why is he here?”

Turning to look at where she was pointing, all the students realized that she wasn’t kidding. Their Biology lecturer was indeed there!

Pushing his scooter along, Gerald soon saw his students and began running toward them. His arrival, however, was nothing short of ridiculous and amusing to the hooligans.

“Haha! Hey, everyone! Look there!”

With everyone’s eyes on him now, a roar of laughter erupted throughout the entire area.

It was funny enough to even think about someone riding a scooter to a racetrack, yet here Gerald was, pushing his now dusty scooter as he ran!

“Why the hell is that piece of trash here, Nicole?! Who even told him to come along?!” said Tulip, flabbergasted by his arrival.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 959
“Don’t look at me… I really hadn’t expected him to actually follow us here…” replied Nicole rather helplessly.

“It’s going to be all over for me if he tells the university about it! That’s not even the worst part! What if the university informs my dad about it?!” cried out Tulip in a state of berserk.

“Calm down, Tulip. I have a way to get him to cooperate obediently. You currently need a man in your car, right? Why don’t we get him to do it? Once he’s inside, he’ll definitely be afraid of you!” suggested Specky.

“F*cking…” While Tulip certainly wanted to scold Specky after hearing his indirect roast on her driving skill, thinking back, he had a point.

Since she was already annoyed with Gerald anyway after this morning’s incident at the laboratory, Tulip wasn’t too worried about making him suffer too much.

Besides, he looked like an honest and rather silly man. Once she was done with him in the car, he’d definitely not dare to report her misbehavior. With all that in mind, she decided to go along with Specky’s plan.

“Aren’t all of you being too disrespectful to the university? How dare all of you play truant together!” said Gerald as he walked over after parking his scooter properly.

Due to how far Bloomlin Mountain was from the university, Gerald’s scooter ran out of batteries a bit earlier, explaining why he had pushed it toward the racetrack instead of riding it in.

“Just shut up and get in the car!” ordered Tulip.

“And why should I? All of you had best return to the university right this instance!” replied Gerald.

“Fine! But you’ll still need a ride back, right? After all, we all saw that your scooter’s batteries were drained! Can’t you see that I’m offering you a ride back? Now come on!” added Tulip.

“She’s right, sir! Since you came all the way out here, just let her give you a ride back… As for your scooter, we’ll think of a way to get it back there…” added a few other students.

They were frantically trying to get Gerald into the car since the competition was about to begin soon. In their minds, the sooner the race was over, the sooner they could leave, and none of them wanted to linger there for any longer than they needed to.

“…Fine!” replied Gerald with a defeated nod.

He knew for a fact that Tulip wouldn’t ever be this kind to him. However, he was slightly interested to see what kind of trick she had up her sleeve.

Upon closing the car door behind him, all the car’s doors were immediately locked.

“What’re you doing?” asked Gerald, astonished.

“Haha! You idiot! You’ve fallen straight into my trap! Did you honestly think that I’d be that nice to allow a worthless piece of trash like you to get into my car without a price? You’re coming along with me for a car race! And you’d better not vomit inside my car or you’ll suffer terribly!” warned Tulip.

Now that everything was ready, Tulip and her opponent drove to the starting line. After honking to indicate that both of them were ready, a large screen began projecting numbers counting down as both their cars began revving up.

The moment a loud buzzing sound was heard, both cars immediately sped forward like wild horses that had just been freed.

“Hell yeah! This is so cool!” shouted Tulip excitedly. Though she really didn’t like the atmosphere of the place, it did end up becoming enjoyable once the race actually began.

“The road! Keep your eyes on the road!” shouted Gerald, terrified as he held on to the car’s grab handle.

While Tulip’s driving was definitely as reckless as her classmates remembered, she wasn’t completely devoid of skill. After all, she was still ahead of the big-haired man’s car.

However, that fact alone seemed rather illogical to Gerald. Looking through the rear-view mirror, Gerald found that his doubts were warranted. After all, the man clearly had a lot of chances to overtake her car. However, he just never did.

As Gerald frowned, wondering what was up, all of a sudden, Tulip let out a shout!

Turning to look ahead, Gerald saw that they were headed straight for a few rows of steel nails that had been placed across the road.

They clearly served as roadblocks, yet even if Tulip were to hit on the brakes now, both of them were well aware that she wouldn’t be able to stop the car in time.

As a result, she simply accelerated the car forward with her eyes closed.

Seconds later, two distinct sounds of tires bursting could be heard!

Eventually, the car couldn’t go on and Tulip was forced to park the car in the middle of the road.

“Fcking hell! Who would put roadblocks in the middle of a god dmned racetrack!” shouted Tulip furiously.

On the contrary, Gerald appeared extremely vigilant as he turned around to look behind them.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 960
By now, the car behind them had stopped as well, blocking any possible escape routes.

‘Something is definitely wrong!’ Gerald thought to himself as he watched the big-haired man and the woman get out of their car.

“Hey, now! How could you people be like this? These roadblocks clearly shouldn’t be here! I demand we start over!” scowled Tulip, feeling cheated.

“But of course, Miss Tulip Yowell! You’re the second young lady of the Yowell family, after all… We can start over as many times as you please!” replied the big-haired man as he laughed loudly.

“…You… How do you know my name?” asked Tulip, finally realizing that something was wrong.

“Humph! Just get out of the car already, miss! Don’t trouble us any more than you need to!” shouted the big-haired man as he pulled his wig off, revealing his bald head!

Following that, he took a gun out, aiming it at Tulip before roaring, “Didn’t you hear what I said? Get out, now!”

Seeing the gun, Tulip immediately went pale in fright. It was then when she understood that she was getting kidnapped again.

Raising both her hands to show that she was harmless, she then slowly got out of the car.

Once she was out, the woman revealed her own gun as the bald man shouted, “Wren, go kill that other guy! After he’s dead, report to Old A that we’ve captured her and tell him to take over from here immediately!”

“Got it!” replied the woman with a nod as she walked toward the shotgun seat.

However, when she peered through the window, she was left stunned. Raising her head to look at the bald man, she then said, “…Dominic… There’s nobody in there.”

“What? We all saw him enter the car earlier, right?” replied Dominic as he dragged Tulip along with him toward Wren’s side.

Peering inside, it appeared that she was right. Gerald had completely disappeared!

“How odd! He couldn’t have just vanished in broad daylight!” said the bald man in astonishment.

As he continued wondering where Gerald could possibly have gone to, out of the blue, a voice from behind the bald man shouted, “I-I’ll try my best to fight you!”

Hearing that, Dominic turned around immediately… Only to be greeted by a large stone!

With a loud ‘thud’, the bald man felt his eyes roll back as he fell to the ground, now unconscious!

Though Wren wanted to immediately retaliate by shooting the assailant, for some baffling reason, she just couldn’t fully raise her arm!

“I-I’ll fight you too!” shouted the youth again as he picked the same large stone up and staggered toward the woman before smashing it into her head. Naturally, she fainted as well.

The youth in question was of course, Gerald. Since he needed to keep his identity a secret, he knew that he had to pretend to be weak.

“Wow! You… You killed them, sir! You’ve killed two people! You’re definitely ruined this time!” exclaimed Tulip excitedly now that she knew she had been rescued.

Rolling his eyes, Gerald then replied, “They’re not dead! They’ve just fainted! However, since their accomplices are probably coming over soon, I suggest we leave quickly!”

“You’re right! Let’s go then!” replied Tulip as both of them headed for Dominic’s car.

Getting in the driver’s seat, Tulip then turned the car around and sped all the way back to the starting line. Seconds after they left, however, a few ATV cars came to a screeching halt at the spot where both Dominic and Wren lay unconscious.

Watching Tulip and the man make their escape, the leader of the group found himself slamming a fist onto the hood of the car.

“F*cking hell! We were already so close just now! How did things end up failing? Who the hell saved her?!”

“Do we pursue after them, boss?”

“F*ck that! There are too many people at the foot of the mountain! Do you want to die that much? If you don’t, then bring these two useless people along with us! We’re leaving!”

Meanwhile, Tulip was beginning to admire Gerald slightly as she said, “D*mn, sir! You were so cruel earlier!”

“If I hadn’t been, then we’d both be dead by now!” replied Gerald as he thought about what could’ve happened if he wasn’t in the car with her.

“Still, something just doesn’t add up, sir!” said Tulip as she seemed to recall something.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, back when I stepped out of the car, I’m fairly certain that you were still sitting beside me! How could you have just appeared behind the two kidnappers earlier?”

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