The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 991-1000

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 991
Though winter in Colonel Island had passed, the entire area was still very cold. After all, it had previously snowed heavily for three consecutive days before it finally stopped.

As a result, the chilly island was enveloped in a layer of silver.

Despite the cold, several men donning black clothes could be seen standing respectfully by the stone entrance of a cave on the island. The men consisted of people who held high-ranks in the Soul Palace.

“Judging by the time, it should be almost done by now,” said grandpa Welson to a few leaders as a sudden strong breeze blew snowflakes—which were beginning to fall again—into everyone’s faces.

Seconds later, rumbling could be heard as the heavy stone door was pushed open.

As everyone turned over to look, they saw an old man exiting the cave alongside a much younger one.

“Lord! Young master! Welcome back from your training!” shouted all the present men in unison and with utmost respect.

Daryl then laughed loudly before replying, “That’s quite enough! Go prepare the party immediately! Everyone from the Soul Palace will enjoy ourselves thoroughly today!”

Seeing how great his mood was, Grandpa Welson simply nodded before turning to look at Gerald. It was evident that the current young man standing before him was completely different from the one he had met half a year ago.

Gerald now had a beard and his hair looked much messier than before. His torn clothes also revealed the many well-defined muscles on Gerald’s now greatly strengthened body.

However, those weren’t the reason why Grandpa Welson had such a fierce-looking expression on his face.

No, what he was currently feeling had stemmed from the fact that though snowflakes melted quickly upon skin-contact for all the others there, any snow that fell on Gerald remained intact.

Grandpa Welson’s realization of that made the corner of his eyelid twitch rather rapidly.

Initially a Crawford, he had been together with Daryl for the longest time. He could still distinctly remember Daryl’s hellish transformation all those years ago.

However, the impression Grandpa Welson now had on Gerald felt different from that distant memory. To him, Gerald currently exuded an even greater power compared to the lord all those years ago.

Gerald’s eyes, in particular, reflected how strong, dignified, and calm he was as a person. However, by contrast, they simultaneously hinted at a constant bloodlust as well.

As Grandpa Welson felt a chill run down his spine, Daryl himself gently patted Gerald’s shoulder as he said, “Just head there once you’re done cleaning yourself up, Gerald.”

“Alright,” replied Gerald as he nodded before heading off to clean himself.

On his way to the bathroom, any leader of the Soul Palace whom he walked past would bow their heads to greet him.

Upon opening the door to the large bathroom, Gerald was instantly greeted by warm steam. Inside, more than ten women—both young and old—could be seen attending to their chores at the side.

Closing his eyes, Gerald stretched both his arms out, prompting a few of the women to go over to him and begin massaging his shoulders. The others got busy as well, trimming his hair and giving him a well-deserved shave.

With how masculine Gerald was, none of the women could hold back from blushing.

Once he was all clean, the women then blow-dried Gerald’s body with hairdryers before sliding a bathrobe onto him.

“The suit you asked for has been prepared, young master…” said one of the women shyly.

“Alright. You may leave now,” replied Gerald quite placidly.

After suiting up, Gerald found himself heaving a long sigh. He had gone through great pain in the past half-year, and after enduring through all that, his suffering could finally end today.

As he fixed his tie, Gerald suddenly heard a soft and gentle voice behind him saying, “Allow me to help you, young master.”

Turning around to look at who had spoken, Gerald immediately found a fair and demure-looking hand reaching out to touch his body. The hand itself belonged to a woman who was dressed rather seductively.

As Gerald gently lifted her by her chin, the woman seemed to be eagerly awaiting something.

In her mind, she was thinking that if she was able to bewitch the young master, then she would definitely be able to improve her position in the Soul Palace. Once that happened, she would surely rise above the other beauties!

“Get. Lost!”

His immediate response was far from what she had anticipated, and it was evident that it hadn’t occurred to her that the young master could be this aloof.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 992
His sudden shout frightened the woman so much that her entire body immediately trembled as though she had just been struck by lightning.

“Y-yes, young master!” replied the woman awkwardly as she quickly left the room.

It was only three days later when the party in the Soul Palace finally ended. On the morning of the day after, everyone from the Soul Palace gathered at the island’s public square.

“You’ve successfully made it through your hellish transformation, Gerald, and I have to say that your final results have far surpassed my expectations. However, while you’re currently able to better control your temperament, it’s still extremely unstable. If you wish to perform the blessings of the dragon to its maximum degree, you’ll need to drink the holy blood of the holy fox. Once you do, it’ll assist in helping you control your temperament. I’ll have Grandpa Welson stay by your side to aid you when you return there.”

“I’m aware, grandpa. Speaking of which, when will you be returning there to have a look around? My dad honestly misses you too,” replied Gerald casually

Nodding, Daryl then patted Gerald’s shoulder as he said, “I’ll return when the time is right.”

It was evident that Daryl had high expectations of Gerald.

Not long after, thirty black helicopters could be heard starting up at the base.

Placing a firm gaze on his grandfather, Gerald then said, “Do take care, grandpa. We’ll be leaving now.”

With that said, he then turned to board one of the helicopters.

As the helicopters took off with Grandpa Welson, over three hundred experts from the island, and Gerald himself, their loud droning slowly faded from the island as they flew south.

Meanwhile, the night was getting darker and darker within the suburbs of the Triangle District within Heavenly City.

There, a pitiful looking woman hugging onto a document folder could be seen desperately trying to escape over ten cars that were driving slowly behind her.

Though her face was pale and wounds could be seen covering her body, it was clear that the woman found the document folder she had in hand to be much more important than her life.

The cars themselves continued moving slowly as a few people sitting inside stretched their heads out the cars’ windows and began shining their flashlights on the woman.

“Haha! That’s right! Go on and continue running! Run faster! We’re going to catch you soon!” yelled one of the men, causing the others to get increasingly excited as well.

As the woman ran, and ran, she eventually tripped and fell to the ground. However, gritting her teeth, she immediately crawled back up and continued running.

It wasn’t long before one of the cars then immediately drove up to her. Shining his flashlight directly at her face, the person sitting beside the driver then said, “We’ve got you now! Honesty, you’d better run quicker than this if you don’t want to fall into Tucker’s hands. After all, once he has you, you’ll definitely be ruined! Hahaha!”

Hearing that, the others began laughing loudly inside their cars as well, teasing the woman’s poor attempt at escaping.

Eventually, the woman found herself falling again. However, she had reached her limit and she simply wasn’t able to get herself off the ground anymore.

Knowing that, the woman immediately tried tearing the contents of the document folder apart with the intent of swallowing whatever scraps she could so that they couldn’t be recovered.

“You mother*cking bitch! Do you really think we won’t kill you?!” roared Tucker Westmore himself as he jumped out of his car alongside a few other of his men. It didn’t take long for him to brutally land a slap on her cheek, causing the woman to drop the document folder in her state of dizziness.

Picking it up, Tucker then sneered, “It would be a pity for a beauty like you to just die like this… Bring her back! I’m going to be enjoying myself with her tonight! All of you can have your turns with her once I’m done!”

“Hahaha! Affirmative, Mr. Westmore!”

Glaring daggers at Tucker, the woman immediately revealed a hidden short blade.

However, before she was even able to take her life, Tucker simply slapped the blade out of her hands.

“Oh? Did you honestly think I would allow you to die that easily? Haha! You’ll only be able to once I’ve sufficiently tortured you!” announced Tucker as he laughed maliciously.

As the woman cried out in despair, a distant droning could suddenly be heard.

It wasn’t long before the droning grew louder and louder. The next thing they knew, over thirty helicopters had appeared, and they now hovered over Tucker and his men!

“What the hell is happening?” demanded Tucker, shocked by the turn of events.

After the helicopters landed, several men dressed in black came out and immediately glared at Tucker and his men extremely coldly.

Seeing how extraordinarily imposing they all were, Tucker quickly added, “Hey now, which side do all of you belong to? I don’t think I’ve seen any of you before! Just so you know, my father is Sven from Heavenly City!”

Immediately after he said that, the door to one of the helicopters—that had landed right in the middle of the others—was opened by one of the opposing party’s subordinates.

Turning to look in that direction, Tucker saw a suited man sitting inside as he sipped on red wine.

Before he could even say anything, the woman—who had clearly seen the man in the helicopter as well—immediately cried out, “S-sir! You’ve finally returned!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 993
The person she was referring to was, of course, none other than Gerald.

The woman herself was Yukie, the one who had stayed by Gerald’s side for some time back when he had first established the Royal Dragon Group.

Watching the teary-eyed woman run toward him, Gerald felt an acute pain in his heart as he realized how terribly Yukie had suffered.

“You’ve already suffered so much, Yukie… Fear not, for I have returned!” declared Gerald as he led her into one of the helicopters.

Yukie clung on tightly to Gerald’s arm as they walked on, clearly unwilling to part. After all, she had yearned for Gerald from dusk till dawn ever since the day he left half a year ago.

Still, what was this peculiar feeling welling within her upon reuniting with Gerald…? Momentarily shaking the thought away, Yukie knew that there were more serious matters to attend to first.

Holding out the document folder to Gerald, she then said, “Sven is back, sir… As a result, Drake, Tyson, Mr. Whistler… They… They’ve all been captured! Even Lucy and many others have been taken away by him! As if that wasn’t enough, he even snatched away many of our properties! The ones in this document folder are the final properties that we have left…”

Seeing how desperately she had tried to protect the properties, Gerald wiped a tear off the corner of her eye as he replied, “I’ve earlier told Grandpa Welson to investigate the incident so I already know most of the details. It’s my fault for disappearing on all of you for over half a year…”

“F*ck! So that’s Tyson’s boss! Also you two, don’t go acting all intimate in front of us! Still, it’s high time that you finally make your reappearance! Once we’re done with you tonight, Boss Sven won’t need to even bother about any of you anymore!” growled one of Tucker’s men, fiercely.

However, the moment his sentence ended, the same man barely had any time to register what had just happened when he felt his eyes widen.

Seconds later, a ‘thud’ could be heard and everyone could only stare as Gerald’s subordinate stood before the now headless man.

Upon registering what had just taken place, Yukie let out a brief yelp before covering her mouth in utter fear.

Tucker himself grew increasingly frightened and anxious as well. It was now clear that the group of people standing before him now were not only frightening, but they also had great martial art skills to boot.

Quickly understanding that he held no chance against them, Tucker immediately said, “M-Mr. Crawford, there seems to be a few misunderstandings between us. I suggest we get my dad over so that you can talk to him in person! After all, I’m only doing all this in accordance with his orders. Killing me would be useless! So how about it? Should I call my father over?”

When he got no reply, Tucker’s fears spiked and the anxious man immediately got to his knees. As his last resort, he gulped before pleading, “P-please spare my life, Mr. Crawford!”

Watching as the terrified man quivered before him, Gerald slowly poured a glass of red wine before replying, “Honestly, I had earlier been wondering whether I should prepare a gift for your father upon meeting him. While thinking about it, I realized that you had quite a few subordinates and some of them are even carrying cameras around! Thanks to that, I now have an idea!”

“A-an idea…? What could you possibly be thinking of, Mr. Crawford…?”

As for why Tucker’s subordinates were carrying cameras around in the first place, it was because Tucker had a rather perverted habit. He simply enjoyed taking videos of himself doing immoral things, just like what he had done with Yukie earlier. He saw his actions as something that should be commemorated, which was why some of his subordinates made it a habit to bring along cameras wherever they went.

“Indeed. I’ll be needing your cooperation to shoot a short video. I’ll present it to your father as a gift upon meeting him,” replied Gerald.

“O-of course I’m willing to cooperate! I’ll do it, Mr. Crawford!”

Hearing that, Gerald turned to look at one of his subordinates. The subordinate in question immediately got the cue to enter the cabin.

Moments later, Tucker’s eyes widened as he saw the subordinate carrying a fuel container out with him. He understood what Gerald was planning to do.

“P-please don’t kill me!” pleaded Tucker as he immediately crawled back up and attempted to run away.

Before he could even take a step forward, however, he felt a stone piercing through his chest. Blood now spurting out of his fresh wound, Tucker fell to the ground again, twitching violently.

His subordinates could only stare in horror, completely paralyzed as Gerald’s subordinate doused Tucker’s entire body with fuel.

“Cover your eyes, Yukie,” said Gerald as he blocked her view with his own hand as a safety measure.

With that done, Gerald then ordered, “Light him up!”

A piercing scream filled the air shortly after.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 994
After some time, the cries of agony slowly died down. With that, Gerald, Yukie, and his men returned to the manor.

Upon arriving there, Gerald told Yukie to lie down and get some rest first. Turning to look at Welson next, he then asked, “So, where’s Sven currently at?”

“After looking into it, we found that he’s organizing a party at Heavenly City Hotel at the moment. He’s invited several big shots from Heavenly City over since he wants them to welcome his return. Also, we’ve found that though Drake, Tyson, and Whistler have been tortured, their lives aren’t in any danger yet, at least for now.”

“From our investigation, we’ve also learned that Sven had gone to a Southeast Asian country half a year ago to toughen himself up. Due to that, he now has top-notch skills in his arsenal,” replied Welson as he smiled rather bitterly.

“I see. Then we should deal with him now before he has a chance to cause any more trouble in the future. Remain here and take care of Yukie for me while I go rescue my men, Welson,” said Gerald.

“But young master, you haven’t consumed the holy blood yet… With your temperament currently still unstable, I’m afraid that…”

There was a good reason why Welson sounded so concerned. After all, if Gerald had no problem with killing others the moment he left training, Welson was afraid that he would only grow to become more and more aloof.

“I can control it.”

With that, Gerald selected around thirty people to go with him before setting off for the hotel.

Meanwhile, at the hotel itself, a sudden chill could be felt as the night further darkened.

Despite the gloomy mood, a female’s voice suddenly shouted, “Why are you still running around? Mom’s been trying to find you everywhere! With Boss Sven back today and the recent terrible event in Heavenly City, it’d do you good to be more careful!”

The owner of the voice was a rather mature and seductive looking woman who looked to be around twenty-four. Her tone alone also suggested that she was, in a way, an intellectual beauty.

As for the other girl she was talking to, she seemed to be slightly younger, at around the age of twenty. Even so, she was equally as charming as the older woman.

Both of them were currently standing at the hotel’s entrance, and realizing how loud they were being, the older woman instantly straightened her hair before saying, “Now come along and let’s get inside already!”

“Fine… Actually, you go on ahead first. I came out here in the first place to get some fresh air, you know? I’ll head back up there in a bit,” replied the younger woman.

“…Alright, but you’d better not be lying to me… Promise me that you’ll head up again once you’re feeling better, okay?” said the woman in a slightly anxious tone before finally leaving.

It was evident, however, that the young woman wasn’t too enthusiastic about going back inside. Crouching to the ground, she picked a few stones up before tossing them all over the place, one by one.

Eventually getting bored, she pouted before dragging herself back into the hotel.

Upon arriving at the lobby, the girl was shocked when she saw a group of men exiting what seemed to be a secret passage from behind a wall mirror. As if the shock wasn’t enough, that feeling soon turned into a cocktail of fear, surprise, and joy the moment she saw who was leading the men.

“…Huh? Isn’t that…?”

It had been half a year since she had last met him, so the girl was eager to greet their leader. Before she could do so, however, a gruff voice said, “What are all of you doing here?”

The voice had come from one of Sven’s bodyguards stationed at the hotel’s entrance. Thanks to the girl’s odd comment, he and several other of Sven’s guards were able to catch the infiltrating men in their act, and they were now completely surrounded.

Instead of a verbal reply, the men from the opposing group chose to swiftly dash toward each of Sven’s present guards instead. With breakneck speed, multiple snaps could be heard as Sven’s guards all fell to the ground, all of their heads tilted at awkward angles.

Seeing all the dead guards with broken necks, a waiter—who just so happened to be in the lobby—immediately let out a terrified scream.

The girl herself had gone pale by the sight of so many corpses. In her utter shock, she instantly began running up the stairs to seek safety.

When the frightened girl finally came into view of a family member, the older woman quickly said, “There you are! Hurry up and sit down already!”

Following that, the old woman sighed before adding, “With Boss Sven finally back, big changes are bound to happen in Heavenly City… Because of that, we Yowells will need to grab any opportunity that presents itself. Since you and your sister take after me, both of you are extremely beautiful. Due to that, please be on your best behavior once Mr. Tucker arrives. Who knows, one of you could end up charming him! If that were to happen, then our family will definitely be able to rise up the ranks extremely quickly!”

It was obvious at this point that the three women were none other than Tulip, Juliet, and Heidi.

Since Juliet had grown more mature compared to the person she had been half a year ago, she was able to fairly easily catch on that something was amiss with her younger sister’s mood.

Worried, she then asked, “What’s wrong, Tulip? Why’s your face so pale…?”

Gulping, Tulip then took in a deep breath before slowly saying, “…Earlier… When I was downstairs… I… I think I saw him…!”

“Him?” asked Heidi.

With how keen her mind was, Juliet immediately had a hunch of who her sister had met.

Feeling her heartbeats quicken, Juliet then added, “Who exactly did you see, Tulip?”

Finally unable to hold back her tears, Tulip quivered in fear as she cried out, “It’s him! He’s finally back!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 995
“For the love of god, give us a name!” replied Juliet who was now extremely nervous.

“I met Gerald!” exclaimed Tulip.

“…What?” replied both Heidi and Juliet as their eyes widened.

“…So what if you met him? Why are you so afraid?” asked Heidi.


However, before Tulip could say another word, Sven—the organizer of tonight’s event—stepped atop the high stage before saying, “Do be silent for a brief moment, ladies and gentlemen.”

Raising a hand to signal everyone to keep quiet, the entire hall fell silent.

“I’ve finally returned today, ladies and gentlemen. First off, allow me to express my gratitude since despite my half-year absence, so many of you still chose to show your support by attending this party. During the time I was away, many things have happened. Thankfully, everything is finally over. On another note, the Sven Westmore Group’s territory has now doubled in size compared to half a year ago! I hope you’ll all continue to lend me your support from here on out,” announced Sven.

Though his tone sounded friendly, his vicious gaze suggested otherwise. Nobody within the hall even dared to look at him in the eye, and that was exactly the effect Sven had wanted to achieve that night.

From tonight onward, only the Sven Westmore Group would remain in Heavenly City, and Sven wanted to make sure that everyone bowed down to him.

Understanding that everything was going to plan, Sven couldn’t help but smile subtly as he briefly clapped his hands. Hearing their cue, his subordinates marched into the hall—from another hall beside it—leading over ten beautiful women in with them.

“Humph! As you can see, these are the female servants who used to work under Mr. Crawford from the Royal Dragon Group! All of them are certainly attractive! Haha! However, I don’t think I’ll be able to properly appreciate them… Because of that, I’m going to be auctioning all of them off tonight! Do bid all you want for any of the women that you fancy!” announced Sven as he let out a roar of laughter.

“How absolutely cruel! Not only did he ruin the entire Royal Dragon Group, but to think that he would even go so far as to auction off Mr. Crawford’s female servants! What a brutal man!”

“Indeed! While Mr. Crawford upheld morality and justice, Sven himself is just an inhumane beast! Looks like we’ll have to get prepared to be exploited by him again!”

“Speaking of which, have any of you heard about what happened to the Westleys? Since they had a good relationship with Mr. Crawford, Sven completely took over their family. What more, he even kicked all the Westleys out of their own home! We’ll certainly lack any sense of security with a person like this being our leader!”

Several rich businessmen—who were sitting further away from the stage—were now whispering among themselves about how unacceptable Sven’s behavior was. Though many of them were certainly angry by how much Sven had crossed the line, nobody dared to say anything against him.

Snapping his fingers, Sven then said, “Without further ado, let the auctioning begi-”

Before his sentence could even end, however, the hall suddenly turned dim as half of the lights in it were turned off.

Following that, the projector came to life, forming a white rectangle on the large screen in the hall.

“What the hell is happening? Are the staff courting death or something?” scolded a butler as the people offstage exchanged glances with each other before turning to look at the screen, unsure of what was even happening.

Their puzzlement immediately turned to shock when the projector began playing a video that displayed a man pleading, “P-please don’t kill me!”

Their silence was warranted since everyone there could clearly see the face of the man in the video. It was none other than Mr. Tucker Westmore himself! What more, he was crying while kneeling!

“I suggest we get my dad over so that you can talk to him in person! After all, I’m only doing all this in accordance with his orders. Killing me would be useless! So how about it? Should I call my father over?” said Tucker in the video, clearly terrified.

“Tucker!” shouted Sven, his eyes widened as he clenched both his fists tightly.

While nobody knew who Tucker’s assailant was, everyone was sold that whoever it was, the person must have been extremely terrifying for Tucker to look so frightened.

As the video played on, the audience watched as Tucker crawled up and attempted to escape. However, before he could even take a step forward, he looked like he was hit by something.

Though nobody knew what the weapon was, blood instantly began gushing out of his chest, resulting in Tucker falling back to the ground as he twitched violently!

The true horror, however, came when someone approached the struggling man and poured fuel all over his body! A match could briefly be seen being tossed in his direction and the next thing they knew, Tucker’s entire body was engulfed in flames!

As his screams of agony filled the hall, one of the attendees immediately ended up vomiting! Several others soon did the same and their legs shook violently even as they sat in place.

The few women who didn’t were so shaken up that they held onto their heads while screaming hysterically!

Once the video finally ended, the lights were switched on again.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 996
“Who… Who is responsible for all this?!” roared Sven, enraged as he slammed his fists onto the table before him, sending it smashing into pieces! Even the muscles on his face were twitching uncontrollably as the angered father growled.

Though Sven’s current state was certainly terrifying, many of the businessmen were secretly rejoicing after they realized how much pain Sven was now in. What went around, came around, and it was high time that Sven finally received the punishment he deserved.

The Yowell mother and daughters themselves were now huddling close to each other in fear.

“My, my! I wasn’t expecting it to be so lively in here!” said a voice out loud as the hall’s large doors swung open.

As everyone turned to look at who was daring enough to say that, they were all shocked to see Gerald entering the hall together with a group of men.

Though still astonished, several of the influential forces in the hall immediately stood up and bowed, submitting to Gerald’s authority as they simultaneously shouted, “Mr. Crawford!”

“…Gerald?” muttered Juliet as she looked at him with a dumbfounded expression on her face. Her heartbeat quickened as she recalled the last time she had met him six months ago.

Back then, Gerald had revealed that his true identity was the boss of the Royal Dragon Group. That had been an extremely humiliating moment for her.

As if that wasn’t enough, he didn’t even say a word to her once he got his hands on the Ginseng King! Due to that, she came to resent Gerald, and was secretly pleased once she found out that Gerald had gone missing.

After all, the person who had brought her so much misery was finally out of the picture. However, Tulip had told her that he was finally back before the video even began, and Juliet had been nervous from that very moment.

Now that she knew that he truly had returned, she was filled with complicated feelings as she observed how different Gerald’s demeanor and appearance was from half a year ago.

“Are you the Crawford from the Royal Dragon Group? You seem quite young. Pray tell, were you the one responsible for my son’s death?” growled Sven as he gritted his teeth.

As he glared at Gerald with his eyes dyed red with murderous intent, Gerald simply nodded before replying, “Bingo.”

Hearing that, Sven’s imposing aura seemed to amplify as he roared, “If that’s the case, how dare you come all the way here?! Fine, then! We’ll settle all our grudges today! I’ll make you suffer terribly if it’s the last thing I do!”

As soon as his sentence ended, he stretched out both his arms and flexed his muscles so hard that his shirt exploded into shreds! Now topless, his bulging muscles made him look as impenetrable as a tank!

Tucker was his only son and Sven deeply adored him. Sven even already had plans to begin educating Tucker on the right ways to be his proper heir once Tucker grew a little older.

After watching his son being burnt alive, it was no wonder why Sven was driven mad. Now looking like a complete maniac, the hulking man rushed toward Gerald with surprising swiftness.

“Get away from them! Hurry!”

“Sven’s gone completely mental! Be careful not to get caught up in their battle or you’ll accidentally get hurt!”

Shouts filled the hall, warning everyone to retreat to the corners and sides of the room.

By the time everyone was at a relatively safe distance away from the two men, their eyes immediately widened as Sven swung his fist directly at Gerald.

While there certainly was a loud collision, that wasn’t why everyone was staring with stupefied looks on their faces.

No, they were all flabbergasted by the fact that Gerald had casually grabbed Sven’s fist before it could even land! In fact, he made it look easy!

Though Sven immediately tried to release his fist from Gerald’s grasp, no amount of struggling allowed him to free it.

“You’ve made three terribly wrong mistakes,” said Gerald rather casually before closing his eyes.

When he opened them again, however, his eyes were tinged red and his entire body gave off an aura akin to a demon’s.

Turning to look at each other, the subordinates who had been standing behind him this entire time took turns taking three steps back.

Sven himself felt a chill run down his spine as his imposing aura grew weaker, now almost completely overshadowed by Gerald’s murderous intent.

He couldn’t even deny that he was now feeling frightened as he stared at the demon of a man standing before him.

“…Firstly, you should’ve kept your hands off my group!”

After saying that, Gerald placed both his hands on Sven’s shoulder blades.

“Secondly, you shouldn’t have done things to my men!”

As Sven’s eyes widened in terror, Gerald gnashed his teeth viciously before growling, “And thirdly, you shouldn’t ever have humiliated my subordinates right in front of me!”

Now that Gerald was done lecturing him, he took in a deep breath before yanking both of Sven’s shoulders forward! The disgusting sound of skin and flesh being torn apart filled the room and soon after, and with one final ‘rip’, there was a momentary silence.

However, the silence didn’t last long as many of the people within the room instantly began screaming. Their screams of pure fear were so high-pitched that several of the wine glasses ended up shattering!

While many others found themselves having severe nervous breakdowns, some of the women present simply fainted on the spot!

What a cruel demon of a man!
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 997
The entire hall fell into chaos as the people within it frantically tried finding ways to cope with what they had just witnessed.

While many were able to maintain their sanity by curling up into balls near the corners of the room, those who were less lucky ended up foaming on the floor due to the immense fear they were feeling.

Juliet herself was so terrified that she had already burst into tears by this point. However, due to utter fear, she didn’t even dare to say a single word.

On the contrary, Gerald simply closed his eyes before taking in a deep breath. Completely silent, he stayed that way for a brief moment before finally opening his eyes again. By then, the terrifying redness in his eyes had already disappeared.

Slowly walking up to the butler form before, he then asked, “Where did you lock my comrades up?”

Instead of giving a reply, however, the butler instantly began trembling vigorously before ultimately vomiting blood and falling to the floor! Though the butler’s body continued twitching for a brief moment, in the end, he stopped moving for good.

Due to Gerald’s medical expertise, he was able to tell that the butler must have been so terrified that all his blood went up to his brain, causing a rupture in his blood vessels there. In short, the butler was now brain dead.

Looking at the fresh corpse by his feet, Gerald simply turned to face the subordinate standing behind him before ordering, “Go look for them!”

“Right away, young master!”

After his men went off to investigate, Gerald was just about to leave when he caught a glimpse of the mother and daughters from the Yowell family huddling closely together in fear. However, he simply averted his gaze before leaving the place for good.

Despite his absence, nobody dared to even move a muscle, even after an hour had passed! Throughout that time, an almost ungodly silence had filled the room.

It was evident that from now on, everyone in Heavenly City’s Triangle District would be fear-stricken whenever they heard the Royal Dragon Group’s name being mentioned.

Three days later in Gerald’s mansion, Welson came up to him before saying, “After being told by the lord to look for the holy fox, I’ve glad to say that I’ve finally located it, young master! As it turned out, someone came across the holy fox about a year ago within the dense forest west of the Logan Province.”

“I’m sure you’re aware of why the lord is so keen on you locating the hold fox. Let me remind you that if you fail to nourish yourself with the fox’s holy blood, there exists a chance for your temperament to be influenced by your hatred. Once that happens, it’ll be incredibly difficult to salvage your old personality,” added Welson before sighing.

Hearing that, Gerald frowned slightly though his expression contrasted how touched he was feeling from Welson’s words.

After all, he had to admit that though he was easily able to control his bloodlust in the beginning, from the moment he made his move on Sven, his hatred intensified so much that it was akin to a tiny spark turning into a bush fire. Once a single bush was ignited, it was extremely difficult to stop the flames from spreading to the rest of the forest. In other words, Gerald was well aware that he could potentially lose control of himself due to his overwhelming hatred.

Since he had resolved the issue with such brutality the other day, a near irresistible urge to kill had constantly lingered around Gerald throughout the past three days.

“I get where both of you are coming from, Welson… I don’t want to end up becoming a killing machine either. Very well, relay my command to the others that we’ll be heading off to the west of the Logan Province immediately in search of the holy fox,” ordered Gerald.

“Right away, young master!”

After giving his order, Gerald stood up and walked toward a window where a flower pot—with fresh flowers inside—had been placed. As he gently held on to one of the flower’s petals, he muttered to himself, “If I’m not mistaken, the Moldell family base established by Kort is located in the Logan Province…”

As Gerald thought about the possibility of exacting his revenge on Kort when he arrived in the Logan Province, his grip tightened slightly. At that moment, all of the flowers within that pot immediately wilted!

Welson was watching as the incident happened, and he felt his eyelids twitching. As was expected, it was right for the lord to be worried about the young master.

The hellish transformation had greatly improved the young master’s strength, and from what Welson could remember, the young master was actually even stronger than the lord had been all those years ago when the lord had just completed his own transformation.

The old man was also well aware that if the lord hadn’t been worried about Gerald falling into immorality, he wouldn’t have told Welson to follow the young master around in the first place.

“There’s something I’d like to say, though I’m not sure whether I should actually say it, young master…”

“Go on, Welson.”

“Well, we may need a few days to locate the holy fox. Due to that, I’m afraid that there’ll be a chance that you’ll get controlled by your inner demon if you fail to hold yourself back properly. See, when the lord himself was learning the blessings of the dragon back then, he found a solution to mediate his bloodlust. I was wondering if you’d like to give it a try…” said Welson.

“What sort of solution?”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 998
“Well, back then, the lord himself was feeling troubled by his inner demons. As a result, he searched high and low for a way to better control his temperament. After all, he was fully aware that until he could easily and skillfully manage the blessings of the dragon, he wasn’t going to be able to truly achieve the status of a legend.

“He began by visiting several monks and other religious people. The lord secretly went to Weston as well to search for a few renowned masters in hopes that he would be able to gain more insight into his issue. However, it wasn’t all that long after his search began when one day, the lord ended up killing someone on the spot just because the person said something wrong!”

“Due to that, he stopped trying to seek out help out of fear that he would end up killing another innocent person. Oddly enough, he found the answer to his question himself one day. In his moment of enlightenment, he sealed his strength away and reverted to living life as a regular human. Once that happened, he looked just like a lonely, old man. The lord kept a low profile for quite a while but once he perfected his skills, he broke the seal again, and from then on out, he knew he had truly become one of the legends.”

“Since this way of doing things will require an extremely high resolution, it isn’t exactly for everyone. However, since you’ve led a poor life before and you’re an actual kind-hearted person, I think you should give it a try,” explained Welson.

Hearing that, Gerald nodded slightly before replying, “Well, Grandpa did teach me a method to seal my strength… I’ll do it. After all, I’ll be trying my best to stay away from disputes and fights anyway since I don’t have the holy blood yet. Besides, by sealing all that power, I should be able to manage my strength with greater ease sooner. With any luck, I’ll be able to enter the mysterious realms of legends earlier as well.”

“Thank you for the suggestion, Welson!” added Gerald as he smiled.

As soon as his sentence ended, however, a knock came from the door. After getting permission from Gerald to enter, Yukie immediately rushed in before saying, “Sir!”

“What’s wrong, Yukie?”

“I… I heard that you’re leaving again… Is that really true?” asked Yukie.

“Indeed it is,” replied Gerald with a subtle smile.

“I… see… Could I at least know where you’re headed to?” asked Yukie again as her eyes grew slightly teary.

From the moment she had met Gerald and was given permission to leave alongside the other maids, Yukie had given all her heart to Gerald.

She had missed him dearly throughout his half-year absence, and now that he was finally back, she found it difficult to just accept that he would be leaving again so soon.

“I’ll be heading over to the Logan Province!” replied Gerald.

“The… Logan Province…?”

The moment Yukie heard that, she averted her gaze for a second as both her hands became slightly restless.

As the two men wondered why those two words unsettled her so much, Yukie took in a deep breath before saying, “…Could I please be allowed to come along, sir? I really don’t want to leave you anymore!”

“You can’t Yukie. He will have to travel separately from us to get there anyway. What more, if a beauty like you stays by his side, you may attract the attention of villainous characters! As a result, he may have to unseal his strength to save you, causing the entire effort to be wasted! Which is why you’re not allowed to come along,” replied Welson as he shook his head.

“Well… You’ll eventually still need to meet up with each other again, right? When that happens, someone needs to be by sir’s side to take good care of him! No offense, but could you be more sensible and considerate than a woman, Mr. Freed?” said Yukie in reply.

Welson was speechless after hearing that. After a while, he simply shook his head before laughing bitterly.

“I suppose what you said did make sense… However, if you’re coming along, you’ll have to follow us. You’re not allowed to disturb the young master’s endeavor to quietly discipline himself. If you refuse to agree to that, then you can’t come along,” said the old man.

“I… I agree!” replied Yukie as she smiled broadly.

And just like that, the affair was decided there and then.

That afternoon, Gerald returned to Weston before getting on a green train to the Logan Province.

The journey itself took two whole days, and Gerald finally stepped out of the train on the morning of the third day.

Feeling hungry, Gerald then headed to a small restaurant that had been built along the train station.

As soon as he opened the door to the restaurant, however, he immediately heard a man’s voice saying, “Just order whatever you want, sisters! Everything will be on me!”

Following the source of the voice, Gerald saw a man and two women seated at a table. With all three of them looking equally charming, it was no wonder why they had attracted the attention of several of the restaurant’s customers as well.

As the man smiled on, one of the women simply replied, “Are you the only rich one here? Regardless, we’ve had enough fun out there so it’s high time we return home. Otherwise, we may end up getting scolded or even punished!”

“That’s quite enough… We’re already back here anyway after all that fun, right?” said the other woman as she too, smiled.

“…Hmm? Say sister, look over there… That’s the young man who sat beside us on the train earlier, right…?” said the same woman as she pointed at the man standing at the door.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 999
“Well, hello there! We meet again!” said Haven Lovewell—one of the charming women—as she waved at the youth.

“We do, indeed…” replied Gerald with a subtle smile as he closed the door behind him. Placing his baggage down at a specially designated area for tourists, Gerald then headed over to an empty table that was coincidentally beside Haven’s.

As Gerald sat down, Haven added, “Do you remember our little conversation on the train earlier? It was so pleasant that I even wanted to ask you for your Line number at some point! Still, I never expected to meet you again so soon… I guess our meeting must have been written in the stars!”

“That’s quite enough, Haven. He came here to have his meal so don’t trouble him any more,” said Xareni—Haven’s elder sister—as she gently stepped on Haven’s foot, reminding her to be courteous.

“She’s right, Haven. Why did you even ask him for his Line number?” added Quintin.

Hearing that, Gerald simply shook his head before smiling wryly.

As Haven had said, Gerald had earlier bumped into the three Lovewell siblings while they were still on the train. At the time, the Lovewell siblings were sitting right across Gerald.

Quintin, however, had been dissatisfied with his window-side seat since the old man—who looked to be around eighty—sitting beside Gerald was an eyesore for him. The old man himself had been sleeping with his head leaned against the window throughout most of their journey, and Quintin couldn’t bear having to look at his sleeping face for any longer.

As a result, Quintin asked Gerald to switch seats with him. Though Gerald initially had no problem with that, Quintin had tossed a hundred dollars at Gerald while asking.

If he had been a bit nicer and more polite, Gerald would’ve switched seats with him anyway. However, from the moment the hundred dollars were tossed his way, Gerald completely ignored Quintin’s request.

Had Haven not stepped in to advise Quintin, he would’ve definitely started a fight with Gerald.

Later on, Haven herself began chatting with Gerald. Since Gerald has traveled so much in the past year, he was no longer the same person who only knew about Serene County and Mayberry City.

Due to his extensive knowledge of many different places, Haven soon found herself getting fascinated by him.

Xareni, on the other hand, never said a word to Gerald. Being the eldest among the three people, she was slightly colder and more aloof in general.

That was the gist of their interaction back on the train.

“So, where are you headed to next? Did you come to the Logan Province to study or work?” asked Haven curiously.

“I’m just here to travel!” replied Gerald with a smile.

“Oh! If you’re traveling around here, then I recommend that you go to a place called Balbrick Manor! There are lots of amusing things to do there, from golf to even horse racing!”

“Haven, not everyone can go there… You can’t expect an ordinary person to just go there! Regardless, just hurry up and eat already,” said Xareni who clearly didn’t like Gerald one bit.

If it wasn’t already obvious, all three of them shared a rather extraordinary background.

Being born with great pride and elegance, Xareni was the least realistic among the three of them despite being the eldest. She was simply too used to only meeting up with prestigious people. As a result, she looked down upon normal people like Gerald. To Xareni, such people didn’t even have the right to befriend her!

“Alright…” replied Haven, saying nothing more.

With that, Gerald ordered a plate of fried rice with an egg on it. Once his meal arrived, he immediately began eating slowly.

As he ate, he realized that the Lovewells didn’t really eat much based on what they ordered.

Sometime later, all three of them got up to get their baggage. Before they left, however, Haven sneakily returned to Gerald’s side before whispering, “Hey, I live in the Lovewell Manor in the Logan Province! If you find the time, come over and have some fun with me! Also, just in case you’ve forgotten, my full name is Haven Lovewell!”

Before Gerald could even reply, Xareni was already dragging Haven by the arm out of the restaurant.

“…What a naïve girl she is…” muttered Gerald to himself as he smiled in resignation.

He, for one, was in no mood to have any sort of fun with her.

Now that he was finally getting a chance to ignore all his past resentments and grudges for a few days, Gerald wanted to take the opportunity to properly relax.

With that in mind, Gerald began touring around tourist spots in the Logan Province. Before he knew it, evening had come and night was swiftly approaching.

Realizing that he still needed to find someplace to stay, Gerald was just about to go hotel hunting when he heard a voice saying, “What do you plan on doing?”

The feminine voice had come from the entrance of an alleyway. Taking a few steps back to look down the darkened area, Gerald realized that a few drunk youths had dragged a woman into the alley which only led to a dead end.

“What do you think? We’re going to have some fun with you, of course! Now, come on!” said one of the three hooligans who instantly began dragging her further down the alley.

As she desperately struggled to escape, the corner of her eye caught a glimpse of another youth walking toward them. Seeing that someone was coming over to help, the woman used all of her strength to shove the hooligan—who was pulling her arm—away from her.

Thankfully, the hooligan was drunk enough to let go and the woman immediately ran over to the new youth’s side before clinging on to his arm and crying out, “They’re trying to take liberties on me, hubby!”

She made sure to pinch his arm as well, a clear indication for him to cooperate with her.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1000
“Hubby?” said all three of the gangsters simultaneously as they turned to look at each other. However, their confusion quickly turned to hostility as they began glaring at the youth.

“Hold on now, I’m not her husband!” replied the youth as he began waving his hands quickly in fear.

Hearing that, the woman found herself rolling her eyes as she thought to herself, ‘D*mn it! How could anyone be this much of a coward?’

The hooligans themselves broke into roars of laughter as one of them said, “It appears you’re quite smart, little beauty! We’ll be sure to teach you a good lesson later!”

Just as they were about to lunge at the duo, the youth suddenly turned around and pointed at the entrance of the alleyway before shouting, “Police!”

As soon as they heard that, the three drunk gangsters immediately stopped in their tracks and turned their backs against the duo, squatting immediately after with their hands placed behind their heads!

“W-we won’t do it again so please let us off easy!”

Seeing that the gangsters were now distracted, the youth immediately began dragging the woman by her arm as he said, “Now’s our chance! Run!”

It was only a few steps later when he realized that the woman could no longer run. Thankfully, he noticed a manhole cover close by.

Pulling her over, he applied a slight force on his foot, tilting the manhole cover up. The moment the three gangsters stepped out of the alleyway, the youth immediately—and quite effortlessly—kicked the cover toward them!

Spinning at a high speed, the manhole cover whizzed across the air before finally striking all three of the gangsters who had been standing close to each other! As a result, the gangsters all fell to the ground.

With that, the youth turned around to catch up with the woman and continue aiding her in her escape. The woman herself had already been slowly jogging away from the scene by then, which meant that she wasn’t able to witness the youth’s amazing feat with the manhole cover.

Eventually, both of them arrived at a park, at which point the woman simply said, “Stop, I can’t run anymore…”

As the youth turned to look at her, he could see that the woman was breathing heavily, her hands on her knees as she slowly caught her breath again.

Naturally, the youth in question was Gerald.

Thankful that the only luggage he had to carry along was in the form of a satchel, Gerald took the chance to properly observe the beauty now that they were safe.

However, since the uniform-wearing woman had bent over to catch her breath, Gerald was able to catch a glimpse of her fair bosom. Averting his gaze since he had no idea where to even look, the woman soon caught on and quickly held on to her collar as she blushed deeply.

After a brief silence, the woman smiled rather awkwardly before saying, “…Thank you for saving me back there… If it wasn’t for you, who knows what would’ve become of me by the end of tonight!”

“You’re very welcome!” replied Gerald as he nodded to her before turning around to leave.

Unable to just accept that, the woman then said, “Hold on, sir. I haven’t even finished talking! You know, earlier when I called you my husband, you could’ve just gone with it for a while! Why did you have to straight-out deny it?”

Her tone reflected her slight annoyance and it wasn’t hard to guess why. After all, women were usually particularly sensitive to how others viewed them. Being an extremely beautiful woman herself, this stereotype definitely applied to her.

The way she saw it, Gerald almost seemed frightened to even pretend that he was her husband. It simply made her feel slightly unhappy about the entire situation.

“I have a girlfriend… Besides, I still managed to save you without having to impersonate as your husband!”

“Still! Don’t you think that- Ow!”

As the woman pouted to release some of her dissatisfaction, she had taken a step toward Gerald which instantly resulted in a sharp pain in her ankle!

Yelping in pain, the woman then cried out, “I’ve sprained my ankle!”

Shaking his head, Gerald then squatted down before asking, “Where’s the sprain? I’ll have a quick look at it…”

“There’s no need for that! You have a girlfriend, right? She could misunderstand!” replied the woman.

“Then this is where we’ll part ways. Have a safe trip back!” said Gerald as he immediately carried his bag again and prepared to leave.

“Hey! Hold it! Don’t you know how to take care of a woman? At least send me to a hospital!”

Closing his eyes, Gerald took in a deep breath before turning back to face the woman. Finding a park bench, he led her there and lifted her sprained ankle. The woman simply sat anxiously, wondering what he was trying to do as he felt around her foot.

The moment he found the spot he was looking for, he twisted it slightly and a ‘crack’ was heard.

And just like that, the woman’s sprained ankle was healed!

“You should be good to go now. Anyway, since it’s already getting dark, you’d better head home as soon as possible,” said Gerald as he got up, finally ready to leave.

“Hold on a moment!” replied the woman, stopping Gerald from leaving again.

“What is it this time…?”

“Well, you’ve helped me a lot but I haven’t even been able to thank you properly! At least let me treat you to dinner!”

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