The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 971-980

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 971
“I got it, mom. Still, isn’t the Royal Dragon Group’s boss rather mysterious? After all, he was able to rise up the ranks in Heavenly City so quickly! The boss must be extremely extraordinary! Also, from what I’ve heard, he’s been unwilling to participate in many occasions… It makes me wonder if such a powerful figure would actually want to participate in our family’s event in the first place!” replied Tulip.

“Upon returning to the country, I’ve heard matters regarding the Royal Dragon Group as well. Rumors say that the Royal Dragon Group is packed with extremely fierce and tough subordinates. They also say that the boss of the group is a very young man with extremely vague origins! Would you happen to know anything more about them, mom?” asked Juliet who had also been curious for a while now.

After all, to think that the boss of the Royal Dragon Group was actually at the same age that she was! Juliet was also greatly interested in finding out what he actually looked like, as well as how he had acquired such great abilities to the point where people actually willingly submitted to him.

It certainly wasn’t out of the ordinary for girls to admire such capable people, and Juliet was no exception to that.

“I’m not too familiar with him either… While the Yowells did send someone over to the Royal Dragon Group to congratulate him during their opening ceremony, in the end, the boss himself didn’t participate in his own opening ceremony!”

“Regardless, I’m certain that he’ll attend our auction this time. After all, very few people are able to resist the allure of the Ginseng King. Once the Royal Dragon Group’s boss has arrived, I want both of you to be on your best behavior! You know, if he’s interested in either of you, then the Yowells truly will be the overlords of Heavenly City in the future! The Westleys can just beat it by then!” replied Heidi with a smile as she crossed her arms.

“I’m already married, mom!” grumbled Juliet as she frowned slightly.

“Nonsense! What sort of marriage even is that? Don’t think I’m unaware of what you’re trying to do by marrying such a wimpy guy! I’m telling you ahead of time that what you’re doing is useless! Also, the divorce happens as soon as the event is over! Stop being an embarrassment to the family!” growled Heidi as her face turned slightly red in anger.

Before she could continue bad-mouthing Gerald, a voice called out, “Our teacher is actually pretty good, Aunt Sachs! He was the one who saved Tulip, after all!”

Turning to look at the owner of the voice, it turned out to be Specky as he and Tulip’s other friends backed Gerald up.

“You’re all just kids, so what would you know? Love and gratitude are two completely different matters you know?” replied Heidi.

At that moment, one of Tulip’s classmates shouted, “You’re here, teacher!”

True to the student’s words, Gerald was slowly walking over to the group of people. He had earlier been making arrangements for the guestrooms after being instructed by Juliet to do so. Now that he was done, he had decided to come over.

“I guess you’ve all come over to have fun since the university’s closed for the next few days,” replied Gerald as he smiled with a subtle nod.

“That’s right, teacher!” said Specky and a few others as they all laughed.

“Pfft! What utter trash! Trying to put on airs here! Just have a good look at yourself! If it wasn’t for Juliet, would you even be able to witness such an event with your own eyes?!” scowled Heidi as she poked Gerald’s chest with a finger.

Heidi was really trying to make it a point that she was extremely upset with her daughter’s decision to marry this wimp. After all, she had made it clear to Juliet before that her son-in-law had to at least be a reputable figure!

Just as she was thinking about that, Heidi heard a female voice saying, “Hello, Madam Sachs!”

Facing the direction of the voice, everyone present saw a group of people walking over to them. The leader was a beautiful, long-haired woman who was dressed in a professional suit.

Her group seemed to have attracted quite a bit of attention by the time they finally stood before Heidi.

“Oh, it’s you, Miss TakenaMeiko! I apologize for not greeting you earlier!” replied Heidi with an instant change in mood as she smiled at Meiko.

“It’s alright, Madam Sachs! You seemed to be busy earlier so I didn’t want to disturb!” said Meiko—with her rather inarticulate attempt at speaking the local dialect—as she glanced at Gerald. After looking at the earlier reprimanded man for a brief moment, she nodded toward him before smiling subtly.

The Japanese woman’s smile was truly beautiful. After all, whenever she did so, her lovely eyes would curve into the shape of two breath-taking crescent moons that simply gave off a warm and pleasant vibe.

“My apologies! I was simply lecturing one of my naïve servants! You’re not getting in the way of anything at all! Still, you must be exhausted from your journey all the way from Japan! I’ll immediately arrange for a guestroom for you to rest in!” replied Heidi rather awkwardly.

“A servant? I remember you mentioning something about a son-in-law, however…” said Meiko as she fiddled with her hair.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 972
“You must’ve heard wrong then! It’s impossible that he could be my son-in-law!” replied Heidi instantaneously as she peeked at the six young Japanese men who were standing silently behind Meiko. All of them had indifferent expressions etched on their faces.

Gerald himself was already looking at the six subordinates Meiko had brought along with her. Sensing their powerful auras, Gerald could tell that all six of them were masters at their craft. This Japanese woman certainly wasn’t an ordinary person to be able to have such powerful guards by her side!

Meanwhile, a large group of people began heading up from below the mountain villa. While several other forces had also been making their way up the mountain road, as soon as they noticed the ascending group behind them, the other forces immediately stood on both sides of the road to make way for them.

“Madam! Those from the Royal Dragon Group are here!” exclaimed Heidi’s butler who had been standing by her side this entire time.

Hearing that, Heidi instantly prepared her most respectful attitude before announcing, “Welcome, Royal Dragon Group!”

By then, even Juliet and Tulip were already looking at the swiftly approaching group. After all, they both wanted to see what the young boss of the Royal Dragon Group looked like.

Even Meiko—who was initially already walking away with her guards—stopped in her tracks and turned around.

“What is it, Miss Meiko?” asked one of her guards.

“I’ve heard plenty about the Royal Dragon Group of Heavenly City… They’re so powerful that they managed to conquer half of Heavenly City in less than a month! I believe that getting acquainted with their boss will definitely be beneficial to me in the future!” replied Meiko with a smile as she looked at the group of people who had just stopped in front of Heidi.

“Greetings, Madam Sachs! I go by Drake and this here is Whistler! Both of us have been sent to be representatives of the Royal Dragon Group!”

With Gerald’s help, over thirty percent of Drake’s injuries had already been healed. Though fighting was definitely not possible yet, Drake could already resume doing normal activities.

“The Yowell family is already very grateful that the Royal Dragon Group took the time to even attend our event! Your attendance is very much appreciated. I’ll get someone to arrange a guest room for you immediately! Speaking of which, about the Royal Dragon Group’s…?” said Heidi as she smiled before looking around. It was evident that she wanted to ask about their boss.

“Chairman Crawford is currently busy. However, he will definitely come albeit a bit late!” replied Drake.

“I see! So his last name is Crawford… Well, it would definitely be for the best if he came!” said Heidi.

The moment her gaze fell upon Gerald, however, her expression immediately changed as she yelled, “What are you still standing there in a daze for? Hurry up and arrange the guestrooms for the VIPs from the Royal Dragon Group and the Takena family already!”

“Roger!” replied Gerald with a subtle nod.

After looking at both Drake and Whistler, he began leading both groups to their respective guestrooms.

“Seriously! The more I look at him the more anxious I get! How is someone like him even still alive when there are so many other outstanding people on this planet! What more, his last name is Crawford as well so why’s there such a massive difference between him and the other party?” scoffed Heidi.

Juliet herself didn’t say anything to that. After all, she had deliberately chosen to marry a man who was as useless as Gerald.

Speaking of Gerald, once he had arranged the accommodations for Drake and his men, he quickly gave them new instructions.

A change of plans was definitely needed since he could never have anticipated the participation of so many powerful forces and masters due to Heidi’s actions. With how chaotic things were getting, Gerald simply told his men to stand down for the moment until he gave further instructions.

After relaying that, Gerald immediately arranged for Meiko’s accommodation next.

“This will be your guest room, Miss Meiko. Service staff will always be present as soon as you step out of your room, so do seek them out if you have any particular requests!” explained Gerald with a smile.

Just as he was about to leave, however, Meiko suddenly called out, “Hold on a moment, sir!”

“IS there anything else I could help you with?”

“Yes, I was wondering if you could do me a favor…” said Meiko as she bowed slightly before Gerald.

“A favor?”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 973
“Yes… If possible, I’d like you to pass on this message—along with my business card—on my behalf to those from the Royal Dragon Group… ‘The Takena family would love to have the opportunity to meet up and have a meal with Crawford-san from the Royal Dragon Group. Do you accept?’ I do hope that you’ll convey this message to them for me!” explained Meiko as she bowed once more while holding out her business card.

After taking it from her, Gerald looked at her card while thinking about how remarkable and well-educated this demure lady was.

However, Gerald was well aware that this probably had to do with how strict Japanese culture was. Regardless, he still believed that as an individual, Meiko was no simple person.

The fact that he didn’t know what kind of family the Takenas were only served to increase his suspicions.

After thinking about it for a moment, Gerald nodded before replying, “Alright, I’ll pass the message to them for you, Miss Meiko. Enjoy your stay!”

With that, Gerald nodded at her before leaving.

Once he was back outside, he saw that Heidi was still waiting in front of the mountains. This struck him as odd since the representatives for all eighteen of the powerful forces had already arrived earlier. Gerald would know since he was the one who had helped all of them settle down.

Who was she still waiting for then?

“Everyone’s already here, mom… Shouldn’t we leave now?” asked Tulip.

“And who was it that said that? There’s one more mysterious guest who has yet to make their appearance! I have to personally receive this guest, you know?” replied Heidi with a smile as she continued looking down the mountain.

“Oh? We still have one more guest? And here I thought that the most luxurious villa within the mountain villa was reserved for us! Could that be for the mysterious guest instead?” asked Tulip again.

“Bingo! I’m thankful to have such a smart daughter!” replied Heidi with a triumphant smile on her face.

“From what we’ve seen, the guests who are already here are all extremely wealthy and distinguished! Not only that, many of the famous foreigners present are known for their power! Is there truly someone else who is even more powerful compared to the people we’ve seen today?” questioned Juliet next.

“But of course! There will always be more famous and powerful people out there! Speaking of our current guests, quite frankly, none of them are even close to comparing to how strong this noble family is!”

“I was only able to meet this person by chance when I was still in M Country. She was both elegant and gentle, the perfect oriental woman one could say! While she’s only about your age, Juliet, I can safely say that your temperance can’t even compare to hers, even after a billion years! If it wasn’t for her distinguished identity, I would’ve already asked her to become my sworn sister!” explained Heidi.

“Is that so?” replied Juliet slightly enviously.

“There’s no need for you to feel so dissatisfied… Regardless, I happened to mention the Ginseng King to her… Who would’ve thought that she would immediately express interest in buying it! She should be here any moment now!” said Heidi.

While waiting, Heidi continued telling her daughters more about the mysterious guest. In short, while she didn’t know where the mysterious guest came from, she did know that the young woman was exceptionally rich.

She was honestly the main reason why Heidi was able to gather so much confidence to host such a major event in the first place.

Gerald, on the other hand, simply listened in to their conversation. The more he listened to her talking, however, the more Gerald felt that Heidi was an extremely snobbish and arrogant woman.

Shortly after, several luxury cars came to a stop at the foot of the mountain. After a group of solemn and respectful-looking bodyguards cleared the way, two women stepped out of a car.

The woman taking the lead seemed to have an excellent temperament and she looked to be around the age of twenty-five. The younger woman, on the other hand, looked to be around twenty-two.

Locking arms, both of them slowly began ascending the mountain as Heidi laughed excitedly before saying, “She’s here!”

Seeing Heidi so excited, Gerald and the two sisters turned to look at the young women who were slowly getting closer.

Squinting her eyes slightly, Juliet was instantly filled with awe the moment she saw how beautiful and elegant the woman walking toward them was.

Gerald himself found his eyelids twitching the second he realized who those two women were.

“…Lyra? Bea?” muttered Gerald to himself as he suppressed his urge to shout in shock.

There was no doubt about it. The two women were none other than his fiancée, Lyra, and Bea, his cousin sister!

The men surrounding them were naturally from the Crawford family as well.

It had already been over half a year since they last met and Gerald couldn’t deny that he had frequently missed and thought about his family throughout that period.

He really hadn’t expected that he would be able to meet them out of the blue and here of all places!
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 974
Though Gerald was considerably excited, he quickly calmed himself down.

While Gerald knew that his family had finally gained some respite after his disappearance so long ago, he was also well aware that he couldn’t just rush reconciling with the Crawfords just yet.

His thought process was that once news about the matter got out to the public, then all his effort and hard work in the past few months would go to waste. The foundation that he had so painstakingly established would easily be wiped out by the Moldells once that happened!

Understanding that, he knew that he absolutely couldn’t reconcile with his family yet!

After glancing at Bea and Lyra one final time, he turned around and instantly left the scene.

“You’ve finally arrived, Lyra! I’ve been waiting for you to arrive!” said Heidi excitedly.

“You must’ve waited for a long time!” replied Lyra with a subtle smile on her face.

Now that Lyra was standing before them, Juliet herself was starting to feel overshadowed upon getting a closer look at the girl who was currently exchanging conventional greetings with her mother.

As they were doing so, however, Lyra caught a glimpse of a figure entering another room. For some odd reason, her heart skipped a beat the moment she saw him!

“Is something the matter, sister-in-law?” asked Bea.

“…No… Nothing at all…” replied Lyra as she quickly shook her head.

Lyra was here today since she had heard about how important the Ginseng King was from Dylan. From what her father had told her, the herb was extremely valuable and difficult to obtain. Even the Crawfords had apparently sought out for it once, though they were never actually able to find it.

As for how Lyra got to know Heidi, she and Bea had met her while they were attending an economic management class in M Country. Since Lyra and Bea were also there to manage some of their assets in that country, they had bumped into Heidi sometime then, which resulted in Lyra eventually finding out that the Ginseng King was in her hands.

The moment she found out about it, Lyra immediately reported the matter to Dylan. Following that, Dylan barely hesitated as he ordered her to buy the Ginseng King off Heidi’s hands, no matter the costs.

All that eventually led to the events of today.

Soon after, night came, and excluding the most luxurious villa within Longstone Mountain Villa, all the other rooms were filled with joyous singing and dancing.

Almost everyone was drinking and celebrating the night away since the open auction had allowed people from all walks of life to gather in one place.

Meanwhile, Bea—who had just finished her bath—entered Lyra’s room before asking, “What on earth could that Heidi Sachs be thinking…? Why would she go this far when all she’s hosting is an open auction? If it’s money she yearns for, then I’ll just give her a blank cheque and tell her to fill in any amount she wants!”

Hearing Bea’s complaint, Lyra—who was wearing a pastel nightgown as she dried her hair—simply smiled before replying, “You should know that by doing so, you’re only going to scare her away! After all, anyone would immediately wonder if you were up to no good if you simply told them that so casually before handing them a blank cheque!”

“…That… makes sense…”

After that, both of them fell silent for a while as Lyra looked around while cupping a hand over her cheek.

Though neither of them noticed it, a figure was eavesdropping on them right outside their villa’s window.

“Speaking of which, Sister-in-law, I’ve seen you occasionally sighing ever since we got here… Are you sure nothing is troubling you?” asked Bea.

“…Well, earlier when we just arrived, I noticed a figure that looked very similar to your brother…” explained Lyra as she felt her eyes water slightly.

“Ah… You’re missing my cousin again, aren’t you…?” replied Bea with a saddened tone.

“It’s already been over half a year yet there’s still no news about Gerald at all… We don’t even know whether he’s dead or alive…” mumbled Lyra as she slowly covered her entire face, bursting into tears shortly after.

Also in tears now, Bea replied, “Not to worry, sister-in-law… My cousin is a good man so the heavens will always keep him out of harm’s way! He’ll definitely be fine! What more, if the Moldells have truly captured him, then their family would certainly not keep mum about it, right?”

After saying that, Bea pulled Lyra close to her and the two sisters hugged each other tightly.

Upon seeing this, the figure outside found himself clenching his fists tightly as well.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 975
Gerald himself was well aware of why Heidi hosted the open auction in the first place.

Putting it simply, she had made sure to invite as many large and powerful forces that she could in hopes that they would eventually fight each other to the death.

That way, once everyone else was battered at the end of the day, the Yowells would be the only ones left standing. In other words, not only would they get lots of money, but they would also be placed at an extremely advantageous position!

Of course, Lyra and Bea had no idea about all this and simply assumed that it was an over the top auction.

Surprisingly, they had become easy targets for Heidi to drag into this mess due to how mysterious both of them were.

“Just why the hell did both of you have to get involved in something so complicated…?” grumbled Gerald.

Naturally, he was the one who had been spying on them this entire time. As Gerald looked at the two fresh corpses at his feet, he couldn’t help but worry even more for the girls’ safety.

Gerald knew that Lyra had planned to be low-key this time around from the moment he saw how few men she had actually brought along with her. The fact that there were so few people guarding her only served to increase Gerald’s unease. It was the reason he was so actively protecting and keeping watch over the girls now.

As for the two dead bodies at his feet, Gerald still couldn’t guess who they worked for. Regardless, both of them had clearly been sent over to investigate the girls and Gerald just so happened to run into them while coming over to spy on Lyra and Bea himself.

After dealing with them, Gerald did consider ordering the Mighty Four Kingsmen to keep watch over the girls. After all, the black-robed old man had ordered them to follow everything Gerald instructed them to.

However, in the end, Gerald chose not to since he knew he wouldn’t be able to rest easy unless he was the one keeping an eye on them. Sitting outside their window, he knew all he could do for now was continue listening in to their conversations.

‘I’ve broken way too many hearts since my disappearance back then… However, it’s not like I have a choice since I can’t go home yet…. I feel like I’ve let Lyra down the most though, since she still considers me to be her fiancé after all this time…’

‘I’m sorry, but it really is impossible for me to be with you!’ Gerald thought to himself.

The hours then passed by and eventually, Bea returned to her own room to rest. Lyra herself slowly cried herself to sleep.

In the dead of night, once he knew Lyra was fast asleep, Gerald silently snuck into the room. Under the moonlight, Gerald could still see traces of tears on Lyra’s sleeping face.

Gently using a finger to wipe one final tear off the corner of her eye, he then blanketed her as he sat by her bedside.

“…Gerald… I’ve been… determined to be your wife ever since I was a child… Please… Just… please show yourself already… Please come home…” muttered Lyra in her sleep.

“…Home? I wonder when I’ll finally be able to return home myself…” replied Gerald in a soft tone, a bitter smile on his face.

‘I appreciate your love toward me Lyra… Though we can’t be together, I swear on my life that I’ll never allow harm to ever befall you!’ Gerald thought to himself as he gently caressed her forehead with the back of his hand.

It was at that moment when Gerald heard Lyra’s room’s door opening slowly.

As Gerald immediately turned to look at the door, Gerald realized that it was too late to even think about escaping now. After all, the girl who had just entered was now staring right at him.

Understandably shocked, the extremely startled girl was just about to scream when the dark figure sitting on Lyra’s bed instantly made a dash toward her, covering the girl’s mouth!

“There’s no need to scream, Bea! It’s me!” whispered Gerald as soon as he covered her mouth.

Bea recognized that voice anywhere and as soon as she heard it, her eyes immediately widened.

“Keep it down, we’ll talk outside…” added Gerald as he released his hand over her mouth and pulled the girl out of Lyra’s room.

“C-cousin!” cried out Bea as she leaped into his arms as soon as they were outside. She was currently experiencing a cocktail of positive emotions, so much so in fact, that she was even shaking slightly in her exhilaration.

“Is… Is this really you, cousin? Am I dreaming?” asked Bea as tears ran down her cheeks.

Gerald could feel how tightly Bea was hugging onto him. It was almost as if she was afraid to let go, thinking that the dream would end once she did.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 976
“…You’re not dreaming… I really am here!” replied Gerald with a smile as he wiped the tears off Bea’s face.

“Where have you been in the past six months, cousin…? You seem to be much stronger and tanner now… If this really isn’t a dream, then I… I… I don’t know, I’m just so happy to finally be able to see you again!” sobbed Bea.

“It’s a long story… I’ll tell you all about it in the future. For now, you just need to know that I’m still perfectly fine!” replied Gerald as he felt his eyes going slightly red.

“Speaking of which, how are my parents doing…?” added Gerald.

“Well, it isn’t uncommon for aunt to cry all day long these days… Uncle himself seems to look much older than he used to before your disappearance… Both of them simply spend most of their time worrying about you…!”

“…I see. And what about my sister?”

“She’s… grown to have a very short fuse now… While she used to be very kind to her subordinates, from the day you went missing, she’d occasionally beat them up over very small matters! Nothing seems to please her anymore, and she orders her subordinates to search for you on a daily basis!” replied Bea.

Hearing that, Gerald could feel tears trickling down his cheeks.

Upon seeing that, Bea then continued, “…Still, it’s great that you’re finally back now, cousin… I’m sure that everyone from your family will be overjoyed once they find out about it, especially Lyra! You know, she’s constantly been missing and thinking about you this entire time… She’s also the one in charge of shouldering all our family’s affairs now… The poor girl is just beyond tired and exhausted now…”

“However, she keeps insisting that she be the one to take good care of the family! She’s been positive that you’ll make your return one day now here you are! She’ll definitely be extremely happy once she finds out about all this! In fact, I should probably call her over now! Oh, and I should call uncle as well!” added Bea, feeling so excited that she wasn’t even sure what to do first.

“…Hold on a moment, Bea. …Please understand that I’m only meeting you now since I couldn’t hold myself back anymore… Bea, please promise me that you won’t tell anybody about what happened tonight… Nobody should find out that we ever met,” said Gerald as he wiped his tears away.

“…Huh? …Why not, cousin?” asked Bea, clearly confused.

“Because I’m currently at a critical point in my battle with Kort… After killing Kort’s third son and ceasing his power in the Salford Province, everything will come crumbling down should my whereabouts or status be exposed… By then, not only will my family suffer a massive blow, but I probably won’t be able to make it out alive either… Do you understand, Bea?” explained Gerald.

“…W-what? You killed Jett?” replied Bea as she cupped her mouth in shock.

“B-but I heard that Jett was kidnapped by a mysterious master! From what I know, he’s still considered to be missing! After all, the Moldells have frantically been trying to locate him to the point of insanity since the day he disappeared! They just can’t seem to find clues about his whereabouts anywhere!” said Bea, now more surprised than anything.

“Well, I made sure that not even a single strand of his hair remained once I was done with him… He died a very clean death, so I highly doubt that the Moldells will ever be able to locate him!” replied Gerald with a bitter smile on his face.
“How exactly did you kill him, cousin…? Even the top masters in our family are no match of Jett’s subordinates, let alone Jett himself!”

“Just know that Jett wasn’t an actual threat to me. Regardless, I was serious about making the promise. Nobody should ever know that you saw me, understand? Also, please bear in mind that the auction you’re participating in is extremely dangerous so you’ll have to be alert at all times. If you sense anything unusual, notify me about it as soon as possible. I’ll secretly be assisting and protecting both of you throughout your stay here,” replied Gerald as he hugged Bea tightly.

Nodding with a heavy heart, Bea then said, “…Alright, I promise. Regardless, I’m just so happy to know that you’re still doing fine!”

“Silly girl… Speaking of which, I’m currently the chairman of the Royal Dragon Group and I’m after the Ginseng King as well. I need your help getting the herb for me once the auctioning begins! It’ll be more useful in my hands rather than my family’s anyway!”

“Not a problem, cousin! Also… While I’ll definitely keep our promise, could I please tell Lyra about our meeting? After all, I spend a lot of time daily with her and I simply can’t bear looking at her so upset as she thinks about you day in and day out!”

“I’m sorry, Bea, but you can’t. I’ll meet her when the time is right so please keep the matter a secret until then!” instructed Gerald.

“…I understand-”


Before Bea could even finish her sentence, Gerald had placed a finger over his lips as he gestured for her to remain silent as well.

“Someone’s coming. Don’t say a word!” whispered Gerald as he frowned.

Frightened, Bea did as she was told.

Gerald himself sprinted quietly in the shadows toward the direction of the sound, much to Bea’s surprise.

Once he was outside, he saw what seemed to be a masked man donning black clothes slowly approaching the villa.

Looking at the ground, Gerald noticed a few twigs at his feet and purposely stepped on them. The moment the man in black heard the sound of snapping twigs, he immediately dashed away from the villa with extreme speed!

‘How skillful! It seems that there truly are no ordinary people participating in this event!’ Gerald thought to himself as he slid on his mask before chasing after the man.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 977
Under the moonlight, Gerald could see the man running faster and faster on the grassy and leaf-covered ground, leaving a trail of rustling noises behind him.

The gentle rustling signified how light the man’s steps were, and he honestly looked like he was almost gliding across the grass rather than running over it.

While Gerald had to admit that the man in black’s skill was top-notch, there was still a big gap between that man’s and his.

‘You’re still trying to escape…?’ Gerald thought to himself as he let out a tiny sneer.

Gerald then kicked a branch off the ground with the tip of his shoe and, with extreme precision, he flicked it with his finger, sending it flying toward the running man as though Gerald had just fired an arrow!

It wasn’t long before the branch connected with the man’s back, creating a loud ‘thud’! The impact of the branch was so great that the man in black found himself rolling on the ground several times till he eventually rolled down the mountain slope!

To Gerald’s surprise, when he went over to inspect the rightfully injured man, the man in black was nowhere to be seen! No traces of him ever being there were left behind either!

‘How strange… How could he have just simply vanished into thin air?’

He could only frown at his own carelessness as he continued searching around the area. After a while, Gerald realized that there truly was nothing left behind so he silently left the area.

Elsewhere, a hotel room’s door squeaked open as a figure staggered in before collapsing in the bathroom.

Blood was flowing out of the person’s arm as they finally removed their mask, revealing the person’s beautiful face and long, black hair. Her dark hair honestly made her face look all the more paler.

‘How truly amazing!’ The woman thought to herself as she gasped to catch her breath before getting some gauze and beginning to wrap her wound up.

In just the blink of an eye, the third day came and it was finally time for the open auction to begin.

Though things had appeared calm on the surface in the past few days, it was evident that the peace was only a façade.

After all, throughout the three days, several of the forces had been busy engaging in countless secret battles and rivalries.

From assaults to kidnapping incidents, anyone who seemed like a competitor to be worried about was dealt with swiftly.

The biggest danger, of course, came from the major forces who had no issues with going on killing sprees.

Due to their honorary receptions, Lyra and many others were just sitting ducks in this event. However, due to Gerald’s protection, he managed to foil all of their plans, which included both kidnapping and assault attempts.

Things definitely weren’t as fine and dandy as they appeared. However, on the day of the open auction, it was as though nothing had ever taken place under the peaceful façade.

In fact, all the major forces appeared to be beaming with joy as they brought their men over to participate in the auction.

Apart from the mysterious Lyra, the Takena family and Thunderous Dragon Inc. from the north of M Country seemed to have the strongest reputations and power among everyone else.

As for the layout of the auction site, it was set in the open-air front yard of the mountain villa. A large stage had been set up there and rows upon rows of seats had been prepared for the guests.

Though the Yowells themselves were the organizers of the event, they weren’t qualified to sit on the platform. Instead, those from that family were all seated on the row of seats right below the stage.

The eighteen strongest forces were all seated up front, and the remaining forces simply sat behind them.

Aside from the bidders themselves, tens of thousands of onlookers were also present. The crowd of people stood around the bidders and it was honestly extremely lively then.

As Heidi—who was wearing a formal dress—delivered a speech for the auction on stage, Tulip called out to her classmates, “Hey! Specky! Nicole! Over here! I reserved some seats for you!”

Hearing that, the two and a few others quickly went to where Tulip was.

They made sure to greet their teacher as well as they passed by him. As a member of the Yowell family, Gerald naturally had to attend the event today. However, he simply chose to sit at a corner.

“Are you really going to continue spending the rest of your life with that guy, Juliet…?”

The question had come from one of Juliet’s many friends whom she had invited over.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 978
The girls themselves were sitting beside Juliet as they continued staring at Gerald who hadn’t moved from his corner.

“That’s right! Sure, you broke up with that previous guy and that’s honestly fine! However, you really don’t need to make yourself suffer by being with this one! I mean, just look at all the powerful and reputable figures who are here today! You know, I’ve also noticed that several of the handsome men here have already taken interest in you!”

“Yeah! So why not take the opportunity to finally get rid of him today so that you can start seeking out your true happiness again!”

Listening to her friends trying to persuade her, Juliet herself began thinking about it.

Honestly, if her friends had persuaded her on any other day, Juliet knew that her decision to continue on with the fake marriage wouldn’t falter in the least. After all, as the name suggested, the marriage was only for show and Juliet was well aware of that.

However, things were different today. After all, rich, young men from all over the world—with temperaments that far exceeded her ex-boyfriend’s—were currently present.

A person’s circle of friends determined their horizons, and in the past, Juliet used to think that her circle of friends was already large enough. Now, however, she finally realized and came to terms that she had been a person with a narrow view this entire time.

As a result, Juliet was now gripping onto her skirt tightly.

She regretted it. She regretted her own wilfulness. She regretted getting together with Gerald as well. Even though it was simply a fake marriage, she still utterly regretted her actions.

“You know, I think that Mr. Lockhart over there is a pretty good catch. Just look at how he speaks and behaves! Between you and me, he’s secretly been sneaking peeks at you this entire time! I really think that he’s fallen for you! So please come to your senses and seize this opportunity to divorce Gerald already! It’s high time you start seeking your own happiness again!”

While Juliet’s friends continued persuading her, one of them sighed before saying, “…Alright, if you’re too embarrassed to bring this up with Gerald, then I’ll go talk to him about it on your behalf! That way, both of you can get divorced tomorrow then! How about it?”

Since Juliet didn’t seem to disagree with it, her friends took her silence as consent for them to do so.

“That’s great! I’ll go over and tell him right this instant!” said the same girl from before as her other friends smiled with glee, happy that Juliet was finally coming to her senses.

Seconds later, Gerald looked up as Juliet’s friend walked toward him and said, “Hey! There’s something I need to tell you, Gerald Crawford!”

“Go on.”

“Do you honestly think you’re worthy of being with Juliet? Hah! Just have a good long look in the mirror! How could you possibly ever compare to a person like Mr. Lockhart over there? Look, Juliet already regrets marrying you so she told me that she wanted to divorce you tomorrow! Since she’s said that, what’s your response? Are you going to continue pestering her?” explained Juliet’s friend extremely bluntly.

Hearing that, Gerald frowned slightly before smiling.

“A divorce, you say? Sure! I guess I have no choice but to agree!”

Gerald had only agreed to get married to Juliet since he had his eyes on the Ginseng King. If he managed to get his hands on it today, then staying married to her was pointless anyway.

“Well that was straightforward. Haha! I’m glad you’re at least aware of your own status! Fine then!” said Juliet’s friend as she smiled contemptuously before returning to Juliet’s side to tell her the good news.

After hearing that he had agreed, Juliet simply began straightening her hair as her gaze fell upon Mr. Lockhart’s back.

The man had been sitting in the front row this entire time, and Juliet knew little about him. However, she did know that he was extremely popular. From what she had heard, Mr. Lockhart was also the son of a wealthy businessman from Myanmar. What more, he had already established a cooperative alliance with the Royal Dragon Group in Heavenly City!

If she was truly able to end up together with him, then it would certainly spell the best outcome for both herself and the future of her family in Heavenly City!

As Juliet continued thinking about it, Tulip—who had been sitting with her friends—suddenly said in a rather angry tone, “Humph! Why are they here as well? I feel disgusted from just looking at them!”

Those who heard her remark instantly turned to look at who could’ve possibly made Tulip so annoyed.

As it turned out, it was a young man who had brought along several young women with him.

The man himself was none other than Quinlan from Talgo Town. As for the three other females, one of them was Marjorie while the other two were lecturers from the biology department.

While Tulip was angered by their presence, Nicole immediately said, “Keep it down, Tulip! I think Quinlan’s here with his father today! Since his father works for the Royal Dragon Group, you better not let them hear you!”

Hearing that, Tulip could only silently hold her rage in.

“Regardless, Miss Marjorie seems to have gotten together with Mr. Quinlan, hasn’t she?” asked one of the girls.

“Indeed! You know, someone saw both of them holding hands while walking around campus! Speaking of Miss Marjorie, I’ve heard other interesting things about her as well! Haha! It’s about her and Mr. Gerald!” replied Nicole as she lowered her voice.

“Oh? What’s the scoop?” asked Tulip and the others, their interest clearly piqued.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 979
“Well, from what I’ve heard, Miss Marjorie seemed to be very interested in Mr. Gerald when Mr. Quinlan and him first came to the university. However, Miss Marjorie instantly had a lot of interest in Mr. Quinlan next, the moment she found out about his background! As a result, she’s been treating Mr. Gerald like a complete stranger since then!” explained Nicole.

“Hah! What an evil woman! What’s so good about her anyway?” grumbled Tulip, dissatisfied,

Marjorie and Quinlan themselves walked past the group—hand in hand—without greeting Tulip and the others. After all, they were here as guests today instead of being their lecturers.

As they continued walking on, Marjorie noticed Gerald who was still sitting in the same corner.

When she first found out that Gerald had gotten married to the eldest young lady of the Yowell family some time ago, Marjorie had felt extremely anxious about it. However, she soon calmed herself when she realized that he was only a live-in son-in-law.

Shaking her head with a wry smile on her face, Marjorie then turned to look away from him as she and Quinlan walked on. She wasn’t obligated to greet the Yowell’s live-in son-in-law on a day like this anyway.

It wasn’t long before everyone was seated and the auction began proceeding in an orderly manner.

The moment the Ginseng King made its appearance, a small spike of excitement could be detected from the audience as everyone’s eyes lit up while looking at the legendary herb that was being displayed inside a glass cabinet.

Gerald himself couldn’t help but take several glances at the Ginseng King.

‘The reiki of the Ginseng King is so compelling… It’s clear from a single glance that it truly has the ability to strengthen and renew a person’s body!’ Gerald thought to himself before sighing.

By then, Gerald was starting to get both anxious and impatient. He wasn’t alone either.

Like everyone else, Gerald truly wished that he could just grab the Ginseng King now and bring it home with him.

“The Ginseng King is a priceless gem. Regardless of how expensive it is, I, Taito Mahone, am going to be the one to take it back with me today! Anyone who decides to go against that will immediately signify that you refuse to give me any face!” shouted a tanned, middle-aged man out of the blue.

“Oh my! What a coincidence! It just so happens that I’m going to be taking it back with me instead!” retorted another force.

“Are you challenging me? Do you believe that I have the ability to make sure that you won’t be able to leave Heavenly City alive?”

“Sounds rather unlikely to me!”

As both forces continued quarreling, a fight seemed to be imminent.

However, before anything else could happen, a young man who appeared to have come from M Country stepped onto the stage before saying, “Aren’t both of you being too impatient, sirs? Let’s be real here, everyone sitting in the front row is probably filthy rich. Because of that, no matter how high we bid for the Ginseng King, in the end, it’ll still be completely useless. Therefore, it’s useless for both of you to start fighting now!”

Since the young man was speaking in English, his verbal translator explained what he was saying word by word.

“Hah! Who do you even think you are, blue-eyed boy? What do you suggest we should do then?” yelled Mahone in return.

“Personally, I say all the strong forces should just fight it out. After all, since money can’t be used as a standard to get what we want, then fighting is our second best option! The last man standing gets the Ginseng King! Clean and simple!” replied the young man with a smile.

“A brawl? Do you honestly think that a young lad like you is worthy enough to be my opponent? If we’re going all out, then none of you will be able to win against me, the great Mahone! Get down from the stage, right this instant then, young man from M Country!” yelled Mahone coldly.

“What did you say?” said the young man as he locked his gaze onto Mahone, his blue eyes as sharp as an eagle’s. They seemed to bear great meaning behind them.

It was only a second later when Mahone’s face turned pale and cold sweat began pouring out his forehead. His eyes went dull next and all of a sudden, the arrogant man knelt with a loud ‘thud’!

“B-boss!” shouted all of Mahone’s subordinates at the same time, utterly stunned.

Mahone’s expression, however, barely even changed. It was almost as though the man had been possessed.

As was expected, that scene instantly created a massive uproar among the crowd.

“What?! Taito Mahone, the person infamously known for his fierceness actually knelt after receiving a single stare from that young man?!”

“Actually, wait! Don’t any of you realize that there’s something clearly unusual about that young man from M Country? From the look in his eyes alone earlier, it almost seemed like his gaze could pierce through a person’s soul!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 980
“Could that person be a practitioner of sorcery? Isn’t that a little too evil?”

As the people in the crowd continued discussing the situation, the young man simply glanced at everyone below stage as he said, “So, what does everyone else think about my proposal? After all, the best things in the world should naturally belong to the strongest, right?”

After all that had happened, several of the big bosses were now too frightened to speak up.

While the bosses momentarily remained silent, someone from the crowd said, “…That young man goes by the name of Marco Thunder! He’s from Thunderous Dragon Inc. and just as the rumors had stated, Mr. Thunder truly is an extraordinary person! It’s really no wonder at this point how Thunderous Dragon Inc. managed to dominate so many strong underground forces! How evil!”

“…He’s right! Victory should always belong to the strongest! I agree!” shouted one of the bosses after a long silence.

One by one, the bosses took turns agreeing to Mr. Thunder’s proposal until eventually, everyone was in on the plan.

With that settled, the rules were decided on the spot. Essentially, those who wanted a chance to bring home the Ginseng King would have to choose a representative to fight against those from other groups. Once their representative lost, they would automatically have to withdraw from the auction.

“How could they even do this…?” muttered Lyra—who had been sitting in front this entire time—nervously. Her nervousness was warranted since she didn’t really bring any martial artist masters together with her this time around.

Knowing that, the flustered girl wondered if she had already lost before the competition even began. After all, anyone she sent out would definitely have to deal with extraordinary people.

“There’s no need to worry, sister-in-law… All we need to do later is to fork out money for it! Just know that someone will definitely step forward to fight for us later. Our most important role today is to help the Royal Dragon Group acquire the Ginseng King!” said Bea as she smiled at the worried girl.

“The Royal Dragon Group again? Bea, you’ve kept mentioning their group to me throughout the entire day. While I can definitely assume that you’ve had a word with their men, why do I feel like you’re constantly focusing on assisting them?” replied Lyra who couldn’t help but feel that Bea’s behavior was a little odd.

“The questions can wait! Regardless, just understand that if you were currently in my shoes, you’d want to help their group out as well. Trust me when I say that helping them out won’t be in vain!” said Bea as she held on to Lyra’s hands tightly, a hint of excitement in her voice.

“What on earth are you hiding from me…?” questioned Lyra as she looked at how strange Bea was behaving today.

“Hehe! I can’t tell you about it now, so just know that it’s something great!”

Hearing that, Lyra simply shook her head helplessly. What was this girl even babbling about…?

Before Lyra could say anything else, a battle had already begun on stage.

As everyone else turned to look at who the representative for Thunderous Dragon Inc. was, many of the selected representatives instantly lost confidence. After all, the one currently standing on stage was Mr. Thunder himself!

It was evident that Mr. Thunder was a master at his craft. There was simply nobody who could last long enough to withstand three rounds against him!

Due to that, several of the initially participating forces simply gave up on their pursuit to acquire the Ginseng King.

“I guess Thunderous Dragon Inc. will be the one getting the Ginseng King this time around…”

As the fights went on, Tulip and the others began discussing the matter. The statement wasn’t baseless either. After all, several of the larger and more powerful forces had already been defeated by this point and many of the smaller ones had simply chosen to give up on the herb.

Meanwhile, Mr. Thunder himself was on stage as he threw a leg whip, instantly resulting in a strong and burly man getting kicked off stage. As shouts filled the air, the man who was kicked out was now lying on the ground, unconscious as foam came out of his mouth.

“There goes another one! Sven Westmore Group really doesn’t stand a chance without Sven himself! They should be the last force that should’ve possibly even stood a chance against Mr. Thunder, right?” said someone from within the crowd.

“Bullsh*t! Neither the Royal Dragon Group nor the Takena family have sent out their representatives yet!” yelled another person.

Hearing that, a young man who had been sitting beside Meiko this entire time asked with a cold expression on his face, “Miss Meiko, should we…?”

Meiko herself—who at the time, had a demure and delicate look on her face—turned to look at the people from the Royal Dragon Group who were sitting close to them.

Sensing that they didn’t intend to take any action for the time being, she simply nodded before saying, “Do try to restrain yourself as much as possible once you’re on stage. There’s no need to try so hard. After all, we only need to defeat Thunderous Dragon Inc.!”

Upon saying that, she smiled before glancing once more at those from the Royal Dragon Group.

She had honestly been waiting for them to take action from the very beginning. Meiko wanted to see for herself what kind of power the biggest and strongest force in Heavenly City possessed. Had they actually already given up?

Meiko simply couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed by their inaction.

“Understood!” replied Ito as he got up with a nod.

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